GZA Liquid Swords

[Intro 1: (not included on 7″)]

When I was little… my father was famous.

He was the greatest sam-urai in the empire;

And he was the shogun’s decapitator.

He cut off the heads of a hundred and thirty-one lords.

It was a bad time for the empire.

The shogun just stayed inside his castle — and he never came out.

People said his brain was infected by devils.

My father would come home — he would forget about the killings.

He wasn’t scared of the shogun, but the shogun was scared of him.

Maybe that was the problem.

Then, one night… the shogun sent his ninja spies to our house.

They were supposed to kill my father… but they didn’t.

[woman screams]

That was the night everything changed *voice fades*

[Intro 2: RZA]

See, sometimes…

You gotta flash em back

See niggaz don’t know where this shit started

Y’all know where it came from

I’m sayin we gonna take y’all back to the source

We bounce, yo

[Chorus: RZA, GZA]

When the mc’s came, to live our their name

And to perform (forrrrm)

Some had, to snort cocaine (caiiinnne) to act insane (sannne)

With before pete rock-ed it on, now gone

That the mental plane (plaaanne) to spark the brain (brainnn)

With the building to be born

Yo rza flip the track with the what to gut

Check em check chicka icka etta uhh

[Verse 1:]

Fake niggaz get flipped

In mic fights I swing swords and cut clown

Shit is too swift to bite you record and write it down

I flow like the blood on a murder scene, like a syringe

On some wild out shit, to insert a fiend

But it was yo out the shop stolen art

Catch a swollen heart from not rollin smart

I put mad pressure, on phony wack rhymes that get hurt

Shit’s played, like zodiac signs on sweatshirt

That’s minimum, and feminine like sandals

My minimum table stacks a verse on a gamble

Energy is felt once the cards are dealt

With the impact of roundhouse kicks from black belts

That attack, the mic-fones like cyclones or typhoon

I represent from midnight to high noon

I don’t waste ink, nigga I think

I drop megaton bombs more faster than you blink

Cause rhyme thoughts travel at a tremendous speed

Clouds of smoke, of natural blends of weed

Only under one circumstance is if I’m blunted

Turn that shit up, my clan in da front want it


[Verse 2:]

I’m on a mission, that niggaz say is impossible

But when I swing my swords they all choppable

I be the body dropper, the heartbeat stopper

Child educator, plus head amputator

Cause niggaz styles are old like mark 5 sneakers

Lyrics are weak, like clock radio speakers

Don’t even stop in my station and attack

While your plan failed, hit the rail, like amtrak

What the fuck for? down by low, I make law

I be justice, I sentence that ass two to four

Round the clock, that state pen time check it

With the pens I be stickin but you can’t stick to crime

Came through with the wu, slid off on the dl

I’m low-key like seashells, I rock these bells

(when the mc’s..) now come aboard, it’s medina bound

Enter the chamber, and it’s a whole different sound

It’s a wide entrance, small exit like a funnel

So deep it’s picked up on radios in tunnels

Niggaz are fascinated how the shit begin

Get vaccinated, my logo is branded in your skin


GZA Stop The Nonsense

I see youngsters little teenagers

Walking around with beepers and pagers

And who’s beeping them? Oh it’s the boss

Making sure no one is taking a loss

On his multi-thousand dollar operation

But how does he thank them for their participation

Whatever the pay, it’s still not enough

Cause what they got into is some serious stuff

Hours a day back and forth on the strip

Sending customers far on a trip

And this roots of all evil brings about war

Cause you wanna open up another crack store

Children can’t play in the parks and things

Because a stray bullet might be headed for the swings

You never though about that, oh I guess not

All you thought about was owning your own spot

To putting more and more people to sleep

But ya heading for a pothole six feet deep

You see the problem has gotten more serious

and the community is getting more furious

Get it deep in your head I told you so

It goes way beyond just saying no

[Chorus:] Stop the nonsense

Remember Steve with the blue Jag?

They found him cut up and stuffed in a bag

He had his own operation uptown

And there was plenty other drug dealers he would cut down

In other words he was living foul

Shootin up neighborhoods acting wild

He said he had to protect his drug trade

Which we manufactured throughout arcades

He made sure his enemies felt the pain

Whoever he felt was a threat, got slain

Like Donna, who was only sixteen

And she was employed on another drug scene

She try to set up a hit on Steve

But he sliced her throat until she could not breathe

This is what happens when you deal

You don’t care on who you got to kill

I might walk outside and get shot

Because I live next door to a drug spot

And I don’t need this stuff in my vicinity

Of me being shot for mistaken identity

This is the stuff that Steve was on

Now he’s dead long and gone

[Chorus:] With his old nonsense

GZA Legend Of The Liquid Sword

[Verse 1: GZA]

Who won the covenant role, based on a nationwide poll?

