JAY-Z Super Ugly

[Verse 1:]

I got myself a gun

Brooklyn, stand up

I got myself a gun

But really, I dont need tha heat

Ya heart pump project kool-aid(ya sweet)

I aint gotta two-way you gays

This is not beef

This is rap hommie

I dont have a scratch on me

You feel Jay soft

Rip jay off

Damn I’m only worth over a hundred million


I got beef with like a hundred children

Niggaz with pink suits

Tryin to get cute

You a little outta line hommie

Dont let the 9 hommie

Put ya out ya mind hommie

Bitch keep tryin hommie

Kick yo little lies

I kick my real facts

Like u sneakin out tha back

At tha Source Soundlab(uh)

We wasnt chasin you

We had a tape and too

We came through to do our little one, two thang

It wasnt a rockafella come through thing

If it was on like that

Why would I come through Queens

Yo, ya’ll Queens nigga know how I do

I got mo’ shooters in Queens Bridge than u

Niggaz’ll(niggaz will) tie you up on the Colloseum roof

And open beer bottles off ya boy’s chipped tooth

Look Here,


I got myself a gun,Uh Ohhhh!

Yea, I got myself a gun

[Verse 2:]


I’m tha J, tha A, to the fuck this broad

This nigga never sold asprin

How u escobar?

Had to buy you’re chain back tha last time u got robbed

The nerve of this coward nigga….(Oh My God)

And all rap rumors are induendo

I bring them to you live

Lift up ya window

Let tha public begin to see your dirty laundry

Ya’ll dont want me to continue(Oh!)

Super Ugly

[Jay-Z Laughing]

[Nas Voice:]

I dont give a fuck

All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me

She aint playin

Believe what I’m sayin

[Verse 3:]

Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin

Get It?

More in Carmen

I came in ya Bentley backseat

Skeeted in Jeep

Left condoms in tha baby seat

Here nigga

Tha gloves is off

The love is done

Its whateva, wheneva, howeva

Nigga “1”

And since you infatuated with sayin tha gay shit

Yes u was kissin my dick when u was kissin that bitch

Crazy bitch

You thought I was boning Ranette

You calling Carm’ a hundred times I was boning her neck

You got a baby by that broad

You cant disown her yet

When does ya lies end?

When does the truth begin?

When does reality set it?

Or does it not matter

Gotta hurt that I’m ya baby mama’s favorite rapper

And ask your current girl

She know whats up

Holla at a real nigga

[Nas Voice:]

I dont give a fuck

All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me

She aint playin

Believe what I’m sayin

JAY-Z ’03 Bonnie & Clyde


Uhh uhh uhh.

You ready B? Let’s go get ’em..

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]

Look for me! Young, B

Cruisin down the westside – high, way

Doing what we like to do – our, way

Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason

all of my dates been blind dates

But today, I got my thoroughest girl wit me

I’m mashin the gas, she’s grabbin the wheel, it’s trippy how hard

She rides with me – the new Bobby and Whitney

Only time we don’t speak is during “Sex and the City”

She gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show is over

She’s right back to being my soldier

Cuz mami’s a rider, and I’m a roller

Put us together, how they gon’ stop both us?

What ever she lacks, I’m right over her shoulder

When I’m off track mami is keepin me focused

So let’s, lock this down like it’s supposed to be

The ’03 Bonnie and Clyde, Hov’ and B


[Jay] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.

[Bey] Down to ride ’til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend.

[Jay] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.

[Bey] Down to ride ’til the very end, it’s me and my boyfriend.

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]

The problem is, you dudes treat the one that you lovin

with the same respect that you treat the one that you humpin

Now they ’bout nothin – if ever you mad about somethin

It won’t be that; oh no it won’t be that

I don’t be at, places where we comfy at

With no be-atch; oh no you won’t see that

And no, I ain’t perfect – nobody walkin this earth’s surface is

But girlfriend, work with the kid

I keep you workin’ at Hermes, Birkin Bag

Manolo Blahnik, Timbs, aviator lens

600 drops, Mercedes Benz

The only time you wear Burberry to swim

And I don’t have to worry, only worry is him

She do anything necessary for him

And I do anything necessary for her

so don’t let the necessary occur, yep!



