Beanie Sigel Everybody Wanna Be A Star

You cannot be me

(ha ha)

Deke what I tell you! What I tell you!

Look at they face now! You cats cannot be me it’s only one me

Look at they face now! Stupid! All of them!

I’m not the second nobody , it’s one me

I told you it was gon happen!

You can be that way if you want , it’s me

Now look at they face! Look at them crawlin on they knees!


[Beanie Mac]

Why niggas can’t never just play they part

Gotta be the first ones that say they talk

Say they shared , first ones to say they did

Can’t never be they self gotta play that kid

You know the same young buck you let touch the coke

And now that he come up he wanna cut your throat

And you gave from the block , put em to your neck

Now he givin you a glock puttin it to your neck

You know that same bitch said don’t fuck with him

That nigga no good aint no trust in him

Two days later see her in a truck with him

Two years later now that bitch stuck with twins

That nigga been broke why now she fuck his friends

Got a lap dance in bars and touch them ends

Time uncovered a veil over people’s plots

And the dumb shit they do to get on top

[CHORUS: Nafeisa and Beanie Mac]

Everybody wants to be a star

Everybody wanna be a star , don’t wanna be who they are

Everybody wants to be a star

Every bitch wanna hop in your car , every hater wanna give you scars

[Beanie Mac]

Man every fucking day , these no flow niggas

Always in my face , with they promo niggas

I thought I told y’all , I don’t know Jigga

I’m not Beanie Sigel , and I don’t flow neither

What happened to your keys and dreams of being cracklords

Now it’s Trinities , MP’s and trackboards

I switched my hustle to get this cream

Now everybody and they mom wanna SPIT 16

I got niggas wastin they change to get in this game

Like shit gon change when they get in this game

You think it’s just rhymes and beats

Man this shit’s stress time and heat , deadlines to meet

Everybody wanna come cry to me , come spit they little lines to me

You shouldn’t of lied to me , naw dog you can’t rhyme wit me

Like you tied to me , like I don’t see what you tryin na be

[CHORUS addition]

Stop tryin na be a star, be who you are

Maybe you will go a little far

[Beanie Mac]

Man I aint gon lie I thought all the glitz was gold

And like Jay (I watched the truth unfold)

And now that I got a little time in with this rhymin

I found out everything that shine aint a diamond

Everything that come in a jar aint dro

Aint no use you spittin them bars you can’t flow

Aint no use you gettin that R if it don’t glow

And aint no use you gettin a car if you can’t go

Get out the streets , haters will draw you back

Like an automatic weapon that’ll pull you back

Load somethin in the brain just to see you snap

I try to maintain but I see they trap

See they plot , you can see me not

You can be me not , niggas wanna see me bopped , see me locked

See me in the block , send me shots , do anything to be on top


Beanie Sigel For My Niggaz

Ayo! Light that shit the fuck up man!


Y’all niggas get ready to get high!

What we doin in here y’all, huh?

Everybody partyin, smokin, bullshittin

Drinkin, c’mon


This for my niggas on the east coast rollin

Tinted up Suburban, in the streets swervin

All my niggas in the street wit caine

Muh’fucka which street you claim? Put your glock up

This is for my niggas on the west coast bouncin

Six-four rollin, three wheel motion

All my dogs on the block just loc’n

Nigga put your rag up, playa put your flag up

[Verse 1]

B Mack in the mix again, I’m startin shit again

I’m in the club with the fifth again

West coast niggas sippin gin

East coast niggas Belvedere, cranberry nigga mix it in

I’m in the back where it’s dark as hell

Shit you know me, VIP, nigga spark the L

And I come to roll a ounce or more, bounce wit whores

Shit all my niggas strapped what all the bouncers for

Whether deuce or Sig on Crenshaw Ave

I’ma, get them bitches, get that cash

I’ma, hit them switches, lift them spokes

I’ma, push that chicken, get that coke

I’ma, rock them dickies, Air Force Ones

Til the, feds come get me air out guns

From the, P H I LL Y, to the, L B C to C P T, uh


[Verse 2]

I’m on the block til the pack get sold

Don’t pack just roll

Hit L.A. like Shaq and Kob’

Nigga please, got trees Aculpulco gold

Got connects with the heat got the gats on hold

All my niggas vatos locos holmes ese’s

SA’s with SK’s a fuck if the cops come holmes

That’s right fuck coppers holmes

We bust choppers holmes

We on the block sent them choppers on

Twenty niggas wit they khaki’s creased

That’ll clap police, that sling crack on the back of streets

Or twenty niggas on the back of blocks

That sling caps and rocks, who won’t hesitate to clap the cops

Whether I, push the truck to pick up clucks

To get they feathers knocked off, then they get dropped off

From pickin up bitches, hittin switches

St Ives to Ingbing I’ma do my thing, yo


[Verse 3]

