Dying Fetus Hopeless Insurrection

Technological pariah, daunting powerful adversary

Always changing arsenal, means to match intimidation

Taking advantage of the window of dominance

Mesopotamia to Rome, earned right of an empire

Inferiority a sickness, only cured by ambition

Desire for revenge, fucking drive, determination

Proof of power, eradication assured

Unequaled supremacy, fleeting determination

Greek fire spreads panic, watching vessels burn

In the distance trebuchets, fornication overturned

Dreaded Gatling guns, apprehension to move forward

Shrouded killer subs, in the depths of a nightmare

V-2’s from somewhere, horror in the skies

Trepidation over napalm, contagious panic spread

Suffocating mustard gas, despondent villages abandoned

Predator drones overhead, silent unmanned assassin

Until the response, match the outcome facing inward

Destined to obey, or face the vile consequences

Rage replaces righteousness, no way to fight back

Rattle the cage of those who feel secure

False belief in strength

Easy way to get dissected

Something more than a saber,

Stirs resentment, lower existence

Others rise to prominence,

Transparent gloating fuels disgust

Resolve of a sickened nature,

Pressing to overcome

Indifference a way of life,

Fundamental instinct

Occupying fear,

Imposing your will, on those who can’t resist

Predator of hope,

Submitting you souls, begging for sympathy

Marauder of faith,

Anticipation of any thing to help you

Searching for mercy,

No pity for you, fucking worthless

Dying Fetus Abandon All Hope

Valor they instill to face certain death in conflict

Win the war through discipline, trained to follow orders

Dilettantes of war, torn apart

Send them all to be slaughtered, standard training set

In a dark, distant, foreign shithole, wretched torment

Approaching the vile sphere of contention, breathing the smoke, the dust

Blood-soaked earth, stained red oceans, four your insides

Sudden hail, gunfire, half the men drop dead

Troops lost in transport, waste of lives

Terrified grunts die confused

Send them all to be slaughtered

Insufficient base munitions

Compelled by force to fight until death

Certain causualty, amateurs who all die before they learn to fight

Ruthless commanders order them to rush upon their imminent, abrupt ends

Strategy of attrition, mobbing them, flailing corpses use up ammunition

Bravery cut in half by enemy artillery, or cowardice punished by friendly


Charge ahead, expending divisions

Impotence, gaining no ground

Bodies thrown, conduct in war, useless

Primitive, only two ways home

Terrified grunts die confused

Reluctant and afraid to attack

How will anyone survive this?

Only hope, victory or death

Certain causualty, amateurs who all die before they learn to fight

Ruthless commanders order them to rush upon their imminent, abrupt ends

Dying in a dump, ordinance, erode tactics, know what you must do to survive

Hiding in the dead, lying still, bare cover, strike in stealth and then


Forge ahead, retiring their forces

Spilling their confounded blood

Undermine their efforts to defeat us

Running gun, only two ways home

Dig in and fire until the way is clear

Plummet of ruins, slums further defaced

Snipers take heads, harass your progress

Take them out, pierce their eyes through their scopes

Die for honor, motherland, strewn about, piles of corpses

Losing every last brave man, better than surrender

Inescapable nightmare, resolve unflinching

Never bow to tyranny

Make them pay for every step they take

Dying Fetus Reveling In The Abyss

Sunken and swollen, left to sink in bed

Numb to all the pain and shame

Procrastinate every thought every breath

Zombieland playground is what you have earned till death

Lost in space where depression fails to grab hold

Dull, dim-witted, slurred drivel to behold

Dazed, confused, you are checked out

Forgot what the stress was about

Lazy and crooked doctors give in to

Your pathetic cries of forfeit

Built-in ready excuses

It was subscribed to, I’m not going to die today

Oblivious to any criticism

Legal and ordered to consume

Given up for all accounts

Deadly brew of pills, I deny

Self-subscribing, pain or mental?

Extra ground up in how many bumps?

