Bizzy Bone BB Da Thug

[Intro: Bizzy Bone]

To the Lord’s visionares, mm-mm-mm

Dyin in the struggle (yeah)

Rest In Peace, that’s my A.K.A. nigga

Y’all don’t feel me

[Bizzy Bone]

See I was born in the womb, beatin down my mom’s walls

Now in the 90’s you can find ’em makin a chronic call

Definitely I need a blunt, come fill it up with some bud

East double 99 for life, ain’t none of y’all fuckin with us

There I was with the Thugs, bustin and pullin out broke-ass guns

Tryna bluff my way, hey, I pistol-whip on shit

I’m still number one – runnin the click

and fuckin wit a, pump it on up in let the Regime get dumb

Buckin wit a 55 chance, Bizzy off in your city

Ready to dance with these itchy-ass, hands

And Bizzy on the off-ramp just cause I’m thuggin

Shit this music got me soft, tramps seein my cousins buggin

But I don’t give a fuck, I’m puffin onions, the ounces and Bizzy smile

I made it and you hate it, that’s the way the ball bounce

I keep my gun and make the money and that’s for my baby son

What a creation in my life, I think he’s a thug

And there I was, fuckin with the Thuggsta Lay’

with Flesh workin feedin the family in the C-L-E-V-E-L-A

Better believe indeed, I got somethin up under my sleeve

Connected to the thieves, when it gets thoughtless grow some weed

It’s deja vu whenever I’m with you

I could smoke on forever, ain’t it true that I do?

I can feel it inside, I can’t explain how I feel

Remember when my neighbor Linda let a nigga eat a meal

Learn to fight off my back, on my own did he struggle

In the ‘Land on my hustle tryin to piece on out the puzzle

Nobody knows when we’ll die, it still maintain through the rough

I be the first to give my life, my life – BB da thug