Cross Canadian Ragweed Jenny

Jenny come back from California

She said her mother’s doing fine

Jenny come back from California

With a sparkle in her eye

Early last June, she bought a round trip ticket

To San Francisco by the bay.

Trouble at home, she said she couldn’t take it.

She needed time to get away.

Jenny come back from California.

With a brand new pair of shoes

Jenny come back from California

She come back without her blues

Well there’s something about that ocean

that’s got a romantic feeling

When you’re standing by the shore

A little more time, a lot more healing

Maybe she’ll love me once more

Jenny come back from California.

A little lighter when she steps.

Jenny come back from California

Full of life with no regrets

Never knew what she saw in San Francisco

Maybe moonlight by the sea

It can fall off in the water

Just as long as she comes back to me.

Jenny come back from California

With a brand new diamond ring

Jenny come back from California

She gathered up the rest of her things.

Jenny went back to California.

Cross Canadian Ragweed Final Curtain

Atlantic City. I was busted

And the wind was bitter cold

Well, I never quite adjusted

Never do I suppose

The odds were in my favor

Of going home a millionaire

Got all the gold in California

She’s with me everywhere

When the last rock crumbles

And the sun sinks in the sea

the last chain is broken

And everyone is free

When all is said and done

And now is used to be

When it’s final curtain call

No ones left at all

There’ll still be you and me

So much snow I can’t remember

what it’s like to see the ground

It all started in November

And now March is rollin around

Let it all fall down

Let it freeze me to the bone

Gonna let it all ride

I got nothin left to hide

Nothin left unshown

Cross Canadian Ragweed Long Way Home

Too scared to go to proud to run

Here’s your orders boy here’s your gun

We’re sending you off to Vietnam

Try to stay cool try to stay calm

Never seen nothin’ but that Mid-Texas dirt

Never been on a flying machine

Your job now is to take this gun

And kill everything that you see

It’s a long way home

Orange in the air

Fire on the ground

Them back up boys ain’t no where around

There’s smoke in the sky

You’re screamin’ to the sea

Oh God have mercy on me

It’s a long way home

Got that medal on your chest

Now you got it made

But you’re going back to a land of protest

And an empty hero’s parade

Waking up in the dead of night

Screaming out your lungs

Jungle fires and trip bomb wires

And blazin’ red turret guns

It’s a long way home

Cross Canadian Ragweed My Chances

Not so long ago, I thought I knew it all

I had the world by the hand

Every day is so off color now

I don’t know where to stand


I’m lookin’ for the answer

Sittin’ right in front of me

Am I not ready to take my chances?

Or have my chances overtaken me?

I wish the fog would burn up in the sun

And let the light show me the way

Flip a quarter, watch it hit the ground

And leave it all up to fate

[Repeat Chorus]

That’s the question that’s been scratchin’

Like a cat at my door

Pretty soon it’s gonna get tired of askin’

And it won’t haunt me no more

I’m lookin’ for the answer

It’s sittin’ right in front of me

Am I not willing to take my chances?

Well, my chances have overtaken me

And not so long ago, I thought I knew it all

It’s comin’ back to me

Cross Canadian Ragweed The Deal

I don’t like livin’ in this town

I don’t like the way it makes me feel

It ain’t much better when I moved around

Rolling around rolling on from town to town

I don’t like to be ignored

I don’t like it when you stare me down

My heart and soul are torn twisted thorn woven all around your crown


I don’t mean to sound condescending

There’s no need in me pretending

Let the deal go down


Well it ain’t no breaking news

No it ain’t like it was

You got this thing you do

The thing you do

You know what it does

My head’s been hanging down, mmm

Dark clouds follow me around

Follow me down

Rolling on from town to town

I don’t mean to sound condescending

There’s no need in me pretending

Round, round, and round

I don’t mean to sound condescending

There’s no need in me pretending

Let the deal go down

Cross Canadian Ragweed Look At Me

I got a one hundred-dollar bill

It’s all shiny, crisp, and clean

And it’s burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans

I think I’ll spend it on some pills

Instead of gasoline

I don’t see any kind of fun in coming clean

Pick me up and watch me fall

And do it all again

I ain’t got no sense at all

I like pissing in the wind and on my dreams

Look at me

Look at me I’m on my way down

So close now I can almost see the ground

Yeah another night another town

Set em up I’ll knock em down

Workin’ on sympathy

Look at me

Hey bartender another round

This one’s on mine

Let’s see how many friends I can buy in just a little time

See the girl at the bar

Tell her I’m somebody and I got a fast car

I’m in room 331 with a bottle of wine

Tell I’m a superstar

She won’t give it a second chance

Tell that I play guitar but I never learned how to dance

And here’s my key

Yeah look at me

Cross Canadian Ragweed Lighthouse Keeper

A long haired man came to my door

Wearing Roman sandals carrying a golden sword

He said “Come with me and I’ll take you higher”

