Lil Rob Still Smokin – Supermix Part 1

This is the MCI operator

I have a collect call from..DREAMER

Who is an inmate in a California State prison

To accept charges press 5 now {beep}

Your call is being connected

Thank you for using MCI



heh heh he?


Damn’t, for the last time

There aren’t any Mexicans here {hangs up phone}

[Lil’ Rob]

It’s the gangsta M-E-X-I-C-A-N

Back with the rhyme that’ll blow your mind that you wanna hear again

Because you can’t get enough of the Brown Crowd

That is so rough and so tough

Crazy bad wicked the worst and when I’m through

When I rewind a verse

So you could go ahead and try to put me down

But I was told don’t let no one get you down

And never wear a frown

It’s Lil” Rob the Chicano and proud one

Competition none {beat stops}

But wait I’m not done {beat resumes}

Fuckin it up like this especially for the Brown

So orale suvale in the Brown side of town

Yeah, it’s for the Brown Crowd

Orale holmes, this is Lil” Rob

Comin after you from San Diego, Southern Califas

Mexican gangster yeah that’s the name of the jam

And it’s to all those locos that like to gangbang

Because I do it when I have to when it’s every fuckin week

And always kickin it with my homies

But could swear they’re always tweaking

But the only drug I use is marijuana

People tell me not to smoke it

But I’ll smoke it if I wanna

Cause right now living in the fast lane

So tell me what’s wrong with smoking a little bit of Mary Jane

And when I fight I fight mano a mano

Por que simon I’m a down ass Chicano

I’ll say it again I’m down for mine ese

Or laugh at you if you need a shank over a cuete

And then I’ll call you a chavala

As I rock over the jam in my ’62 Impala

And if you shoot you better kill

Cause if you don’t and you won’t

But then I will

You won’t rest in peace you’ll rest in pain

Why, because my mind clicks

To be insane in the brain

Simon I’m fuckin bad to the bone

And all I could say is don’t fuck around holmes

Cause I’m a…

[Chorus x2]

Mexican Gangster, (simon)

Mexican Gangster, (16 with a bullet)

Mexican Gangster, (born with the ways)

Mexican Gangster born with the badness

Yeah, it’s for the Brown Crowd

Lil” Rob comin at you with my own style

You wanna know about me look me up in the gang file

And you will see just how I’m living

I didn’t choose nothing because the choice wasn’t given to

A little vato going a little fuckin loco

Was just out of hand, not poco

Because all these vatos talkin shit about a homey

When they don’t even fuckin know me

They said they kicked my ass, they say I got shot

But when I heard that I started laughing on the spot

Cause what the fuck is that all bout

They say I’m dead so I had to put this tape out

To let these levas know they’re all about bullshit

And that these vatos got to quit while they’re ahead

Before they look stupid

You say you don’t talk shit but I know you did

So you put a filero to my neck you fuckin LEVA

What the fuck’s next? A cuete to my head did I cry?

I’m not afraid to die and when I do I die with Brown Pride

I got a pussy ass voice so you say

But you listen to it anyway

You say I can’t rap but where the fuck are you

Just keep talking shit cause that’s what little kids do

So remember this line for the first time

You do your thing holmes, but I’ma do mine

Now fuck that shit up holmes

Jump in the ride

Jump in the ride

First of all I like starting by saying Q-vo

From a little vato con respecto y por el tuyo

But much pride, jump in the ride

Side to side down el calle, we slide and ride

Hittin’ the switch’s, the paint job is stickin’

I’m your puppet in the tape deck because it’s hittin’

You hear it from across town

No dejes que nadie te haqa menos

Don’t let no one get you down

Cause if they do, I’ll be around gente

I’ll turn your frown’s upside down with my sound’s gente

Been doing this since I was 15 and live through night

Smoke another like Chech & Chong has a nice dream Simon

Jump in the ride, bounce that ass side to side

(Jump in the ride) as this crazy cholo takes you

On another crazy cholo ride (Jump in the ride)

I don’t really give a shit about what your saying bitch

(Jump in the ride) What time is it?

