Eazy-E Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn


Yo man I don’t think they heard you

Why don’t you tell ’em what ya name is


My name is Eazy yeah this is true

Keepin’ your attention is what I’m gonna do

Hardcore yo I could never be soft

Askin’ me my defin’ they say the boy goes off

Fillin’ up my memo with the touch of my rhyme

Suckaz stayin’ with me cause they know the time

Quiet on the set because I’m about to begin

And if you didn’t hear me boy I’ll tell you again

My name is Eazy or just call me E

But It doesn’t really matter to me

Cause I’m the same person

Whether serious or rehearsin’

I just gotta keep cursin’

This is for the radio so I better chill

They won’t play it if I co get ill

But I’m like that and thats an actually fact

Because the street is where my heart is at

Yo I don’t do dope but I’m dope not a dope

But I’m doper than anybody who tries to cope

If the rhyme I’m displayin’

And the beat that’s playin’

Yo you could try all day

And you still won’t match up with the Ruthless P.O.W

Cause Eazy’s doin it Compton style

Thats the city and you say you could get some

Yo it’s Eazy-er Said Than Dunn




Now it’s easy for me to get my point across

So listen up close if ya don’t ya might get lost

I’m not a role model or a Dr. Seuss yo I’m a gangsta

And I’m about to get stupid

I guess its time for the trama

With the E-A-Z-Y-E comma now that’s drama

So pay attention by the way I must mention

I’m comin’ off hard in the third dimension

With the glare

But you don’t need no glasses to stare

It’ll probably take you in and it’s just like your there

With the E on the gangsta tip

So if you think I’m a flip or slip don’t even trip

Cause I’m a destroyer

My homie Dre is a doctor not a lawyer

Dope mc employer on Ruthless and thats my label

To get the money, the women, and co bust the fat cable’s

Boy, master rhymers of toys

I mean str8 while ya suckin’ with the girls enjoy

You must be sick or ya lonely

How ya gonna diss me if ya don’t even know me

(Eazy – E: Yo Ren)

(M.C. Ren: What sup)

Get the gat show ’em where it’s at

And that’s just the sound

And next time I’m peelin ya cap

To let ya know where I’m comin’ from

Eazy said it and it shall Be Dunn




Creating dope jams is a part of the cycle

Eazy-er said than Dunn yeah thats the title

Rubbin’ the lady’s only the fly ones ya know

(M.C. Ren: but what if she’s ugly)

Eazy come Eazy go

Don’t ask to battle me home boy what’s that

You wanna battle me boy ya better be strapped

Cause where I’m from it ain’t all about that playin’

[gun shots]

Now that’s what I’m sayin’

Said before that I was born in ’73

Now everybody want’s to know the A-G-E

Girls on the tip fellaz too it seemed

Had everybody thinkin’ I was only 15

The fellaz would annoy me

The ladyz would adore me

And what was I to do

I wishin’ nothin’ but to let the lady’s through

Cause the ladyz I luv ’em

Nice and then soft

I hate male groupies so just step the hell off

I’m the real Eazy cause others be fakin’

Tryin’ to game fame off the name I’m makin’

Sayin’ on your records you could get some

Yo home boy its Eazy-er Said Than Dunn



Eazy-E Eazy Street


Now I’mma Break it down and tell a story

About a nigga in the wrong territory

Sharon and Shide is who he had to meet

He made a right turn down the wrong street

Now whatta whatta whatta whatta pitty

A new jack in my muthafuckin’ city

[Dr. Dre]

Compton that is

They say it’s niggaz pimpin’

Gangsta limpin’


But back back to the nitty gritty

Bout this nigga slippin’ in my fuckin’ city

By the time that he realized that he fucked up

The stupid muthafucka got a foot in his ass

Now this is how the story goes

Don’t you ever bring your ass

In my neiborhood fuckin’ my hoes

Cause they my hoes and I knows

When they’ve been fucked

“Who’s ready to get up and do my thang!”

“Doin’ it you know!”


