Lost Boyz Cheese

It’s LB Fam, right or wrong

You really thought that we was gone? [x2]

[Mr. Cheeks]

My lifestyles about trees, stay jiggy on the scene

Pocket full of green, push a whip, that’s me

No need for me to floss, I keep my shit up on the low

A pair a timbs, some hards and a niggas good to go

I let my wifey shine, she’s representin me

We got a baby girl, it’s something she’s meant to see

I’m livin life, day to day, bullets richochet

Inside my lab is where me and my weed and my liquor stay

[Freaky Tah]

Cat’s set it off

Thinkin about it

Know LB’s far from soft

And we don’t take no lost, in the game

Told them niggas, they…

[Mr. Cheeks]

Aiyo we stay hibernatin waitin to get them off

Sit back and watch them fall, let the weed hit them off

In cause, you haven’t noticed, my team is off the meters

In ceelo, not craps, and we on the rap repeaters

And if you feel you can defeate us, meet us in the center

Somebody’s gettin slayed, don’t be afraid to enter

Bring it to the worst, I bring it to the best

But that be dead, frontin here’s something for ya chest

[Chorus x2:]

It’s LB Fam, right or wrong

We bring the thunder and the storm

You really thought that we were gone?

Aiyo it’s time to get it on

[Mr. Cheeks]

I bring my skills to any session

Aiyo who feels that they the best?

Somethin we don’t claim, but yet this game we rule finesse

Once I spit that ill shit, that leaks from the brain

You will understand why the fam cause me rain

Always hit you with that hot shit

Right where you want it

You know me and my team, up in the block we gettin blunted

Countin cheddar up, always smoke that weed

Got my chick ready to roll up, cuz the streets is full of greed

[Freaky Tah]

Yo cats they zonin out, one time they ask

Yo Tah what happened?

Now you in the back, my man, you step in the front,

you should be rappin

Yeah you know me, be in the cut, be steady sparkin

What the fuck, niggas think they spittin shit

When I come through start barkin

All ya cats that think ya rollin to the LB Fam to death

What the fuck I do, this shit to do, is fuckin nuthin left

Cuz it take two to make a whole, what somethin you don’t know

We LB Fam to the day we die, until we fuckin go

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Cheeks]

I’m talkin official Queens, we out to get the cheddar

Me and Tah together, kid that’s like a butter letter

On ya back, only if you stay blunted

The timbs stay covered, believe me chicks love it

Colessuem shoppin, inside the whips hoppin,

peoples stop us in the street

“When ya shit droppin?”

Man we hibernatin, inside the car waitin

For the time for us to shine, and start regulatin

I roll with D2, them niggas they see through

Like glass, we quick to get up in ya ass

I’m a big nigga, you see I play for keeps

My games so tight I had a chick that let me stay for weeks

[Chorus x2]

Lost Boyz Beasts From The East

[Mr. Cheeks]

Yo, we come through like bulls, nigga take two puffs and pass,

nigga, watch your back once you talk out your ass

I back up 3-80 and my stash for protection,

family is raged, the world is acting crazed

I never thought I’d make it, it was hectic when I scrambled

on point like a knife I’m takin’ life as a gamble

And living in the rotten apple, yo where every core is rotten

all my niggas rest in peace ya see you gone but not forgotten

now my main wifey, dead as shaded chicks,

official Lost Boyz since the year of 86

And fuck these crooked niggas I could kill em with a passion,

at times I feel like slashing in Jamaican Queens fashion

You think you can fuck around, but kid you’re just thinking

It’s over when I’m sober, imagine when I’m drinking

Without blinking man, I’ll tare your crew like pages

I’ll rip you from the backyard of [?]