(Talk to ’em B)

If I was your girlfriend

I’ll be there for you, if somebody hurts you

Even if that sombody’s me

Yeah-hee (break it down for ’em)

Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be

And so I put this on my life

Nobody or nothing will ever come between us

And I promise I’ll give my life

my love and my trust if you was my boyfriend

Put this on my life

The air that I breathe in, all that I believe in

I promise I’ll give my life

my love and my trust if you was my boyfriend


JAY-Z The Return


Halt! Who goes there?

It is I sire Tone from Brooklyn.

Well, speak up man what is it?


[Verse 1: Jay-Z (R. Kelly)]

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the freshest of them all?

I love ‘em all but none of yall can fuck with the double suicide doors on that black phantom,

Fuck em all

We got hits like a 30 shot clip when we throw one in the air everybody hit the floor

Holla atcha boy, boys, when we boys so we bringin out them toys

Lane to lane on the dana danes

We give you noise man when the year change we change, nigga we right here

We can go bang for bang

We can go clip for clip nigga chain for chain

We can go bitch for bitch got a pretty young thing

That I keep by my hip like my celly that ring, sing!

(Me and Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin

OH! Best of Both Worlds)

Best of Both Worlds and we rock the globe

You knamsayin

Ya boy H-O wit Kels we not playin

Losers lose so when we does what we do we win

Then win again like de ja vu

Then we win again like MJ do

Three-peat then retreat the waters that’s blue

Young scrappy this what grown men do lets move!

[Chorus: R. Kelly (2x)]

In this arena, arena

All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up

This is for them hustling boys and girls

It’s the return of Best of Both Worlds

(Nothin can hold us now!)

[Verse 2: R. Kelly]

Now all the ladies love Kels cause Kels is fresh

And plus Kels got “superpimp” ‘cross his chest

I got a phat gold chain and I drop top Lex

And when im rollin thourhg ya hood I be causin wrecks

Man I’m a gigalo, Air Force Ones and fresh linen

I be in the club while my chrome still spinnin

Ladies line up in a single file line just to hit a ?? I’ll sing ‘em a few lines like (Me and

Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin OH!

Best of Both Worlds!)

Shuttin it down you knamean

Kels and Jigga man bacl on the scene

Step up in the club so fresh and so clean

Ladies be like damn! BLING! BLING! BLING

Hov rap and I SING! SING! SING

H to the O and the R&B King, before we do a show its like CHING! CHING! CHING!

So Lodi Dodi, we likes to party, we don’t start fights we don’t bother nobody

The good news is haters we gat a lotta dough, bad news is it’s the return of Best of Both…


[Bridge: R. Kelly]

We on a world tour wit Jay and my man

Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand

London, Paris, New York, D.C., Detroit, From Chi-Town to Cali

We on a world tour wit Kels and ya man

Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand

Philly, Jersey, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami

Best of Both comin to ya city!


JAY-Z 4:44

[Kim Burrell:]

Do I find it so hard

When I know in my heart

I’m letting you down everyday

Letting you down everyday

Why do I keep on running away?


Look, I apologize, often womanize

Took for my child to be born

See through a woman’s eyes

Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles

Took me too long for this song

I don’t deserve you, I harass you out in Paris

“Please come back to Rome”

You make it home

We talked for hours when you were on tour

“Please pick up the phone, pick up the phone”

Said: “Don’t embarrass me,” instead of “Be mine”

That was my proposal for us to go steady

That was your 21st birthday, you mature faster than me

I wasn’t ready, so I apologize

I’ve seen the innocence leave your eyes

I still mourn this death, I apologize for all the stillborns

‘Cause I wasn’t present, your body wouldn’t accept it

I apologize to all the woman whom I

Toyed with you emotions because I was emotionless

I apologize ’cause at your best you are love

And because I fall short of what I say I’m all about

Your eyes leave with the soul that your body once housed

And you stare blankly into space

Thinkin’ of all the time you wasted in on all this basic shit

So I apologize

[Hannah Williams:]