Now lets get the story about the bitches

and tell how this kid went from right to riches

Now he’s drivin’ fancy cars gettin’ bitches galore

He was a dirty little boy that I knew next door

[Dr. Dre impersonating Mack Romey]

Mack the muthafuckin’ Romey

The one and only my dicks to hard to be lonely


Now this muthafucka braggin’ on how

He got all this and that and he got

All these bitches callin’ him Big Daddy

Ain’t that a bitch how this muthafucka

Get rich on my muthafuckin’ street

Thats supposed to be my god damn money

and this bastard is use to wear platform

Shoes plad pants and nappy ass hat under

A fucked up hat now lets kick the story

About that


When the sun falls

and the shit falls down

So when people start comin’ around

Knockin’ at the door sayin’ we want more

and moms wonderin’ what the fuck they here for

Rock cocaine yea just as I figured

But he can do that cause he’s that nigga

From Eazy Street on the road to riches

money, cars, houses, and hoes thats how the

Story goes and if the nigga stays up you

Know he can’t be beat all this shit happens

on Eazy Street


Now back to the story about the bitches

[Dr. Dre]

About the what!


The bitches, the bitches, the bitches yo

The bitches that wanna get with me

The E, the A, the Z, the Y, the E

So whats up bitch you wanna play

Yo why don’t you kiss whats behind the button display

my dick gets

[Dr. Dre]

Hiiiiiiiiiiigh up


Like Ballpark Franks baby

Plump when you cook ’em

You know what I mean

my dick gets

[Dr. Dre]

Hiiiiiiiiiiigh up


Higher than a muthafucka

[Dr. Dre]

Shit thats sure enough funky right there

Yo E kick some knowledge man explain to ’em

What you mean


Uh oh day

Day dum day

Come on baby why don’t ya suck it this way

Aaaaah ooooh

[Dr. Dre]

Shit don’t find the phillie baby

Let it all hang out


I feel it comin’ (I feel it comin’)

It’s comin’ out (it’s comin’ out)

[Dr. Dre]

Kick it one more time


Uh oh day

Day dum day

Come on baby why don’t ya suck it this way

Aaaaah ooooh


Uh oh day

Day dum day

Come on baby why don’t ya suck it this way

Aaaaah ooooh

[Dr. Dre]

Oh yeah E give me a solo


It all happens on Eazy Street

You stupid muthafucka!

Eazy-E 8 Ball

I don’t drink brass monkey

Like the big funky

Nick named Eazy-E

Yo 8-Ball Junkie

Bass drum kicking

To show my sh*t

Rapping holding my d*ck

Boy I don’t quit

Loud wild mutha f*cka

From around the way

I got a six shooter

Yo mean hombre

Wandering through the hood

To find the boys

To kick dust and cuss

Crank up the noise

Police on my drawers

I had to pause

40 ounce in my lap

And it’s freezing my balls

Hooked a right turn

Let the boys go past

And I say to myself

‘They can kiss my a**’

Stopped at a light

Put the 8 at my lips

Put in the old tape

Marvin Gayes Greatest hits

Turn the beat up

Have the base cold romping

Cruising through the East Side

South of Compton

See a big a**

And I said ‘word’

I took a look at the face

And the bitch was to the curb

Hoes on me

for the title I’m holding

Eazy-E’s F*cked up

An got the 8-Ball rollin’


(I was)

Whose Kickin’ a**?

(I was)

Raised in LA

(I was)

Cruising down the street in my 6-4

Riding Los Loses

Looking for Crenshaw

Turned down the sound

To diss yo law

Stopped at a light

And had a fit

Cause a Mexican almost

Wreaked my shit

Flipped his a** off

Got into the car

My bottle was empty

So I went to the store

Nigga on tilt

Cause I was drunk

Seen a sissy a** punk

Had to go in my trunk

Reached inside

Cause it’s like that

Came back out

With a silver gat

Fired at the punk

And it was all because

I had to show the nigga

What time it was

Put up the Jam

It ends like a mirage

A sissy like that

Got out to dodge

Suckers on me

For the title I’m holding

Eazy-E’s F*cked up

And got the 8-Ball rollin


Old East 800

Yeah thats my brand

Take it in a bottle

40, Quart, or Can

Drink it like a mad man

Yes I do

F**K the police

And a 502

Stepped in the party

I was drunk as hell

Three b**ches already said

‘Eric yo breath smells’

