Mystikal Ready to Rumble

Let’s start something dog

Let’s make it happen

[Chorus – repeat 2X]

I rock (I rock) I roll (I roll)

I come to tear the world up – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!

I shut’em down shut’em down

You ready for war start fightin’ start fightin’

I come is this cut to get paid to bust flow

I come for the gumbo

They know me for kickin’ they ass from here to El Segundo

Lets get ready to rumble!!!

Spit sparks, spit flames the coldest thing up under the sun though

Spending your money on them suckers

your wastin you time cause I’m the one hoe!

Smokin’ that blunt smoke

Stay out of my front doo’

Swung with the blast, I’ve never been matched

I hop on the track like a jump rope

I come with the guillotine to cut throat

Holdin’ it down messin ya’ll up with the rest of them suckers be umcho

Me? YEAH, blessed if you don’t know

Packin’ big bone heavy struture and hung low

Wreckin ball nuts it touch the flo’

If it’s on yo’ chest then just let me know

I hope you don’t think I’m runnin’ I know you don’t think I’m scared

You must of forgot who the hell that I am

The man with the braids – BEWARE!!

That’s yo’ ass mister post man

Sucka stompin’ and swingin’ with both hands!!

[Chorus 1.5X]

Watch out (OOHH)

Bats and pipes – broken bottles, glass, and knives

Jump in the mix and don’t handle yo’ business

somebody turn out yo’ lights!!

You’ll be gettin’ yo’ stupid self up

askin’ the people “Which one of ya’ll hit me?”

I don’t know the way you went down look like the ground was slippery

Attack’em with sawed-offs, suckas get throwed off

The party get called off, when suckas get sawed-offs

I go give her my meat to meet and give it to her raw dog

You, go get the (?) nasty, givin that stuff, get bought off

I come with the real

I be with them brothers with booted up grills

We don’t do promotions and shows that stuff don’t pay my bills

Keep it in the ballin’ ballin’, promoters callin’

Videos jumpin’ off sucka this the real New Orleans

My neck of the woods, my side of the hood my part of town

Thugs, drugs, and violence – y’alls is watered down

When I perform I that calm

And I’m the BOOM on the record I hit the studio and show’em

All right yeah you right start fightin’

Get it right keep in right we be hype

Knockin’em down, throwin’em away, hittin’em hard

Takin’em out, bustin’ they head breakin’em off

[Chorus [to fade]]

Mystikal Dirty South, Dirty Jerz

[Treach] No Limit

[Myst.] Naughty!

[Treach] Da bomb Ill

[Myst.] Mystikal!

[Treach] IllTown

[Myst.] Da Big Eazy.. (oh shit) HAH!

[Chorus: Treach 2X]

Dirty South, Dirty Jerz, nigga fuck what ya heard

Your talk words don’t serve while we slang on the curb

We take it from a fuckin fight to a stage and a mic

If I don’t take the limo bitch I’m pushin a bike

[ 2X – last line replaced with YEAYY-YAY! ]

[Verse One: Mystikal]

Us big niggaz get pussy while songs get cooked

Fuck rough rhymes get hooked and young minds get shook

Duck, don’t rock, don’t break, don’t bend, don’t fall

Not gon’ play, don’t fake, don’t stop to rest don’t pause none

Top dough top pro on bitches

Chop funk, not gon’ bitch ass niggaz

I wring they neck and slap they fuckin mouth

I run laps around the Superdome

Breast stroke the whole Mississippi to represent THE FUCKIN SOUTH

That’s right, I said it!

I’m the fuckin boxer in your face is where I’m headed

Blaow, you gotta whole lot of nerve dissin the.. South

We ridin all the way to Jersey

We gon’ keep up, but you keep on, keepin on

Y’all gon’, keep on, gettin the fuck on, bitch get gone!

Y’all heard me? Mystikal and Naughty

New Orleans and Jersey!


[Verse Two: Vinnie]

Yo, yo, yo

I heard somebody wantin Naughty to get raw, ha

I dismantle your fuckin crew just like Apartheid, nigga ya heard?

