I-20 Eyes Open (Intro)

Ahora los ojos

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

[Verse 1]

Its time to get lost in my music you get lost don’t confuse it

I was born for this shit so I never had to choose it

I would kill for the chance to get on you get off

I’m not sayin that I’m hard I’m just sayin you soft

The world wanna know my past if I’m real or if I’m not

Did I really play the trap have I ever dealt a rock

Is he really from the block where’s the wounds that he got

It take a man to do the shootin anyone can get shot

So fuck the fact I had to grind or the fact that I did time

I should only be defined by the fact that I can rhyme

So I really ain’t concerned if I seem street to em

Half the niggaz my niggaz like I don’t even speak to em

So I spit that fly shit becuz I’m in it to last

And you ain’t got enough style miles to be in my class

So before you cast your ballots on who’s the greatest MC

Now that Jordan done retired and LeBron’s in the league

You gon have to mention me and believe me it hurts

Its y’all that never paid attention to my previous work

But ain’t no need bitchin I done captured your attention

Its a race to the top and I will go the distance

In the south’s top label and the worlds our agenda

We give a fuck how we live just as long as you remember

Hear that hunger in my voice and that pain that I carry

But you can’t admit you feel me til I’m dead and I’m buried

That’s the worst part man cuz believe me I’m a fan

If it only is a demo well we did a million scans

I-20 Fightin’ In The Club


Yeah Yeah

[Tity Boi]

Yeah, Yeah Hey, hey, hey, hey


Yeah Yeah

[Lil Fate]

Yeah Yeah


Yeah Yeah


They fightin in tha club

[Chorus: I-20 (Chingy) repeat 2x]

They thugged out (thugged out)

So clear tha club out (club out)

Niggas get drugged out (drugged out)

(i say they fightin in tha club)


Yeah dealem bitch recognize im back up on my grind hoe

Niggas talkin this and that and wonder what i sound hoe

Oh now you hatin DTP cause we got tha game sold

Botton line you gotta problem then tell it to my 9 hoe

Fuck ya boy he somebody, swing it till that nigga dead

Chingy make a chicken head

Tell that chick to give me head

You can die tonight hoe

Get a pill roll on

Feezy where them hoes at

Tity all the dro gone

D my sista stunnem man i hope that i’ll support her

You can tell my niece call her i will die for her father

I-20 is a street nigga better recognize we aint gotta go our sides

We can doit it in tha filth

[Chorus: I-20 (Chingy) repeat 2x]

They thugged out (thugged out)

So clear tha club out (club out)

Niggas get drugged out (drugged out)

(i say they fightin in tha club)

[Lil Fate]

Now you can catch me in tha DnDnC them boys throwin up they thumbs

North north won this bitch nigga where you from

Southside eastside westside there reclyin

Boys throwin signs ’bout to start a fuckin riot

Bangin,niggas real gangstas in tha M-Town

But im from the “A” so this is the type of shit i been round

Nigga yeah fuck yall niggas ya niggas wankstas

They got his ass beat with bottles chairs and tables

[Chorus: I-20 (Chingy) repeat 2x]

They thugged out (thugged out)

So clear tha club out (club out)

Niggas get drugged out (drugged out)

(i say they fightin in tha club)

[Tity Boi]

It’s a chair over there and a bottle to tha left

Aint nobody playing fair ever man for themselve

When the push come to shove, shove come to push

You against us now us against you

All the buses came in 22’s when the spre whole crew

And you probably gon run when the girls screamin “i thought i seen a gun”

They yellin that they fightin in tha club

Got people doing stunts got people rolling blunts

Got people in the ring got people that have sense

You need to stay low till you get out this building

Bursting everything even ya enemy

Niggas swinging pool sticks niggas throwing pool balls

Got niggas throwing bottles and got them throwing them all

I get locked up, I’mma get out tomorrow

They fightin in the club

Its all our fault had to go to waste cause all us folks

We used everthing for all us quote they took everything from all us

Folks my blue shirt and they all got tore

Break pay for it we all got dough buckem bust buckem bust

They fightin in tha club

[Chorus: I-20 (Chingy) repeat 2x]

They thugged out (thugged out)

So clear tha club out (club out)

Niggas get drugged out (drugged out)

(i say they fightin in tha club)


