Krayzie Bone Thug On Da Line


These niggaz don’t know who the fuck they fuckin with man

On the real shit nigga, this is Thugline nigga

And I’m that nigga Mr. Sawed Off Leathaface

And I dedicate this shit to all them motherfuckas who used to be down

Wanna be down, but can’t never be down

And that’s simple because we ain’t fuckin with no punk pussy ass nigga

You know them niggaz that always talk the real shit

But they can never walk the real shit

Listen up this ones for you, for you

[Verse 1: Asu]

Soon as I hear these cheese

I’ma stick you like I took ya picture, Kodak smile

You know that number to dial when in need of work, I proceeds to lurk

Squattin and schemin plottin on demon

And It’s a whole lot of semen in this dick

Packin bisquit, once the bisquits is baked

It boils down to the risk us niggaz take

Try Asu and leave ya loable to get floored

And if you ain’t fully insured you ain’t just asleep, nigga snore

I got somethin it (all things)

You got some Henny nigga pour it (we can all drank)

I done lost somethin I ain’t tryin to find and I know it’s love

Even though I’m dying inside, nigga is still a thug

The company I keep be wantin me to heat fuck boom

I don’t really wanna scorn, how I’m supposed to warn?

My folk once provoked, It’s on and not gradually

Casualties is random, and like I tell ’em I dump naturally

[Verse 2: K -Mont]

Ay, yo, ay yo whatever you, saw I seen it

Whatever I say, I mean it

Most of y’all bitch niggaz wasn’t thugs until Bone screamed it

Recognize the wisdom fuck that nigga shootin clips

Matter of fact I’m tired of talkin, pull you pistol keep walkin

Catch me on the puly wearin a hoody

Or standin on nigga lines, stressin, conversation about dyin it’s Thugline

That niggaz be askin who is he?

It’s that nigga from Jerz, motherfucka it’s K-Mizzy


Them motherfuckin thugs is in the place to be

Fuckin shit up it’s T-H-U-G-L-I-N-E

Got niggaz in the club

Killas out for blood

Motherfuckas hit the floor when we lit shit up

Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, hope you ready

Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, we heated heavy [x2]

Do my thugs run this motherfucka (hell yeah!)

Do my killas run this motherfucka (hell yeah!) [x2]

[Verse 3: Wish]

Nigga, anyway you want

This is Thugline willin and ready to dump

Fuck ’em up, fuck ’em up

I got my Line right here, here

You can step and we can jump it off right here

Fuck y’all niggaz, fuck y’all niggaz

How many niggaz you roll with that you feel is real?

How many niggaz you roll that know you gonna kill, gangsta huh?

Fuckin with the Line It’s about time someone took it over

I’ma get mine, can’t wait for time cause it’s almost over

I got wha’cha want baby

You can step, but best believe you won’t play me

If you like that, throw your hands up

I know you like that, throw your hands up

[Verse 4: LaReece]

Chaotic situations got a bitch stressin, holdin the guns

Dumpin on these trick niggaz for funds

Titties bouncin in the lo-lo, creepin real slow

La Femme Nikita with my heater and they don’t breathe no more

So trick, hit the floor

It’s that boss bitch, Nina Ross bitch, know it cost bitch, floss bitch

Got your sister hostage {girl screaming}

You got my green if not, I lost it

I’m leavin a corpse absence

It seems you don’t understand my pockets pitfil

So it’s critical that I get the dough right now

All your wants I can’t satisfy needs

Can’t determine do’s and don’ts amplifies my greed to multiply my G’s

You want war nigga? I got somethin for niggaz

Quick to bust the fouth-fifth for more figures

Standin on the Frontiline with my fan bam, Thugline

Bloody murder all these haters tryin to take mine

[Verse 5: Krayzie]

Call me the boos fighter, Frontline rider

Leathaface’ll catch a case up in this place, we’ll show ’em who bout it, bout


How the dealer stole and cut it, police won’t even touch it

I’m a rich nigga come to my show and bring your bitch wit’cha

Two Thousand niggaz all screamin out loud “fuck the law”

And all y’all niggaz mean muggin me and my niggaz is my car

Partna don’t get me started

Y’all niggaz ain’t seen me get retarted in that mode I’m harmless

When her bare arms we far from harmless

This is the bomb shit so ring the alarm

Takin over the yard, nigga Thugline’s in charge

On guard a new clique, and we got new shit

These niggaz ain’t nobody you wanna fool with either, so be cool with it

Then niggaz won’t have any problems

357 revolver is all it takes to squash an solve ’em

We all in this business to get paid

But meanwhile, we gotta go fight off the enemies that hate us for these styles

Made us some cheese, now fuck the world

Tell ’em Krayzie said it, will I ever switch?

