Angie Martinez Been Around The World

been around the world all i see is straight bitches snitchin do anything for

that almight dolla but i aight goin holla ur pussy smell worse thin a fish

tank so bounce while smoke this ounce

Angie Martinez Fucked Up Situation


The brightest diamonds ever known

Yeah, Angie Mar


Take it to the record

[Verse One: Angie Martinez]

I wish you understood how I feel

Cause these words is real

After that bullshit

I could’nt perfer to chill

But tell you what you deserve to get

But I still sat back and heard your shit

You said chill it was the shit

But come on I deserve to be mad

That whole situation was bad

I wish there was one of those moments in it

I could break and just laugh

But it was too serious to take what I had

I mean what I had was deep

Its still deep but damn

Its sad to see how one weekend could be like damn

One situation

See I can

In this type of relation

Hes my man

Or, hes my nigga

Or, hes my …

Try to understand

Please pa, honest is the plan

And I don’t mean

Please pa, beggin with my hands

I mean like

Please pa, got feelings, damn

[Chorus: Tony Sunshine]

See, I know what you’re facing

This fucked up situation

And maybe she might like me

Or may even dislike me

Cause baby you’re a part of me

And baby its just hard to see

That you complained everyday

But you would love me anyway

[Verse Two: Angie Martinez]

Ah Yea I know know I was wrong too

I made the wrong move

I went and looked throught someting that belonged to you

And I found out suttin

I was all confused

Mixed emotions coming

Feeling all abused

Shocked when I read me

You was calling boo

Dropped it and I left

Slowed down

No talking to you

You’ll never understand

How I felt

Waking downstairs

And you knew something was wrong

But I had to finish that song

Couple minutes

Didnt really take me that long

Still feeling confused

But I had to go strong and attract

And relax, sit back

Then you came in

And you asked whats wrong

The fact is displaying

I didn’t have to say it

Stop playing

Shit, at that point

Even you knew I was OK to flip

How could you

No matter what you thought we was

Just go around the word called love

Come on

[Chorus: Tony Sunshine]

See, I know what you’re facing

This fucked up situation

And maybe she might like me

Or may even dislike me

Baby youre a part of me

And baby its just hard to see

That you complained everyday

But you would love me anyway

[Verse Three: Angie Martinez]

Thats exactly how it is

Exactly what I’m talking about

Exactly where it’ll end up

This song after I’m walkin out

Niggas don’t understand

When you give them your all

How many times you hand up

When you’re daying to call

Try to dial his numbers

And you start with the first four

When you get to seven

Your heart beat like you’re eleven

I learned my lesson

And I waive if there was any

I still try to understand shit

With out no henny

Just a clear mind

While you’re thinking its just smear rhymes

I gotta go through this shit

And still report fine

And get on air

Be clear

Animal for real

Each year

The bullshit going on

I’m prepared

I ain’t the only one

Chicks be going through it

Niggas don’t understand

We be borderline losing it

And these feelings is real

So like I said in the first verse

I wish you understood how I feel for real

[Chorus: Tony Sunshine]

See, I know what you’re facing

This fucked up situation

And maybe she might like me

Or may even dislike me

Cause baby you’re a part of me

And baby its just hard to see

That you complained everyday

But you would love me anyway

Angie Martinez Breathe

[Angie Martinez]

Yo, yo, yo, uhh, uhh, yo, yo, whoo whoo whoo whoo, yo, uhh, hey!

Sometimes you gotta, catch yo’ breath and,

all the time you gotta watch yo’ step and,

catch me all on yo’ neck, stressin’ ’bout “What you doin’ next?”

And I ain’t got much left; tolerance wit’ the hoop-la

La jodienda no se para nunca, yeah

They give it to you but I,

keep it movin’ while I’m runnin’ wit’ the rat race

But I need a little damn space, to breathe

I gotta just do me; why I always gotta be sexy huh?

Would you mind when you spill it like me?

In a pair of Air Max sweat pants hoodie huh?

Would ya, get off my back, c’mon, let a nigga relax

Cause I’m, all woman now, hear me roar

Right now I’m ’bout to hit the door,

so I can parle’, it’s my day, ’bout to pick up my girls at the highway

Gotta get away, gotta do it now, gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah

[Chorus: Angie Martinez + La India]

Gotta be free, gotta do me

Gotta get away, get away

Gotta gimmie some time to breathe

Gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah

C’mon ladies come ride wit’ me

Gotta get away, get away

Gotta relax your body!

Gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah

I just really need some time to ease my mind and let my spirit gooo!

[Angie Martinez – over end of Chorus]

Gonna fly.. c’mon..

How many women cook and clean, wash the clothes

work a job, come home – mop the floors, watch the soaps

Nah, no time for that, besides, Young And The Restless is kinda wack

Plus thats that time you can be in the gym,

gettin’ ya legs tight, gettin’ ya head right

Doin’ it every night in summer time almost

You wanna ass lookin’ firm when they come up close

One of single mother types wit’ a couple of kids?

Nuttin’ come before them, don’t give a fuck who it is

You a proud ass woman, never cry for help

Been doin’ it for years all by yourself

For cryin’ out loud, can ya get your props?

Wanna pull your hair out cause the shit don’t stop and,

ya nigga wanna stress, gettin’ no rest

Takin’ no breaths, it’s PMS

Wanna know when do I get my day

Wanna pick up my girls at the highway

Gotta get away, gotta do it now, gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah


[La India]

Yo necesito un poco de paz.. en mi vida!

Necesito un poco de paz.. en mi vida!

Some times a girl just wants to be free

from what you think of me baby please

get up off my back and give a girl some space

because we’re livin’ in a big rat place

I just really need some time to have a little piece of mind and

breathe, breeeaathe!

Angie Martinez Dem Thangz

[Chorus: Q-Tip]

Girl, you gotta move dem thangz, dem thangz

I wanna see you move dem thangz, dem thangz

In the hood dawg, you know they move dem thangz, dem thangz

Cause ain’t a damn thing changed man, they move dem thangz

(yeah, it’s my thang)

[A] Yeah, I know how to move it.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[Q] I know how to do it.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[A] I know how to move it man.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[Q] And I know how to do it

[Angie Martinez]

Yo, whoo!

Step up in the club like “Who up in here?”

Linda Carter with the world premier, watch out now!

Shit ain’t clear, cause Hova got me open on the Belvedere

Yeah, settin it real good feelin proper

Checkin out the nigga with the Gucci parka, like

Uh-huh, okay, whassup?

It’s a luv-a-dub, and it’s your world

I’m a choosy girl

but we can dance to the dawn like Lucy Pearl

Cause you got that thang thang

And we can do big thangz, but go, easy

Like I told you before, cause I don’t wanna hurt you pah.. huh

And the name is Angela

And ain’t too many niggaz that can handle her, it’s true


[Angie Martinez]

Uhh, since the start of it all

Standin alone, claimin my own, y’know?

Little that, little this

Cop a couple pieces to cover my little wrists

Prayin while they hopin they sayin my shit’ll miss

Man listen, it’s, my, thang I’m, well connected

Pull dem strings and I’m, not new

On the block for a minute

And I, won’t stop ’til I get it, get it

Comin widdit like the Punisher

Gettin all up in your stomach uhh.. huh, my bad

Gettin focused now

Lot of niggaz in the club wanna poke us now

But, back it up baby nice and slow

Cause I roll with a whole lot of G.I. Joe’s

In the cut camoflauged with they eyes on me

while I, move, my thang, c’mon


[Angie Martinez]

Yo.. I, come through – doin what I do

Niggaz buggin out like, “Who the fuck knew?”

Same chick from the radio dial

Same one from the summer jam, gettin ’em wild

But now my niggaz it’s a new day

BK always like Biggie doin “Jui-cy”

Iced out like David Blaine

What’s it all about baby IT’S, MY, THANG

[A] Yeah, I know how to move it.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[Q] I know how to do it.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[A] I know how to move it man.. (yeah, it’s my thang)

[Q] And I know how to do it (yeah, it’s my thang)


[A] Yeah, I know how to move it..

[Q] I know how to do it..

[A] I know how to move it man..

