Ataris Unopened Letter To The World

If i died tomorrow

would this song live on forever?

here is my

unopened letter to a world

that never shall reply

if i died tomorrow

would this song live on forever?

here is my

unopened letter to a world

that never shall reply

never shall reply

from this second story window

i can hear the church bells calling out my name

this table is set for one

even angels would be homesick

in this forsaken town

on random notes of parchment

i’m scrawling my existence

dressed in white

this candle radiates throughout the night

and it’s never burning out

never burning out

from this second story window

i can hear the children down on main street

they’re singing their songs tonight

in the shadows i will listen to their every movement

Mr. Higginson am i not good enough for the world?

am i destined only to die

the same way that i lived,

in seclusion?

but high up on this mountain

i can almost see your lonely window sill

they’ll carry you off tonight

there’s a ghost in your old bedroom

and a candle burning bright

if i die tomorrow

will this song live on forever?

Ataris Fast Times At Drop-Out High

alone at last. just nostalgia and I

we were sure to have a blast.

for you it was just another Sunday

in a small Indiana town.

I went by the place where you and I

wrote our names in wet cement

and for a moment remembered how it felt

to have no one understand that there’s this dream

and they’re not part of it. how soon we do forget.

the house was gone but the piano lingers on

and so does the fire that burned it to the ground.

you can take away all of my rights to see the day

but you can’t take away my love for the day.

then there’s the time that you took me aside

and said I was not your only son

childhood is so fucked up.

I never had any closer friends

than the ones I had when I was young.

alone again just you and I

nostalgia wave goodbye.

I think it’s time for me to go.

Every day I come by your house and I pick you up

We go out we have a few drinks

And a few laughs in the spring

You know what the best part of my day is?

For about 10 seconds from when I pull up to the curb to when I get to your door

Cause I think maybe I’ll get up there and knock on the door

And you won’t be there

No goodbye, no see ya later no nothing

Just left

I don’t know much but I know that

Ataris Life Makes No Sense

Everything is turning grey, but I won’t hold my breath today

Cause’ I’m not scared and to tell the truth I just don’t care.

Are you looking for an answer? When you still don’t know the question.

It’s like lighting candles in the rain-

Sometimes life can be a pain,

But don’t give up without a fight.

Sometimes when you feel afraid, don’t give up and run away.

Cause’ two wrongs don’t make a right.

What’s the point in crying when you’ve don nothing wrong.

It was right there all along.

The world’s nothing but a lie and everyone is going to die

But what can I say? Just help me make it through today.

You don’t need a destination just to go somewhere in life.

It’s like throwing feathers at the wind-

They come right back to you again.

So why not give it one more try?

Just cause’ things aren’t what they seem

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream

Just don’t get your hopes to high.

Cause’ when things don’t turn out right

You world comes crashing down.

Ataris That Special Girl

I need a girl who like to go to shows

I need a girl that won’t make fun

Of my Clothes.

I’m looking for a special girl who

Wants to go all over the world,

If you’re my special girl won’t you

Let me know?

Would you let me know?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Or possibly a girlfriend?

Cause! I’m lonely all the time

And I wish that it would end.

I need a girl that likes to stay out late,

We’d share a cocktail, wouldn’t it be great?

If only this were true

Then I would fall in love with you,

I’m looking for a special girl…

Could it be you?

I could write a stupid love song,

And sing it all across the world

But it wouldn’t mean a thing.

Until I find my special girl.

When will I find my special girl? [x9]

Ataris 11596

Let me start this from the day we met.

You looked so beautiful, I never will forget.

Then you opened up your eyes, looked at me and kinda smiled.

I was scared, but still happy at the same time.

I never wanted us to be a superficial family.

But in the end it was the only thing we could be.

Angie, I’m sorry I wasn’t right for you

Just what did you expect for me to do?

You know that I would have done anything for you.

I sometimes think about how things could be

If you would’ve took a chance and moved out here with me.

We’d cruise along the 101 in the California sun

Sing Descendents songs and have ourselves lots of fun.

Stay out drinking really late stumble home from lower State.

Treat every day like it would be our first date.

Angie, I’m sorry that you weren’t right for me.

I guess that it just wasn’t meant to be.

I quit pretending you were in love with me.

Ataris P.S. The Scene Is Dead

Do you know what its like

To live somewhere that sucks?

And everyone tries to bring you down.

No place for you to go

And see a punk rock show.

And spend your whole life trying to get out.

Ataris I Won’t Spend Another Night Alone

A star up in the sky goes slowly passing by,

The lights below…they spell out your name.

You’re comfort on my mind and you’re with me all the time.

And lots of feelings that I can’t explain.

I won’t spend another night alone. [x2]

Out of every girl I meet, no other can compete

I’d ditch ’em all for a night with you.

I know you don’t believe you mean this much to me

But I promise you that you do.

I won’t spend another night alone. [x2]

If I had one wish this is what it would be…

I’d ask you to spend all your time here with me,

And we’d be together forever.

We’d buy a small house in south central L.A.

Raise lots of kids then we’d both join a gang

Just as long as we’re together.

The things you make me wanna do

I’d rob a quik-e-mart for you

I’d go to the pound and let all the cats go free

Just as long as you’d be with me.

I won’t spend another night alone. [x2]

Ataris A Beautiful Mistake

Maybe I’m not ready for this, and you know it.

Maybe I’m too scared to tell you what I’m really thinking

It’s not fair to stay together because of regrets we might have.

I don’t want to fall asleep alone, but do I want to wake up with you?

I’m only trying to be completely honest.

So I guess this is the ending or a beautiful mistake.

And if we both agree that we shouldn’t be together why does it hurt so much?

I feel like I lost my closest friend.

I don’t want to fall asleep alone, but do I want to wake up with you?

I hope you’re happy and completely lonely.

There I am standing all alone on Sydney Harbor Bridge.

And you know I would jump into the fucking ocean if it meant I was truly capable of being satisfied.

Well I ever be?

Did I just give up the best thing I ever had?

I don’t want to fall asleep alone, but do I want to wake up with you?

I hope you’re happy and completely lonely.

I don’t want to fall asleep alone, but do I want to wake up with you?

I’m only trying to be completely honest.

Ataris Four Chord Wonder

How many bands have wrote this song before? I can name at least fifty… I bet you could name a hundred more. There’s over a couple thousand chord progressions around. Will someone tell me who decided they’d run this one into the ground?! I’m putting a stop to it once and for all! I’m putting my fist right through the wall! I’m telling you one and all… You better not write this stupid song again! “I’ve got a little plan, so listen up. We could write a four chord wonder, and make a million bucks!” No need to mention names cause you know who you are. Take word of my advice or I’ll break your guitar! I think it’s time to set things straight… I just write the song I hate. And, I’ll write it again and again and again.

Ataris Better Way

Looking for a place to call my home

Where will I sleep tonight, even I don’t know.

You ask yourself ‘is this how I want to live?”

When empty hands have nothing more to give.

So I drive around and pray that I will make it through today

There’s got to be a better way.

You miss your wife; you miss your little girl.

You left them stranded in a different world.

Can you forgive yourself for all the time you’ve lost?

I wouldn’t give that up at any cost.

There’s more to life than being in a band,

Your friends are what will matter in the end.

I just want the chance to keep those promises I made

There’s got to be better way.