Get out the thug shit? nigga forget it

I’m real with these niggaz, I chill with these niggaz

I kill for these niggaz, cause these my niggaz…


That’s right nigga, just do y’all niggaz know y’all fuckin with

The niggaz that’s gone put the raw back in the game

Niggaz that’s 100% pure thug-bred, thug nigga

Ya better believe that, roll call for the soldiers on the Frontline for the


Roll Call

Asu, where you at? (hey, yo Thug On Da Line)

K-Mont where you at? (nigga, Thug On Da Line)

Wish Bone where you at? (what, Thug On Da Line)

LaReece where you at? (playa, Thug On Da Line)

You niggaz knowin where I’m at

Nigga, Thug On Da Line the Line, the Line yeah, yeah

That motherfuckin thug ass track you hear is my nigga Super Sako

We keep it thuggin

Krayzie Bone Angles

[Krayzie Bone:]

These niggas ain’t seen what I seen

Dream what I dreamed

These niggas can’t even try to compete in my league

Original runnin with the elite is my team

Even when I’m asleep

Many things behind seeks

Stay behind away from all the poison ivy

So far away from all the noise you’ll find me

Don’t let the dumb man confuse, ya can find me

Treat it like the 90s and leave it behind me

I never got stuck in the time piece

Never will I let the opposition defy me

See what happened to a petty nigga tryna deny me

Forgettin’ that I’m me

I may just have to learn em’

I separate from all these niggas always barking always talking that shit, never walking that shit

But, I never worry bout’ a sucka but I gotta take cautious I guess, but partner I get fuuucked

A living legend, now I’m seeing, I’m living, I’m breathing, believe it, I keep it one hundred, you’re taking nothing from me

I tell a nigga, “If you willing to win it, there’s really no limit, there’s plenty of riches, better go get it homie!”

While I’m shaking, I’m getting rest of mine

I gotta keep a nine just to keep the niggas the in line

But see the suckas being suckas creeping up from behind

Let’s see them hit they verse or be a victim of crime, And I’m

Not that nigga, survival of the fittest gotta be the winner

And if I gotta be the killer, Imma light that shit up, dividend, live again, light that shit up

Just look at my life

I done chased plenty things, plotting schemes

Chased many dreams

Just stay outta my life

That’s why I muscle through the bullshit

And I hustle with a full clip

[Young Noble:]

Looking at life

From a different angle

I’ve seen real best friends turn to total strangers

Seen people say they love you but they really hate you

They say the worst kind of person is the ungrateful

You ain’t seen what I seen

From the block to the fiends

To running with Pac

Living my dreams

Getting this cheese

You gotta believe

That everything ain’t what it seems

We stuck in these streets

All the lil homies just tryna eat

Every time I felt defeat, I rose to my feet

Third eye wide open, Woke up out my sleep

Travel down my own path

I don’t walk with sheep

Put your money where your mouth is

Talk is cheap

Back streets with the rats

And the fucking creeps

Just wait

They will try to rob you or your sneaks

Gotta watch for your friends and the police

Ain’t no fucking justice, ain’t no peace

Looking at life

From a different angle

I’ve seen real best friends turn to total strangers

Seen people say they love you but they really hate you

They say the worst kind of person is the ungrateful

Krayzie Bone Y’all Don’t Know Me

[Krayzie x4]

I’ts Krayzie Bone (Krayzie, Krayzie, Krayzie)


Homie, y’all don’t know me (know me)

Mighta heard my name (my name)

Ain’t nobody feelin hold me ( hold me)

Not in this game (not in this game)

Homie, y’all don’t know me (know me)

Mighta heard my name (my name)

But ain’t nobody goin to hold me(hold me)

Especially in this game

[Verse 1: Krayzie]

Excuse me, but do you know me?

You’ve seen me on TV and in the video

Got caught up in Crossroads forgot that we was criminals

That’s right, we them same niggaz to come up from nothin

To what up with them figures?

