Drop City Yacht Club Surf’s Up


I’m just sitting at home going crazy

Mama won’t let me go out with my baby

I just wanna get drunk

On Saturday night, la la la.

[Verse 1]

Why kill time when I can kill a brain cell?

And get dumb high ‘cuz I don’t handle fame well

Never take a L

You would think that I gave birth to Satan with the way that I can waste L’s

Yeah, I ain’t never been an angel

Love a girl with ass, I pay attention to detail

(Haaa) I’m so rotten.

Got pussy on my brain, I’mma box in

Yeah, I got Cali in my muh’fuckin’ pocket

The sun is always up ‘cuz the rain’s in my wallet.

Yeah, so many guns here, but none can get it poppin’

All the glitz look the same, that he thinks he shops at

Dolla’ Dolla’

I keep my money on trees, and have goons collect in the autumn

California grown, but to the world I’m a problem

When girls see my dick,

They bend and applaud him.

You would think that I’m rich

By the party full of hoes that are looking for dick.


(First, First, First) First name Tom,

Last name Foolery

Looking for your girl,

She prolly by the pool with me

Tell’em surf’s up, surf’s up, surf’s up

Tell’em, tell’em, surf’s up, surf’s up

[Verse 2]

You haven’t heard the news?

Its what they calling fresh

So all you clones getcha phones out

And call collects

So with all respect Yall been writing too long

See your mouth water every time we write a new song

Really fool? Too wong?

U-haul, move on

We got it down to a tee like oolong

Ladies get your ooh on

Haters get your boo on

Funny how these ghosts hold grudges like Ju-on

You’re so earth, I’m so lunar

Chilling in the clouds in my castle like Kumar

Game so Fubar

House party champs

Taking all your girls

Breaking all your lamps

Yeah see I could use a little shy, bro

Like puff puff pass, eyes low

The coolest in the party HA! I know

So when you see in the streets, motherfuckers


[Verse 3]

So then I fucking walked in the party,

Looking so charming

Owner of the crib is wishing he never called me.

First name Wolf, but last name is Raunchy

Got girls taking all the clothes up off me

Hey Jude, I’m a young Paul McCartney

House full of zombies, tryna find a heartbeat

Start it up (Start it up)

Pass me the car keys

Party’s up front,

Put the babies in the car seat.

(Surf’s Up. Drop Low,

Juke Box, Rock Roll)


Drop City Yacht Club Mister Dean

[Intro: Kristo]

This is a public service announcement

I will now be putting on my rapper swag

[Verse 1: Kristo]

This is that shit, speakers in back shit

That drive slow like your stuck in some Cali traffic.

My main squeeze riding shottie, she kinda ratchet

Rollin’ up a doobie while putting on cherry Chapstick.

Throwback whip, cut the tunes on

James Dean Porsche, the fuckin’ roofs gone.

Surfer cut got me lookin’ like Jimmy Neutron

Beach Bum Billionaire crashin’ on Izzle’s futon.

That’s how we do ugh, California poster kid

Hate it if you want we’re doing everything you supposed to did.

Give me the pen and I turn into George Lucas/

I’m the shit, you’re losin’ if you’re spittin’ I’m mucus.

I’m so stupid with bars they cut my tab off

Called me a cab, I looked at them like that bad huh?

They said “yeah yeah’ black zipper jacket bad

Oh dag, blah blah blah, rapper swag.


Dirty Vans,

Blue Jeans,

Ray Bans,

Cool things,

Rebel shit, I’m doing me/

Fuck your swag, James Dean.

[Verse 2: A Wolf]

Aww yeah,

Hot to death,

Word to the Bible, God, I’m fresh.

Never live another day broke

I’m a die with a smile on my face cuz life’s a joke.

Ugh, I’m so cold got

So many girls and they all wanna rock.

Slow like a robot

Moves like Robocop.

So many drugs in the game

But their not really dope their just that soda pop.

Everybody wants a little fame, man so do I

Everybody wants to kick game, man Cobra Kai.

Been told i, am the shit

The sewer, manure, so I’m sure I’m sewage as it gets.

So now every year’s a piece of cake

Life is just beach and lakes.

Tons of fish up in the sea

I’m the poll, she’s the bait.

Never gonna die I’m hoping I’m

On a gremlin trip, gonna multiply.

But I picked out a wedding dress for that chick

Death is comin’ fuck that bitch.

Awe yeah, love is just so beautiful

You blow a kiss and promise wind till your funeral.

But I got parties going on, got no room for hoes

Someone pull the tag I got that rapper swag.



Got a petite bride, I call her sweet ride

She love to drive me nuts, gave her the green light.

If I’m not cool then I don’t know what cool is

Swept her off her feet now we gonna jump the broom and..

Get this party on yeah, I’m so California

You can find me up in your crib surfing on lawn chairs.

Barbie dolls, blonde hair you can find them all here

But I just call them sharks cuz there’s nothing but some jaws here.

[Verse 3: Kristo]

Ice cold so I’m never gonna freeze up

Super high but I never roll trees.

Got a lead foot so I’ll never ease up

Like the alphabet stopped right after D.

