Dilated Peoples Annihilation

[Malik B] “I annihilate your type if you violate” [x4]


The beginning, yeah

You know, it’s never too late to start over


Yeah yo yo yo I’m the type to sneak into your dorm and get shit warm

I’m the type to spit on microphones and leave em deformed

Babu cuts into Alchemist instrumentals

Gemini, this Twin Peaks like David Lynch do

Or does, bustin off for every place I been though

I’m hard to see through like lodges wit no windows

Sparks the beginning of the end of the dark

See I flood the stage hard, now you swimmin wit sharks

Rappers are cocky, but on the low, I know they watch me

Cuz weapons in my music like I’m El Mariachi

Or Desperado, pushin at full throttle

Rock till I’m horse/hoarse like broncos from Colorado

“I annihilate your type if you violate”

We are the Peoples from the crew they call the Dilated

[Cut and scratched by Babu] “I annihilate your type if you violate”

(Iriscience, World Famous Babu)


Aiyyo my weed stays fresh in the jar when the lid’s tight

Reminiscing on memories from last midnight

Time constraints why I hate music biz

I counterpunch clocks, pay no attention what time it is

Chop shit, bend notes, clear no samples

Drop my thoughts quick on Sony audio handheld

Delve and breaks heat will take it to the streets

Whattup to Rhett and Carlos, all peeps at Fat Beats

Street sweep, strip the lock after we rock

The world is in my hand, but I’m in Pandora’s Box

Think the bigger picture is how I write my scripture

(An immediate response) Or maybe later it’ll hit ya

“I annihilate your type if you violate”

[Iriscience] I’m Iriscience from the crew they call the Dilated

“I annihilate your type if you violate”

[Evidence] Evidence, I’m from the crew called Dilated

“I annihilate your type if you violate”

[Both] We are Peoples from the crew they call the Dilated

[Cut and scratched] “I annihilate your type if you violate”


Never test my integrity or doubt I’m learnin lessons

I’m the type of person always be the last to leave the session

It’s etched in, stone, I’m Mikes/mics wit headphones

My mind’s a mini-clock latchin on to tones

My demeanor can’t be shattered, I’m followed by the man

I follow through a fully-executed blueprint plan


I grab a crate for my DJ and work wit a can

I rock a break for the people till the girls wanna dance

I don’t need jewels to shine, just I bring the flows

Besides, I keep losin all my rings at shows

The way things are lookin, even heaven is crooked

And if your lighter’s missing maybe Evidence took it

[Answering machine]

“This is Ev, leave a message….Have a good day” [Beep]

“Have a good day? Yo how many lighters you got in your pocket

right now, man? That shit is wrong, you do this every time”

“I annihilate your type if you violate” [Cut and scratched in background]

[Evidence (Iriscience)]

I annihilate, what if you violate my crew

(Dilated yeah yeah that’s us, that’s how we doin it)

Iriscience uh, Evidence, DJ Babu, uh Alchemist

(We rockin the old world, the new)

Everywhere on the map, it’s lookin smaller and smaller

Dilated Peoples Poisonous

You’re like, what’s ya name ma?