I’m never gonna treat you

Never gonna treat you like I should


I apologize, our love was one for the ages and I contained us

And all this ratchet shit and we more expansive

Not meant to cry and die alone in these mansions

Or sleep with our back turned

We’re supposed to vacay ’til our backs burn

We’re supposed to laugh ’til our hearts stops

And then we in a space where the dark stops

And lets love light the way

Like the men before me, I cut off my nose to spite my face

I never wanted another woman to know

Something about me that you didn’t know

I promised, I cried, I couldn’t hold

I suck at love, I think I need a do-over

I will be emotionally available if I invited you over

I stew over

What if?

You over

My shit?

[Hannah Williams:]

I’m never gonna treat you

Never gonna treat you like I should


And if my children knew, I don’t even know what I would do

If they ain’t look at me the same

I would prob’ly die with all the shame

“You did what with who?”

What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate?

“You risked that for Blue?”

If I wasn’t a superhero in your face

My heart breaks for the day I had to explain my mistakes

And the mask goes away and Santa Claus is fake

And you go online and see

For Blue’s tooth, the tooth fairy didn’t pay

[Hannah Williams:]

I’m never gonna treat you like I should

JAY-Z Renegade


Motherfuckers –

say that I’m foolish I only talk about jewels (bling bling)

Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

See I’m influenced by the ghetto you ruined

That same dude you gave nothin, I made somethin doin

what I do through and through and

I give you the news – with a twist it’s just his ghetto point-of-view

The renegade; you been afraid

I penetrate pop culture, bring ’em a lot closer to the block where they

pop toasters, and they live with they moms

Got dropped roasters, from botched robberies niggaz crotched over

Mommy’s knocked up cause she wasn’t watched over

Knocked down by some clown when child support knocked

No he’s not around – now how that sound to ya, jot it down

I bring it through the ghetto without ridin ’round

hidin down duckin strays from frustrated youths stuck in they ways

Just read a magazine that fucked up my day

How you rate music that thugs with nothin relate to it?

I help them see they way through it – not you

Can’t step in my pants, can’t walk in my shoes

Bet everything you worth; you lose your tie and your shirt


Since I’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen

I ain’t no politician but I’ll kick it with ’em a minute

Cause see they call me a menace; and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it

But if it don’t, then y’all’ll swallow the truth grin and bear it

Now who’s these king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics

Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics

usin his music to steer it sharin his views in his marriage

But there’s a huge interference – they’re sayin you shouldn’t hear it

Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit

Maybe it’s beautiful music I made for you to just cherish

But I’m debated disputed hated and viewed in America

as a motherfuckin drug addict – like you didn’t experiment?

Now now, that’s when you start to stare at who’s in the mirror

and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrased

And I got nothin to do but make you look stupid as parents

You fuckin do-gooders – too bad you couldn’t do good at marriage!

(Ha ha!) And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don’t

think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo

Cause here we go – he’s {*Jigga joint Jigga-chk-Jigga*}

And I’m the sinister, Mr. Kiss-My-Ass it’s just the

[Chorus: Eminem + Jay-Z]

[Em] RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say

what’s on my mind at, any given time of day

Cause I’m a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to talk

about anything (ANYTHING) anything (ANYTHING), RENEGADE!

[Jay] Never been afraid to say

what’s on my mind at, any given time of day

Cause I’m a {RENEGADE} Never been afraid to holler

about anything {anything?} Anything {ANYTHING!}


I had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles

Pockets filled with a lot of lint, not a cent

Gotta vent, lot of innocent of lives lost on the project bench

Whatchu hollerin? Gotta pay rent, bring dollars in

By the bodega, iron under my coat, feelin braver

Doo-rag wrappin my waves up, pockets full of hope

Do not step to me – I’m awkward, I box leftier often

My pops left me an orphan, my momma wasn’t home

Could not stress to me I wasn’t grown; ‘specially on nights

I brought somethin home to quiet the stomach rumblings

My demeanor – thirty years my senior

My childhood didn’t mean much, only raisin green up

Raisin my fingers to critics; raisin my head to the sky

Big I did it – multi before I die (nigga)

