Mobb Deep Bloodsport

Turn them heaadphones up


To my man Nigga-No, yo

Killa Bee

No doubt


I kick that progress

And to that dumb nigga god bless

I know you can’t sleep or rest behind that bullshit

Now you rock the best, scared to death while you walkin

Fuckin up the talkin, we straight up, New Yorkin

We blowin niggas

Heart attack stroking niggas

Provoking niggas, shittin all over niggas

You rollin thick, but sure the Mobb rollin thicker

Get that liquor, turn your back ice pick ya

But fuck that

Stickin with the gat is quicker

Scared to come around my corner, you ass nigga

Do a jaw way all day fake shit

What you gonna do outta town, play bit(ch)

And run like a faggot switch take the whole shit

And show the world don’t sweat it baby girl

I gotta hem

And pull the gat like a stem

You all fucked up like a off beat blend

I send message that you couldn’t read clear

Try to play the front but you got stuck in the rear

Take it as a letter but I’m not sincere


This ain’t rap, it’s bloodsport

Your life cut short, you fell short

Pressure’s on high, full court

My team form killer instincts and fire arms

Dangerous stuff mine’s brainstorm wars

A life of a wild rebel, who run wild

Clik (blaow-blaow) nigga lay down (blaow) fool stay down

Appear, disappear, a hydro cloud

While you running at the mouth a hundred miles, I’m out

Mobb Deep style from the depths of Hempstead

Get ninja’d

I creep quiet, keep the live nigga inchin’

Listen, who are you to throw your fist in?

Hit like a bitch, run like a faggot an take the whole shit

That’s it

I had to pass here with shit

It’s time for showtime, let’s see how deep things get

You want to talk tough and get all delinquent

You find yourself all bloodied up and shameded

Me and my man pioneered this violent nigga rap shit

Bust a gat, give me no fear of that, I’m laughin

What’s up there? let’s take you there and touch something

I’m a maniac, brainiac, fanatic at that

Capable of combat, P counterattack

In some hot wheels, sendin shots out the back

It was a foul way to go, Kicko

You know the ropes so…

Bloodsport motherfucker

Ay yo the rockweiler

Chew in chew out ass niggas, pull em on your collar

And let the lights dimmin

And you’ll be swimmin in a puddle of reality, juice

Fatality too

This rap is the bitch, you shouldn’t marry the two

To the set of prenumtual

Got paid in too comfortable

It’s all good, we don’t want to humble

And while you shinin in the spotlight

I got this dot right

The aimed right a stoplight

The trife life, ain’t no part two’s

When it’s over it’s over you hit

Now send your soldierly stool

[repeat last stanza]

Nigga, bloodsport

Mobb Deep Clap Those Thangs

[Havoc talking]

Yeah we stop fuckin with theses niggaz

It’s real… it’s real… yo

[Verse 1: Havoc]

This money done got a nigga like me in trouble

I made it niggaz hated leave me dead they beloved to

Mommy before I walked up out that door I should’ve hugged you

Who’s my real friends seems I’m livin in a bubble

For cryin like a bitch nigga get your fuckin firearm

Got me blowin hollow tips right at your Teflon

Nigga stick and move if you ain’t gettin stepped on

No heat? That’s like a cop without his vest on

We buggin constantly thuggin we ain’t showin no lovin

Ice griller than sluggin face the repercussion

Niggaz stomach is touchin it’s real not for nothin

Keep fakin and frontin you know it’s gonna be somethin

They say you live and you learn niggaz never will learn

Burn heavily burn when streets and music merge

Niggaz comin at me sideways

Nigga get your hammer and let’s do this the right way for real

[Chorus: Mobb Deep (Havoc)]

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]

If you scared nigga get a gun, don’t go get a dog

Got a .44 long to put your ass in a morg

You peace talk with your pistol I send niggaz to get you

Ten grand to hit you the shells are sure to split you

You chrome spot…DROP, gun in the stash… BOX

Get your bitch ass… SHOT, standin around here

The flow so… HOT, they say I got it… LOCKED

Hold on a second homey let’s get this clear

The wrist stay… ROCKED, the ruger stay… COCKED

I hope you smoke a lot cuz I supply a weed… SPOT

Now I got a question and I need the answer on the spot

That bitch you with she like you or she like what you got

It’s 50 Cent and M-O-B-B breath easy

We ain’t finna kill nothin we just chillin nigga

But look dog don’t go actin loco

You in Queens you a long way from Kansas?

