Eazy-E Creep N Crawl

Straight off the streets of mothafuckin’ Compton

It’s the downest nigga I know

Eazy mothafuckin’ me

‘Bout to kick your ass in ’93

(Creep with me, as I crawl through the hood)

I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I said I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts

I got my niggas from the C-P-T

I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin’ land

That’s down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, early in the mornin’ I awake

Thinkin’ about this dead fool’s life that I had to take

Frontin’ on a true name, I peep game at point-blank range

Fuck ’em! (“Mothafuckin’ right, y’all.”)

Back to the set as I jet

Not givin’ a fuck about the nigga that I wet

That’s what he gotta shout for actin’ like a trick

Now he’s six feet and I’m deep in his bitch

Creepin’, creepin’, creepin’ on the marks that be sleepin’

Catch you slippin’, slap the clip in, buck ’em every weekend

A scandalous lil’ nigga with no heart to feel remorse

Dig the nigga’s corpse, leave it on his momma’s porch

Don’t give a fuck about shit, that’s why I mellow

Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m kin to the Devil

A psychopathic nigga that’s always quick to fill a

Nigga full of lead, ’cause I’m a mothafuckin’ killer

Thrilla from Manila, though I’m shorter than the average

Try to test yo’ luck and get bucked by a mothafuckin’ savage

I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I said I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts

I got my niggas from the C-P-T

I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin’ land

That’s down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, later on that night as I’m rollin’

Lookin’ for a nigga I can gat and pack a hole in

Stoppin’ at a light on the late night

Fire up a Philly blunt to get my head right

See some niggas slippin’ at a burger stand

And in my mind all I’m thinkin’ is a murder plan

Creepin’ through the drive-through kinda slow

I got my hot beams on the back of the ‘4, yo

Smokin’ on chronic with the rag down

Not knowin’ I’m about to lay their ass down

Reach for who was fool, make my move

Leaned out my jeep and I creep kinda smooth

With the gat to the nigga’s dome, now he sleeps

One shot to the top, body flopped on the seat, peep

I dumped on the lil’ skinny passenger

A bitch is screamin’ in a rage, so I blasted her

Smashed and I got about five blocks

Before I got stopped by a punk-ass cop (Shit, fuck ’em!)

(You can’t kill a cop!) FUCK YOU! [shots rang out]

Mothafucker, ha ha ha!

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

Eazy-E Gimmie That Nutt

Cruisin’ down the street in my ’64

It’s like that and it’s like this

I took her to the pad and we started to kiss

Now my dick’s on hard ya know what I’m thinkin’

Took her panties off and her pussy was stinkin’

Pulled off my draws and we started to begin

Now the pussy’s wet so my dick slides in

Oh, hiddy hiddy hiddy you hoe

Ridin’ from the back so I’m fuckin’ kinda slow

So fee fie foe fuck fum

She’s scratchin’ on my back oh here she comes

Now I gotta get a nutt gotta get a nutt gotta get it quick

Ya know because I love this shit so


Gimme that, that, that nutt [3x]

Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that nutt

Okay back back to the fuckin’ basics

You got yours and mine ya want to taste it

Open wide oh no don’t you waste it

Oh shit all over ya face kid

Ya know ya know one thing

You know me I like to sling

That dick you know what so roll over girl while I stick it in ya

But I’ll turn it wild while I’m ridin’ that ass scream and shout

My name is the same

Just another pussy that I had to tame so

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby (lick my balls honey)

[Chorus 2x]

Now I love pussy (love pussy)

And pussy loves me (pussy loves me)

Like a lemon to the lime and the bubble to the bee

Ya know its real good a nigga can’t resist it (it’s real good)

Couldn’t be a foot loop (can’t be a fag) so don’t get me twisted

‘Cause in some pussy is the place to be

Always fuckin’ is the life for me

Spread them legs open far and wide

Fuck this shit just let me put my dick inside so

[Chorus 2x]

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby (gently put the ballhaaaaa)

[Chorus 2x]

Eazy-E Cock The 9


Here’s the latest

from the king of badness

I got the shit that makes niggaz wanna flip

G’d up all better wit beanies

Sweatin all the bitches to blow are weanies

Niggaz all getting drunk, and smoking a bum bud

Oh wait here’s a punk, pump the trunk

Cuz it’s a gang of jackers in the front smoking

all the hump, some shit was said about blue and red

but I’m colour blind and I gotta nine

threw up the sign I cock the 9, I cock the 9.