Should’ve run from her, the girl’s


You made a bad move

She’s from a bad crew, they’re all


She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous


She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us


She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous


Some chick in the club you can’t trust

Front like they fans only out for your buck

Front like they don’t have a man and such

You start holdin’ hands, that’s when the van pulls up

It’s tight situations like this

You know the risk, roll the dice, hit or miss

She feelin’ me? Well, she got different motives

A candy shell to cover up the poison

I don’t have to pretend

You know the type to fuck around with a man’s best friend

You know the type out to do you wrong ‘cuz you don’t spend

Enough time or enough bread


It’s the chicks that I let on the bus

I took one in the back, the other stole my stuff


It’s the season of the vict’, that night I got picked

I’m telling you now, they’re dangerous to touch


She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous


She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous


She’s poisonous

Can ’cause serious harm

Just one touch

She playin’ with your heart

Like she was in Toys R Us

Ignore your trust

She’s poisonous


You thinkin’ it’s love but that’s lust

You feelin’ like she’s a drug with that touch

She breaks hearts ‘cuz her heart got crushed

And loves cash, but she loves credit cards as much

She like the creole, for real, or maybe Puerto Rico

No self-esteem, but fronts the biggest ego

Never knew her father, her mother used to drink though

Her step-father had a peep show through every keyhole

Sweet and wholesome, he stole her innocence

Now he’s up in Folsom, and she’s the venomous

Hates men and dates them to rape them

For payback to pay bills she breaks them

Catch her at the bar, vanilla coke and Stoli’s

Now she throwin’ bait, reelin’ them in slowly

She wants celebrities, ‘cuz she can hustle that

A cat from the Mav’s of the Cav’s double back

They threw a couple back, they had a couple laughs

He was in trouble when he offered her a bubble bath

He didn’t strap up, she ’bout to make him splash

Plan B was the get the hat up out the trash

And get the turkey baster, she’s thinking tall paper

She cracked a smile when he told her that he’d call her later

She’s gonna hit the lotto, she wants them all to pay her

Especially all them entertainers and ballplayers

She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous


She ain’t the one to trust

She’ll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She’s dangerous to touch

Stay away she’s poisonous





Dilated Peoples Century Of The Self

[Hook – Catero:]

We the people of the future

Seem to see the evil known

Secret systems, regulations, worldwide pandemonium

[Verse 1 – Rakaa:]

Now I don’t bother with if Jay’s Illuminati or not, but

I know TSA got me throwing the Roc up

Hollywood rules, the illusion is cruel

Bank awards planned and confusions are tooled

In fact, vampire swarms attack us, grappled with corporate Draculas

Tried to consume our worlds, battled Unicron, Galactus

They put the weapons at us and they back aristocrats up

I say it’s big business when they bring the secret frats up

Big pharma, check the rate of disease

Big agra, GMOs and the fate of the bees

Big oil, seven sisters still drill as 4 horsemen

Blocking natural power then raping nature for fortune

It’s unfortunate, century of the self

Creditors loansharking, eager parents empty the shelf

Universal babysits, Jimmy Iovine raised their kids

Then they wonder how and why we’re caught up on this craziness


[Verse 2 – Rakaa:]

It’s a complete disaster, a glass ceiling and a greasy ladder

Hit the leader, strike the shepherd and the sheep’ll scatter

Demons playing God, born again or born in sin

More in danger when they see the clouds with haarp storms begin

Some say it’s fiction, some say Egyptian

Others prayed with strangers and they somehow traded land and culture for religion

Slavery ain’t color, bodies for these private prisons

Military biz is booming, private armies pilot missions

Fisa courts unchecked, watching prism watchers, NDAA

Interpretations, now the system got ya

The net has been bugged, call for the exterminators

Micro drones have been home, Daarpa’s building terminators

Watch out for the shills, traitors cut a deal

Or agents planted, manipulating games from the field

Republicans want the old days, democrats new slaves

Bigger business wants it all and they don’t care who pays


Dilated Peoples Firepower


King Shango and Rakaa getting hotta/

Getting in tacka/ Now the whole place locka/

Fya man seh bun dem, bun dem/ Mek wi bun dem,

un dem/ Killing out di daughters and di son dem,

dun dem/ Blaze up di fya mek it bun dem/ Bun out dem

bombs and dem bullets and dem gun dem [Repeat]


The fire starts with a spark/ Then a shift up in

the mind/ People scared to be themselves/ Seem happy

to live a lie/ Give thanks for collie weed/ Never ever

sniff a line/ Conquering Lion/ 225th in line/ If we say

we’re “Pro-War”/ Only in the fight for peace/ Man, that

means no war/ Think the price of life is cheap?/ But

we’re saying “No More” / Righteous recognize the beast/

Fireman’ll baptize/ Burn ’em the light and heat/ Forward

to the power in a phrase like/ “Acts Of God”/ Prophet

said he saw the flood waters rise/ And the flow was hard/

I was really shocked to see/ The truth was exposed as hard/

While the media was focused/ On the words by Kanye/ What

was it I just heard the President’s Mom say?/ People here

are frustrated/ Still got a long way/ Fed up but remember/

Self Destruction is the wrong way

[Rakaa & Capleton]

