Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Table Talk

I feel like we very afraid man we fear what they say

How they going to hate us if we fail to keep them areas gray

They telling us to put our weapons down, and bury them blades

Even our peers tell us not to get too carried away

Now I’m afraid to speak out against gays marrying gays

And I’m so slow to be vocal, ’cause they going to say that I’m loco

And they going to say that I’m judgmental, then they going to throw a low blow

Like I’m behind the times and should be in a home like the old folks

I promise you homey I ain’t so slow poke

I know what’s going on and I ain’t moving in slow mo’ {uh}

I like Bono, high society’s fine

And I ain’t’ get a problem with Christians trying to be wise

Or making good music and spitting quality rhymes

I guess I got a problem with Christians trying to hide

You used to be a prophet, but now you trying to be signed

Dag, you done scribbled out all the lines that divide

And I can’t be too surprised, it’s just a sign of the times

If you just give me a moment, I’m trying to balance these lines

‘Cause I think we could use both

Hold on. Break bads

This ain’t about me taking jabs at the latest fads

Now this about all my youngins and the questions they ask

Like “I’m a Christian rapper now, can I wear my name tag?”

Bottom line, you got freedom. I ain’t trying to make the law

It’s whatever, just don’t try to make us all take it off

‘Cause if the label kills my career, then I take the loss

And I ain’t trying to fight you man, this is just table talk

{Yeah man. let go. uh}

This is the best and the worst time for the church

More units, more prime time putting in work {uh}

More music, more dimes dropping down in our purse {uh}

More opporuntities, now the gift and the curse

We in reverse, they want to lull us to sleep

And they hate the church, they want to put us at _ease_

Cause if we can just relax, then they can relax laws

And then they can blackball us whenever we try to speak

And I’m like, “how come they can say whatever they think?”

Whenever we try to stand, I feel like we trying to sneak

Funny ’cause y’all be callin’ that wise

I call it the spirit of compromise

I call it fear to admit you on the side

Let all His enemies scatter and let God arise {uh}

The God of War! {uh}

The Lord of Hosts! {uh}

He ain’t’ behind, He got His thumb on the pulse {uh}

I sit down at the round table to talk

They like “We got a army.”, I’m like “We got a hulk!”

The God who sees, He going to vindicate us!

Can’t let the world of entertainers intimidate us

Cause they inundate with poison, then the generations

We drink it up without thinking what happens minutes later {uh}

Man {it’s} death {that’s why} we speak life

And we trust that our God is with us when we fight {shhh}

The battle ain’t ours, to be precise

I’m really hoping for boldness in the name of Jesus Christ

{Yeah man, I promise you I’m almost done. just stay with me. uh}

The key is remaining sober in the days of Noah

They winning now, but there comes a time when they reign is over

When they bubble going to pop like a case of soda

And we get to run home with the bases loaded

Stand fast! Stand fast in these last days!

Hold on to the Word of God when the masses hate

And keep fighting with combinations like a crack safe

And let God be true, that’s the mandate. {shhh}

{That’s it, I’m done. Yeah man. Let go.}

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Ain’t Goin’ Back

Hey world, you know I gotta be glad to be back

Feel good to be alive, I got my family back

Because he holds it all together and got my family intact

Don’t get it twisted, if the consequences would tragedy last

Yeah, I know you see the flights to Miami and back

Because he holds it all together

But y’all didn’t see when I was broken and financially strapped

When I couldn’t pay my mortgage and I was sleeping on the floor

In my momma’s house homie, practically stripped

Y’all see me right now, I’m on records on shelves

Put a mic in the stage how I’m protecting myself

But y’all didn’t see how that sin was affecting my health

And how the mess that I was in was infecting my cells

And that affected my wealth

Trying eat like a mouse in a cup and trying to stay warm heating the house with the oven

When the devil was speaking through me like the mouth of a puppet

And all the guilt that I carried when I’m out in the public

[Hook – Da’ T.R.U.T.H.:]