I got that A to the muthafuckin’ K

Yeah, shell’s stackin up, I shot about 30 rounds

And my 30 round clip, and you can even hear the sound

Of the shell’s when they hit ground

But you know there right down

Can’t take chance’s if you came to fuck around

Finger print’s on the shell, life in the jail cell

With no bail, live the life in hell

So I proceed to be the sly, sticked, wicked

But when I get caught, in doing time, while putos get shot

I’ll say “It’s nothin'” if you ask “It ain’t shit”

I got punks, who you callin’ punks, and they wanna blast me

There only fear is when they’re liven life crazy

They wanna keep me..from rappin’ because it pay’s me

Orale, that’s what I say

Orale puto, that’s what I say before I spray

All the fuckin’ leva’s and I cap, cap, cap

And I come back another firme rap, rap, rappin’ tale

Everybody what dizzy, lined up some levas

And I just got rid of a couple

Right on the double, I’m nothin’ but trouble

But when it comes to hyna’s, I’m the one who likes to cuddle

But right now, the shell’s are stackin’ up

I got my 30 round, and puto’s are backin’ up

I got the A-K in the trunk, for punks that wanna act dumb

Fuck the 40 round clip, I got the 75 round drum

You vatos can’t mean, now I don’t give a fuck

Times don’t mean shit, when my shells are stackin’ up

I got my shell’s stackin’ up

I got that A to the muthafuckin’ K

Lil Rob Mexican Gangster – Part II


Orale pues it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

The wicked little vato with those wicked rhymes for SD

San Diego, Southern Califas man controlling shit

And all these people call me a stupid ass spic

You call me a spic and I’ll take you out silly sucker

Cuz you ain’t nothing but a stupid ass motherfucker

Go ahead and start your shit, start your pleito

But you’ll find that you’ll lose when you fuck with San Diego

Now listen up to what I’ve got to say

I’m down for San Diego and I’m down with LA

And ¿saves que? they’re both down with me

And it’s a trip cuz I got primos in every fucking city man

I got more homeboys than you could ever imagine

To all you little shit talkin putos I’m not havin

About not being down for the town

A crazy little vato fuckin it up for the Brown

You see I’m down for the 619

Fools saying I’m doing bad, but I’m just doing fine

Not giving a fuck about what you punks got to say

Cuz I’m that crazy Mexicano down to fuckin spray

You know what I’m saying leva, and you know it’s true

Someone’s got to win and someone’s got to lose, and I never lose

So you know I can’t be that ranker

You want to know who the fuck I am? I’m the Mexican Gangster

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

Mexican Gangster numero dos

Simon, I’m back once again a little different since back then

Four years later, four years brighter

Back with some shit like llesca taking you higher

High, high, high like to the ceiling, I can’t fight the feeling

If I had a million, bucks what would I do

I’d smoke up my llesca tree

I swear to God ese, about three times as tall as me

Oh man what would I do without my mija

What would I do all dressed up without mi grifa

I ain’t joking, the homies don’t call me Prankster

It’s Lil’ Rob aka Capone, Mexican Gangster

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B


Got those beats that thump that you bump

Cuz I know you like the bass, it humps

Making you wonder where the hell I’ve been for four years

It’s not because of fears, so let’s just make that clear

Now just hear what I say when I say what I gotta say man

Coming at you quick, you don’t even got time to pray

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Man it’s time to get ghost, no time to watch these putos roast

Coasting, down the block fucking up these levas

I don’t give a fuck and I don’t think I ever will

I kill for thrills, fat bills is what I’m folding

Mexican Gangster 2 the title, is the title I’m holding

Scolding all these fools, simon I’m controlling my city

All these vatos wanting pero they know they can’t hang with me

Shoot me, that’s what you want to do man

But if you shoot at me, you best believe I’m gonna shoot you too man

Going insane when I click, click, click

Cuz I’m that crazy Hispanic, I’m the Mexican Gangster

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

Orale pues, it’s me

The L-I-L R-O-B

The wicked little vato with those wicked rhymes for SD

San Diego, Southern Califas man controlling shit

Lil Rob Leanin’ On The Weekend

[Lil’ Rob:] Yeah

A little leanin’ on the weekend


[Lil’ Rob:] “Oldies on the backdrop

Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Lil’ Rob:]

A little leanin’ on the weekend

We got the


“Oldies on the back” [scratching]

“Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Verse 1: Lil’ Rob]

A lot of white tees and Nikes (Nikes)

A lot of oldies and nice dreams (Nice dreams)

A lot of things that reminds me (Yeah)

Of the time where you could find me

Cruisin’ through my town, bumpin’ Nice D’s

But the jura’s right behind me (Right behind me)

