ABK (Anybody Killa) Thoughts Of Suicide

Hey man you alright?


I seen how your ol girl was coming down on you


What happened? Your pops found out you lost that job and shit


Well don’t worry homey, man parent be like that sometimes, it’s like they mad at you because they get old. Just don’t go all crazy on me, talking about you going to kill yourself again, alright

Yes, in my mind I want to do it but when I pursue it I can’t seem to go through it

So I’m going to write a song just so you can feel everything I feel when I’m in the mood to kill myself

I can’t control it, these thoughts of suicide, I’m always dealing with

And I know I’m not alone when it comes to this, cause everyday it’s like the whole world pissed

So fuck your attitude and keep your bad mood cause I got one too

And I don’t give a shit who you rolling with bring your whole damn crew

We’ll call it suicide when you messin with a killa someone’s bound to die

And it won’t be me cause only one’s claimin my life is g-o-d

[Chorus x2]

You ever thought of suicide, you ever thought of suicide, you ever thought of suicide

Glad you didn’t do it, if you did you wouldn’t be here now

Are you easily influenced,

Does your parents always say that your friends are the reason that you ruint

Do you have hate for your boss, to where you wanna catch him alone and pop one off

Or is it mental health, where the only problem that you have is with yourself

Can someone please explain why it feels so good to cause so much pain

With all these thoughts we have, yep it’s easy to say to just relax

But when you that fed up, only thing in your mind is how deep to cut

Because you hate your life and you really don’t care

And things would be better if you just weren’t here

So now you ready to go end it all,

Instead of thinking of the ones you won’t see tomorrow

[Chorus x2]

[Strict 9]

It’s nothing nice, got the thoughts steadily running through my head

I close my eyes and try to picture if I’m better off dead

It sucks to me, the one and only as I sit here by my lonely

Separated from the world cause the world is so phony

Hear my cries, tell me why when you do it tell them lies

You wear a disguise I can see it in your motherfuckin eyes

It’s suicide, last ride if you wanna get inside

Shotgun it’s your boy and I’m ready to die


Do people that commit suicide go to heaven?

I’m sure everyone has their own theories

But I’m a firm believer that if you take you own life

Your soul is trapped

[Chorus x2]

ABK (Anybody Killa) Ghost Of My Ex

Ain’t a doctor in the world gotta cure for this,

mind state medicated I’m a psycho, bitch.

All day I’m paranoid and I’m bout to explode,

because the ghost of my ex still want’s control.


She comes to visit just to tell me that she’s hurt,

and it’s my fault, that I’m the the reason that she’s in the dirt

(it’s because of you)

What a weight to carry on my back,

when it was you who didn’t really know how to act, bitch!


I see the ghost of my ex-girlfriend and that bitch still hates me.

(that bitch still hates me)

She always said that I would see her again but this is way to crazy

(that bitch still hates me)

If I treated you better instead of how I did,

would you still be living but this time as a friend

instead of the ghost, of the ex bitch I used to fuck that still hates me

(that bitch still hates me)

I stay awake, with some jager in my energy drink,

contemplating in my mind how this monster fits

And how I could be to blame for her suffer and pain,

that I put this girl through when I treated her strange.

cuz you know we never really got along,

and it always seemed like I was doing her wrong

either one way or another, it was my fault…

That’s why I had to let her go or at least I thought…

(but she’s still with me)

Come back, saying asking if I still care,

and if I don’t I should take my life or just beware…

Like she’s a higher power, given me my final hour

wantin me to drop to me knees and go out like a coward

Who the fuck this bitch think I am?

telling me to look deep inside her pentagram

I know she want’s to take my soul, and it’s just not fair

So, I gotta be prepared if she dare


Did I do it? That bitch stressed to death,

but I did get on the last nerve that she had left.

She should’a never told me that I wouldn’t amount,

cause ever standard I see I put up I start breakin it down.