A plus the lyrically superb one, spittin rhymes

Off the top of the tongue to burn ya ear drums

Rotten shit, make the opposite team call a time out,

knockin niggas three times my size out

The crowd loves me, so when I ain’t around they ask for me,

I buckle up to kick rap like a crash dummy

For the fast money, I get up in that ass money

the fact you tryin’ to test me kinda bugs me

I leave crews fed up, like handicap niggas tryin’ to get up

Emcees get wet up with lyrical gun pillars,

I blow up the spot when it’s time to rock

I speak through a mic my voice peak out at a hundred watts

Who wanna cipha, I get dumb

Word to my mother the father the holy ghost and Rev. Run

When it’s all said and done, I end the service

To cop the type of verses that average emcees seem to worship


My style is Milk of Magnesia, clutch divide speeding bust

the more the merrier, secure the area, my life familiar

is ultimate superior we don’t [?] jack cars

we jack for aircraft carriers

I bounce like trampolines, when I be blowing the feces to pieces

hymn em like sewing machines and Jesus

When the shadows of the barrel pointing out my [?] Camarro

I get punished like pharaoh for splittin’

You’re better off singing Christmas carols for Christmas,

because I’m on point like bow and arrow equipment

The president of chicken head conventions

I give you a deluxe Ku Klux lynchin’

I got a headache from the stress, success not wearing a vest

5-11 for being dirty and quarts of 9-30

Yo, Mr.Cheeks, I made this bitch call police

she tried swallowing a nine piece

forgot the warrantee on false teeth

I return like Makaveli on 18 inch Pirelli’s

assault and battery like my palms was ever ready

sharp as machete’s

matter of fact I slap [?]


Canibus brings the sickest drama,

fierce enough to pierce the thickest armor

I smack bitches who try to suck dick through a condom

Playing with the mic is something I wont do

my only concern when I approach you, is to roast you

I smoke you and whoever you standing close to

and make every man in your crew deny that he knows you

defeating, niggas like Segal Steven,

putting Emcees in, positions to prevent ’em from breathing

I’ll make you question any and everything you’ve ever believed in

by peeping your deepest secrets like psychic readers,

What’s the matter with ya’ll, I splatter ya’ll

against the mutha fuckin wall with these raw lyrics I catapult

None of ya’ll got the balls big enough to battle,

I go On & On like Erika Badu

a hundred times nicer than the best there is

twice as African as KRS is, who wanna test this

Fuck yall you don’t impress me and no one can test me

An Emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me

All that shit you poppin will stop, when I put you in a headlock,

and apply pressure until I crush your mutha fuckin noggin

I grab mics and push niggas to the left

so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests

My hypothesis, is that nobody can see this

lyrical genius, I got it sown like a seamstress

But if you want to battle, I’m down,

If you got nine lives, I’ll take eight of them off your hands right now

Step up and get your neck cut from ear to ear

If you survive, then you can cover your scar with a beard

I’m the illest from Queens to the new Jerusalem briddicks

anyone who ain’t feeling my shidick can suck my didick

You need to quit it, if you ain’t spitten

more than 50 bars per minute cause you ain’t in lyrical fitness

kickin’ boring raps with metaphors that’s wack

all of ya’ll mutha fuckas need NordicTrack

to get ya weight up, fuckin with Canibus you get ate up

get beat down and sprayed up, just for bringing my name up

been rockin longer than niggas twice my age

back in the days before Bob Marley was rockin a fade

before Honest Abe signed the paper that freed slaves

before Neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves

I existed, in the garden of Eden gettin lifted

stickin dick to Eve before she was Adams mistress

Before Christ created Christmas, I been in lyrical fitness

The Canibus is spitten till’ he’s spitless

50 bars of total sickness, you wont forget this

I’m puttin’ every wack Emcee alive on my shit list

verbally vicious, tele-connectically gifted

took you a minute, to exhibit that I’m sick wit it

Now you tell me who you think is damaging shit

going once, going twice

Sold to that nigga name Canibus

Me and Mr.Cheeks, A-Plus, and Funk Doctor

hopping out the Hue helicopter to suey chop ya

Lost Boyz Freaky Tah Outro


Me Freaky Tah going up for me

Met two shorties yeah no doubt

Took out the weed passed to the house

Told my niggas to get the hell out

Bout to get busy yeah no doubt

Bone one to death then eat the other out

Get real freaky put my tongue in her mouth

Put my tongue in her mouth how I do

Me Freaky Tah nothing to

Spig Nice, Cheeks, and Pretty Lou.

Microphone checka for the 1 & 2

Walked away and god rule

Freaky Tah walk through your avenue

What the fuck do you think I’m gonna do

Smoke my weed, and I drink warm brew

You know I do what I do, hahh no clue

On my own my man.

