Cross Canadian Ragweed Down At The Harbor

I been sittin in this marina all day

Watchin folks fillin up their tanks

And hearin skiers cuss the waves

We’re all gonna rendezvous come nightfall

Down there close by the edge of the pier

Bring bucket loads of longneck beer

Summertime by the lakeside is the best time of year


Down at the harbor

Lights on the water

I be tellin all my jokes

Sittin way too close

To somebody’s daughter

Down at the harbor

Shines on the water

Forget my way home

Hope I’m not alone

At least till tomorrow

Everybody’s hangin out and catchin rays

We’re so busy runnin from our life

Takes up most of our day

When the night comes here it’s time to unwind

Sing some songs on my old guitar

Laugh about them nights in the bar

Everybody’s dancin underneath the stars


Make my way home and hope I’m not alone

At least till tomorrow

Cross Canadian Ragweed Run To Me

I got a lot of things to say

I’ve got a lot of things to do today

But I’ll put ’em all behind

Throw ’em to the side

Put ’em off till tomorrow to keep you satisfied

Put ’em off till tomorrow to keep you satisfied

Come to me when you can

Run to me baby understand

Where you go I will follow

Every step of the way every night and day

Every step of the way every night and day


Like your shadow on the ground girl I’ll always be around

Be it high or be it low

Reaping everything you sow

Everywhere you go

Every mile every breath

Anything put me to the test

Heel to toe

Everywhere you go

Everywhere that you go in the pocket of your soul

Everywhere that you go in the pocket of your soul


Come to me when you can

Run to me baby understand

Cross Canadian Ragweed Johnny’s Song

what is life it could be a million

It could be a single dime

Or it could be a ship out on the water

But to me it’s just more time

Time for the one who moved a hundred mountains

Time for the one who broke a thousand chains

For the love of a son and a mother

A little girl sweet as sugar cane

What is love it could be a river

Love’s a single drop of rain

But to her love is forever

It’s the mention of your name

What is love there’s more than just one answer

Love’s a golden wedding ring

If only love could be the cure for cancer

Then the world would hear you sing

What is faith

Faith is believing

Faith can tell you where to go

You say faith can move a thousand mountains

Faith can liberate your soul

A heart of gold will take you to the rafters

Where you get your angel wings

Don’t cry for me are the words that are coming

From your golden guitar strings

What is life

It could be a million

What is love

There’s more than just one answer

What is faith

Faith is believing

Cross Canadian Ragweed Hey Hey

Look at you with your heart on a shelf

Sit at home get drunk by yourself

Call up a friend to ease your mind

Anything to pass the time

Hey hey it’s all gonna change

Well well when you turn around again

My my in the wink of an eye

Don’t ask why as time goes by

Take your dreams to the railroad tracks

I sure hope their comin back

Watch em roll away down the line

Just anywhere with your friend time

Cross Canadian Ragweed Pretty Lady

Hey pretty lady in the picture with the patent leather high heels on

You’ve been in my heart and on my mind like you’ve never known

I don’t know where you come from

But you hit me like an atom bomb

Pretty lady in the picture with the patent leather high hells on

Hey pretty lady on the poster with the dagger running down her neck

You’ve got my money, my attention and my respect

Nobody knows what you went through

You just did what you had to do

Pretty lady on the poster with the dagger running down her neck

Pretty lady

Pretty lady

Pretty lady


Hey pretty lady with the long gray hair in the limousine

You’re gonna live forever on the cover and the pages of the magazines

Raven hair and milky skin

You didn’t leave this world in sin

Pretty lady in the back of a long black limousine

Pretty lady

Pretty lady

Pretty lady

Cross Canadian Ragweed Amos Moses

Now Amos Moses was a Cajun

He lived by his self in the swamp

He hunted alligator for livin’