[Loco S.A.B]

Well nigga pop the 9and let it holla

Test drive wit a neighbourhood’s scholar

Black Impaler, blue chucks on gettin outta

Sucks on hip hop thugsta get the fuck on

Niggaz looking shifty, do they wanna diss me, lick me

Show me love or peel my cap quickly

My six sense won’t let me slip don’t puff wit the draggin em

I’m still toe taggin em, hit the spot wit a don still baggin em

It’s the low call, S.A.B on the vocal, blast my way out eazy pay

The way, all you bitch niggaz stay out

[Hook x2]

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 ( and everything is fine)

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (my homey pop the 9)

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (*gun shot*)

I cock the 9, I cock the 9, I cock the 9 (my homey pop the 9)

[Phalos Mode]

It’s like dice game, dice game niggaz get they roll’on

Everything’s all good till niggaz getting sold on

Here we all get together and shoot, fuck

I grab my gun then I picked up my loot

But I didn’t lose shit so it’s all good

Leavin pumpin Eazy-E “Boyz n the Hood”

Cuz I’m a gangsta so I can relate, most of these

Niggaz is fake and tryin to hate

I put a buster in his place, I put one in his face

Obey my first and give him the taste

That’s how I duz it, that’s how I do it

and the murder weapon that I use you know I threw it

he kept persuading so I had to do it, ‘uh’ play

for keeps that’s the rule of the streets ‘uh’.

[Loco S.A.B]

Dick Tracy all on my nuttz like Cagny and Lacy

And don’t faze me, Ruthless is the label that pays me

But this one H.K weighs a ton, words are yellow wit

the ??? freaks on a run, bring ya condom in the kingdom

huh ho from the ceilin to the floor, info red at ya window

plus the E go hangin out the beamer tho

drop shit like a seagull, for the people

ho’s make a contribution, but y’all don’t hear me tho.

[Hook x2]


Tuck ya legs to my dick with the wrap em real tight

Just incase its on and a nigga gotta fight, an a

Nigga gotta bust, but who in the fuck said in god we trust

The shit wen’t down everybody start runnin

Bitches screamin and the bullets still comin

Run into a nigga tryin to save mine, reach for my gun ahh shit!!

[Hook x6]

Eazy-E Sippin On A 40


Sippin on a 40

Sippin on a 40

[Gangsta Dresta]

Aye Yo lets roll to the store

Eazy-E so we can buy us some O.E.

40 oz. gettin’ a buzz with the thuggz

In the neighborhoods black

But buy you a couple of extra one’s for the neighborhood


Nigga you be drinkin’ out my bottle

Bitch thats bullshit still got semen on ya lips

From the homies dick

Trick yo the home girl

But sit you like a loose goose

So gimmie a couple of dollars

So I can bring you back a duece duece

[B.G. Knocc Out]

Well bring B.G. Knocc Out back a muthaphukkin 40 o.

So me and my nigga Big Boy can go and cop some indo

And well be right back at you niggaz with a quick fast

Dresta don’t forget to buy ya couple of packs of Zig-Zags


Sippin on a 40

(8-ball rollin’)

(nick name Eazy-E)

Sippin on a 40

(8-ball rollin’)

(Drinkin’ like a mad man yes I do)


Back to the store all the 40 o’s were kinda hot

[Gangsta Dresta]

Get the shit or not


Naw Lets roll to another spot

Back in the four to another store

[Gangsta Dresta]

I told you the store on 124th keep the cold brew

[Speakin’ Spanish]

Make a right


The Store ain’t in sight

[Gangsta Dresta]

Nigga it’s right pass the next light

Pass across the light

Now heres what you gotta do

Get in ya left lane and make a muthaphukkin U


Lets get at least 10 40’s and at least 10 22’s

That should be enough for the whole muthaphukkin crew

Plus they got indo a niggas gonna be double blitz

[Gangsta Dresta]

Oh give me some Zig-Zags and 2 packs of Double Mint


Sippin on a 40

(8-ball rollin’)

(nick name Eazy-E)

Sippin on a 40

(got the 8-ball rollin’)

[B.G. Knocc Out]

Yo Dresta

[Gangsta Dresta]

Whats up

[B.G. Knocc Out]

Did you bring back some gum?