All my playas who rock tan trees and chuck tails

Say fuck they PD’s and duck jail

Rock wife beaters with the plaided shirts

Only top button buttoned, ready to buck somethin

You fuckin wit a gangsta rookie

Don’t gangsta lookie

Shoot up your feet make you gangsta boogie

Shoot up your jeep if you gangsta look me

What you think this sweet? What you eat, nigga gangsta cookies?

Call state to the Staples Center

The four quake’ll put staples in ya

Nigga zip up your stomach

Rip up your younguns, make you pay to get ’em

That’s how we play to get ’em, never pay for pigeons

Whether I, push the truck to pick up clucks

To get they feathers knocked off, then they get dropped off

From pickin up bitches, hittin switches

St Ives and Ingbing I’ma do my thing, yo



Yeah, (I make ’em walk)

Beanie Sigel and that nigga Daz Dillinger (and Kurupt)

Dogg Pound Roc La Familia (Dogg Pound)

For life, do it like that, put your hands up!


Make them switches bounce nigga

California put your hands up nigga

Jump over the moon, I wanna hear the gate start to twitchin nigga

Don’t play no games fool

And walk on ’em, yeah, and walk on ’em

Uh, and make ’em walk, yeah, my nigga Beans…

Bouncin, bouncin…

Beanie Sigel So What You Saying

[Chorus – Scratching w/ Background voice]

[Beanie Sigel]

Aiyyo Memph what’s wrong with these niggas man?

These niggas ain’t sayin shit man

These niggas on mute man

I’ma make you blind motherfuckers feel some real

Aiyyo the guc is here dog I’m back to work

I took time off a couple niggas had to get hurt

Due to the fact they wack and wasn’t strapped

Packin they gat, now they layin’ flat

In six in green (you know wut i mean?)

Man I need a new gat for that

Yo, I’m the coke copper plus the rock chopper

Down wit M. Bleek, the Marcy prock clocker

One wreck, the other destroy

And with that bullshit vest on, I’m killin’ your boys

I don’t play when it come to yae

I cop cook and collect my dough in one day

Book rock and collect my dough at one show

False looks, Memph let one go from the floor

[Memphis Bleek]

Yo, yo

Well I’m known to be the master in the M.C. field

Oh-oh got respect, oh-one I still

Tote guns to the show and then I jet wit a hoe

Bitch niggas want to front and get clapped

Get on the floor, clap a second time

And make sure I flat-line you

Let a whole round go, hit niggas behind you

See the gleam on the glock, know the beam on top

Get shot, popped, and drop, yo the team is the Roc

As I glance at Mack, a-k-a B-Sigel

Know we comin’ with the macks and the extra Eagles

I’m not playin, you dudes know what I’m sayin’

I make a call to my dogs, them niggas comin’ through sprayin’

What you sayin?



I’m puttin heads to beads, gun straight out the box

B-Sige, I put up all the roofs and glocks

I’m not playin, see these guns that I’m sprayin?

Twin sub oozies, can’t budge or move me

Nickels stay chubby, smokers never choosy

Don’t gotta yell up the block, they come to me

Packs with colorful tops just like coochies

New jacks with they pack they like, who he?

I’m not playin, knock them things off quick

Got game still think off shit

What you say?


With a partner like Sigel, don’t come a dime a dozen

We could be brothers, we better known as cousins

As we climbed the chart with who the fuck want what

My hood to your hood, we showed the world crew love

Who wanna play with that Roc-A-team?

Know that I tote that thing that knock sixteen

You walk around talkin’ this and that

How I sound like Jay and all my records is wack

But when I dropped the LP, niggas thought it would fold

Thirty days later, Coming of Age went gold

What you sayin?



Now party people it’s time for this question

No knock knock, who’s that? who’s there? or who is it?

It’s the M-A-C-K

Yes the gun clapper, the duct tape, rope, black mask and kidnapper

The flow dope, the beats just blazin

Like Luther Vandrow says, yo ‘I am so amazing and I’ve been waiting’

For a sucker to attack the cat with two gats

Yo Bleek, you got my back, show ’em how we do


Yo, I fight fire with fire, I make crews retire

I spit 9 to 5 nines, Bleek for hire

Your crew murderize, see the guns that I’m bringin

In an all out battle, Bleek come out swingin’

Memph the type of nigga that’ll spit off quick

Biggs push the Benz and we spin off quick

Take a sip of the Cris pour the Belvy with lime

Crack the Arma del Lope and then I’m goin for mine

So what you sayin?

