Capone-N-Noreaga Don’t Know Nobody


Yo, yo, yo, I’ma have to stand up

Take game, I got grabbed up

Asking me questions, interogating

The way the hatin, they just remind me of satan

Keep em motivating, police asking questions about this and this

I don’t know shit, and hell no, I don’t know 5 or 6

I’m confined to a small room

I celly off to my beeper, thought I had to sues

And the headache, was the feelings for me and my crew

To take impostas, impalas and black sues

Big boys, and LL cues

I’m thinking like deep cover

I’m in too deep, like Donnie Brasco

Who could be the asshole

I make sure the motherfucker don’t last long

Roll to the castle where my niggas be, triggers be

Blowin they backs out, they felt the misery

And the decision be, spill coffee

Who’s on the beats I can’t be locked up

They had evidence, make the scenery all dense

But it’s Ok my lawyer will approach the bench


I don’t know nobody, and I ain’t seen shit

Thats the way it is, you try to lock me up

Put me in cuffs, motherfucker handle your biz

Cause I don’t know nobody, and I ain’t seen shit

That’s the way it is, you try to lock me up

Put me in cuffs, motherfucker handle your biz


Pop, they caught me off guard

I was stuck the beat shit fucked

I went down to my knees

And put out the trees

I sat down on the benches

He snuck his dog on my five senses

All I could hear was a walky talky saying “I got em”

I’m asking the charge, yeah you know he shot em

We biscuit printed plus your first henes borrowin

I ain’t heard nuff yet, next day daily news read

Murder suspect, 19, down in Queens

Day of rainment where he had slim chance to win it

Two asses from bail so they gave glances

It’s Friday, had to lay for the weekend stretch

First thing, Monday morning, calling for street connects

Man I forgot the machine they callin for

Fuck a message all they need is it playin back

I’m confined a 8 by 12 flat

With bums niggas who sell crack

Flippin off the the world



It’s like 4 in the morning and the crib sleeping easily

My dogs got me off feet face me slow down

I’m like what the fuck the deal

He’s like the shut the fuck up

We got evidence, we know the deal

They got tape confessions of your man

Whiping out your man

Key witness to the stands

I should have played yours

The moving bar to my moms get the news to bar

Same time Jake taking me out

Same line gonna try and fake me out

Sitting in the van pointing face out

Soon as I hit the plan, the course going close the plan

Take em out, take em out, before the court day out

I won’t say, but by tomorrow, I’m out

Nothing to say follow snitch

Lay low, and hollow him out

And pones is wilding too

Niggas like Maze got the same time as you


Walking down a half dee, snatch me up

Little g’s no pad

These niggas gonna cuff me up

On stayed in the back so he could scuff me up

Blows from the walky talky, gonna fuck me up

Asking me about shit I knew, but won’t tell

Just you and Baby D, ain’t nobody depending on me

Saying if I won’t talk, I’ll wait in the cell

They got evidence to leave me in jail

There’s no time for this shit

Just sign the statement

If you snitching, you won’t have to say shit

Reverse pyschology, he trying to lie to me

He try to pin me for murder

And a string of robberies

Plus you a ex-con send me to the book

Cause press on

Cash and bonds, they won’t last very long

I know they frontin, they got nothing on me

I ain’t saying shit, why these niggas saying somethin

Capone-N-Noreaga Hey Y’all

[INTRO: Capone (Noreaga)]

CNN won y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

CNN won y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

CNN won y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

[Verse 1: Noreaga]

My ice go bling, when you see my shine

And Flex got us spinnin joints like seven times

Chicks look at they ass, then look at they tits

Thinkin it’s they turn they know I’m rich

I like a hood rat make a hood book of my bitch

Ay yo she get what she get don’t ask for shit

And I told y’all niggaz that I bust to the sceddene

Y’all niggaz is wack like the cops solid cuisine

Fuck that yo, all them niggaz is straight wack

Blow holes through they chest slugs go through they back

And what got me mad is that I really wanna dump off

I say M.U. see if y’all wanna dump off

I was a little kid when I went up north

But now I’m grown an, I got a benz and a land

And hoes wanna give me head right in front of my mans

And when I got the plan I stay wit fams

While y’all coke head niggaz still sniff on grams

[Chorus: Capone (Noreaga)]