No lie, just know I chose my own fate

I drove by the fork in the road and went straight


See I’m a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare

Jesus Christ the King of these Latter Day Saints here

To shatter the picture in which of that as they paint me

as a monger of hate and Satan a scatter-brained atheist

But that ain’t the case, see it’s a matter of taste

We as a people decide if Shady’s as bad as they say he is

Or is he the latter – a gateway to escape?

Media scapegoat, who they can be mad at today

See it’s easy as cake, simple as whistlin Dixie

while I’m wavin the pistol at sixty Christians against me

Go to war with the Mormons, take a bath with the Catholics

in holy water – no wonder they try to hold me under longer

I’m a motherfuckin spiteful, DELIGHTFUL eyeful

The new Ice Cube – motherfuckers HATE to like you

What did I do? (huh?) I’m just a kid from the gutter

makin this butter off these bloodsuckers, cause I’m a muh’fuckin

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

JAY-Z Stop

[Intro: Tone (R. Kelly)]

Yo, Duro, tell Rob to hurry up back in the booth, man

We got the Track joint

Yo, this Tone the referee, while I got your attention

I gotta we set out to bring you the best possible heat

For your two step, me, Jigga and Kells

You know, so y’all just enjoy, aight

Yo, Rob you there? (Yeah) Your mic sound nice (uh-huh uh-huh)

You first to blow (yeah) Ight, you ready to blow (uh-huh)

Aight, let’s go

[Chorus: R. Kelly]

Hold up, wait a minute, stop

Jigga, I’m about to put the shit down

Hold up, wait a minute, stop

I’m about to, make these niggaz get down

Hold up, wait a minute, stop

Guaranteed, these niggaz gonna feel us

Hold up, wait a minute, stop

Tone and Poke, blow the motherfuckin’ speakers

[R. Kelly]

Grab a bottle, get two models

Thugs at Apollo’s, niggaz wanna follow

I’m about to show you, how wild it gets

That nigga Hov’, is the craziest

Stop at the club, bout a quarter to six

With a bottle in my hand, yellin’ “Bitch, I’m rich”

Hey, y’all niggaz see me, I can’t believe it

You startin’ to sound like, you don’t want it

Tony’s on the drop, blue and yellow rocks

He keep yellin’, stop, Sisqo’s album flopped

What you wanna do, if you drinkin’, I’m hangin’ out with you

Five, four, three, two, one

Hang on y’all, let’s have some fun



It’s Young… uh, mack alone, I’m back in the zone

I’m out they way, still these rappers won’t leave me alone

I can give a fuck what these rappers sayin’ bout me

That just let’s me know, they can’t go a day without me

Scared of me succeading, that’s the reason you doubt me

Cuz if you ain’t believe me, you wouldn’t be thinkin’ bout me

Sorta how like you, never crossed my mind

Until you crossed the line, stop…

Then I gotta come accross a rhyme

To let the world know you come across a mime

I do so much sauce with lines, with someone who saws my climb

From Marcy to party, where you soakin’ up blue nine

Prude, am I, got a du-lema, I’m a dude from the hood

Who loves jewels, who am I?

You where placed in the same shoes, size 10/5

With a sick view, of the place you grew, dude, can I

Live, what I did, for this whole rap circus

I open up more doors for y’all fuckers than car service

Ya’ll nervous, I ain’t back yet

I’m on extended vaca’, I ain’t unpack yet, stop worrying

[R. Kelly]

Five, four, three, two, one

Hang on y’all, let’s have some fun


[Foxy Brown]

Shit, she back with the nigga inf dot

Uh-oh, somebody better tell this broad

I’m a nine year veteran, I’m back with my breathren

I sware to god, it feel like ’96 again

Bitches snatchin’ bags, see, they fuckin’ with my shit again

We bout to let them hammers pop

In the ‘Stuy, dudes, callin’, you a problem, Fox’

I got the automore pierre watch

Butterscotch, GT, good toe on, three eight cock

Ya’ll ain’t see this much love since they cried for ‘Pac

Since Big passed, or since Jay passed the Roc

I’m in a clearport, full length mink in a G4

Fuck I’m lookin’ like rhyming for a hundred g’s, for?