Nigga, my album got better thangs

And people changed when I got in the game

Niggaz call me I don’t even know how you know my name?

How the fuck you get my number?

What the fuck is going on?

Then I got these haters leavin threats on my phone

They messages be records that they made just for me

I’m not on that don’t give a fuck if you rap faster than me

But when it come to being the realest niggaz that ever did it

You know Bone Thugs gonna be contendin for that position

Listen, if y’all niggaz wanna trip with us, bomb ya fall witcha dick in the


Get up, what up? Thought ya had me figured out you didn’t

Remember next time, that last time that nigga wasn’t bullshittin


[Verse 2: Krayzie]

Homie, y’all don’t know me

Y’all mighta heard my name once or twice

Don’t start none (drama), won’t be none (drama)

Cause however they want it, they can come get it believe I got it

Can’t be faded keep thinkin Krayzie ain’t really crazy

Haters, that pressin me to make me show this lately

Afraid that they mistaken that they thinkin Kray ain’t hip, hip, hip

To those who pose as friends

But are phony before they can infiltrate but can’t immitate us for long

They better not come talkin no shit cause I’m servin ’em some

And fuck whatcha heard, believe whatcha see please

Dap is cheap, dramatical action speaks

Did you hear it, hear it?

I know ya feel it, feel it the twelve gauge eruption


[Verse 3: Krayzie]

We got a game full of clones that can’t hold they own

So they be fast to bite

Nigga don’t like Bone, then why the fuck you rappin like me bastard

You know you like it, nigga’z funny

Be bobbin they head to my music, but when they see me they mean muggin

Keep lookin ugly, niggaz but jut don’t jump

Cause I’m a nervous nigga, and I’ll buck, buck, buck

Thug haters they get me violent

Cops make me riot

You bitches make me sick and tired, sin keeps me wide up

And I needs to be high, just for fuckin with y’all

And I dedicate this one to all them bustas I knew would fall

Had to get rid of the dead weight that was holdin me down (holdin me down)

The Thugline officials and it’s goin down (down)

So wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up dawg

No need, don’t even try to fade us, y’all

Who the nigga in the halls, big balls?

That’s Sawed Off Slim

Don’t try to get with him cause playa, playa

[Chorus ’til fade]

Krayzie Bone Power

[Chorus 1: x4]

I got the power, power, power!

Power to the people

We the people got the power, let’s ride


A nigga be humble, but I’m down for mine

Don’t give me no static and you and I can be fine

I may be quiet

Believe me I get violent

You ready for war?

Then grab your shit and come up

It’s already jumpin’ so we can just join in the start buckin’

Fuck the police now let that be the reason

You meet the heater 9-milli cease the breathin’

The glock shot the cop body rott

Fuck ’em!

Grab this shotgun and cuff ’em

And dump his shit in the river and let it splash

Do the shit smooth boy, don’t ever slip ,move

But don’t nobody know, but I know that nigga fish food

So if you ready for the po po to die

Then put one hand in the air, the other hand on your nine

And say “Yeah, yeah”

Get you pump, pump, pump, pump, pump…

Now let me hear you say “Yeah, hell yeah”

Get your pump, pump, pump, pump, pump…

[Thug Queen]

God is so passionate and hear the cries of the needy (needy)

Devil is greedy (greedy)

The get ya high (so high)

Before they feed you (feed ya)

Power to the people that wanted to beat you and mistreat you

And at the same time have a smile when they greet you (greet ya)

Could never be equal we are revelation angels (angels)

Change, ’cause no matter how hard you try you can’t erase us or replace us

(Erase us or replace us)

Keep your eyes posted high to the sky

It’s your life

The fragile prize for movin’ the black lives

I’ll rise and fall because of god

The tune is playin’

Black women and black men it’s not to late late to repent you sins (sins)

[Chorus 2]

You better stop, duck down (down, down)

(Pay attention, listen)

What’s that sound?

AK-47 nigga so you better hit the ground

You better, you better stop, duck down, down, down

(Pay attention, listen)

AK-47 nigga so you better hit the ground!


I think I got the power that can take over the world, you see?

Look, I’m tryin’ to live forever with this destiny

Man, I’m tryin’ to start some shit

A nigga deep into this army shit

And if you feel it, you can march with this

We got a million thugs, strong stompin’

I’m ready to pump, pump, pump. pump

And dump the enemies in the trunk, fuck ’em!