CNN won y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

CNN won y’all (Hey y’all)

Hey y’all, hey y’all (Hey y’all)

[Verse 2: Capone]

Yo, yo, yo,

Now first of all I’ma send this out to y’all the thug niggaz who brawl

Playin in halls making cellular calls

On a run from the laws wit a gat in they claws

Wit a pack in they draws

I ain’t even threw the cracks in they paws

Bang Bang we love to settle the score

Shift from me in the fourth these guys is ready for war

I say the kingdom of the fame once more we reclaim

Either a cop, slug or twenty thou threw on a chain

Niggaz simplistic I been flipped it pumped through blizzards

Clutched the gun on my hip, survival of the fittest

I runt this shit like business

C.E.O. crack merchants tell me when it’s dark like guiness

Fly son’ll do I run a few

Piss on the world we number one, you shitty niggaz still number two

Gunnin you down bitch you frontin you

Like “Oh shit” tried to run, I put one in her too


[Verse 3: Algado Shoballoti]

Ay yo,

Now holla at me like hey y’all

We let it spray y’all

Front and y’all pay fall

Tried to flip the game like an eight ball

You speedin

I got the guts to pace y’all

Haters they ain’t lovin you

I’m trying to live comfortable

Fuck it like Cliff Huckstable

Gettin cash what a thug’ll do

Fuck hoes and never call once so they could never call me a bugaboo

I reign from the sky to the concrete under you

My team known to break beats, pussy and mugs too

I’m down where the crips play criddaps

And bloods scream bliddap

CNN fall back let us get that

We get your kids kidnapped

If its feed back be like that man from cuba beggin for your seed back

And if you don’t see me wit CNN or F.C.

Thats like the hood with nobody named Wise or Kiki

And my mics sound nice next to Joe Twenty

We snatch you right up out yo fake fendi, hey y’all


Capone-N-Noreaga Capone -N- Noreaga Live (Interlude)

[Capone (Noreaga)]

C-N-N War Report (The War Report)

Channel ten bloodsport (Blood sport what)

If ya gat really spit (It really spit y’all)

Get ya mack and do a back flip (Back flip uh)

If ya like the way we clap shit (We clap clips)

Throw ya hands in the air y’all (Air y’all)

Hey y’all hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Know my gat spray y’all (It spray y’all what)

C-N-N takin’ over (We take over)

Range Rover never sober (We never sober)

Third World crisis (The crisis uh)

Shooter never might miss (We never miss yo)

Doin’ it like this (It’s like this y’all)

Thug shit for ya ears y’all (Ya ear y’all)

C-N-N y’all (And N y’all)

Here we, here we go y’all (We go y’all)

Rock risin’ to the top y’all (The top y’all)

N-non-nonstop y’all (We nonstop y’all)

Ninety-six two g (The two g kick em’)

Ninety-seven Infiniti (Infiniti y’all)

Rip and never crashin’ (We never crash it)

Get the cash stashin’ (Stash it)

Armani wearin’ fashion (It’s fashion yo)

Hey y’all hey y’all (Hey y’all)

C-N-N one y’all (We number one)

Get ya gun and run y’all (Run y’all)

Shoot gun, here we come y’all (We come y’all)

Two g got done y’all (We done y’all)

Queensbridge left frat (Left frat)

If ya know who got the gat (We got the gat)

Comin’ comin’ comin’ comin’ (We comin’ comin’)

Leave you runnin’ runnin’ runnin’ runinn’ (You runnin’ runnin’)

Two five, two five (Yo two-five)

Nine seven live y’all (Yo, we live y’all)

C-N-N squad y’all (The squad y’all)

If ya know we got to guard y’all (Guard you)

Everybody where the nappy at (Where the nappy at)

