Horrorpops Kool Flattop

There’s this boy I’ve seen with a huge black quiff

He’s a real cool bat with old school tats

Rolled up jeans and creepers on

A mighty fine site to look upon

With his…

Kool flattop!

I all most threw a total fit

When I saw him wrecking in the pit

With his kool flattop

Hey kool kool kool flattop

Be mine… With the kool flattop!

Hey baby!!!!

Horrorpops What’s Under My Bed

It’s every night, the same routine

Feels like something is creeping up on me

What’s that lurking behind that door


Monsters chasing after me

I get no sleep

I’m running but no matter what

It gets me no where

Something is under my bed

Snapping at my leg

I’m frozen

I’m not freaked out, it creeps and crawls

I can not, I can not sleep with out a light

Horrorpops Psychobitches Outta Hell

They’re not pom-pom dancing giggling girls

They’re hard-core fun bunny maniacs

No man can deny them and all men satisfy them

There’s no wrong loving-

Just make sure you keep them hungry

If you wanna find them go check the nudie bars

They’re all heart breakers

That loves to be house wreckers

Don’t give a damn about your rebel yell

Ps-ps-psycho bitches out of hell

They like to cruise around in their vintage cars

And sometimes they even own their own garage

They can’t cook, they don’t clean

They’ll never be good housewives

And they will always mess your live’s up

They go further than flirting they’re down right and dirty

They don’t mind if it hurts, no secrets up their skirts

8 ball bra’s and long red claws

Red lips and fine curved hips

Regular man eaters and they’re al wife beaters

They hold nothing against a little titty twist yeah!

Horrorpops Caught In A Blonde

I’ve got nothing to say

I’m out of feeling

You’re out of the game

Go have a whole lot of nothing

With her.

My head is spinning

My tears are drained

But you’ve been tamed

You turned your whole life

Into something she can hold

Just when i thought

Nothing was wrong

You let me down again

Just when i thought

We had it down

Just when i thought

You would stay

You changed your mind

You chose wrong

I wish there was

Something to take

That would give things meaning

Give you mind to think

All her spites made me realize

You must be numb and a bit dumb

Dissing me, playing her game

You’ve turned your whole life in to

Something she can control

Spending time

On the likes of her

It’s not worth it

Feeling that you got nothing to give

Just proves it

You had more before

You got caught in a blonde

Horrorpops Freaks In Uniforms

Musical correctness

It’s just a guide on how to perform

Everything less

Stuffed up opinions,

Dooms all thinking

Trying to put everything in a box

Freaks in uniform,

Creating norms

Ot’s misguided unity!

In it for the thrill

It’s got it’s own will

You can go “Na-Na-Na-Na” yourself

Can’t keep it clean,

It’s a live pinball machine

You can go “Na-Na-Na-Na” yourself

A dangerous decease

But I don’t wanna be cured

I don’t want to just be pure

It’s low self esteem

Creates inbreeds

A zombified closed community

A brainwashed breed of hypocrisy

It’s misguided loyalty!

You got it, don’t need no uniform

To know where i belong

Freak out!

Horrorpops It’s Been So Long

Can’t you feel it

Something is

Going on here tonight


The boys are gathering up tonight

It’s been so long, it’s been to long

But maybe nothing has changed

Recognize every single face

Miss to run with them

Miss to ride with them

Rid of all the fear

That they were gone

I’m back to where i know i belong

One with all of them

I feel I belong

Can’t you read it

Something is there

Between the lines

A special feeling

One of the pack

Friends beyond years

It’s been so long

It’s been too long

But nothing has changed

Recognize every single face

Years of conformity, years of absence