Bob Carlisle Mighty Love

You should know me by now.

I’ve always been straight with you.

I’ve always tried to sing about the truth the way I see it,

In a mixed up world where truth is

hard to find.

I ain’t no spiritual superman.

Don’t always give a shiny, bright example

of what a believer ought to be.

I ain’t never parted the ocean, though I really think I could

if I had the faith of a mustard seed, like the Bible says I should.

I ain’t never moved a mountain, I ain’t never felt that need.

But the one thing God has tought me to see…

I can have faith

A mountain of hope

I can even speak with tongues of angels

Tell you everyting I know

But it doesn’t mean a thing in this world

Without a mighty love

I can be strong

I can stand tall

I can point squarely at the mountain

And command that it be gone

But it doesn’t mean a thing in this world

Without a mighty love

I ain’t standin’ no mount.

I’m not tryin’ to preach to ya

and tell you that I’ve found all the easy answers.

when half the time I can’t even

find my keys.

But I feel like a regular Billy Graham

when I start talkin’ bout my Jesus,

and all that he’s done for me.

Don’t you know that I’ve received forgiveness through no

effort of my own.

I’ve been given so much mercy, so I’ll be the last to throw a stone.

And I apologize, if you think that I’m coming on too strong.

But there’s just one thing I want you to know…