Fatty bangin’ fatty bangin’ (It’s cold bangin’)

Back shot, back shots (It’s back shots)

Rip it from the back make it hot (Make it hoooot)

Sixety-nine don’t do (Don’t do it uh-uh)

Eatin’ nappy what we won’t do (We won’t do)

What we will do is rip shit (We rip shit)

If you know you got to lick dick (Lick dick)

Hey y’all hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Nine-seven two g (Two g)

Nah, nah, nah, nah (Nah, nah, nah)

Nah, nah, nah, nah (Nah, nah, nah)

Hey y’all hey y’all (Hey y’all)

Nah, nah, nah, nah (Nah, nah, nah)

Hoooo hoo hoo

Hoooo hoo hoo


Capone-N-Noreaga Bodega Stories


{Ayo aki man, I want a turkey and cheese man “oil and vinegar”

Hold the tomatoes Bee, extra mayonase ya’ll niggas be cheap on the mayonase

And I’m a take some chips and this muthafucking Sunkist I’ll pay you later}

Yeaa! See I don’t see eye to eye with niggas

I kill em fast I ain’t gotta say goodbye to niggas

Noreaga the office is a bodega

Ask pancho hit em with the hancho

All I really need is baking soda and the blanco

Bullet proof glass selling loosies on the late night

Got big work kind to cut it with a snake knife

The homie paco work on the morning shift

That’s my man uncle put in work for a morning sniff

Yea! we done switch the whole operation

Humptu ala prey we lost to observation

They know I’m the shit but I had constipation

Right hand damaged again and I ain’t lefty

Put the razor right by his chin right where his neck be

My new York niggas wolverine chlorine

Wild niggas from fort greene roll like a ball team

[Chorus x2: Noreaga]

Bodega dreams bodega nightmares

This my hood I grew up and had fights here

And you protect it so when you get arrest it

They ask you to speak without a lawyer you neglect it


Ahaaaa!.Yo Steal it if you can’t afford it

Shoot it out or either sort it

The war still gotta get reported

Coke will get snorted niggas will get slaughter

Spots get raided shut down and boughted

I really owe papi half of my stash

For letting me set shop up in the back by the trash

This here is the get back I can just kick back

Cop and go thou move traffic by the chip rack


“Donnie” Na is Foxy and Mega Street Fighter or Sega

Corner store vanilla dutchy the bodega

Use to have the hammer that shoot crooked

Fell asleep drunk one night moms came home and she took it

Look it boards head turkey fiends coming thru with bootleg burkies

Tell my lil workers to chirp em

Donnie white hoody white 4 door Porsche ku klux looking

Here my source in Brooklyn

[Styles P:]

Use to move C and D in the bodega

12 gauge pump nine mill and the 0 raza

Weapon by the video game never one by the cold cuts

Niggas get stretched over here for acting so tough

This our hood consider it a wolf den

Tryna run up in and fucking with a wolf then

Get a bullet in your tooth then

CNN and Lox hood niggas salute them.



Aiyyo Mo from the candy store use to sell a nigga bullets

And he from Pakistan hit em with a half a gram

He get you anything no matter the gun size

Throw it in the bag with the chips and the loosies

Papi on the ave got the connect on the bootsies

A stroll outta 40th me and my nigga snoopy

Yea what up papi dimelo un minuto let’s polly thou

Walk me to the basement I was startle by the rody bark

Flash the 8 on me musta thought I was from cali park

Na pa I need something that fit on my nike boot

He laughed at me in Spanish and said this will bite troops

Grab the lil 25 next to the gold riffle

This is etiquette I’m on my berretta shit gave em the bread and split

I heard that 24 got the re-up

That’s the all night store the hood ikea

You can get it all from the baggies to the leaks

Ak said is a drought come and see em in a week

Fuck that this is my hood my niggas gotta eat.


Capone-N-Noreaga Illegal Life

[Havoc] Huh, No Doubt…Yea, Yea

[Capone] CNN!