Park the ride and jump outside (Jump outside)

I’m from a place where the breeze comes in with the tide

And it feels right (It feels right)

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Sunny in the winter

Not only on a summer day

Things would go down, and this was on the daily (On the daily)

They being shady, vatos actin’ kind of crazy (Kind of crazy)

Sometimes, I can’t believe that that was me (That was me)

Now it’s all about taking care of family (That’s right)


[Lil’ Rob:]

A little leanin’ on the weekend (On the weekend)

Cruising avenues, barbecues, no matter what the season (No matter what the season)

Hanging’ out with the family and close friends (And close friends)

Do what’s right

And always watch for dead ends (Watch for dead ends)

A little leanin’ on the weekend (On the weekend)


“Oldies on the backdrop

Playin’ out the ragtop”

A little leanin’ on the weekend (On the weekend)


“Oldies on the” [scratching]

“Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Verse 2:]

My homeboy just got out the pen (Out the pen)

I feel bad

Because I never picked up a paper and a pen

To tell a friend how I was doin’ (How I was doin’)

And what was going on (Was going on)

Do good in my life

Tryin’ to keep from doin’ wrong

Tryin’ to stay one step ahead, but sometimes, we fall behind

Life was on a couple times, I almost lost my mind

I didn’t know how to bounce back (Bounce back)

But I did

How about that (How about that)

I’m happy now, and I’m proud to announce that (To announce that)

We gotta get our shit together (Yeah)

Can’t do this shit forever

Our plan is to be livin’ for the better (For the better)

And they can hate if they want to (If they want to…)

I’ll be right here

Doin’ what I’m supposed to


[Verse 3:]

Hittin’ front and back, in a Cadillac

You might see me in a 63 (You might see me in a 63)

Hit the switch, lift it up and go

Won’t you take a little trip with me

I’ll see what I see

Summer breeze rustling through the trees

And there ain’t no place I’d rather be (There ain’t no place I’d rather be)

A little leanin’ on the weekend (Weekend)

I really hope you feelin’ me (I really hope you feelin’ me)



[Lil’ Rob:] Yeah

A little leanin’ on the weekend (Lil’ Rob)


“Oldies on the backdrop

Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Lil’ Rob:]

A little leanin’ on the weekend (Bionik)

We got the


“Oldies on the back” [scratching]

“Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Lil’ Rob:] A little leanin’ on the weekend (Some of that feel good music)


“Oldies on the” [scratching]

“Playin’ out the ragtop”

[Lil’ Rob:] A little leanin’ on the weekend (Playin’ on the raptop, we got the)


“Oldies on the back” [scratching]

“Playin’ out the ragtop”