There’s No Limit no gimmicks, to the shit I spit

Ain’t no magazine you know could count these mics I rip

Comin straight from Jersey, motherfuck all those who curse me

I’m, running through you niggaz like Jackie Joyner Kersee

Now, how many niggaz comin better than this?

Naughty By Nature puts it down on some veteran shit

And chins I devour, while fuckin at your baby shower

Spittin lyrics on you a hundred miles an hour

Our Zoo got no problems gettin physical

Naughty By Nature down with Mystikal, you bitches foul


[Verse Three: Treach]

You get your ass kicked when your only assets is ass bets

You cry quicker than Angela Bassett, cause your cassette

I’ll trash it, like potatoes, beets, I’ll mash it

Bust dust to dust and turn ashes to ashes in masses

I’m massive mashing bastards faster

Question bout my pimping tell your bitch to ask it

Chip-chop like all tops the store stops (it stops here)

Cause I’m raws likes strawberries on shortstops (it comes now)

The Beast from the East, the big future for the pharoah

Diss my crew, do some spine travel on gravel

Some fuhrilla shit, go and, peel your shit

I want my, scrilla quick, on some gorilla shit

Rhyme illest, no mimic, no quit it, gon’ feel it

IllTown, divine mill it, No Limit, fuck the spillage some

hear my shit and go and switch they style

While I get down and wild with Mystikal


Mystikal Big Truck Boys

[Chorus 2x]

Buckle Up Boy

Dont Give a fuck boy

Here The Gillatine

Big Ryders With The rest of the Big Trunk boys

Leather Shit With the Big Chrome Boy

Hit ’em with flat double barrel Big strung Boy


Dont Get Caught Up with my big truck boy

Fuck Up Doggg!!

Respect My Line And Keep my shit clean

Aint Gone Let The Big Buck Fall

White On Black Tinted Windows

With the big black dog

Nigga Slippin Bitches


Trying To Get Knocked Off

Its With the corna Shit


3 6 Hard

Aint No Mutha Fucka know whats on my old man log

From Yall with the paint balls Horrible Dogs

Ten hut but i can pay for it fog fog

Somebody follin me in my rear view

and it probaly them lawerys

Thinkin im slanging that powder

But I aint bout to cop no charge

Thats the pt crosier Double R no job

But i aint got no time im bout to ride to the frayer

Hope they dont bring my shit back cause he aint to far

If they take my shit strait over to buisness for war

im talkin better you got the yak yay

I said i aint got the day

I said you strait

Yes im on my way with my shit

THATS what i did broke off head

show me whats up thats what i said

Hot curds front light in the streets

wodie wanted every small car 5 10 east

[Chorus 2x]


Tellin a motha fucka to strada

talk on the phone drinks grada

state troopers can kiss my ass

the rest of you Bitches gone eat my dust

Hit the city limit Lyrics start

Yellin “thats my truck”

Pull Up the red light

tring to watch which nigga bone get back bra

Packin towla gone rollin through town

catch up with the fella

with drug dealls hooka’s and stella’s

better watch out for car jackers

some of the bitchs ass niggas jelouse

Betta lock you tower girl

they comin to get yo need devoloped

uptown hot be serivin like they be slappin round nigga’s

them nigga got a gillatin in they navigator

on the back niggas standin dancin

Keepin this nigga on the nextel wont even awnser

some white nigga tryin to be like a snake

dont even know whats happening

[Chorus 2x]


Belive me niggas on 18 & 19

20 up tinted up piped up

tank up filled up grilled up loaded siked up

hyped up iced up polo striped up might up

they want fresh cuts they rush all like big trucks

Big house big car big dogs like big stuff

big piano pig feet pig smoked hut hut hut

I like the to let the sun roof to let the wind blow my hair

I tured on 5th avenue boom! there them nigga’s go right there

lookin at all them guns will do harm to yo eye balls

these niggas live you might not see can the side walk

showing off with some thing mystikal

drip drop

He aught know being a dog he gone tag it

looking like he gone charge at me cut

nigga drinkin taboscian mixed with wine

put it 1 i put em with a cat fish

dangrous niggas having fun

holling at q we got a show in florida

here we come

[Chorus till fade]

Mystikal Mystikal Fever

Humph, Come on

[Verse 1]

It’s…the nigga that get hard than starch in yo fuckin creases

rip it to pieces

slicin’ and dicin’ and icin’ em’ right

with the mic I use

that’s as clean as a wild teacher

eyes stay tight when they fade

to watch swarm bleedin’

from out the freeza’

can’t you see em’?