[Chorus: Mobb Deep (Havoc)]

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those things

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

[Verse 3: Prodigy]

Ay yo

Why dudes walk around with those on the hip

The pocket or the box nigga wherever they fit

You know we done been through the worst of the shit

All we know is how to survive y’all niggaz eat a dick

Eat it quick eat your food through the I.V fuckin with P

Need a plastic bag attachment to shit?

Y’all make us so real ice grill faces before them guns popped out

Now you look like you seen death

You ain’t ready for murder don’t play with these kids

Upgrade to a set of wings fuckin with my clique

Basically be a cold case fav real quick

People that enjoy life they don’t come to our set place your bets

Your favorite rap is sex I swell up niggaz heads

Frail niggaz is dead better get your weight up yeah

You heard what we said bird niggaz ain’t deaf

Fuck y’all wanna do about it huh? Straight up

[Chorus: Mobb Deep (Havoc)]

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

You know we pop those thangs

(Yo, you scared get it dog, you gully get a gun)

Mobb Deep My Priorities

[Intro: Prodigy]

Oh-Yea, we here – that’s right, my niggaz light that shit up

Light your shit up, oh-yea, oh-yea

Tappin’ bottles back that, spit lines for the homies

That’s R.I.P., you feel me? Aiight let’s learn these niggaz sumtin’

We gon’ run down the line like this…


Before I get the watch – I get the big glock

Before I step foot in the V – I get the stash box

No matter the casin’, I’m bringin’ the heat

Take my kids to Sesame Place, I’m bringin’ my heat

Fo’sho, you neva know it might pop off

Better safe than sorry, niggaz could neva rob me

Or reach the hand toward me and in any type fashion

Fuck what you heard or think my shit blastin’

We hittin’ the club; I get my contraband

You fuckin’ wit us? You’d rather suck madd dick

Before I squeeze I aim at your hat then

Without hesitation, turn your shit backwards

Soon as I purchase my kicks; I put the gemstars in

So if they lock me up; my razor makes madd hits

Before I die, the world gon’ hear me

And make me rich, my kids will be filthy

[Chorus: Prodigy]

Priorities; put my gun on, I’m ready for the day

Two; tryin’ hit you before you hit me

C; he a good nigga, don’t call cross P

Four; balance my hatred and love more

E; tryin’ to stay alive, only live once

Six; neva let fear control me dunn

G; make the money, money neva made me

Eight; live by four, it should be straight


Ayo, nigga I don’t shoot cars up or dawgs up

That shit I did when I was sixteen, word up!

That’s child play now I gotta taste for blood

I gotta see some meat hangin’ ‘fore the jobs well done

I need to see a nigga drop ‘fore I make my gun stop

And before I start shootin’, I make sure you hop

Niggaz wind me up and wind me up

‘Til I pop up on your scene like Jack in the Box

With the two toppings, cuttin’ at you up like butter

VA style nigga your meat get smothered

Mobb style nigga me and my blood brothers kill

Pretty boy, rappers if their songs speak others

Oh you shot niggaz before? That’s cool wit me

‘Cause you gon’ need experience tunnin’ wit P

Before I came to QB, I was already thug

Before all this rap shit, I was already bugged

[Chorus: Prodigy]

Mobb Deep Shook Ones Pt. II


Word up son, word

yeah, to all the killers and a hundred dollar billas

(yo I got the phone thing, knowmsayin’, keep your eyes open)

for real niggas who ain’t got no feelings

(keep your eyes open)

(no doubt, no doubt son, I got this, I got this)

(just watch my back, I got this first, yo)

check it out now

(word up, say it to them niggas, check this out it’s a murda)


