Bad Meets Evil Vegas

[Verse 1 – Eminem:]

Got a shitty grin, bitch show me them itty-bitty titties again

We’re in Sin City, since when did we begin to get addicted to dope

Diggity, bitch, you need to run and go get your friggidy-friends

I’m looking at your bum-stickidy-bum hun

The migidy mac’s, bigidy back

Don’t act wigidy-wack, you can get the figidy-finger, the middle

You little dizzy bitch, sit spiggidy spin

Got a 6 o’ clock craving, stop get Ciroc

It’s about to be an unbelievable night

I call it surreal, Sir Mix a Lot tape in

Hit the spot, spot my next victim up

Picky like I missed a spot shaving

Came to sip vodka, shit yeah, that little chick is hot but if she got rabies

I wouldn’t give the bitch a shot, I poke her in the rear

But I bet if I lick her, she’ll try to chase me (Haha)

What are you pit, rott, mixed oh, you just got fixed well shit then let’s lip-lock

If not then trick piss off you snobby little pig snot nose

You think you’re hot shit cause you’re in heat

Well, bitch, if you’re solar

Then I’m your polar opposite dog cause I’m colder than popsicle sticks, poppin’ shit

Talkin’ it, walkin’ it, spit rocks

Then my sick thoughts are about to lick shots

Like this shit’s hopping, and drip-dropping in chocolate-ly whip-topping

So whether you’re Hip Hop, Slipknot, Big, Pac

Kid Rock, Kris Kross, Rick Ross, you’ll dig this

If not then kick rocks in flip flops

And I produced the track

So you don’t have to ask who it is when this shit knocks (TURN UP!)

So bring clairvoyance to this bangin and I’m a keep on saying

All the shit I should be hung for, and probably killed for saying

And I probably will, but not until the day I pop a pill again

Like chopping ’til I’m dropping, still if that don’t do the job of killing Shady, then the karma will, insane him

I’m as brainy Mohammad until the Parkinson’s done eat away my brain

And made me Robin Williams crazy

Or I end up with dementia, but you rocking with a sadist

So you can say this, but if the thought is entertaining

I ain’t stopping to explain it

Oh my God, for real man, not again I’m shaking

But before I tie a rope around this nob

If they don’t like it, got a knob they can slob on until it’s-

Wait I just forgot what I was thinking…

What’s it called again? I’m blanking

Something about the balls between my legs and I think I can feel it dangling, it’s throbbing and it’s veiny

Wait I think I got it, okay bitch I got you, Robin Williams hanging

Let’s Go hang in the lobby unless you came to slob me

Come on kemosabe

It’s past time, like your favorite hobby

Cause if the way that I spit shit remains on my dick then she grab me by the nuts and tried to take my sausage as a hostage

Ain’t it obvious? Pretty much a no brainer, or should I say Cobainer?

That she’s plain addicted to my dick like Lorena Bobbit

Got a wean her off it, weiner off it like she took my fucking penis, chopped it, and stuck it up between her armpits

And she begun to swing a crumpet knife and paint the carpet, at least that’s what her train of thought is

Cause I came, saw, conquered, hit it, quit it, and made up a plane of bonkers

And I always end up giving these bitches some complex

And I don’t mean apartment

So spread your feet apart

And let me see you do some yoga stretches, splits

Now grab this Cuisinart

And make me breakfast, bitch, that’s a prerequisite

And that’s just to get in this bedroom, bitch

Walked up to that Ke$ha chick (what up?)

Said my names Booger, wanna catch a flick?

I’ll even let you pick, make her fetch a stick

Bet you if you get this old dog these new tricks

To get familiar with I’ll learn extra quick

Kick a pregnant bitch, oops, I guess the shit

Took an unexpected twist like the neck of the freaking exorcist

Bitch, I said that this mask ain’t for hockey

Hate Versace, Versace, I got Münchhausen by proxy

I’m making you sick, don’t pretend you can’t hear me

You deaf, girl, I said you was foxy

I’ll tell a bitch like Bizarre

Bitch, shut the fuck up and get in my car

And suck my fucking dick while I take a shit

And I think with my dick so come blow my mind

And it tastes like humble pie

So swallow my pride, you’re lucky just to follow my ride

If I let you run alongside the Humvee

Unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s skeet

So what’s it gon’ be? Put that shit away Iggy

You gon’ blow that rape whistle on me

(Scream!) I love it

‘Fore I get lost with the gettin’ off

Like this is our exit, now let’s hit the highway and try not to get lost

‘Till we get to Las Vegas

[Bridge – Eminem:]