Too much ratat…/ Keep it pon lock if you’re gonna use one/

(Remember that)/ Ratat…/ Strictly self defense or for

revolution/ (Remember that)

[Chorus (Capleton)]

They think I’m crazy/ But di tables have to turn/ They

think I’m crazy/ But di fya have to burn/ They think

I’m crazy/ But di children have to learn/ They think

I’m crazy/ Wow, wow, oh


Rakaa tell dem seh fi bun dem, bun dem, bun dem, bun dem,

bun dem, bun dem/ If dem kill di daughters and di son dem,

bun dem/ Bun dem out dem bullet and and dem bomb and dem

gun dem/ Wah mi seh fi bun dem, bun dem, bun dem, bun dem,

bun dem, bun dem/ Serious mi serious ain’t makin no fun

then/ Weh mi seh fi bun dem, bun dem, bun dem, bun dem,

bun dem, bun dem/ Listen to di words weh a come off a mi

tongue/ Rakaa tell mi seh


It’s Dilated with the Prophet/ Capleton the Fireman/

Visions of the future’s clear/ Reign Of Fire in his hand/

Crown Prince Rakaa/ Preacher’s son with a higher plan/

Coconut and carrot chalice/ Looking for the kaya man/

Babylon is vexed with us/ They should read Exodus/ Moses

and the burning bush/ Incense in Leviticus/ Lamb’s Bread

sacrament/ Check out 1st Corinthians/ Shipped of to

America/ All through the Caribbean/ No it’s not an

accident/ Gangbangin and the dope/ Guns and crack are

lynching youth/ Swinging from a hangman’s rope/ Addicts

wanna shoot up/ Pop pills/ Wanna drink and toke/

Automatics spit hot/ You can still se the smoke

[Rakaa & Capleton]

Too much ratat…/ Keep it pon lock if you’re gonna use one/

(Remember that)/ Ratat…/ Strictly self defense or for

revolution/ (Remember that)


Well bingyman wi haffi mek a decision/ Caan mek dem

distract wi from Jah Jah mission/ Dem a worry bout mi sight

and ask bout mi vision/ Dem want to know weh certain things

it derive from/ From di injustice and di manipultation/

Death without dignity and exploitation/ So mi go, go ask di

wicked man/ Weh dem dem pan/ Why dem haffi build so much

evilous weapon/ So mi go, go ask di wicked man/ Why dem

haffi build so much evilous weapon



Dilated Peoples Hallelujah

[Verse 1: Fashawn]

Ayo, hoes holler hallelujah, how I maneuver

Passenger’s side with Ruger, kinda sewer

My mind is a sewer, infested with garbage

Crime, rhyming and music, disrespecting the market

Like a Mexican martyr, boy, I do it to death

Nothing left with the carcass, squeeze a Tec on the target

Aim the wreck at your artist, flames, a mess on the carpet

Then hit everything except for the daughter

Cat burglar to a merciful murderer

Certainly not with the circus, they trying serve

I’m either too hood for my own good

Or I’m too good for my own hood

Cold is the climate in the hearse

Where they found me in the dirt, too demonic for the church

I body any and everybody until the day they put my body in the earth

This is ghetto gossip while I work

[Verse 2: Rapsody]

Live from Venice, the something menace

Put me in the Guinness for raising hell up for all the sinners

High as tinters, violinists, I string them all along

Tied to the flow like water skis in the red ocean

Hang like an apostrophe, any MC no Qu’ran

I prayed to the God, then prayed on their bodies all at once

Sun setting, never regretting the day’s events are gone

Forgive me for my sins, with everything that I [?]

