Da Backwudz The World Could Be Yours

[Verse One:]

At the start of our journey together you couldn’t tear us apart

We was like tinted and Ford, peas and carrots

Rings with karats, and it seem people starin

Hoes lovin my style, niggaz love jeans you was wearin

Carryin on, this love jones heatin my soul

Like a pot of auntie collard greens on top of the stove

You keep the business on the low like pullin Daytons and Vogues

You keep me puffin on some purple and you don’t even smoke

But hold up! You flippin the script, say I fuck around

But you talkin nonsense like a gat with no clip

That’s why a nigga jumped ship, I might as well do my thang

Them jealous hoes on your end sprinklin salt in my game

You think I’m a lame, but honestly you hatin my fame

You mad every time pretty dimes call out my name

You know it’s a shame, you keep shit goin like plumbers

Get yo’ belongings, get the fuck out and go live wit’cha momma


The world could be yours, but you fucked it all up

Cause you got me fed all up

It’s to a point now where a nigga fists stay balled up

My patience been used all up

The world could be yours, but you fucked it all up

Sayin you’ gon get me caught up

You know I wasn’t cheatin girl, I just went to buy the mall up

Let me find a hoe to call up

[Verse Two:]

Shorty when we first kicked it off, I met her at the mall

Standin five feet tall, thick big booty broad

Finest chick I ever saw, remind me of Halle

But she love to roll reefer drop a Chevrolet with Rallys

Shorty used to live in Cali, now she in Atlanta

Say she love my country grammar while she peelin my banana

Hey! Now we spendin so much quality time

The other women on my mind I left ’em stranded behind

See we both were movin up, like George and Louise

I never thought that you would be my only fish in the sea

But take it from me, everything ain’t peaches and cream

She started screenin all my calls, never trusted in me

And followin me, always wanna argue with me

And cut on my clothes, faded all my Guess and Girbauds

This shit gettin old, it’s time for me to hop the fence

The world coulda been yours if you had some sense


[Verse Three:]

(What’s the deal pimp?) You know how I feel pimp

Look shorty be trippin when I be tryin to chill pimp

(Nigga you f’real pimp?) Like she on the ill tip

Threw away my ounce cause she think I’m on her friend hip

(Let me tell you this though, I can’t believe this hoe) What?

(Had the nerve to come over my crib and show her asshole)

Man what she do folk? (Cussin out my kinfolks)

(Slashed up my Cutlass and she busted out my window)

(Man I think I’m through though) Shit I know I’m through look

Shorty got more problems than the pages in a math book

Shoulda got her ass whooped (man folk don’t even take it there)

(Them hoes ain’t good for nothin but showin what’s in they underwear)

Nigga ask me if I care, dude I gotta let her go

I’m tired of the drama and the law knockin at my do’

(Look, do what you gotta do, I’ma do the same too)

(Push her to the curb like the way I do my 22’s)


[sped up: “You know the world, the world would be yours” to end]

Da Backwudz I Don’t Like The Look Of It

What do you think will come of that?

I don’t know (I don’t like the look of it)


(I don’t like the look of it)

When we pull up to the do’

Gator shoes on 24’s

Haters wanna throw them bones and (I don’t like the look of it)

We do it big in every state

Pick diamonds in heavy weight

They say they are but really ain’t and (I don’t like the look of it)

When they see us in the club

Poppin’ bottles throwin’ dubs

Haters tend to cuff they gloves and (I don’t like the look of it)

We can win in major ways

Flif fy paint in major haze

Pop my trunk and get them thangs if (I don’t like the look of it)

[Verse 1]

(Wood Work) (Wood Work)

I’m grippin 26’s in circles like roller rinks

Paint drippin like kitchen sinks, caught real in chinchilla minks

My ceiling Barnum and Bailey flippin like acrobatics

Women ecstatic, just push the button it’s automatic

When they lay me down to sleep

Next to a superfreak

Rollin’ around in lenon sheets, (Send her on a merry way)