Lil Rob Rolas In Progress

Giving you a selection of perfection

No need to question why I leave these other vatos with manic depression

Missdirection, leaving them guessing and leaving them stressing

And leave them sketching, did I mention I’m not resting

Until they feel my agression, my profession is positive

Competative and negetive, leave holmes sedated like a sedative

Hypnotize, mesmerize, I got more swirls in my eyes, swirls in my eyes

You’re getting sleepy, trying to stay up and it’s burning your eyes

Hurting your eyes, look at all the fear in your eyes, tears in your eyes

You keep on screaming but they still ain’t even hearing you

Guys begging for attention, attention

Homey I was riding back in seventh grade in detention

I have to send those fools back to the drawing board

Ten seconds of your song and I’m already bored

Making me snore, I won’t be listening to that no more

You vatos make me not want to listening to rap no more

Hoping you don’t have no more


Rolas in progress, Lil’ Rob the sick one

Got so many styles homey, go ahead and pick one

I’ve got plenty of them, I’ve got many of them

Pick which one you like and ride with any of them

Rolas in progress, Lil’ Rob the sick one

Got so many styles ese, go ahead and pick one

I’ve got plenty of them, I’ve got many of them

Pick which one you like and ride with any of them

Simon, you brought more time but what you saying

Quit saying the same thing over, it’s over

My rhymes are tighter and wiser as I get older

Look over your shoulder, I’m colder than Porter

Way of life like a solar system

Can’t take the heat then get your ass out the kitchen

You got three minutes to make your distance

Cuz I’m blowing up this motherfucker and everything in it

Beginning to finish it, ain’t nobody the sinnest

And you fucking hynas acting like you’re a highness

You were a ten, with your attitude minues six

Now you’re just a poor stupid whore I’d fuck on the floor, bitch

Who in the fuck do you think you are, walking around like some kind of star

It feels good, real good, when you take that fucking feeling too far

Oh man, Lil’ Rob all up in the canton

When I’m on the microphone they call me Ese Patron

Someone stop me, nuh-huh nuh-huh leave me alone

I’m feeling good, I’ll feel this way until the thrill is gone


Hey I can’t trust nobody, not even a fucking friend of me

I’ve gotta treat you as if you may become my worst enemy

People using my name and shit, bitch leave me out of it

Patience, had a little bit but I just ran out of it

Just like my respect for you, it’s hard being me

I could tell you a million times but you still ain’t hearing me

You need to open your fucking eyes cuz you still ain’t seeing me

My style’s firme, homey there ain’t no beating me, no defeating me

They call me selfish, oh well greedy

Ain’t nobody gonna take care of me but me

You said that they said one thing, you said that I said something

Making something out of nothing, Lil’ Rob don’t say nothing

Ain’t that something, how they think this is a fun thing

Time to fucking end you, make you a fucking done thing

You do dumb things, no explanations for your actions

Actions speak louder than words, don’t say a word


Lil Rob Form Dago to L.A.

[Frank V]

Frank V, coming straight out of Los


[Lil’ Rob]

Lil’ Rob, representing my city San Diego, Southern Califas

[Frank V]

Once again it’s on, coming back at that ass with another hit (Simon)

Straight out of Low Profile Records

Let’s drop this shit, a little something like this

[Frank V]

I got some shit to make them all stop hating

I got some dick to make you and that bitch stop waiting

And I got a trick that’ll make you fall in love

And you can have that bitch for just a couple of dubs

Frank V is on some sick shit, some fat shit

Some wait, a Latin rapper can’t rap like that shit

I been payed, been laid

You just been sprayed with some shit that I just made

No fade, bald headed fuck it keep your credit

My shit’s clean, supreme unleaded

Lowride all day, hit the pad grab the Porsche

Hit the ranch, ride the white horse full force

Look for me in the Source, you’ll be a looking motherfucker

But look at the bank, you might see big Frank

Cashing a check or two, that’s what the hell I do

You don’t like how I’m living, well fuck you

[Chorus x2]

Its all good from Dago to LA

Frank V and Lil’ Rob making that major pay

In a Caddy coupe, 64 rag Chevrolet

We drink tequila straight, man fuck that tanqueray

[Lil’ Rob]

Let me do things my way, get the fuck out of my way I’m coming like this

With a twist like No Twist, everybody wishes they could flow like this

Lil’ Rob be the sickest

Little vato representing the city of San Diego to the fullest

Bullshit, is what you be giving me, but you can’t get rid of me

Lil’ Rob (Lil’ Rob), without me there will never be

Anything good to listen to ey

At least thats the way I see it homeboy, what about you ey (the same way)

I like to play from Saturday to Saturday

From month to month from year to year like the Fifth of May to the Fifth of May, ole

And I put that on the hairs of my chiny-chin-chin

You don’t want to begin, something that you can’t fin-ish

What you partners thought I’d be gone, what’s wrong

You don’t like my song, can’t please everyone, but you ain’t anyone

You ain’t nobody, Lil’ Rob rocking it just for a little while

So let me do things my way, my way Lil’ Rob style style

[Chorus x2]

[Frank V]

I be that vato, who got you on the stage

Mr. Sancho, returning your lady’s page

Now you’re in a rage, pissed off and disgusted

That’s why I ain’t got to lady, (why not) can’t be trusted

Vatos hooked on hoes like China White without being stepped on

That’s why I kicked the habit and then kept on

It’s hard enough these days to make cash and win

Without a bitch asking me were the fuck have I been

Franky Baby is too clean for that, too payed for that

I’m a genuine player, not bitch made like that

My shit sells cuz it’s tight, raid like that

But don’t keep it at home, cuz pigs run raids like that

It’s still put down like it should be

From SD to that big bad 213

[Chorus x2]

Lil Rob The Villains in Blue

[Royal T]