Big tittie Tina boppas out chea catchin’ Mystikal Fever

Ol’ you’ll be sayin’ you ain’t takin’ no shit this time

Nigga me neither!

You could leave nigga fuck we don’t need ya

Rappa, Killa , loaded, beat,

swivel, shark, butchers meat

[Knife sound]

a lot of you niggas believe in walkin’ a thin line

but when I get through wit cha’ all I be hearin’ is awwah!!

Of all maps and adages knocking off hats

Y’all know

act a ass

But don’t call me that

Fix yo fuckin’ shirt

tie yo fuckin’ shoe strangs

jive and mystikal comin’ up in the bull dagger


big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal season

big tittie bitches catchin’ big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal’s fever

[Verse 2]

keep my muthafuckin’ fist balled up

case a mutherfucka tryin’ to start somethin’

takin’ ginseng got yo lil’dick hard makin’ it harder

think you gon’ jump in the ring and go pound for pound with the knockout king?

No shit like that gon’ happen cause them

niggas down here ain’t gon fuck wit what I bring

you heard the the muthafuckin’ door open

you heard that arrrr (door open sound) you know that’s me

if it was a wrestlin’ match you’ll be on your back like 1…2…3

come off the top ropes leave you knocked out wit yo mouth open

and they gon’ have to take yo ass home and leave you in a hot tub and soak

bar banga’ and if you don’t want swang

wit a mic I tell you nigga

I’m wild ass a gorilla on chain

Time to flow wit a natural-born go getter

This for my hustlas to ballas, gangstas and cap pilla’s

hustlas to ballas

gangstas and cap pilla’s

hustlas and gangstas

gangstas and cap pilla’s

hustlas to ballas

gangstas and cap pilla’s


big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal season

big tittie bitches catchin’ big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal fever

[Verse 3]

I’ll go pound for pound wit the knuckle cuffin’ muthafucka

Rush em’ and touch em’

Then stand ova’ his ass and screamin’ “I told you not to start nuthin”

I’ma damage ya

You ain’t got the stamina

Half the talent to match , to dance wit the Tarantula

When I’ma chargin’ at cha

niggas be tryin’ to copy cat

wanna jump on the mic and do what I do but can’t keep up

ain’t no thankin’

that shit gon’ change

cause when I drop off mystikal sound a likes

gon’ have to get the fuck off

crackin’ they glasses

smashin’ they records

smash and catchin’ they ass all day and tackle they ass

tell em all settle shop down close fo’ sho

put it down like 1990 M.C. Hammer

I hope….


big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal season

big tittie bitches catchin’ big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal’s fever

big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal season

big tittie bitches catchin’ big tittie bitches catchin’ mystikal fever

aaw oh, aaw oh

these niggas know, these niggas know when it’s mystikal’s fever

Mystikal Ghetto Fabulous


Since I’m so fucking bad

give me mine

get yours


[Verse 1]

I woke up this morning

rocked up

humping on the matress

hard like I was fuckin

I realized I was dreaming

then I got up

I hit the Vick’s inhaler

‘cuz my nose was stuffed up

from the bed to the floor

to the bathroom to the sink

from the mirror to the toilet

took a piss then shook the shank

oops, dont look know I think I sprinkled when I tinkled

so, I dip in the sides there be a sweeter by the seater

cocoa powder, bubble-bath, and rubbing alcohol

for 5 fuckin cent that you could buy at the mall

I’m a long distance super-power, pussy-magnet

I was born in the ghetto, made by the ghetto

so fabulous!


[Charlie Wilson]

ghetto fabulous – living like this

I’m so happy, yeah!

‘cuz I’m ghetto fabulous [repeat]

[Snoop Dogg] [enters over repeat, speaking]

Yeah I feel what you’re saying, Dog

but, uhh, you could let these fools know how hard it is

when a nigga ghetto fabulous, know what I’m saying?

let’s kick that shit!


