Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Ghetto Life

[Man talking]

Ok, we got the Birdman in the building (the birdman)

We got Killa in the building (yeah)

We got Young Weezy in the building (Weezy)

[Verse 1: Lil’ Wayne]

Nigga it’s, B-M, J-R, Weezy baby

Tryna see him, naw, he need to even eighty (shut yo chips up)

And, I ain’t speakin G’s, I’m talkin M

And I’m walkin like a pimp in (piiiiiimp) them all street tims

Man shorty got more green than a Boston Gems

Green (?) , they don’t cost in rims

Wayne appear, nigga put a walls in ya ear

Let ya know a fuckin boss up in here

How much it cost for this here?

How much it cost for this year?

Cuz Me and Stunna bout to buy it

Put yo spoons down, Cash Money off the diet

I pass in a ride on triot, that’s traze

But those who was in the days when the teachers was on that pay

I’m raise in the cajun cage, with a bit of amazing grace

And prone to move coke at a amazing pace

Man my daddy super Dave, let’s race it

Real not have me, B I’ma win it, I’m a champ

[Chorus: TQ]

In the ghetto life, I’m a ghetto boooooy (ghetto booooooy)

Livin in the ghetto me, in the ghe-tto streeeeeets

(Somebody tell me what’s crackin before)

I’m a ghetto life, any second dogg I can blow uuuuuup

For ghetto me, and you best to be watchin me

Ghetto, ghetto, Ghetto Life

[Verse 2: Baby]

Aye, aye, holla at me T-Keez, T-Keezy, Birdman, Birdman

See I ride in them shake (34’s) when I’m pimpin these hoes (beyotch!)

It’s just that, ([TQ:] Sunshine City!) when I’m smokin that dro

When it comes to this ice, real livin his life

Get moeny, pimpin hoes, with these ghetto type

Nigga check the background, I got O.G. stripe

Just a hoodrich nigga flippin birds on a bike

Not survive in this world with guns, pahs, and knifes

Pour out, a lil’ liquor, mami lost her life

All my niggas in the penitentiary holdin that life

See I’m stunnin for my niggas with this chromed out pipes

This swish interry foreign german lifes (beyotch)

And I keep this big toolie just protect my ice (holla at me nigga)

I act, a damn fool, when I’m full of that white (absolute beyotch)

But it’s the Birdman daddy with these ghe-tto stripes

Ghe-tto hood (Uptown), Ghe-tto pipe (9 Millimeter)

Ghe-tto walk (yeah), With my ghe-tto life (Beyotch)

[Chorus: TQ]

In the ghetto life, I’m a ghetto boooooy (ghetto booooooy)

Livin in the ghetto me, in the ghe-tto streeeeeets

I’m a ghetto life, any second dogg I can blow uuuuuup

For ghetto me, and you best to be watchin meeeee

Ghetto, ghetto, I’m a Ghetto Life

[Verse 3: Cam’Ron]

Uh-huh, Diplomats, man listen

Ayyo the duck just born, I need seven more leaders

C-Five, Fo’-Fum, and a Seven-Fo’ fever (what else)

Act up though I let the Fo’ fever leave ya (leave ya)

Dice game, head crack, Six-Fo’ fever (fever)

When I’m in L.A., I got Six-Fo’ fever (fever)

Fever for the flava of a six-foot diva (let ’em know)

I told the po to feave her, I’m a bouty crook

Out to juuust, not a chef (?) know how to cook

With the piece stocks, cook up the rocks

Seventh Delenix is hot, I done cook up the block

Send glocks to ya block, out done cook up yo sspotss

That’s how coke for that cook up his watch (what else though?)

I’m one of those, that will look up to Pac (why?)

Cuz when I get pulled over, cook up the cops (damn, follow what)

All they say is, look at his drop (what else?)

Hand on my liscence, look at his watch (fuck em)

But, thug shit dogg, we down with Baby (baby)

We come through clownin baby (baby)

And if we, surrounded babies, ducktape the kids to the wall

Then shoot circle all around the baby, Killa!

[Chorus: TQ]

In the ghetto life, I’m a ghetto boooooy (ghetto booooooy)

Livin in the ghetto me, in the ghe-tto streeeeeets

I’m a ghetto life, any second dogg I can blow uuuuuup

For ghetto me, and you best to be watchin meeeee

Ghetto, ghetto, In a Ghetto Life

[Cam’Ron talking]

It’s nothin man, Killa!

Diplomats, Cash Money

Baby, holla!