Niggaz run when I’m bad to the bone my man

Cats better leave me alone my man

Freaky Tah in his own rap zone my man

One shot till come through your whole block my man,

don’t stop my man

Yo I’m still runnin from the cop my man

Why I do what I do my man?

Freaky Tah for my L-B to my man

One time for your brain

Nigga bring the thunder and rain

It’s no shame to my game

Freaky Tah is my motherfuckin name

If you don’t know now you do

Word to mother if you come through try you

Pass by you look you in your eye true

Freaky Tah this is how I do

One time

Want it nah nah nah nah nah nah na na now now now

I I I IIIII I did it for you what you see is what you do now

Lost Boyz Take A Hike

[Mr. Cheeks]

It’s time to show minds once again

Bunch of friends, yo shit here will never end

So top tennin all niggas locked in pen

One, we come thru we shit we done shit

Know how we roll, quiet storm in a bitch

Keep the fire arms, like the charm in the hot whips

Bottom line, we got the shine, niggas try to take mine,

nigga take nine up in ya ass, killas get it on

My shit is like a piece of pussy and hit it long

Far from the none, the hot shit to bring the storm

Daddy, me and my team we perform like the caddy

Keep the chicks with the fat fatties, and we keep the L’s burnin

Still showin skills and we keep the wheels turning

Yo, South Jamaica Queens veteran

LB IV Life, be my tack two better than


Fuck niggas who dislike me

Aiyo talkin that shit, about ya mouth don’t excite me

All ya fake niggas need to take a hike, g

Disrespect me, we don’t take lightly

All ya niggas who dislike me

Talkin trash out ya mouth don’t excite me

All ya fake niggas need to take a hike, g

Disrespect me, we don’t take lightly

[Mr. Cheeks]

Everything I write is hot

Once had beef with this nigga called Writer’s Block

Niggas mad, cuz I do what I gotta do

Don’t turn ya back, cuz on the real I made a lot of U

I hit these niggas with the hot shit, why not?

Supply my label with the hot shit, that I got

These peoples try to hold me back, they try to fuck with me

I just write another shit, can my love be

These clown niggas, wanna come around and give us pound

But once those niggas outta town, yo shit storm now

We hear that shit, yo it only makes us hotter

The bad motherfuckin niggas got up

Up in the whip, yo these niggas on the payroll

We gettin dough together, there’s nothing ya can say hoe

Yo my shit is in the majors, keep ya Crystals, cells and pagers

While I take the shit to different stages


[Mr. Cheeks]

In pool halls we roll dice and we get nice

I think about this bad bitch I only hit twice

My underworld, it still spins like the wheels in

No matter what, I’mma still show the skills in

You can’t stop me, from gettin shit can’t fuck around kid

Catch a beatin, like the chick caught cheatin in the break

All them fake whos that fake moves

Dump that ass, you can’t beat me from Lake Views

Me and my planet bad team sound like Irene

They help me spit that hot shit get the nine mean

While ya niggas critizing, mad to see me and my team rising

Aiyo we still organizing, don’t get shit twisted

Nigga came late kid, you missed it

Aiyo this style is unlisted

I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, I’m blunted true

Give up the house, car, career, and run it too

Yeah you said give up the house, car, career and run it too

Lost Boyz Legal Drug Money

[Hook 4x: Mr. Cheeks]

Here comes the real rough rap

Shit is getting ill, cuz we the microphone wrath

[Mr. Cheeks (Freaky Tah):]

Now for years, I’ve been trying to show the skills (show ya skills, nigga!)

So I can do my thing with wifey and start knocking on some bills and then

My peoples in the headlight yo (blaow!) so innocent

Mr. Cheeks, yeah (a real nigga reprsenting now)

I lived out in Queens, man, for years (hah!)

I’m seeing ya brothers killing brothers, man, that means (more tears)

Every day I’m trying and I’m seeing my niggas dying

And I’m asking mom dukes (why you crying)

I got a little man, my little man is getting older

I wipe my wifeys eyes, every time she cries, as I hold her

It’s tough coming up as a young black man

Understand, see the world is ran by the Klan

Just like Tom and Jerry with cheese

And they seem to lock us down when they bring in the keys

Well I guess that’s the way that is (what?)

