Chris Ledoux I Don’t Want To Mention Any Names

I’ve got a story to tell, would you mind listening.

I can always count on you we’re such good friends.

And I need to talk about my situation and

you’re the only one who’ll understand.

Now someone’s got designs on my baby.

He’s making her intentions very plain.


We both know this ole guy that I’m talking about,

But I don’t want to mention any names.

Well he’s asked her to slow dance way too often.

He’s made suggestions I don’t like at all.

I’m trying to let him know that

I’m wise to his game, but I don’t wanna mention any names.

Well I can understand why you’d want her.

Oh you’ve even said yourself she’s quite a prize.

He’s about a good of friend as you are.

Come to think about it he’s just about your size.

If he don’t back off there’s gonna be some trouble.

I’m prepared to make that very plain.

I sure hope I’ve said enough, and just between the two of us.


Chris Ledoux Blue Eyes And Freckles

Blue eyes and frcles neath a white cowboy hat

His two bestest friends are his dog and his cat

He’s one of the good guys it’s plain to see

shore enough cowboy though he’s only three

There’s a cute little filly she lives right next door

She’d like to brand him but he’s no green horn

She’ll offer him candy but he knows her game

he’ll take what she gives him then be on his way

Blue eyes and freckles and holes in his jeans

out in the back yard ridin’ his dreams

He’s uor little cowboy until the day our

Fences can’t hold him and he’ll ride away.

Saturday morning he’s up before dawn

Grabs his cap pistol and pulls his hat on

Today the Lone Ranger and him make their ride

Them outlaws better find some place to hide

With tears in his eyes and a scratch on his chin

His onery old cyuse done throwed him again

But a kiss and a cookie will soon ease the pain

He’ll mount up and be back ridin’ the range

Mama just look how our little boy’s grown

He’ll soon be a man with a mind all his own

And I know the hardest thing we’ll ever do

Is take down the fences and just turn him loose

Chris Ledoux Daydream Cowboy

I’m sittin’ in a city filled with people cars and smoke

The walls are closin’ in on me my heart’s about to choke

The world becomes a foggy dream and I no longer see

The dirty concrete canyons where I have come to be

Cause a cowboy rides the mountains and the draws inside my mind

With his Buckskin underneath him and his pockets full of time

And I can hear his spurs a jinglin’ the chimes of his slappin’ tack

As his horse lopes up a ridge with the moon light on his back

He rides into a bearin’ country not meant for him alone

For a lovin’ dark haired lady waits for her cowboy to come home

Well his hat was made in Texas and his chaps are bat wing style

His saddles made by Hauser he rides it all the while

It glistens with silver conches tap adores for his feet

He’s got a chew of Copenhagen tucked inside his cheek

In fact the only thing that saves me here from goin’ plumb insane

Is that cowboy poundin’ leather down in the coolies in my brain

And I can hear his spurs a jinglin’…

Chris Ledoux Ten Seconds In The Saddle

Well I’ll gladly take ten seconds in the saddle

For a lifetime of watching from the stands

His Stetson was faded and battered and worn

The stubble of his beard showed flex of gray

His limp was severe cause a leg had been torn by a bronc in his rodeo days

He hung round the chutes while we waited to mount

With a vague look of longing in his eyes

He spoke very few words but he made ’em count

He was broken forgotten but wise

He said life’s is just like ridin’ broncs its a battle

Then he rolled a cigarette with shaky hands

Son I’ll gladly take ten seconds in the saddle

For a lifetime of watching from the stands

I noticed the cigarette burns on his vest

And the rembrandt of a dream left in his eyes

The boys said he could have well been the best

Had not fate cheated him of his prize

Oh but I learned a lesson that I never known

From this guy who’d been busted so bad

It’s better to ride even if you get throwed

Than to wind up just wishing you had

He said life’s is just like…

Yes I’ll gladly take ten seconds in the saddle

For a lifetime of watching from the stands

Chris Ledoux Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Ride

His name was Twister he lived in the pasture

Right down from my daddy’s farm

They say there’s a cowboy who once tried to ride him

Now he’s mending fences with only one arm

On my way home from school somehow he always knew

Just when I’d come walking by

And he’d stand at the gate like the keeper of fate

And we both knew that one day I’d just have to ride

Now one crack of dawn well I slipped my boots on

And walked out towards that just rising sun

My heart skipped a beat when I heard his four feet

Pounding down on the red dirt like it was a drum

He walked up against me as if to convince me

His heart was easily tamed

Then I came to staring up at the blue and the black

With a handful of mane

Well I thought he’d go one way but he went the other

I’m lucky, I even survived

You can’t always sit on the fence while the world passes by

Sometimes you just gotta ride

Well, the years have gone by since that morning I climbed

On that shadow that cut through the fields

My shoulder still hurts when the weather turns worse

Sometimes you find the strength in the wounds that don’t heal

Between horses and heartaches, women and mistakes

I’ve been through more than I should

But I strapped a saddle across every battle

And held on as long as I could

Well I thought he’d go one way but he went the other

I’m lucky, I even survived

You can’t always sit on the fence while the world passes by

Sometimes you just gotta ride

Well I thought he’d go one way but he went the other

I’m lucky, I even survived

You can’t always sit on the fence while the world passes by

Sometimes you just gotta ride

Chris Ledoux Misfortunes’ Own Son

The Wild horse he wonders up high on the mountain

He grazes on short grass where Bitter winds blow

He’s headed to nowhere with no time to spare

Storm clouds are building and lookin’ like snow

With tight reins and curb chains can’t handle or hold him

He don’t fit in fences he’s way to high strung

His freedom don’t feed him and nobody needs him

He’s just an old wild horse, misfortunes own son

The old cowboy looks at his ropes and his riggin’