Jim Jones, Santana, what’s good, Roc-a-Fella


[Man talking]


Fly, to hood near you

Then they got ’em cheap (whoo!)

(Yeah, ya know, ya know)

Get that call out one more time

(brrrrrrrr-brrrrrrrrr!) [3x]

[beat fades]

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Fly In Any Weather


Ay Ay

Ay Man Freezy I need it this year baby (need it this year baby)

Ay Jazze (Jazze) I need some vocals now sing it big boy


It’s the Birdman daddy (I’m fly in any weather)

When it comes to these cars (I puts it together)

See I switch my paint (And change my leather)

Got mami the new Benz and plucked her feathers

Now ? eagles come fly with me

Sway hair lighter then eyes could see

Look at that ? where your eyes could see

(‘Cause you the Number 1 Stunna) Come fly with me


Nigga I fly past a bitch in a dip back six

Rain or snow I’m still the shit

I’m the Numba 1 Stunna (I fly in any weather)

It’s the Birdman Summer (I fly in any weather)

See, I come through flossed out sippin’ some cris’

Just ? my deal so I smoke now bitch

See that brand new Benz (I puts it together)

With the bubble-eye lens (I puts it together)

With the Gucci on the tims when I spin yo’ benz

Got the new cardierres with the iced out lens

Birdman Birdlady with the Burberry Benz

Royal blue niggas with them coca-cola lens

Fly ass nigga with that new coupe Bentley

Gator on the eyes with the chips in the end

(Talking: I’m trying to get one get one game one

Real tight biotch Birdman motherfucker!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)



I’m the boss of the boss (With ? chains)

I salt nigga shine (And couldn’t maintain)

So I hadda step back (And fly away man)

‘Cause it’s all about collecting (All my chains)

See I cook shit, Swing around, Fly away quick

Put it in the oven mami

Hold my shit

I’m the flyest nigga with the flyest bitch

These rims and ice (I love my shit)

My baby, My Wife (Come hug me quick)

See I duck on these niggas when I hold my thang

And if you fuck with me bad i’ll bust your brain

See I fly like a bird

Got mami the new fur

Slang back, royal blue fits the curves

Stilletto high boots and she smoke that herb

(She the birdlady baby) Ain’t scared to hold hers

She came through your hood with the fly ass ?


[Woman talking]

This is a Mannie Frizzle productshizzle (so fly)

A Jazze Phizzle collaborizzle

Birdman, Whooo!

24’s, 25’s, 28’s, You know what it is

No rub daddy

Act like you don’t see them

Act like you don’t see them IVC’s girl

Sit down ? one time

Yeah pluck your feathers baby

Fly with the Birrrrrrrrrrdman

Birdy Birdy, hahahaha

Whhoooweeee! [echoes until ends]

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Ms. Bird

[Intro: Baby]

Uh huh uh huh

Cut me up in my head, Cut me up nigga fuck

Ay ay Fresh, its all gravy baby

Its my turn nigga, I’m under the burn biotch

If you ain’t getting money, you’s a crazy motherfucker (got to be a crazy motherfucker)

I ain’t getting money, I’m probably a crazy motherfucker (lord help me)

This is a biotch, biotch


Come on nigga

Its them pimpin, ballin, gangster macks

Theys old school caddies with them bows and racks

The new school bens with them bows to match

But its the Birdman daddy got them O’s of crack

A nigga off the diet cause a nigga gettin fat

Them throwback jerseys with them throwback hats

Burberry timbs with the fence to match

And I’m so so fly, and mommy like that

Ounces of that purple and we do it by the sac

Rag-top bens with them rag-top lacs

Nothing to a gangsta nigga choak your strap

We live for money, hoes cooking that crap

Them 20″ rims and them tires are flat

There ain’t no question, that stunna is a mack

A nigga thought it was over but bitch we back

With daimonds in the middle PIMP, daimonds in the back BITCH

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh – repeat 2X]

Every Place that I went to

About a hundrend bad broads say they sent you

A picture of themselves but naked, ya heard

They all wanna be Ms. Bird, Ms. Bird


You know I got that Crystal on the rocks

You see a nigga’s jewels, no name on the watch

Until a nigga die these cops gon watch

But I don’t give a fuck nigga, the shit don’t stop

All I’m trying to do is stack a knot

Them aligator seats with them brand new drops

Them hoes gonna jock cause they see a nigga hot

Riding on my jet skiis behind a nigga yot

Ten up in my ear ma ten up on a watch

Real hot girls gonna jock a spot

So grab a nigga dick bitch drop it like its hot

The same old nigga off them up-town blocks

I came around your corner and I shit your spot

It’s (?) and I serve your block

A Cash Money hot boy and I pop the lock

A know beat boy with the rooka rooka rock biotch

[Chorus – 2X]