Angie Martinez No Playaz


[CHORUS: Angie and Lil’ Mo]

Even though you got no money

Other chicks be actin funny

It don’t matter boy cuz I got love for you

(a nice guy that like to fuck alot)

I’m so tired of all these playaz

And I don’t mean to be a hater

But I know just what I’m lookin for

(a nice guy that like to fuck alot)

[Verse 1]

This is for my on the low niggas

Average joe niggas

You know, I’m tallkin plain ol’ niggas

Big up, big up all the regular dudes

Appreciate ’em after dealin wit a playa or two

What I’m sayin to you, is all the ice is nice

But a girl get tired of payin the price

See it aint what we eat, it’s how we do

I like Mr. Chal, but we can do BBQ

Fuckin wit you, you gon get to my heart

We can chill, crack jokes, smoke a L in the park

And when it come to lovin, you go hard…

Yeah, now that’s really what a girl want

And uh, nobody can do me

Like you, so you the one that I’m givin it to

For rich or tore up, I’m in it wit you

For you fake smooth niggas, I’m finished wit you

Beat it


[Verse 2]

Yo, yo, uh

I shine, you shine

Gotta alotta big things playa that’s nice

I don’t wanna knock your hustle but I know your kind

And I don’t trust ya so I’m lookin for mine

Not tryin to sell me the gathos, not poppin bottles

Not tryin to stick it to models

You know misled bitches, after your riches

Try to throw me in the mix don’t even notice a difference

I don’t like Coogie sweaters anyway

I like a nigga in a hoodie better anyday

I’m not a chick-en, I’m not to be tricked on

Matter fact you the rea-son

That I, don’t wanna get with playaz no more

I wanna low key nigga fo’ sho

You don’t really gotta be my boyfriend

I’m sayin though…


[Tony Sunshine]

But I got Cristal ven aqui

Mami, let me buy your love

But I got platinum ven aqui

Mami, let me buy your love

[Playa {Angie} skit]

I’m sayin though girl can we talk for a minute though?

I got some things I wanna talk to you about


y’know, don’t front girl

{What is it, what is it, that you have that I need}

I’m sayin , I got alotta stuff you see the ice

you see the way I’m flossin, aint nobody in this club

flossin like me, they don’t got what I got, y’knowhatimsayin?

I got good looks, I got furs

{Right, really, what are you… what are you bringin to me that I need

in my life…}

I’m bringin to you a good lookin nigga wit alotta things man,

aint too many niggas that can offer you alotta things and good looks

at the same time though, y’knowhatimsayin, you smell that…

{Tell you what…}

I got cars…

{You got cars?}

I got houses, I got what you need, what you need?

{But the thing is, the thing is I got a job }

You gotta be out?

{No I gotta job}

Oh you gotta job?

{Right so I have things }

What your job gotta do wit a nigga like me, you won’t have to work no more girl

{But I like to work, I like…}

I’m sayin I know you like to work, you can work on me, y’knawmean

{That’s really special}


{That’s really special}

That’s real special, I’m a special nigga, I’m sayin I got what you need…

{You are a special nigga, you are a special, special nigga}

I see you sippin all that Mo’, what you need, you want some Cristal?

{No I’m good all I… you know… I got a job like I told you so If I really needed

some Cristal I could really just… go to the bar and buy myself a bottle of Cristal

what I’m askin you, is what you, are bringin to the table}

I’m bringin alotta things to the table,

I mean I offered you ice, cars, cribs, whatever you need

and I don’t even know you like that but I’m…

[Tony Sunshine]

But I got platinum ven aqui

Mami, let me buy your love…

Angie Martinez Live From The Streets

[unknown singer]

Ohhhhh.. senorita.. when the evening sun go down

I come to.. serenade you.. from another part, of town

[car tires peeling out]

[Angie Martinez]

Let’s get it on it’s Angie Mar’ reportin live from the streets

From Y.O. to Philly and Harlem to Q.B.

When it drops it’s game over, you’ll see

Introducing, Jadakiss and Styles P, where you at?

[The L.O.X.]

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

You know we still in the hood dog, in front of the store

With the work across the street and the gun in the stall

Soon as somethin happen niggaz wanna run to the law

You know the code of the streets, never run to the law

That’s why I can’t even run ‘less I run with a four

or I walk with a three, come and talk to ’em P

You can catch me down bottom with a bird and a glock

On the block makin money where they murder a lot

Or you can catch me up top shootin dice for a yard

I’m talkin six digits, niggaz bet the house or the car

You can catch me hittin the spliff, sick in the pit

On the fiend like I’m missin my shit, they think I’m crazy

Catch me hittin your lady in my Mercedes

Bird on your baby, fuck you I’m keepin it gravy

L.O.X. hold the hammers

like we waitin for screws


[Angie Martinez]

Comin live from the streets where some died tryin to eat

From Y.O. to Philly, from Harlem to Q.B.