Will someone please call the police

Or EMT’s when they drop that beat.

Yellow tape it’s a crime scene,

I’m about to murder my rhyme scheme.

RIP when the bass on hit

Make a t-shirt, put my verse face on it.

Shit, something like a space cadet

Throwback yeah like a tape cassette.

And if you wanna play roulette but want the safest bet

Then put your money on the fresh, yep.

Mouth full of listerine,

Mister Dean.


Drop City Yacht Club The Fonz

[A Wolf]


I sit and dream ’til the wheels fall off

Sold my soul to the music, now the deal’s all off

Keep my mind on the money, my money’s on my monologue,

Bloods cold can’t get cash for a heart of gold.

No said I, you can keep the red eye,

No fly by night rather be a young Jedi.

Livin’ on the edge I’m,

Dancin’ on the ledge

Lookin’ down

Middle finger to the people on the ground.

That told me I couldn’t fly,

So I put a couple mountains in my way that I could climb look at I.

Now I’m, buddy Holly

The party in my brain’s like Mardi Gras

And i am not afraid to bare it all.

Sorry, I got a problem bein’ cocky

Bottom line not a cloud in the sky that could top me.

And I don’t care at all, I’m the best here,

I’m in the wind – that’s why they’re callin’ it fresh air.


I’m so fly

Every time I’m walking by

All the girlies saying hi

I’m just doin’ what I want, I’m as cool as the Fonz.


I wanna stay fly but not in the sense of heights

Not like airplanes or the sense of kites

And if I could then I would put this ink in a pipe

Cuz that’s sorta like the feelin that I get when I write (uh)

Call Amelia Earhart tell her lets elope

We could meet the airport

From there on we’re livin life without a care at all

Superfly, Mary Poppins with a parasol

I got a couple more stairs to crawl

Good thing I’m not scared to fall not at all

Not even a little bit

Birds eye view so everything lookin’ different

Yeah I got a brand new angle

Devil on my shoulder turned into a blue angel

With a new halo gravity on pay roll so

We ain’t comin’ down until we say so.



I see ’em dancin’ on the rooftops

So put another dime in the jukebox

Turn it up turn it up lets go

Bang it till your speakers blow

Everybody say Oh oh (oh oh) oh oh (oh oh)

I’m the coolest thing since ice I’m the coolest thing since ice


Drop City Yacht Club Crickets

[Intro – Jeremih:]

So I told her like, “Oooh-oooh darling

I feel like I am fallin’

I think I’m in whatever-it-is-they-call-it

I’m talkin ’bout loooooove

My friends say I’m trippin’

but, baby I don’t really give a fuuuuuck

Pardon my French, girl, I just wanna know what’s up?

(Ooooooh, oooooh, oooooooh)

I told her we should kick it

But all I heard was crickets


I’m like, girl whatcha doin’ for today?

I’m thinkin maybe me and you should go and run away

And now I don’t believe in love at first sight (nope!)

But after seein’ you, baby maybe I might

Cause when you walked by (by), I knew you were my type (type)

The apple of my eye (eye), you’re flyer than a kite (kite)

Okay alright, I know that was kinda corny

But (bu-) I’m just warmin up (-p, up)

Look at you, look at you all dolled up

Look at me, look at me gettin’ caught up

Goin down, goin down, yeah I’m shot up

But hopefully you got a number I can call up

And if you do girl, that’d be super

These chicks hot, but you’re so much cooler (ha~!)

And I was hopin’ she would give me a chance

She walked by and didn’t give me a glance, damn!

[Chorus – Jeremih:]

I told her like, “Ooooooh, baby”

I’m so amazed by everything that you do

So I told her like, “Oooh-oooh darling

I feel like I am fallin

I think I’m in whatever-it-is-they-call-it

I’m talkin ’bout loooooove

My friends say I’m trippin

but, baby I don’t really give a fuuuuuck (Uh-uh, uh-uh)

Pardon my French, girl, I just wanna know what’s up?

(Ooooooh, oooooh, oooooooh)

I told her we should kick it

But all I heard was crickets


Yeah, I said, “Girl whatcha doin on the weekend?”

And she said, “I don’t even know, depends”

But you’re the one that I’ve been seein in my dreams

And, maybe we can get together in the evening

I know we just met, but fate I believe in

I know a spot where the stars just peek in

If love is deep, I’ll put both feet in

Show me where the sea is, I’ll be in the deep end

Ha~! Your beauty got me sinkin

Got me sayin all this shit without thinkin

I probably sound like I spent the night drinkin

Or these are lines that I’m always repeatin

But, it’s the heart on my sleeve

that wanna know if yours might have a spare key

But if you’re a heartbreaker then please spare me

Damn! She was apparently



In this light, you’re lookin like you’re in flight

Pretty voice, put a ribbon on your windpipe

Silly girl, you’ve been playin with me all night

But we can work it out, I been on my gym hype


Yeah, I heard you had a boyfriend and stuff and..

I was just callin to tell you it’s cool cause…

My other girlfriend got one too

Heh-heh! So I told her like..