[Gangsta Dresta]

Hell yeah

[B.G. Knocc Out]

Good now a nigga breath won’t be yo hum

Now pass me a stick

So I can spit game at this trick

Cause beer breath and tricks don’t mix


Y’all don’t give a fuck what a punk bitch stank

Cause my breath always stank every time I take a drank

40’s I be downin’ I’m Drownin’ my self

Let me hit the joint and I’ll be clowin’ everybody else

[Gangsta Dresta]

You wont be clowin’ me

Cause I got dose for your trick ass

Oh bitch you tryin’ tah bag

I got dose for your bitch ass

Well let me hit the joint

Once again and we can go G but

Oh let me take a sip off the O.E.


Sippin on a 40

(8-ball rollin’)

(nick name Eazy-E) [x4]

Eazy-E Down 2 Tha Last Roach

[Dr. Dre:] “I still express yo I don’t smoke weed or sess”


Ah, greetings eartlings, and welcome to the motherfuckin’

wonderful, wonderful, motherfuckin world

of gettin higher than a motherfucker

Ohh me? I’m funk on your mind

alias to you motherfucker’s roach clip

And this here’s my Kimosabe dumpin shit on yo ass

and my nigga goes by the name of BG Ashtray

and we 365, that means we fucked up all the way around

And our motto is..

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

Creepn through this cloud of smoke

with a little bit of funk to make ya choke in

Gangstas come feel good inside

as we take you for a ride to another dimension

Deep from a 4-0 O-Z

Two crooked ass niggaz on a cosmic journey

Straight from the planet G

where the real niggaz dwell in the realms of Ruthless

Took a puff of the indo spliff

High like a bird as I creep to the bud spot

Break me off a proper piece so I can get fucked

with my nigga roachclip, BG Ashtray, dump that ash tray

Ruthless family, high as can be

Smoke that ?? psychadelically insane

and gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

As I step through the smoke

Deep from a land broke niggaz dont come to

Straight to Indonesia

Chronic fever step off punk we dont need ya

Blaze a blunt to the boogie

and come take a ride on a journey with a real G

life is easily explained on the level

of smokin bud with the motherfuckin Devil in my imagination

Sup with these thoughts what a fly creation

Indo smoke from the land of G’z

Letting them know they can’t handle these

Niggaz, straight from the planet Dime

I have come to put funk on your mind

Eazy-E better known as Mr. Roach Clip

so pass the bud cuz we still gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

Now I’m real fucked up yes high as hell

Ring ding ding do I hear some bells

or am I just trippin

thinkin about that 4 that I’m dippin

Front, back, side to side

on corners that’s how a nigga gotta ride

Dip to the, dip to the back

Bumpin’ Eazy-E on 8 track

So blaze up a another skunky, funky, dookie, doobie,

so we can get loogied

Up some more, up, up it go

What’s my name “Eazy-E” yo

The motherfuckin bud smokin’ loc’n

when I’m high as a kite causing ruckus yeah!

gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

(Below is asked to E while music is still playing)

[Q:] Substance

[E:] Mar-a-Mutha-Fuckn-Wana

[Q:] Common slang names

[E:] Pot, grass, dope, weed, homegrown, sinsemilla,

Maui-wowie, thai sticks, joints, roaches, indica,

concentrated rezi called hash or hashish;

but some niggaz call it bud

[Q:] Active Ingrediant

[E:] Tetra Hydro Cannabinol… THC

[Q:] Source

[E:] Cannabis Sativa

[Q:] Form a callogic classification

[E:] CNS Depressive Hallucigent

[Q:] Medical Use

[E:] Experimental only,oh yeah we still testing…

and don’t forget we still gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

Eazy-E Radio

[DJ:] This is radio K-EAZY-E. Hi, this is Greg Mac. Mac Attack

And we’re gonna go to the phones right now and find out what’s

goin’ on. Hello, who is this ?