I’m so explicit, so ecosyntric blowin on BUDA

The money short shrinkin’ sort of like oompa loompa’s

I like my crucifix, same as nigga on the rocks

You thinkin’ of shoplifting?, dots lookin’ like chicken pox

You can find me in the coop

My product don’t ever stoop

But if you hustlin’ on my block (I don’t like the look of it)


[Verse 2 – Caz Clay]

Chevy bubble, every color

Tops fall back like knuckles

Chevrolet since they huggin

Chinchillas on floors and buckets

It’s where we do it thuggin’

These haters they hate to love me

Comin’ up like bakin’ muffins

Your label ain’t makin nothin

My cake mix is statements

Shorty check my ingredients

Hey the formula ain’t basic, you can tell I’m a genius

But they don’t like the look of it

Multicolor with the cake

Women follow the 24, so I’m choppin’ on 26

Keep your nose up out of it cuz it can get real

Talkin’ the twelve by what you’ve seen and I’ll have you reading in braille

Reason they ill, probably got somethin’ to do with the paint

I got it straight for Willy Wonka, and haters mad cuz they can’t


[Verse 3]

Shorty gettin’ paper homie

That be why they hatin’ on me

Daily cost are frozin’ phonies, (Muggin’ when you see a G)

What you know about my city?

On the block with Dubs and fifties

Got them clock until they creasin’, (Shorty I got what you need)

Pullin’ up on 20 somethin’s

Trouble with the woofers bumpin

Chokin on the purple ribbon, (Willy Wonka Chevrolet)

Freezin from expensive pieces

Heavy starch and denim creases

Rock 3 on my white Adidas, (Diamonds in my cardia)

I spit that grizzetry

Magic is so exquisitly

Vividly I’m a misery

Suckas wanna demonish me

Damnit you pimpin all in me

Propers keep your apology

Swagger ghetto like Willy D.

Haters don’t like the look of me


Da Backwudz Feelin’ Lonely


I know you’re feelin’ lonely, I know that I’m not the only one

that you can call but keep me in mind….

This feeling of lust in haunting, not only me and wanting you

Think of a time and keep me in mind….

[Verse 1:]

As she walks home from school

It’s feelin’ longer than

the years it takes a lil’ boy to grow into a man

She’s often ridiculed, people don’t understand

she’s being picked apart and scarred by her father’s hand

And he’s a wierd old man, and can’t control his anger

liquor and drug abuse turned him to a total stranger

Perverted child abuser, molester and a rapist

his daughter’s had enough, she can no longer take it

Withstand the hurt and pain, she’s feelin’ suicidal

her life is gettin’ frail, her mind is always idle

Which let’s the devil in, to do his dirty deeds

he shovels up the soil, after we plant the seeds

It’s 20 after 4, she’s on the tile flo’

in the girls bathroom, back against the stall do’

As she begins her ending, she keeps her eyes closed

syringe to her veins an adolescent overdose (DAMN)


[Verse 2:]

His name was Rick, first captain of his football team

the senior class valedictorian high school king

Regualr jock, played sports baseball, track

run a 50-yard dash in 6 seconds flat

He got stacks of mail from differnt colleges

scholarship fundin’, majorin’ in Biology

You could say homey was popular, never phony

Until the people found out he dated men only. (MAN)

His reputation was in everybody’s conversation

the peers who he considered friends had 2 faces

They chanted gay jokes, the scholarship erased

receivin’ death threats plus a fam-i-ly disgrace

The stress accumulated, he couldn’t take the pressha’

therefore he pulled the 9-millimeter from the dressa’

He took his life for bein’ different than you or me

The same classmates wept at his eulogy. (MAN)


[Verse 3:]

