KJ-52 Whoop Whoop

Oh no he’s back again

What ya know here I go and I’m rapping and

In the studio in the lab again

One mic, one flow, one pad and pen

For one mo’ just stack em in

One show let’s roll lets pack em in

Ya’ll know when we coming in

We blow every mind when we telling them

And chose every rhyme that we sending them

So folks recognize to be born again and

Realize he died so you can live again

And he’ll crack the sky and he’ll come again

All right let’s ride start bouncing then

We can go all night it don’t have to end

Hey Todd we started man

So get em high holla back if ya hear me then

Here we go like whoop whoop…

Now everybody from front to back

If ya just can’t get enough of that

And ya feel it bump and ya loving that

Then get em up turn it up and just bump the track

Cause that’s the way that we running that

All day every day we gotta come with that

All truth no lies just none of that

Just for you every time just a ton of that

All truth no lies just none of that

Just for you every time just a ton of that

Understand that’s why when we bust a track

Every time any line any kind of rap

I’m a kind of guy just the type of cat

Ya gonna find every rhyme one kind of fact

That it’s just Christ nothing less than that

And just every time i’ll be running that

And so that’s why i’m always bumping that

So getta fist real high and start pumping that

[Chorus x2]

Come on now everybody

KJ-52 Can I Be Honest?

What if I spoke w/ complete honest-ness

What if told you that I’ve broken some promises

I dealt with pride ever since a little kid

I’ve comprised and I’ve doubted like Thomas did

I can’t hide though he sees the way I live

Every single time I told every little fib

I can’t deny cause he’s already knowing this

But to my wife I regret the time that I’ve missed

I’ve been on the road when I really should’ve been home

Been on the phone and took calls I should’ve left alone

I shouldn’t have done that see I want you to know

I should’ve been with you then out trying to get dough

I still got issues that’s hard to let go

Still got some bitter situations with a few folks

Still got a temper that I work hard to control

I gotta remember your standard that’s the goal

Can I be honest?

Can I be real?

Would they still just to how I feel?

But if I was honest ?

If I was real?

Would they even care about how I feel?

I’ve wanted to get back at those who tried to doubt me

I’ve wanted to hit back every time they tried to clown me

I’ve said some things about those that tried to down me

I’ve been too hard on some people that’s been around me

I’m a workaholic addicted to the game

Plus sometimes I’ve been addicted to the fame

I look deep inside things that I’m ashamed

Still the little kid conflicted still in pain

I’m so grateful when I think though how you found me

I used to be hateful of everything that’s around me

I’m so thankful of the way that you still surround me

So shameful yet you love me still confounds me

See I’ve put myself first

I’ve gone days sometimes without reading your word

I’ve acted like a huge jerk

Yet you still love me that’s the thing that I’ve learned

Sometimes I dumb down to sell a few records

Didn’t do it though just to get a little cheddar

But looking back I could’ve made some of my songs better

Hindsight is 20/20 so I’m like whatever

But I regret some of my broken relationships

No matter how hard I’ve tried to just make em fit

And I don’t blame myself and I’m not blaming them

But too many up in my life have just came and went

I’m not perfect I serve a God who is

I serve a God who lives who says that I’m his kid

When I shoot for the mark but I shoot and miss

I serve a God who gives a new start and he forgives

And takes every thing I ever did

Then he throws it in the sea of forgetfulness

See I’m just being honest I hope your getting this

Cuz he’s my promise the reason that I live

KJ-52 Day Job

I met this dude one night right up at the door

Said kind of rude who are you what you looking for

I said nobody its the stage that I’m heading toward

I’m on in 5 its about to rain bust a pour

My name’s on the page the same on the board

Can I go in this way plus I’m on the tour

I’m kj I rhyme and plus do it for the Lord

He said not tonight and went and slammed up the door

I’m like oh no everything’s a no go

Standing in the rain my cell phone like no no

Scratching my brain like I’m stuck out my own show

Want to complain till a fan was like oh yo

And then he rolled up began to walk

Said I been listening to you since you DC talk

Can you sign all the cds that I got

Toby mac your the best man you really rock!

If I had stayed at that flower shop

I could’ve been a manager but now

What you think about that what you think about that?