Don’t do it, ’cause we did it and God spared us

Don’t do it, ’cause we did it and God spared us

Yeah, ’cause you reap what you sow

And I know that by the power of God’s spirit that…

[Chorus – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & Malski:]

I ain’t goin’ back, back, back

I ain’t goin’ back, back, back

Back to the pain, back to the same, back to the shame, back to the lame

I ain’t goin’ back, back, back

I ain’t goin’ back, back, back

Back to the streets, back to the beef, back to the grief, back to the sleep

I ain’t goin’ back

Shhh… I was about to lose it, snoozin’

Dude and I got the bruises to prove it

Whole lot of confusion brewin’

Should I be honest and tell the truth in this music?

I think so, so this so not for amusement

Because every man is a product of what he chooses

Yeah, I think I got that from the blueprint

So don’t get it confused if I’m hoppin’ off of a cruise ship

I hear the whispers like “I can’t lie”

“If you did it and got away with it, then why cant I?”

This sin is pressing and depressing with my hands high

Smiling in all the pictures like I’m that guy

Yeah, but y’all ain’t see when the pen was signing divorce papers

Support payments, our sin was botching the Lord’s name up

Yeah, but I’m a product of his grace

A product of his grace and the Lord’s favor, and…

[Chorus – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & Malski]


I said goodbye to the money chasing, goodbye to the game

Goodbye to desires or be tires on the Range

Chuck a deuce to pursuits of fittin’ in with y’all man

A bunch of Leroys chasing the fame

You can call me J-A-M-A-Left y’all

Left all then went right, crossed over less bar

B.C. was more Pierce and less Paul

Used to chase the green but I was 3 and appeared small

Nate Rob hops on the track like post up

And point you up to the King like Shaq might

Act right if you’re the one to get your team act right, get your back right

Lead ’em out the night like a flashlight

But in Christ I stay so quick

They say my spit got a neo cough, it’s so sick

I’m on my Drew Brees with the Saints as my clique

Screaming two words in my past…

[Hook – Malski]

[Chorus – Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & Malski]

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. 2 Is Better


I need you and you need me

We need each other

So let’s agree- I’m not complete

The truth is I need you

Two is better than one- you know that three is a cord

Let’s get together and rally around the things of the Lord

Monday, Tuesday- after leaving the doors

Of the church house- when church is out we got a reason to form

A gathering- rather than shooting a breeze at the shore

Our pattern should be gathering to put our knees to the floor

Wednesday, Thursday- this is our season to forfeit

Some of our leisure time just to see Him perform

The wonderful works of our God got to be seated before

Him- I’m talking about community life where we can be strong

That’s where we build each other up- because we in a war

And we’re scooping the younger saints- just to see them mature

The discipline of discipleship should not be seen as a chore

Even though we (are) seeing them yawn, they seem to be bored

We’ve been interdependent beings, since seeds to be born

And isolation is not something that we can afford- we need each other


Before we’re found in a hearse- you know we can’t be bound to the earth

Now, I know this is kind of home- so I’m sounding berserk

But what I mean is if we’re balanced- just as round as the earth

That we can have some casual talk but expound on His worth

Friday- Yahweh gives the power to shirk

The temptation of being idle after hours of work

In the library, my prayer is that we browse through and search

For our spiritual brothers and sisters- blouses and shirts

New friends, new family- gather around the church

Break bread, drink juice or wine and dine as a certain

Way to symbolize our bond as a body- our first

Priority is to love God and out of it’s birthed

An affection for one another- we’re to challenge and spur

Each other on to love and good deeds- admonishments, hurts

Now cut the superficial talk- let’s get down to the dirt

And really help each other change- like what’s down in your purse


Let’s greet with a kiss- symbolizing that the breach has been bridged

Multicultural fellowships are distinctive and since

The Roman soldiers drove nails into His feet and His wrists

You know the walls that separated us have ceased to exist

Yes, yes- now there’s peace in the midst

And family life is the only way that believers consist

‘Cause we can sharpen one another read Ephesians the fifth

Chapter let’s sit after service just to sing and uplift

we need each other

Other, other- brother, brother

Sister, sister- family

Together, together- as one, as one

Let love, let love- knit our hearts

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. 13/30

[Verse 1:]