This girl was always on my back tryin’a tell me what to do

Now I’m sitting in the pitch dark lookin like a fool

Now instead of hangin with homies under the deep blue sky

I’m being followed by the spirit of a past stoned love life

(cause she’s still with me)

Brain-dead with her wings spread

Clothes still stained, from the blood shed

(she’s with me)

Like a shadow that ain’t mine, bottom line

wish I could just give her the peace sign

And now we close the gates to hell

[Chorus till end]

ABK (Anybody Killa) Retaliate

[Anybody Killa]

Retalition is a must

Watch your back

Stay on que

Shoulda never fucked with us

Now you got me after you

Devious and beady eyes

Quick to jump and take your life

What the hell you think this is?

Ain’t no way you walkin’ by

If you see them

Let them know

Just how far you lettin’ shit go

You fuckin with some OG

Detroit weirdos

We bombin’ on who ever dirty situation chasin’

and makin’ you fuckin’ bleed

Put you on a permanent vacation

Hammertime on your face with my right boot

For loose river dance

Do the jit into a spongy spit

My homies Twiztid got you listed

Have you all hemmed up like

“What the fuck is this?”

We bigger than you thought

The whole crew be representin’

Pistol whippin all haters

Have em twitchin’ and flippin’


Beat em down

Call up all the fellas

We been known in the hood

As some eye ball swellers

[Chorus 4x]


Hunt em down

Get em where it hurts

[Monoxide Child]

I’m in the back with the windows cracked

I heard shots

Somebody on the side of me

Bitch I ain’t Pac

Give me a second to shoot back

and I just happened to be smokin’ a blunt

and got the hops on my lap

Now I’m pullin’ up behind you

Steady trying to hide out in traffic

But you know that I’mma find you

Blindside you

Scared to death

Keep shootin’ till the burned and fallin’ skin on his chest

God bless the dead

Go against me and you’ll rest up in a bed

With a hole in the head

Don’t fuck with me

It ain’t worth your life

It ain’t worth watchin’ your moms die tonight

If you start it I’mma finish it

Diminish it to nothin’ but rubble

and you just opened a trunk of some trouble

It’s Monoxide, a killer

Roll it up and relax

Retaliatin’ on you bitches

Watch your back

[Chorus 4x]


Hunt em down

Get em where it hurts

[Jamie Madrox]

Ain’t nobody playin’ bitch

This ain’t no motherfuckin’ game

You fuck with ours

You ain’t never gonna be the same again

Leave you chillin’ in a wheel chair

K chopped your legs from knee down

Now who you gon’ see now?

You touch ours

Get touched back with force

Anywhere you at it’s on, of course

We don’t sleep at all

Give all my homies a call

Everybody in your crew is sure to fall

Sho ‘Nuff!

Retalition in effect

Fuck with ABK and my brother

You get a rusty shovel all up in your neck

Use the same weapon to bury that ass in the ground

So don’t play hard

Put your piece down

or get peaced out

Don’t be staring like you gonna do shit

Without your weapon and your mouth

Bitch you’re useless

My crew gets pissed the fuck off

At all these mediocre thugs

Claimin’ they hard

When they be soft

[Chorus 4x]


Hunt em down

Get em where it hurts

You ever think about Death?

You ever look Death in his eyes?

ABK (Anybody Killa) Charlie Brown

[First Chorus]

Charlie Brown, please, don’t come around

Because your weed is doodoo brown

and it smells like the ground

You’re still my homie (but no more bammer)

But with that weed you don’t know me

When I inhale this, the staleness creeps up on me

I love weed, especially when it gets me gaspin’

Coughin’ up a lung from that passion

Graspin’ onto life with every hit that I take

When I’m high, is the only time I feel awake

Roll it up, bags on reserve is what I deserve

No joke I gots to smoke cause it calms my nerves

And if Charlie was around I guarantee a tragedy

From his dirt, brown weed means head starts to hurt

Call me a high on, red eyed zombie

smelling like oak with a twist of pine tree

And fuck Smokey, my names Big Inhale

And I’m known to take it down to the tail,

You know what I mean?