It’s time for Mr. Cheeks and Lost Boyz to get biz

And get this Legal Drug Money

[Hook 4x]

[Freaky Tah:]

I seen this nigga went crazy on the train

At first I thought he was nuts but at the same time I feel the pain

Cuz another niggas dead on the street over dope shit

Like nigga where you run shit?

It bothers me on the norm, I stand tall

With my back against the wall, and my hand on my four-four

(Mr. Cheeks: Aiyo, what about the world, Tah?)

The world seems to bug me

Don’t know who wants to kill me

Don’t know who wants to love me

Man, listen, I be keeping peace in my heart

But if shit hit the fan, I rip shit apart

I’m not with the beef and emotion, I’d rather smoke chom

And dump a fat bong around the ocean

I maintain keep my self up to par

Got no appetite for it, cuz every critic like a falling star

And on the real, kid, it ain’t nothing funny

Freaky Tah, LB Fam, ’94, Legal Drug Money

[Hook 4x]

[Mr. Cheeks:]

You say it’s 94, I warm it up and give it to ya raw

You say you wanna battle well prepare for the war

I shuffle up and break them down cuz we catch ’em with the quickness

My name is Mr. Cheeks and Mr Cheeks is next to sickness

In the dictionary, I will bury any MC

With violence, my crew or even try to go against me

For real, I’d rather push an Ac’ with some rims

And bounce around Queens with some baggy jeans and Timbs

And chill, puff on a Phil’ at will

I got a baby boy to skill, it’s so much to keep it real

Relax, I got a style smoother than a Saxon

I looked into the mirror, say it clear than the Jackson

Guy did, who shot the sheriff? Nigga, I did

Where you from, Mr. Cheeks? Southside, kid

Yo, on the real, man, it ain’t nothing funny

’94, ’95, ’96, Legal Drug Money, chill

[Hook 4x]

[Freaky Tah:]

Give it up, come out ya fucking pockets

Put ya face to the ground, how do that sound?

Go pound for pound, letting off a shot

I’m walking down the block, then I say

Yo, stop, then turn back to the Buddha spot

You, know, how I flow

Freaky Tah got the pizzy ass ho..

Lost Boyz Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless


[Freaky Tah]

Everybody’s buckin, don’t give it a damn

everbody…everbody [echo]

[Verse 1]

[Mr. Cheeks]

Straight from cop killer Queens

a juvenile named Jack (Jack)

at the age of 17 (uh huh)

yo this kid Jack started slingin crack (started slingin crack)

he’s on the road to riches (riches)

baggin bitches (bitches)

he’s in clubs takin pitchers

drink your finger always into sess

his lifestyles buckwild honey child (yeah

got a shorty named Val (Val)

she stays on the Isle (ahhh

he started slingin at the age of 17 (uhh huh)

his hearts made of steel (eh yo)

kid his minds full of green (full of green)

he got his first ounce

made a grand 400 (hundred)

3 bills to get fresh

he other bills to get blunted (to be blunted)

and wit the letter G (G)

he bought the letter O (O)

next thing you know man

he’s rakin in the dough (rakin in the dough)

he put his people down

cuz say thats only right (aight)

for dem to get keys

dem and dem is mad tight (is mad tight)

set-up organation organize on the block organize…block

nobody’s slingin on the block

eh yo we got this block on lock

and it’s the…. (huh)


Lifestyles of the rich & shameless (shameless)

some die wit the name (wit the name)

some die nameless (some die nameless)

it’s all the same game (It’s on)

it’s all the same pain (It’s on)

it’s all the same pain (It’s On)

it’s all the same game (It’s On)

[Verse 2]

