American Hi-Fi Something Real

Staring down the boulevard

Crescent heights the city lights the way

To another wasted day

Shiny cars and shooting stars

California dreaming in my ear

I just wish that you were here

I’m dealing with scars

Just trying to see who we are

Nobody said it would be easy

Fighting your way through another day

I think I know how you feel

Looking for something that matters

Keeping it together when it’s all been shattered

We all want something real

Summer’s on a holiday

Pills to chase the blues away

Who knows just how far this story goes

So listen to the radio

Turn it up so you can sing along

Even though the notes are wrong

I’m building up walls

And trying to break all the falls

All your life you’re wondering

We don’t know what’s happening

Somethings gotta give

Falling through the atmosphere

See the world in black and white

These pictures coming clear

How many times I wished that you were here