[Mannie Fresh]

Now Dada, Barbara, Kiesha, Tarisa and Dawn

I’m tired of having sex and I want to go home

But I cant leave yet cause they kissing each other

Plus I’m hot and I’m horny, I’m getting my rubbers

What that tatoo on your tittie say, Hood Rich

Let me your ass, oh wolves’ bitch

God damn Ms. Kiesha ain’t your momma a teacher

Your sister is a mister and your daddys a preacher

Now you’s a mixed up screwed down dike type chick

If you ain’t eating pussy then you sucking good dick

Now every place that I go to

About a hundred grimey niggas say the know you

And they all got that movie that you made with that man

Don Da Don Don Don, stop playin

If you seeee, the movieeee (triple x bitoch)

[Chorus – 2X]

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Baby You Can Do It

Oh yeah, believe it baby

Aight Toni, come on Toni

[Toni Braxton]

Baby you can do it

Take your time do it right

You can do it birdman, do it tonight

Get you shine baby

It’s your time, do it tonight

(Do it yeah)

[Verse 1]

Ay, ay, ay

See this stunting, pimping, Cadillac dipping

Grey-head miss Gladys, your son new mission

Birdman daddy, no diving for fishes

Until you ducks, I’m stacking my riches

Brought mami to the mall and she ball wit a genius

Frankie B, Kristen Desmenfifler

Stiletto boot, wife beater and I minked her

Spend like crazy, if the broad freak me

Dro back jersey, the world wide champion

Baby, in a coupe spin bout eighty

Bird island, know that I’m smiling

Broads on my yacht, wit they Gucci and Prada

Hood rich, I’m selling that

Hood rats, cost dime a dollar

Boss pimping got sick off of power

Get it how you live, I’m a known survivor

[Chorus – Toni Braxton]

Baby you can do it

Take your time do it right

You can do it birdman, do it tonight

Get you shine baby

It’s your time, do it tonight

Uh, uh, oh, baby, take your time

Bust they eye (bust they eye)

Uh, uh, oh, baby, take your time

Bust they eye

[Verse 2]

Well it’s the birdman daddy, I’ll fly in any weather

I keep the birdlady with the feather in the pezzle

Always on the rock with the full length leather

I’m in the Benz, she in a new Lexus

22’s cause we bird infested

Ruby red with the platinum necklace

She in the Escalade, so wild stretching

I’m so so fly, the man done blessed me

Mami in the village so while dressed em

Mink on the boots wit the minked out sweater

Mink on the floor, with the mink chinchetta

Mink on the Gucci, with the mink on the leather

See I’m fly on these , mami ride on voles

Stop and go’s on that new Range Rover

Time to go home, cause I gots to go because

(Mami is in the bed with the breakfast on the stove)


[Verse 3]

Hey pimp, it’s the rich and famous

You driving wreckless, you driving dangerous

Twenty inches on the caddy, don’t blame me

Slab on the floor, but it’s my turn baby

Money ain’t nothing to me

See that birdman Jr., that something to me

What you know about running these streets

Get it how you live, and get it how ya be

Get it how ya hustle, and get it how ya see

Off parole so I’m puffin these trees

I’m so so high, I’m a world wide G

Connected to these streets, player this cash money


[Baby in the background]

Oh yeah, Stunner and TB man

Yo turn baby, got your mink on

Your Gucci on, your Prada on

Do it, do it big

In yo new truck wit yo stop and go’s, mami

It’s supposed to look so so so fly

Ya done dig, 23’s they on turn and shine ya done dig

Birdman daddy, I’m fly in any weather

OK, for sheezie baby

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna What Happened To That Boy

[Baby (talking with echo)]

Aye, Aye, Aye, Ya

Tot’ ’em up, light it up nigga

Birdman motherfucker

Clipse, VA, NO nigga

What you smelt

Coke’ll leave plastic

Get off the border motherfucker

Come on little’n handle your business for me boy

[Chorus: Pusha T & (Pharrell) (2x)]

(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy (yo)