The verse 2’s

about this girl named Yvette (Vette)

she lived out in Queens

pushed the red Corvette (Corvette)

she’s pumpin weight (uh huh)

in and outta state (in and outta state)

outta state license plate (eh yo)

see her lifestyle is straight weight (hah)

she’s into lickin shots (yeah)

stickin blocks gotta shorty on the team (uhh huh)

shortie’s into pickin locks

makin G’s takin trips cross seas (seas)

just enough to be flashin

cash they be stashin (hah)

she’s wit the cats (huh huh)

they love packin gats (huh)

bulletproof vest bulletproof baseball hats

her and the queens stay right gettin high too

Lex, Coups and Jeep (ahh)

got beeps can & lai brew (brew)

it’s all the same shame (huh)

just a different name (huh)

shorty’s sniffin cane (huh)

just to maintain (huh)

to a nice shorty rock O-D’d (shorty what who O-D’s)

bring me the chorus (shoulda chilled)

pass me the weed (I would pass the weed)


[Verse 3]

I used to hustle up on Linden in the van

me and my man did that thing hand in hand

20 bills up huhhuh

but verse itt

time to rap but the fiends kept commin back

I’m tryin to put my lifestyle in order (aight)

the games mad deep

I keep my feet above the water (above the water)

caught a bid got a wife and kid (huh)

the name just burned in the flame (huh)

so out the game I slid (slid)

so now I’m into makin hits wit my men (huh)

I hustle wit my style (huh)

cook up works wit my pen (true)

Mr. Cheeks represent in the gutter (gutter)

Freaky Tah gettin lai thats my brudda (that’s my brudda)

In the game (huh)

and hit you in the brain (huh)

and if I was cocaine (huh)

believe it I’m your main (huh)

Tally up it’s the Lost Boyz crew an

Freaky Tah, Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou an..


Lost Boyz Tight Situations

[Queens Most Wanted]

“Yo Black B, what’s the deal?

What’s popping?”

“Ain’t nothing”

“Aight, what’s the deal?

We got to get this paper y’all

This cat had to come through or something”

“I hope his paper’s is long”

“Aight, youknowI’msayin?

I got this cat about to come up here though

I’ma tell you about it later, [mumbles] oh shit is real

Aight catch ya”

[Freaky Tah says “Now” several times]

[Mr. Cheeks]

I’m in this tight situation

I’m at this chicks crib uptown

Niggaz try to come through and lock me down

Now it seems like a set-up

and niggaz try to wet me from the door

Half a second of gun blaze then I’m in my detour

Shot through the glass hit the balcony

How could she set me up like that?

I caught my balance, shot back

I’m jettin down the fire escape I started sprayin

I’m takin five steps at a time enemy is gaining

on me, my niggaz tried to warn me when my steppin

It’s good though cause on a low a nigga had his weapon

I’m jettin down this dead end thrill

I hit the street I got no jacket on my back

But I got my Tim’s on my feet

when my life broke across me back against the wall

I’m lookin for my enemies I’m searchin for them all

No bullets being fired so now a nigga’s jettin to the corner

that’s where most of the people settin

I break-away my burner now I’m searchin for the train

The only motherfucker with no coat I’m in the rain

There’s beef walkers walkin I gotta play it cool

Even though he’s firm with that I walk covered up my jewel

I’m in a tight situation… [Mr. Cheeks raps in the background]

[Queens Most Wanted]

“Black B the shit went down world wide B”

“Word, what happened?”

“Yo nigga started mouthing off

I don’t know if nigga’s still breathing

All I know is that I made moues”

“Well yo, 8 moues I’ma need you my fault

I’ll meet you there”


[Mr. Cheeks]

…real in this battlefield violence being born

Get your shit in a year, but prepare for war

Now I peep this grocery store I’m off the train station

I ain’t showin nobody love I’m holdin no conversation

I cop me a [?] a few Dutch’s now I’m out

That’s Queens for some ammo, no doubt

I jetted down the staircase purchased me a Togan

I gave the freak a smirk listen jerk I’m not joking

Now listen money, can you tell that me to the E, hey?