[Guy1:] Yo, what’s up ? This is Lorenzo Patterson

[DJ:] Yo man, where you callin’ from ?

[Guy1:] I’m callin’ from Compton and I wanna hear Eazy E’s new record

[DJ:] What’s it called man ?

[Guy1:] Yo, it’s called “Radio”

[DJ:] We got it, you called the right station. And here it is…

Eazy E rockin’ non stop on the radio

with the funky fresh hip hop in stereo

Release some rhymes that you will find demandin’

with Dre’s beats that are so outstandin’

I’m gettin’ busy if you know what I mean

Always settin’ me a mark in the hip hop scene

On the radio the greatest of all times

like Mohammed Ali cause I punch rhymes

So tune your station, and clear all the static

and tell the truth: you didn’t know that I had it

in me, to be easy about the situation

So just kick it and listen to the station

playin’ my music, it’s hard to lose it

It’s constantly on request cause you choose it

I’m Eazy E, my rap is strong

and your radio’s def when my record’s on – [LL Cool J]


(You wanna know why…because…)

I’m on the…

Radio [echo][Chuck D]

[Dr.Dre:] Yeah, ruthless radio is in effect, Dr.Dre and Yella boy is in ya

system. And right about now we got Eazy E and MC Ren in the studio takin’

calls. So give’em a call and ask’em how they’re doin’


Hello, this is Eazy E. What’s your name ?

[Girl1:] Hi, this is Joyce.

I’d like to know if I can have your phone number?

Yes, it’s 9-7-6…


Now I wanna turn up my box, and make much noise

and rock the party and shock all the B-boys

Take on my radio from phono to tuner

I wouldn’t have did it, later but sooner

Now I move my antenna to the center

then grab a hold of the handle and (??)

then bust a rhyme, you know I won’t quit it

Am I lyin’, Ren ? ([MC Ren:] Man, you know you’re witty)

Your request is clear, that you’re givin’

Without Eazy E you wouldn’t be livin’

with me on a top 10, or a mix show

So hit your power button, and let’s go

on vacation, with your station

that’s playin’ live in every location

Blowin’ out ya speaker

it won’t get weaker

I’ll keep rockin’ till I hit the peek

And your station is dope E-A-Z-Y

It’s on the air, but you axe why

I took out the cursin’, and took rehearsin’

I feel dry, you know that I’m thirstin’

to get busy; I don’t quit it

and once you hear my cut, I know you’re gonna get it

Then bust a rhyme, while you’re clappin’ your hands

It’s Eazy E on the air (rockin’ without a band)


[DJ:] You’re on the radio, on K-EAZY-E, with Greg Mac. Don’t forget to

join us this friday night live, we’ll be jammin’ it uptown with my

homeboys Eazy E, of course, N.W.A. and the whole Compton posse.

Can’t make it out but, hey, stay eazy, and stay it on K-EAZY-E…

with more…radio

Now disc jockeys are playin’ me in rotation

hittin’ number one spots across the nation

I’m on the charts, you can go list’em

but now listen, I’m on your system

AM or FM, I’m in power

You hear my music once every hour

So listen up to the rhyme and percussion

but do this with no discussion

Eazy’s easin’ fans I’m pleasin’

Why, I’m on top yo, I got reason

With no profanity, but what can I say

Yo Dre ([Dr. Dre:] What up ?) Do it your way

On the radio you get more looser

Take my word you’re a dope producer

We combine to put out hits

but jealous people, they just have fits

cause we get airplay, but we’re not thru

Dre, am I serious ? ([Dr. Dre:] Cold word) Well thank you !

People that hear me, they know what I’m sayin’

On the air, I don’t be playin’

Just gettin’ my point across to the public

Rhymin’ on the radio, that’s my subject

I can play (rock), but I prefer (hip hop)

It’s Eazy E on your radio non stop !


[MC Ren:] Yo, this is MC Ren, can you comprehend ? We’re for bite just

like TNT. Yo, what’s the time ?

[Girl2:] Hi, my name is Tushie and I’d like to know when I get

paid, motha…


[Dr. Dre:] You got ganked…

Hello, you’re on the air. What’s up ?