Sweaty, sick as spaghetti, my noodle machete sharp

To niggas that wanna spark, I pray for you, hallelujah

Quick as a cougar when I maneuver

You spit maneuver, eating Peruvian in my rishwa pen

Pretty Julia Robinson, I’m a woman robbing you

Of your coolness, part of the reach like the stewardess

Underground like the sewage is, who fucking with the kid?

Did this show evidence?

International, such an animal, yeah I really been

Killing on the daily, you niggas crazy and asterisk

Star, follow me you could probably find the main jar

I been major, it’s Rapsody, boy

[Verse 3: Rakaa]

I don’t trust the score, I’ve been baffled by judges’ cards before

Never leave it in their hands, that’s the art of war

I learned the proper punching power started from the floor

Ground up, renovate, a wall is just another door

Resurrected like the phoenix, blazing every stage

Spread my wings and fly, but gravity’s a heavy cage

Hellfire and heaven’s rage on every page

Revelation propaganda, maybe it’s the seven plagues

Aiming at the tower, same commercial, different station

They stuck on training wheels and tracing paper, vapor chasing

I’m half amazing, a quarter sinner, a quarter savior

Fascinated, Rakaa seen the wretched paint the righteous painting

My travel agent’s favorite, preacher’s son, no sign of fading

The lights weaponized, fireworks at night displaying

The blazing arrows fly, a thousand points of light just raining

Careful when you’re in the quarters, chariots are hydroplaning

[Verse 4: Domo Genesis]

Fucker, we from the hundreds now

Kill a fuck assumption, we bucking off or we ducking down

Couple blocks away from the form, check how we run this town

You fuckers get this work in this bun, check my circumference now

Circle wasn’t set stretching, yoga flame

Hottest rapper in the streets and they don’t even know his name

Kept the dope, boy, and I ain’t even need a golden chain

I’m focused, man, you shooting like a rookie that don’t know his range

Smoking, watch me go insane, opus and the novacaine

Shit was once an open game, we got it by a rope and chain

Losing all control of wild paintings in my broken brain

I don’t think you get it, scrap me down for anything you niggas sending at me

Young niggas flexing, mean mugs but trigger happy

I’m getting high, I don’t ever let a minute pass me

I’m feeling famished, bitch, I’m sick of fasting

About that action, we can get it cracking

Never find shit to match

[Verse 5: Evidence]

I caught a body, they called it a verse

Called the cops, I caught the life, they calling a hearse

Pain is easy in reverse, I think pleasure hurts

The first rule is win, the second’s don’t forget the first

I think the worst now behind us

Hello first-timers, it’s welcome to one-liners

Question anything against the center of alignment

This rock ain’t a diamond until it’s polished up and shining

Decide to ride the retro minutes to the summit’s peak

Others fall trying to climb it because their stomach weak

When we climbing in the summer heat

They throwing shade against the team when the others meet

Despite the [?]

After this drops, nothing’s best kept but nothing’s secret

If nothing’s nothing, then what the fuck is getting even?

Just an odd man out, another duck in season

What’s yours is yours, what’s mines is mines

It seems as simple as it simply rhymes

I keep the simpleton spit in all the sympathy lines

I mean it’s Craig G rap came on symphony shines

[Verse 6: Vinnie Paz]

Slay the Nazarene, you just fire water, I’m gasoline

It ain’t A day in Philly if I don’t pass a fiend

It’s blood everywhere, similar assassins seem

Purify the water, correlate the tour to a maccabee

You think that you could box a Vinnie? Dummy, that’s obscene

The nine milli, silly, dummy, but the mac is mean

The downstairs wild pretty, but the attic clean

You have unbearable lightness and just a lack of being

You ain’t built to shoot the fire with me, that’s the thing

I’m only after one thing, money, that’s the rings

I’m only after one head, money, that’s the king’s

A rack on a bigger rack and so he have to sing

I got an Ingraham Mac Eleven and it has a beam

And that’s a beautiful love there, it has a gleam

You wasn’t in a platoon, cousin, cause that was Shane

Old school, still loaded the guns with Vaseline

[Verse 7: Action Bronson]