This was the summer time, you know it’s party time

after the cap and gown routine, they on the scene

Some of em’ puffin’ green, and tryin’ different things

say for instance lil’ Joey just tryin’ to reach his dream

He’s never slept wit’ a girl he’s a virgin

sex drive urgin’, movin’ like Excursions

His best friend told him to come over later on

he throwin’ a house party cuz his parents leavin’ home

He met a girl, short skirt, showin’ off her body

They feelin’ each other, excused themselves from everybody

It’s finally goin’ down it’s really ’bout to happen, (happen)

his mind’s so cloudy forgot to use a magnum. (DAMN)

A year down the road Joey’s headed to the doctor checkin’ on a bad cold, (bad cold)

as he sits on the table and he gaspin’ for his breath

doctor said he had AIDS and got 6 months left. (DAMN)

Da Backwudz You Gonna Luv Me

[sped up sample to open: “You, and you, and you, and you

And you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’

You’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gonna love me!”]

[over sample:]

Wussup Sho’Nuff boi!

Yup, yup, Milwaukee kick your feet up nigga

[Big Marc:]

I’m comin down with the key to Decatur

East Atlanta slab rider, heavy grinder for paper (yup!)

City-slicker, heavyweight in the game

Froze wrist and earlobes, heavy weight in my chain (yup!)

Hittin the game where you niggaz be slackin

Got the ‘dro for the low, that’s what my niggaz be sackin

My, shell toes peddle Chevy’s and boles

White leathers on the Cutlass with mahogany flo’s

I’m ridin through Oakhurst, coated like Starburst

Candy paint glisten, lookin greasy like bratwurst (oh!)

The dude on my jersey is gray or deceased

You rested in peace, for snitchin to Decatur police

Servin niggaz with a ghetto subpoena

Got that A-Town stompin back in Phillips Arena (A-Town stomp)

I’m, passin hoes like collection plates

And keep a broad on my squad who won’t section eight (oh!)

[sped up sample: “You, and you, and you, and you

And you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’

You’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gonna love me!”]

[over sample:]

Yeah, okay; yeah, okay

They gon’ love me after this one shawty, f’real man


All my trap niggaz, and ‘dro smokers

Keep the strippers stay focused pussy poppin and rollin (woo!)

Cause all I wear is hats with A’s

Shoppin at malls, white tees, Cartiers (yup!)

Jeans creased up, straight out the cleaners

Plus my George Jefferson strut and my Southern demeanor

When they see me when I speak my slang

Everybody wanna know my name (Sho’Nuff)

I was – born in Atlanta, raised in Decatur

Where we, pushin LeSabres and blow like inhalers

Say he, kinda skinny with a full size jimmy

Ay man, I got broads in different cities like gimme gimme

They used to treat me like, Urkel the nerd

Now they flock when they see my LeBrons on the curb (look here)

See my upholstery, it got women approachin me

Some look like they too old for me, TV’s hangin appropriately

[sped up sample: “You, and you, and you, and you

And you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’

You’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gonna love me!”]

[over sample:]

It’s Major Way baby

I told you you was gon’ love me pimpin

Uhh, yeah, AW-AHH! [echoes]

[Milwaukee Black:]

When you see me in the six-trey drop

And I tell you that the price of the work just dropped (yup!)

I let the thang go pop…

I caught buddy round there snitchin off to the cops (yup!)

And the game don’t stop (don’t stop)

You tried to see my dough, you better see this fo’ (get it?)

I’m thirty-one and my rappin is done

I got a million dollar company to run, BEOTCH!


Cause I smoke like you, I’m into some blue

I buy ’em, lick ’em, split ’em, roll ’em just like you (yup!)

In XXL, Murder Dog, The Source, on +Vibes+

I’m +Rolling Stones+ in late model rides homey

[Big Marc:]

I’m +Grand Hustlin+, +Disturbin Tha Peace+

I’m +So Def+ puttin +Organized Noize+ in the streets, yeahhhh

I’m smokin earth tones, Chong & Cheech

You beat your meat, at home while I bone your freak (oh!)

[sped up sample: “You, and you, and you, and you

And you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’

You’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gonna love me!”]

[over sample:]

Told ya, you gon’ love me!