They fightin you fightin then get out tha spot

Hey black creep out to the ride and get ya shit and pop

In fact I’m posted by the bar like tha hood star that i am

Dont make me up my peace and turn ya brains into some jam

Ya heard that nigga got scared ya scared bust his head with

A beer ya heard why you runnin over here to scared

Fuck them blaze up that urb barlin parkin its like them tennis

So did i mention that DTP’ll tear tha club up

Bitch nigga whats up dont get fucked up we’ll blow yo truck up

Atlanta to St.Louis they bangin gangs or not yeah

i bang a AK and it got a Gang of shot dont get shot …. im from tha block

[Chorus: I-20 (Chingy) repeat 2x]

They thugged out (thugged out)

So clear tha club out (club out)

Niggas get drugged out (drugged out)

(i say they fightin in tha club)

I-20 Slow Fuckin’

[Chorus (I-20) X2]

I just love it when its like

(In Out, In Out, In Out In Out)

Slow Fuckin’


He said he like the way that pussy roll

Get on top let it drop, put ya tongue in my mouf, can you feel that pussy hole

When I heard ’em say yeah

Put his hands in my hair, right there made him lose control

On the belveder now tell me dear I bet get you gone

And I make ’em say yeah, cause I got that work

In the back now stop that hurt, pulling off my shirt

Lickin on my ? now come and feel it squirt

And I’m talkin bout licking and sucking

Lusting and sticking and touching, loving

That pussy you up and stuck in position for thugging loving is slow fucking


Now mama said she like it when the dick get hard

From the back let me smack throw it back, Now I’m digging holes in your backyard

When I fuck you can trust feel it deep in your gut

Want stop tell you say soon

Gimmie head in a slay bed you can beg bitch and I want let it go

Yeah, So that how the dealer cut, I feel you need to nut

Make it rough ’til a nigga want to bust, and I have to beg that bitch to fuck

Fuck what them other hoes say, I’m thinking fuck the foreplay

We can fuck ’til we both pass out, ass out, on the couch now all my hoes say

[Chorus X4]


Niggaz say they hate it when a bitch is tight (tight)

First date cause your friends goin’ hate play game make you wait all fuckin’ night (night)

Get her drunk, get it crunk from the front

Now you dealing with a fuckin pro

Pull her hair, smack her ass do it rough even though she want it fucking slow

That’s how the story go

Fake niggaz stay and talk, real niggaz nut and leave

Tell her friends, come on in, make it bend everybody on they fucking knees

I love dem closet freaks, dem ones that hardly speak

‘Til you get her all alone, make it grown, make it known and now her pussy speak


Now you see that booty bouncing up and down

Now I switch that do, cause I’m off that dro

And I make it do round and round

Send a bitch a crown, and a bitch a vest

So wet it’ll make you drown

And it make you sweat, when I lick that neck, make ya lip drop to the ground

Know I’m talking bout?

Sticking and stroking, chocking and getting me open

Hitting that shit cuz its portent, knowin my kit aint no joking

Can I Get Some Mo’ Baby?

And that thing be drivin me crazy

Wanna see me havin a baby, but a bitch to slick and to shady

Gotta fuck me slow and squeeze me

[Chorus X4]


You know I like when he fuck me slow

Got a bitch like Woah, cuz the dick like Oh

And he bet not tell me No

From the car to the do’, to the do’ to the bed, from the bed back to the flo’

Got ’em gone in the head, and I’m gone in the bread, cause I bitch gotta get that dough

And he talking bout makin me wifey, and I’m thinking that shit aint to likely

Cause it aint no bitch out there like like, even though yo bitch wanna fight me

Got Make A Move Shawty

And aint got no time for the fussing, all that bullshit griping and cussing

Wanna feel yo biting and busting

Gotta fuck me slow shawty


Do I make you horny baby?

If you need it, I can eat, ‘fore you skeet it

Stop it you should warn me baby

Pussies get swollen, I’m rolling holding on magnums shawty

And if I beat it and leave it, believe I’m bragging shawty

It just might happen shawty

In (In) Out (Out) bend over and poke it out

When I nut I roll it up, I light it then I smoke her out

Slow fucking, hoe bucking, nigga let me hold something

Eat it and greedy, I need it beat like she stole something

[Chorus until song end]

I-20 Meet The Dealer


Yeah he go by the name of I Dub straight from Scottsdale where the rock sell

And we Disturbing tha Peace for 4 years strong and still just gettin started whaddup?

