Bright Eyes How Many Lights Do You See?

How many lights do you see?

How many lights do you see?

There’s one to say that night has come

And there’s one that guards this jagged shore

And there’s one to call the children home

And there’s one to light the path they take

How many lights do you see?

How many lights do you see?

There’s one to keep the shadows off

And there’s one that tells me she got home

And there’s one to read his novel by

And there’s one that warms this dreary room

And there’s one to watch the baby sleep

And there’s one to count the blinking stars

And there’s one that I just can’t forget

And there’s one that I remember too

How many lights do you see?

How many lights do you see?

There’s one that waits for closing time

And there’s one that gets left on all night

And there’s one that marks the western sky

And it shines down on the quiet street

And there’s one that floods the darker parts

And there’s one that hurts my tired eyes

And there’s one that says she’s not asleep

And there’s one that waits for her to wake

How many lights do you see?

How many lights do you see?

There is one that spills out on the beach

And it sparkles on the jetting rocks

And there is one that waits for tired ships

That sleep within this tired port

Bright Eyes Firewall

If there is no such thing as time, you’re already there, and you’re controlling this cycle. You say, “Man, look what we found here, Einstein, ” or whoever you’re talking to, Tesla – whoever you’re talking to. Problems of the future can be solved by mankind because you create them. And you have to believe in the future, it’s what we have to do. We progress, we always progress – we try to. So the Sumerian tablets, they say the same thing like Genesis said, that there were chariots of fire that came into the sky. And these beings got out of them, and they walked like a man but they had reptilian features. They had snake-like eyes, a tail, and, uh, scales, right? And they were – they were here, and they made slaves out of the people. And where they landed in is what the Bible calls the Garden of Eden. They were trying to inbreed with the people here. The women would die, the babies were deadborn. But after two thousand years they started taking, the babies started being born and living. And they had tails, they had a few reptilian features. They could phase shift from one dimension to another dimension, and the people who know say it’s from the fourth dimension – the next dimension. Space is expanding; there are spirits coming from the center, right? We’re going counterclockwise. There’s supposed to be eight other universes going counterclockwise, and that’s called Superuniverse, you know? And love’s always been the message. It’s just – circumstances happen, right? People freak out, just flat flip out, you know? Well, that’s where Hitler came from, Hitler came from that way. He was an outspoken, charismatic yeller. And, and all these people said, “Hey, we’ll use this guy, hey, look at all these people listening to this guy.” You know what I mean? And so that’s just what the trip’s like, that. You know? It still exists, and their bloodline goes back – back into Sumerian times. You know, they didn’t call it reptilian, they didn’t call it that. But they did, because they called him Satan, they called him the Devil, and it’s the same damn trip. It’s a negative force, coming in on a positive force, because it’s a third dimension, right? And for it to solidify or to crystallize, it has to have both elements, right? And you have to keep it in balance, or it will, it will, one of them will destroy the other…

I do my best to sleep through the caterwaul

The classicist, the posture in avant-garde

I bought a gray macaw, named him Jules Verne

He’ll probably outlive me – he’s a bright bird

Keeps me company, I teach him new words

I saw a hologram at the theme park

She looked as real as me through the white fog

Then she melted down to her ankles

Turned into a million watt candle

If I knew where she went, I would follow

Walking through the land of tomorrow

Martian trinkets, plastic Apollos

In the sunshine, try to act normal

My veins are full of flat cherry cola

Slept on a bench by the rollercoaster

Dreamed I was riding on a motorbike

Lion of Judah, painted on the side

I’m doing fine, I’m back in the Palisades

Life’s a wash, a pastoral school play

China shops and cold ivory towers

I and I make toast to the Caesars

Forcing down the dregs of Decembers

Madeleine, she spins in a slow bang

All through the house, the strong smell of burnt sage

Let’s make it clean and run out the spirits

I know a diving bell when I hear it

We’re going down now under the surface

Light to dark can shift in an instant

Feeling close but keeping my distance

On all fours she’s just so insistent

Fills my mind with jump ropes and slit wrists

Bust through the firewall into Heaven

And then I’m standing in that blinding light

Crooked crosses falling from the sky

Seen yeah seen by I and I [x7]

Seen yeah seen

Seen yeah seen

By I and I

Bright Eyes Contrast And Compare

Contrast and compare between the busy ones

And the ones that don’t care

Until there is no one that you really know

So I drift through these days of appointments and promises made

They will all end up broken and quickly replaced.

Weeks are slow, days drag on;

Even practice and parties seem long

But I found myself going

I guess there’s nothing to do

Oh well

Group of kids, line of cars,

More will show up after the bars close

There’s this boredom that drowns everything.

Bottles break, music plays, conversations competing for space

I look for a corner or a quieter room

There’s no heat in this house

I can’t breath with these words in my mouth

But I’m not going to say them

Yeah, I’ve made that mistake before

On the stairs, she grabs my arm, says whats up,

Where you been, is something wrong?

I try to just smile, and say everything’s fine.