[Girls:] Hello, we’d like to speak to that cuty pie DJ speed

[DJ Speed:] Yo, this is DJ speed. What’s up ?

[Girls:] The joke’s on you, Jack ! Hahaha !

[Dr. Dre:] Hello, you’re on the air

[Guy3:] Hey, what’s up ? This is Nasty Naz callin’ from Seattle

[Dr. Dre:] Hey, what’s happenin’, homeboy ?

[Guy3:] I’m callin’ to be on Eazy E’s new record, “Radio”

[Dr. Dre:] Man, you’re late. The record is already o…

Eazy-E Sorry Louie

(Hi, Claude again…You remember I told you about my cousin when

I was 15…Well, the year after that, I killed this kid, Louie…

Bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger hahaha…

I got away with it…haha…but erm…I wanna apologize to

Louie…I’m sorry Louie…hahaha…)

(Bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger)


I knew this muthaphukka named Louie

Every day the nigga talk shit but today he tried to do me

He rolled down my block with a pistol and a stare

A black khaki suit and dooky brades in his hair

The muthaphukka think I’m slippin

But I got my gat and a 40 and I’m sippin

Waitin for the fool to get out the car

The stupid muthaphukka thinks I’m a star

But I’m not, I’m the type that kick the niggaz ass

Fast ! Eazy E’s a nigga that’ll blast

Hold up, wait, the nigga started to load his gat

I grabbed my bat and ran around the back yo

He’s at my window, thinkin I’m playin Nintendo

But the stupid nigga don’t know I’m behind him so

He dropped the gat like a stupid muthaphukka

So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


(Bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger)


I knew this bitch named Wheaches

She often want me to fuck her happy ass on the beaches

But (?? huh ??) yo peaches be fuckin around with me

Instead o’ fuckin her man

She’s butt-naked with my dick in her hand, yo

As soon as Wheaches started suckin, I saw this muthaphukkin

Nigga behind the car, and he was duckin

So I told the bitch to hold on (Hold on)

You stupid bitch, put yo muthaphukkin clothes on

I wonder if this nigga’s tryin a jack me

Coz I ain’t got my gat with me

Shit, the nigga started runnin up fast

I thought he was gonna blast, so I hid behind her ass

She started howlin out “wait”, I banked her in the face

But the punk nigga pulled out (?? mace ??)

He asked the stupid bitch did I mug her

So I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


I’m a muthaphukkin psycho and I don’t give a fuck about’em

I kill the nigga and cut off his dick, so you know I got’em

Coz (?? huh ??) ate his brain, left the nigga for dead

Now it’s a gallon of blood, drippin from under his bed

(Oh, no ! What happened to my lover ??)

Bitch I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger

Bitch tried to call the cops, fuck that

I gotta take the girl out with my muthaphukkin bat

Coz I ain’t doin 10 in the pen

For a bitch and her dead-ass boyfriend

So…I gotta kill the ho

I’m reachin for my weapon slow

That’s when I notice some nigga standin by the door

The little nigga sayin “don’t kill my mother”, so

I bashed his head in with my Louieville slugger


Hahahahaha Sorry Jimmy

Hahahahaha He’s dead

Hahahahaha I’m sorry, Billy


Eazy-E Boyz N Tha Hood


Yeah, gangsta Dresta steps in this muthafucka and this one goes out tah all

the O.G.’s out there and I can’t forget about the baby gangstaz, what’s up

niggaz, my

nigga they came back with some of that old school original west coast shit

nigga that

got all of y’all in this dig in the first place yeah so run that shit E, yeah

[Verse One:]

Cruisin’ down tha street in my ’64

Jackin’ tha freaks clocking tha dough

Went to tha park tah get the scoop

Knuckleheads out there come shootin’ some hoop

A car pulls up who can it be

A fresh El Camino rollin’ Kilo G

He rolled down his window and he started to say

It’s all about makin’ that GTA


‘Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard

Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord

Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit

Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit

(Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong nigga tah fuck wit

Straight up, straight up, straight up gangsta wrong nigga tah fuck wit)

[Verse Two:]

