Ca$h Out Mac-A-Zoe Speech

It’s all good

This your main man Mac-A-Zoe AKA Mac-A-Zillion

AKA MC, LOVE Div is for D

You know who we be, BL love baby that’s who we are, you feel me?

With my main man Cash Out, you already know his style

You bare me son, see you at the level

Real niggas doin real things

It ain’t the realest nigga activity go in all, you feel me?

Lord show you everything, you feel me?

We be on that other shit

We just don’t stand for it

You feel me?

And that mixtape you know what I’m saying

That fang getting ready to drop

That fire, that Keisha

You already know that fame that have a nigga zoo in

Get a nigga mountain ride, you feel me?

Now what it is, you feel me

If you ain’t walking with that, you really ain’t walking with nothing

All I say

Yeah baby!

This is it, what’s good kesh?

Aw man the bass is loaded, LOVE man Lord see you and everything man, that’s what it is man, you know I had to get you on this motherfucking man it and turn up man, salute to everybody you know who been tweeting that shit

Get me to retweet it man, you know free the big homie man you know once he touched you down there’s gonna be a touchdown mess same points on you bitch ass niggas

Believe that, believe that, that right there, BLR bass is loaded you feel me?

LOVE my man, Kesha, you feel me? the present, the future you feel me?

Gon’ take over, you done take over you feel me it’s Kesh chance you feel me?

History baby,

History in the making man

(Check out this motherfucker, Keisha bitch)