Beanie Sigel Still Got Love For You

For the record y’all.. uh-huh..

I know you hear me.. for the record y’all..

[Beanie Sigel]

_Dynasty_ album, track 16, listeners fret

I can’t take back that sixteen

Shit the truth spoke, I gotta give the world true quotes

Can you feel it? I know the truth hurts

They say, “How can he disrespect his pop with harsh curses?”

Simple – harsh life, harsh verses

“I can’t believe the mouth of this prick

He said put his mouth on his dick,”

I know we gotta talk bout that, I know you salt bout that

You on the tip like I don’t like you

I got four kids, three baby mothers, I’m just like you

Sometimes I wanted to just fight you, shit

Swing on you – think I’m playin man, I’m just like you

I was a kid with a puzzle

with missing pieces tryin to put it together dawg, you put it together

You made me have to foot through the weather

in the storm with no raincoat

I don’t only speak on me, I speak upon the kids in the same boat

Ridin the same water, same situation

Same fatherless daughter – I hate you, that’s in your mind

Don’t get caught up in the rhyme

You think I dissed you now, that I don’t miss you now

Don’t be a hater now, be glad I made it now

I know I probably rubbed you the wrong way

But fuck what the song say, for the record, check it

[Chorus: Rell]

Still got love for you, though you left me in the cold

To face this world alone, and make it on my own

I still got love for you, but I just can’t fight the pain

It’s so hard not to hate, but you grow up in a way


I think you misunderstood me the first time..

Listen – that was my hurt in my heart talkin, along with the truth

I would thirst often as a youth cause of you the person

Moms nursin self-esteem issues

Round the house it’s hard to find a clean tissue, minus her tears

To rewind this time I promise I minused my years

to the day to take the pain away

Seemed sunny outside, always rained on Jay

Pop you my umbrella, come help your son with the weather

Soon we come together like man and man and build

Play space, cards face up, I’ve come to deal

In order to get right we gotta deal with this wrong

And the pain I felt all my life you feel in the song

Your lack of warmth left a chill in the morn’

Your lack of love, left me loveless, and I’m of your breath

I’m your mind body and soul, your heart, your flesh

Your alcohol, your smoke, in results I’m a mess

And dad, still I love you no less dad

Hope you didn’t think success would make me less mad

But not mad, just dissapointed – we wasted years

I swear to God, may you take me away from here

If you taught me anything

The one thing you taught me is to face my fears, coward

How could you let me grow without you?

Grind in this rap game, take dough without you?

Wear my Pro Keds close to the sole/soul without you?

Family pictures pose without you – WHY?! ..

Why shouldn’t I be mad?

Monster’s parents seperated, Monster had his dad

These parents had they problems, he still came to the pad

He bought ’em new bikes, imagine what that felt like

Used to have to butt my head to go to sleep at night

Nigga you did me wrong but the love is strong, let’s move on

[Chorus – 2X]

Beanie Sigel Oh Daddy

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Oh daddy

You know you make me cry..

How can you love me?

I can’t understand why..

[Beanie Sigel]

That’s what they yellin when they grab me

Eyes are swellin, cryin, tryin to stab me

Once they realize they can’t have me

When I leave ’em try to let ’em down easy like

I snatch your heart so easy like Valentine

Can’t get caught up in that loop again

Never letting Cupid in

Boo you buggin ain’t no time to be lovin

Man the grip on my pistol only thing I be huggin

It’s mack daddy not your daddy mack

Bitch you got it criss-crossed (scrap)

I ain’t havin that

I can’t have your back

Look how you act when I had your back

Picture me havin that back to back

I pimp proper like shrimp-lobster

Check out my pimp-posture

Even my limp proper, mama

I can’t help what’s runnin down your face

I moved your ass into that furnished place

Like you earned that space


[Beanie Sigel]