Hey, I heard they got plan to try to kill us all

Niggas get the mark of the beast, disturbin’ the peace

But at least we know they doin’ dirty

I’ma keep a thirty-thirty close so don’t worry

We get with the static in a hurry

[Chorus x4]

I go the power, power, power!

Power to the people

We the people got the power, lets ride


What, what, what would you do, would you do

Would you do if the end of the world came and it was real (real)

And to know that you’ll be dyin’ soon (soon, soon)

Armageddon’s coming for you and for me

Can’t you see?(see?)


Get your pump, pump, pump, pump, pump…

You can get your pump, pump, pump, pump, pump

Go ahead and get your pump, pump, pump, pump…


Power, power

People got the power

We the people got the power, let’s ride

Come on

Krayzie Bone Put It On Y’all

Put it on y’all… [x4]

[Verse 1]

We the survivors, the hustlers

gusslers, the riders, we don’t know no busters

suprise ’em with guns and knuckles

they bound to be broken’ buckle

been down before thuggish ruggish

come around with my motherfuckers

and let God keep it bumpin’, love you

this money do wonders for me

you know me from Bone Thugs, so show me some Bone love

my (?) is strong love, drink forty’s and smoke blunts

Still, I’m givin’ all the shots

to the St. Claire Thugs in the glock, glock

for the niggaz on hot-blocks

bustin’ back at the cops boy

you can’t stop me, I’m up in your shit like papparazzi

Competition is sloppy

draw position, not even worthy got me poppin’

cause if you want me, buckin’ them bloody body

they never did wanna come fuck with the thugs

they comin’ to shoot up your posse

shoot up your posse, livin’ with trill niggaz

If you don’t true with real killas

on the road to this meal ticket

My mister was still with me, the lyrics is ill wicked

and niggaz is still trippin’, and talkin’ shit after this one

we gon’ get up in that grill, hear me..


Won’t weep no more, won’t sleep no more

won’t be no more once we

Put it on… dogg, won’t weep no more

won’t sleep no more, won’t

Be no more once we put it on… dogg

[Verse 2]

Ever since I complete my mission

ten years and they still listenin’

when you see me you know me

but excuse me don’t fuck with no bitch niggaz,

eads blown, heads gone, if they step in Bone

we let ’em know, straight from the do’, just where we comin’ from

let it go and reload, if you need some mo’ let ’em know

there’s mo’, we split it, gon’ pull it

no matter them thugs gon’ get with ya killa

day time or at night when your kissin’ baby night-night

you can die, rock-a-bye, got thugs but they ain’t leaders

we thugs for a fuckin’ reason

scuffed up, fucked up, leave ’em in the mud

That’s how you gotta leave ’em, body bags

It’s no trash bag, they pickin’ up the pieces

Niggaz is hungry Dogg, they flossin’ so get ’em dogg

If bitches step on it too straight up thuggin’ to get you

that Gucci, that bling ooh, gotta (?) with niggaz

who they will murder y’all, sit ’em up

and there and then we rush all y’all

that’s thugster shit, that’s how we roll..


Won’t weep no more, won’t sleep no more

won’t be no more once we

Put it on… dogg, won’t weep no more

won’t sleep no more, won’t

Be no more once we put it on… dogg

Krayzie Bone Life! A Lesson To Learn


Deuce double-oh nine


Yeah, we gon’ bring ’em back to reality right here man

TL, they ain’t ready for it

[Verse 1:]

All this time that I’ve been wasting

Tryina play in the world, no more wars

This tribulation got me facin the morgue

Drop down and pray to the Lord; Please forgive me for my sinny

But it’s hard to maintain mayn, when ya livin how we livin

Rollin righteous for a minute, kept me hypnotized

Vicious, wicked spirits kept me feelin mystified

Struggle intensifies, as soon as them demons started scheming

Invading, they creepin, sneakin, tryina catch me sleeping

Awakened; I’m steady runnin, tryina get away

From that snake in the grass, I ain’t escapin too fast

I got a whole lotta playa haters, hatin my shine

I don’t know why, suckers keep hatin my grind (My grind-grind)

But they can never stop a nigga risin (Risin)

I’m a real (real) I’ll (I’ll) rider (Rider, rider)

Living truth, I’m a true ghetto survivor (‘vivor)

Ghetto survivor (‘vivor)


See, life is a lesson to learn

You gotta know which way to turn

You protecting yourself, or burn?