We soared out of the atmosphere

on his magic carpet that he let me steer

Said “take the reins and I’ll let you fly her”

We escalated through a thick of clouds

And our only thought was not coming down

Towards the amber glow I started to feel the fire

There was a unicorn with a neon horn

wearing a velvet saddle that was slightly worn

I pulled my mystic rug right up beside her

I sat down on a floatin stool

She knelt her head and produced a jewel

And I smiled and asked if I could ride her

And I saw the lighthouse keeper

His hollow eyes that pierced my soul

He said that I’m just a desperate seeker

Searchin’ for what I did not know

On Pegasus I was flying free

Careless lost over a purple sea

When I came upon this lonesome fortune teller

She gazed into her crystal ball

and I saw that giant gavel fall

She asked if I could be her pall bearer

And I heard that gypsy prophesy

Of the tearin flesh and the mother’s cry

And the crimson flow of blood that would run forever

we stood before the kings and queens

And the hooded man with the guillotine

And prepared to meet the eternal tax collector

Then I dined there with an aristocrat on his balcony with a welcome mat

and he laughed and drank all the wine from the cellar

Cross Canadian Ragweed Don’t Need You

I gotta mind to go back to that drawin’ board

Maybe we should start it all over again

When you were you and I was me

And we weren’t both bored

Or pack it up

And call it off as friends

Look at you

High on your pedestal

Getting’ off on looking down on me

Our situation’s gone from bad to critical

And I think it’s time one of us started movin’ our feet


I don’t need you criticizing me

I don’t need you walkin’ all over me

I don’t need you always tellin’ me what to do

And I don’t need you

Neither one of us is better than the other

You got that thought rollin’ through your brain

You hate me – sometimes I see double

Now the other side of me can’t be contained

[Repeat Chorus]

The truth be known

I could smoke you where you’re standin’

But what kind of good would be done then

Rip off my gloves and do it bare handed

But then again, I’d feel better in the end

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Cross Canadian Ragweed Nowhere, Texas

World on your shoulders

Lot on your brain

Enough to drive a girl insane

Well I been thinkin bout maybe headin’ southbound

Wonder if you’d do the same


Why don’t you roll with me baby down to Nowhere, Texas

I got nothin but time

Jump in the cab of my 70 Chevy

Leave Oklahoma far behind

My good friend told me once Texas is big enough

That a man could get lost

Roll down that window

Open that glove box

Give that road map a toss


Dallas to Austin

Please come to Boston

Cause I been playin all night long

Turn off that radio

I’m gonna sing to you sweetly

the words to your favorite song


Well we’ll keep on drivin till we hit that ocean

We’ll get there by the break of day

Maybe I should warn you I never could stay sober

When I’m sittin on that Corpus Christi Bay

[Chorus 2X]

Cross Canadian Ragweed Too Far Gone

Good mornin’ California

How long has it been?

I know your sky could help me fly

Out of this shape I’m in

I polished off another bottle

Some old cheap red wine

I’ll turn it all back into water for you baby

Just to hold you one more time

Too far gone

Too far gone

Been so long since I’ve been back home

I’m too far gone

Hey baby what you wearin’?

Damn that sure sounds fine

I know I just catch myself starin’

Staring ’til I went blind

‘Cause you treat me like I’m your someone

Even when no one’s around

I’d drop everything I was holdin’

To pick up what you’re puttin’ down

Too far gone

Too far gone

I can’t explain, it would take too long

I’m too far gone

I know it’s been crazy

I know what you’re going through

Let me tell you sweet baby

That I’ll walk right through with you

You’re always there besides me

Whether I’m right or wrong

I know in here without you here

I’m too far gone

Too far gone

Too far gone

‘Til I sing a brand new song

I’m too far gone

Too far gone

Too far gone

I know I could go on and on

I’m too far gone