God damn baby you had me

All the twirlies in the caddy used to take it back gladly

We was tighter than Tommy Buns and Keesha

You cleant my guns, count my ones, bagged the reefer

Shit I thought you was the one – you was my bitch

The one that never snitched

Taught you how to bust a fifth, shit

I taught you how to push a whip

Taught you how to suck a dick

Taught you how to fluff a brick

But you got more drama than a B-mama

Got me goin through the motions like C. Thomas

With the bullshit, he say she say

The bitch is mad cause my jams kick like Eastbay

Mad cause they mans got they kicks on replay

How you drop from celebrity status

Pushin Bent to niggaz in celebrity wagons

In them sucka type Jags

Now you fuckin type mad


[Young Chris]

Oh mommy its so sad

We had it together

You had it whenever

That’s yo bad

You fucked up

It wasn’t meant to be

You lucked up

Told me at the end don’t trust her

See that’s when all the bullshit started

That’s what three me in reverse, counter-clockwise

In my mind I swore that we would work

But I guess that I was wrong

Ran into a dead end

Unfaithful bitch

You fucked the nigga I was blazin with

Fugazied shit

It wasn’t him it was the paper shit

Nowadays its all about the latest shit

That or they favorite…car

Or get paper from ball

Unless your label all that

And you labeled as stars

Makin the millions

Got them bitches willin to do

Whatever it takes

Takin it off or willin to screw

Whoever I bring

Guess it’s a celebrity thing

But I was never ashamed

I was blessed with the game


Beanie Sigel I’m Coming


I dedicate to you this song


Fuck it I’m coming

Uh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uhm-hmm

Somebody got to die

Either this guy or this guy

Either way somebody mama throwing a fish fry

Bigger the beef, bigger the clip size

Home Depot trips, duct tapes, zip ties

Was gonna leave it dead, let shit slide

But niggas pushing my fuck-it button

I gotta fuck up something

I’m thinking churches and hearses

ER trips, IV drips, and nurses, uh

Homicides for purchase but I think I might work this

Cash that check myself though

Vest with the velcro

Clip from the wrist to the elbow

Draco small but the drum can’t fit in the belt though

Trench coat still can’t tell though

It is what it is but we ain’t gon’ dwell though

If shit hit the fan cause, just don’t tell though

I respect what he’s done. New overthrows the old, it’s natural

Ambulance screaming up the block

Shots so loud can barely hear ’em screaming “stop”

Vaguely hear somebody screaming “cops”

Spray the family while they grieving at his plot

On target till I off it

You want me off your head? Where that bread, nigga cough it

Issue me a ticket or I’ll park it

Or I get you fitted for that coffin

Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in

Back on course with no remorse

Like the fat guy from Bed-Stuy kick in doors

Everybody getting on the floor

Everybody in this bitch get it but the whore

Bitch where that bag at?

Yeah, yeah I love them too but where that tab at

Somebody cashing out or I’m blasting out

Talking bout what? Ain’t shit to ration out

You drew that line so I’m a cross it

Now lay in-between them lines when they chalk it

Catch you at the Clearport, extra cartridge

Ain’t no jets departing only death departing

Teterboro with the barrel exercise the plan

Understand you ain’t never too fly to land

How you goin’ through your face and your feet?

Hogtied, broom in your ass, you in too deep

Fucking with the crypt keeper, grim reaper

You just a tweeter, I’m the knock in the Devil’s speaker

Stop, this bigger than Omeeka

I wanted you and ITY, Latifah

Switch this horror flick, double feature

Gee, what niggas do for money, my brother’s keeper

A sucker way out is to steal him

Face said look him in his eyes ‘fore you kill him

Nigga you weak for real

You did that for Meek? You shoulda did it for Mills

Bitch you should of did it for real

Got niggas checking under cars ‘fore they get in their wheels

Before I check you up to God, better get in your will

You niggas better pick a side ‘fore I get in the field

Ain’t gon’ have no pics when I’m blicking the steel

Everybody getting fired when I’m clicking the drill

Uh-huh, Poppa gave out warnings, not me

Just another body for mama to ID

You could play a game but not me

All shells, no stripes, Y3

Heart cross your windpipe, cannot breathe

One cannot fight what one cannot see

Yeah and I be there when the smoke clear

Drown in your own blood, nigga soak there

I pluck you then rock him, I ain’t no joke yeah

Check out my felonies, check-check out my felonies

Sell your soul you say your ass what you telling me

Fuckin’ faggots, pussies

Been doing this, fuckin’ rookies

Crush your whole empire, Cookies

Why the fuck would you push me?

And no more Ruckus, I’m reckless

What you expected? I’m coming

Uh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uhm-hmm

I’m coming, uhm

Beanie Sigel Same Ole Thang

[Beanie Sigel:]

Uhh, I did it again niggaz (ha ha!)