Closest thing to rapture enjoy

Ignore disgrace, it’s non-existent

Lonely place of degradation, misery likes company

Tell their story to each other, their modified history

Junkie birds of a feather, new lies weave easily

So proud of the victim status, share the pain and believe

Sum of the day’s score is how content you’re meant to be

Hiding in your dungeon, gloomy place of depravity

Sickly and contagious, aura of negativity

You’re drenched in the squalor, state of degeneracy

Baffled by being avoided

Family and friends look for the exits

In denial of excessive self-loathing

Looking for pity and any will do

Trying to force people to sympathize

Putting on the show of your misfortune

No one wants to hear about your decline

Or wants to watch your self-destruction

Reveling in the abyss

The vacant stare, almost unconscious

Forget about all the shit that’s piled high

Hoard the stuff that’s not enough, then the trash is adding up

Preying on others’ understanding

Single out who will empathize

Betray the trust of dispersed pity

Squander any currency you think you’re entitled to receive

Pessimist till the end

Debbie-Downer is not your friend

Manipulation to the highest degree

Lies you tell are eventual truth

Piece of shit you don’t even fucking know it

Forsaken and marooned

Time is running short on feeling sorry for yourself

Your body’s failing not made for the insalubrious

Your weakened state, the result of neglect

The toll you have taken from self-medication

Sleeping in garbage, and effectively abandoned

Fuming alone about everyone’s callousness

You are the trash that others have taken out

Removed the burden, that’s had them weighed down

Dying Fetus Raped On The Altar

Dark, crimson tides of blood

Will flow like water into wine

I smell you fear,

Our lives coincide

Please respect, the presence of

The dead

For they weep, they are damned

Spite filled eyes, cold and black

Profane slut of darkness

Let me in your mind

Unholy procreation

I give the gift of life

Fuck your faith and doctrine

I’ve no concern for lies

In our dying embrace

We coalesce in pain

A heartless, empty shallow way to die

I draw my face up closer to your

Milk white skin

In rivulets tears of blood

Stream slowly down

Rape… Altar stained… Stained

With blood

Lord… Please forgive…

… No response

Faith… Broken pride… Left to die

There’s no point in living

Rip your fucking head off

Slut you’ve lost your privilege

Hate shows no resistance

Fuck your righteous ways

Gone, dead, fucking wasted

With your throat in my hands

Choke your life away

As death comes forth to claim you

I bend my knees and pray

“love it transcends time,

One thousands worlds and more,

Your flesh forever mine

My god damned angel whore…”

Dying Fetus Bathe In Entrails

I Can Still Remember, That Night In Paris France, Enslaved Upon The Darkness, That Boiling Acid Bath, Bathing In His Sick Tub, Flooding With Entrails, Unto This Fucking World, Horror Is Revealed, Eyes Are Melting, Vile And Horrifying, Sordid, Suffering, Horrid Eviscreation, Nerves Exploding, A Sicklu Revelation, I Watched Them Die…Skin Is Peeling, Dripping Of Their Faces, Veins Are Bursting, So Morbidly Deformed, Sawed And Severed, Nothing Left To Pray For, Rot Forever, I Felt The Growing Sickness Of Decomposing Organs Rotting Right Before Me, So Heavenly Dismantled, As I Watched Him, Unforgiving, Eyes Of Terror, Melting Humans, Spilling Over, Cleansing My Skin, With Your Organs, With Your Blood

Dying Fetus Unleashed Upon Mankind

You watch in terror, in fear of your life

Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice

You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind

As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind

Unleashed upon mankind

Running – in search of safety

No escape – from deadly wrath

Screaming – you beg for mercy

Silenced – by the searing blast

You are forced to believe, this is for real

Mind frozen with horror, as your body trembles in fear

No prayers for deliverance, your gods you now forsake

Summon courage from within, face your unperceived fate

Unleashed upon mankind

Awaiting – with expectation

Impending – life’s annihilation


Mass genocide – the resolution

Now verified – out termination

Now the stench of death, abides throughout the world

As infesting plagues, cause agonies untold

Unleashed upon mankind

You are the final victim, no one else has survived

Alone you now suffer, eagerly waiting to die

The ending draws nearer, our extinction is justly deserved

Through thoughtless intentions, this holocaust incurred

The closing chapter finished, now face the torment and pain

Through death it becomes clearer, mankind alone is to blame

Unleashed upon mankind

Dying Fetus Your Treachery Will Die With You

Anxiety of treachery, wary of the interloper

Never from the circle, the kindred you’ve confided in

Always from the stranger, is what you would believe?

Cold-blooded betrayal, something not easily forgotten.