Oh what am I to do… probably should’ve went right back to school

Just like momma said oh just like momma said

I should’ve never quit my day job

Sometimes I wonder what I’m rapping for

First I’m eminem now I’m mackelmore

They box you up they wanna stick you in a categore

I’m never stuck I dodge the bull like a matador

Stank eye walking in the door

Rap game Larry bird but I’m in another sport

I break ankles and I shatter boards

And build a ladder to the God that I’m rapping for

But they never ever seem to get it tho

Some say I’m Toby Mac others thought I’m Mineo

Some think I’m only wack others think I’m criminal

Stuck up in the middle like rap game little bro

Standing here feeling like a jerk

Holding a pose with a fan till my hands hurt

Cause her man can never make the cam work

While they holding up another rappers fan shirt

If I was still a traffic cop

Could be working homicide but now

What you think about that what you think about that?

I should’ve never quit my day job

Now straight off people think I’m straight odd

Cause I praise God and rapping is my day job

I’m sitting on plane waiting just to take off

Dude trying to guess what I do but he way off

First I’m a dj now I’m just a drummer

Says kj fifty two that’s a funny number

I been doing this like 20 summers

I took the diss but I reminisce kind of wonder

What if I never quit my day job?

Just pulled a 9 to 5 trying to get my cake off

Would the ones that you saved would’ve strayed off

Id rather struggle in the will of God then lay off

Hate on well you can stay that I’m Straight soft

Life is a game and I’m gunning for the playoffs

So I’m glad to say I never quit my day job

And I’ll never be ashamed or try to play God

KJ-52 Will You Ever Know?

What if what if what if what if what if what if you was transported in time

To the place and the spot where Christ had to die

What if you beheld with your own two eyes

Where his blood was spilled where he gave his life

When he came up the hill and he was barely alive

Could you tell who he was if he walked on by

Could you see what they had done to his back and his sides

Would you see all his love would you recognize

When they pierced his skull with the thorns and they tried to

Pull out his hair out his beard and then decide to

Pierce his bareback 39 times you

Get the real facts they’re there besides you

What if you saw him die and got a real view

Would you keep living the life the way that you do

Or would you run and hide and just continue to

Live your life blind its up to you dude

Will you ever know will you ever see

What’s he’s done for you what he’s done for me

Can you ever know can you ever see

What will it take for you to believe

What if today was the very day he died

What if you was standing right there by his side

As the people cheered and they screamed and they cried

But this time around see he wasn’t crucified

What if he was lead from a jail cell this time

To be executed in the middle of the night

But you could view it and tune it in worldwide

On the internet and on the TV it was televised

What if you was standing right there

And you brought him down to the electric chair

You had to flip the switch now would you be aware

Would you understand his death would you even care

Would you change how you live would you shed a tear

Would you see what he did would you be prepared

To give your life to him right now and right there

Can u see what he did its quite clear

What if you held the very nails used to

Hold him on the cross then what would you do

You saw him beat up beat down then abused

Would you see how much it cost him now for you but

What would it take for him to prove

That he took the blame for everything that we do

It’s still just the same man there aint nothing new

They still hate to change and come down to you but

What if you could gaze and just see

The last 5 minutes before he would leave

This earth and worse what if you saw him breathe

His last breath when death took his life you see

His head hang down he starts to heave

Cuz his death came slow its plain to see

That it’s more painful then we could imagine it to be

Now you seen in plain view will you believe

KJ-52 Tonight

Look at how far I come

I was living like on the run

I was living like for the fun

So lost ‘fore I found the sun

Looking back at everything I done

You called and said to come

I saw and just thought to run

Right into the arms of the Only One

Yeah, we can’t stop, won’t stop

Riding down home tonight

Yeah, we can’t stop, won’t stop

Riding down home tonight

Right now tonight

We’re giving everything to You

And our hearts, our souls, our lives

And every little thing we do


I’m going on a whole new path

Out on a whole new chap’