See, I can be the nigga to teach you

Stay away from the fire, it burn

But you don’t wanna listen to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn

[Verse 2:]

Everybody wanna live the rich life

Gamblin they souls, they so gone off of this life

Truely they don’t know

Cause they so zoned from the big lights

And fancy cars, Big mansions, stars, no chance at alllll

And maybe lose a little bit integrity to gain-

The finer thangs, like shiny rings, and diamond chains

Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Get out that slave mentality, mayn!

If it’s vain, he gots to be vein

They hear it on the radio (Radio-radio)

And then they see it in the video (Video-video)

Then they say “This must be the way to go! ” (Go)

And then they always do the typical

Get caught up in the race, often chasin the devil

It usually is a waste, let me put you on the level; rebel

Against the world and it’s crooked, wicked ways

Resist the world; only way you can be saved


See, life is a lesson to learn

You gotta know which way to turn

You protecting yourself, or burn?

See, I can be the nigga to teach you

Stay away from the fire, it burn

But you don’t wanna listen to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn

[Verse 3:]

Times are changin, the vibe is crazy

The crime is raising, so the nines keep blazin

Nations can’t save us and everybodies anxious

Death is contagious, but can’t nobody escape here

We was born in danger

You’d see a clearer picture, if you knew where I came from

And I’ve been in ghettos all over the world, it’s the same song

They stressed out and fed up

These oppressors won’t let up, they just keep holdin me down

But I’m a rise up and make it to the real light

Can’t wait to see, just wonderful, it feel like

So lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely-lovely (Seeee)

I can be the nigga to teach you

Cause you know that it take a real nigga to reach you

And to a better life, this advice could lead you

To tell them politicians that we no longer need you, you’re see-through


See, life is a lesson to learn

You gotta know which way to turn

You protecting yourself, or burn?

See, I can be the nigga to teach you

Stay away from the fire, it burn

But you don’t wanna listen to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn

See, life is a lesson to learn


Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Say it, Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Life is a lesson, you learn the hard way

Krayzie Bone I Remember

[Verse 1]

Yo, what up my nigga? Yeah it’s been a minute since I saw ya

I hear your lawyer still tryin’ to get that appeal for ya

Wanted to holla and tell ya what’s poppin but you probly

Already know we been goin’ through problems, anyway I

Hear you been excercisin and gettin strong in the mind

I hear you been searchin for God inside The Koran

That’s cool man, I been prayed up myself

I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now

I’m still a soldier but I’m tryin to be one for Jehovah

We in the Last Days and tha Last Days is almost over

We all older now, my minds much stronger now

I can see in ya letters ya vocabulary’s broader now

I wish we woulda been this smart before we let this game rip us apart

But we forgot that God was our heart, heart

But dont even sweat it my nigga stay strong

And we gon kick it when u come home, my nigga Flesh n Bone, Flesh n Bone


I remember, remember back in the day

When we all used to hang, Yeah

Back in the hood that was a everyday thang

Yall remember, how we got in this game

We was all in the same

But in came the fame and thangs changed, thangs changed

[Verse 2]

What up Lay? Hope you and ya family okay

I don’t even know where I should begin ‘cuase I got so many things to say

We been dawgs since the Seventh Grade, the Seventh Grade

Struggled together for a better way, and better days

We was Kid n Play, Kriss Kross and all them niggaz

They called you the light one and of course I was the dark skinned one

Hey! You was the human beat box and I was the rapper

In the battles in between classes, those days

They ain’t the same no more, we don’t even hang no more

We let the fame destroy something’s that’s worth way more

‘Cuase friends are kinda hard to come by ain’t no tellin these days

We should of seen it comin’ ain’t no trustin these snakes

But all in all, we had a ball

And even though we took a fall, it’s not for long fa sho!

We’d be some damn fools if we let silly ego’s

Come between some damn trues and cause a fam fued



Wish, my nigga, I can clearly remember

See me and you go way back to that day and night in November

Or was it December? When you was mobbin tryin to rob some niggaz

And I was out, put the slug in the pump and I cocked it nigga

But I had my finger still on the trigger, Oh my God, my nigga

Screamin at me like “You shot me nigga!” and I was shocked my nigga

My ears started ringin, I was tweakin, blood was squirtin

You was swervin on the curb man, word man

Rushed to Emergency, coppers came and arrested me

Even though you told them I didn’t do it they cuffin me

We told them we was just chillin and niggaz hit us

Half dead and ain’t snitchin now that’s the realest, that was the realest

That’s why we still down, what’s really real now

Make ya feel how, we in it to win it with a ill style

You suckas better recognize, better check it

When Krayzie and Wish head over ThugLine Records nigga


[Verse 4]

I ain’t forgot ya Bizzy Bone, what’s happenin?