He just knocked em’ in the head with a stump

Louisiana law gonna get you Amos

It ain’t legal huntin’ alligators down in the swamp boy

Now everybody blamed his old man For makin’ him mean as a snake

When Amos Moses was a boy his daddy’d use him for alligator bait

Tie a rope around his neck and throw him in the swamp

Alligator bait in the Louisiana bayou


About forty-five minutes south of Thibadoux Louisiana

Lived a cat named Doc Milsap and his pretty wife Hanna

Well they raised up a son that could eat up his weight in groceries

Named him after a man of the cloth

Called him Amos Moses

Everybody in south Louisiana Said Amos was a helluva man

He could trap the biggest and meanest alligator and just use one hand

That’s all he got left cause a alligator bit it

Left arm gone clean up to the elbow

Well the sheriff caught wind of Amos

In the swamp trappin alligator skins

That sheriff went lookin for Amos

Boy you know he never come out again

I wonder where the Louisiana sheriff went to

You can sure get lost in the Louisiana bayou



Cross Canadian Ragweed Flowers

You bring me sunshine

I bring you rain

You bring me smiles

I drive you outta your brain

You bring me up

I bring you down

I bring you flowers

It brings you around


I know that I

Am hard to live with

Try to live with

Out me girl

i Drive you crazy,you drive me mad

We’re the best thing we’ve ever had

You roll your head back

On your shoulders

You roll your eyes

You know it gets to me

Then we roll back

All the covers

We’re gonna roll through


[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah we’re the best thing

Just ask your dad

Cross Canadian Ragweed Alright

Thinking back to my college days

Man that was such a haize

Always some party going on

Someone up getting drunk

Someone down getting stoned

The Jimmy Hendriz poser in the hall

Covering up that hole in the wall

Five for a dollar, man the price is right

Ramen Noodles almost everynight

The Credit Card will surely cover Spring Break

But I might sit at home and just buy me a steak

Well I ate it all by myself

And told my roomates to go to hell


If your going downtown to the liquor store

bring me a bottle of wine

I’ve been taking myself much too seriously lately

And I need to unwind

So fire up the charcoal and we’ll sit in the yard

Get primed up and head out to the bar

I wonder who’s playing down on the strip tonight

Hey man life’s alright

It’s penny beer night and bar hoppin around

Someone breaking a heart

Someone laying one down

Waiting in line at the all night cafe

I drank all my money, how am I gonna pay

And it’s “Oh my spinning head”

And it’s one foot off the bed

[Repeat Chorus]

Cross Canadian Ragweed Burn Like The Sun

This is personal

Worse than I thought it was

Worse than it could be

Worse than a hole in me

You came with fire

And left it in me

Deep down it sits

And the fuse is lit ’til now


You can’t help it

You’re alive just like anyone

But you forget

I burn just like the sun

This is beautiful

More like a train wreck

And all the passin’ cars

They wanna know who you are

I, suffer the season

And you are well aware

Of the reasons why

[Repeat Chorus]


[Repeat Chorus 3x]

Cross Canadian Ragweed Bang My Head

Check me out in my easy chair

Bottle in my hand

How it ever got to go far I guess I’ll never understand

Cause I bend and bend until I break

Then I bend some more

Sometimes I feel like a piece of dirt down on your floor


I bang my head against the wall

Bang it until it bleeds

To me it makes no difference at all

I got to bang it till I’ can’t see

Don’t know what you think of me

I don’t really care

I got to bang my head against the wall cause it’s there

I sit and stare at the telephone

Why don’t it ring

Once upon a time I thought I knew it all

Turns out I don’t know God Damn thing

Pick it up and I throw it down

I pick it up again

I’m gonna keep slammin’ it to the floor till someone’s on the other end


I don’t know why I’m sittin’ here

Seems like I used to know

Knew everything I wanted everywhere I needed to go

Friends stop and they smile at me

They say you got it all

But what they don’t know what they don’t see

Are the holes up and down my hall


Sun comin’ up at the break of dawn

I can’t shut my eyes

It’s like a pile of wire coat hangers inside of my mind

Now I’m down here on the floor

My world spinning around

I get the feeling I ain’t ever gonna leave this God forsaken town