I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous

you heard of us

official Queensbridge murderers

the Mobb comes equipped with warfare, beware

of my crime family who got nuff shots to share

for all of those who wanna profile and pose

rock you in your face, stab your brain wit’ your nosebone

you all alone in these streets, cousin

every man for theirself in this land we be gunnin’

and keep them shook crews runnin’

like they supposed to

they come around but they never come close to

I can see it inside your face

you’re in the wrong place

cowards like you just get they’re whole body laced up

with bullet holes and such

speak the wrong words man and you will get touched

you can put your whole army against my team and

I guarantee you it’ll be your very last time breathin’

your simple words just don’t move me

you’re minor, we’re major

you all up in the game and don’t deserve to be a player

don’t make me have to call your name out

your crew is featherweight

my gunshots’ll make you levitate

I’m only nineteen but my mind is old

and when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold

another nigga deceased, another story gets told

it ain’t nothin’ really

hey, yo dun spark the Phillie

so I can get my mind off these yellowbacked niggas

why they still alive I don’t know, go figure

meanwhile back in Queens the realness is foundation

if I die I couldn’t choose a better location

when the slugs penetrate you feel a burning sensation

getting closer to God in a tight situation

now, take these words home and think it through

or the next rhyme I write might be about you


Son, they shook…

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

scared to death, scared to look

they shook

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

scared to death, scared to look

livin’ the live that of diamonds and guns

there’s numerous ways you can choose to earn funds…earn funds

some of ’em get shot, locked down and turn nuns

cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones…shook ones

he ain’t a crook son, he’s just a shook one…shook one


For every rhyme I write, its 25 to life

yo, it’s a must the gats we trust safeguardin’ my life

ain’t no time for hesitation

that only leads to incarceration

you don’t know me, there’s no relation

Queensbridge niggas don’t play

I don’t got time for your petty thinking mind

son, I’m bigga than those claimin’ that you pack heat

but you’re scared to hold

and when the smoke clears you’ll be left with one in your dome

13 years in the projects, my mentality is what, kid

you talk a good one but you don’t want it

sometimes I wonder do I deserve to live

or am I going to burn in hell for all the things I did

no time to dwell on that ’cause my brain reacts

front if you want kid, lay on your back

I don’t fake jacks kid, you know I bring it to you live

stay in a child’s place, kid you out o’ line

criminal minds thirsty for recognition

I’m sippin’ E&J, got my mind flippin’

I’m buggin’ think I’m how bizar to hold my hustlin’

get that loot kid, you know my function

cause long as I’m alive I’ma live illegal

and once I get on I’ma put on, on my people

react mix to lyrics like Macs I hit your dome up

when I roll up, don’t be caught sleepin’

cause I’m creepin’


Son, they shook…

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

scared to death and scared to look

(he’s just a shook one)

they shook…

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

scared to death and scared to look

(we live the live that of diamonds)

they shook…

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

scared to death and scared to look

they shook…

’cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks, crooks..

livin’ the live that of diamonds and guns

there’s numerous ways you can choose to earn funds…earn funds

but some of ’em get shot, locked down and turn nuns

cowardly hearts end straight up shook ones…shook ones

he ain’t a crook son, he’s just a shook one…shook one

Yeah, yeah, yeah

To all the villains and a hundred dollar billas

To real brothers who ain’t got no dealings

G-yeah, the whole Bridge, Queens get the money

41st side (he’s just a shook one)

keepin’ it real (you know)

Queens get the money…

[Talk fades out]

Mobb Deep Gangstas Roll

[Intro: Prodigy]

Ha-ha, uh man, y’all runnin’ out of steam already?