Dotomy’s in tha place tah give me the pace

He said my man JD is on free-base

Tha boy JD was a friend of mine

‘Til I caught him in my car trying tah steal a alpine

I chase him up tha street tah call a truce

Tha silly cluckhead pulls out a deuce deuce

Little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge

One sucka dead L.A. Times front page


(Punk, punk muthafuckaz like it ain’t no thang,

Punk, punk muthafuckaz like it ain’t no thang)

[Verse Three:]

Bored as fuck and I wanna get ill

So I went to a place where my homeboyz chill

Niggaz out there makin’ that dolla’

I pulled up in my ’64 Impala

They greet me wit a 40 and I start drinkin’

And from tha 8-ball my breath start stinkin’

Enough tah get my girl tah rock that body

Before I left I hit tha Bacardi

I went to her house tah get her out of the pad

Dumb hoe said something that made me mad

She said something that I couldn’t believe

So I grabbed tha stupid bitch by her nappy-ass weave

She started talkin’ shit what did ya know

Reached back like a pimp slapped tha hoe

Her father jumped up and he started tah shout

So I bombed on pops knocked his old ass out


(And if a brotha talks shit I give him a,

And if a brotha talks shit I give him a,

And if a brotha talks shit I give him a)

[Verse Four:]

Now I’m rollin’ hard now under control

Them wrapped tha ’64 around a telephone pole

I looked at my car and I said,”Oh brother!”

Thrown in the gutter and go buy another

Walkin’ home and I see tha G-ride

Now Kat is drivin’ Kilo on tha side

As they busted a U they got pulled over

A undercovered cop in a dark green Nova

Now Kat got beat for resisting arrest

He socked tha pig in tha head for rippin’ his Guess

Now he is caught for doing tha crime

For defense on tha boy he’ll do some time


(I’ll punk you like that, don’t give a fuck,

I’ll punk you like that, don’t give a fuck,

I’ll punk you like that, don’t give a fuck,

I’ll punk you like that, don’t give a fuck)

[Verse Five:]

I went tah get them out but there was no bail

My niggaz caused a riot in tha county jail

Two days later in municiple court

Kilo G on trial straight caught a fought

Instruct him out tha court said the judge

On a six year sentence my man didn’t budge

Bailiff came over tah turn him in

Kilo G looked up and gave a grin

He yelled out fire then came Susie

Tha bitch came in wit a submachine uzi

Police shot tha girl but didn’t hurt her

Both up state for attempted murder


Eazy-E 2 Hard Mutha’s


Yo Dre where’s the goddamn drum machine?


Aw shit I left the muthafucka with Poog


You dumb muthafucka

what the fuck we gonna do now?


Hey, man I got some drums in the back


Man what the fuck is he talkin’ bout

[M.C. Ren]

Yo does it look like we can play some fuckin’ drums?


Man I can play the drums

[Everyone except Yella]



Man I used to fuck it up at Compton


[M.C. Ren]

Give this nigga some sticks….

Yo Fuck it up Yella

[M.C. Ren]

Yo were two hard muthafuckaz

takin’ out any punk ass suckaz

can you believe this or so be frightened

were strong as fuck, with the power of a titan

settin’ a mark of destruction get it

so don’t front, and say you ain’t with it

you wanna rumble with us you can’t hang

cause were something like a two man gang

start some shit is what we do best

scared by the suckaz say fuck the rest

so yo Eazy bust it and shoot to kill

and tell these stupid muthafuckaz the deal


I look you dead in the eye and I spit

tell you to your face punk you ain’t shit

I don’t give a goddamn about feelin’s

I’m just as a happy as long as I’m killin’

a 187 is in progress nigga

just as soon as I pull this trigger

automatic heavily I start firin’

and the kids on the block

I’m the one there admirin’

a bad mouth nigga on the violent tip

I catch you talkin’ some shit

and I’mma bust your lip

now who you gonna tell that I’m makin’ ya soft

the police ain’t shit cause I pay ’em off

I move slow always ready to go so fuck it

and bitches on my dick they know they can suck it

I’m a hard head, always havin’ a fit

when I’m not allowed to tear up shit

[Eazy-E & M.C. Ren]

I’m a hard muthafucka


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! [x4]

[M.C. Ren]

