Fleshgod Apocalypse Pathfinder

I’m prevaricated, enslaved within my fears

Misplaced by sorrow and despair

Can’t betray my seal

I must engage the reflection of Pasifae’s guilt

The seed of Knossos dominates

This realm of desperate keens

Gates of terror

Shine before my shield

‘Cause I’m born to become a hero

To defeat or be torn? Whatever!

I deliberate, to hush my inner screams

She rips the darkness of my thoughts

Can’t deny this deal

I won’t get lost through this maze

Holding hard this thread

For I will slay the shame of Crete

My path will lie ahead

God Poseidon

I emerge from seas of tears

And march towards my fears

The son of vengeance calls

Fall is the source of my victory

As there’s no force without a fight

So let me stride on this path that will lead me to the end

Of a twisted life, that stands before my eyes

Now, next to the core

I see the longhorned shade

His smelling breath corrupts the air

He’s growling with disdain

A vacillate when I see this abnormal being

But with your help I will be safe

I can find the strength to kill

Fleshgod Apocalypse Cold As Perfection

In this passing world

There’s no time to regret

Life’s too fast to fold

So why lie to yourself

‘cause there’s nothing more

“Can’t you see my light?”

That what mirrors behold

“Don’t speak, let me shine bright”

You, my flower blown by the whispers of age

Beauty in the storm that relentlessly fades

Cold through the winter of life

Pulled down below into an ocean of lies

My withering rose

What a dreadful curse

Cast by nature on life

Nothing lasts forever

Can’t turn back the hands of time

Like a grain of sand

Pray for me my Lord

In its hourglass awaits

“For the burden I hold”

For the very end when all torments decay

And the vanity will leave your heart in peace

“My lady listen to your beloved King

I can see your eyes are now scared

And veiled by the mist of despair

Do not be conquered by your own fears

Don’t let the illusion of perfection seduce you

Or you will be lost forever”

Desperate while my youth fades away

Sorrow is dragging my soul down

There’s no word you can say to save me

My love

Fleshgod Apocalypse Conspiracy Of Silence

You know what you hide behind the veil of terror

bare your inner scum denied by anguish for their lowest dreadful deeds!

Your cowardice will lead you ti the shameful fate!

Victims of the metastatic tum of your life!

Convict, even if you leave no trace,

confined by your mentors in their grievous catatonic prison!

Walking inert towards the darkest days!

Unconscious when you’ll fail, when you’ll…

Fail! Shame of humans!

Repulsive servants without pride, without honour!

Shame! Failure of human kind, as your omission is your blame!

Naked in front of my eyes, conspiracy of silence can’t be concealed, confess

what you hide!

You must spit all the cancers you’ve inside, you can’t declare, as you can’t


Short the way to demise, damaging everyone you shake off all your fright!

But this strikes before you’ve realized, forever condemned!

Blind! When there’s something you should see!

Deaf! When there’s something you should hear, or feel!

You, dumb! When there’s something you should scream,

your morality is dead as your will!

A faithful traitor begging those who can’t forgive!

Victims of the metastatic tumor of your life!

Self annihilations of your thoughts,

unbound all your terror, in their immense temples of corruption!

Your servile actions will destroy you all

Lay down now, feel all your senses fell away from you!

Blown away, lost in the serpentine of pain!

Down! Down! Down! Under the weight of crime!

Torn to pieces by guilt and bane, inadmissible terminal sickness of our race!

Race! Race! Race! Without any aim!

Inveracity runs through your veins, existence is vain!

All the veils are broken by an evident truth, fools those who believed, in spurious ignorance creatress of your doom!

Fleshgod Apocalypse As Tyrants Fall


Hidden the truth for the masses

By the leaders of an unconscious sickness

Fenced in a paling of ignorance

By the shepherds with their unending falseness

Day by day become thing of past

Dominators rule the flesh with precepts made of lie

Confining the fool race in an eternal night

Despots set the seed of fake in feeble human mind

Inoculating superstition burns

While the oppressors rise

Dethrone them all

Destroy the kingdom of those tyrants

Taking the place they once had

New world of false promise will born

Under the name of brand new man

Rise above them

Build a new kingdom

Find a complete new dominion

Setting up the columns

For a temple of false new gods

Tyrants replaced by the tyrants as new leaders

Are just unconscious victims

Failing effort to refound a reign

By shepherds condemned by their own power

One by one they have to collapse

Never ending spires that hold them

Like a vortex deadly dance

Cyclic conjuration that deceives all

Slaves to their own nature dread

Paradox of entropy of failing reign of clay