(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy

(Brrrrrrrrrrr) What happened to that boy

He was talking shit we put a clap into that boy



I heard they snitchin’ on a player man say it aint so

Even as a young’n they consigned me to blow

Witches claims why I’m worth my weight in gold

While they was taking baby steps from an 8th to an O

Word in the streets that can envy as me

Enough ice on that watch to make a nigga lose sleep

Magnified face help the bitch see clearly

9 on the waist hit the bitch up severely

I’m know for the flip of that coke I ener

I’m heavy in the street like the 7 series Bimma

Man, hit ’em with the Nina man

Or that 4/5th guaranteed to lean ya man (Whoa)

I’m the reason that your block is vacant

Malicious will hit ya just to make a statement

Bitch! Clipse and Cash Money who aint rich

Don’t compare me to you nigga you aint this (Whoa)



Aye…Aye…Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye…

Stunna and Patty Cake the worldwide Pusha (get this money)

Birdman nigga leave the guns in the busher (cuff ’em up, let ’em up bitch)

Been shittin’ up bricks unload ’em to Gucci

Boss of the ghetto with the round shape cookie

Shit one, Dro one nigga flood the block

If I don’t go to jail niggas birds gone flop

Nigga sittin’ on the toilet bitch get off the pot

The bird just landed so the hood gon’ rot

New whips, big chips the Prada Gucci shit

But mami your fly Benz the wide skinny lips

She takes my flight she holds my weight

While the po-po staked out from state to state

It aint nuttin to a baller baby

Pay the cars, big money, heavy weight, bird man, hood boss

Baby steppin on my line I’ll show a little somethin’

They callin’ you don’t come out then the black crow will touch ya (touch ya)

[Chorus (2x)]

[Pusha T]

Ughhh…Another soul lost

Had to make a shirt match my ox blood colored Porsche

Ughhh…The rims match of course

Blood hit his Timbs it reminded me of them

Glistenin’ wrist on chiller

Gun in the same palm of gorgeous killer

I put this on my lord my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla

I past the shore for that shit that made fiends rise from the dead like



At night still found time to kiss my mother

Live like I’m dreamin’ kick my feet up

Gun pulled my waist remind me of my demon

So quite ya yappin’ fore I get to clappin

And have your body parts mix and matching fella

[Chorus (2x)]

[Baby (talking)]

Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, there it is nigga, there you have it

Birdman, Clipse you under-smelt, VA you know

Uptown nigga, we go anywhere with this bullshit

We flip bricks you under-smell (gangster motherfucker)

Aye nigga put this puzzle together

Aye Pharrell you did this year (you did it nigga)

A 1000 pieces puzzles (startrak) 100, you know

Let’s get this money (get the money)

Hey nigga I smell somethin’, coke’ll leave plastic bitch

Get money motherfucker

However you want it you can get it pimp

From gangster to blood nigga, take it how you want it nigga

We did it how we live, aint nothin’ but the thug thing nigga

Money thing motherfucker

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Fly Away



Wassup pimp?

Birdman motha fucker!

[Baby] + (TQ)

The financial adviser of this get money game

It’s stunna the big money man

So loosen up your strings cause you can get shot

The Crystal absolute on the rocks (on the rocks)

Ey nigga I gotta stay fly money

No baseball player I got the a-ride money

I go to Jamaica homie and ball like a dog (ball like a dog)

The leaf that sticky homie and fog up the car (fog up the car)

It’s nothing to the icky icky Harlem world sticky sticky

Fifty fifty a gram raw cut dilly

Got minks on my body cause it cost too much (cost too much)

250 on the bird had to frost me up

See these gangstas pimps and thugs make the world go round (gangstas, pimps and thugs)

Ride for uptown and till they lay you down

Birdman with them big chips with the bird lady and the benzes (benzes)

[Chorus: TQ]

It’s the fly away

Fly fly away

Or you can hit the highway

That’s the only way that we do it

Love when we do it

Fly away, fly away

Fly away, fly away

Cause we gon get you high today

I know you wanna see how we do it

You know how we do it

Fly away, fly away

[Baby (TQ)]

So get your stock up nigga

Get our brains rapped right

The hood fucked up cause the nigga changed like

The birdman daddy keeps the bricks taped tight

A hundred of them things got my chips same night

Pull up in the Bentley with them skinny ass tires

Ice all over cause a nigga so fly (so fly)

? and i’m doing what i’m doing

If them clubs gone pop i’m getting straight to em

Nothing on chain put them dubs on the thangs

Wipe a nigga down bitch give a nigga brains (wipe a nigga down bitch give a nigga brains)