That’s all y’all got man?, c’mon man

We got the illest combination of this right here man

That’s all you got man? C’mon man

You gotta be kiddin’ me man

[Verse One: Prodigy]

It is all so simple just add it all up

My mail box is on fire, ’cause my checks don’t stop

Pockets full of chunky black, can’t fuck with these crop

That these niggaz be smokin’, straight out the yard

Might catch me in a burgundy chair, my shirt blockin’

Fresh with my bandanna and Timbs, we outta there

Pushin’ to the limit like Montana did

Army bags full of money, bullet proof this

And that too, put some in the roof

Niggaz be shootin’ from windows, we untouchable

Yea we is rich thugs, that shoot up clubs

Make albums that click more than little drugs

Infamous, ’cause, or if you a blood

You goin’ need that bandanna for your head, you go at us

No shit our songs bump, and girls show us love

‘Cause they know who big, y’all got love then

[Chorus: Prodigy (Havoc)]

I gotta have the big chain, or the watch yo

(That’s how (Gangstas Roll))

I need me a big phatty, straight video hoe

(That’s how (Gangstas Roll))

Back sit at the black truck, with the black rims yo

(That’s how (Gangstas Roll))

In the club with my gat, what?, we got this shit sold

(That’s how (Gangstas Roll))

[Verse Two: Havoc]

Yo you ain’t clappin’ nuttin’, splashin’ nuttin’, lettin’ nuttin’ die

Real niggaz never advertise, what the fuck is on they mind?

The real never stop until they get at, bringin’ shit to where yo live it

Tell whoever the other drama with, on the floor dyin’

Out of there before the siren, bounce, dismantle your iron

Lost count how many times, I had these bitch niggaz flyin’

Give a fuck, shoot his ass, for the littlest thing

The principal, minuscule, my gun is still ring

You ain’t flippin’ nuttin’, makin’ cheddar, y’all niggaz broke

Broke guns, broke dunns, y’all got jokes

Yea I’ma hammer like a fiend, when he need it, let it smoke

When you bitches act up, it relax even more

Pretty sure niggaz know they don’t – don’t put ’em all

When they finally figure it out, his slow ass gone

Yea you runnin’ with ’em, dime with ’em, try to switch teams

And get your motha’fuckin’ head blown off clean

[Chorus: Prodigy (Havoc)]

[Interlude: Prodigy X2]

Yea, Infamous nigga, we all up in these set

The girls comin’ with us, your money is a bet

We gon’ take all y’all money and smoke with the clique

Ga’head and think funny, and we shootin’ for you head

[Chorus: Prodigy (Havoc)]

Mobb Deep Perfect Plot

[Chorus: Havoc]

Uh huh, uh huh

The Mobb comin’ through, no doubt kid

Schemin’ in, layin’ with the (Perfect Plot) (Perfect Plot)

We the first one’s awoke and the last one to sleep

And that’s why we go the drop (Got the drop)

Rip shows, hit hoes

I’m the type of nigga that have your baby father vexed

Whatever you say bounces of me and right back to you

And if it get back to us then we clappin’ you (What Duke?)

[Verse 1: Prodigy]

Born to be wild, push to the front of the crowd

Top of the piles, state of the art, rhymes a 100 miles

I layed on chocolate clouds

Then pull out and blow on any clown

Listen to the glow go round

Cut my silencer, the most powerful weapon yet found

Hold it down, my tongue that is, to bring the biz, keep it tight

My mouth piece dispense my clips

Fuckin’ wit me, the scenery get highly intense

Intelligent, gun buckers, duck fucka, you get bent ova

I’m not signin’ out soldier, rocket launcher

Shank musketeer, face carved up

But you need down shit for slow down kid

Or get surrounded or pounded out, real quick

Aiyo check out what the storm blew in…

[Chorus: Havoc]

[Verse 2: Big Noyd]

Check the main attraction of these raps shit

The infamous slapped some shit

On the track and get, the whole atlas wide open

Is stuck on it, you need to hang it up like I wanted

You shit borin’, rappin’ pourin’ on your head like its stormin’

Hell fire, Vietnam your whole outfit, get re-rounded

Yo you bout it bout it, though I doubt it doubt it

While your girl scouted, I be repin QB drownin’

Box is the Heineken’s, Gin bottles with handle

Rubber handles and crack paper

Get flipped and stack paper

The beats flavor, make your pile more greater

Fuck y’all Mobb haters

We got y’all wives on the bed’er, while you playin’ wit her

We makin’ her loose and turned on

She loves when thugs is glowin’, she get aroused

When I walk around with the gun showin’