We was always in some action every night straight to ?brackin? its crackin

We walked the streets together, starvin, ain’t eat together

Slept outside in zero below, it’s gon freeze together

I remember I went to the county

And when I got out you went to bustin your pistol, nigga you rowdy

Now how’d all of a sudden it gettin so cloudy, so cloudy

They say Krayzie got problems with Bizzy, that’s why they, they breakin up

Only problem I had was you runnin out on the band

But you explained to me deeper and now I understand

So why is niggaz beefin when there’s cheese to get and bread to stack

And head’s to crack, we got a deadly rap

Nigga together we the coldest, coldest

The realest East 99 soldiers, soldiers

United we ball, divided we fall

When Bone come back we silence ’em all

Krayzie Bone Won’t Ez Up Tonight



Scandalous niggas wont ease up tonight

Niggas on the street dont sleep until we eat it

We won’t ease up tonight

even if it means we got to pop ’em

For the profit,we drop ’em

They,they,they die,they die,they die

Murda mo’

Kill some more

Murda mo’

Gotta kill some more


Scandalous niggas wont ease up tonight

All my niggas better get that cash

until we get the cash

we wont ease up tonight

even if it means we got to pop ’em

For the profit we drop ’em

They,they,they die,they die,they die

Murda mo’

Kill some more

Murda mo’

Gotta kill some mo’

[verse 1:]

Oh,we dont have no money

We gotta get money for food on the table

For feedin the youngins

We steadily strugglin thuggin

Broke and we sellin more dope

Both the dummies and dum-dums

Come on back

Purchase some more

Now whether we mobbin or stick up a store

Fin to get us some dough

My niggas desperate

We aint ate shit since yesterday

but we got a gauge and plenty of shells

I’m smellin money–cash money


First baller we see

We run and buck him

Don’t give him a chance to reach

all up under his seat

Now,what if he pull out some heat?

Shit,then we really got to kill him

Aint even worth it my nigga

Give up the dough

Dont flex!

My nigga dont try to be no hero

and be glad we only shot you in your legs

Could have been your head

Now what if that there victim was me?

Gettin robbed by these niggas that we

used to be

Id be muthafuckin dead!


[Verse 2:]

You know what we doin up on them police?

We never did love them

Muthafucka we buck ’em

We lucky they die

pullin that heat and beat ’em

Get your pump and we kill ’em all until we rise

If youre feelin me

Pick up your shit,nigga

Cause it’s realer than realer,

than realer,than realer,than realer than

most of them niggas

Youre rollin with them niggas,hoes

And im knowin this

Pump up the revolution

Nigga,we go when you come

Join us in a battle and victory

Go down in history

This aint no mystery

Fuck ’em

Let the law end

Cause we simply get the raw end

Coffins open

Dump ’em all in

We can get down on them po-po

When we finished

They aint trippin no more

Get ready

Leave one of us (?)

So my troopers got something to hope for

When we rumble,crash,collide

Now we lockin up the enemy

What that guy did to me was crude and rude

And dont give a fuck about rules

We done been screwed

Been runnin the streets to long

We know every corner,cut,and alley

So when youre patrollin

Dont pull over the wrong Caddy

Never knowin whats on our minds

Were steadily bustin at these po-po

For the hard times



Shit dont be funny when you aint got no

money (money,money)

Bein rich is the shit cause you live so

lovely (lovely,lovely)

Never have to worry

About where you gon sleep or be hungry


But that’s only if you got money



If murda makes me richer

Then ill be a killa


Krayzie Bone Friday

[Krayzie Bone:]

Man fuck that

Nigga been on the grind all this goddamn week man

I’m ready to spend some of this motherfuckin money baby

(It’s goin down, Thugline)

It’s time to party – let’s have a big celebration [echoes]

(Let’s show these niggaz how the Thugs do it)

It’s time to party – let’s have a celebration

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays I work but Friday’s my day off