[Verse 2]

it’s like a big rush with no time

niggas be like “whyyyyy”

kids be like “let me get your autograph”

bitches be like “ahhhh!”

ever since I said “here I go”

braids or not y’all

they know me wherever I go

I’m real private

the windows tinted, doors locked

the damn crowd you make a scene

“ain’t you Mystikal?”

“no, I’m not.”

lie to a diehard fan with a straight face

and let the hour long picture signing session take place

sign, hey, baby, how you doing?

what’s your name?

stay real, stay sweet

stay sexy, stay the same

and never forget

I’m never going to change

I’m loving what I’m doing

and you can put that on your game

I got my piece of pie and my piece of mind

fool, I’m a piece of coal

don’t call me, people, let me shine

I know you see me on t.v.

with Snoop, Fiend, Mia, C, Silkk, Serv, and Petey

nigga we frontin’ these street-ies

but livin’ like this ain’t easy

it’s fabulous!

I’m so fucking bad


[Verse 3]

see, that’s a cutie with her big booty

and her big body

her and her big fine potnahs

take their ??? and take their vitamins

be ordering drinks all down at the bar

we don’t got to buy

just work that halter top

and work them tight bell bottoms

ohhh, you acting funny and trying to holler

she project Tyra Banks

the neighborhood super-model

she shaped like a coke bottle

hair whipping smelling good

finger nails and her toes polished

she did it how she lived

‘cuz she got to have it

first got them fucking kids

by the baby’s daddy

her ass ain’t never what she should have been

go ahead on and act bad, I’ll see ya when I get a hit

see, she was so fucking bad

[Chorus] [repeat]

Mystikal I Smell Smoke

I’m in the land..

L.A. — land of the sticky


What ch’all niggaz know bout that purple weed nigga?

Show y’all niggaz some shit

It’s that sticky, that bud

Indo, hydro

Open up the window, I’m bout to blow!

That fire shit

Nigga what ch’all, what ch’all got

what ch’all got to roll em up?

Packwoods? Garcia Vegas? Straight chocolate Phillies?

Nigga straight, ?, the Dutches and the Black n Milds?

Y’all niggaz don’t know nuttin about them Corolas

Ha yeah, J.O.B., one point five


Break it up, chop it up, cut it up, tuck the end

Take the Phillie out and roll it up!

Light it, hit it, hold it, pass

Puff puff blow it up!

See some of y’all niggaz be talkin about blowin

but can’t handle the doja

Gettin sleepy n shit, quittin all early

Bitch you ain’t no smoker!

Y’all must think used to hittin that dirt

the sticks with the brown buds

Me, I ain’t got shit else to do

Nigga I’m bout to get FUCKED UP!

Two cases of green, optimal burned away

A.M. done turned to P.M.

and nighttime done turned back to day

I’m, still smo-kin

Feelin sporty in my hotel – spent the whole day gettin LOA-DED!

It’s nothin but smoke til there’s nothin to smoke

It’s nothin but sticky and nothin but doja

Disconnect the smoke detector and

put a wet towel up under the door!

Nobody else probably more dope for me, I got the whole tree

Leftovers for me, whoo this bitch off the HEE!

Button up cause suck em up is a pet peeve

First don’t put my light in your pocket

Second don’t wet my god damn weed!!

That’s just two, before I could get to three and four

five and six, I heard a DUM DUM DUM DUM at the do’

Evidence all over, I’ve been doin somethin serious

Gotta hide this shit, cause I know that’s hotel security

I played it off, I said, “Come back later I ain’t got on no clothes”

He said, “Sorry sir, I don’t mean to disturb ya, but I smell smoke!”

Fuck it just went to jail for that shit

I ain’t goin back

I done ate an ounce and I’ma flush the rest

Cause I ain’t goin out like that!

Sprayin cologne and cuttin on the shower

Tryin to clear it up

Worried like a dog but I gotta open the door

Fukkit here go nuthin!

The do’ swung open and some young nigga

talkin bout, “What’s happenin?”

He said, “I know you got that fire, sell your boy a sack!”

Ain’t that a bitch!