Call a nigga changed ma wash a nigga range

Bird baby down with them cardier frames

Gucci from head to toe and stunna my name

Make winter weather and that’s my thang

I’m iced up nigga smoke pounds of dro

And I’m labeled as a pimp and I mack a hoe


[Chorus: TQ]

It’s the fly away

Fly fly away

It’s the fly away

Or you can hit the highway

That’s the only way that we do it

Love when we do it

Fly away, fly away

Fly away, fly away

Cause we gon get you high today

I know you wanna see how we do it

You know how we do it

[Baby (TQ)]

It’s the world wide callin’ and the boss of the ballin’

The hood rich nigga money tall as all

The youngers of 20 cheerin’ and nobody starvin’

Nobody borrowin’ cause nobody starvin’

Ey ey TQueezy! the dro man callin’

Get it in the jar Jeff pense is callin’

Buy ounce, buy pound, buy enough for the rounds by mouth

Cause ya know how it’s going down

Dro party with the magnolia chicks

Smoke just fly nobody givin’ lips

They all on the floor cause the brains is flying

On the outside it’s just them 20 inch tyres

Bentley, lexus, lams & vets

Them ragtop guccis with the smitt n wess

Got the old school caddie’s and them new school too

Platinum mouth niggaz and them gold mouth too


[chorus: TQ]

It’s the fly away

Fly fly away

It’s the fly away

Or you can hit the highway

That’s the only way that we do it

Love when we do it

Fly away, fly away

Fly away, fly away

Cause we gon get you high today

I know you wanna see how we do it

You know how we do it

Fly away, fly away


The birdman bitch

coming to a city near you

now how you luv that nigga

now I know what this is

you know what you need to do?

you need to look on the back of your cd cover

and get that sticker for the mom burberry g-nites

You want to come pick them up? come pick them up on 6 and magnolia

and holla at ya boy c-ya?

you understand?

and we gon holla at ya another time

holla! biatch!

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Keeps Spinnin


They keep spinnin’

[Chorus x2: Mannie Fresh, TQ, Jazze Pha]

Mannie: Girl there he go again and when he stop they spin

Jazze: Ain’t that them stop and goes?

Mannie: Yeah that’s them spinnin’ rims

Jazze: And what them thangs they cost?

Mannie: I think they ’bout a house

Jazze: Now all you other wheels are played out (They keep spinnin’)

[Petey Pablo]

Now girl believe me I’m coming as fast as I can

Rims spinnin’ like “rooaaaww” like I’m a North Carolina man

Well I can do the do’s on deuce 22’s

So make a mother fucker bowl move

I’m sitting there holding wait a minute


We in Atlanta, pimpin’, ballin’

Every seven days is ballin’ Chevys

Seven-four is Escalades on spinnin’ blades – they sho is great

Hey Mannie tell these niggaz how to hold these shoes

When the car been parked and the rims keep movin’ (They keep spinnin’)


Now in Chi-Town

Rims picking up every block I drive down

And on my lap that Desert weighing ’bout five pounds

Now don’t be playing cause I’m spraying ’bout five rounds (Gun shots)

Get down (They keep spinnin’)


You see that Lexus coupe? That Benz without the roof?

That Cadillac on 25’s with skinny tires that’s baby blue

They on them stop and goes

Them girls like “Watch him go”

Spinnin’ chrome with this Killer Stone

Out the Magnolia with a Diablo (They keep spinnin’)

[Chorus x2]

[Mannie Fresh]

When I get my money baby

Gotta get that big Mercedes

Believe me, when you see me

Its gone be filled up with ladies

This here is serious stuntin’

And when them brakes is pumping

I done caused wreck, gotta catch my breath cause

(They keep spinnin’)


You want this money baby

Them there is buttons baby

I put that mink on your body you the Bird Lady

Bur Berry furs crazy

I spent about 80

Birdman and them thangs (They keep spinnin’)


Mine keep spinnin’, dippin’

Dabbin’, slidin’, California ridin’

I rock for LA I rock for Compton and Watts

And my rims keep spinnin’ every time I stop


You see my red Lex

I mean my read Vette

In my red Benz – flew up in my liter jet

I mean my red Beamer – its with that new (?)