I’m going through this bullshit at 3:53 in the morning

Word to moms I can’t believe she tried to hit me

I knew something was fishy but she said she comin to get me

Talkin about my work and talkin she bring me back

but on the low I didn’t notice she’ll be robbing when the jack

I’m sittin on the train I feel the wind with my brain across some dirt

I’m in the zone I got my motherfuckin crumpy murdy niggaz lookin at me

they owe money, they only bluffing besides I got two slides before arch and such fuck them niggaz

I lit up my bone jumped in the nine niggaz know what I mean

I’m in my Queens State of mind

Jumped off the rock-away it’s just a block away from Planners

The block is rather hot they got surveillance tapes and cameras

I seen none of my peeps up on the streets so I keep movin

He follows with de-cursing em I know that some of my crew been hurt

My mind need a touch I roll a touch up while I’m walkin

I take a step for step dolo Dutch and my toilets and my cells

Can’t put my finger on just what happened

Me and shorty actin in the ghetto tappin and then they clappin

[Chorus: Mr. Cheeks]

Yo it’s real in this battlefield this shit is raw they told us

Like we did but… prepare for war

Yo in tight situations, life and death decisions

The nine mill lookin over head at the losers

Yo it’s real in this battlefield violence being born

Yo get your life in gear but prepare for war

Yo it’s tight situations, life and death decisions

Nine mills with the livin dead

Yo is that how you handle your businesses

Yo still in this battlefield violence being born

But yo shitty year but prepare for war

[Mr. Cheeks]

It’s 12 am the next day, the best day

Niggaz at the table smokin weed cleanin text-ay

We got this spannable at 10 and really war

Jack Deanal’s headline, man it’s time to score

I’m in Terran from the spot where I went out

Smoke about the situation that re-meant out

Now each man on the corner now he watchin me

I forgots he poppin anybody tryin to stop the shit

Perfect, shorties asleep didn’t even hear me creep

Now keep it fellas it gets deep

Lit up from motherfucker nail, smacked in the real

When she rose I had to cease the deal

Before she could reply threw the gun down her throat

Threw the bits in the yolk its no joke

I’m a infamous person then I put five in her

Then take my cats out to dinner

[Chorus: Mr. Cheeks]

These tight situations, life and death decisions

Nine mills are livin dead is head or head collisions

It’s real in this battlefield violence being born

Get your life in gear but prepare for war

See it’s tight situations, life and death decisions

Nine mills with the livin dead is head or head collisions

Man it’s real in this battlefield violence is born

Get your shit in gear but prepare for war

Work hard work hard

[Mr. Cheeks]

This is all you wannabe?

Motherfuckers settin the glock

Always got the track, which is never, cause, this is the track

We all right though I still got my track on haha

If I ever get my track on the catwalk then I got some LB fam

Like on this right here LB fam why don’t you share like this

’97 Queens Most Wanted, knahI’msayin?

Once before got booed, we keep the track for fam rolls

It’s funk rap you know baby, we takin y’all shit

Two homies maddest man knahI’msayin, take ram to ya Spam baby locks it down

Word up, lay shots do whatever you do nigga

Get your life on and all them niggaz that’s worrying about the fuck you doing

Mind your FUCK-in business, word to moms

Tear yo, to the real motherfuckers knahI’msayin?

Not to the fake motherfuckers

You know the fake motherfuckers that smile then go behind your back shit on you right?

You know them?

I know that nigga too

I’ve, motherfuckers know what’s wrong with that nigga

I’ll beat that nigga ass

Yo all my niggaz say: Beat that nigga ass (beat that nigga ass)

That’s my word, we gonna beat his ass

We don’t give a fuck man you gotta lick no shots

Throw your hands nigga what’s the deal?

You tight, we tight too, man…

Lost Boyz Ghetto Jiggy

[Freaky Tah/Cheeks talking]

Right now, ay you know how we do

LB fam, one shot dealers, we killas

Why everybody thinkin this funny?

Fuck with LB fam you get laid down loud

Word up we make the realest, come through with killas

Check it out

LB fam’s my crew, you know how we do

What we do, we stay true

Come on now, now, now

How we gets down now, now

New York City now, now

OK, alright, OK, alright, alright

Word up, Napolean, Ralph Lauren

Mr. Cheeks, back in that ass

How we do it LB fam style

C’mon, uh, yeah, uh, what

(Lost Boyz now, OK, alright, OK, alright, OK, OK, alright)