(Party, do it ’till tomorrow)


‘Till we get to Las Vegas

(Party, do it ’till tomorrow)


‘Till we get to Las Vegas

(Party, do it ’till tomorrow)


‘Till we get to Las Vegas

(Party, do it ’till tomorrow)


[Chorus – Eminem:]

Whatever happens here, stays here

So let’s go all the way dear

Til we get to Las Vegas

[Verse 2 – Royce da 5’9:]

Whatever happens in my room, it stays in my room like movie night like cable

Treat every women in my stable like flavors

Looking like she kryptonite and I get weak after like 7 days

In 7 nights in the days Inn it’s our Vegas

We roll in circles in packs… we the lifesavers

She got a boyfriend, I got a toy then

I’ll bring her with me when I show up to her crib waving

And I ain’t tryna be the nice neighbor

I’m so Jay Electronic, I’m cut like I’m all out of razors

And all I got is a gun left with a bayonet on it

Next ho froze and it look like I walked in to a jewelry store

With a about a million dollars with your mama

And sat down n did the ALS challenge, haaaan

I stole that adlib from French, Bad & Evil back at it again

About to get my back tatted again

About to get a pic of a backstabber with an axe in his hand

Sitting on a bike in the sand

If you ain’t been through nothing

Then that shouldn’t mean nothing to you like lice on a gram

If she current I keep her pussy purring like the pipes on a Lam

Weed got her so chinky eyed

Look like she been getting high on a flight to Japan

I keep my jewelry on while I’m fucking

Sound like I’m shaking up dice in a can

Listen, though this ain’t Christmas I make you my ex miss

If this is my passion

I learn to give those who don’t appreciate my presence

The gift of my absence

I don’t know who you been listening to

Got me fucked up like Pookie in the chicken coop

Bitch, I don’t give a two shits

Bitch, get the fuck out of my face

To make a long story short, I don’t really gotta stand there

And listen to you while you throw a silly tantrum

Even though I have an affinity for witty banter

Starting to feel like foulplay like Billy Laimbeer

Hold up, she misunderstood me

I said take parvour four

Thought I said the wraith had four doors

I knock a nigga face off

Give him the bottom of the nine like a baseball scoreboard (whatever…)

I leave the club with my tab still open

Won’t even get a cab for you and your friend

The only fear I have is of loathing

And I won’t even kick in ’till we get to Las Vegas



Bad Meets Evil Loud Noises

[Verse 1: Eminem]

Life handed me lemons

I jumped back into the public eye and squirted lemon juice in it

By now you just wish I’d fucking die but I electrify

Get electrocuted, executed by an executioner of my flow

Too quick for the human eye to detect zooming by

(Chick-chick-chick-chick-ah!) Guess who, what’s happening guys?

They told me to shit, I fell off that pot

Hopped right back up on that crapper and I

Said “fuck It” with a capital I

Look who’s back to antagonize

You don’t like it? You can eat shit, fuck off little faggot and die

You’re right back like a maggot on my dick grabbing at my,

Shit better get to the back of the line

You wanna get your shot at me what kinda crap is that battle

What kind of rapper would I be-‘fore I let another rapper think he’s hot

I’ll bury my face in his stinky twat and go alalalala!

Girl my head space is limited, ain’t even room in the back of my mind

That’s why I ain’t thinking about you, I don’t got time and I told you a thousand times

So how can I find the time to put an alkaline battery in Royce’s back

And at the same time put juice in mine?

Goddamn it! Slaughterhouse is signed!


[Verse 2: Crooked I]

I’m a – menace villain, my pen is sitting spilling, my lyrics killing

Then I let you witness shit when it hit the ceiling

The niggas willing to give the listeners the sickest feeling

Like mixing some Benadryl and penicillin

Then I’m filling the clip with a written

Can you picture my pistol drilling?

A million women and children when I’m illing

But it isn’t real, it’s a rap

On the realest of rap

How could you possibly stop the Apocalypse

When I’m atomic bombing the populous

Shock the metropolis hostile as a kid

Popping the Glock at his moms and his pops

Then he hops in his drop with his iPod rocking the Slaughterish

Documentation and lyrics I write with confidence

Write like a columnist slash novelist

I’m in this game to demolish it, establish my dominance

Over prominent rappers you popping shit ’til you opposite

I can spit ominous so spit politics now I’m Haile Selassie, Gandhi, and Pac

Of this hip hop genre, bitch!