[Bridge: x2]

It’s Da Backwudz, slabbin through yo’ back hood

We got dem thangs that’ll make Shaq act good

Known to put dem shiny thangs on the ‘llac hoods

Known to do a little dance if they act good

[sped up sample: “You, and you, and you, and you

And you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gon’

You’re gon’ you’re gon’ you’re gonna love me!”]


AW-AHH! Major Way

D-Decatur, D-D-Decatur

Da Back-Back-bawa-bawa-Backwudz

It’s the shit bitch!

Da Backwudz Wood Grain


The sun is setting

On days of old

I can’t imagine

Not having them to hold

It hurts me deeply

To let this gooooooooo

My cards are played now

No time to follllllld


From red dirt roads to the concrete backstreets

We ride on cowhide, burn wood and grip sweet hickory

Hopin that we can sip sweet victory

to wash down our depression to say hey

Da Backwudz, way far away from the skanless and fake

But it’s more than the country

It’s more than the cigar

It’s the blacktop and the cell block

The havenots without a laptop

For the corporate to the criminal, rhythm and rhyme

A movement, a state of mind

Anything outside the norm to give yo’ soul that warm feelin

Tryin to break this glass ceilin

Da Backwudz

Don’t go too deep, you might get lost


Da Backwudz Welcome 2 Da Backwudz

[Intro: x2]

Are you feelin’ groovy baby

Are you feelin’ good

[Voice over the intro:]

I can’t get no sleep at night, no

But everything seems to be alright

[Verse 1:]


What you wanna do

Sho-Nuff coolest whip

Chevrolet cruise ship, flip down, tip the hip

And I

Walk in the party show me the marley [? ]

Play your women like Atari

Game spittin’ like Ferraris

They wanna’ ride, experience the Harley

First album triple platinum

Shippin’ for more CDs in stores

Wood work, sweep the floor with competition, get permission

Do your best rendition if you wanna’ be hot like boiling pots

Smoke shifted Macintosh [? ]

You gotta’ work hard to earn your spot

First plane car train

Ride it to the Hall of Fame

Like Walter Payton, one date so now your late

‘Cause she broke my concentration, but still I’m optimistic

Got rap by the balls, now we boa constrict it

My flow is so consistent like traffic in the daylight

We take your rapper salary like Don King Fight Night

Up to on the bandwagon, up the system listen good

If somebody ask you what, tell ’em “Welcome to the backwudz”


Chevrolets and Cadillacs

Chronic sacks, chrome flats

Drinkin’ on the cognac

Welcome to the backwudz

Ox tails and collard greens

Fried chicken, rice and beans

Moonshine canteen

Welcome to the backwudz

Crunk with women, po’s, sliders

Baby mommas, pacifiers

Broken windows, slashed tires

Welcome to the backwudz

Pro tools and vocal booths

Microphones, LPs

Super hot sixteen

Welcome to the backwudz

Ya hear me?

[Verse 2:]

What it’s about, the lyrics and beats

We blend ’em both and work the streets

The pens, pads, mics, booths

Make you relax and makin’ you move

All at the same time

We back at the wudz to slang rhymes

We educate through our rhymes

Takin’ my city to cloud nine

We shimmer like Dizzy Gillespie

Down on my knees he blessed me

Givin ’em thanks for talent he gave

Without him there is no me

Church music and oldies and R&B consoled me

But nothin’ sounded better than what the hip hop told me

You act so phony

Bananas in your tailpipe

You only Winn Dixie in your pocket if you save right

Black X and where they at [? ]

Boys who got the chronic sack

Sho-Nuff so tough

Whipping that candy Cadillac

And just for niggas who wanna’s act

I pack at Gat and I’m known to jack

Known to crush a frivilous rapper

Nigga these rappers prone to that

I’m flowin’ like the Mississippi

Rollin’ like a blunt of sticky

Headed to the top of the game

You know Decatur comin’ with me

I believe ‘dat.


Ya hear me?