[Havoc] CNN once again…

[Capone] Capone-N-Noreaga, shit is live, live…

[Havoc] Illegal life…

[Capone] Illegal life…

[Havoc] Illegal life…

[Capone] Take over…son…

[Havoc] Know Wha Saying…41st side

[Chorus x2: Havoc] We hate the law so we break it,

loyal to this life there’s no way to escape it,

you either make it or you take it,

if the game’s in you, dedicated stay true

Illegal Life

[Noreaga] Yo, I was in Vermada, laid up with gold saga

jungle room, cowboy hat around June

Monaga, had the 45th draga, Capone-N-Noreaga

the saga, sega, mega, network and bodega

dream marvelous, scandelous, black mantis

Illegal life is like my aerolight,

we be your light, hustle night to life

desert storm, and cold form on your norm

run through, hard-boil you like John Woo

the law we hate, drop a cake cut like mix tape

spoil coke plate, you buying fake weight

the next state, contemplate and score jake hesus

conduce, claim bishop in juice, bloody up your goose

now who screamed for truce, Lefrak is Iraq

Illegal life contract, keep ’em back, load up the big macs

[Chorus x2: Havoc]

[Capone] We hate the law, escalated war with jake, raise the crime rate

criminal minds regulate the tri-state,

the legacy it never end, illegal life veteran salute

get loot and stay true, corupt jake make it happen

snatch ’em catching O Z’s, put the game on freeze

dedicated hustling won’t stop regardless

whatever charges, getting the dough til you go,

observation, direct sale, connects giving, reaching for ceiling

on the streets again, wild born, the enemy became your best friend

meet the game closer, maped out many ways to get rich

[Havoc] Ay yo, for real crime pays

[Capone] 9 6 the deal, we real about this cheddar, forever

corner standing, in any weather, heat holding you down

controlling your ground, stick-up kids come around

and taste the pound, CNN, put our soul on the line

for this life of crime, 2 5 forever shine

[Tradegy Khadafi] 9 6 stay hungry, son collect roughly

while the streets change, me and my man remain tough (ly)

[Chorus x2: Havoc] We hate the law so we make(break) it

loyal to this life there’s no way to escape it

you either make it or you take it,

if the game’s in you, dedicated stay true

Illegal Life

[Tradegy Khadafi] C A P O N E with me, pappy, Hav and Pee,

Tradegy Khadafi, N O Y D, a man and me

on some mobb shhh, spark up cigar shhh

Cubans sit back jack, my niggas smoke dat

generate, be the coke razor on a coke plate

back up the crime son, and try to see a triple double

and get my loot back on a time table,

ay yo it’s CNN, you soon to see us on cable

at the round table, networked through the label

[Havoc] Illegal life, illegal life, illegal life

illegal life, illegal life, illegal life

Capone-N-Noreaga Bang Bang


We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

And throw your sets up nigga

Gang bang, bang bang

We keep long gats and big chains

I don’t like havin sex, I like brains

And smoke some spliff, fans wit five in the range

And it’s, nuthin for me, and shit on your three

I’m from Iraq, twenty minutes from Q.B.

I aim you, so you should just let us be

Or find yourself shot up, in the hospati

You be leakin, and Dole in ya face, some hot tea

Yo it’s Nore, but you can call me P.O.P.

And getta dose of the dope, but dope is so deep

Only white girl I’ll fuck, is Pamela Lee

And I’m gangsta, so some niggas call me G

Melvin Flynt, hustlin was born in me

So yo bitch, come and do a porn wit me

Or come to North Carolina and perform wit me

We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang


Yo, yo, yo

I’ma take it back to when I used to pop pistals

Sling crystal, gamble on the block with pits out

Kept my work in bitch house, right in the closet

I won’t front I’ll bring the drama nigga, right to the projects

When it’s cold, I remain the hottest

I bring the thug niggas, is you booshi?