40 ounce in hand

Thats what I got

(Yo man you see Eazy hurling in a parking lot)

Stepped on yo foot

Cold dissed yo hoe

Asked her to dance

And she said ‘hell no’

Called her a b**ch

Cause thats the rule

Boys in the hood

Trying to keep me cool

Dammit homeboy

You wanna kick my but

I walk in you face

And we get them up

I start dropping the dogs

And watch you fold

Straight dumb fulla cum

Got knocked out cold

(Made you look sick

you snotty nosed prick

now yo fly b**ch

is all over his d**k)

Fool got dropped

For the title I’m holding

Eazy-E’s f*cked up

And got the 8-Ball rollin


Pass the brew M*tha F*ckas

While I trash it up

And yall listen up close to role call:

Eazy-E’s in the place

I got money and juice

Rendezvous with me

And we make the duce

Dre makes the beat

So g*d damn funky

Do the old 8

F*ck the Brass Monkey

Ice Cube writes the words

That I say

Hail to the niggaz

From CIA

Cazy beat is down

And in effect

We make hard core jams

So fuck respect

They can toast public parking

To the title I’m holding

Eazy-E’s f*cked up

And got the 8-Ball rollin

Eazy-E Hit The Hooker


Big titie shitty bang bang sittin’ on a dick

Tryin’ to play a pimp by the fifteen clicks

Hoes play with me weekly

So I’m down wit hoe play with my pee pee

Eazy muthaphukkin’ access

Saggy baggy ass pants for a happy ass bitch

Ho ho ho to the ho and the cloe

Ski to the E or a piss in the snow

I take a hoe from the show to the mo’ to the flow

To the inches where mo’ now the hoe is gotta go

Pussy just as hairy as a panda, pink and peppy panther

Panty expander, tricks lick long while I lap long hard and fast

While I’m dippin’ hunnies ass, throwin’ harder with Barbara

Seein’ sexy with Betsy, gettin’ ready for Betty,

I hit the hooker heavy


I hit the hooker heavy

Ready to…. [x4]


Use a finger to when them real niggas comes to spread’em

Hittin’ other peoples bitches so I’m comin’ to ya weddin’

Head and the bill in the dark I begin with my dick

So you can say I have a head start

Comin’ from the south of the border, cause I’m shorter

Than ya thought I was wife, whore, daughter in the order

Fuck all that one man one bitch shit

One condom, one dick, switch

To another after gun with a rubber

You can lick me like a lover wipe your mouth on the cover

I never dilly dally pimpin’ Susan and Sally

Now you can find the couchie from Miami to Cali

Throwin’ harder with Barbara

Seein’ sexy with Betsy, gettin’ ready for Betty,

I hit the hooker heavy


I hit the hooker heavy

Ready to…. [x4]


Bitches comin’ with it for doublemint

Lookin’ for ya homies

Cause the hoes know me like they owe me

I got a strip I hit when I’m lonely

Hit a bitch wit a whip and she run like Toby

So never count on me fool when in the true skool

Wit truce sluts lookin’ for a crew screw

I flip and I flow when they go kinda low

Hoe better have my dough so suck silly

Hookers could stay or ya don’t touch nuts

Really hook a good day

Adios disapear like a smoke your rejected

By a dick thats erect bitch

Sometimes I think I’m losin’ it a lunatic

With a lot of automatic shit with clips

It ain’t no thang to me it’s the same ole slang

To me I roll with a long size gang with me

Throwin’ harder with Barbara

Seein’ sexy with Betsy, gettin’ ready for Betty,

I hit the hooker heavy


I hit the hooker heavy

Ready to…. [x8]

Eazy-E Ole School Shit


Hey Yella

Kick that shit


The muthaphukkin year

Of the real muthphukkin’ G’s

And we gonna do this shit like this…

[Gangsta Dresta]

Nigga eva deadly

Ya just don’t know who ya fuckin’ wit

So I suggest get in ya shit and keep truckin’ bitch

Before I get my gat ya pressure case

Blast, blast I leave my gang bang layin’ on ya face

I tattoe Dre name on my chest

Cross it out just another nigga that I X-ed huh

And you won’t see R.I.P.