Bright Eyes Beginner’s Mind

Hold on tight beginners mind

The wheel is spinning too

Fast to make your move

The worst must be assumed

Oh how they’ll try to pull and pry

Away what you know now

Beat and beat it out

Leave a drum that makes no sound

A snuff film on a jumbotron

For all the world to see

A cocktail napkin epitaph

Some psycho babel telegram

Message written in the sand

The tide rolls in

Swear you’ll do the opposite

Of all those tangled hypocrites

Who say that the experiment has failed

Don’t go there

You’re getting nowhere

You’re getting nowhere

Stay a while my inner child

I’d like to learn your tricks

Know what makes you tick

Nurse you when you’re sick

Oh how you’ve grown so cynical

Hard lines carved in your face

The sunshine’s so cliche

Just like love and pain

You tried your best the rorschach test

But there’s just nothing to see

Heard terabytes of perfect pitch

Some universal elegance

Stack the seventh and the fifth

Along the bridge

Swear you’ll be the opposite

Of all the stilted hypocrites

You know what made you infamous to them

Don’t you

You keep starting over

Keep starting over

Hold on tight beginner’s mind

The currents far too strong

It’ll carry you along

Till you’re just like everyone

Stay a while my inner child

I’d like to learn your trick

To know what make you tick

To nurse you when you’re sick

Bright Eyes Coat Check Dream Song

Shrill as a choir of children

Urgent like the first day of May

False and inflatable feeling

Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy’s Parade

One brick on top of another

Such is the measure of man

Planets are inset like diamonds

On a gravity halo, eternity’s wedding band

I slept with that dealer all summer

The ecstasy is still in my spine

Coat Check I couldn’t remember

Walked into the winter, came out on the other side

In the South the sun is shining

Back in the East the lights went out

Stuck on a ladder to heaven

On trial way back in The Hague

Lullaby sounds from the engine

In my Styrofoam coffin, asleep on the interstate

Black globes, old symbols of freedom

A murderer still on the lam

Cities encircled in iron

On a great silver beltway, democracy’s shackled hands

Seance that brought us together

Objects we move with our minds

Coat Check and I lost the number

Short sleeves in the winter, fell back through the other side

Out in the West the cars are crashing

Up in the North the ice gave out

Saada Tekmel B’Lhouria…


Bright Eyes Gold Mine Gutted

It was don delillo, whiskey neat,

And a blinking midnight clock

Speakers on a tv stand, just a turntable to watch

When the smoke came out our mouths

On all those hooded sweatshirt walks

You were a stroke of luck

We were a goldmine and they gutted us

And from the sidelines

You see me run

Until I’m out of breath

Living the good life

I left for dead

The sorrowful midwest

Well I did my best

To keep my head

It was grass stained jeans and incompletes

And a girl from class to touch

But you think about yourself too much

And you ruin who you love

Well all these claims at consciousness

My stray dog freedom

Let’s have a nice clean cut

Like a bag we buy and divvy up

And from the sidelines

I see you run

Until you’re out of breath.

And all those white lines that sped us up

We hurry to our death

Well I lagged behind

So you got ahead

Bright Eyes Devil Town

I was living in a devil town

I didn’t know it was a devil town

Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town

All my friends were vampires

I didn’t know they were vampires

It turns out I was a vampire myself in the devil town

I was living in a devil town

I didn’t know it was a devil town

Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town

All my friends were vampires

I didn’t know they were vampires

It turns out I was a vampire myself in the devil town

I was living in a devil town

I didn’t know it was a devil town

Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town

About the devil town

I was living in a devil town

I didn’t know it was a devil town

Oh lord it really brings me down about the devil town

Bright Eyes First Day Of My Life

This is the first day of my life

Swear I was born right in the doorway

I went out in the rain

Suddenly everything changed

They’re spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the first face that I saw

I think I was blind before I met you

I don’t know where I am

I don’t know where I’ve been

But I know where I want to go

And so I thought I’d let you know

That these things take forever

I especially am slow

But I realize that I need you

And I wondered if I could come home

Remember the time you drove all night

Just to meet me in the morning

And I thought it was strange

You said everything changed

You felt as if you’d just woke up

And you said, “This is the first day of my life.

I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you,

But now I don’t care

I could go anywhere

With you and I’d probably be happy.”

So if you wanna be with me

With these things there’s no telling

We just have to wait and see

But I’d rather be working for a paycheck

Than waiting to win the lottery

Besides maybe this time it’s different

I mean I really think you like me

Bright Eyes A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction

The language in the dimmer rooms seems to represent its light source well

How soft they speak and seem to be at peace

With the movement of the music and the madness that is pulling me into this

And the shades of the lamps are woven red

The light, it stains and consecrates

Anointing all forgotten forms that swirl and smoke

And haunt this place

The girls in gowns all nurse the dark

Pulling it near to their swelling breasts

And watch as it seeps to their hearts

And beats within their virgin chests

And here I know seduction breeds from wanton hearts that would

Seduce and grows and spreads its vine

And leaves embracing those who might have moved

But now we’re made to drink the night from vials black and thick

With such intoxicating delights would leave you drunk

Inside this dream

And you watch them take the light from you

And you find yourself on a velvet couch

Tasting the skin of a foreign girl

Her eyes are black and wet like oil

And she ties your hands with a string of pearls

And you tremble like a frightened bird

As she closes in and captures you to place you

In a silver cage deep within her poisoned womb

So once your safe inside, she might let you out

To fly in circles around the room

But its always night and there is no moon

And you wonder if you are alive

And you’re not sure if you want to be

But you drink her sweat like it was wine

And you lay with her on a bed of blue and its awful sweet

Like the fruit she cuts and feeds to you

Bright Eyes Exaltation On A Cool Kitchen Floor

I wanted to come visit you

Waiting in the spring time

When the leaves change

The ground outside is begging for the

Newness that surrounds us

As we dance back through the screen door

In the sunlight of mid-April.

But the glow won’t stop the smiles

That are spreading on our faces

As we fall down on the kitchen floor

And she’s laughing about something

That she had heard earlier and I

Can’t help noticing that she

Is sitting closer to me

Than she ever has before…