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

When I see the young ones amongst us

I pray that they hunger for God while the sun’s up

While still summer time before it’s winter time

I pray that they would come up

Before they reach old age and they can take a fall

And their knees won’t break and they see no gray

They teeth don’t shake, before the wrinkled face, and they relocate yeah

Where’re my daylight soldiers with a teenage frame

But a faith like grownups, play time’s over

The weight on my shoulders

Comes from the young that say “I’ll wait ’til I’m older”

But why wait ’til you’re 35

You can be mature for your age in the Word of God

Faith can be certified

Laced in a shirt and tie

You can be 13 going on 30 Ahhh


Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

Can’t judge a book by it’s cover

I know what you see will make you wonder

I’m just acting older than my number


[Verse 2:]

They say the children are the future

That’s far from the truth but that’s what we tell our youth groups

And since that’s what they’ve become used to

It’s hard for them to offer themselves to be useful

No wonder they on YouTube all day and night

Cause it’s like they ain’t useful ’til they put on a new suit

So we tell’em welcome to the new school

Yes we need the old school, look at what the Jews do

At age 5, little Jewish kids with an able mind, retain all five

Books of the Pentateuch, rain or shine

They are trained to abide at every age stage of their lives

So to say “I’m too young” is an age old lie

Cause the early bird catches the worm, it’s your turn

So you ain’t gotta live all earthly

When you can be 13 going on 30


Age ain’t nothing but a number

Can’t judge a book by it’s cover

I know what you see will make you wonder

I’m just acting older than my number


[Verse 3:]

They say a child shall lead them, but who gon train’em?

Who gonna lead’em? Who gon Feed’em? Who gonna teach’em?

Take’em out on the weekend, show’em how to stand like Daniel and his three friends

You know it’s gotta be us talkin’ bout you and I, all of the adults

Culturally aware with our thumbs on the pulse

You know it’s up to us to show the young how to walk

Look at Lebron James, he was 19 when he got in the game

Pushin’ rock in the lane, Dakota Fanning holdin’ a fan club, 7 years old when they rolled in the cameras

Joseph, Daniel, what about Samuel?

Mary in the manger, all teenagers yeah

If they could serve God early, then you can be 13 going on 30


Age ain’t nothing but a number

Can’t judge a book by it’s cover

I know what you see will make you wonder

I’m just acting older than my number


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Applying The Big Picture

[Kirk Franklin:]

Ok, so you may be wondering: what does all of this have to do with me?

How does this story really impact my life?

See, seeing the big picture will always change the way you live, because it shapes the way you think about this life and the life to come.

So if you’re seeing the big picture when you are experiencing pain, you’ll think of Joseph, who endured so much hardship in order that the generations of Israel might be preserved.

See, if you’re seeing the big picture, while living in a world full of prejudice and bias, you can always be reminded that God’s intention has always been for us to love our brother, and embrace each other’s differences, as long as our differences submit themselves to God and his Word.

The big picture even addresses the internal struggle between our desires and the will of God.