And when it drops, game over, you’ll see

Introducin, Beanie Sigel, tell me how you livin?

[Beanie Sigel]

Aiyyo, I’ve been kickin murder – since Adidas with thick strings

T.I. sweatsuits, Pumas with thick chains

Four finger rings, black belts with brass names

I was spittin flames since niggaz was pitchin change

I’m a hard knock kiddo, always played the middle

Threw flacks in the crack game, getchu if I can getchu

Since a buck, played the highway, dodgin the troop boys

Jumpin in and out of Coupes, wavin for Duke boys

Always chased a penny, copped quarter waters

Tried to make a dollar chased my pop’s boss daughters

Tryin to make my name, global, in all four corners

Philly baller, gamin in all four quarters

Never worked, never will – all my hoes buy my clothes

I can’t go broke, never will – all my bros buy my O’s

I’m the best thing that linked up with New York since Sprewell

I murder, nuttin further – fill in the details


I’m here, it’s over, fuck how y’all feel

When I drop, y’all gon’ realize it’s all real

Bein left for dead, tied up, smoke ’til I was dried up

So high up, seem like the sky ducked, high what?

Life was rough, but now it’s nothin to hide

Used to click and be quick to put this gun to yo’ side

Be like, “That chain nice – I like that pal.

Matter fact {*click click*} I’d like that now.”

You’ve got game? Call the name, just spell the name right

Brett, one of the best rappers ever to touch a mic

It’s prophecized I’d write, spit scriptures mind blowin

’til my coffin top close and heaven skies open

Fear no man’s my slogan, I hope y’all believe

I’m just like you, fear nuttin human that bleeds

My mind breed two movies, six ab-lums, a hundred poems

Thirty R&B joints, I’m beyond the norm, y’all just mad

I’m just glad, got my time to shine

Y’all the type to hit three hundred bars and run out of rhymes

[Angie Martinez]

Brett, from my ByStorm family, with Angie

Come live from the streets, from Harlem to Q.B.

And when it drops, game over, you’ll see

Introducin, finally, the legendary Kool G.

[Kool G. Rap]

It’s B.G.S. kid so what you facin? Caps racin

Decapitation twenty buck-fifties and lacerations

Guerilla fam’ camouflaged out in the grass waitin

to blass your nation slash like Jason and bash your face in

We ass lacin top bodies and half in the basement

Our style, cast you so bad you’ll need plastic replacement

When gats is raised in, fascination blastin and blazin

Evacuation for your whole staff there’s gas in the tank and

Gets back abrasions from cap grazin, defy gravitation

Pull my shit back squeeze bust it like masturbation

Hold fort, hold the blow torch, leave your soul scorched

with no remorse, the state of New York, get your shit caught

When niggaz hawk, let the fifth talk

So tell me who’s the next man to flip?

I stop the beef shit, with rubber handled grips

Your candle get lit, guerilla shit feed us banana clips

The hammers hit, anything in our range we dismantle it

[Angie Martinez]

Like to say thanks to my street correspondents, for gettin on this

Comin live and direct with no nonsense

Sorry folks for hurtin y’all, the previous has been brought to you

by “Up Close and Personal”

Angie Martinez What’s That Sound

[Intro: Angie Martinez]


Whoo! Cool-a-Dre baby

Oh! [laughing]

It’s club but it’s still sexy

Hey! life is good

Yea, uh, uh, uh, yo

What is that?

[Verse: Angie Martinez]

What’s that sound?

If you outside the club, and your joint c’mon

You just pop the truck

Pull the car up and the line is packed, and you far

You tired a’ waiting, you better be catch a charge like

“Move bitch, get out the way”, flash the bouncer to get out a payin’

And that sound make you wanna get on stage

Oh, you gotta’ “move dem thangs”

Beat change, it’s a Cool-a-Dre thing

That’ll move your thang thang, remove your ring change the sound

Get your jewels all sweated up, the booze is deaded up

Anything goes bring it back, if you just catchin’ up

The sound coming outta’ the club – that’s wassup!

And they let you up, finally, dancing it up

Movin’ aroung, DJ Keith – I need that sound (da-mn)

[Chorus: Angie and Missy]

That new shit, that hot shit

Make you move shit – what’s that sound?

That move crowds, that new sound

Make you can kick down – who’s that chick?

That’s Angie, them bambi’s

Screamin’ Angie – what’s that sound?

