Avion Starting Over

Flat on my back

Soak up the sun

Counting from zero up to one

And I like it, I like it

Can’t understand a word he said

I’m humming along radiohead

But I like it, I like it


I’m floating away

On wings that I borrowed

I’m leaving today

Come back tomorrow

When I’m starting over

Cleaning the slate

And morning tea

High in the clouds above the seas

Is where I’ll find it, I’ll find it

Calling the race is much too soon

It’s not int the start but follow through

And I’ll find it, I’ll find it


If seeing is believeing I would never make it alone

There’s something I’m receiving faith so I can walk the unknown

[Chorus (x2)]

Avion Would You Notice

Follow you in the shadow of your stride

I’d wait an hour just to see you smile

Should I chane all the pain

To reveal all I’ve contained?

Would you feel the way I do?


But if I was on fire

Would you notice?

And would you feel desire

If I showed it?

Would you notice?

I could wait for perfect words or circumstances

I listened in just to hear your name

All your loveliness that shines

Is the same as what’s inside

Would you feel the same way too?


Someday soon

When it’s me and you

I won’t be the stranger

In your life


But if I was on fire

If I was on fire

If I burn with desire would you notice?

Avion Love Is Here Again

The birds have flown

Still on the phone recounting

How the years have passed

Like winds the bring a change

You’re moving on

I know you’re strong enough

To learn the steps

To dance an unexpected waltz


Love is here again

Like a long lost friend

Walking up the path unto your door

Love is here again

To come and make amends

Awakening your soul

I heard you say

This brand new day

You’re grateful for the second chance

As heaven smiles on you


Like the joining of two candles in the dark

It feels like striking gold again

Together shining brighter than when they’re apart

[Chorus (x2)]

Avion It All Falls Back On Me

Calling out

Calling me

Burning doubt

That you’ll see

I needed you

I’ve learned how to be alone

But I don’t want to be lonely


Every time I fall in love

It falls back on me

Every time I rise above

I’m pulled under seas

Holding on

Holding sleep

Greeting dawn

Counting sheep

To make it through

Growing up

Growing old

Learning how to be teachable

[Chorus (x2)]

I believe I’ve been wrong

On my knees I am strong enough to say that..

[Chorus (x2)]

Avion Seven Days Without You

Sitting here counting the hours

Waiting for the sun to kiss the sea

Paralyzed by the fragrance of the flowers

They remind me of you and me


This one love in a lifetime

Our two hearts of a kind

These three reasons you’ll be mine

For there’s five or six ways through

Seven days without you

Seven days without you

Making plans just to stop the aching

Chasing thoughts from a million miles away

Hypnotized as another dawn is breaking

I rehearse the words I want to say


For when you and I will find a way until you’re home

To let the giant sleep this fire we know is..


Avion Beautiful

Fireworks over disneyland

Airplane will you hold my hand?

Without you all the colors bland

And I can’t fake it

Long drives up to pch

Sade sitting by the lake

Sunsets and the milkyway

So we can dream

Beautiful is not beautiful without you

Beautiful is not beautiful without you

Telluride and an afternoon hike

Big bear by the firelight

Thanksgiving and a movie night

When we can’t sleep

84 to multinomah

Falls success I want to share it all

Vermont and the smell of fall

And life is grand

Beautiful is not beautiful without you

Beautiful is not beautiful without you

Avion Loved

Will I be good enough tomorrow?

Would I be good enough today?

I gave back all the things I borrowed

But I couldn’t clean up all my stains


But I just want to be loved

I just want to be loved by you

Bite my lip when I am bitter

As I wave goodbye to all my dreams

I’m hoping you will make me better

Stitching the tear within my seams


And it feels o.k.

When you mold this clay

And I know I’m made by you, yeah, by you

Where’s the virtue in the waiting

When you slay me with your word

As all the light ablove is fading

In darkest silence you are heard


Avion The Best Is Yet To Come

Ten percent what happens

And ninety how I react

They say don’t sweat the small stuff

I guess I must have missed that class

I’ve never seen a hearse

Pulling a u-haul


God it’s good to be alive

Between the earth, the sea and sky

Revolving like a record around the sun

Roll the windows down and see

If a lyric comes to me

From a major key to minor after dark

It’s all been said and done

But the best is yet to come

Why the lovlies on the outside

Often aren’t the same within

They see me swarving as I broadside

Now my single serving friends aren’t here

I’ve never seen a hearse

Pulling a u-haul


I sent away for

An anti-jaded lotion

Now I’d surely pay for innocence if there a pill


Avion Trinidad And A DC-10

Bill of goods or just a fake tattoo

I bought everything to be like you

Emptied out and try to fill the hole

Weigh the value with and empty soul

Now I can see where-


The boundaries have no end

Trinidad and a DC-10

Bigger promise

A forgetful boy

Catch the theif of all the stolen joy

When the darkness breathes its final breath

Then the morning comes to rescue us

So we can be-


And I finally find significance

Giving up

I’m given all you are

I’m on a breakthrough

I won’t desert you

I’m on a breakthrough-


Gonna fly with all my friends

Trinidad and a DC-10

Where the boundaries have no end

Trinidad and a DC-10

Avion Bulletproof Glow

When the music stats to fade

And I’m left without a friend who knows me

Here as the season brings a change

All the clouds and questions drift and disappear

It’s so delightful

Watching the nightfall

After the dark and new day


Bulletproof glow shine again

For the city on angels

Ride it in on a helicopter stunt for free

Bulletproof glow shine on for the city of angels

Illuminate the sky and the heart of me

What’s the purpose in the plan

With contempt they cut you down to make their case

Re-election close at hand

Running with the pleasure of Eric Liddell’s face

What does it call gain as earth and the worm claim

Back to the place you belong


Bulletproof glow shine on for the city of angels

Illuminate the sky and the heart of me

They will not win

They will not win

They’ll never break me

They will not win

They will not win

[Chorus (x2)]