Selling the J dirty boogie, gray hoodie, hit the dougie

Pinky rings on racks of chicken nuggets

Shit’s like shooting fish in a bucket, damn the hummus

I’m in Japan for the summer, land the plane

Or Jamaica, black rain in the forecast

Four-four class, open a stolen Accord door and haul ass

Body disposed by Albanian doorman for four grand, aw man

I throw the lamb in the ground and leave it overnight

You ain’t ever seen this in your life

You ain’t used to being where I been to, Curly and my men do

You ain’t been through shit I been through

This is limited edition, 666 driven

Tryna keep from out of prison

So I lay low, throwing dice, tomato sauce for the boss

Place the crib over the cross, it’s us

Dilated Peoples Closed Session

[Verse 1 (Skandalous)]

Motherfuckers they wanna test me

Pull out the blunt nigga I’ll wreck your shit

I’m out that window with my 44, another fucking hit

Don’t know who to trust with my shit

I’m in this click, you in my hood you better know who you fucking with

Who you stepping with, Skandalous fucking dangerous

Bitches brains I bust, feel the lust in God we trust

Nigga I’m at your door, don’t pray to God cause you done lost your grace

Been in this game for too long you bout to lose your face

I got the mind of a psycho ass ??

As I take another hit on this shit nigga you dead

Never ask forgiveness told the Lord to give me grace

You talked some shit front your boys and as result you lost your face

Blood all over the place I’m counting the fucking bodies dropping

I know my destiny cause I can hear the devil knocking

I done sent body and soul to my eternal flames you best believe

I numb them bodies and play my fucking game

I sold my soul at an early age

And now my hearts releasing daemons in a rage

My eyes in a daze

Evertime I close my eyes to go to sleep I see the visions coming

Is juices running when ya done in

Fear only make me curious, I’ll never be afraid

But if you slip you pay your life here come the light now nigga they


Crack scarfs for my fucking glory

Talking shit up in my territory

Another day another world’s sad story

[Verse 2 (Steph)]

Smoking blunt, smoke a nigga selling dope on the block

Pop pop goes the glock I bring more nightmare than Hitchcock

Get ?? when them bodies fall hitting them prisoners hard

Its your final call bitch I’ll smoke you like menthol

Fuck all you bitches I’m putting you in them bodybags

Tagging toes, nigga drive slow

Creeping up out they indo scheming for they cheese

Slanging oz’s and quarter keys niggas dressed in army fatigues

Freeze your whole coalition

Strapped with ammunition

Infrareds digging ditches for chicken heads

This figure from head to toe

Labeled as a Jane Doe, leaving bullets in your Lexus door

But fuck it I’m through with the fairytales

Cause when some shit jump off, all you murder on tape bitches gone bail

Who gone prevail when I exhale on you small scale

Lyrical laggers, wanna be chrome packers

Spit the facts I’m bout the Lex and the Ac

My verbal combat will eliminate your whole habitat

You hoes ain’t fucking with that

Or this, cause I piss on competition

And have all you hoes in submission

Trying to recondition your stilo

Lyrical nino

I sling rhymes like kilos

From here to Puerto Rico

One other sequel from the infamous unseen

Scheming for the green smoking bitches and niggas like nicotine

[Verse 3 (Mia X)]