In all things, God wants us to see the big picture.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Hunger Games

(We’re always choosing misery because we haven’t planned to say no to that second helping, or that drink, or that look in the magazine, or getting out of bed in the morning and so we surrender in the moment to the God of the…)

Coulda’ been wise, shoulda’ listened to the prophet

But ya lil’ homie told you you should try it ‘fore you knock it

And you did it, you got with it, and it felt so microscopic

That’s until you tried to quit it and you found you couldn’t stop it

Slave now addicted to the rush. (to the rush)

It’s what you crave now, cannot get enough

You a Christian on a mission and that battle here is tough

And the matter that you grapple with is battlin’ with lust. (I know)

Just took another peek into the magazines, (magazines)

Dipped another finger in the Vaseline, (Vaseline)

Flesh was on fire, gave it gasoline

And this was just a battle for ya average teen, (haha)

And every human with a beatin’ heart

Every Christian struggles but we pressin’ just to meet the mark

Supernatural powers runnin’ through us cause we need the spark

But can determine if we Spider Man or Peter Parker. (haha)

And I’m confused now, which one is it?

Losers? Are we Winners? Are we Saints or are we sinners?

And I’m tryna’ figure out if we victims or we victors

But I guess it all depends on what you cookin’ up for dinner. (I’m gone)


This power’s runnin’ through my veins. (I’m gone)

I can change if I wanna change. (I’m gone)

Temptations drivin’ me insane. (I’m gone)

Welcome to the Hunger Games

They say you is what you eatin’

And you really love God, you’ve been shining like a beacon

And you solid, you got knowledge, you been walkin’ in your freedom

And you faithful through the week but you be fightin’ on the weekends

I know the Christian life’s a struggle now

Friday night is poppin’ and the city life is buzzin’ now

That’s about the time you used to call out for another round

Now you gotta choose between life and the underground

Feel like you owe it to yourself, don’t you?

Sin is magnetic (shhh) when it pulls ya

Tryna pull away but it keeps pushin

And you want it bad, but you know it’s poison

You like, “My God I feel so powerless!”

Crying out to Heaven sayin, “Jesus I know I’m a mess.”

Looking at the hours left, Jesus get me outta this

Cause you know we losin if we try to fight in our own strength

Screaming: God SAVE ME, God SAVE ME!

I know I gotta die daily, die daily

If I need deliverance from gluttony and fine ladies

I know I’m winnin’ with the strength that God gave me. (I’m gone)


(Uh) Yea you winning man, you winnin’ man

Victory in Jesus sends you strength into ya inner man

Yea we give em Jesus when we playing down in WinterJam

Cause we want to help them to come up with a preventive plan. (Yea)

Preparation is the key

I’m on it, on my diet just the make it through the week

And man I know that all my strength is gon’ be based on what I eat

So then if I deny my belly then I’m faithful when I’m weak

I’m gone…

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. The Jesus Anthem

[The Tonic:]

Hey, its 5 in the morning (Whoo)

The young boy ready to get in here (hahaha)

TRUTH, CM, Hey you grown now (get it)


[Da’ TRUTH:]

We do missions for Christ Jesus

And we don’t need to rock suits, cause we can preach the Gospel in our wife beaters

White sneakers, striped Adidas, like to speak the Truth

The Good News to hood dudes or to whomever’s listening

Cause every listener ain’t grow up a thug and everybody ain’t been popped with a slug

Matter of fact, matter fact, most of y’all probably grew up just like me

You ain’t never put your lips to a drug

Probably grew up pretty normal

Probably grew up in a warm home

You ain’t never grow up strapped having to scrap over wardrobes

And you ain’t never been the type to like cornrows

Many y’all grew up with pretty decent morals

And you were taught that all roads lead to Him

That’s why it sounds so crazy when we be like “Yo, believe in Him,” (breath) breathe again

Seek and you’ll find, the past is repeating itself it’s like the streets on rewind

Move forward ain’t you sick of the boredom ain’t you sick of the grind

The brick of mortar, without surely being assured

Of where you going when you die, we can provide you with truth

Young dudes serving God in our youth, and it’s like

[Hook – The Tonic:]

They got questions man, He got answers

You can trust Him man or take chances

You can trust Him now or throw tantrums

If you trust him, rally around this Anthem

Jesus [x8]


He is no fool who gives what he can’t keep to gain what he could never loose

Jim Elliot’s rule, him hell never fooled, his food, to do the will of Him who sent him

Until his belly was full

Now that’s fuel for fire, used to inspire

You to inquire about the truth but there’s a liar

Cooking up a plot, cookin’ up a pot of lies, pushing up those dollar signs

Who connects the dots on them doted lines

I can get signed if I sign right here, right here? Yeah

Nah, took my careet and hang glided off the side of a mountain mounted to nothing

Accept the One that I’m trustin’ not doubtin’ like Thomas but clutchin’ His promises

Hold on, what the problem is?