The Mobb steady blowin’ with this 9-8 shit

Before I had my clip, before I had my cake

A nigga wasn’t shit

Y’all niggaz wasn’t feelin’ this shit

Now y’all hearin’ it, get of my dick

Y’all niggaz sick like a virus

I wish one of y’all niggaz try this…

[Chorus: Havoc]

[Verse 3: Havoc]

The Mobb got it locked down

Still heavy weights racin it’s the V.I

New niggaz were shook, ain’t it ill how we can? vettias?

No stoppin’ this, it’s approximate that you would be copin’ this

Head lockin’ shit bring it back where its suppose to be

Take a dose of this, guarantee cats will be stuck

Check the QBC just to cop from us

M O B B, make no mistake it’s us

Though it was hav shit, spread the shit that was laced with death

You all fucked up, should bring, no one to trust

Walk in the street with the bag’acho and it’s still Dutch

Rep the 41st side and hold the title with pride and when it’s on

Use the infrared for guide, aim at yo renta

I’m like liquor in the winter, keep it warm, but make things

Extra high when you enter, fuckin’ faggot

Have you hoppin’ like rabbits for carrots

No need the name, yo we already established

[Chorus: Prodigy X2]

The Mobb comin’ through, no doubt kid

Schemin’ in, layin’ the (Perfect Plot) (Perfect Plot)

We the first one’s awoke and the last one to sleep

And that’s why we go the drop (Got the drop)

Rip shows, hit hoes

I’m the type of nigga that have your baby mama wet

Whatever you say bounces of me and right back to you

And if it get back to us then we clappin’ you (What Duke?)

[Chorus: Havoc]

Mobb Deep Neva Change


Gun wars, money, hustle, the hoes

Niggaz that don’t get along for life, that’s how it go

Momma’s victim, take care of there kids, and let ’em roam

And you can see how he or she gon’ be when they get grown

Your childhood, ideals crushed, youth press due and stuffed that

Basically, just go fuck ya ass up, you a volcano about to erupt

Runnin’ the corrupt guns shiny, but them basketball trophies covered in dust

Them babies kids, the innocent that was lost in

Not them, circumstances, and had that hand forced

When I was little, yeah I dreamt of the Porshe, and of course

Ain’t get it, admitted, them loose rocks, the only source

To that shit that rob and lease, preech the riddle was in reach

God, give me one last word, to kill her

Yo, you lookin’ down in the hood, willin’ with that advice

But it’s beat the other nigga, gettin’ killed tonight

[Chorus 2X: Havoc]

Some things’ll neva change

Some things’ll neva change

Some things’ll neva change

Some things’ll neva change


Make a nigga say, fuck birthday, and fuck Christmas

Fuck a wishlist, I’m writing out my shitlist

It got a lot of names, I got a lot of time

Blow out brains, see now you out ya fuckin’ mind

You get gauged, for a pound of the wicked nine

Ya playin’ games to the sound of them guns fire

Cereal and powdered milk, that was then then

A-1 Sauce sandwiches, we was children

Growing up broke, snatching chains and coats

Smokin’ weed with coke, sellin’ fiends soap

Drunk sleepin’ on the bench, I couldn’t make it upstairs

Woke up and seen the kids on they way to school, shit

Borrow money for my drug dealing friends

So I can buy beer, yeah that’ll put me on my feet again

See, this real shit, you probably neva been through

Ching-ching, now I got bling, but..

