Kublai Khan Still Here

Something on my side

Built me up

And gave me pride

Helped me cope

Helped me survive

A choice in life

Helped me define

Myself in time

Of both body and mind

How you live is

Your choice

I hold this close

To me

I know its hard enough as it is

Trying to motion through every day bullshit

Growing up fast

Seeing my

Mother fall helplessly victim to

Substance abuse


If I’ll ever become that

A better life better chance

Better plan

Still learning

Still listening

Still searching

For my myself

I know it’s hard enough as it is

Trying to motion through every day bullshit

I know it’s hard enough as it is

Trying to motion through every day bullshit

This is for us, the few left

The ones still standing. Fuck what they think

Still here. Still clean.

For Susan Griffith, eating pills

My brother Shawn, a drunk driver killed

In this life

My choice remains the same

Forever unchanged

Kublai Khan The Guilty Dog


Am I though I try

To look otherwise

Laugh or smile

Disguise or rather hide

The insecurities is it I feed

You ask

Why mask what the fuck is going on with me?


Why should you care?

And I remember thinking to myself

God if you’re up there send me down someone

Who gives a fuck

It’s hard living, it’s hard times

In my mind

Doubt everything around me

Yet I say

You’re not fine

I tell myself

You’re not right

It’s insane the things I wish that I had felt

Like the piercing sting of a father’s belt

Because tough love is still love

Love’s tough, I know this much

I’ll tell you right now motherfucks life’s harder when you got none


And yet still I try

They say the guilty dog barks first

And I’ve been barking till my fucking throat hurts


For many years I’ve tried

To escape what makes me, me

But all I wanted my whole life was for someone to give a fuck

Kublai Khan The Gift Of Blood

I respect your skill to believe in someone like me

You caught sight of

A child in need. An abandoned seed

Instead of simply walking way like most would

You picked me up

You took my hand

You showed me trust

Made me a man

Look now

Here we are eye to eye

I owe you my life

This is one for the ones who are unsung

One man’s mistakes. Gifted a new son

To understand this love is to live it

Though it’s hard I try to believe it

Witness my brother Kris

His son Ryder James

New Porter Jay and sweet Emily

Restoring my faith in family

A sight that heals and enlightens me

I’m the lucky one

For all the self loathing bullshit I say

I can’t forget to see the beautiful effect

Compassion can bring out

No love

For weak-hearted fucks

Who disrespect

The gift of blood

Dewitt I wasn’t your son

But you were more of a father than I could have asked for

My life will honor you

This is a song of strength


Kublai Khan Smoke And Mirrors

Set it off

Early in life the act of hearing art

Kept me from falling apart

Craving to create

I couldn’t be like them

I couldn’t settle down then

Dry up and die

Why the fuck we survived is to my surprise

Six years of sweat and fear

That was all we ever had

It was just enough

But for what?

Fast love

Fake fucks, bad luck, and all those impossible months

The best times imagined

We were broke and dragging

Our lives behind us laughing

The youth war passing

If I knew then, what I know now

I would have slept less

No memories to be missed

Everything has changed

Now it’s a game of numbers

A competition, fucker

Know your place

Egos dominate and

Money discriminates and

I don’t fit

I look at others and I see beneath

While others look my way to look down on me

I never had shit to prove

For myself to get the kids like me through

And that will never change no

You’re the self-proclaimed heir to the industry

But this industry never meant shit to me

You’re the self-proclaimed heir to the industry

But this industry never meant shit to me

Never blessed with the mind of a business man

Nor impressed with the depths of the feeders hands

Never blessed with the mind of a business man

Mind at rest with the heart of a simple man

I know it’s never too late

That’s why we choose to display

New strength

Kublai Khan B.C.

Human kind has reached a time

Where faith can take a step back

(Follow truth and fact)

Jesus Christ. White washed in the blood

Of plantation crops and native plots

A proven tool to bait the hooks

While the church controlled the history books

(Mother fucker)

You love Christ because it’s right?