No, I don’t talk to media guys

I don’t chatter with the best, ain’t no question whose the best

Shawn and Kelly, Fox, best of both worlds, I see y’all

Aiyo, Kel, nigga, holler at your peoples

[R. Kelly]

Five, four, three, two, one

Hang on y’all, let’s have some fun


JAY-Z Coming Of Age



Come experience… life as we know it

As some of you should know it, yeah, yeah

Place, Marcy, Brooklyn

Actions… well, y’all know the actions

Uhh, I got this shorty on my block always clockin my rocks

He likes the style and profile I think he wanna mock

He likes the way I walk, he sees my money talkin

to honies hawkin I’m the hottest nigga in New York and

I see his hunger pains, I know his blood boils

He wanna, run with me, I know this kid’ll be loyal

I watched him make a few ends, to cop his little sneakers and gear

then it’s just enough for re-up again

I see myself in his eyes, I moved from Levi’s

to Guess to Versace, now it’s diamonds like Liberace

That’s just the natural cycle, nobody wanna be like Michael

where I’m from, just them niggaz who banned from a gun

We out here trying to make hard white into cohhhhld green

I can help shorty blow out like Afro-Sheen

Plus I can relive my days of youth which is gone

That little nigga’s peeps, it’s time to put him on

[Chorus: Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek]

It’s time to come up (and hold my own weight, defend my crown)

Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand my ground)

It’s time to come up (stick up my chest, and make some loot)

Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand on my own two)

[Memphis Bleek]

I’m out here slingin bringin the drama, tryin to come up

in the game and add a couple of dollar signs to my name

I’m out here servin disturbin the peace, life could be better

like my man reclined in plush leather seats

He’s sellin weight, I’m sellin eight… balls

sixteen tryin to graduate to pushin quarters y’all

I ain’t gon’ sweat him I’ma let him come to me

If he give me the nod then these niggaz gon’ see

I’m tired of bein out here round the clock

and breakin day, and chasin crackers up the block for my pay

I’m stayin fresh, so chickens check

I’m tryin to step up to the next level, pushin Vettes to the Jets

Diamonds reflect from the sun, directly in your equilibirum

and stunned I’m waitin for my day to come

I got the urge, to splurge, I don’t wanna lifetime sentence

just give me the word


[JZ] Hey fella I been watchin you clockin

[MB] Who me holdin down this block it ain’t nothin

You the man nigga now stop frontin

[JZ] Hahahh I like your style

[MB] Nah, I like YO’ style

[JZ] Let’s drive around awhile

[MB] Cool nigga

[JZ] Here’s a thou’

[MB] A G? I ride witchu for free

I want the longterm riches and bitches

[JZ] Have it all; now listen to me

You let them other niggaz get the name, skip the fame

Ten thou’ or a hundred G keep yo’ shit the same

[MB] On the low?

[JZ] Yeah, the only way to blow

You let your shit bubble quietly


[JZ] Hey keep your cool

The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand

Then you play your cards

[MB] Then he through dealin I understand

[JZ] Don’t blow your dough on hotties

[MB] The only thing I got in this world is my word and my nuts

and won’t break em for nobody!

[JZ] Hah, I like resume, pick a day, you can start

[MB] From now until death do us part…

[Chorus 2X]

JAY-Z Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)


Uh, uh, listen

First the Fat Boys break up, now every day I wake up

Somebody got a problem with Hov’

What’s up you all niggas all fed up ’cause I got a little cheddar

and my records moving out the store?

Young fucks spitting at me, young rappers getting at me

My nigga Big predicted the shit exactly

“More money, more problems” – gotta move carefully

’cause faggots hate when you getting money like athletes

Yung’uns ice-grilling me, oh – you’re not feeling me?

