Money I’ll Be The Night

When I was a child I made a deal against the sun

That if it died out that I would carry on

So you can feel and you can see

That it’s all real

And you won’t have to cry

I’ll be the night, let your systems all transpire

Let them soak up the light then dash them on the fire

And in the flames of your streets

Children will be laughing at your feet

And I will be gone

No one owes you any favours, they only owe you wine

And a fruitless search for saviours, will leave nothing inside

I’m married to the sky, I’m a servant of the hour

I’m open as time, and I’m perfect without power

And I will carry your death, and I will speak your final words

I will draw your final breath, so that it will be heard

Above the sound of your empires tumbling down

Until you’re memorised by the ground

In the bitterness of the end

Oh I pray you’re never lonely and that leads you all to love

I pray you’re never empty but cannot fathom the Above

I pray for your children and that their wishes be understood

By their masters and their minds and are not buried in the flood

Of other’s dreams

And other’s schemes

And other’s teams

Which should be left alone

And I’ll be the night

Money Hopeless World

Please don’t mistake me for someone I am not

I’m just a strange human looking for love

Do you dare to come down to

My hopeless world

Where I make a strange light

Uncertain and absurd

I’m going to say just how I feel

‘Cause I’m tired of things that aren’t real

In a hopeless world

I went mad, just stood out on the street

I couldn’t see where the people were

They were right in front of me

Because I’ve never seen such

A hopeless world

It’s beautiful

Here at night

When the lights are on

And the drink is in you

And the music’s on

And you’re not awake

Maybe we could fall asleep

And give up the world

But I just wouldn’t know

Who to ask

In a hopeless world

Money Suicide Song

One, two, three, four

I know some of us need it

I know some of us need

To turn the light into dark

It’s remarkable that some of us can’t

This is your suicide song

This is your…

This is your suicide song, oh

I know some of us see it

I know some of us need

To turn our minds into one

But that just ain’t too much fun

This is your suicide song

This is your…

This is your suicide song, oh

Money The Shadow Of Heaven

Don’t you think we’re something like God?

Angry, tempestuous, human?

We suffer from wide-eyed loneliness

In the sky

I have walked in Heaven

So must talk in Hell

The cruelty of godliness within us

Is his loneliness

Take me wherever you will go, far

To your mind, to your mine, to your street and to your son

Where the cars, and the eyes, and the people are on fire

And your god cries love

I’m going out into madness to wander

I’m going to build a cell up in the sky

And when the world it swims inside of me

Then I’m going to drown

My girl screams in the company of her bedsheets

Whilst I speak with angel in the bar

I’ll meet you in the shadow of Heaven

Tomorrow, or in some other life