You’ll see P.N.D.

A Punk nigga deceased yeah

And the bitch that was yours will be mine buddy

All because ya woofed on a nigga that was nutty

And I had to make an example

Nigga thinks I’m crazy now but that was just a sample

Of a nigga with street wise reality

That don’t give a fuck type Compton mentality

I stare back death right in the face

Contemplate my last day on and everyday base

Cause a nigga neva know when he go

I hope it only takes one shot

Cause I don’t wanna die slow

My funeral will be full of my peers

People that neva gave a fuck about me droppin’

Threw me tears

I hope I’m in the casket face down

So all you muthaphukkaz can kiss my black ass now

And fuck all that cryin’ all night

Just be happy that I’m rid of this fucked up life

Yeah, and now you see you can’t handle me

I give a shout to Tonel and the Ruthless Phuckin Family.


Out wit the old in with the muthaphukkin new

But check dis shit out I got somebody for ya bitch….



Now it’s about time for the Sylk to speak

Check dat ass last weak

You off the chronic and you tweak

Speak when I feel

Cause I’m as real as they come

I’m a bitch with a gun

Neva run ain’t for none

So step, step up

If ya wanna test ya luck trick

Sister like Sylk

Don’t really giva a fuck bitch

Punk bitches wanna step phony speak howdy doody

I make ya self break ya self bitch you neva new me

Yours truly no longer layin’ in the cut

Steady phuckin’ shit up

Neva see me shakin’ my butt I strut

Like a gangsta bitch no not a pranksta bitch

I’m quick to gank a bitch trick

Peep game at this bitch as I shoot this

Gangsta bitch steppin’ rollin’ wit da Ruthless.

[B.G. Knocc Out]

The R-U-T-H-L-E double S

Yo it’s the nigga knocc out

Claim the block so nigga whats next

Try to step and flex and get wrecked like a mac truck

I’m kickin’, tah spittin’ this funky shit to make a quick phat buck

I’m doggin’ a dog you suckaz can’t talk bout tip flip I rip shit

I’m stressin’ “Damn cuz”, “Pick it back up”

Chillin up in the studio

With the Ruthless Family

Fuck the Death Row Posse

Yo them fools cannot handle me

Snoop and Andre ya come and try to fade the

Loc’ed out, Compton, Original Baby Gangsta

1-8-7’s how we do it on the West

Ya say ya shit is Chronic but to me it’s more like stress

Or should I say make my shit the stronic

Tha Dogg Pound don’t wanna step to the atomic dog

D-O-T-K-N-O-Double-C-O-U-T so muthaphukka come and phuck wit me.

“Come On”, “Come On”

“This is just a little something to keep ya ass in check

Ruthless Muthaphukkin’ Family ya still in effect” [x3]

“This is just a little something to keep ya ass in check

Ruthless Muthaphukkin’ Family” “Kick That Shit”


Jealousy is a muthaphukka when your the man

With the other hand I don’t give a shit

Clock a grip like no other can

Wanna be like me be a G like me

But I’m the nigga that made a G

Outta the bitch D-R Eazy

I was the captain

Dre was my sidekick

Everything was cool

Till he wanted to get what I get

Any other real G Eazy-Muthaphukkin-E

Now claimin’ you a G

How does it feel to be me

Eazy-E Merry Muthafucking Xmas

[Uncle Dolamite]

Come on over hunnie

And give your uncle Dolamite a kiss

[kissing sounds]

Well what you want baby?


Would you tell me a story?

[Uncle Dolamite]

You want me to tell you a story?


Hell yeah!

[Other Baby]

Me too!

[Uncle Dolamite]

Yes Hunnie I’m a tell you a story

About the bad ass Eazy-E

He was drinkin’ whisky and gin at the age of three

Listen and listen well

He’s a bad Muthafu-


Gimmie that god damn book!

Here let me read you this one

Chrismas in Compton

It was a silent night, yes a holy night

Until Mr. Claus turned into Santa muthafuckin’ right?


Deck the halls with balls of holy

Fa la la la la la la la la

Tis the season to be jolly….


Merry Chrismas muthafucka!

[Gun Shots]

Merry muthafuckin’ Chrismas and a ho ho ho!