Ain’t nothing gonna hold me back

I’ve been through that, I won’t come back

You’re the only thing that lasts

You’re the only thing I have

You gave me a whole new chance

To bring me back every time I crash

I give You everything I have

I give You everything I lack

I give you everything I can’t

Sorta hope I found to stand

I can’t stop, I won’t stop

I don’t stop, oh, no

I can’t stop, I won’t stop

I don’t stop, I go

Right now tonight

We’re giving everything to You

And our hearts, our souls, our lives

And every little thing we do



We’re giving everything to You

We’re giving everything to You

Right now tonight

We’re giving everything to You

And our hearts, our souls, our lives

And every little thing we do



We’re giving everything

We’re giving everything

KJ-52 Fanmail

My arms are sliced up but I’m not embarrassed

It’s the only way I get attention now from my parents

It’s not like they really take the time to be caring

They just use me to watch the baby when they run they errands

My name is ___ I got a friend named Karen

She gave me your CD with the track for Eminem

You wrote a song called #1 fan I listened and

I wanted to know if you can help me like you was helping them

She had something even harder to be mentioning

Like every single day I struggle just with fitting in

Plus the boys won’t give me no attention and

I get teased and made fun of by all my friends and then

See I’m feeling like I’m wishing now that I could end

My life cuz I’m sick and tired of all the time I spend

Trying to figure out how I could be worth anything

Can u help me KJ from your fan

I’m writing this letter

Cause I have to tell ya

I need some help from you

I’m writing this letter

I hope that you get it

I need some help from you

I live with my mom ever since my parents split

And At home I spend my time on the Internet

Looking at porn Im addicted and I’m sick of it

Myspace dot com is mostly where I’m getting it

On top of that there’s videos that I can watch

And I really wanna quit but its like I can’t stop

See I’m scared that I’m just gonna get caught

And when I see a girl all I think is dirty thoughts

And its not that I don’t know that it’s really wrong

But its right there for me every time I’m logging on

I got all your CD’s I really like your songs

Well I downloaded em but anyway moving on

My screen name is KJ-52 is the bomb

I want to do a website KJ rock’s dot com

I really some help cuz I can’t tell my Mom

Oh by the way my real name is ___

I’m writing this letter

Cause I have to tell ya

I need some help from you

I’m writing this letter

I hope that you get it

I need some help from you

I took the time just to write you

We play you every Wednesday at my youth group

I love your music and we all think that you’s cool

But I been struggling ever since I moved to a new school

See everybody thinks that I’m the perfect Christian girl

I had a hard time trying to believe that God is real

I’ve been on mission trips and camps the whole deal

My dad had cancer tho I prayed that God would heal

But he died anyway so it’s hard to feel

Like he cares about me so was it God’s will

To take away my dad I really got a raw deal

Sometimes I just want to swallow all my mom’s pills

When I pray I really doubt it

I’ve lost my way or maybe I’ve never found it

I been smoking and drinking nobody knows about it

By the way my name is ___ don’t mispronounce it…

If I could write to every kid that’s out there

Every kid that’s hurting feels like nobody cares

I would tell them that God can wipe away tear

And he’s right near and I would say it quite clear

Your here for a reason you’re not a mistake

You are a special creation that God himself made

To the victims of abuse to every girl that was raped

You can live you can be free from your pain

And find strength and no longer be ashamed

You can find peace and hope In Jesus name

You aint gotta live with this hurt every day

Christ came to give you life in a much better way

To every kid right now that’s full of hate

And bitterness I’d tell em just to give it all away

To the one that came to take all the blame

That’s what I’d write here’s what I’d say

KJ-52 Integrity


Yo, yo what’s up yo?

Yo, what’s up man?

Yo, y’all are GRITS right?-yeah man

Yo, I-I want to get into this gospel rap thing man.

Aw, sh man it’s a task

Yo I was just wonderin’ if I could give you this rhyme I wrote

Go ahead man, I aint hatin’. Go ahead yo

It’s all about me, me, and did I mention me

I’m the dopest rapper in the gospel rap industry

I kill more white rappers than snipers

I’m the one they call to get the crowd hyper

Yo, all y’all cats need to retire

With your played out raps, I’m the roughest and toughest

I love the spotlight yo you better make sure this mike sounds right

or I’ll charge you double on this honorarium

Don’t ask me to speak words of encouragement cause yo I got the dopest skills

Don’t ask me to do what God wills,

It’s all about keepin’ it real and makin’ sure I get me a fat type of record deal

Give the crowd something they can feel

Toss God a bone every once in a while, have a Coke and a smile

Yo, I been doin’ this a long while, man, like two months even

So what if I look like a heathen, I can still kill the ruckus demon

I got all the girls fiendin’ , I put emcee back into emceeing

Yo God and hip-hop versus the god of hip-hop I believe in

I’m acheivin’ what I want. These skills is what I flaunt

Yo you caint get me so tell me what you got.