[Chorus 2X]


Back to back, nigga, just gettin’ knocked

Since swallowin’ the pack, guess what, his heart stopped

It all happens in the hood, it never seems to stop

And even the good ones, get drugs planted by them dirty copss


Back to back, niggaz be gettin’ shot

You would think that they would learn from they first time being popped

From the hospital, straight back to the block

Can’t budge my thugs, this is what we love and

[Chorus 2X]

Mobb Deep Peer Pressure

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

The pressure…

(you gotta find a way to deal with) dealin with the peer pressure

[Verse One: Havoc]

As a young black teen, everyday I, deal

with the pressure and mixed up is how I feel

I walk the streets with a fuck you attitude

And when it comes to my peoples you ain’t half as rude

Follow the crowd or be a leader, take your pick

Now I’m smokin buddha philly blunt style

A frustrated and confused young juvenile

King of the project blues so I choose

To take a piece of the action

But my sober state of mind won’t let it happen

So twenty-four-seven it’s the number one stresser

Dealin with the peer pressure


[Verse Two: Prodigy]

Most don’t understand how it is

in the world of today growin up as a young black teen

I used to dream, of bein a architect

Easier said than done, believe me it’s hard to get

out of the projects, without forgettin where you came from

My parents told me from day one

Finish school and avoid all obstacles

But my environment, makes it so impossible

For instance, build a strong social life

Without messing up still trying to live right

Like in junior high, I used to wonder why

Certain females went out with certain guys

Then one day, it all dawned on me yo

You gotta be down, and have it goin on see

I wasn’t down with the mainstream or

should I say their team, now I’m gettin steamed

Gotta find a way, to get accepted by my peers

So now I’m sippin on beers

Buyin new gear, nuthin but the best

Forget Levi’s strictly Polo and Guess

But how would I make the cash

It gotta be easy and it gotta be fast

Thinkin to myself does that make me lesser

Just, dealin with the peer pressure

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse Three: Havoc]

Around my way there’s a kid that most don’t understand

how he lives is it negative or positive

He has a grade A average

But when he’s on the streets, with his friends, he’s a savage

A freshman of high school, daily attendant

He never got in trouble never did he get suspended

Good little Kenny who would believe

He dropped out of school to start to smoke weed

I saw the signs but I didn’t pay attention

Because he got offended everytime that I would mention

The drinkin, the smokin, the low school grades

And sleepin in class laid back with his black shades

Nowadays you catch Kenny hangin in the hallways

With his crew findin more ways

To break out of school, and hit the block and get buckwild

Stay out of the way of a mad child

Cause he’s a product of, hell

Kenny never fell but he’s gonna fall overall

So let’s take a trip to the ghetto

Where Kenny got drunk and bought a burner off his man so

He pulled the trigger and the suicide note right

“I’m glad it’s finally over and I’m finally dead

And no more, do I have to feel, lesser, or

deal with the peer pressure”

[Chorus 2X]

Mobb Deep One Of Ours Part II

You know, situation like this

Sometimes you know you gotta give back to the community

Gotta show these motherfuckers how to wipe them thangs off y’know?

Teach ’em a little somethin


Pick you up, off your feet like a forklift, but instead it’s the four-fifth

Ragu red, your brain leakin them sauces

Like an, autopsy leavin ’em nauseous, when I aim at your bosses

Put a pep in that bop that you walk with

When my tec spittin at reinforcements

I could never be a victim, but the streets I endorsed it

Spittin that real, y’all cowards just cough it

Like fluids in my lungs, motherfucker I’m more sick

You turn them hoes off, I put ’em on so they on this

You talk game grammar school, mines metamorphic

Dem fools ain’t killin nuttin in the club, they all bent

My intent is to sober that ass up, leave ’em all drenched

See what a few cups of liquor can offset

Got a little paper, I ain’t stressin, they all press

Ain’t sellin records, they come at me for more press

When they realize it’s real them dudes out coppin more vests

Better learn how to

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Wipe, them guns off, get that money money

Wipe, a nigga smile, off ain’t nuttin funny

Show, you motherfuckers, just how hungry you

get, when your feet are touchin (kid a nigga hungry / yeah, he one of ours) *

[* changes each repeat]


P gunna, shots stay a come up

out them hammers at light speed, make it a hot summer

in New York, New York – a.k.a. Ground Zero

The Big Apple, with the worms in the middle (eww)

