Blackalicious Finding

This is God’s act, we’re just actors in it

Labor, it’s workin’, gotta keep on pushing

Gotta keep on scratching, and hustling, and struggling on

Do it now ‘cos it ain’t that long ’til it’s gone

Ain’t no time like the present to avoid a turn that’s wrong

Remember, it ain’t a sprint, it’s a marathon

Our ancestor’s shoulders we stand upon

That’s how you know, in your soul, your self-control, you’re own strong

Don’t get used like a pawn, this is the dawn of a new era

Come, we can chant down Babylon one more time

But it’s gonna take some time

And a revolutionary adjustment of the mind, body, soul, spirit in kind

Indeed children of God, seeing life as a continuous process of living

Learning, longing and losing with loving and laughing

Filling the gaps in between, sure is something, isn’t it?