Deep Blue Something So Precious

Mi hijo,

I know she make you psycho

Add to that, my son,

We all believe – she’s freaky freaky

Out of the mouth of a child:


I am alive

I live my life only to ask

And be denied.

Siam Sam

Loved the coffee shops in Amsterdam

He say, “You look funny, man”

I say, “That’s my plan. I’m freak freak.”

Out of the mouth of a child:



Deep Blue Something Cherry Lime Rickey

So begin, and speak of loss.

On the path behind us two shadows also walk.

We concede and believe that as the morning becomes the day

We can only follow as the shadows walk away.

Who will love cherry lime Rickey? She loves you.

You or me ch-ch-cherry lime Rickey? She loves you.

And to she paints to pass the time

– and every scene from the divine to the vile.

Once while painting me

She said she could bring heaven to any eye

I said, “No artist can.”

She said, “Just smile.

Motherfucker smile!”

You know all I know

You’ve seen all I’ve seen

Not too hard to make you believe

Deep Blue Something Halo

Souls Suffer the landscape

In,shrouds of dew, as ghosts.

Their eternity is for searching

But a certin dissension grows.

I’ve seen them wander,

Voices raised in prayer

Consorting in whisper,

They curse the ones not there.

If you didn’t want this and i didn’t need it,

Then how has this interest become addicition?

If you didn’t want it, they why can’t you do without?

I know I’m not your first one,

But I pray I’ll be your last

I’ve seen you cry before,

But I know I make you laugh.

I know and you know, you’ve heard this all before…

These arms are holding on.

This heart won’t stray from home.

I know, I know…

God tell me, where’s my Halo?

Deep Blue Something Josey

Take my head out of my hands,

I’ll never go through this again.

I couldn’t do it without my friends.

Get it out of me,

And I won’t,

I won’t

Sweat it.

“Jack Flo and Josey 19,

Come on in, I hope you’re clean.

Do you know how to use this thing?”

I know, I know.

What do you want and where you go

And wherever you go, I’ll go

We’ll never let it come to this

This comforts me, ’cause I know

We can do most anything-

To this I toast and go home.

Don’t ever let them pull me out

And I know I’m not alone.

So you think you can change my world,

And the thoughts of my little girl,

All of these thing are in my head,

And she says, she said. . .

Deep Blue Something Page Me Wolverine

Another monday morning,

a pot of coffee.

(you never throw a change-up.)

God bless the good caffeine

as the one accepted demon

you’re never letting go of…

a smile on your face befits your place

(MTV’s the running joke that everybody knows)

we have our little ways to waste our days…

light, urban, terrorism.

we’re burning the new gods.

page me wolverine. page me wolverine. page me wolverine. you’re welcome to my machine.

page me wolverine. page me wolverine. page me wolverine. you’re welcome to my machine.

take up all your free time

listening to b-sides

and find a new messiah.

we’re mixing the solution,

calling it cold fusion.

tell me, can you dig that?

starting out ascent

we then begin

(we’re only getting higher.)

tell someone to speak up

of what we’re in need of.

“the warriors killed cyrus.”

blaming it off on me

page me wolverine. page me wolverine. page me wolverine. you’re welcome to my machine. [x10]

Deep Blue Something 7 A.M.

Sister, sister

We’ve got to talk, sit down

I don’t think you’ve heard what’s going round

I don’t think they should know about us

So don’t tell them where we were tonight

Don’t tell them the bands we saw tonight

Don’t tell them the drugs that made me sway


It’s 7 A.M. Cassandra

It’s 7 A.M. where have you been?

It’s 7 A.M. where is your brother now?

Don’t whisper, don’t whisper

Don’t whisper, it’ll be the death of me

Don’t tell them, don’t tell them

Don’t tell them, they’ll put us both away


Deep Blue Something Pullman, Washington

Crawl to the window

Whisper to me if it snowed

We’ll plot to murder each other

And I’ll be your alibi.

Bind me with wire

Tell me your favorite vice

And I’ll discuss my childhood

– If you need a sedative.

I like rain,

the innocence in praying,

The faded faintly childhood

smell of plastic

When it’s set to burn

Angel dust, the two of us,

Fresh-faced reminders

of lessons that we’ll

Never learn.

I see you’re sleeping

You always can cry if it helps

My soul is by the telephone

– If you’re needing sympathy.

And the rain won’t wash away

all that you hold to be true

It remains somehow indifferent

– Regarding the weatherman.

Deep Blue Something Byzantium

This time it was your fault

Don’t lay the trip on me

We’re sailing to Byzantium

Out across a shiftless sea

All that you say you’re not

Slave to all you’ve got

Sad to hear you lie

Worse to believe it.

A second from infinity and

Heaven hangs above our heads

One thought from oblivious and

You forget what you said

Sella, leave us nothing

Undine, never leave the sea

I would be a bridge to both

Blister, patch, and peel.

Deep Blue Something 11th Song

The final hour

She left me hanging

Said rest assure

Head wasn’t banging

I left her there

Said go to hell

And thought it nothing

To kiss and tell

Put her down

And left her tongue-tied

I said your soul

Nearly just died

She pulled me up

Said go to hell

It should mean something

To kiss and tell

Another day

I left her crying

Said rest assure

I wasn’t lying

I put her down

Said go to hell

It don’t mean nothing

To kiss and tell

Deep Blue Something William H. Bonney

Everyday a brand-new masquerade

In every page –

A perfect lie that lies in wait.

Save the best mask for me.

Open door, you’re free to take the world.

But make no mistake –

You’ve got to find your soul to save your self

I am Illuminatus.

Oh yeah, I’m sure my dad can lick your dad,

Your mother wears army boots man

Your sister’s been with everyone.

No ma’am that must have been

Someone else then

I’m the one call the door mouse

They call me “kid insatiable”

Open hand, remember who’s the man

If you make a fist –

Prepare to bring the gun, and in it’s wake

To lose the life you wanted.

Soldier boy, hey watcha fightin’ for?

Is it you or me?

Did you join the corps to prove yourself?

Well all our prayers are with you.