Cause she up to schemes

Tired of chasing apple pie dreams

Mint greens is all I fien for straight shit is all this bitch know

50’s this nine millimeter berreta leaving you wetter than April showers

Followe by your second line of flowers

I devour competition, causing complete submissions

Cooks more dope in my kitchen

Tricking ass niggas be my victims when night falls

Ya’ll wants to floss but get set-up tied down and tossed

Boss chick you don’t want to see her

Your bitch can either run for the heater or meet the dumb hoe beaters

Mia’s right and left well known with the clout

To wire your mouth, knock your grill out

That’s what this here be bout

So you can doubt what I’m saying and run that lip

Or get your whole click engulfed in gangsta shit

Too much to deal with

I’m still a bitch that’ be’s designer down stay scheming on the man

And taking flights, torsoe taped full of contrabands

My flow so grand it make the beats say damn

Shit jumps back makes you wanna holler

But I sees nothing but dollars

Feminist power

My lyrics knocking like a KL beat

It be that she-devil that below sea level bitch you can’t see her

Niggas and broads be trying to figure at 5’4

How they still need a ladder to face this hoe

For sure, cause I be living for the drama

The biggest mama flexing shutting down this motherfucking basement sesion

Shop closed

Dilated Peoples Triple Optics

Put out one of my eyes and I still got two

Put out the second one and I can still see you

I affect your chemistry and macro molecules

Cells, and groups of cells called tissues

Organs, organ systems, organism

Population, communities, eco-systems

Forks in the road in the valley of decision

Prophets and charlatans both speak visions

So this descendant of African survivors

So-called Indian tribes and the Korean war-child

Birth name rocka peeps named me Iristyle

Or Iriscience possesor of the secret file

A student on these L.A. blocks

Ever since I first saw the train and ran from the cops

A triple optomotrist mental megalolopolis

We never fall tho, turntables might wobble, Babu

Drop the obelisk on this, guaranteed hot shit, triple optics

Put out one of my eyes and I still got two

Put out the second one and I can still see you, triple optics [x2]

I say make moves, or watch your paper trail

And right before the…absorb the vapor trail

On my mark engage in sub-conscious

Better than the many successfull club launches

You blast, I blast, and then what?

Ends in automatics if we don’t blast fast enough

For use of ferrians tearin up various areas

I rock slow but crack them sound barriers

Its IriStealth, the inteligence played

Invisible to radar, from the clouds I make it rain

Swoop down survey if they Chase like Charlie

Back up, I syncranise three eyes like Bob Marley

And see triple optic, tho you use therm-optics

To camouflauge yourself with elements and objects

I rock projects yall the township youth

I make the people listen, boogie down, and move

Put out one of my eyes and I still got two

Put out the second one and I can still see you, triple optics [x2]

Well, I study, stock pile, and buil(d) for a while

The colorful bomber creates a devastate style

We redefine the state of the art as we go

And bust ends egos and super egos

I grab you with my talons and fly you to the mountains

Where you can meditate on it a harmony inbalance

In audio, video, spiritual wars

I move like the spook who sat by the door

Put out one of my eyes and I still got two

Put out the second one and I can still see you, triple optics [x2]