While I’m ridin’ that cot under the missle toe

Now dashin’ through the snow

In a candy right top 6-4

Over the hills I go

Laughin’ at this hoe

Nuts on rich and rings

Makin’ me feel right

Oh what fun it is to know

That I’m gonna get this pussy tonight

So ring them bells, ring them bells

Shes takin’ it all the way

Oh what fun it is to watch her suck my dick this way

Hey ring them bells, ring them bells

Shes takin’ it all the way

Oh what fun it is to nut, while she’s suckin’ my dick

Oh yay!

Tis the season to get busy

Compton crime lick

And I’m smokin’ on this stick.


Ho ho ho come sit on my face

I’m mean lap and tell me what you want for Chrismas

Ho ho.


I want a sleigh ride

A Christmas Eve stick of rum

She said I slide down the chimney and I’m gonna cum

A VCR on the set with nothing but porno flicks

Get some Rudolph the red nose reindeer

Getcha that gum like a everlastin’ gobstoper

Give me a hump for his cock will be the party poppa

I dig a ho

Crack a dough

By the nuts oh

I want to be having a good time fuckin’ in tha snow

I made him drop to his knees

Yeah you know whats up

I said here’s some candy canes eat’em up

I send him down, they jumping down, swinging by my toes

Send me some cheese, I want the candy cream and the loot

I want Santa to send me a little jack horny guy

I want him to shake me [?]

So all on the hunt, bon appetit

And a condom in a tree


All I want for Chrismas is my two front teeth

My two front teeth, my two front teeth

All I want for Chrismas is my two front teeth

Yo wheres ya rhyme tell me Buckwheat

[Buck wheat]

Buckwheat is a waskal

That’s no Chrismas

And all the toys, boys and girls

Fuck ya wishes

I not happy, overjoyed in this muthafucka

No indo under my tree so Santa be a sucka

No shit on the roof, cough up Rudolph’s nuts

When I was young I was the only kid

Who had enough guts to be

Good ole hearing on the East

I’d stay awake just to let America know

That Santa was a fake

I used to believe in Saint Dick when Elvis was alive

But all the fucking bullshit got played when I was five

Years old, just stay young, bold writing

Singing “Silent Night”, caroling, reciting

Now all I want for Christmas is my indo wreath

I got my two front teeth

Uncle Eazy be the jeezy and

Just spread me a leaf

Little kids, don’t cry

When you find out the Santa Claus is just a fucking lie


On the third day of Christmas, my homeboys gave to me

Three pounds of indo

Two birds of cocaine

And a A muthafuckin’ K, bitch


Eazy-E oh Eazy-E

Show us how you treat those bitches


I saw mommy fucking Eazy Claus


Close the door, little bitch

I’m getting these draws


I’m a tell my daddy if ya ass don’t stop


I don’t give a fuck

I’m getting Christmas cot

Ho ho ho and away I go


Oh Saint Nick’s got a dick like a pole

[Woman 1]

Well where’s our shit?

[Woman 2]

This motherfucker’s cheap


Shut the fuck up, bitches

And go back to sleep

[Will 1X]

Yo black, what you want for Christmas?

(Yo black, I want a job)

For my Christmas, all the fucked up people

Want some corn-on-the-cob

A Jew will eat some matzoh ball soup, but a nigga’ll eat some

Chitlins, watermelon, corn bread and some Fruit Loops

Now who’s caroling in my window

Smokin’ up indo

Mechalecha hi, make a high note


Get out my fucking yard with your camel

You wanna get busy and Santa like a..

I am a rhymer

The Atban Klann will make shit slam, it’s Christmas time

The Simple Simon Christmas make me jam jam jam


Yo black, what you want for Christmas?

Yo black, I want some cash

So I can buy some indo, chronic and some hash

[Atban Klann (Will1X & apl.de.ap)]

Yo, here comes the Atban Klann rough and rugged

A rump pa bum bum

A rump pa bum bum


Merry Muthafuckin’ Chrismas

Merry Muthafuckin’ Chrismas

Merry Muthafuckin’ Chrismas

And have a fucked up new year


You Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!