You know you done fucked up right? (Right… right…)

I know what y’all out there askin y’allself (uhhh)

Will his gun EVER jam up?


… a lot of speculations

On the hammers I done raised, niggaz I done blazed

Man I stay strapped, will that nigga really clap?

Niggaz I got popped or shot up direct

Is it true he kept a mac and don’t fuck with them tecs?

What’s the position you hold, when that stock gon’ fold

On that K rappers sprayed when my gun unload

Bullets tired of shit, but they’ll leave you cold

Before “Boyz” turn “II Men” they at the “End of they Road”

Yeah the bully back, to put you on your ass

Quicker than that fully mac slide a bullet in the shaft

I give ’em room to breathe, but never room to leave

Every nigga I done clapped, never came back

Locked, nice glock, nigga you should see the mac

That hold 40 fevers when the stock pulled back

You be sweatin like 40 fevers when I pull that

Let’s end the speculations on will I clap

When you muh’fuckers gon’ realize that?

I blaze you without a razor get your wig pushed back


It’s the same ole thang, in the game and it ain’t no change

Cats come don’t say no names, we don’t play no games

And we quick to let the thang go bang

If a nigga wanna test my aim, it’s the same ole thang

Same ole thang, it’s the same ole thang

Same ole thang

[Beanie Sigel:]

Man, ain’t shit different, it’s the old Ford Sig’ remix

Braids gone, my wave’s on, got ’em seasick, I’m up in

Your ribs touchin like you ain’t eat shit

Whoever said that the kid wouldn’t be shit? Stacks increasin

That’s a moot point so keep leapin

Spaces to the left, feds keep creepin

Plottin on my arrest, they want a nigga stretched in the precinct

Press’ll paint a picture like, don’t release him

Check his background, his prior stretch since a delinquent

Plus check the people he in sync with

Them “Old Kids on the Blocks”, who else who on the “Backstreets”?

The “Boys” tryin to “Color Him Badd”

He’s a three-time felon in fact, he on probation right now

Ankle bracelet can’t confine him to the house

Bad weight, no consighment, can’t confine him ’til it drought

My fed case lawyer knocked the bottom of it out, BLAOW


Beanie Sigel Don’t Stop

[Chorus – Snoop Dogg]

Ma! I think it’s safe to say

You ain’t seen a playa lay this way

Or playa game this way

Wit a attitude, like – and ya don’t stop

Aficionado, so fashionable

Wit a confident swagger, international

Game so tight the girls had to go

And you don’t stop!

[Verse – Beanie Sigel]

Hah! sicka than your average

Money too long can’t stash it

In the closet or the mattress

Paper, stretch like elastic

Checks from advances, the bank can’t cash it

So the price for that, never ask it

Just sign my name or pop plastic

Hating ass cops wanna harrass em

Searching for a glock in the pocket of his fashion

Bitches wit SP stitches on they asses

And they left breast (yes!)

Let’s get dressed and toast to the occasion

Cops couldn’t page em, flow so amazing, hot like cajun

You fucking wit the champ

Pop corks on champ’ like I just took the chip

Nigga took the stand when he coulda took the 5th

Yeah eat a dick wit AIDs on the tip, keep my name off ya lips

Not guilty!


[Verse – Beanie Sigel]

I said I’m sicka than your average

Keep three shooters like the Mavericks

Short to the point like Nash is, fucking wit a savage

Niggaz press they luck, get bucked like ashes

Three piece suits, linen fabrics

Three quarter croc, sharper than a pastor

B Sig bring the light to the masses

Of these rap bastards, who gives street passes

One shooting can lead to three caskets

Jump suits, state boots, at least three stabbings

You softer than a Reebok Classic

Folding under pressure when confronted by them badges

I was taught stay low and keep blasting

Po only know questions that was answered

Keep a number on the high price lawyer

It’s five ways now days, everybody saw ya


[Bridge – repeat 2x]

[SD] Now let’s toast to the man, that when he get out

That he gon do them thangs that he rap about

A true playa Pha-real (Pharrell)

[BS] Haters stay out my face

And know that thing still by my waist

[Verse – Beanie Sigel]

Once again I’m sicker then ’em all

Niggaz see C’s start shitting in they drawers

When I kick in the door, stop the blood clot crying

Wipe the piss off the floor

The ape is back, my gate is cracked

My jumpsuit and my cuffs is off

Yeah I’m back on them bricks

Raise your cups and raise your glass

And let’s toast to the boy B Mack, yeah I’m back in the mix!