For the grip tells told and rap scrolls

Perfect pitch for language that’s built within

Where half the rap ink couldn’t hold my pen

Meanin’ When Emcees Came, To Live Out The Name

They signed the documents with the, blood of the slain

Far removed from this hip hop life off course

But the confidence and resilience was never lost

In the think tank and research labs I laid tracks

Seen work rule my life but it never broke my back

Destiny forever shake from the events to come

From the [?] and the chemical contents of the sun

A solid gold figure with a verse that glitters

Until the platinum beat comes increasingly bitter

They joined in a likely alliance with the rest

Schemin’ with unsuccessful in a zealous Quest

We all see, with a degree of certainty

Who the fake, cowardly cats behind the curtains be,

(Yeah, yeah…)

They hunt, for the skin, flesh, the blood, and bones

In front, want to impress with studdes stones

[Chorus: Anthony Allen]

Now who’s the man who brought you the Legend of the Liquid Sword?

Rap critics say “Damn” you’re sick with your’s

4th Chamber and the Shadowboxin’ too

That Nigga be the GZA from Wu

And if you odn’t know

About the piroclastic flow

Hotter than the spark that made it blow

You better recognize, recognize….

[Verse 2: GZA]

Why U-N-I-verse run like clock works forever?

Words pulled together, sudden change in the weather

The nature and the scale of events don’t make sense

A story with no warnin’ you’re drawn in, environments

Gravity that’s gone mad, clouds of dust and debree

Moving at colossal speeds, they crush an emcee

Since this rap region is heavily packed with stars

Internal mirror in the telescope, noticed the Czar

From far away, they blink as the lightnin’ strolled

Great distance of space between precise globes

That travel in a circle of order

Like the tape in your cassette recorder filled with cult for slaughter

(Yeah, yeah…)

Meaning the con-tracts manifestly work

The hitman for hire, weapon in his hand he lurks

Inspite of the strange appearance he laid a clearance

on his target through a crowded market

No interference

The microphone left on the scene without a serial

Evidence consistent with organic material (Well)

Surprisingly, as we marched lively with great size and degree

Till it spread widely


GZA Highway Robbery


An MC stepped to me, lying about one

Kid that rolled with him who died in the outcome

Thinking he could get with me, gain victory

When the season’s all on his beef was hickory

The situation at hand still remained critical

The check analytical, reaction was pitiful

He pushed his pawn up, yo that’s a wrong move

A hog move, some rap cat on dog food

Microphone competition we devour

You pull plugs but take no source of power

Cause then in MCing, the contours of the land

Intricate architects that’s linked to a plan

The W U hyphen T A N G

My rap flow automatic and never empty

Don’t tempt me, quick to bust off another

Flee in that direction you could get it from my brother

At least then you know that you up against G-O-D

So when we throw those grenades you better be

Ready, not iced out and petty

Neckful couldn’t match one oil drop from Getty

That’s ran by the icon who just left Exxon

And spilled oil so he could cash checks on

The strength cause local niggas be hating

But the sound still travels from state to state and

No dress code, boot, hats and all metal

Strictly hip hop underground and all ghetto

So catch it, throw it on your plate and scratch it

Mix that (shit), y’all niggas can’t do (shit)

[Chorus 2X: Governor Two’s]

Stick it up like it’s a highway robbery

True gangstas we run New York City

We come fi takeover the industry

Cause you know them have fi too ‘fraid of we


How come so much rap (shit) sound so similar

Is it confusing for you to remember the

Originator, paint sprayer, crafts innovators

Quick close ups of the artform’s life savors

From tapes to decks, beats with raps, streets with gats

Speaking of tracks, I’ve ran plenty laps

The crates were packed, Farms were Phat

Thieves would chat to stab my back, detect many traps

Hazardous enterprise, the youths energized

Not seeing the truth till it’s in your eyes

Burning, you learning to power your rhyme

Exert maximum damage in minimum time

Road L’s are lit, my spears start to hit

Strange translation of words of wit

Through the cable transmit’ and once the shoe fit

Unlock the secret of prophecies and that’s it

Stay submerged deep as we cruise the seas

Beneath the Surface just like Adidas and Lee’s

Or a croke head that used to walked the length

From Brooklyn to get a beat on 43rd and 10th

And that’s just a short trip to flip without a whip

Tried to shop this most extravagant gift

To a cat who wasn’t hemped and never opened doors

Till he accidently seen it on the shelves of stores

That’s more frightning than strikes of lightning

Tearing up the storm in your average college dorm

So think about it when you trying to flow

When you wanna step to us I think you should know

[Chorus 4X]

GZA Hell’s Wind Staff / Killah Hills 10304

[Killah Hills intro features RZA, Ol Dirty Bastard, and “Grey Ghost”]

(…the skill of Shaolin)

[RZA:] Yes the good life, you know [clinks glass]

[GZA:] What the fuck is that, hell’s angels?