Their all he has left that’s worth caryin’ about

Well him and that leather went through hell together

It seems like their both getting close to worn out

Well there ain’t too much call now for his kind of cowboy

There aren’t enough wild horses out there to run

Besides he too old but that’s all he knows

He’s just an old cowboy, misfortunes own son


Wild horses and old cowboys two of a kind

Yesterday’s heroes the time left behind

Wide open spaces are fast closing in

Misfortunes own sons you wont see them again

The Wild horse is Weary, there’s snow on the mountain

No peace in the valley, full of highways and towns

The old man just spent his last day in the saddle

There’s no reason to ride now the old days are gone

But you can’t hardly blame them for trying to hold onto

Their own way of life now it’s over and done

Just lonesome reminders left over survivors

The old cowboy and the wild horse misfortunes own son


Chris Ledoux Scatter The Ashes

He got busted up bad down in Lubbock

He was taking the greyhound back home.

Though the fire in his eye never flickered,

He knew the best of his good days were gone,

He said I’m thinking a lot about retiring,

But the rodeo life is all that I know,

Saying I don’t know what to do with the rest,

But I’m too burned out to go on.

He said,


Scatter the ashes over the road,

Then let a strong wind blow,

When I can’t walk away,

It’s my time to go.

He said son my road map to heaven

Sometimes leads me out of the way

Through those rodeo towns and those drunkin’ old sundowns

Someday to an early grave.

He pulled his saddle up over his shoulder,

He said before you throw dirt on my bones,

Hey tell me what do you do with the broken old cowboy.

Who spend his whole life being thrown.

He said,


Chris Ledoux Scene We All Ain’t Saw

Old Badger was an outlaw that no man could ever ride

So tough the devils pitch fork couldn’t penetrate his hide

To beat him was the dream of every cowboy in the land

But try they might as sure is right they’ll wind up in the sand

A brag came up from Texas by the name of Too Oaks Tall

Was out to get old Badger cause old Too Oaks rode ’em all

He said he’d tie a granny knot in Badger’s twisting tail

So thousands came to stake his claim or to see how bad he’d fail

A mighty crowd had gathered with old Badger in the cute

The stirrups felt the boating weight of Too Oaks heavy boots

Then the cute swang open and the crowd began to roar

Cause shirt tail feet upon the seat like waves upon a shore

They circled that area Badger pawing out his hate

But Tall stuck in the saddle like his tail was made of paste

Badger then exploded as his hooves beat on the air

But Tall did stay like children’s play in grandmas rockin’ chair

The outlaw’s eyes were blazin’ and old Talls face was turnin’ red

They take off to the right but wind up goin’ left instead

They busted through the fence and crashed the stillness of the night

They filled the air with dust and hair and vanished out of sight

Some say they died of thirst and time turned them into stone

Others say they withered and buzzards picked their bones

But somewhere on that prairie is a scene we all ain’t saw

Did Tall get throwed or Badger rode or was it called a draw

Chris Ledoux I Don’t Want To Be Cowboy Anymore

Cowboys ain’t never got no money their wild and livin’ in a different world

They only care about their horse and saddle but a cowboy dosn’t keep a steady girl

The cowboy’s rope and ride and drink hard liquor they gamble givin’ lady luck a whirl

They hit town well they ain’t never stayin’ cause a cowboy don’t keep a steady girl

Cowboys ain’t suppose to love one woman cause cowboys all got women by the score

Well if cowboys ain’t suppose to love one woman I don’t want to be a cowboy anymore

Well I’ve been ridin’ herd for oh so long now

I’ve been gone on fourteen years and maybe more

But I’ve finally found a filly full of sunshine so I don’t want to be a cowboy anymore

Cowboys ain’t got time to raise a family cowboys don’t work jobs or mine a store

Well if cowboys don’t have time to raise a family

I don’t want to be a cowboy anymore

Chris Ledoux Getting By A Quarter At A Time

She’s not a kid anymore she can hide her age in these dim lights

Waitin’ tables in this bar ain’t what she’s lookin’ for

The short years fly by but oh the long long nights

A bar tends to make a woman hard

Read a story in the lines beneath her eyes

As tips hit the table they jingle and they jangle

Get her by a quarter at a time

She’s getting by a quarter at a time a diamond in the rough has lost her shine

Slingin’ drinks at least will pay the rent again get her by a quarter at a time

Another man stands up to leave she’s always been left behind

The change she’s waitin’ for keeps walkin’ out the door

But her quarters are sliver lined she’s danced to everybody’s tune

But gettin’ stepped on don’t make her cry

But after work the jukebox brings a little tear drop

The memories cost a quarter at a time

She’s getting by a quarter…