It’s a cold world, so my heaters stay hot

My shank stays sharp, don’t make me stick in in your heart

Body snatcher, don’t make me reach out and touch you

Fuck Royal T? Nah homey, fuck you

It’s a new year time to get shit clear

Anybody cross me gonna quickly disappear

I’m still pimped out, still spit the shrimp out

Still gangsta boogie, still knock a simp out

Still hitting corners, still hitting switches

Still on the Low with some bad ass bitches

All loc’d out all dressed in blue

To the head to the fed and the you know who

Behind ten getting bent in my blue Navigator

Looking in my mirror at these fucking tail-gatters

From Dago to Japan I’m still the shit

To the one with more ice to get you frostbit

[Chorus x2: Frank V (Lil’ Rob)]

Everything you heard was true

About the villains in blue

Three deep in a rag 62

Hitting switches like bitches after the brew

And pulling homicides on snitches like you

(That’s what we do)

[Frank V]

Everything you heard was real on the really

I drink like a fish and I pack a nine milli

Fuck them rumors man, I’ll tell you the dilly

Yeah I went to jail cuz I slapped a bitch silly

Frank Villy, California’s most hated

The last ten years I think I been underrated

Other rappers with half my skill got top bill

While I payed my own way just to rock the steel

But I ain’t tripping just hoe ripping, dough flipping

If I don’t got my nine then I’m .44 gripping

The year two-thou, there shall be no slipping

Just hysterical lyrical ass whippings

Keep on dipping, no time for tricking

The day’s getting shorter and time keeps ticking

That shit was true that you heard about me

Motherfucking Mexican, motherfucker, Frank V

[Chorus x2]

[Lil’ Rob]

I guess we all pay the agony for the extasy

I don’t want anyone around me I don’t nobody next to me

You understand? Yeah you know what I mean

Cuz I mean what I say, homeboy stay away

I’m in a class of my own and I hold my own

And I write my own shit, won’t stop till I control shit

Lil’ Rob be the bomba and everybody knows it

Case closed, Lil’ Rob the man who closed it

Ferocious, explosive, when I grab the mic

You don’t like daylight? I’ll turn this motherfucker into night

I could do things you couldn’t imagine

I’m guarenteed to be the last man standing and the last man laughing

Bigger balls than cannons, deeper than Grand Canyons

All up in this girl’s ass like a g-string when she’s tanning

I’m one of a kind, genuine, and that’s ok though

Putting it down for Los Angeles y San Diego

[Chorus x2]

Lil Rob Linda Mujer

[Verse 1]

Every time I see you

I just wanna meet you

Say hello how you doing?

What are you doing tonight?

We should hook up tongiht

Have some fun tonight

Is that alright

I love your smile

You smile so bright

I’ll compliment you all night

Thats no problem

If you got flaws I cant spot ’em

You ain’t got ’em

From top to bottom baby you got it

And I want it

Classy ???

One of the finest girls I’ve ever seen

You and me would be a good thing

You can depend on me

Ven aqui take a chance on me

I guaratee I’ll do whatever it takes

To make you feel happy

Just treat me right

And I’ll be Right

The only Thing you’ll need tonight

And every night I’ll tuck you in

To make sure youre sleeping tight

Blow out the candle lights

and kiss you goodnight


Linda Mujer tu sabes

Bien que te quiero baby

You drive me crazy

Such a classy lady

Such a lovely lady

I think I love you Baby

Linda Mujer

Tu sabes bien

Que Te quiero

Y por tu Amor

Yo si que muero

[Verse 2]

I saw you kicking back down the block

You stole my breathe I couldn’t talk couldn’t walk

Couldn’t breathe please don’t leave

You might be the one I need

Hopefully we’ll talk eventually

Do you mention me?

When you talk to your friends

Oh how I hope you do

I wanna get close to you

Do notice me? I notice you

I love everything you do

I dont even know you

But I want to

Do you want me? cause I want you

And I’ll do what I got to

Everytime I dream it’s about you

There’s something about you

There’s something else

Couldn’t see myself with noone else

Just the little things you do that really gots me digging you


Linda mujer tu sabes

Bien que te quiero baby

You drive me crazy

Such a classy lady

Such a lovely lady

I think I love you Baby

Linda Mujer

Tu sabes bien

Que Te quiero

Y por tu Amor

Yo si que muero

[Verse 3]

You’re so sophisticated

And I hate it

Gots me intimidated

I’ve got things to say

And I can’t say ’em

Rather make this slow jam and play it

Dedicate it to you by the man who made it

Let me be your favorite thing

Head of your delivil things

You can tell me how you feel

Baby I’m for real believe me

I know what you mean

My love is king

Let me crown you with my heart

I think were wasting time and I think we should start

Well it’s getting dark

Better let you go where do you live

And can I get you home

Do you have a phone I can reach you at?