And they all went to prison

And lived fucked up lives ever after

The End

Eazy-E No More ?’s

[Female:] We’re sitting here with Eazy E

Believe that

[Female:] How are you doing ?


[Female:] So, Eazy, tell me, how was your life as a youngster ?

[Verse One: Eazy-E]

Ruthless, my style as a juvenile

Ran with a gang, slanged in the meanwhile

Bankin, I specialized in gankin

whites, Mexicans, brothers and others

Daily, it’s all about comin up

Makin sure no punks are runnin up

([Eazy E:] Because I’m a gangster havin fun)

Strapped with a gat when I’m walkin through Compton

Terrible, I never listened to my mother

It went in one ear, and out the other

Ran my gang, sold undercover

Call a girl out a name, yo I ain’t no lover

I’m a pimp, mack daddy, lookin for the dollar

At thirteen I bought a six-fo’ Impala

Rollin, and runnin from the police

Brother don’t you know you can’t trust a thief

or thug, convict, hoodlum or criminal

Leave your car open, gank for your stereo

Hard and raw, no regard for the law

([Female:] Eazy E, were you ever caught slipping?)

Hell no! Just trippin off 8-ball

And girls ain’t nothin but female dogs to me

Bitches! I’m sorry for that verse

It’s in my nature, I gotta curse

out anybody gettin on my nerves

You get beat, ganked, broke and served

So… you know who I am

and if you don’t like it, I really don’t give a damn

[Female:] Hmm, I see, so you’re rather violent?


[Female:] Ok, what would be the situation when you so-called “gank” somebody?

[Verse Two: Eazy-E]

Wait… for some people to leave

I got another trick up my sleeve

Step with pep to the back of the house

Look then… all the lights are out

Grabbed the door and it’s locked, so

easily made my way to the window

Lift it up slow, cause it takes timing

Looked around, and then I climbed in

Once inside, I start takin

Cause you know it’s no time for shakin

Get what you gonna get, front and center

or get five years for breakin and enter

Move quickly, but no runnin

Shht, I think somebody’s comin

Hear the front door key, and I flee

out the back door with a fist full of jewelry

Over the wall… don’t fall

Wipe my sweat cause that was a close call

Gettin ganked by the E is a lesson

So… is there any more questions?

[Female:] Yes, as a matter of fact, there is…

Have you ever been involved in, like, a armed robbery or a hold-up?

You mean a 211?

[Female:] Yeah

[Verse Three: Eazy-E]

There’s a store, but don’t point

Walk inside, case the joint

One man behind the counter, another in the back

Go out to the car and load the gat

Grabbed the ski mask, here’s the task

Go in broke, come out with cash

([Female:] Were you slick?)

Yeah, you gotta be cunnin

Told Ice Cube to leave the car runnin

Walked in, said: “This is a robbery”

Didn’t need the money, it’s just a hobby

Fill the bag, homeboy, don’t lag

I want money, beer, and a pack of zig-zags

The man in the back had a camera

so he came out to test his stamina

against Eazy E, but he took one

Fell to the floor, so I ran

back to the bucket, then I said: “Punch it”

Took the gun, and then dumped it

I’m not like Robin Hood, cause I want more

Steal from the rich, hang with the poor

My pockets are fat, you see, it don’t matter to me

I feel like nobody is badder than me

([Female:] Is all that true ?)

I don’t lie

You see… I’m not mister nice guy

[Female:] Oh, so you’re not exactly a role model?

Not exactly

[Female:] And for your listeners, what does Eazy think of himself?

[Outro: Eazy-E]

Bad and bold, you can’t get with this

Those that tried, you’re on my hit list

Can’t be caught, sought or fought

thought, and damn so what?

Down and dirty from the C-P-T

N-W-A and Eazy-E

One more, before we end this session

([Female:] What’s your real name?)

No more questions!