[Verse 3: Royce da 5’9”]

Lyrically I’m a cocaine Altoid

Ability told brain it’s a no brain bout boy

Physically I’m literally a cocaine cowboy

Wait wait, did I just go almost four bars without talking about my big dick?

The other day me and your thick bitch had a great date and we ate cake

And then we walked and then she tried to jack me off but she lost

Cause she couldn’t handle my shake weight, I sweared

Irony of Ryan is I am bipolar while I’m rhyming

Standing beside a big old (big old) white bear!

Neither one of us fight fair, you are literally looking at Woody and Wesley in a movie

Where the white boy ain’t got to jump, nowhere cause I’m here

Nigga I’m on fire yeah! and I’m every bitch’s dream

One, two, I’m coming for you, I’m a big old (big old) Nightmare!

Nigga this is slaughter stepping up

I’ll pretty much slap your ass and tell you to shut the fuck up!

After that I’ll slap your ass again and tell you to shut the fuck up shutting up!

And that’s how you body a fucking beat!


[Verse 4: Joell Ortiz]

I should be the one that goes slow, nah!

Get a stopwatch, clock my flow

Hit the button on top watch the drug drop

O O dot dot O, Yaowa

When I drop I go outer space

Blackout like Darth Vader’s face

Placed in a molten shower

Say something and get them proper

Mama poppa pouring out vodka

Mama Mia, Em pass me the scissors there’s visitors in the Slaughterhouse casa

Better jet boy go home, better jet boy G4 chrome,

Better jet boy Mark Sanchez, Santanio Holmes, I’m not just any old homeboy!

Sitting in a lab picking up a pad

I be spitting bad, I’m a get you mad with this gift I have

Lord duck sufferin’ succotash when the trigger blast

I’m a put your beak on your fitted hat

Where the liquor at? Sip of yak

Bad bitch and a vicious track I relididax

Sly Pro Tools to boast Joe smooth I coast to the West like where Crooked livin’ at

New York here’s a piggyback ride to the motherland

Hold on brotherman, on the other hand get down

I’m gutter fam, gun butt you with the Eagle handle Cunningham

I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna beef

I don’t want a piece, I want it all baby boy

I don’t wanna eat, I wanna feast stuff my cheeks with raw pieces of shit

You done weak, I’m the one, capiche?


[Verse 5: Joe Budden]

Uh, Insane what they call us

How you married to the game but you prolly shouldn’t have came to the altar

Every bar like propane for the sawed-off, using a hammer to forge you

Eminem, Mr. Porter, slaughter my sentiment’s imminent torture

All of you feminine marauders, that’s women at war

Men will assault you, Tommy’s and bats that resemble Lasorda

Kidnap your trembling daughter, at least a quarter

Of administering supporters, got an aura more like Sodom and Gomorrah

Normally something’s wrong with me

Blame it on the quantity of the porn I see on the pause to me

When I fix the game they’ll think shit came with a warranty

How the fuck are they gonna stop when I was born to be

Corner me, shit belong to me, two choices, you can get along with me

Or sit your faggot ass right there in dormancy

Wait, all you missing is heels to be Ru Paul

Ain’t nobody that’s real ever knew y’all

Second to none and I’m dealing with Marshall

This time I never come down, deal with the blue balls

You ain’t gotta fear me but you’ll respect me

Niggas who never met me threaten me, want to gillete me

Coming to a sword fight against a machete

Swinging spaghetti like it’s heavy some said he deserve an ESPY

In a Chevy like Andretti, put the Dezzy where his chest be


Bad Meets Evil Echo


Oh, all around the World,

There’s an echo

As he takes a bow

And they all know all the girls, the boys

They chase the noise

Through the highs and through the lows

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo


I can hear them calling, calling, calling, calling, calling


I eat rappers with the rhyme, consume ’em

The only fucking thing that you consume is time

I’m super human, my world is like a Rubik’s cube

It’s too complex girl, you assuming, cupids looming

My mentality’s caveman stupid woman

My life is Truman show, all I have is music hoe

I stopped chasing every chick under the sun many moons ago

So pretend my dick is a balloon and blow

Cause you better put a fork in it if you think I’m a lay here just spooning yo

Oh you think you the shit ’cause I just said you was beautiful

Diabolical, till the last molecule, down to my last hair follicle and cuticle

Rotten to the core, to the bunghole all the way down to my soul, from my head to my toe…