I leave blood, all in your protis

Niggas life styles deserve Oscars, you so funny

Claim you kingpin – and ain’t even fuckin wit hoe money

I’m gangsta, been in jail once, check my records

I keep the stash grip wit arma, before I select my weapons

This young mind state, crime infested, I’ma get straight to the message

I spit records, and rep my necklace

Do the dog want beef? Right where the steps is

I walk the hood, niggas pay homage cause of my essence

It ain’t nuthin, I catch any charge, get out on bail

Fuck record, this shit was platinum when it touched the reel


We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

[Foxy Brown]

Hot damn hoe, here we go again

Pop shit like a cock, +Lyte+ weight as your +Rocks+, bitch

You talk slick, fuck is all that sneak shit?

Y’all kill me with that subliminal shit, bitch

Why’s you frontin and kickin that street shit?

Please, impress me, go back to that freak shit

While your broke-ass was guzzlin nuts and shit

I was choppin the weights, Linc and Oldz’s and shit

A decoy bitch, like the Feds lyin

Ain’t you supposed to have a little bitta Bed-Stuy in ya?

Brooklyn don’t raise hoes, just slip, and graze hoes

What bitch? You’re soft and your pussy name hoes

So fuck ya niggas too, them niggas can get it too

Them faggots act more bitch then you

Let the nigga rest in peace, and hop off his dick, bitch do you

And ya’ll hoes is like “Fuck Fox,” well screw ya’ll too

Let’s be truthful, give a fuck if your album push back

Or when it hit the streets, bitch, you’re still weak

You still sound lame and my name still reign

I still pop them thing things, and bang bang, bitch, rep for ya hood


We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

We gon thug this shit out

We gon thug this shit out

And say bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang

Capone-N-Noreaga Invincible

[Primo mixing: Noreaga talking]

(CNN, CNN, Capone and Noreaga, you know what I’m sayin)

(The invincible, untouchable, CNN)

For all the niggas who keep askin, when CNN gonna do a joint with Premier

Ha, we did it, we here now, y’all niggas can stop askin

Go cop the fuckin album, The Reunion

(The invincible, untouchable, CNN)

(The invincible, untouchable, CNN)

But right now, CNN and Premier nigga, do it like this nigga


Yo, yo Melvin Flynt drop, my whole collasso stop

I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album

My excuse is, my pops just died, and I ain’t wanna make music

My pops just died

My fans stuck with me, my shit still went gold

I got a habit just to drive, gettin head and I roam

CNN, we like the Grand Royal, I write rhymes with the Coke oil

Yo, Apollo heat

See me, sell ??? right with ??? creep

Got out the club, seen the police, Diallo deep

I’m like Frank Mathis, see me blow my dough

And any bitch givin head, if she blow I know

Oh no, we had to go see Premo

Taped it up, The Reunion, a brand new cut

Up in D&D, stayin with some rats and some sluts

From the projects, she know we need our welfare cut

[Chorus: Primo mixing CNN]

CNN, Network Channel 10

Yo, it’s all reality

I’m in it to win it, sit back picture that

Yo respect it, the legacy’ll never end

CNN, Network Channel 10

Yo, it’s all reality

I’m in it to win it, sit back picture that

Yo respect it, the legacy’ll never end


Premo, what up man

Yo, I’m not rowdy but I bang niggas and I pop collas

I grind for the top dollars, fight rotweilers

Put my hand on the Bible, tell it to the judge

I’m a lie for my dunn, take it in blood

I’m dot com, I drop bombs, kill ya squad

Live like I’m still in the yard ’til I pop ya god

For my niggas in the Bridge, with the 50 dollar Panasonics and the blank 8’s

Who rap chronic collab jake

Whether we have not or have cake

We got gas to get that straight, we movin at a fast rate

My last case I got bail

My first one, man did indicted, how I write it, sister can’t stand it

I smoke bud, get pissy, who could flow with me

Staggerin, bang like the wild Aficans

Spit gutter on a Premo beat, for the love of the street

The only child, my little brother was he



Yo, yo, my thugs is bilingual

You see my shit speak Spanish

Disappearing acts make your whole team vanish

From coast to coast I got them things

Badda-boom-badda-bing, he the glorious king

Another album, another plaque, another ounce and another mac

Another chromed out gat

Another place to face where I lace you at

I put all type a wholes in ya face black


Yo, yo, who think I don’t got it?