He arrived on ships with men who forced their thoughts

Sleep beside the fire

That burns brightest the darkness

History and man’s beliefs tell two tales of destiny

Knowledge leads to set our kind free

Man made god to make sense of this world

Nature proves we all lose. There is no control

Pagan kings and offerings

Men created Christ to keep control

Loosely pieced from past beliefs

To unify the heathen gods beneath a cross

Integrate or be erased

Conquered lands set the pace for breeding faith

Religion needs the human seed

Our species is unique. Confided to our beliefs

Sleep beside the fire

That burns brightest in darkness

Sleep beside the fire (Knowledge will lead. Move forward)

That burns brightest in darkness (Knowledge will lead. Move forward)


Kublai Khan True Fear

There’s no justice. Am I crazy?

To think that all this is crazy?

Another march for a nation that’s hurting

Pain pushed back like the force you’re exerting

There’s nothing to say

When people are killed daily

By cops with a hard on for violence

Mad cause I’m yelling, I’m mad cause you’re silent

Stay calm

Don’t breathe or you might get beat to fucking shit

Right hand on his right hip

Thumb resting on the pistol grip

Do you even speak English?

Are your tattoos gang affiliated?

No I just wanna get home

Searched my shit. Let me go

(And to think I had it easy)

So I’ll tell you

If you ask me

If I have doubts

Trusting the police

Look around you

Unarmed men shot in cold blood

While a kid with a dime bag

Serves more time than a rapist

What kind of lie are we living

(What kind of lie are we living)

When so few are protecting and serving

People protesting

Against the ones protecting

It’s a fucking red flag

It’s a sign of the struggles they’ve had

Fuck those who kill

Every time I see an officer behind me

I can’t help but view them as an enemy

True fear systematically

Time’s up, you fucking cowards

Kublai Khan Dear God

Crawling to the edge of heaven

Looking below, spirits weep for this world

Cry yourself to sleep

On clouds of tulle and silk above your children’s grief

The wish to breathe remains beneath

Forced to leave but

Maybe you were missing me

Trying to come back to see

Maybe you’d give anything

Would you even strip your wings?

In satin skies they wait whispering

With plans of jumping. Taking turns removing their wings

Just a selfish dream

I’m just scared

I can’t do this on my own

Above your grave

A son filled with shame

Not seeking gods reprieve

Only wishing you forgave me

All we need is closure

What if death desires life?

Never wanting paradise

Far away from who they loved

To bask beneath a lonely son

They close their eyes and hide silently

While the creator calls them back home

I gave you power

I gave you power

Kublai Khan Dropping Plates

I dread

Waking up in the morning

No time to breathe

This is my life

Nine through noon

Noon to night

I clock in

Seen as a servant

Every hour another nerve is hit

My rage boils deep behind my eyes

I smile while ‘Please sir I apologize’

Somebody please get me

The fuck out of this place

Now think back to what you’re working towards

Fuck this shit

Keep it together

Keep moving forward

So I keep my composure

Don’t hesitate

I play the game though I feel

Like dropping plates


I tell myself that it’s for the best

Collect tips & cash empty pay checks

From fucks who can’t even remember

My name

One simple thing

I’m dropping plates

Kublai Khan A Brotherhood Of Man

In the night glows mimic

Embers in the tail lights

In the back seat hidden I rest my eyes

I hear the words

I follow the visions

Imagine there’s no heaven

Or the hell that I live in

Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Imagine all the people you thought you knew

Hatred. Violence. Discord

No hell below us

Above us, sky

Nothing to kill for

None forced to die

No possessions

Imagine if you can

No greed, no hunger

A brotherhood of man

Virtue. Justice. Embrace

Imagine all the people sharing the earth

You may I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope that one day

A day so soon

I can join you

And the world as one

Kublai Khan Box Beneath The Bed

Why can’t life be like the photos

Stored beneath the bed?

The joy of a moment

Forever frozen

Keeping us alive

Paper fortress

Who’s sole


To remains and never change

But the people and places

They never stay the same

Time waits for no one

Why would it wait for me?

Losing my life

I’m chained to memories

Despite all the years passed

It won’t change

If a picture’s worth a thousand words

I can’t stay quiet

Why can’t life be like that thin moment

When everything made sense

Time waits for no one

Why would it wait for me?

Losing my life

I’m chained to memories