Ever since I was thirteen I learned how to sew, so shut my own booty hole

Cause I ain’t took no shit since I looked down to my nuts and saw my first pubic grow

I told these stupid hoes when I come back I’m a set this bitch on fire

And this time I don’t mean I’m a pour gasoline on some chick and light her

Cause this time when I fuck this world I’m put my whole God-damn dick inside her

I ain’t even put my tip in that hoe yet

I’m go get Nickel and try to rip it wider


Oh, all around the World,

There’s an echo

As he takes a bow

And they all know all the girls, the boys

They chase the noise

Through the highs and through the lows

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo


Classical poems

Battle my own demons

I need a glass of Patron

Bad as I need a horn

Stabbing my clavicle bone

I’m matador prone

First time I seen a desert eagle

I was letting the 44 buss

The 44 pop

First time you seen one, you was eating coco puffs

Looking at Robocop

I’m not a man, I’m a logo, I’m sustain

In order to clean my veins you need saline

I’m never referring to the solution

I’m talking about more like the mustang vroom

Get respect from the get-go, hello

Set to the echo, psycho

Pen got a mind of it’s own, gotta write my rhymes with a timer otherwise

I’ll probably vibe out to a nine minute song

As the echo follows the Maserati

As the petrol swallows,

I’m a thousand bodies away from a skeleton

Check your bible inside it, it will say this guys an elephant

I’m fly like I’m, killing the scene like I’m a villain with wings

I’ll sleep when I’m 6 feet deep,

Right now I’m living a dream

Though we may be reckless

The ladies check us

They whisper “Shady Records”

Baby echo


Oh, all around the World,

There’s an echo

As he takes a bow

And they all know all the girls, the boys

They chase the noise

Through the highs and through the lows

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo

They will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo

Bad Meets Evil Fast Lane

[Royce Da 5’9″:]

First verse, uh, I’m armed ’til I’m on an island

My life’s ridin’ on the autobahn on autopilot

Before I touch dirt, or kill y’all with kindness

I kill ya, my natural persona’s much worse

You’ve been warned if you’ve been borned

Or if you conformed, slap up a cop

And then snatch him outta his uniform

Leave him with his socks, hard bottoms and bloomers on

And hang him by his balls from the horn of a unicorn

Y’all niggas’ intellect mad slow, y’all fags know

Claimin’ you bangin’, you flamin’

Bet you could light your own cigarette with your asshole

Me and Shady deaded the past, so

That basically resurrected my cashflow

I might rap tight as the snatch of a fat dyke

Though I ain’t wrapped tight, my blood type’s the 80’s

My 90’s was like the Navy

You was like the Brady’s, you still fly kites daily


Catch me in my Mercedes, bumping “Ice Ice Baby”

Screaming, “Shady ’til I die!”

Like a half a pair of dice, life’s crazy

So I live it to the fullest ’til I’m Swayze

And you only live it once

So I’m thinking ’bout this nice, nice lady

Wait, no, stop me now ‘fore I get on a roll (Danish)

Let me tell you what this pretty little dame’s name is

‘Cause she’s kinda famous

And I hope that I don’t sound too heinous when I say this

Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick my penis in your anus

You morons think that I’m a genius

Really I belong inside a dang insane asylum

Came to drive them trailer parks crazy

I am Back! And I am razor-sharp, baby

And that’s “back” with a capital B with an exclamation mark

Maybe you should listen when I flip the linguistics

‘Cause when I rip this mystical slick shit

You don’t wanna become another victim

A statistic of this shit, ’cause after I spit the bullets

I’ma treat these shell casings like a soccer ball

I’ma kick the ballistics; so get this dick, I’ma live this

[Sly Jordan:]

Livin’ life in the fast lane

Movin’ at the speed of life and I can’t slow down

Only got a gallon in the gas tank

But I’m almost at the finish line, so I can’t stop now

I don’t really know where I’m headed

Just enjoyin’ the ride

Just gon’ roll ’til I drop and ride ’til I die

I’m livin’ life in the fast lane (pedal to the metal)

I’m livin’ life in the fast lane (pedal to the metal)

[Royce Da 5’9″:]

Yeah, my whole goal as a poet’s to be relaxed in orbit

At war with a bottle as Captain Morgan attacks my organs

My slow flow is euphoric, it’s like I rap endorphins

I made a pact with the devil that says

“I’ll let you take me, you let me take a shovel

Dig up the corpse of Jack Kevorkian.”

