Audrey Assad Teresa

Jesus, I need You; lover, don’t leave

Did You call my name

Just to plunge me deep into the darkness?

Do You know that I can’t even hear Your voice?

Accusers around me on every side

Whispering to me that I’m willfully blind

That I’m clinging to nothing

But all that I want is to clear the noise

So I reach out my hands to find You where You have been hiding

Maybe I’ll see You deep in the eyes of the dying

And You know I’m not asking You for a sign

I trusted Your promise, I gave You my life

But I guess I just miss You

I feel so alone in the silence

So I move closer to plague and disease and disorder

Maybe I’ll hold You in the beggars and thieves that You died for

Just stay, just stay with me

Oh, just stay, just stay with me

I’ll rejoice in my suffering

If You just stay, just stay with me

I look to the hills, I lift up my eyes to the heavens

Maybe I’ll see You flickering on the horizon