Many mistakes made, masses committed

Any hot chick that was wit it I was out to hit it

I keep a Yankee fitted, my world stay spinnin

I seen them faggot niggas grinnin from the whole beginnin

Me and my team, man we live life and gettin green

Hot chicks up on the scene, kid we sittin mean

Jewelry’s shinin, ghetto cash, mastermindin

Livin life inside the rough but shine like a diamond

I’m tryna make it happen livin life day to day

They say play the way, well that’s the only way we play

Families seem like the real enemy

A true, true friends of me is trees and Hennessy

I love the ghetto life, FDR city lights

Burnin L’s inside the truck, duckin blue and whites

I play two parts to this, negative and positive

But bottom line, understand man I gotta live

[Hook x2]

So work wit me understand how I come, ghetto jiggy

Niggas where you from? New York City

The spot where we keep the whips pretty

Cops and these chicks act shitty, ay yo

(Bitches and these cops act shitty)

Ay yo, I never asked for this, I just wanna rap

[?] make some figgas, give my niggas that

See me shinin think ya shit is honky dory

Behind the scene it’s a real different story

The mad junction, can’t let it stress me

I’m at my best, son ya best won’ test me?

Once again it’s on, official burn out

Don’t look, puzzled [?] faces how it turn out

Once in a while I take the train just to clear the brain

People ask me ‘what’s the deal kid, it’s just the same’

You know the night-runners, nothin major

Don’t let me and my bullshit invade ya

I know you probably, got problems of ya own

No need for you to zone

Understand, I love this game, it mean a great deal to me

It’s my life, can you image how it feel to be?


I remember when [?]

It don’t even to start me to reminiscin

About the past when we wasn’t gettin no cash

Had the skills, but like a hot chick wit no ass

It meant nada, I gotta get my gid on

I need some chedda in my pocket, hot shit on

The lifestyle’ll be butter like the wife’s smile

Make a habit, don’t break, it may take a while

I’m a hustla, I’ma hustle til the end, too

Starin at that, evil that us men do

Basically it’s LB fam all night

And ain’t nothin wrong doin it all night

Ghetto Jiggy

[Hook x5]

Lost Boyz Let’s Roll Dice

[Freaky Tah]

Mira come estas

How you do? You know my crew

LB Fam, wild out

You know me my man no doubt

We gets down LB Fam status

Niggas they be buggin, who the worst who the baddest

At this, you know I come to wreck

My man S.E.X., what?

[Mr. Cheeks]

Shorty got a nigga back up against the wall

Short and sweet y’all, about 5 feet tall

Her and her friends burnin they weed, smellin good indeed

Yo you ain’t what I want, you somethin that I need

No frontin, I love the way you flick the hips

And you makin matters worst the way you lick your lips

Makin shit hard for me, while I’m in front of you

Try to keep it cool, but yet this what I wanna do

Take you by the hand bounce you up outta here

But yet I got a show to do, and that won’t be fair

You know my peoples came to see me, they spend money

They won’t understand I bounce with the ben honey

I tell you what you play the stage when I get on

So when I get off, you and me can get our shit on

And tell your friends to get along, so we can play the part

Before we hit the stage, we got some more to say to y’all

[Chorus x2:]

All we know is drink, weed and screwin O’s

Gettin dough, spittin flows and yo doin shows

Keepin Crys, some pass me that Henny

No ice where the ballers at, let’s roll dice

[Mr. Cheeks]

V.I.P. chillin pal, knowin this year we about to make a killin now

People on the dance floor, lights swing around

You know the LB style, the what, these niggas bring to town

Comfortable shit that you can rock to

I got a extra sack of dough up in my sock true

This is how we rock, bubble like a speed knot

From the O-Zone, on and every weed spot

Bunch of clown niggas that you see creepin through

Thinkin that they peepin us, aiyo we peepin you

Mad at us, we got the chicks poppin Mo wit us

You can stare but don’t discuss, aiyo these hoes with us

Bottom line, yo these sessy strictly LB

Yo these cats drop the hot LP’s, kid you smell trees?

Listen, veterans up in the game, you know the name

You know the reason why we came, for real

[Chorus x2]

[Freaky Tah]

Booty want the mother, yeah I see you peepin me

From a distance, ya was lookin like you wanna creep with me

LB Fam, word up check it, hit the booty butt naked

Niggas yo you better respect it

Lost Boyz, like a rizza shit, hold the weight

My whole fam, came to set ya all straight

Jump in the car, peel out, shorty better chill out

Now now, how you do my fam? my crew?