Go back and forth and, more beef that you can pack a fork in

I’m livin’ the life of the infinite enemy down

My tenement, chimney now; the semi’s the remedy, pow

Spin him around, enterin’ in the vicinity—


Now, was called M&M

But he threw away the candy and ate the rapper

Chewed him up, and spitted him out

Girl, giddy-up, now get-get down

He’s lookin’ around this club

And it looks like people are havin’ a shit-fit now

Yeah, little t-t-trailer trash

Take a look who’s back in t-t-town

Did I s-s-stutter, motherfucker?

Fuck the mall, he shuts the whole motherfuckin’ Walmart

D-d-down every time he comes a-r-r-round

And he came to the club tonight with 5’9″

To hold this bitch down

Like a motherfuckin’ chick underwater he’s tryin’ to d-d-drown

Shorty, when you dance, you got me captivated

Just by the way that you keep lickin’ them dick-suckin’ lips

I’m agitated, aggravated

To the point you don’t suck my dick

Then you’re gonna get decapitated

Other words, you don’t fuckin’ give me head

Then I’m have to take it

[Royce Da 5’9″:]

And then after takin’ that I’ma catch a case

It’s gon’ be fascinatin’

It’s gon’ say the whole rap game passed away

On top of the affidavit

Graduated from master debater, slash massive masturbator

To Michael Jackson’s activator

Meaning I’m on fire, off the top, might wanna back up data

Rollin’ over hip-hop in a verbal tractor trailer

Homie, they’re sick, you could normally ask a hater

Don’t it make sense?

These shell casings is just like a bag of paper

Drop in the lap of a tax evader, homie, they spent


Now make that ass drop, like a sack of potatoes

What, girl, I’m the crack-a-lator

Percolator of this party, be my penis ejaculator later

Tell your boyfriend that you just struck paydirt

You’re rollin’ with a player

You won’t be exaggeratin’ when you say you’re livin’

[Sly Jordan:]

Livin’ life in the fast lane

Movin’ at the speed of life and I can’t slow down

Only got a gallon in the gas tank

But I’m almost at the finish line, so I can’t stop now

I don’t really know where I’m headed

Just enjoyin’ the ride

Just gon’ roll ’til I drop and ride ’til I die

I’m livin’ life in the fast lane (pedal to the metal)

I’m livin’ life in the fast lane (pedal to the metal)

Bad Meets Evil Welcome 2 Hell


Yeah (yeah), told you we’d be back (told you we’d be back), welcome to hell (welcome to hell)…


There’s a switch I flip emotions cut off, so cold I done froze my butt off

And this ain’t even the tip of the iceberg yet, it’s like squirtin’ a squirt gun in the ocean – fuck off!

Other words, I ain’t put a dent in the game compared to the damage I have yet to do

As long as you still have feelings to hurt, I’ll be around as long as you let me get to you

As long as I got two balls to palm, I’ll be the bomb you just a false alarm

Get scant little piss ants and see if I don’t come along and stomp your farm

Thunder and lightening, rain hail sleet with a tornado’s the kind of brain storm I get

So when wind starts blowin’, shit talk about goin’ in? Goin insane’s more like it

Wizard of words when he spits hazardous with it, like a disastrous blizzard

So you better listen quick fast or miss it, yeah go ahead little prick bastard dis it

But when you get hit with a sick ass explicit flow don’t ask how much of his passion is it

That goes in, it just know that all he know is, that it’s better to kick ass than kiss it

Dick Dastardly of audacity, mental capacity unmatched it has to be

Stopped but it can’t be, but man I can’t just keep doin’ ’em like that or no one ‘ll rap with me

Except one, you ask who is it?


Guess who just came through the blast you bitches?