I’m like workin with a bird, I got long product

Give it to you raw, won’t chop it

New York niggas is foul, we body sling shit in the val’

Them pregnant fiends, killin they child

I’m the next best thing to “X”, oral sex

Brand new tecs, food stamps and welfare checks

I’m the messiah, recognize it, political prisoner

From the projects, I send shots where the cops is, nigga


The invincible, untouchable, CNN

The invincible, untouchable, CNN

Capone-N-Noreaga Stay Tuned (Interlude)

Uhh, yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh

It’s a Queens thing (uhh, uhh)

Too fly, word up

Khadafi, the next life, yeah, Thug Paradise

No doubt, check me out, yeah, yeah

Aiyyo Son let me let me put you on to what happened

how it went down check it (tell me Son, word up)

Yo, TV’s in the headrest, Sega entertainment

Pushed the Lex Land on the way to my arraignment

D.A. got a witness, lawyer can’t explain it

Face the judge, on some money maintain shit

Black Ceasar, hundred grand on the Visa

Took the stand, suddenly, caught amnesia

Found him in the warehouse, tied in the freezer

That’s the life of a thug when he hold heaters

Willies, up North, turn to dick beaters

Sendin flicks to any bitch that’ll feed us

360 ways with the shell-top Adidas

The Black Jesus, Lebanon, remain calm

Rock and stay green, sippin on Don

Arabic link, Cartier on the arm

Nigga fresh off work release, Hercules

Nigga fuck the deez, we blazin trees

Capone bag the keys, let’s move like a gypsy

It’s hot out here, relocate to Poughkeepsie

Feds play the roof in the hood try to hit me

Snakes on the block wanna sip Mo’ wit me

The life of a thug wasn’t made right

When I die leave a bottle of Don, by the gravesite

The tombstone let the record show I was sinnin

Lay me in the earth with the Armani linen


All my convicts, livin on the edge of life

Criminal type thugs who love to pull a heist

We move sheist, livin in these days of trife

Rockin four carat ice, in Thug Paradise

Thug Paradise, yeah, yo, yo, yeah, yo

In Thug Paradise

One for the money, two for the villainous streets

from Willies holdin millions, foreala with no feelin

shit, my resident, Q-B settlement

Hit him on the hill, Jake wonder where the medal went

Jump in the Ac-u-ra, then blast a trey

Pour this A for those who passed away

My whole click shinin like a diamond

While on Riker’s Island, fake niggaz eat a dick rhymin

Mighty chrome we got a song

Capone-N-Noreaga’s on, we try to touch like a flip phone

I sip on Porter while you get extorted

to single, illegal life stick you, I hope the world bought it

Yeah no doubt



Yo niggaz broad daylight, woke up, early in mornin

Gettin even breaths, my team’ll grab heat

Bust the fonta leaf, then roll up, some Sweets

they was on since yesterday night, Dunn got bucked

in his windpipe, we’ll go to war until you pre-write

Pick tight, can stick to guns in a gunfight

Yo lots of diamonds, the new millenium was promised

Black comments, we tryin to squash that big

But niggaz get hard-headed, filled wit leaded

Fuck around and get deaded, now for wetted

God set it, automatic

Yeah me you face these niggaz starvin

General of rap swarmin

Acousiastic, attract with the glock plastic

Move quickly, switch rides to Poughkeepsie

Black tipsy, but tell me, destiny

Move quickly, stickheads, be tryin to stick me

You mad morbid, but it’s a planet out of orbit

Can’t absorb it, but tell me, you all for it

Can’t call it, my defense’ll make you forfeit

Son you quit fuckin wit Iraq dick

The General hoe, create my own chrome like y’all vote

Blast it too, and plus it take two, now know


Capone-N-Noreaga Parole Violators

[Chorus: Havoc]

Yo, parole violating fugitives on the run, son

Live by the gun, son, die by the gun, son

We can make it happen if we want to

Jakes’ll get that ass quick if they really want you.