[Chorus: Ludacris]

Cuz when it come to this money I’m the main receiver

Snatch yo bitch then I aim to please her

Laid back puffin on a pound of that cheeba

While I’m listenin to the sounds of The Dealer

[Verse 1]

Yeah we gettin droed out (yeah) so bring them hoes out (yeah)

She tryna hold out (yeah) then she can roll out (yeah)

I’m spittin game folk (yeah) she love my name folk (yeah)

She love the fame folk (yeah) she wanna claim folk (yeah)

I’m tryna get blown (yeah) she tryna get known (yeah)

I’m drankin Hennessey (yeah) she off that Patrone (yeah)

We takin shots now (yeah) she love my rocks now (yeah)

It was a cold world (yeah) but I’m on top now (yeah)

Yall on that weak shit (yeah) that wan’ beef shit (yeah)

But I ain’t rap dog (yeah) I’m on that street shit (yeah)

So we can get it started (yeah) cuz I ain’t never scared (yeah)

Before you call us out (yeah) you better be prepared (yeah)

[Chorus – 2X]

[Verse 2]

I’m from that Dec-Town (yeah) you’ll get laid down (yeah)

We used to bust techs (yeah) we sprayin K’s now (yeah)

All you local niggaz (yeah) y’all too underground (yeah)

You keep ya mouth shut (yeah) before you under ground (yeah)

And to you pretty thugs (yeah) I blow ya chest up (yeah)

While you dressed up (yeah) my niggaz vest up (yeah)

Be on that block shit (yeah) bust ya glock shit (yeah)

Yall just a bunch of hoes (yeah) that love to gossip (yeah)

I won’t waste lines (yeah) I won’t waste rhymes (yeah)

On you hoe niggaz (yeah) tryna get signed (yeah)

I feel ya pain dog (yeah) let me be clear (yeah)

You tryna get a rep (yeah) but you won’t get it here (yeah)

[Chorus – 2X]

[Verse 3]

I was a unknown (yeah) now I’m full blown (yeah)

I had no threads (yeah) now the block’s on (yeah)

I changed my whole life (yeah) in like 3 years (yeah)

I lost a few friends (yeah) shed a few tears (yeah)

But that’s the cost dog (yeah) to be da boss dog (yeah)

If I’m on dog (yeah) you get off dog (yeah)

And its no problem (yeah) getcha small starch (yeah)

Off in this rap game (yeah) I got no comp (yeah)

I’m on them 2-4’s (yeah) I’m in that new range (yeah)

Yeah its the same shit (yeah) but its a new game (yeah)

Yall ain’t real man (yeah) stop that grill man (yeah)

You might get killed man (yeah) so here’s the deal man (yeah)

[Chorus – 2X]

I-20 Backstage


Yeah, adult Hip Hop 25 and older put your hands up

Rich Nice where you at baby? Whoo!

I go by the name Bobby Bronson

Yeah, this is Disturbing Tha Peace

Every now and then we switch it up, you know

Mellow it out, I’m capable of that, you know

[Verse 1: I-20]

Yeah, now you about to hear the sounds of Down South Hip Hop

In my CL-Vert with the top just dropped

Some broad from backstage at the show I just rocked

but before I hit the room I make a quick pitstop

Late night, Buckhead, time to hit the BP

a new pack a switches and a box of MC’s

Got no time for playin hope the broad know well

the penthouse suite at the Swiss Hotel

It’s the real after party if you tryna meet me

got anything to drink, I just need some I.D

If you know you ain’t cutting it’s gonna be a long walk

cause you came here for nothing if you think we gonna talk

[Chorus Butch Cassidy]

Backstage we chilling where the players are

the ladies hoping just to meet a star

and ain’t telling what they gonna do

we been sitting on the couch for all the things we do

we’ll only take you if you bad as hell

no disrespect if you look so well

its kind of crazy if you understand

so let’s take advantage now, and keep these hoes in check

[Verse 2: I-20]