With the ratchet the book of Mathew, a book of matches lightin’ ’em under white linen

You about to have to admit it, they pass you the mic ask you to spit it

And you got handed your own ass, your ass in your own hands, I’m sure they gonna laugh when you going to the bathroom with it

Now with what, would you come against us better be

Somethin’ with a big foot pedigree

Easily these are the reasons that we need to be in ya’ll prayers

Each region breeds the MC’s that wanna be them what means that they wanna breathe our air

With these ideas

Anybody thinking the game don’t need, the Bad and the Evil regime, that’s like saying that the Bad Boy Piston team didn’t need Isaiah…


Shit piss and bleed this it’s a different breed of MC’s I swear

Better beware there’s too much at stake and to find someone this raw on a beat is rare

You can kiss my ass and shit stains out my underwear that I don’t even wear…


It’s gotta’ be no fair, it’s like hitting the lottery, oh yeah

Who you know hotta’ there gotta’ be no pair

Shotty that I got ‘ol lobotomy your hair

Classic smash it smother it, read it and weep then perhabs you will have no rebuttal in

Fact you seein’ me in this rappin’ is like sayin’ Tlla Tequila can sing like Jazmine Sullivan


Back to bash your skull again

Push a bitch out the Aspen and tell her “get the fuck outta dodge” (Dodge Aspen)

Shouldn’t have to explain my metaphors you has beens are duller than

Color books that ain’t colored in, second and third fourth wind got another wind

Here they come again, none other than Bad and Evil also known as Saddam and Osama Bin

It’s been a long time but I bet that neither one of us have felt sicker than we do right known

And we only get iller with time me, and Nickel fuckin’ shit up on a dime, so telliin’ us to pipe down’s

Like talkin’ to a meth head, Bruce Willis on his death bed last breath with an infection

Fightin’ it while he’s watchin’ internet porn ’bout to meet his death with an errection

My God, what I mean is David Carradine jackin’ his penis in front of his tripod

Chokin’ his own neck, what part you don’t get? I’m sayin’ I die hard!


When you listening to my bars, nothing but the f-ir-

E, coming out your iPod, we come up in the place chicks heads start spinnin’ like motherfuckin’ white walls


Gotch your mother suckin’ my balls, while we fuck each other, we punch each other in the eyeballs

And I never I’m sor-ry


The 5’9 and the fire Marshall, we spit with an intensity to shut shit down

In the industry two different entities with a propensity to put these n-u-t’s up inside of your fuckin’ mouth… Aw shit. Stop it. Yo, Welcome to the CD.

Bad Meets Evil Take From Me

You’re going to be okay, kid. You’re going to be okay

[Hook: Claret Jai]

Is everything not enough?

What more can I give up?

Is there anyone that I can trust?

I give you my all and you still take from me

[Verse 1: Royce da 5’9″]


Always been the type of dude that’ll feed my clique

I know that without the fans, I ain’t shit

But y’all better read my lips; I don’t spit raps this I’ll

For you to just hack and steal and leak my shit, so peep my drift

I hope y’all don’t think y’all helping me out with that shit

That shit’s stressin’ me out

Nickel nine is blowin’ up

Christmas time, you should hang my album on top of your fireplace

Cause around that time, my stocking is goin’ up

Feels like a victory, bittersweet

Cause the bigger I get, the bigger the wedge

Between the relationship of me and my bigger bro

Hear what I said?

Feels like the shit was wished on me

Everything I do for the nigga, and the nigga know

I would do anything for him,

But the nigga refuse to quit just straight shittin’ on me

Keepin’ your distance? Probably best

If you don’t wanna fuck with me

But you know me probably best, fuck pity

You want that? You know it’s Laila Ali’s chest: Tough titty!

The problems, you got a problem, you think that I’m already set

So I’m a look down on you? Just be proud of me, you already got my respect

I ain’t tryina say something I regret, so I’m a just stop, chasing the pain

Let you deal with the fact we don’t get along

Cause I got a big face in the game

Sometimes I feel like “fuck my life, ” I fuck with a few niggas

That I know that If my chick was a shady ho,

Niggas wouldn’t think twice ‘fore they fuck my wife

Guess that’s the difference in friends and associates,

I done been broke, I done been through the motions

I don’t pay no attention to birds,

I use my scope and I tend to the vultures

No one ever blows up your phone just to talk,

I don’t make money just to loan it to y’all

Tell a nigga that the new album is like

Dialing and then talking to a hole in the wall

Please look at these expenses, these niggas expensive

If I gotta lend you money every time I see you

Just to be your friend, bitch, I don’t really need your friendship.


[Bridge: Claret Jai]

I give, and I give

And you take, and you take

And you just walk away without nothing to say, you just take from me

You just take from me

[Verse 2: Eminem]

I live in a bubble, I struggle with the fame

Trouble as the pain grows double; give a fuck what you say

When my music you take so subtle, just to give it away

To people who don’t even appreciate flows, mothafucka, I’m livid today

Cause I break my back to give you my art, you steal my thoughts

It’s like driving a spike through my heart

You might not think it’s that big of a deal to steal from me

But music is all I got

Aside from my daughters, not to sound like a martyr

But it’s getting harder than I thought

To not just go crazy, trapped in this house, I’m about to just snap

Am I not deserving of what I got, did I not work for it?