Envy was the poisonous effect, flowing through your veins

Of what you should not covet, cowardly disdain

You talked all your shit, you couldn’t help yourself

Wanting to divulge, craving to share your exploit

Greed in being the king, naive of the penalty

Reveling secrets, proceeded to deceive

Never seen it coming blinded by camardine

Trust an afterthought, of what would not occur

Reflection powers fury, dominating need to act

Angst of retribution, only fleeting thought dismissed

Desire for revenge, strengthening resolve

Fleeing for respite, antagonism boiling over

Settling at hand, consider your life

Forfeit in every way, repugnance in my sight

Bash your fucking head in; don’t feel that will be enough

Mesmerizing in your pain, salt the wound that burdened me

Your suffering is justified, afflict as much as i can bring

Contemplating what you’ve earned, all this anguish you deserve

Must prolong your agony, persecution cruelty

Carving you up like a pig, warranted distress you live

Vindicated mind-set spreads, all over me like gusting wind

Don’t distress because I’m not done, we”ll start all over later as one

Your back-stabbing morals have taken away my life

My conduct in your torture must make it worth it

Haven’t thought out this process I’ve undertaken

Extend you affliction I’ll work to keep you aware

Wide awake your torment makes me think of how you act

The all-embracing jealousy hidden surging in your shell

No suspicion on you, loved to play the game of loyalty

Misery saturates all know to find me satisfied

There will be no peace for me now

Distrust for anyone I’ll ever encounter

Your treachery will die with you

Dying Fetus Unmitigated Detestation

Superior class, a cut above, raised elite

Exclusive insight, exceptional, highly unique

A steady hand, sophisticated, groomed to lead

Extra is owed, from their deeds, pure demon seed

Affluent flow, irrational privilege, repugnance is born

Narrow the focus, indisputable, objects of scorn

Witness the snobs, flaunting their wealth, honor’s disgrace

Widen the gap, tease the peasants, in your face

Wanting to destroy any semblance of success

Purge all possessions of he image you detest

Bought and paid for essentially what you are

Victor of the fixed, haters loathe from afar

Rampant jealousy over things that you desire

Covet thy neighbor, he must be cleansed with fire

Why does it belong to you?

And not to me?

You have to guard to own

It’s mine, you will see

Absurd repulsion, disgust in the creators

Of the game that’s been rigged

Not for you, you’ve been cheated

Deceived, and lied to

The victim, ready for revenge

Despise the prosperous, and reasons for your failure

Your trials trivialized, making you a hater

All of the obstacles, you overcame are dismissed

Condescending eyes, reflecting why you’re pissed

Symbol of hatred, blatant deception, vile betrayer

Target of fury, fully deserving, and the heir’s

Revolting presence, infamous incarnate, indignation

Patronizing, treacherous, degradation

Villainous traits, clearly exposed, barren souls

Genuine evil, inherently devious, reverence sold

Eradicate, exterminate, the pretentious prey

Filled with deceit, your God to meet, send you on your way

On your way

Superior, born worthy to be elevated

Tormented, that circumstance is your reality

Suffering, the equalizer brought forth through blood

Dying Fetus Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog

kill your mother and rape your dog!

fuck these corporations and their fucking record stores,

I don’t want my fucking paycheck feeding money whores

these bastards flood the market with their fabricated shit,

and laugh as this pathetic fucking music gets them rich…

stay the fuck, right out of my life,

I don’t need your, fucking advice,

you don’t know what, our shit is all about,

so don’t even try to figure it out,

fuck your spice girls and your fucking pearl jam,

its all a bunch a shit, I say, fuck it,

fuck your dave matthews and your fucking rem,

you god damned bitch, fucking clueless

Dying Fetus Killing On Adrenaline

the face I’m beating with my fist is pulverized,

and turned to shit so all that’s left when he is gone

is skin and blood and pulp and bone

this fucker thought that he could try and fuck with me,

no reason why, so now he got what he deserved

a coffin with his grave reserved

where has all the common sense gone?

can’t these fuckers leave the shit alone?

always trying to start some stupid shit

the obituary page is full of it

no death’s on my conscience they challenged and they lost

no final resistance, fuck it its not my loss

gonna fuck it up fuckin bring it down

the mother fuckers dead

don’t ask me why they had to die

I try to live my fucking life

they are the ones that fucked with me

they paid the price with agony

as the force from anger erupts out from deep inside of me

not a fucking chance to live just you bleeding

cause of death can not be found corpses layed out on the floor

hyper-violent chaos rush all-out fucking total war

your dead, adrenaline rush, unleashed

pain feed, you fucking bleed

I kill once so then I kill twice, revenge,

your death, the final ending, released

I will bring you fucking down

beating on the face of broken trust

all I want is a chance to fuck your life up

you had to turn your back on everything we did

and I won’t stop until your dead now I take it back to 93

when the shit went down between you and me

just like a bitch you had yo run away

but revenge finally has paid

now I bring you back for all to see

in case another fucker wants to take a shot at me

and kill the mother fuckers before they try to run

no remorse when I am done