[Mr. Cheeks]

We rule the state up in the scene

Drop the hot shit, that’s mean

Only out for one thing, and that’s green

And see my team shining, push the hot whips and keep cash

You got stash, yo nigga keep back

Niggas try to get us, can’t wait to find out the source that hit us

It’s time to see whose really wit us

6 Minutes till I’m on, I’m up and gone

Shorty dig my ghetto way, she is, she play along

Lock that us up like a pit, when it’s time to lock

I kick it wit ya niggas later, it’s time to rock

[Freaky Tah]

Run now, how we do now

Stay tight now, ok alright alright

[Chorus x3]

Lost Boyz Renee

[Verse 1:]

Now here’s a tune about this shawty named renee

That I met one day

On my way back from John Jay

I’m peepin’ shorty as she’s walking to the train

I tap her on her shoulders

Excuse me Miss, but can I get your name

She said my name is Renee

I said I got a whole lot to say

So may I walk you to your subway

She said if you want

So yo, we started talking

I brought two franks and two drinks

And we began walking

I had to see where that head was at

Because the gear was mad phat

So we must chat about this and that

She told me what she was in school for

She wants to be a lawyer

In other words shorty studies law

I’m telling shorty I’m a writer

And as she’s looking for the token

She drops a package of the EZ Rider

Covers her mouth with her name ring

I said, yo don’t sweat the technique shorty rock

I do the same thing

But yet I use Philly Blunts

She said I never dealt with Philly Blunts

Because I heard that’s for silly stunts

I said, nah they burn slower

Right now I really don’t know ya

But maybe later on I can get to show ya


A ghetto love is the law that we live by

Day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die

I reminice over my ghetto princess everyday

Give it up for my shorty [x2]

[Verse 2:]

Now we sittin’ on train

Besides the fingernails

Now shorty got the hairdo of pain

Now understand she got flava

A tough leather jacket, with some jeans and a chain that her moms gave her

Got off the train about 6:34

She wasn’t sure she had grub for the dog so we hit the store

Went to the crib

And turned the lights on

A crazy magazine stand

From Essence to Right On

A leather couch

Stereo system with crazy cd’s

Understand kid

She got cheese

She said cheeks do what you want

She said I’m gonna feed the dog

I said alright well I’m gonna roll this blunt

She came back with strech pants and a ponytail, a t-shirt

A yo, Fam I got a tender-roni girl

We’re sitting on the couch chattin

We’re smoking blunts on her balcony

We’re stearing at Manhattan

She started feeling on my chest

I started feeling on her breasts

And there’s no need for me to stress the rest

A yo, I got myself a winner

We sparked a blunt before we ate

And a blunt after we ate dinner

She had a tattoo she only wanted Bo to see

But first dim the lights and turn up the Jodeci

I’m like whatever shorty rock

We can swing it like that

Cause on the real this is where it’s at.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

I woke up the next day on the waterbed

A letter’s on the pillow

And this what the letter said

It said cheeks, I’ll be home around two

You was deep in your sleep

So I didn’t want to bother you

I left a number for shorty to call me later

Got dressed

Smoked a blunt

Then I bounced to the elevator

I got a beep around three

I’m asking shorty what’s up with you

She’s asking what’s up with me

And now we been together for weeks

Candlelight dinner with my shorty

Crack a 40 with my naughty freaks

A man, I never been in love

But everytime I’m burstin’ in and outta state

It’s shorty that I’m thinking of

I’m hanging out with my crew

I get a beep from Renee

Because Renee uses code two

But yet I’m chattin’ with her mom dukes

She said Renee has been shot

So cheeks, meet me up at St. Lukes

I jumps on the Van Wyck

I gotta make it there quick

A yo, this shit is gettin’ mad thick

Not even thinking about the po nine

I’m doing a buck

Who gives a fuck

I’m smokin’ boom and the whole nine

I gotta see what’s going on

But by the time I reach the hospital

They tell me Mr. Cheeks

Renee is gone

I’m pouring beer out for my shorty who ain’t here

I’m from the ghetto

So listen

This is how I shed my tears

[Chorus x2]