[Ol Dirty singing in the background]

(Ahh Mr. Bobby Steels, Tony Starks on line one for Mr. Bobby Steels)

[RZA:] Steels over here, Steels over here

Peace, Starks what’s going on baby?

Yeah everything is lovely over here.

[GZA:] No shoes and no shirt on, sure the hills is where it’s at?

[RZA:] Yeah the, the Maximillion is sure here

I’m over here with Noodles and I got Lucky Hands with me

[GZA:] You got soul, R&B, classics? All that shit right?

[RZA:] Yeah… Grey Ghost right in front of me right now

Grey Ghost standing right here.

Yeah he has a briefcase; ohh, OK, OK I got you.

Aight thanks. [phone clicks]

[GGh:] Bobby Steels.

[GZA:] Huh?

[RZA:] Mr. Grey Ghost, good to see you good to see you good to see you.

[GGh:] A pleasure.

[RZA:] So is everything OK, is everything working as we planned?

[GGh:] Everything is working out, very nicely.

Do you have the cash, twenty-thousand dollars?

[GZA:] Be nice to have a little breeze.

Breeze on by fuck the cops.

[RZA:] Do we have the cash? We don’t have to talk that, hey hey

[GZA:] Get the fuck outta here with that hell’s angels bullshit!

[RZA:] We got the cash we know Cash Rules Everything Around this motherfucker

Umm, let me ask you…

[GZA:] The fuck outta here!

[GGh:] Do you have the full amount? Twenty thousand as we agreed upon?

[GZA:] fucking hell’s bastards.

[RZA:] Let me ask you a question Mr. Grey Ghost —

Do you know a a Don Rodriguez?

[GGh:] I know no such person.

[RZA:] Don Rodriguez from the Bronx? Don Rodriguez?

[GGh:] I don’t know who you’re talking about.

[RZA:] I think you do know him cause your fuckin friend Don

is down at one-twenty precinct right now singing his fuckin ass like a fucking bird.

[GZA:] Life of a drug dealer

[RZA:] The fuckin guys is coming

[GGh:] Do you believe him?

Killah Hills 10304

Restaurants on a stake-out, so order the food to take out

Chaos, outside a spark’s steakhouse

Maintain the power, I feel the deal’s gone sour

Nigga miss da Wedding, late a fucking half hour

And his man who bought land from Tony Starks

While he was contracting bricklaying jobs in city parks

he’s a loan shark, interest rates a grand to a finger

In the garment district, got it sewn like Singer

Cause all that talk blasphemy this kid after me

for the heist, in a Burlington Coat Factory

Fuck it, he turned snake so my nigga Cash stole his copilot

who used to drive like sacks of blow on this remote

area, we label Dead Man’s Island

Two hundred miles South from Thailand

Right off the docks, I got the luxurious custom made yachts

Burial plots, for my niggaz hit with fatal shots

There’s no need for us to spray up the scene

I use less men, more powerful shit for my team

Like my man Muhammad from Afghanistan

Grew up in Iran, the nigga runs a neighbourhood news-stand

A wild Middle Eastern, bomb specialist

Initiated, at eleven to be a terrorist

He set bombs in bottles of champagne

And when niggaz popped the cork, niggaz lost half they brains

Like this ex-worker, tried to smuggle a half a key

in his left leg, even underwent surgery

They say his pirate limp gave him away

As the feds rushed him, coming through U.S. Customs

Now look whose on the witness stand singing, a well known soprano

A smash hit from Sammy Gravano

here’s the plan minimum for the hit, two hundred grand

Half time at the game blasting niggaz out the stands

The sharp-shooters hit the prosecutor, judges are sent

Photographs of they wives taking baths

Along with briefcase filled with one point five, that’s the bribe

Take it or commit suicide

First rule, anyone who schemes on the gold in Syria

I want they small intestines ripped from the interior

I got a price for those jewels, ship em freight cargo

Don’t forget to launder the cream through Wells Fargo

Reconstruct those processing plants for the call of Costa Rica

Four hundred barrels of ether, two hundred pounds of reefer

and fifty immigrants with fake Visas

Life of a drug dealer

Killah hills, 10304

The saga continues

GZA Skit #2

Today’s feature story:

The New York Police Department now has the authority to enforce a shoot to kill policy, that will allow officers to utilize the probable cause statement previously applied to not so random searches. Leaders from the African American and Latino communities are outraged at this new policy, stating that the police department has consistently targetted minorities, using the ambiguous probable cause statement as their rational. Protestors are in the middle of organizing an emergency rally to overturn this decision. Our investigative reporters are on the scene to bring you new developments as they occur…

GZA I Gotcha Back

[Chorus: GZA and RZA]

I gotcha back, but you best to watch your front

Cause it’s the niggaz that front, they be pullin stunts

I gotcha back, but you best to watch your front

Cause it’s the niggaz who front (they be pullin stunts)

I was always taught my do’s and don’ts

For do’s I did, and for don’ts, I said I won’t

I’m from Brooklyn, a place where stars are born

Streets are shot up, apartment buildings are torn

And ripped up, stripped up, shacked up and backed up

From fiends, cause the bosses on the scene, they got it cracked up

Kids are slingin in my lobby

Little Steve and Bobby

Gettin paid but it’s a life-threatening hobby

Yeah, they still play hide and seek

The fiends seek for the crack, and they hide and let the cops peep

Grown folks say they should be out on their own

Before the gangs come and blow up their mom’s home

Because they lifestyle is hectic, so fuckin hectic

Blaow! Blaow! Blaow! Bullets are ejected

My lifestyle was so far from well

Coulda wrote a book with a title “Age 12 and Goin through Hell”

Then I realized the plan

I’m trapped in a deadly video game, with just one man

So I don’t only watch my back, I watch my front

Cause it’s the niggaz who front, they be pullin stunts

Back on the Ave of Lavonia and Bristol with a pistol

Stickin up Pamela and Crystal

You know your town is dangerous when you see the strangest

Kid come home from doin the bid and nuthin changes

What is the meaning of CRIME (what?)

Is it Criminals Robbin Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime?

Little shorties take walks to the schoolyard

Tryin to solve the puzzles to why is life so hard

Then as soon as they reached the playground, blaow!

Shots ring off and now one of them lay down

It’s so hard to escape the gunfire

I wish I could rule it out like an umpire

But it’s an everlasting game, and it never cease to exist

Only the players change, so…

[Chorus 3X]

[RZA] – I gotcha back [8X]

I gotcha back so you best to watch your front

Cause it’s the niggaz who front, that be pullin stunts

I gotcha back but you best to watch your front

It’s the niggaz who front, that be pullin stunts

[Outro: (LP version only)]

(old man)

Your, tech, nique, is, mag-ni-ficent

When cut across the neck

A sound like wailing winter winds is heard, they say

I’d always hoped to cut someone like that someday

To hear that sound

But to have it happen to my own neck is… ridiculous

[man gasps for air]

GZA Skit #1

You no longer have to stand in front of me to feel my presence, to reach out and touch me,

to offer not only words of support but a comforting hand.

Live my experiences from one thousand miles away.

Feel sand pour out of your hands on the beach in Hawai’i from a subway station in New York.

Share my pain, my joy, my triumphs, and failures.

You don’t have to be there to be here.

The Seven Senses advanced cellular phone network will connect you in every way: verbally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

GZA Phony As Ya Wanna Be

When I hold a mic in my hand, it’s devotion

Then I began flowing in a smooth steady motion

‘Cause I’m contented to know that I’ve invented

Poetry which has been highly complimented

Thus how I rhyme is what I feel on stage

And from a fraction of a thought I can write a whole page

I’ll just pull a notebook from off the shelf

And like Salt-N-Pepa I express myself

To make most of you know me, and some of you don’t

But when it comes to cold challenging, I bet none of you won’t

Arrange a battle, improve your style

Against a brother with a totally different profile

Most of you flake cold front ya flex

And hesitate on rhymes that should’ve been Memorex

But you forgot I remember you’re an amateur

Mystery worshipper, now I prefer

That I remind you or tease ya on who’s the boss

‘Cause you suffer amnesia, that’s memory loss

Well get this, just as quiet as it’s kept

MC’s on the chart from the start has slept

Let’s shake them, wake them, they should be woke

For what? They take MC’ing for a practical joke

You don’t have what it takes to be an MC

Ya just as phony as ya wanna be

You present yourself to be the quiet storm

You’re a sneaky little snake in a devilish form

But as they say, yo, to each its own

And to each one who plays with a microphone

Abbreviate microphone and M.I.C.