Fine; it cost you nothing – pay me no mind

Look, I’m on my grind cousin, ain’t got time for fronting

Sensitive thugs, you all need hugs

Damn though mans I’m just trying do me

If the record’s two mill I’m just trying move three

Get a couple of chicks, get ’em to try to do E

Hopefully they’ll menage before I reach my garage

I don’t want much, fuck I drove every car

Some nice cooked food, some nice clean drawers

Bird-ass niggas I don’t mean to ruffle you all

I know you’re waiting in the wing but I’m doing my thing

Where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city..”

I said where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”


And then the Fugee’s gonna break up, now everyday I wake up

Somebody got something to say

What’s all the fucking fussing for? Because I’m grubbing more

and I pack heat like I’m the oven door?

Niggas pray and pray on my downfall

But everytime I hit the ground I bounce up like roundball

Now I don’t wanna have to kill southpaw

Don’t wanna have to cock back the four pound bar

Look scrapper I got nephews to look after

I’m not looking at you dudes, I’m looking past you

I thought I told you characters I’m not a rapper

Can I live? I told you in ninety-six

that I came to take this shit and I did, handle my biz

I scramble like Randall with his

Cunningham but the only thing running is numbers fam

Jigga held you down six summers; damn, where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city..”

Niggas, where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”

Holla at me!!

“Ain’t no love” (take ’em to church) “in the heart of the city..”

Uh, uh, uh – my nigga where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”


Then Richard Pryor go and burn up, and Ike and Tina Turner break up

Then I wake up to more bullshit

You knew me before records, you never disrespected me

Now that I’m successful you’ll pull this shit

Nigga I’ll step on your porch, step to your boss

Let’s end the speculation, I’m talking to all you

Males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait

Watch you mad ’cause you push dimes and he sell weight?

You all don’t know my expenses, I gotta buy a bigger place

Hehehe, and more baggies, why you all aggie?

Nigga respect the game, that should be it

What you eat don’t make me shit – where’s the love?

Where’s the love?

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city..”

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city..”

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city..”

“Ain’t no love, in the heart of town..”

“Ain’t no love..”

JAY-Z Holy Grail

[Verse 1 – Justin Timberlake:]

You take the clothes off my back

And I let you

You’d steal the food right out my mouth

And I’d watch you eat it

I still don’t know why

Why I love you so much


(Thanks for warning me [x2])

You curse my name

In spite to put me to shame

Have my laundry in the streets

Dirty or clean

Give it up for fame

But I still don’t know why

Why I love it so much

(Thanks for warning me [x2])



And baby

It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you

I just can’t crack your code

One day you screaming you love me loud

The next day you’re so cold

One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care

You’re so unfair sipping from your cup

Till it runneth over, Holy Grail

[Verse 2 – Jay-Z:]

(Uh) Blue told me to remind you niggas (uh)

Fuck that shit y’all talkin’ about

I’m the nigga (uh), caught up in all these lights and cameras (uh)

But look what that shit did to Hammer (uh)

God damn it I like it

Bright lights is enticing

But look what it did to Tyson

All that money in one night

30 mill for one fight

But soon as all that money blows, all the pigeons take flight

Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me

What I do, I took her back, fool me twice

That’s my bad, I can’t even blame her for that

Enough to make me wanna murder

Momma please just get my bail

I know nobody to blame

Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself

[Bridge – Justin Timberlake:]

And we all just entertainers

And we’re stupid, and contagious

Now we all just entertainers

[Hook – Justin Timberlake]

[Verse 3 – Jay-Z:]

Now I got tattoos on my body

Psycho bitches in my lobby

I got haters in the paper

Photo shoots with paparazzi

Can’t even take my daughter for a walk

See ’em by the corner store

I feel like I’m cornered off

Enough is enough

I’m calling this off

Who the fuck I’m kidding though?