Now look at me I’m a crazed bitch

with a case to a profanity pitch

Ren is a nigga that don’t give a fuck

to pussy ass fool tryin’ to press his luck

I’m ready to scrap that’s if your ready to go

I take you out goin’ toe to toe

E saw the conversion and hit you from the back

while you gettin’ fucked by a ruthless jack

critical condition is what you recieved

thinkin’ up some back up to go on retrieve

but Eazy tell what would happen my man

[Eazy-E:] “they would get fucked up by a ruthless clan”

so it’s simple we don’t give a fuck right

so you and ya boys can get the fuck out my site

I’m on tilt with class gettin’ ready to blast

cause I’m a hard muthafucka


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! [x4]


Eazy and Ren is fuckin’ it up again

schemin’ up a plot before we begin

cause niggaz like to stare like a bitch sometimes

they say how can them niggaz have some a hell of a rhyme

[M.C. Ren]

It’s simple tell ’em what we mean

when the two baddest muthafuckaz step on the scene


Now this is some shit

[M.C. Ren]

Yo what are you sayin’


you stupid muthafuckaz they think I’m playin’

talkin’ all kinda shit of shit but I’m crackin’ it up

I can afford to laugh cause I’m backin’ it up

I’m not a busta I’m more like a hitman

so if you don’t wanna throw then you can get down

you don’t like the fuck away from me

so you can stop the shit, tryin’ to fuck the E

[M.C. Ren]

You heard what he said

it’s the truth so whats up

so if you want me to go then I’mma bout to nut up

the 2 baddest muthafuckaz alive

so I don’t think you and your boys can survive

you gotta girl, well if she’s good to go

I bet me and E already fucked the hoe

a train was in effect and your bitch was rott

by a hell of a nigga that was hard to stop


Yo Ren lets jet lets get the fuck on out

[M.C. Ren]

because everybody knows what where talkin’ about

[Eazy-E & M.C. Ren]

Where two hard muthafuckaz!


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)

Eazy-E Eternal E


Yo this is Yella

As we wine down to the final song

I wanted to make this one to remember my lil nigga E

I know he wanted this track on his record

Though he was takin’ from us to god damn soon

So I finished for him peace nigga…


We did a song fuck da police you know

And everybody been hearing fuck sayin’

Fuck da police for years and years and years

And finally it took a muthaphukka to video tape

A nigga gettin’ the shit beat out of him

For everybody else to say fuck da police

And we did fuck da police people put us down

And sayed we were ahead of our time you know it

Took the video you know ya shot by accident

To tell the truth and open the worlds eyes

Yes we do have a serious problem in L.A.

And other citys true retaliate happens all the time

People tryin’ to change things for years but I don’t

Think anything is gonna help the problem is to deep

N.W.A. is just being brutally honest.

City of Compton [x2]

City of, City of Compton baby baby


They swearin’ on cable T.V. it ain’t teachin’

Nobody nothin’ new cause little kids grow up

You know one, two years old hearin’ there mother

Sayin’ fuck this, you little son of bitch I beat

The shit out of you and all this shit and you know

They pick up from all the shit and you know so they

Learn shit you know it’s not gonna be teachin’

Muthaphukkaz nothin’ new cause I got some new words

For your ass.


We don’t tell you to go out and gang bang

We tell you ya know and our songs is as you

Know if you could go out stealin’ and killin’

And beatin’ up people all day but that person

Ends up dead or in jail sometimes he gets away

You know and we don’t have no rags no red no blue

Rags and tellin’ we gonna go out and creep or go

Out and do that other thing or whateva it is

You know we aint tell you to be joinin’ no gang

Or whateva else.

Rollin Down [x3]



The Hip-Hop Thugsta

From the C-P-T

Compton Style

Real Niggaz

Nigga For Life

We don’t Die.. [x3]

I’d like to send all my love out to his kids

And my God Son Derik, Little D

To all his family

To his wife and everybody who loved him

And the people that didn’t love ’em

Yo E tell these niggaz whats up

“I say Fuck ‘Em”


I tried thats right fuck these Muthaphukkaz

To all the real niggaz out there

We still in this muthaphukka

Beware…96 Style….96 Style

Yeah Big Man we out.


As I was sayin’ before

See you around buddy boy

I’m feelin’ to fuck all



Oooooooooooooh Shit!