Dilated Peoples Another Sound Mission

Yo, yo, Joey, I bet you

Woe, like I get this shit in one take, yeah

When you rhyme all you do is add rock to the block

When I rhyme, I shine like Ad Rock when it drop

You go to the store and cop

‘Cause it’s time man, you ain’t heard shit else this hot

I came prepared, not scared, can’t a damn thing stop me

Next best thing in Philly since Rocky

L.A.’s first and Cali, they know where I be papi

Some cop’s tryin’ to flavor flav clock me

I got this, lock this in the pocket

Stick to the script, that’s no main topic

Stay on the flip, creatin’ my profit

And Capitol’s money is capital, I’m rich off it

N.Y. diesel steam the room ’til we roll out

In D.C., 9:30 late show sold out

All said and done it’s been more joy than pain

And all said and done I’d do this shit again

It’s a new day of course, I can handle the fact

But still can’t believe they droppin’ sirens on that

So instead of talk shit, do nothin’ and still listen

I’ma bang out myself, another sound mission

Evidence, got another sound mission

Yeah, started off caffeine, now it’s cocaine

Speed, meth, amphetamine flow all day

The door’s blocked, set up shop, closed session begins

Don’t drop ’til the rhyme’s locked in, here we go

Got Babu and Rakaa in my team approves

You know, ain’t no stoppin’ him

We like ’88 Rakim, rockin them

We like 8.8, then after shockin’ them

Steal the show, without a single stolen flow

I’m O.G. like Ice-T, man slow your roll

Got so many various pros

Different ones from different area codes

Right about now, I’m focused on my 3-1-oh’s

And addin’ three more oh’s to any bill I hold

And any deal I close like just finished escrow

So now they quick to flock, ’cause they heard I got a home

But I ain’t on star maps, ’cause the cat ain’t really blown

But I’m, next to bat, so get ready for the storm

Can’t beat ’em, join ’em that’s a form of submission

So when I’m spittin’, listen up, it’s a sound mission

Make some noise, for one of the illest cats

On the microphone and the production boards, Evidence

Evidence, got another sound mission

World Famous Beat Junkies sound

Evidence, got another sound mission

Evidence, got another sound mission

Dilated Peoples No Retreat

Till the end of

No surrender and no retreat

No surrender and no retreat

No surrender and no retreat

No surrender and no retreat

No retreat, y’all ready?

Yo, aiyo potent

Straight up with the force to keep fighting

Samson, Atlas, Colossus, Titan

In the dark night the torch steady lightens

I’m strong, cast iron heart of the lion

A mighty foundation to a tower of power

With the energy needed to turn the seed into a flower

Fortified type, sturdy sound constructions

Make rappers duck down

Like I’m Boogie Down Productions

I can tell they’re weak, delicate

It ain’t hard to sell when I speak

Over rock-hard breaks never riddle little beats

See me on rap city B E T spit graffiti

Present a full section of flavors that’s robust

Dilated Peoples my brother we gon’ crush

Leave up support, insulate your stage

I got self control but can’t hold the rage

Many ya products, gimmicks wit’ time limits

I give you what you want plus put my mind in it

Rocka Iriscience trained to go the length

Finding all terrain thin tanked in full strength

No surrender and no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender and no retreat

Uh, uh, yo, worldwide

From great heights we take Paris by night

And L.A. by day from sonic doodalay espy tight

Twelve hundad tech me sharp cut and free

Detonate the drums heat the plastique

That’s a dangerous man

Who can speak with his hands

Watered down lyrics on dirty tracks turned to sand

To sink in better watch the the X that you inkin’

Or on so disrespect and step on my lawn

Pass the gate insulate till sound deton’s

Twelve ten and debt never met chapter eleven

My fam’s my strength my pops I got my aim from


One’s for breath, the rest as you feel it

Fuck what you’ve done you’ve got skills reveal it

Team with Iriscience pro’s with flows

I risk my life on flights for hype shows

Rest assure vaccines are far from cures

And plant some new shit that hit me two weeks into tour

But I’ll adapt guaranteed make it through

Evidence, Iriscience and my man Babu, worldwide

Dilated, I told all these corny mothafuckas

What a no retreat sound like, no surrender and no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender, no turning, no cheat, no retreat

Stand my ground dig in with both feet

No surrender and no retreat

Never givin’ up, never givin’ in, never holdin’ back, never runnin’

No cowardly acts dumpin’ no retreat

Constantly moving ahead needs to see the

Psychological diabolical shrimp filleted it eat ya

Now, I hate it ‘cuz the flavor is gone cater to those

Lyrics are bomb savor the shows wait for the pro’s

Beats made it with flows hated by foe’s

Never surrender your soul and rope with the cold

Others are makin’ but sadly mistakin’ the straight broke

In the end with no cheddar of bacon that’s left poked

Pictures afloat over remote notes and potent mic’s

Break you up put you in the pipe light you up

To the night, shadows are runnin’

Around peepin’ step out of bounds

And watch a nigga get put to sleep

But never recover never surrender

I know you hate it quit us get eliminated

Fuckin’ with Dilated

No surrender and no retreat

No surrender and no retreat

No surrender and no retreat

N-n-no surrender and no retreat

It’s Dilated People, [Incomprehensible]

Ha, ha, ha, ha

Ha, two thousand