The White Castle, the Empire State

The home of that Time Magazine new face

Metropolis of the world, I’ll show you where I come from

by how the cash stack, and how I make a gun bust

But look past that, and listen how a killer be

Imagine the concert, they dancin on they seats

Shorty mad gettin stained, she damn near about to faint

She never saw a grimy dirty nigga like, P

With mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink

Don’t wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing

Mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink

Don’t wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing




My niggaz they can’t stop us

Ev’rysince we got our hands on the AR’s, the S, and the fresh choppers

All of them is filled to the top with the vest poppers

We can get it on with America’s Best Coppers

Soon as the lead pop you, whoever don’t make it

to the funeral or wake can catch you on Ted Koppel

I’m a rare thumper, you just a gay nigga

with a rainbow sticker on your rear bumper

They say life is short, death is longer

That makes it even harder to express my hunger

And I don’t wanna polly y’all, I’m a zone of my own

Sorta like Tom Hanks talkin to that volleyball

A “Cast Away,” I’ll blast away

Fuck if you broke tomorrow, get cash today

And even though it’s hard, niggaz is on they job

It’s the Ryders and the Mobb, before my niggaz starve we’ll


Mobb Deep Nighttime Vultures

[Verse One: Havoc and Prodigy]

Yo I rose early mornin, spread my wings yawnin

Vague memory of last night now it’s all dawnin

Look down and see dry blood all on my garment

It stained all my Guess farmer’s, colored enormous

I hopped up, outta my bed holdin my head

Flashbacks of gun shots shot past my head

I can recall an eight man brawl three men fall

Bullets flew I had to drug my man behind a wall

Left a wet trail, delivered these slugs like air mail

Directly at the cat that made my man blood spill

An eye for an eye you know my science of life

Is you man or mice thugs or the cowardly type

I kick the 98 shit for your ears to list

Nigga P where you headed it’s time to pass kids

(what’s the kids be doin’ yo)

Kickin’ rhymes that’s true lies

Let me break ’em down to size minimize they air air time

After this you never will go back to that which

Sit back an’ write half ass shit

The last official takin out the artificial

Let me relieve you replace that shit with some lethal

Mobb, remember the name it’s been along

That nigga’s shook to death from the first fuckin song

Fluidly my mind flooded with jewels infinite

The kinda rap bandits in attics stuck on some live shit

Bear witness to this diligent street cat

I carry myself hold myself down in fact

This one dedicated to my niggaz on run

Holdin big gats go for your gun

Prepare to crush them we trust none

Man who ain’t down with the clan

The Mobb dynasty apparantly you thought I was some other type

Nigga you could fuck with you shit outta luck

Boss I break your compass throw you way off course

We buildin from ground up startin from ground zero

Mafia on da see the name upon the mirror

Durable physically fit raps articulate

You get your whole skeleton cracked somethin ridiculous

Still facinated by my ste

Little P wanna be me, huh you no D

[Chorus: Prodigy]

One time son you know we be the illest in this

Push the shit back, QBC gat, plottin to move back

The big mouth cat ship’ll sink to the bottom

Easily overthrowin niggaz, rollin over niggaz

[Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef]

Yo crushed grills, dollar bills, swiss suit on

Screw on drysell nigga with his loot on

Watch this, gun glock less, fiends scopin out my rock shit

Diamond on some H&R Block shit

Hear me, gets Larry and his sneakers are shot

Word to me Dunn, the uniform do mean a lot

I approach lit up cousin sit up matter of fact get up

What fuss on the bottom face slit up

Yeah where you from I’m from here

You know Brina and Javier, and Little Life doin thirty years

Analyzin this wise guy a look alike first prize guy

Lit up the thai said riiiight!

Emotionally playin him close like I’m suppossed to be

Somethin spoke to me, it was this little nigga pokin me

I heard sirens now turn around about to hit em

Son was pro nine with the emblem

Grabbed my goose down the walkie-talkie

Foul I’m loose now shot went off knocked the juice down

It ricocheted and hit a GS now here comes EMS, Dunn was leanin near a ZX

Next time shit’s parental, God slap fire out yer mental

Jet in a boat with rims to mental

[Chorus 2X]