Resi-res build up on my fingernail

Clam baked inside the soundproof Lotus Pod cell

Lettin’ out, when I’m blessed to give

So, pass it back and let me get another hit

Big Smoker

[Second Chorus]

Charlie, Charlie

Your weed is so sorry (mmm mmm mmmm)

You must have grown it in a dusty safari

I just can’t smoke that no mo’

Even though I’m broke and I’m po’

I smell that shit in your bag,

I choke and run for the do’

Don’t hate you, Charlie

And homie, you still my boy

Just keep that junk on your spot

(Don’t bring it ’round here)

And homie, you still my boy

Cause that I can’t never handle

I need to be high

So stay the fuck off my block

and don’t come back on my side

Charlie, Charlie (Charlie Brown)

You just ain’t fresh anymore

Because I like to be lifted

Your shit grounds me to the floor

Don’t make me deck you, Charlie (Bitch)

Don’t come ’round with that

Don’t nobody want to hit that

Ya’ll bustas need to quit that

Charlie, Charlie

ABK (Anybody Killa) Grind 2 The Flow

Yo, I’ma a little hipper than the average hop

I’m the type of motherfucker you can’t stop

Especially those that make me mad

Cause I can be the worse enemy that you ever had

So if you knew me then, then you know me now

And for all the virgin ears, I’m so glad to bust you out

I be all in your face but hard to find

Underground living so this killer can hustle and grind


The life that you live, is it real or are you fakin?

Those rules you make, are they from your heart or were you persuaded ?

So I’ma grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow

So I’ma grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow

You know, every time I spit it people get it because we connected

And every time we get together we wreck shit

I pay dues to make moves just like the next man

Soul of a warrior, come and catch me if you can

Some of ya’ll recognize real shit

While other are influenced and just take it like a bitch

So if you real with the words that you spill

There ain’t no reason you should feel anything you do is ill


I got some courage in the heavy hitting heart beat

I got the attitude to survive in the streets

I got the wisdom of an old school cat

With my mind set on one thing, taken it back

I got the nerve to go do whatever

Cause there really ain’t too many out here doing it better

So when you see me keep one thing in mind

That this motherfucking killer is always on his grind

[Chorus x2]

ABK (Anybody Killa) Mommy’s Doin’ Drugs

Why these kids always smelling like a blunt

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

Two mismatched socks and hair fucked up, why

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

Never fed, always saying that they hungry

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

Now I guess I know what happened to that money

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin drugs

This situation I can’t take, now I’m angry

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

I can’t believe she would do this to the family

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

[Chorus x2]

Dear mom, how you doin (how you doin)

(I’m just writing) I’m just writing to see if you alright

Always mad, taking it out on us

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

Turning into a person no one can trust

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

It ain’t our fault that she acts this way, it’s just

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

And if she don’t get help, then I swear will run away because

Mommy’s doin’ drugs, mommy’s doin’ drugs

[Chorus x2]

It’s been about six weeks and moms seems straight

Hopefully it’s the last time she’ll have to rehabilitate

Actually it will be, for us that is cause

I’m a court date away from being granted the kids

All I know that it’s time to make a change

Erase all the memories and wipe away the pain

Embrace my kids and give em nothing but love

And try to help them forget that they mom is on drugs

[Chorus x2]

Hey mom what’s up, you doing aright, we just came here to see if you alright, you know

They taking care of you up there, don’t worry about it, we got everything takin care of at home

You just get your rest, alright

ABK (Anybody Killa) Peace Pipe

I rebuke you in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost.

What up fam? I’m here on a more personal level. I say we take this peace pipe, fire up the end and let’s roll out.

Elevate your soul with a piece of the earth.

Get rid of all the stress inside before you get someone hurt.

Take a hit of the weed, if you think that you can. Now hold it in homie, hold it, hold it… Damn. I love the sound of virgin lungs right before they bust. So if you want to come and smoke, peace pipe with. Let me take you to a level where you ain’t been yet. Come and step in to circle and let’s all get wrecked.