A favorite place where I can meet you at?

Get together and have a drink or two

And let you know just how much I think of you


Linda mujer tu sabes

Bien que te quiero baby

You drive me crazy

Such a classy lady

Such a lovely lady

I know I love you Baby

Linda Mujer

Tu sabes bien

Que Te quiero

Y por tu Amor

Yo si que muero

Lil Rob Fuckin Wit My Bizzness

[Lil Sicko]

As I pull out the strap and get ready to kill

Seeing you on the floor, is my big fucking thrill

Trying to kill me again, HA, don’t make me laugh

What made your ass think that our business would last?

Trying to fuck with my money, when I treated you cool

But you didn’t know your fuckin’ with this crazy ass fool

18 years old, and a baller for life

Never forget that night, that I fucked your wife

Trust a g with my kilo, I gave you stack’s of c-notes

Pimped road in the lex, then we lounged on speed road

When you needed some men, you knew I was always there

And you needed days off, but I really didn’t care

We came really tight, and I had you around

To the fuckin’ day, I was missin’ a pound

Fucking bitch thought I was a clown

Then turn around, pop goes the strap, and your body was found


See I lost one, and you found one

Now they knowing your a bitch

Because you caught one

Now I’m knowing that you won’t forget this (why)

That’s what you get, for fuckin’ with my bizzness

[Lil Blacky]

When we were youngster’s, we would fight over the same girl

She had some juicy lips in a sparkle of a plural

I like her lot, but she wanted from me

Is a year older, you always have more chances then me

But I was in a raza, and I had a lotta ridges

Always taken back with three, four, or five bitches

But I got stuck, with an old ass hag

That was gettin’ very ugly, and always on her rag

And you a guy, you was so tough

Kick it back with your lady, but you ain’t even crazy

Now your jealous, and I’m winnin’ this game

I’m a playa for life, and Imma push you in shame

Who da blame but your self, through sickness and in wealth

This I will tell, now tell me what the hell

Now what?…Fuckin’ bitch

Lil Sicko, Lil Blacky, Hectic one doing this shit

[Chorus x2]


You fucked up, when you turned on me

Became a rata, now your d-i-e

We pulled mission’s and always got away

Makin’ stack’s of bill’s, that will make our day

We split it, and we made a profit

No one ever stopped it, why you fuckin’ jockin’?

It’s me? the one and only Hectic

Sit back, respect it, as I fuckin’ wreck it


[Chorus x4]

Lil Rob Cornered


I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And Got No Room For Nobody Else

I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And I’m Chilling All By Myself

[Verse 1:]

As I Sit In My Four Cornered Room

Ain’t Got No Room For Nobody Else

Just For Myself

I Haven’t Seen Daylight For Days

What’s Today Anyway?

Doesn’t Matter Anyway

Time’s Going Backwards

Like An Hourglass Going In Reverse

Bouncing Off Walls

Like Rubber Balls

In My Mind

Dreams, Nightmares And Waterfalls

Mary Jane Calls My Name

Take Me Away

As I Float Over My Body

And Look At Myself

That Can’t Be Me

There’s No Way

How Could This Happen

To Such A Man With Such A Plan?

Just When You Think

You’re On Top Of The World

And Nothing Can Bring You Down

Believe Me Homeboy

Something Always Can


I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And Got No Room For Nobody Else

I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And I’m Chilling All By Myself

[Verse 2:]

I Trust No Man To Help Me

Even Though I’ve Helped Many

They Couldn’t Do Shit Without Me

All Work And No Play

Makes Me A Dull Boy

How Could You Live Your Life This Way?

