Domo Genesis Tang Golf

[Intro (from Sword of Vengeance)]

Choose the sword and you will join me

Choose the ball and you join your mother in death

You don’t understand my words, but you must choose

So, come boy, choose life or death

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]

What the fuck is being humble about? I got the flows

And the shows and the hoes and the clout, so what you talkin’ about?

Bathin’ Ape by the bundle, no campin’ out

With the camp put death to the trash y’all puttin’ out

I remember wearin’ them all red Vandals

Had them bitches ham when I jammed in a Ted Cambell

Since I was 16 I had dreamed of them red Lambos

Success ain’t open for me? I’m pickin’ the damn handle

For an example, I’m as hot as a damn mantle

Fire when I spit, shit drip like lit candles

Bitches lying and crying, I hit cancel

Hard on my hoes, I’m only nice on this pancel

Handsome passion with the calligraphy

And this is prolly an H now if it is a G

Free Earl I’m screamin’ ’til we get to see

Odd Future motherfuckin’ Wolf Gang history

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]

Eat a cock and cum mayonaisse ham sandwich

I do harm hammers relaxin’ on a hammock

Flow damage, understood more Spanish

I handle it, contain a rock cow Cambridge

Ever since I got my crew, David and Clancy to manage it

And cuttin’ through these tracks, Domo providin’ the bandages

Wolf Haley torch the flamethrower

Mike G, bitches askin’ him for money like he is the bank owner

Left Brain extract bitches mind and give ’em left brain

Soft synths, hard drums, give your bird chest pains

Ask Syd where we at, she tell you where we goin’

To free Earl from the fuckin’ Samoans

If I was a pussy I would be Amanda Knox

Cause I’m homicide prone and I isn’t gettin’ caught

In a courtroom file ten council lawsuits

I’m fuckin’ a judge so none of the laws fall through

Domo Genesis Clear Eyes

[Domo Genesis]

Damn, I never pictured this

I’m so high this shit’s ridiculous

… Where did I put my shit?

Wait, wait, okay, here it is

As I light this place up

Just me alone so the joints get faced up

Floatin through the stars, my whole night’s all spaced up

And my thoughts tryin to build my place up

Phones buzzin so I reach and try and read it

But my vision’s kinda blurry so I really can’t see it

Somethin important, it might be it

or maybe a bitch that I don’t need, shit

Close my eyes and the shit that I’m seein

is the reason that I be in the moods that I be in

… Damn I’m really baked

I can’t tell if I’m asleep or I’m awake [door knocking]

I’ll just sit and wait (Domo! Nigga)

Yeah, I’ll just sit and wait [more knocking]

[Tyler, the Creator]

Nigga, open the fuckin door nigga!

Sheeit, we got shit to do

Come the fuck on, it’s cold nigga

[Domo Genesis]

Let me try to sober up

Throw some water on my face, only if it’s cold enough

Confidently wipe it on my shirt

Lookin in the mirror like – that ain’t work, damn

[Tyler, the Creator]

Domo! Open the fucking door, what the fuck are you doing?

It’s not funny no more, I’m cold as fuck nigga

I ain’t got no inhaler nigga

Sheeit! Open up

[Domo Genesis]

Okay I’m comin

Walkin to the door and I seem to notice somethin

The floor is just a cloud of smoke and I’m runnin

Reachin at the end of the cloud and I’m jumpin

Flowin through the air just about to hear somethin

Feel a lil’ shake and my body start buzzin like

[Tyler, the Creator (Domo)]

Nigga, you good? (Yeah I’m cool dog)

Talkin in your sleep and shit nigga

You trippin (Shit, my bad)

Domo Genesis Guess Who’s Back

[Verse 1 – Domo Genesis:]

Fuck what niggas talking ’bout boy I’m on my grind

Pursuit of happiness so money on my mind

People say duty calls and if it’s on my line

I get a two minute warning bitch you on my time

Heard it through that vine

That I ain’t kicked it and that minute they was missing me

Hold the trap, had to give ‘em raps for their misery

Every snap I smile, the bitches make a gift for me

I’m laughing out the bank on my way to the dispensary

Get my hair cut, my nigga Kenny do that shit for free

The amenities of living life like a fucking G

When will they understand that niggas can’t fuck with me

And I don’t need the throne just seat me in the lap of luxury

I’ll be smoking grass till it’s grass that I’m underneath

Chilling at the pad with a bad one for company

I make the haters mad with the cash I accompany

I know you think I’m spaz but this only what I’ve done for free

[Verse 2 – Casey Veggies:]

Check my bank account and it was at like 53

Thats pretty solid for a young nigga born in ’93

Never had problems pulling young chickens so she sticks to me

That is what often make my mind want to skip a beat

Stay focused you in the gray mode and

Just make more dope shit, you got to stay golden

As much I love to swim she got a gray ocean

And I can spice it up if I use 8 motions

Talking ’bout life’s a bitch thats why I stay pokin’

And I’m all in her friend, thats who I lay low with

Ever since I could remember I’ve been winning, 18 and 0

Saw my self at the top and started grinding off the dreams and hopes

Went to buying expensive, getting here by expeditions yo

Forced me to believe all this shit I got ment for show

Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas

Young expressions with ambition, n’ most importantly the vision

Domo Genesis BBB

Holla at ya boy

My swag ugly like Lonzo Ball’s shoe

But it’s all looks and niggas [?] when I fall through

I’m a dog like [?]