It’s Friday night… I just got paid

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays I work but Friday’s my day off

I need to feel my mind at ease, I’ve been workin every day this week


First in the game, get my cheese maintained

On my knees give brains, I’m so glad it’s Friday

Oh yeah, it’s time to play

Call my nigga Asu, call my nigga Kray’

He say he wanna give dick today I say whassup

With some motherfuckin drink; he said “Hell yeah, I want some skin”

What the hell is that? Just gin and Henn’, it’s goin down baby

You got me somethin to roll, got that pound baby

Let’s get high, so high

We thugs, that’s why, we get high

Fuck a 9-to-5, we work too, we got jobs too

Rent bills, yeah them too baby

Hit the club niggaz actin crazy, First Lady

You touch me, Asu, Thugline, I thought you knew

Such a good day, such a good day

This motherfuckin day they call Friday

(To go we put it down)

[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday’s a work day

Friday’s my day off (it’s Friday night)

My day off (just got paid)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday’s a work day

Friday’s my day off (I need to feel my mind at ease)

My day off (I’ve been workin every day this week)

[Krayzie Bone:]

Hustle, my niggaz on the Thugline while I’m in my car

Got window tints for sure, so when we play know they never know who we are

I know it’s Friday, Friday close to kinda rowdy

So I proudly play it safe and I pack my .380 so don’t try me (try me)

Man, don’t you love Friday?

It’s my good day, baby get high day

Just can’t wait, to hook up with my Thugs

We already got the liquor and the thugs (oh yeah it’s goin down)

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon


Kray’, it’s such a special day, it’s Good Friday

This is for not just to play

Get with my homies, chill up out the work day

Share my plans on how to get more pay

I plan to be wealthy someday on Sunday

On my Malibu home to lay out, where my body down

Get a tan, my help answerin me, “Yes ma’am”

That’s why I work all week, on Friday I begin to treat myself

Cause it’s my day to play, we gotta mash every day but Friday


[Krayzie Bone:]

Durin the week I hustle all of my time cause I’m on the motherfuckin grind

And by the end of week I wanna recline, get hot, and free my mind

Gettin fucked up is the vibe as we ride

Four deep in the Benz, sip this new shit we invented, Henn’ mixed with gin

Nigga roll up the blunt and pass me some Sin

Don’t give a damn if it’s fucked see Bam I put the dumpers

In the Lex-o FO’-double-oh; how many of you come to party

But you motherfuckers know I could be plottin my dough

We never be trippin off no static, if it jump off we handle that

But for now we on the mission to get lifted, nigga what’s happenin?

We stackin to the bar

We been already drinkin before we got her in the car

Niggaz got a head start, 11 us niggaz be mean muggin

I say this cause we thugs and we don’t give a fuck (what?)

Though we be humble when we step in the place

But we can rumble if you step in my face and you violate my space

Other than that; my niggaz is fucked up havin a hell of a time

We’ll find a spot where we can smoke and security won’t be there scopin

Then let’s hit the flo’ and get the crowd open, it’s definitely my day

And my day, is definitely Friday (we put it down)



Get down, yeah, Thugline

Krayzie Bone Weapons Of Mass Distraction

We slipping into the future, into the future [x2]

Everybody caught up in the matrix,

everybody roaming, so everybody zoning,

everybody blogging so an’t no body talking

an’t nobody speaking cause everybody tweeting

(they sleeping) I feel like I been living a lie,

paranoia got me tripping cause I thinking they’re spying,

on me – really got me feeling like I’m losing my mind,

so I’m trying to keep my focus while I look at the time,

they really trying to make us all slaves to the system,

so can’t nobody see their dark ways in the mischief,

we all considered the prey, that’s why they hit us with,

the venom, to numb to us, to bring in, destruction,

I’m feeling kind of distracted, and inactive,

they taking over it’s massive call it madness,

I hate the devilish fashion with a passion,

they taking over our lives, it’s sad

it all comes down to power…

We slipping into the future, into the future [x4]

Into the future, one world order

Into the future, new world order

Into the future, one world order

Into the future, new world order

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a new world order,

A world with a rule of law, not the law of the jungle, a law that governs the conduct of nations.”

Keep slipping into the future [x4]

Keep slipping into the future

We slaves, (future) [x2]

(A new world order)

We slaves, (future) [x2]

We slipping into the future, into the future [x4]