Capone, you stay on street, and keep the cipher complete

2 5 circle, caught you snitching now we hurt you

Fake Scarface, coming out your mouth all loose

He think he thugging it, ice mugging it

‘Cause he drugging it

My rap loop, I still shoot

Ask Iraq (Lefrak), you better bust back,

Keep it like that

Real fact – my life revolve around gat

The heat is god

Guard me, like bodyguard


We each bring 10, stick em up and break wind

Pumps he rule, run through, yo god – you

I got God-U, for him and you

Greg Tate(asshole), leave his mouth taped

Eliminate, news on BET, got pictures of me

Killer ki, the F.B.I. scanned the blocks

Use photography, want me and my team out the country(stay low)

Kilargo, shipped the cargo, back to Vehardo

In P.R., kid I came home on my C R,

Crisis, 2-5-to, we rock ices,

Castro castrate, put the bogie out in his face

Leave him scraped, you fake nigga move fake

In Lefrak we regulate…what, what, what, buck-buck, what

[Chorus: Havoc]

[Tradegy Khadafi]

Khadafi L-I-C, that ol’ fly shit

Coming from the Bridge, Kuwait, do or die shit

Jose Luis and Iraq recognize it,

You get laced before the jakes realize it

Guerrilla form all in your dorm

Don’t be surprised, kid,

Weak trick – go ‘head and snitch like your man did

War Report, cut ya life short

Babe Ruth niggas ain’t ready for blood sport

Yo we masked up, pointing the heat

Duct taping her, gag her mouth so she can’t scream

Start [raping her – backwards masked]

Camcorder, you won’t miss it ’cause we taping her…

Fed Ex, you got the tape next day in the mail

Now you organize your team with gats, ready to bail

But you 180, my reactions 360

You ass-betting, know where I’ll be

So come get me

Khadafi, gun-play

Artie Clay, use illegal aid

Tryin to go to trial with the DA


Capone-N-Noreaga Black Gangsta

[Tradegy Khadafi] Niggas scared to pull a hit

for shit, my team will know a bitch sniffer

pyriamid off a dollar bill, she will, 97 to the hill

get ill, do your thing, I ain’t mad at you son,

it’s how you feel…

[Noreaga] Yo, blood scene, bloody my vision can’t see

straight off top, me ral and Mussolini

was tied up, connect thinking that we wired up,

once these ropes get cut I’m getting highed up

slow it down, you moving to fast

kid it’s the halves, you ain’t know,

it’s illegal life shit, bring bloody cash

so what you do, in due time, come back in view

that’s why niggas can’t relate to L.A., they stick you

As long we map this, revolution is a bliss,

keep the world in fits, my clique avoid death lists

black gangsta, 2 5 I co-perfect this

CNN, iced out piece, italian necklace

stef bauer, you and L, yall work the hour

you all dirty, like the clique don’t take shower

there’s more to get, hit the fuck up, taking power

100 channels, turn station, operation 140

earthquake would bring glory

Noreaga, but for short just call me Ore,

catagory, point-blank end of the story

[Chorus: Tradegy Khadafi]

[Capone] I never sweat these, I let trees blow

get bent on benches, hopping the fences

here they come in long trenches, crack

chase ’em, lace ’em, let the chef bake ’em,

jake, taste ’em, take ’em, wonder where we make ’em

roll dice, and break ’em on the street corner

betting stacks, holding packs,

hoping police don’t run deep on us

peep the third floor shade that never rises

for jake, our whole weight, plus gat and great disguises

bullet proof down to my Nike’s now we the livest

survivest, open up after I contact, combat

twisting yer cap, and listen to rap

postion to mack , to blow out your back

ho’s across the map, foe’s eat a dick in fact

I’m a score, flip and roll like Dominique Dawes

Yea flip that

[Chorus x2: Tradegy Khadafi]

Yo black gangsta, where they at, where they at

Queensbridge and Iraq