Eazy-E New Year’s Evil

Hahahah 5150,,,,hahahahah tha home for tha sick hahahahah

But I got something I want everybody to know


Hey buddy boy, hey buddy (pisp) (pisp) buddy boy, hey,

You know who you are mutha fucker. hahahahah

You thought I couldnt do it with out ya right, hahahahahah

You stupid mutha fucka, but anyway, buddy, Im Baaaaaaack



Eazy-E Creep N Crawl

Straight off the streets of mothafuckin’ Compton

It’s the downest nigga I know

Eazy mothafuckin’ me

‘Bout to kick your ass in ’93

(Creep with me, as I crawl through the hood)

I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I said I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts

I got my niggas from the C-P-T

I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin’ land

That’s down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, early in the mornin’ I awake

Thinkin’ about this dead fool’s life that I had to take

Frontin’ on a true name, I peep game at point-blank range

Fuck ’em! (“Mothafuckin’ right, y’all.”)

Back to the set as I jet

Not givin’ a fuck about the nigga that I wet

That’s what he gotta shout for actin’ like a trick

Now he’s six feet and I’m deep in his bitch

Creepin’, creepin’, creepin’ on the marks that be sleepin’

Catch you slippin’, slap the clip in, buck ’em every weekend

A scandalous lil’ nigga with no heart to feel remorse

Dig the nigga’s corpse, leave it on his momma’s porch

Don’t give a fuck about shit, that’s why I mellow

Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m kin to the Devil

A psychopathic nigga that’s always quick to fill a

Nigga full of lead, ’cause I’m a mothafuckin’ killer

Thrilla from Manila, though I’m shorter than the average

Try to test yo’ luck and get bucked by a mothafuckin’ savage

I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I said I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl

And I creep and I crawl, creep creep

I got my niggas from Grape Street, Watts

I got my niggas from the C-P-T

I got my niggas all across the mothafuckin’ land

That’s down with the E-A-Z-Y-E

Now, later on that night as I’m rollin’

Lookin’ for a nigga I can gat and pack a hole in

Stoppin’ at a light on the late night

Fire up a Philly blunt to get my head right

See some niggas slippin’ at a burger stand

And in my mind all I’m thinkin’ is a murder plan

Creepin’ through the drive-through kinda slow

I got my hot beams on the back of the ‘4, yo

Smokin’ on chronic with the rag down

Not knowin’ I’m about to lay their ass down

Reach for who was fool, make my move

Leaned out my jeep and I creep kinda smooth

With the gat to the nigga’s dome, now he sleeps

One shot to the top, body flopped on the seat, peep

I dumped on the lil’ skinny passenger

A bitch is screamin’ in a rage, so I blasted her

Smashed and I got about five blocks

Before I got stopped by a punk-ass cop (Shit, fuck ’em!)

(You can’t kill a cop!) FUCK YOU! [shots rang out]

Mothafucker, ha ha ha!

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

I creep and I crawl and I creep

Eazy-E Gimmie That Nutt

Cruisin’ down the street in my ’64

It’s like that and it’s like this

I took her to the pad and we started to kiss

Now my dick’s on hard ya know what I’m thinkin’

Took her panties off and her pussy was stinkin’

Pulled off my draws and we started to begin

Now the pussy’s wet so my dick slides in

Oh, hiddy hiddy hiddy you hoe

Ridin’ from the back so I’m fuckin’ kinda slow

So fee fie foe fuck fum

She’s scratchin’ on my back oh here she comes

Now I gotta get a nutt gotta get a nutt gotta get it quick

Ya know because I love this shit so


Gimme that, that, that nutt [3x]

Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that nutt

Okay back back to the fuckin’ basics

You got yours and mine ya want to taste it

Open wide oh no don’t you waste it

Oh shit all over ya face kid

Ya know ya know one thing

You know me I like to sling

That dick you know what so roll over girl while I stick it in ya

But I’ll turn it wild while I’m ridin’ that ass scream and shout

My name is the same

Just another pussy that I had to tame so

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby (lick my balls honey)

[Chorus 2x]

Now I love pussy (love pussy)

And pussy loves me (pussy loves me)

Like a lemon to the lime and the bubble to the bee

Ya know its real good a nigga can’t resist it (it’s real good)

Couldn’t be a foot loop (can’t be a fag) so don’t get me twisted

‘Cause in some pussy is the place to be

Always fuckin’ is the life for me

Spread them legs open far and wide

Fuck this shit just let me put my dick inside so

[Chorus 2x]

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby

uh, get it on baby (gently put the ballhaaaaa)

[Chorus 2x]