Put it all in every record that I record

Well then please tell me why on this Earth

Lord does it keep happening, I keep rapping

But I wonder sometimes is it worth all the bullshit

Cause it feels like a down, there ain’t no gettin up from

But I won’t let it get me down, I won’t succumb

I’m anything but glum, so fuck ’em!

They’ll appreciate me when I’m gone; they’ll say it was I’ll, right?

The way I kill mics? But the way I feel right now

It just feels like I’m so done with this shit I might as well wipe

I have nothing else to give you, nothing left to contribute

Farewell I bid you, but before I go, my last gift to you

Ladies and gentlemen, Slaughterhouse I give you!


Bad Meets Evil Above The Law

[Intro: Claret Jai]

The poor stays poor the rich get richer it’s just so disproportionate.

Get outta here!

[Hook: Claret Jai]

Sometimes life seems so unfortunate, that’s why I don’t give a shit

The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it’s just so disproportionate

You don’t know just what I go through, that’s why I would rather show you

Just how far that I can take it, every rule I’m breaking it

[Verse 1: Eminem]

Tearible but not rippable, invincible, I hung invisible

Fuckin’ mistletoe, over the world and stuck my ass up under it

Now pucker up them lips and kiss it hoes, here we go

Bad and Evil, so you know how this’ll go

The competition’s miserable, we stomp them bitches, this is no, joke

Goin’ overboard, like someone threw us off the boat, choke

Cough from all the smoke I’m tryna stay on fire

So you know if I hate fuckin’ water-sprinklers I don’t love the hose

Someone let the cat out the bag, now it’s time to stuff his face

Back in that bitch, smother that little mothafucka ’til it suffocates

Who? You! Had long enough of a wait

Why are they tryin’ to be so secretive bad and evil is reunited hey!

Came back to annihilate the game’s in dire straights,

As I await, word of Satan as I drop,

Fall to my knees before this Ouija board,

And I pray, now I lay me down to sleep

I do this shit in my sleep, I’m sleepin’ now imagine if I awake

I’m champ bitch, I’ll never taste the canvas

Could never be no damn wuss or pussy, never mooshy, so you can’t squoosh

No way near toosh in fact if I jump out a bush

These sneak attack’s the only way I say I ambush

Outlandish these words are weapons that I brandish

Standoffish the hoes, keep your hands off this

Can’t top it, so what the fuck would I sugarcoat it for?

Law, fuck protocol, I’d holla at this ho, but now my throat is sore

[Hook: Claret Jai]

Sometimes life seems so unfortunate, that’s why I don’t give a shit

The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it’s just so disproportionate

You don’t know just what I go through, that’s why I would rather show you

Just how far that I can take it, every rule I’m breaking it

[Verse 2: Royce da 5’9″]

Baby I’m lawless, you couldn’t burn me if you threw acid on me

I’m at your homey, I’m at your home ready to spray you

While you nappin’ homie Have everything on and around your mattress

Lookin’ like the word in front of a matrimony, you high? Thug yeah

Go ‘head jump, no matter how high you get

You gon’ come up short like Spud Webb

My DUI’s get waved like sayin’ bye

Still ridin’ with no L’s like James Todd, can’t change I

I thank God for my safe thinking

Last time I was safe thinkin me and my niggas was doin’ a bank job

I stay violent, y’all go the peace route

You got a mouth like Kanye, I’ll knock your whole bottom row of teeth out

No disrespect to Mr. West, shit I’m just nice with mine

And this just rap, I’m just like Ricky Hatton, I just like da line

These weak rappers wanna set us up, they never tough

They ask me for a hook, I tell ’em left or right, head or gut?

What y’all messin’ with is a nigga that’ll leave fubar

Fucked up beyond all recognition

Y’all are rock stars, I’m the opposite

I could just throw a rock and hit a star for the fuck of it

Partner you not hard up-outta ya high bars

Beef has left you prayin’ right? Like Allah hu Akbar!