Now I ain’t tryna be rude but lets get this thing moving

if not keep it moving cause these other hoes choosing

If pussy was a drug I woulda been OD’d

if you niggaz fucking dimes then my bitch is a key

Pimp a dime, break a bitch, take the chick of the leash

so if niggaz wanna hit it you can rent it at least

sounds fucked up don’t it, but it’s part of the game

Same women holla lover all caught up in fame

And the girls at ‘cris concert be acting the worst

claiming they don’t know a nigga but they rapping my verse

It’s cool shawty, you ain’t gotta know me to cut

cause if you know me then you probably know I’m ready to cut


[Verse 3: I-20]

Love this ain’t hip hop, this and this is all a little message

that our dressing room is really for undressing

You wanna talk to me, even date me at that

But the night still young baby later for that

You wanna know my real name, where I’m from, how to start

and me I’m just tryna get your legs spread apart

Yo nigga told you that he love you and you fell right in

and now you see he never meant it and his car was just rented

here’s a drink, take a shot, take a sip, here’s a glass

use that backstage pass to give me backstage ass

see it ain’t no disrespect if you know you too proud

so take this autograph and stay the fuck in the crowd

[Butch Cassidy (I-20)]

Backstage the only place for you and me

then we head straight to the (?) (break it down)

there’s no other place I’d rather be (come on)

between the sheets (speak to em, dog)

Backstage (everyone feel free to sing)

Get Paid (everybody hand should be up at this point)

Get Laid (we going back to the dance floor, you ready? 1, 2, 3, 4)

[Chorus w/ (I-20 ad-libing)]

Yeah, the sounds of my man Butch Cassidy

I am The I-20, Eastside to the fullest

it’s all love it’s all good, ya’know

[I-20 talking]

25 and over adult hip hop, yeah

Butch Cassidy, I-20 Eastside

I-20 Certified

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga stayin ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga stayin ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

It’s the Barbie baking soda in the booth with Arm ‘n Hammer

Tell them boys I’m spitting coke

And charge a brick to hear my grammar!

Riding clean in a cialleca[?] fresh about the dealer shit

An asshole and every lines an animal I’m killing shit!

You’re feeling it, you benefit

Why you’re off the rip?

We are really in this bitch, why you just put in the chip

Everyday’s a fucking movie, you have yet to see the clip

See we really put the work and you gonna need a couple shift!

I explained it, I’m the shit and an old school chevrolet

I got shooters in the clique, you don’t want that fadeaway

Man, I’m getting paid to pay from the verse and from the yay

I hear bitchin on the block, you don’t wanna see that K!

We gonna grind for every dollar, we just trying to make a way

Tell a coaster, “put me in!”, I’m just trying to make a play!

Charge a arm and then her leg I’m just trying to catch a break

Tell that bitch to keep the party, I’m just trying to keep the cake!

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga staying ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga staying ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

I want the money and the power, they just wanna shut me off

I let my paper do the talking, I don’t mean to cut you off

Tell the niggas I’m opposed, make a calling, you get off

Niggas style is probably after, I’m cut from a different cloth!

I throw rappers on a menu eat em up, and shit em out

I just gotta taste the Heaven, I ain’t trying to spit it out

Find your dreams and get it out, get some steam and let it off

I got bricks of Queen Latifah, I can wait to set it off!

Just got back from Mississippi all of that my niggas at

Hope you niggas catch a bullet, I ain’t talking about a snack

What you hear is perfection Southern music at its best

What you need is some direction, I can show you what is left!

Man, I want this life forever, so I’ll beat the point to death

They say music steady drowning, I just wanna get it breath

I don’t see no opposition, so I’m trying to get some more

Bitch, you ain’t no competition, so I’m running up the score Yeh!

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga stay ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

Gonna play the pimping ride clean in the chevy

Know the pussy niggas hate it, so a nigga stay ready

Let em know a nigga keeps shit, serving in any weather

This is certified street shit, you never heard it better!