I’m looking for a spar, unite it all

Watch me stuff your memoirs inside a cigar

I’m getting blazed in your memory

Crush these weak niggas like: ha, sheesh, give me energy

My whole fleet moving with mystique, that’s that synergy

Lame niggas talking like they made in the spot light looking finicky

Y’all bore, I’m more American Horror Story

You bore my words like paranoia to a porch warrior boy

Not in my category

Running that weak fade like Joe Torre

I’m in the clutch where niggas worry, shit I’m Robert Horry

And this some [?]

Protect your neck and get your chest split for your necklace, young and reckless

Ayy, ayy

Get that chest split for that necklace, young and reckless

I don’t know where I come from with all this shit I be thinking

But you not seeing me, you motherfuckers keep dreaming

My heart froze solid like I’m some kind of anemic

Stick my fingers down a trap like I’m some kind of bulimic

Swear my fingers stay itchy, I don’t need no glove

And if ain’t about the money nigga we don’t budge

Still from the mud, I’m from the scummy, I don’t need no love

All my family can’t stand if you don’t bleed no blood

I was hitting it [?]

Domo Genesis Smokemon

I wanna smoke the very best

Like no one ever does

To roll it is my real test

To smoke ’em is my cause

I will travel across the land

Smoking all the strains

Tried to get all the THC

All up in my brain

Smokemon! Gotta smoke ’em

It’s you and weed, you know it’s my destiny

Smokemon! Oh, you’re my best friend

In a world that’s full with feds

Smokemon! Gotta smoke ’em, our hearts so true

Smoking and you’ll roll too

You smoke me out, and I’ll smoke you

Smokemon gotta smoke ’em all, gotta smoke ’em all

Domo Genesis Domier

Put that shit in the air, OG got me feelin’ rare

Flashy nigga, I don’t care, pre-rolleds in my Domier

Louis shit for hoochie chicks who gon’ flock in here

Cause they here, I’m the hottest shit that’s gonna drop this year

Stop it, fear, Domier the Genesis

Put flames to inna shit, chiefin’ like I’m an Indian

I don’t think I’m a quit this shit, like I invented it

Salute me gang apprentice-ship where you can’t get no membership

Simple with sentences, soft spoken like bitches lips

Scathe yours, but here to take ’em back like we rented this

So where my mental is, higher than the sky is

The flyest, the flyer bitches wanna fuck a pilot

Ignite it, the weed, the medicator supplied it

The more doobie I smoke the more heavier my eyelids

Exactly what fly is, comin’ from the tip top

Everybody wanna hate me like Chris Rock

Catch another O of weed at the pit stop

Wipe me down I’m blowin’ paper cause my shit’s hot

Did you catch that? I’m scribblin’ outside the lines

Copped a couple G-Shocks, my bitch said I should buy some time

It’s such a movie, this little excitin’ life of mine

Bomb-made bitch and a half Asian concubine

Genesis, what is life like for you?

Raps, nice shoes, girls times two

Fly shit, recognition of my whole crew

I’m that nigga right now, watch me redefine cool, cool, cool

Domo Genesis Daily News

[Verse1: Domo Genesis]

My flow is crispy, hundred dollar bills

I tend to not care how niggas feel

Say what the fuck I want, bitch I’m ill

Keep it real, I ain’t feeling you niggas I’m killing you niggas

Mentally rich before I sign a deal on you niggas

I get it crackin, while you niggas all rapping in whack fashion

I’m calling niggas’ numbers on action that’s Kat Stack-ing

Track hacking, cutting slack that can’t happen

Any cat easing up on the plan, ya man scratching

I ain’t parler-ing with these rap niggas

I’m in the spot, rolling pot getting plots to get my racks bigger

Any feature, on sight Doms attack nigga

Taking champagne to the brain like fuck it, bad nigga

Play your lane I’ll be speeding down the runway

Nigga keep it raw like wrestling on Monday

Chest out, not giving a fuck to what a punk say

I know some hood niggas like Ross that’s with the gunplay

[Hook: Earl and Action]

Stay tuned, six Goonies in a whip

Straight Hoochie only blew me cause I’m rich

Shit, we swerve ships

Medicine that burns lips, earn chips

She only blew me cause I’m rich

Where he at? [x4]

In your city where them niggas carry gats

Sperrys kicked up, it’s a ferry cruise

Fuck around, leave your family on the daily news

[Verse 2: Spaceghostpurrp]