Until we meet again, I’ll guess see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin’ with you… keep it peaceful. My journey ain’t over yet ya’ll someone in this bitch about to get me High.

One time open your mind body and soul and let yourself be possessed by the indo smoke. Write down your problems, roll them up and let’s burn them away. Ain’t no reason to be chillin’ all sad and gray. Acting like a lost pup, teary eyed and stuff. Look every time I pass the blunt you fucked the rotation up. Let’s keep it floating playa’ smoke smoke gimmeh my dope. I’ll see you in my next journey when I re-up bro.

Until we meet again, I’ll guess see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin’ with you… keep it peaceful. I don’t know what strand this is but this shit has got my ass Stoned.

Until we meet again, I guess I’ll see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin’ with you… keep it peaceful. Keep it peaceful.

You know I met alot of cool ass people livin’ life this way. Laid back, while getting stoned every damn day. Understand in one another while we sparking this bowl. Conversating through whole night, let the time just… go.

ABK (Anybody Killa) Trails Of Tears

Everybody running acting like they don’t know where they going [x6]

As I walk through the trails of life I get so disturbed

So little time with so much to learn

All these faces askin for me to help

But I barely getting through this myself

That why I’m here writing

Poor man’s therapy put your pain to words

Make it all fit together just to share it with the world

That’s why some people just don’t understand

Cause my rhymes are like a puzzle that they mind can’t comprehend

But that’s the path they chose, the lonely road,

Where the street signs read your now out of control

Not me though, I’m in it for the long haul

So I’ma fuckin make it, even if I have to crawl

I’m not the type that wants to learn from mistakes

So every chance I get I think of moves to make

I’m underestimated but I’m still here

Cause the name of the trail I’m on is have no fear

[Chorus x2]

(As I walk through)

Which way do I go, which way do I go, which way do I go, which way do I go, follow me

(These trails of tears)

Are you lost? Do you know which way to go?

The path your on, is it fast or is it slow?

Is it everything that you always dreamed?

Or is it just little more than what it seems?

Are you headed on the one that fits?

Or do you wish you could go back and switch it up right quick?

Now I mean right is in the right path

But quick is in a hurry for them slow motherfuckers who always act like they don’t hear me

This is my last attempt for your attention, any more wasted time will just be a failed mission

If you ain’t down, why even mention my name

Tryin to hate on me cause of your own self shame

Some only do it cause they wish they was me

That’s why the path that they lead is called whack mc’s

As my true warrior keep shit real, walking the concrete trails ready to kill at will

I’m with’cha

[Chorus x2]

It’s time to take you on a whole new journey

But we got to stick together cause it might get lonely

We headed through the muddy swamps, for real

And this experience might change how you feel

Whether it’s good, bad, happy, or sad

Just as long as you follow you gonna find your path

And where it ends, it’s all up to you

Just as long as you try you’re best to make it through

Let’s go

[Chorus x2]

ABK (Anybody Killa) Laugh At You

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

High school reunion wouldn’t show my face

I was always looked at a little different

And I got blamed for everything,

even if I ain’t do the shit

It was hectic, a total fuckin’ nightmare

A room full of preps, and one thug with braided hair

Runnin’ through the halls screamin’ “Fuck all ya’ll!”

Brass knuckle punch jackin’ all jock’s jaws

Insane in the cranium, people always starin’

Pointin’ at me, laughin’ close enough

so I can hear ’em

Until the day that I got my revenge

When they found one student stabbed to death with a pen

Whole school goin’ through some emotional stress

Gotta half day off cause of that bullshit

Let me take another victim see if I can get a whole day

Remember that bitch Lisa?