You don’t know what time it is hunting those shiny designer bondages

While moms and kids still struggle in the hood

Juggling the jobs, poppa trying to stop smuggling the goods

I could’ve still been the one trying to be persistent and beat the system

But the Lord led me to seek His wisdom

Was secret and hidden but now all men can see what was written and be forgiven

And get the instructins we need for livin’

Like that y’all


[The Tonic:]

Now every designer ain’t a Gabanna

And every material girl ain’t a Madonna

But if every design has a designer

Before you start chatting on it

Know when it comes to creation, God’s got a patent on it

Involuntary heart beat, automated lungs

Thoughtless eye blinks, taste buds on the tongue

Body’s immune system fighting things that try to damage it

Sleep, digestion, even waste management

Who gets the credit, who takes it all

Never big bang, never apes, never Neanderthal

It’s foolish to think it’s all coincidental

I know it’s touchy…I’ll keep it gentle (check it)

50…just sat in a house

Without thinking disses for Jah just ran out his mouth

Ain’t it bug how Timbs are made

That sole is a natural outgrowth from the suede

I know it sounds crazy but while you sleep a whole bottle of Remy seeped in your pores

And ended up in your gut, and that blingin your ice

Is ’cause little men live on the inside and yo they just shining they lights

If you believe this and would teach it to your sons and daughters

Get a MRI done on your headquarters

This little exercise, is to un-anesthetize

And wake up man to the Glory that’s forever Gods

Not to wake up and quicky fall back asleep

But to wake up and follow Christ, like his sheep

Cause by Him and for Him, things were created

And can’t be properly questioned or debated

And it’s Truth to the seeking soul who can stand it

And now understands why they exist on the planet, like that y’all


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Fantasy



See a lot of people think

That life is about having things,

But we came to talk to ya’ll today

About One who’s greater than anything you could ever have.


You say this life is all you have.

But you waste it time and time again.

I pray that you could see how beautiful

Is the One that you’ve been searching for.

Find new life in Christ.

[Verse 1:]

What what what’s your fantasy?

Front row in the Grammy seats,

Hotel resorts, tailored shorts, fancy smeets on Miami beach?

Where the climate’s warm and your in hot water like a bag of tea,

Or watching the day go by on rodeo drive with bags and receipts?

What what’s your fantasy?

Tell me what what do you plan to be.

In five years what are your ideas to the good life? Come on answer me.

Honestly what do you dream about?

Palm trees or the scenic route

Or a calm breeze seated out on the sun porch of your dream house.


(See a lot of people think

That if they just had money,

They’d be alright.

But we came to offer you Jesus.)

[Verse 2:]

Do you like what your life

Don’t like what you see?

If only you could be what you see in TV:

Short hair, long legs, full lips, white tee, new whip, new chain, new fresh white tee.

If this is what makes you love you,

Then what is left when these are through?

The truth is awaiting.

What will you believe in?


I wish that you could see

That beauty is fleeting,


And the love that you seek

Is right in front of you.


(Be not deceived

The heavens and the earth will pass away.

Money will pass away.

Cars will pass away.

Houses will pass away.)


(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)


Say goodbye to earthly goods

Turn to Jesus

(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)

King Solomon says it’s all empty at the end of the day.


(You can say goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye)

Jesus says life doesn’t exist in the abundance of things


(You don’t have to cry Christ. Cry no more.)