Man, I live and die for the god of hip-hop, I mean God and hip-hop

So y’all fools need to stop


This is a message to you rap infants,

showin’ faces in the places where we blessin’ at

Tryin’ to battle, got respect for your skills but skill alone dont get you props

It takes integrity, when rappin’ for Christ on microphones

Who’s this Babylon emcee with the audacity, approaching me

as if I got a stamp of approval for his fallacy

I hear you talkin’ ’bout yourself

and claim you keep it real but I aint feelin’ it

I’m feelin’ to your flesh but only kill the little light so dimly shinin’

I question why you rhymin’,

Is ministry in mind and does God direct your timin’?

or do you even put it in to put it out? What you about?

Do you use Him as a jewel well then your crown

and you clout your time will tell

In life He must prevail, a living example is needed to rap it well

You see the ministry begins theminute you step up in from the stage

Is your character the essence of the life you hear in the pages of His very Word

Cause if not face His rage.

You aint understandin’ He demands a higher standard

Stayin’ true to hip-hop caint be found in His Commandments

Take notice because the atmosphere is about to get tense

wanna find relatin’ truth to some gone take it offense

young cats, heed the message of this elder emcee

who got responsibility to let you know what kind of bilities to key

but it seems that some of y’all aint caught the vision as we


KJ-52 Outro / Gimme Dat


Well hello everybody

Welcome to MDA, that’s Mountain Dew Anonymous

For those that have abuse problems with Mountain Dew

We have a new member today, his name’s KJ-52

KJ introduce yourself


My name is KJ-52 and I’m addicted to Mountain Dew


Tell the people a little about what happened


What am I gonna do, I’m addicted to Mountain Dew

When I drink just one or two

People say “What’s wrong with you man”

Start acting like a fool, from all the caffeine and sugar too

I’m fiending like I ain’t got a clue

And this is what I’m gonna say to you


Uhh…Gimme that Mountain Dew

Uhh…Gimme that Mountain Dew

Uhh…Gimme that Mountain Dew

I ain’t playing with you better gimme that Mountain Dew


Well, KJ I know that must be tough to talk about,

But part of recovery is talking about it starts

Explain how this started


I started when i was on tour

I had to stay awak so I went to the store

Loaded up and I bought like four,

I just kept drinking more and more

When all of a sudden something happened to me

Just for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep

Mabe it was all the sugar and the caffeine

Not sure but I started to scream…



Well, KJ I know that was painful to talk about

But you CAN overcome it

You just have to admit that you have a problem.


I got a problem I jsut can’t help it

Somebody help I think I’m addicted

Cause every day i just got to have it

KJ-52 Shake It Off

now put two in the air (man just go and shake em off)

like you really don’t care (man just go and shake em off)

and put em to the sky (man just go and shake em off)

why don’t you hold em real high (man just go and shake em off)

go go go go off with it

are you dealing w/ these things up in ya mind right?

banged up like hit and runs from a sideswipe

here’s something you can read like a time life

something that will help you see better than ya eyesight

my life this night gone shine bright

but to just to put Jesus in the limelight

and not trusting him don’t even sound right

that’s like me going out and renting twilight

things they be getting harder

we try to hang on like our name was Peter Parker

I seen the saga so I’m seeking out the living water

instead of letting problems chop like benihanna

I been through the drama you stay ahead of me

like you was number 4 and I was number three

everything I have now is cause you be

I gotta shake it all off here’s the remedy

so understand man dude he’s never limited

sometimes it takes a little time till he finishes

I keep spitting it until ya getting it

until you give him all the credit like a gift certificate

so are you listening man what you living for

are you missing it now what you heading toward

you can’t make it all along now this for sure

that’s like running backwards through a metal doors

now he’s guaranteed for plenty more

then the little bit you tend to get and settle for

when I get on tour I’m spitting metaphors

and similes with clarity till the tongue is sore

now he reigns his blessing pour

that will keep you on you’re toes like a pedicure

with the way life goes man I’m never bored

but sometimes I gotta shake it off that’s for sure

KJ-52 Go

In the father there is Freedom

There is hope in the Name that is Jesus

Lay your life down give it all now

We are found in the love of the Savior

We’ve come alive in You

Set Free to show the truth

Our lives will never be the same

We’re giving it all away away

We’re giving it all to go your way

We are sold out to Your calling

Everything that we are for your glory

Take our hearts now have it all now

Let our lives shine Your light like the morning

We’ve come alive in You

Set Free to show the truth

Our lives will never be the same

We’re giving it all away away

We’re giving it all to go your way

You rolled back the curtains from our eyes

And now we can see You

You’ve shown us Your way Your truth and life

We offer our lives to bring You fame

We’re caught in Your freedom

We’re caught in Your freedom