Steering wheel in the middle (They keep spinnin’)

[Chorus x2]


In that H-Town heads turning

Every corner that I come around

Hoping niggaz grin, cause they love the sound

Of them big boys swishing

Them diamonds I stop and go

Sometimes I stop and listen


Its big pimpin’ baby

It ain’t no sippin’ baby

I’m in that new thang sitting on them Sprewell Racings

So when I stop they flow

So nigga watch your hoe

I’m at the red light but (They keep spinnin’)


Its Gilly nigga

This Philly nigga

I push way back with the milli trigga

My rock are froze – I stop and pose

Your bitch all over my stop and goes

They keep on spinnin’ and them hoes keep on grinnin’

But when my car stop my rims (They keep spinnin’)

[Mannie Fresh talking]

All right everybody look at your watch right now

And pay attention to the seconds

I’m ’bout to pull up to the red light I’m ’bout to stop

And we gone see how long they gone spin (They keep spinnin’)

[Chorus x2]

Baby Aka The #1 Stunna Looks Like A Job 4…

Looks like a looks like a job job job for job for

[Baby in the backround of chorus]

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

Birdman motherfucker, holla at your boy nigga

Look, whew, fly in any weather nigga

Tryin to get this money

You know real real high, real real high

We tryin to stack it biatch

Bird call motherfucker!


Birdman, look looks like a looks like a looks like a job job job for job for

Birdman, look looks like a looks like a looks like a job job job for job for

Birdman, look looks like a looks like a looks like a job job job for job for

Birdman, look looks like a looks like a looks like a job job job for job for

[Verse 1]

Yeah, I’m on a mission lil daddy to scoop in the Caddy go visit Ms. Gladius

B(ah) to A(ah) to B-Y BIATCH!

Somethin’ so fly and somethin’ so slick

24’s, 28’s, got to be better, 18’s never, nigga whatever

It’s the New Orleans finest BIATCH!

I’m a worldwide rider with that Gucci and Prada shit

Look like I got to uplift my Prada, get a few dollars, holla at a model

Nigga if it ain’t money it can’t beat me

That platinum from the neck, wrists, finger, and teeth

But I’m so so cool and I’m so so ooh

Get outta line watch me bust my 2

I ran out the house and I ran in the building

Them people was comin, “Hands up!” ya feel me


[Verse 2]

I’m the bird of the nest

The shark of the sea

Hungry dog on the concrete that’s tryin’ to eat

Nobody move me cause I be who I be

The Uptown rider, the home CMB

I get what I want when I want I could have it

Lexus, Bentley, and the Jag nothin’ average

Never got married but I’m lovin’ Ms. Gladius

Birdlady in that brand new Caddy

I’m a boss nigga

Nothin’ less, two boats no cost nigga

Fly nigga hold your hearts nigga

That what Daddy told you, Mommy told you

I stand my grounds, be a man homie

No quarters no halves, with them wholes thang

“Fuck it, pitch in nigga!” and don’t fuck with them chickens man

Flip whatever: cars, rims, and bucks

Live this life like you don’t give a fuck nigga


[Verse 3]

Do a doughnut, swing around, and come around the corner

Change feathers twice, come back with the homies

That fly shit, that Prada and Gucci sheets

Feather to the floor with swine on her feets

Bezel that glow with the 9 on the seats

And whether thats snow or white mink on me

See I’m hustlin’ leathers and I’m chasin’ cheddars

That’s Eminem’s bitch, it gets no better

With the wide D-lips with the custom leather

And I ball like a dawg Hood Rich forever

See I’m iced all up with that chrome metal

Fully equiped with the Coogi sweater

But it’s the Birdman daddy, I run with the bird game

Birds got to have it with my birdy change

But it’s the big thangs on the big Range, stop and goes

26’s, 28’s, it’s the Birdman

[Chorus 3X]

[Baby in the backround of chorus]

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah, you understand?

Birdman baby

Oh yeah, you’re becoming my kind of a bird

You understand nigga?

Flip one, sell one, roll one baby

Whatever nigga, however you gonna go we gunna roll it to you bitch

I’m comin’ to your hood boy, I’m flyin’ too

18’s is better, never nigga, 24’s, 28’s, I’m singing nigga

You understand this biatch?

Get rid of it little daddy

You understand?

Birdman motherfucker!

You know, you gots to hate me nigga

Bird call bitch

Let’s get this money, holla at your boy nigga!

The Stunna, Cash Money number one nigga!

Yeah, that’s how you lace me nigga!

I’m lovin’ it!

Hey Lil’ Weezy, Papa doin’ his thang nigga!

Later boy, BMJ out!

Let’s get this money baby

CMR nigga!