I-20 Break Bread

[Intro: Bone Crusher + (Ludacris)]

I-20 nigga (Break bread nigga) Yeah

Don’t get skull drug (break bread nigga) Fuck nigga

What (Break bread nigga)

Tell ’em tell ’em (break bread nigga)

[Chorus: Bone Crusher & Ludacris – repeat 2X]

Heyyyyy I’m a maniac

Go and tell the whole world Mr. Pain is back

So get them thangs out you betta lock up ya house

And tell the cops they let the animals out

Break bread nigga

[Verse 1]

I-20 Meet the Dealer cuz I’m out on bail

I broke free and I ain’t never goin back to jail

ATL’s eastside says I’m back from hell

Reintroduced to my connect and I got sacks to sell

Since I was young I broke bones usin sticks and stones

Puttin bruises on you losers lames leave me alone

I’ll be servin it for certain til the day that I die

You got that reggie for the low I got that fire for the high

Niggaz travelin when they rappin but I feel like they actin

And I ain’t talkin bout vacation if I say that I’m packin

Hear that hunger in my voice and all the pain in my eyes

If this the only chance I get to you can bet I’mma ride

I got my back against the wall but my hand on my tool

Cuz niggaz gotta give me somethin I got nothin to lose

A-Town’s new ruler throw ya side in the sky

Yall niggaz lovin how ya livin but I’m (distorted) ready to die


[Verse 2]

You niggaz settin up to get me better come wit that four

This 20 got magazines and I ain’t talkin +The Source+

Mr. Pain’ll change the game by the time I’mma reign

I catch a charge like a flagrant foul deep in the lane

Yall niggaz know where y’all can find me see I’m deep in the south

Where niggaz put away they Benz and pull they Chevrolet out

Yall niggaz cakin on these broads spend a stack on that bitch

I’ll throw that ho right out the VIP and throw some yak (‘gnac) on that bitch

And as far as all this beefin y’all ain’t worryin me

We the index so I’m body that’s a story in me

If I say it then I meant it you can take it at that

Yall been eatin off these streets and now I’m takin it back

Yall won’t see me sideways you get it live and direct

I-20 in the flesh I’m comin live from the Dec

DTP I represent it see I’m more than a star

And if I’m fuckin witcha club I’m buyin (distorted) more than the bar


[Bridge: Ludacris (Bone Crusher) – 4X]

Get back and putcha life on the line (tell em)

Get back and putcha life on the line

Break bread nigga

[Verse 3]

I-20 is the shorts I be still takin aim

I’m the blocks head coach bitch I’m teachin the game

So I’m servin like I’m Agassi Venus or Serena

I’m ridin wit a felony you duckin misdemeanors

And man I’m still hurtin and my mama’s still workin

So I stay wit the glove and a mask like a servant

A-Town’s new ruler throw ya side in the sky

Yall niggaz lovin how ya livin and I’m (distorted) ready to die


[Ending: Bone Crusher (Ludacris)]

Tell ’em (break bread nigga)

Tell ’em what (break bread nigga)

Tell ’em (break bread nigga)

Say what (break bread nigga)

Get cha shit fucked up bitch nigga (break bread nigga)

I-20 Little Boy


Whats the deala, dominater, why ya squad get dominated, they ain’t shit

They ain’t sayin shit, they talking constipated, dude it ain’t that complicated

I ain’t gotta contemplate it, I am married to this money, I cant Wait to consummate it

I date it like I hate it, pass it once I’m smashin, movin boulders of that snow

We gon turn this bitch to aspen, straight up execution fashion, I will murk em,

I will lose you, I am built for this shit, and they don’t make em like they used to

Imma fool, Imma beast, Imma animal, a monster, hit em with a hundred chapels

Like I got the code of contra, oh I got that ruger pointed straight at your mudula

Bet I get a hand in my face, cause nigga Imma shooter, ask the lord for forgiveness

Ask my daddy for his blessin, might not get another chance,

ain’t no time for second guessin, why the fuck these niggas testing, mista bobby said I’m made,

Niggas actin like their bitches, yall squad full of tranny’s


I order all of yall to Sit yall ass down, I’m the winner by decision,

And yall just missed the last round, hear that bitch in the back,

yea that’s the fat lady singin, dance with the devil, get smacked by a demon, you cant blame nobody else

Its yourself that ya do it to, jumped to whoevers hot, switch ya sides like a rubiks cube

Yall niggas trifalon, you’ll never be a leader, your life is worth what I made off a verse with Justin Bieber,

I’m a force to be reckon with, drink for the heck of it,

Stay at number one, ain’t for that comin all in second shiit,

meanwhile you niggas all in last place, so do like shaquille o’ neil, and tell me how my ass tastes, ill be dunkin on these rappers