Beanie Sigel Top Shotta

[Verse 1 – Beanie Sigel:]

$200 Fanta in a styrofoam

30-shot banana in my firearm

Death to any nigga that I slide up on

Supply ya mama with the casket she put flowers on

The Don Dada, the rude boy, the top shotta

Ya ras clot, ya batty boy, go suck ya fadda

I’m bad boy, I warn boy, like Big Poppa

I squeeze choppa, release copper, ya bleed proper

Yeah, empty out the clip till the Baretta lock

Circle the block, scope, see if he dead or not

7-shot.38, the lead’ll pop

Squat, squeeze with one eye open like Fetty Wap

And I don’t really wanna expose you, I’m tryna be humble

But deers belong in the woods and not in the jungle

And you ain’t never in the hood, scared them nigga’s will trunk you

Got niggas in your circle now that’s waiting to slump you

[Verse 2 – Beanie Sigel:]

Right back on that ass, I ain’t finish nigga

I will drag your ass till you surrender nigga

You sweet nigga, you fake nigga, you Splenda nigga

Pussy you ain’t tough nigga, you tender nigga

I injure niggas, beginner niggas, I been the nigga

Bitch I kill your vibe, shout out to Kendrick, nigga

I watched the LOX and I listened nigga

Could’ve been the fourth member, but I went with Jigga

Send your niggas, I’m with whatever, let’s get it nigga

I slide down your chimney like it’s December nigga

Pop off on sight, shoot up your Sprinter nigga

And you ain’t bout that life, so stop pretending nigga

And I can give two shits if I’m offending niggas

Bitch if that shoe fits, that’s who it’s meant for nigga

I put the city on the map, facts

Who the fuck wanna claim king now? Bully back

Beanie Sigel Flatline

[Peedi Crack]

Uh Uh huh Uh Huh Uh

I’ll box your fuckin’ head off

Who gon’ knock the kid off?

None of y’all which one of y’all come try me

I’ll body little homeboy silence that sound boy

Come challenge me please I promise you a homi’

And I’m dipping in a bonnie’ and I’m fresh out the county

And I just taught my mami how to shoot a lil’ tool

So I hate for you to run up get one up in your stomach

That’s one less bullet from my hundred shot UZ’

Put your finger in your gun shot wound

Run to spittle and tell ’em P Crack not COOL

He on that shit that ‘ill make a dead man move

Stop train, airplanes fall dawg you gon’ LOSE

I’m on my twist you on my list

I bring the wop out of the spot it’s on like shit

That nigga crack back and imma pop off my blick

That nigga Mack back you need to hop off our dicks (BRAATT)

[Beanie Sigel]

Fresh out the federal cases I got several

About four or five just had to settle two

They said I try to show a nigga what the metal do

But didn’t succeed the nigga still breath

Attempt please I would of hit him in his peas

With the Mac with the beam that got back in the breeze

Only clap from the neck up I’d let the heck-lar plug ’em

I don’t think they made Kevlar scullys fuck it

I should of let the AR touch him cuffed him

To the bumper drug him two city blocks

The juice in me and the henny shot

Four perks’ and a ?hitter ock?

You shoot first if you get the drop

Your deuce work if you hit the spot

Lose the nurse some one get the doc’

Remove his shirt his pressure drop

Check his vital sign his hemorrhaging finish him


[Hook – Beanie Sigel & Peedi Crack]

Load it up roll up BLAT boy flat boy (flatline)

Slow up all that rap ‘ill get that boy clapped boy (flatline)

Oh no here we go another (flatline)

P crack B mack is back boy (flatline)

Get him up outta here rrring yea (rring yea)

Don’t get plugged to that machine yea (machine yea)

Hold up he losing air (flatline)

Am I clear? (am I clear?) (Flatline) yea (flatline)

[Beanie Sigel]

B seig’ll squeeze the eag’ on you,

P crack let the Mack rrring on you

Paramedics breath over you

Machines gotta breath for you

Your faggot ass squad wouldn’t bleed for you

Get flatlined I’m the wrong one

Short temper with a long gun

My blick longer that a W.I.C. line

Niggaz snitch when the law come

You better run when the boy come

[Peedi Crack]


P crack’ll test his aim on you

B mack just bang on you

Flesh just hang on you

And I don’t know what u been told

But when my Mac unload

I’m guaranteed to turn a nigga cold

Got ten shots for the present and the top

Risin’ off Porsche eleven about seven stops

Get back on this gat I throw it for my pop

I’m not lying don’t get your ass flatline