Meaning what, myself, I, you see

I invite those to battle me, then they’re through

Bust it, I’m not prejudiced, you’re invited too

The rap convention or the MC show

I have rhymes to block those who hit below

The belt, that means biting a rhyme

Yes, I’ll wax you, tax you and plus save time

Now who is known to uphold his own

And words are heard like a strong baritone

Freestyle techniques that’s wild and bold

That’ll smile in your face and still come so cold

That I’ll freeze you to the point of non-defrost

Now you’re trapped in the Land Of The Lost

Should I, could I, would I lose

When it’s a selfish sore loser like you I choose

To roll your big eyes and suck your buck teeth

Because you’re upset that you ever caused beef

Yo homeboy, I never meant to tease

But it’s a slaughter, can someone help him please

Feeling uncomfortable, then loosen your belt

Once The Genius gets heated up, suckers will melt

Then after ya melt, ya start dripping like water

Then you can say this was a Goddamn slaughter

You don’t have what it takes to be an MC

Ya just phony as ya wanna be

Ain’t no rhymes like the one I got

They put competitors in a trance, y’all

Radio stations ran them a lot

They made children play and dance y’all

How dare ya mention you’re an MC

When the crowd disagrees on who claim to be

‘Cause your battle piece are the rhymes you release

And that only make the crowd boos increase

Hey, may I say I’ll stay a DJ

MC who try to defeat me or portray

One who claims he gain much respect

But in a battle, straight up and down, ya getting wrecked

‘Cause getting with me is definitely a slaughter

Or diving in a pool head first without water

So don’t set yourself up to get brutalized

That only happens when you’re not energized

Bit I’m so damn energized, I’m energetic

That I can wreck a microphone ’til it’s pathetic

Okay, got it in your head, correct

That I’m victorious on any subject

You disbelieve, then huh, call the title

Then after one rhyme, you’ll be calling me your idol

It’s like… zap… another one on my jock strap

Now you walk around praising my name

‘Cause I’m slamming and I make you feel the pain

You don’t have what it takes to be an MC

Ya just phony as ya wanna be

GZA Superfreak

I hopped on the train and cold clocked a chick

Who looked good as hell but she appeared to be sick

I would say she had to look as if she swallowed a worm

Then again she could’ve swallowed several ounces of sperm

Giving me the eye as if I was the right antidote

So I decided to swing a smooth episode

While the train stopped at Grand Central turn

Before I knew her name I was massaging her perm

I said, “My you look drunk, have you been drinkin alcohol?”

You got a fever here’s an Extra Strength Tylenol

She said, “Great a comedian, comic”

She leaned on me, I said, “Please don’t vomit!”

She said, “I’m not I just need some rest”

I said, “A few more stops, The Genius house is best”

Got to my rest, her whole attitude change

But deep inside, she seemed sexually strange

Went in the room and she flopped on the bed

With wild-ass thoughts inside her headachish head

I went in the kitchen to prepare some food

When I came back in she was completely nude

I know it sounds weak but believe it or not

That the fever in her head ran straight to her twat

She was burning! Burning up out

It took more, than firemen, to put that out

And yo, I was hard, just as hard as a rock

That I can hit a home run, with my cock

She said, “Let me show you what we do uptown

I huff and I puff till I blow your balls down”

Wild as a wolf from off Wilderness Ave

She said, “My what a great big ahhh! you have”

I started dripping and dripping in consecutive terms

I know we must save water but that does not include sperm

Did you ever know a girlie who just loves to switch

From a Part Time Lover to a Part Time Bitch

While she’s loving part time, she’s riding on mine

She says, “I love you long as you keep making me feel fine!”

In her behind, vagina, or heated climax

That I would sew, control, finger then wax

Now she’s swingin so low yo she flex like wrecks

’cause she can set records on oral sex

There’s no lie what I said, she lives in the bed

If she got married, she’d be a worn out newlywed

And if she heard these words yo she would not cry

Because sperm, the only damn tears in her eye

Her drip-drop face is the one I painted

Just stared in her eyes while she damn near fainted

As she choked, goggled, then spit up

’cause cream, was flowing, all over her cup

On the bathroom floor ’cause her parents were home

And I just couldn’t tolerate her moans and groans

“Genius, oh Genius, oh rock me so hard!

’cause I don’t want to stop, I love you God!”

But there’s one thing she could never erase

That the thing she really wanted just sprayed in her face

So she regret, she ever swung low before

But this little hot bitch comes swingin for more

It used to be one, now it’s five fingers of death

That rips her insides, as she gasp for breath

To say, “I love you! I love you! Forever so!

I’m getting hot getting hot let me blow let me blow”

What she thought was love, turned out to be lust

That made her live by the laws, in sex we trust