Let’s go, when I leave y’all shot, you ain’t gon’ be on your metro

In a bad area that call drop

[Hook: Claret Jai]

Sometimes life seems so unfortunate, that’s why I don’t give a shit

The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it’s just so disproportionate

You don’t know just what I go through, that’s why I would rather show you

Just how far that I can take it, every rule I’m breaking it

Bad Meets Evil Nuttin’ To Do

[Royce da 5’9″:] What? Uhh…

[Eminem:] The Bad…

[Royce da 5’9″:] Yeah…

[Eminem:] The Evil…

[Royce da 5’9″:] Right, yo

[Eminem:] put em together

[Chorus: Royce da 5’9″ & Eminem]

[Royce da 5’9″:] Yo if it wasn’t for your whip, I’d have nothin to strip

[Eminem:] If it wasn’t for a wrist, I’d have nothin to slit

If it wasn’t for the shrooms, I’d have nothin to chew

[Royce da 5’9″:] Yo…

[Both:] I’m just fuckin with you, cause I got nothin to do


I am bored!

I came in the diner with skateboarders, and placed orders

Ate hors d’oeuvres, and hit the waiter with plate warmers [crash sound]

Let you inhale the glock smell, while I’m rippin your wallet off

And slippin a Molotov in your Cocktail (take that)

Burnin your contracts, punch your A&R in the face [punch sound]

Smash his glasses and turn em to contacts

I’m on some shook shit, if it’s missin I took it (whoops!)

Nurse look at this straightjacket, it’s crooked!

I go to jail and murder you from a cell

Put a knife in an envelope and have you stabbed in the mail (FedEx)

So how do you describe someone, with a decapitated head

When the rest of his body’s still alive RUNNIN?

[Royce da 5’9″:]

Comin with five gunmen, waitin to do a drive-by

So when you see the black 500 (what?) hide from it

For every hundred MC’s rhymin about birds

Only about two-thirds’d really set it without words

Yo you ain’t a thug, I can make you bitch up

Pick the fifth up, cock, spit, you would swear it’s rainin slugs (what?)

I’m the hottest shit in the industry (uh)

I got every thug on the block that get a wind of me defendin me

You lack class and respect, get a direct backblast

The Bad and Evil mad rap, I cover the Bad half

You know how a thug in this shit’ll end up

Spit a round, lift your chin up, you get hit, ten down and ten up (what?)

I take it if you run your mouth, then you wanna get sent up

Heat it up, you be leakin blood and spittin phlegm up

Now we rivals, cause of a small name or title

You stepped, got devoured and left with a flower and bible

[Chorus x2]


[Yawns] Forget a chorus – my metaphors are so complicated

It takes six minutes to get applause (yay)

And by the time you all catch on, I’m a end your career

And walk away with the whole floor so you have nothin to fall back on!

I’ll throw you off of ten floors… {AHHHHHHH}

Pull a fuckin headache outta my head, and put it in yours (take this)

I’m indoors, waitin for this acid to seep in my skin pores

To go outdoors and do some in-stores

This bitch wanted to blow me, I said, “It oughta happen.

You swallow cum bitch? ” “No, but I brought a napkin”

Gettin skullie while I’m autographin

Got my daughter laughin cause I sent her mother whitewater raftin

I’m not a fact, I’m a proven fear

Mr. Rogers blocked up my U-haul screamin,

“Wait, wait, wait… you ain’t movin here! “

Lorena Bobbitt, c’mere, want a souveneir?

I’ve been high as fuck, since I was a juvi-neer

Juvenile? Same difference – I need some ‘caine

Cause I ain’t sniffed since I woke up the seven slain infants

(Oh my God!) Brain implants and they say there’s a slim chance

I won’t stay the same cause I traded brains with a chimpanz’

[Royce da 5’9″:]

Walkin in swamp water with an M-16, out for the blood

Shove a gun in the mouth of a thug

To break braces, you say grace and make faces

I’ll display hate and break you in eight places (what?)

Take paces, turn around draw in a standoff

Precise aim, ice in my veins, blowin your hand off

Dancin with the Devil leadin – I won’t die, I’m never leavin (what?)

I pledge allegiance to forever breathin

Street niggaz with nuts, what? My meat’s bigger (what?)

Fake-ass thugs with toy guns and cheap triggers

With a deathwish, thinkin I’m the nigga to mess with

Let the tech lift, direct chest hit, melt your necklace

For instance, you just a henchmen, on tough soil (what?)

A follower never had heart, he just loyal

Thugs is glass doors, I see through em, put the heat to em

Be careful you might get what you ask for

[Chorus x2]


The Bad… the Evil…

The Bad… the Evil.