Get Up

But The Pain Won’t Let Up

The Voices In My Head Won’t Shut Up

I Feel I’ve Been Set Up

I Can’t Even Pick My Head Up

I Sit Catatonic

Explode Like Atomic

People Think I’m On The Shit

But I’m Not On It

All I Wanted Was To Live A Simple Life

But Now I Live This Crippled Life

Had A Bright Future

Gots My Mind Boggled

Cuz Now I Look At My Future

Through Foggy Goggles

And It’s Gacho


I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And Got No Room For Nobody Else

I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And I’m Chilling All By Myself

[Verse 3:]

My Room’s Getting Smaller

And I’m Getting Taller

I’m Feeling Claustrophobia

And I Can’t Focus

Leaky Faucets

Drip Drop

Tick Tock

From A Cloud That Tells No Time

My Veins Are Black & Blue

My Eyes Are Bloodshot Red

I’m Halfway To Dead

I Rather Be Dead Instead

I Wanna Scream

But I Can’t

It’s Like The Cat Gots My Tongue

And Sometimes I Think It Does


Yeah I Think I’m Sick

I’m Bleeding Profusely

Cuz I Bite My Bottom Lip

As I Sit In My Four Cornered Room

Ain’t Got No Room For Nobody Else

Just For Myself


I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And Got No Room For Nobody Else

I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And I’m Chilling All By Myself


I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And Got No Room For Nobody Else

I’m Sitting In My Four Cornered Room

And I’m Chilling All By Myself

Lil Rob Drinking On My Driveway


It’s, summer time and I’m, drinkin’ on my driveway

It’s, summer time and I’m, drinkin’ on my driveway

(I’ts summer time ey, and we’re drinkin’ on my driveway)

[Verse 1]

Can’t fuck with that hard liquor, I’m back to my cerveza

Pacifico with no lime, a six-pack, and it’s showtime

Drinking in cantinas, or drinkin in my driveway

Either way it’s A.T.M., a toda madre

You wanna party? Pues, caile, but B.Y.O.B.

Bring your own beer ese, and bring some for me

Don’t forget about my primos, cause they all drink too

Don’t forget mi’s amigos, hey what you think fool?

I know you didn’t think that you could kick it for free

And I know you didn’t think that all the beer was on me

If you got some good yerba, then you can bring that

If you got a gang of rucas, then they can kick back

I’m always down for a drink out, don’t know nothing, nothing leaks out

Can’t handle your liquor, you gots to go, homeboy peace out

Drive careful, and keep an eye out for the hura

If they get ya, you never knew me, I never knew ya


[Verse 2]

Borracho, bein’ macho, you bests to split

Don’t ask why, just go, unless you want a fat lip

Shut up, don’t say nothing, no one wants to hear that shit

No one cares what you say, do you, get the fuck on with your fit

I’m lit, hey why you wanna fuck up my high?

You blow my mind like drivin’ the convertable in July

I’ll drink some beers, whatever kind you wanna get me

Pacifico, Corona, Sol or Dos Equis

Let’s party everyday, celebrate like Cinco de Mayo

Carnitas, frijoles, aroz, pico de gallo

Guacamole and salsa, Jose Cuervo, Cazadores, Patron, Hornitos and Sauza

Someone go get the mariachis, from down the street

Tell them not to make no plans because they ain’t gonna leave

El, mariachi loco quiero bailar, y volver volver, no se van a callar


It’s, summer time ey, drinkin’ in my driveway

Chillin by my sixty-three (It’s summer time ey)

It’s summer time ey, drinkin’ in my driveway

Don’t you wanna drink with me? (And we’re drinkin’ in my driveway)

It’s, summer time ey, drinkin’ in my driveway

Chillin by my sixty-three (It’s summer time ey)

It’s summer time ey, drinkin’ in my driveway

Won’t you have a beer with me? (And we’re drinkin’ in my driveway)

[Verse 3]

Some people drinin’ Bud, the others lightin’ it up

I’m one of the ones lightin’ it up, to liven it up

Hey, leave it to the chota, to fuck my night up

You know the party’s over when the huras drive up

Attention, everybody let me make myself clear

You ain’t gots to go home, but get the fuck outta here

And leave the beer, believe i’ll be watchin’ you too

I got friends watchin’ you too, so watch what you do

I’m talkin’ to you, the fool that be actin’ a fool

If you know what’s good for you, then you will stop what you do

I’m losin’ my cool, he needs to start catchin’ a clue

He’s destined to lose, he’s walkin’ without one of his shoes

It happens all the time, why’s is always happen to me?

Have people over for some beers, and then they don’t wanna leave

Come back tomorrow, and don’t be such a lightweight

It’s summer time ey, drinkin’ in my driveway


[Hook mixed in with Chorus]