Look to the One who’s superior.



(Don’t waste your life.


Jesus came to give real life.

It’s life abundant.)

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Misconceptions

In the Hip-Hop culture

Everybody believes in heaven

By in large, nobody goes to hell

Biggie said, “When I die I wanna go to hell because I’m a piece a mess

And it ain’t hard to tell

I don’t wanna go to heaven with the goodies

Man, I wanna go to hell with the dudes in black hoodies”

For the money and the power

Why would he? I don’t know

Why put him in the place that he said he ain’t wanna go?

Ain’t no promise for tomorrow

Lord have mercy on my soul

Man, we sick of blowing smoke

Man, we Christians, we ain’t politicians

So, naturally, they got a problem with it

Hate to be the bearer of the bad news

Just like I said this ain’t my opinion

Let’s take the murder in the Beatles story

They shot John Lennon, died prematurely

Every heart will bear for these loved ones

They shot him dead before he reached his forties

He wrote a note,”Oh, is Jesus for me?”

I just wanna know if God is real

It’s a quote and it’s been reported

“if He is then I want out of hell”

It’s such a shame when it gets distorted

Yeah, we talking about loving bail

It’s such a shame that he departed

I pray we never change if it’s out of fear

All these misconceptions

Headed my direction

Looking for an answer

Which way do I go?

All my imperfections

Can we find an answer?

Which way do I go?

Man, they got us running scared

Gotta talk it rapid and it’s so unfair

I thought America was land of the free

Can’t talk about it in the public square

Keep it to yourself like a private eye

Nobody talk about it till it’s homicide

They only seem to talk about his love

Nobody talked about the other side

I’m not a judge, only God is

I can not pretend to know where Pac is

I can not pretend to where Powe went

All I know is death is like a pop quiz

Where do I go when I finish here?

What if I repent and say the sinner’s prayer?

What happens when I disappear?

How can the love of God send us there?

All these misconceptions

Headed my direction

Looking for an answer

Which way do I go?

All my imperfections

Can we find an answer?

Which way do I go?

[Dr. Ravi Zacharias:]

I will tell you this, Emmanuel

If I did not believe in the reality of hell

I don’t think I would be in this ministry

It is not just the longing for heaven

It is the legitimate shunning

Of pain which is what hell to me is

The absence of God and it’s not an after say to say it’s happening in this world

What happened to Hitler in this world?

What happens to many in this

There are murderers running free today about whom we know nothing

And they’ll never get caught

They are quite happy to be doing all of the crime

Why not go and have a shootout after a funeral if there is no hell?

But, on the other hand, if I’m told by mother, “Don’t put your hand into that flame. It will burn.”

It’s a natural law at work

There is a spiritual law at work too

You determine to live apart from God

And you will spend your eternity precisely that way

I’m afraid that we’ve gotten soft

God is not a villain that the muscles bought

What about the people that are never hurt?

All I know is everybody saw the cannibal

All I know, he’s a judge and he judges right

It’s what I told em’ all on the other night

If you believe that you can break the law you can go to jail

When you breaking the law of heaven

You can go to hell


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Meeting Of The Minds

[Da’ T.R.U.T.H.:]

Dr. Zacharias

[Dr. Ravi Zacharias:]

Good to be with you

[Da’ T.R.U.T.H.:]

Good to meet you too. As I expressed to you earlier, this is a surreal moment for me. I know you heard it a million times, but I grew up on your ministry. So much of what you have done has helped to shape my theology. It has helped to affirm my Christian convictions and help empower me to be equipped when engaging with people who ask very penetrating questions

[Dr. Ravi Zacharias:]

I’m honored to do that. Thank you

Have you do what you’re doing, you’re reaching a generation and a kind of thinking that many of us can’t do. So, you know we are on the same mission, Emmanuel. I thank God for you guys that have the same gifts that you have and using it for the same purpose. Thank you for being here