[Missy:] And this Missy gettin’ tipsy off the wiskey

[Verse: Missy Elliot]

2002 be sceered, cause I’m runnin’ this shit this year

Haters ‘n haters you better be clear

Or you’ll be kissin’ my pussy on the rear

What I’m talking ’bout, with my filthy mouth, from the Dirty South

Is a drug-drop, c’mon check me out

Ain’t nobody does it easy-seezy

And ain’t nobody got the dick to sling me (owwww!)

God damn, what’s that sound?

Didn’t I tell you I’m about to shake it down

I’m no punk, but a killa like Cam

Get on the flo’, yes yes mam

When I show up the club get cram

Insecure bitch watch yo man!

Me and Ang like butter on toast

I don’t mean to boast, but we do

[Angie:] I need that – yea


[Verse: Angie Martinez]

Hello-oh? oh that’s my ears ringing

I’m sitting here thinking that sound is still bangin’

As we leavin’ the spot I’m still drinking

Gotta’ leave cause the cops are still waiting

So we circle the block, as we workin’ to blot

Then purposely watch – we so blingin’

And the truck is bright, light up the night

Blinking, as we stuck in the chair feel like we sinking

That sound still drowned the air waves

The echo in my head feel like a bear cave

So I sit back to the sound of this track

Playin’ on my way home – I can’t forget that

That beat when you hear from the street

Make you wanna get on the floor and don’t even speak

Cause it don’t even matter who be around

Get.. and that’s DJ Keith – playin’ that sound (I need that)


Angie Martinez A New Day

[Intro: A. Martinez]

Yo, uh

The animals are here

It’s a new day…yo yo uh

It’s about being close to the ground

like dope fiends and not even fallin’

Some people frontin’ now they keep callin’

But that’s life, ain’t no grudge in my heart

I could sleep mornings, that’s the business

I just keep that shit apart, that’s the wisdom

In my position get hard, I deal wit people from far

Very few I keep close, that’s how you keep from the scars

You gotta move like a ghost, cause some people are stars

And all of a sudden.. they forgot who they are

But look at me I’m still Angie, back wit a plan B

It’s a new day you could sit down or stand me

I just try to be an example, bringin’ the animal out

When everybody doubting underhand me

Its ample time, If you could not see the big picture

Cause there’s plenty ladies like me I’m a big sista

Always on the grind through whatever you say

And just incase you ain’t clear its okay

It’s a new day!

[Chours1: 2x]

If you need it to be, (uh) Then it can be (yea)

It happen for me, It’s a new day (a new day)

[Chours2: 2x]

Keep hoping, Keep focus

Approaching, up, A new day

Reaction to my first verse in a year it was clearly unexpected

Me on a record, We must yea agree it was hectic

Getting here half sleep and eating breakfast in my chair

How I feel, it’s a new day now, that’s for real

I was prepared to deal wit, whatever was given

People dissecting what I’m spitting on, not giving me a chance

Listen and understand, they ain’t know how to react

off my 16 bars on that track, “She out or she back Damn”

Then came a record (“If I could go”)

I’m not saying my shits perfected

But if I could go’s the beginning accept it, connected

You already know, yes is an automatic question

Automatically answered cause I’m flowing like you never heard

Why second one it can’t be said in words

Except it had to be done, in other words I’m leaving on top

You mad at me huh, believe it won’t stop

The love it’s much stronger you can not break my hunger

[Chorus1: 2x]

[Chorus2: 2x]

See they love for you to give up, can’t wait for you to slip up

As soon as you hit rock bottom, they never picking you up

Or never picking you out, they always out when you pick

But when your outfits is sick, or you got a hit

Then every other word is, “No Doubt,

When can we go out, When can we grab lunch,” I only get mad once

Cause when you get mad twice you sacrifice then a punch

And then a situation jumps so I grab a blunt

Roll it and spark it cause you media targets

Pictures is blatant ya know what I’m saying

This ain’t ancient this is today shit

but it’s a new day shit no games get played shit

No time get wasted, I learn from the worst situations (“yep”)

And I made it, everything I had in my heart I pushed and gave it

So when I say it’s a new day I mean it

Cause when it’s the truth you must agree shit!

[Chorus1: 2x]

[Chorus2: 2x]

ya hear me singing

[Chorus1: 2x]

[Chorus2: 2x]

we on our way

animal house