Tally up my flows, I be crossin over bitches, and alley oopin hoes,

I be stealin all ya glory, and shootin all ya pride, whats a record like without a little luda on the side, Nothin


Feel the lightnin n the thunder come down, when the sun cloud, everybody better run now,

Shoulda got up undercover somehow, young child, figure you could murder water broke

Come come now, makin it brief as I’m elegant, Imma veteran, and you don’t want me turnin you into a skeleton,

without a murder you can saw my aerial a song n that’ll be no second thought about a motherfucker better than 20 years I been rockin it wit luda,

and forever he don been a sharp shooter, I-20 getting money from the jumpin,

if a nigga wanna jump in, get the barrel of a steel, barracuda while I’m off a bhudda,

You don’t want to bout to end up as a victim, if I ever catch you talking ill apac I knocked ill knock a nigga off,

it ain’t no problem, don’t nobody wanna see the thumpin it alone, when u clock it and I stop it and gone lil boy,

you cant compete with this style, I’m deep with the vowels, a demon I’m wow, freakish, a fowl,

don’t wanna side, with a skull n cross bone, caution, to you to keep out the reach of a child,

got the killers ready for the battle, just incase a nigga wanna shoot, got somebody for ya boss to holla at if a nigga wanna truce.

I don’t really think you knew what you was doin when you put your foot off up in the arena,

remember when you was only a misdemeanor, whoopin all you niggas,

I might end up getting served a subpoena, because I’m too wild and true, better gone lil boy,

cause I’m too fowl for you, this here is lyrical molestation, child abuse.

I-20 So Decatur

[I-20 – Talking]

Eastside .. Eastside hoe this our anthem

Yo killa’s here, I-20 let’s run niggaz


I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur


Dealer got the coke for all the snorters and the shooters

If I say they online, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout computers

D.E.C. Eastside hoe we back on the grind

If I’m in the trap I like to pack a mack or a 9

In ’94 I’m sellin’ bass, in a place called spanish trace

In a second you can vanish, dead and gon’ without a trace

I caught my first case, for boomin’ out the back of south deca’

Man I wouldn’t be caught there without a Z atleast a half

Shit I had to be fresh, they had the T’s on friday night’s

And if the car ain’t got no shoes, I can’t say I’m ridin’ right

I had this trick, out in Eastwick, who turn tricks and suck dick

And when I went to see her, I would always have a full clip

Scottdale bitch, one been through some rappin’ lands

Mr. Coug’ a damn shame, call the twins from jagged edge

And I will rep the D.E.C., til’ it ain’t no breath in me

Whether Glenwood, Rainbow, Flexo’s or Macavee see…


I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur


Yeah, I talk that dope slang folk, rock and dust

Treat my hoes like my pistols, cock and bust

You better study hip-hop, if you think someone else

Could spit the game so trill and get they shit off the shelf

Niggaz think they so fire, well I’ma full alarm blaze

Set ya braids on fire, til’ they burn to a fade

This that eastside shit dog, let it be known

And our hands in all the car folk, nothin’ but chrome

It’s all stuntin’ in the Dec. dog that’s rule #1

Ya see more niggaz touchin’ rims then a game of 21

And I’m so slum with it, my roots are du’ deep

I’m so street if I get shot I’d probably bleed concrete

Take a second, swallow what you heard

Try to understand while they follow every word

While they put me on a pedastile and worship what I say

I-Dub out that eastside and this is how we pray, say ugnhh!


I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur


I-Double, I’m straight out the Dec., no one is better

Niggaz claim I changed my style, but I only changed the letters

From BMX to BMW, AK’s to MP’s

.OZ’s to ASCAP, the BUS to SUV’s

Bitch please, I’m from Atlanta where we brawl and we fight

When you ever heard me rhyme and it was only aiight

I ain’t shit, but I’am the shit, you do the math

This ain’t a clip, it’s a full clip, move or get blast

The only one that could be king, cause I do it for real

Don’t believe me we can hit the deck and do it for real

Pretty thugstyle, got these bitches kissin’ us off

Fake rappers sound like bad blaoww’s, pissin’ me off

Infamous, I’ma icon, ain’t no endin’ me

Call Chaka all you want, and you still won’t be D.T.P.

Basically y’all faggots, cause you do it and run

Ain’t no killa’s on the payroll cause we do it for fun, folk


I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur

I’m so Decatur