They just found her in the hallway

I ain’t playin’ no more, stop laughin’

‘Cause all that chit-chattin’ as got this killa crackin’

Teacher’s pet, bullethole in ya chest

Whole football team damn near layed to rest

Half the students missin’, and no one knows shit

They haven’t got a clue that it was all me, bitch

Higher education learn a little something ya’self

Who’s next to be got, not too many left

I’m so glad this year’s almost over

And maybe next year, before they laugh,

they’ll look over the shoulder

New students comin’ in, I’mma still be in the same grade

Murder after murder all the way until I graduate

Crazy killa, crazy killa’s what they call me

No evidence, but I’m still the number one suspect

Never once was invited to a party

And if I ever was, all I’d do is bring bloodshed

[Chorus 2x]

They don’t like me

They don’t want me

Ever since I got here

They treated me strange

They got me going crazy

Ain’t nobody feelin’ my pain

Shed no more tears

So many years, my head’s been clear

But now I understand

to make all those around fear

[Repeat 25x until end, through all the chaotic sounds]

They’re all gonna laugh at you!

ABK (Anybody Killa) Hollowpoint

[Intro: Syn]

Two seperate worlds, opposites

Yet alike in so many many ways

Both of these worlds are engaged in an eternal war with each other

The war of good versus evil, which is which, you decide

Only one thing will outlast both armies, only one thing will survive in the end

And that special magical little item is that of which we call

The hollow tip bullet

[Verse 1]

Sit back and let me take you into the mind of a killa

Dark Carnival psychopathic wig spiltta (Anybody)

Move and change it’s time to rearrange

So love a dinosaur that you can’t tame

I bring pain, what you think I’m playin a game?

Detroit is my home, Eastside’s what I claim

Fuck a balla, I represent the 313

With tech nines and green tree it’s a luxury

That’s how it is and I ain’t changin for shit

Walk the earth mean muggin, waitin for someone to trip

I’m sick and tired of fuckin waitin for you wannabe thugs to quit

That’s why I keep it underground and drop the killa shit

For juggalos that keep it real non-stop

Keep away from juggahos unitl I load up my glock

Cuz in Detroit we got mother fuckin problems

And all the gun play that you hear is my homies tryin to solve them

[Hook x2]

You can’t tell me anythang

Hollowpoints control the game

I can tell ya once they’re triggered

Things will never be the same (Anybody Killa)

[Verse 2]

I got a brand new tech that I’m dyin to use

Play games with this killa and you destined to loose

Mental stress, keepin me alive

Sniffin lines of gunpowder to start off the night

Curbside gangbanger with some mark ass bitches

Gun smoke from bullet holes leaves you dead in the ditches

I’m just an average individual, street slangin convict

Pocket full of bullets ready to use ’em up quick

You ask my name (ABK), you know the game ain’t changed

Labeled as a killa bustin caps all the same

As any other mother fucker with a piece and little bit of attitude

Runnin through the streets actin rude

So hate if you want to, but I’ma keep my focus

And continue with the magic that I practice with the lotus

Psychopathic and I’m down for life

And anyone who disagree let these hollowpoints change your mind

[Hook x2]

You can’t tell me anythang

Hollowpoints control the game

I can tell ya once they’re triggered

Things will never be the same (Anybody Killa)

[Verse 3]

I feel the urge to murder, there’s no need to cure me

Civilized under the light, at night I’m filled with fury

Is it true that the people who you hang with rub off?

Is that why me and Violent J love cutting bitches heads off?

Imagine everytime you woke up, you was gettin choked up

And had to grab a shank and slit a throat up

The type of shit that most people call unreal

But it’s the thing that makes you feel the way to deal is just to kill

Crazy ballistic cause my head is untrained

With the empty fuckin wallet so there’s so much to gain

If I appeal to you do you think I keep it real with you?

Turn your back and let my hollowpoints drill in you

What type of person do you think that I am?

Because we had a conversation and afterwards we shook hands

Don’t get it in your head that I would never hurt you

Cuz the ones that gettin shot are the ones that deserve to

[Hook x2]

You can’t tell me anythang

Hollowpoints control the game

I can tell ya once they’re triggered

Things will never be the same (Anybody Killa)