I be the Don, believe me

Making your girl tease me

Pitch-black lokes I dedicate it to Easy

Pocket full of cheesy same color Luigi

Dead presidents, the resident is breezy

Funky is a fall I ball and call shots

In your girl’s spot like cars in parking lots

The block stay hot like Floridian weather

Thinking that it’s not? Then try dying in leather

Better yet, ninja turtle I’m the shredder

Attacking every rapper with my shadow black reaper

Keep her, creeper, kidnap you from the cipher

Eliminate competitors, the verbal lyric sniper

Phonk kill you, then I kill you too

Thinking and drinking and tweaking like Purrp is that dude

Mysterious I’m killing the game so fuck the fame

Confusing rappers with the mystical maze

To make them lame


Domo Genesis The Red Corolla

No longer focused on my broken ways

All I know’s the only way is to get loaded paid

But funny how the changes turn page when the dough exchange

Got me trying to float away

Back to red Corolla days

Back when we used to have to scrape the door to blaze

Before the game showed us things we had the moments made

Before this shit got so insane

Before relationships called growing pains

Back when you had to let ’em know your name

Before you realize that no two niggas gon’ grow the same

Live it the way you like it, but never play with time

Feel it in the spot on my own cause I never stay in line

Things change but niggas get stuck in ways sometimes

Minutes turn to days sometimes, and love turns to hate sometimes

And to the time limits stay in the game

We just playing, we [?] creative

Found a way in this maze

Pray the vision out the way

I see the shit in my brain

While I’m gripping grain down memory lane

In my red Corolla

Switching lanes in my red Corolla

Switching lanes in my red Corolla

Switching lanes in my red Corolla

Domo Genesis All Alone

[Background Voice:]

Um só coração, um só pensamento

Subirá até vós

Um só coração, um só pensamento

E todas as dores se acalmarão

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]

I ain’t got no fucking friends

Trusting these niggas? You better pissing in the wind

Keep opening your circle so big you’ll never win

Especially getting in and they begin to pretend

Like they in to the end, they grin being jealous a sin

That’s why I ride alone

I’m in the highest zone

Cause I don’t need a shoulder

I need a microphone

I’m getting high alone

Would spend my nights alone

I ride to die and whip that bitch until the tire’s gone

Can’t even pimp it in my kicks don’t even try them on

You would diminish in the instances that I have grown

Inside my mind it’s like a firestorm

To cross my boundaries get fired on

You know your rights and wrongs

Peace to my fam, it’s O.F until the planet blows

I’m so loyal I can’t even understand it yo

Even though they every where I go

I’m still feeling like I stand alone

I feel so damn alone

(OOPS)In front of a couple thousand kids that I never seen

To see them nod they heads is a fucking dream

And even though everything is still everything

I steadily feel like it ain’t really what it fucking seems

The game is just a bunch of pretty walls

After initial; now the cheating niggas begin to see his flaws

I see within my friends the drama that this shit can cause

And that’s not the reason we got into this shit at all

We’re all alone seeing the power of this platform

Trying to get a little shine off of these rap songs

That’s just how it goes

It doesn’t last long

If we can stay tight we got it to fall back on

Our journeys are all different

Bunch of different plans, but we share the same vision

See it ass you see it, I don’t pay it attention

I’m advancing my position feeling like a solo mission

I’m alone

Ain’t nobody handing me shit I got my own

O.F is the fam and that’s it we stand alone

Even though my camp is legit I feel alone

Why do I feel alone?

I feel so damn alone

Domo Genesis Gamebreaker

[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]

Fuck it two tears in a bucket

Cause these fuckers could never touch us

In the midst of the calm we bringin’ ruckus

Bitches nothing, end of discussion

I will be double clutching, leave a chunk

Looking slump, give a punk a fucking concussion

Why you frontin’ speakin’ nothin’ like a bad preacher

Rollin’ mad tree while you camping over your last reefer

Catch me backseat, he know, declining your rap features

Keep your beat and get your track ethered

Nigga careful what you rappin’ for

I’m gunnin’ at these rappers throats

I’m spittin’ raw, I’mma kill’em all but I be laughin’ though

Ashin’ in a champagne glass cause I’m irrational

I’m showing ass, shorty’s gettin’ gassed at all the cash I blow

Again I’m passin’ go laugh in a time of fashion

This rapper shit is my passion, no actin’ I make it happen

Look back at your wack reaction

Give me racks, ’bout to cash’ em

The stacks, you can’t imagine

Spark it a flash passin’

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]

I am the coldest speakin’, you are a ho that’s decent

Lookin’ to hold and squeeze, and I’m schemin’ on dome and peacin’

Back to the olive garden, breaded like Paul McCartney

Beatle, and every time you see him know the armor sparkly

GNAW dog, he barking potty mouth, it’s probably cotton

Closet full of army fatigue buckets and dirty Kostons

Flirtin’ with the blunt before I lick it

She fillin’ out her curves and she can serve as an apprentice

Rollin’ blunts, rollin’ sleeves when I dirty up the ditches

And never servin’ dick the week she finishes her sentence

Nigga, bet that rhetoric offensive like I’m

Yelling, never timid; this the Frigidaire freezer shit

Feel the glare heating shit, Golf Wang leader pit

Burn trees: cedars, piss off, flipped cross

Put the three in six, tight as skin when the needle prick

O-F, never present tense, eat a dick, bitch