I’m getting high

Sitting low

Sliding by

In that big body

Curtains all in my window

This fame hurt

But this chain works

I think back

You asked the same person

If this is all you had to deal with

Nigga deal with

It, this shit ain’t work

This light work

Camera snapping, my eyes hurt

Niggas dying back where I was birthed

Fuck your iris and the IRS

Get the hell up off of your high horse

You got the shit that niggas die for

Dry yours

Why you mad

Take the good with the bad

Don’t throw that baby out with that bath water

You’re still alive

Still that nigga

Nigga you survived

You still getting bigger nigga

Living the life

Vanilla wafers

In a villa

Illest nigga alive

Michael Jackson’s, Thriller

[Hook – Justin Timberlake]


You get the air out my lungs whenever you need it

And you take the blade right out my heart just so you can watch me bleed it

And I still don’t know why

Why I love you so much

(Thanks for warning me)


(Thanks for warning me)

And you play this game in spite to drive me insane

I got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess whose name

But I still don’t know why

Why I love it so much, yeah.

(Thanks for warning me [x2])


Don’t know why…

JAY-Z Murder To Excellence


Bloody murder, murder murder [x4]

[Kanye West:]

The paper read murder, black on black murder

The paper read murder, black on black murder


This is to the memory of Danroy Henry

Too much enemy fire to catch a friendly

Strays from the same shade, nigga we on the same team

Giving you respect, I expect the same thing

All black everything, nigga you know my fresh code

I’m out here fightin’ for you, don’t increase my stress load

Niggas watchin’ the throne, very happy to be

Power to the people, when you see me, see you

[Kanye West:]

And I’m from the murder capital, where they murder for capital

Heard about at least 3 killings this afternoon

Lookin’ at the news like damn I was just with him after school,

No shop class but half the school got a tool,

And I could die any day type attitude

Plus his little brother got shot reppin’ his avenue

It’s time for us to stop and re-define black power

41 souls murdered in 50 hours

The paper read murder, black on black murder,

The paper read murder, black on black murder again

Murder again…

Is it genocide?

Cause I can still hear his momma cry, know the family traumatized

Shots left holes in his face, bout piranha-size

The old pastor closed the cold casket

And said the church ain’t got enough room for all the tombs

It’s a war going on outside, we ain’t safe from

I feel the pain in my city wherever I go

314 soldiers died in Iraq

509 died in Chicago


I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died

Real niggas just multiply

And they say by 21 I was supposed to die

So I’m out here celebratin’ my post demise

If you put crabs in a barrel to insure your survival

You gon’ end up pulling down niggas that look just like you

What up blood? What up cos?

It’s all black, I love us

[Kanye West:]

The paper read murder, black on black murder,

The paper read murder, black on black murder again

Black on black murder again

Black on black murder again


It’s a celebration of black excellence

Black tie, black Maybachs

Black excellence, opulence, decadence

Tuxes next to the president, I’m present

I dress in Dries and other boutique stores in Paris

In sheepskin coats, I silence the lamb

Do you know who I am Clarice?

No cheap cologne whenever I “shh-shh”

Success never smelled so sweet, I stink of success

The new black elite, they say my black card bear the mark of the beast

I repeat, my religion is the beat

My verse is like church, my Jesus piece, now please, domino, domino

Only spot a few blacks the higher I go

What’s up to Will, shoutout to O

That ain’t enough, we gon’ need a million more

Kick in the door, Biggie flow

I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go

[Kanye West:]

Yea it’s all messed up when it’s nowhere to go

So we won’t take the time out til we reach the T O P

From paroles to hold G’s, sold keys, low keys

We like the promised land of the OG’s

In the past if you picture events like a black tie

What’s the last thing you expect to see, black guys

What’s the life expectancy for black guys?

The system’s working effectively, that’s why

I’ll be a real man, take care of your son

Every problem you had before this day is now done

New crib, watch a movie

Cause ain’t nothin’ on the news but the blues

Hit the mall, pick up some Gucci

Now ain’t nothin’ new but your shoes

Sunday morning, praise the Lord

You the girl that Jesus had been saving me for

So let’s savor this moment, and take it to the floor

Black excellence, truly yours