Boy you betta get your bitch ass up outta here

Nigga I’d think you the motherfuckin police

I done threw all my motherfuckin weed away

fuckin with you old bitch ass nigga

Nigga, get your motherfuckin hoe ass up outta here

Bitch before I stomp your bitch ass

The fuck!

Boy this nigga done blew my motherfuckin high

Mystikal Big Truck Driver


Whaaa, wassup nigga?

This for my niggas in them Big Trucks

This for all my niggas in them SUV’s, you heard me?

This for my Big Truck Drivers, look nigga blow yo’ Big Truck Horn

You still could see me in my Big Truck boy

Smilin’ like a lil’ kid when I sped the corner with my brand new toy

I got a bark in they call, talkin’ ’bout

they wishin’ I’d would’ve came out the garage

But, I guess that’s too bad

Cause your truck used to be the shit until they saw my pad

Strobe lights flash, solar baric [boom boom]

Big feet ten runnin’ while they [vroom vroom]

Another SUV can’t do nothin’ wit’ me

I’m 23’s so 22’s ain’t fuckin’ with me

Car so big it make it hard to turn the wheel

I can’t watch the T.V.’s from the sturrin-wheel

Shit, plush stronger than the buckskin ceiling

Chocolate tan interior really big truck grill

Yeah, that’s how you do that there

Got bling and bass, everything clean but the ash-tray

[Hook: Byou2ful (Mystikal)]

I’m lookin’ at you behind the wheel

singin’ this song (I’m a Big Truck Driver)

In the big ol’ truck, with the big ol’ grill

rollin’ on big ol’ chrome (I’m a Big Truck Driver)

And you know when you pass those small trucks you doin’ them wrong

(This is for my riders Big Truck Drivers

Even on a bad day everything clean but the ash-tray)


Dark lights with brights, the dark windows

with the pistols in the hot spots fuckin’ well right

So when you bitches try to act hype

I get the gat get the gat cause niggas don’t fight

When you get to Ruben 2 then make a right at the light

And you might catch my rims will-millin’ ’round night light

I played a Jag’ ’round rags, and now Excursion and Escalade ’round upscale

The Range Rover’s don’t even get gools

’til its time for Rythim City or either House of Blues

My niggas wit’ me at your seat to pick my friends up

My brother ‘rice in a mother-fucking Benz’ truck

Fresh light don’t need no buffin’

Just call a homie where I’m at, west coast custom

Put it on a trailer and ain’t no rushin’

Cause when I get it back y’all ’round can’t touch it



Ain’t no slack in my mack, rollin’ slow the windows down

they recognize me so you know how they act

Cuttin’ up fallin’ out tryin’ to flirt and get nasty

Raisin’ shirt showin’ titties talkin’ ’bout autohgraphs

I try my best to keep my fans happy

I sign my name I grab the nipple they pull off and start laughin’

Then it’s back through the hood, tryin’ to find somethin’ good

And after that I’m on my way back to good

I knew that I’m on course at all time

And I love grindin’ like alcoholics love sweet creamy and wine

2002 and you dodgin’ me now

Big Truck gonna come up ain’t no holdin’ us down

Grab eyes, turn heads, stop traffic

My black Big Truck half match my Big Truck jacket

Do shows and get paid when I travel stay busy it be gone

Now this a Big Truck Driver

[Hook 2x]


I’m a Big Truck Driver, I’m a Big Truck Driver

This is for my riders Big Truck Drivers

Even on a bad day everything clean but the ash-tray

Mystikal The Edge Of The Blade

[Intro:] [Mystikal]

Man I got something to tell you

I don’t know how to explain it

But I’m different (crazy)


I’m, I’m, I’m not like you

I’m not like others

It’s like I’ve been here before

[Verse 1]

504 is the domain I don’t sang

My rhyme go bang

Nigga, ain’t in the place get a flame and ya act like propane

No sweat, no blood, no pain, no gain (Blade)

No cards, no deal, no dice, no game, no thangs

I’m givin you bitches something vicious

Now I’m partin the pieces like porcelain dishes

I’m dirty

I get all the way down in the ground witch


Memorize, take a picture, nigga write a book, I don’t give a fuck

I’m blended bile, ground rip up

Darem here

They down to give up

Nigga you underneath, me out my entrance

Off by inches I can count a hundred thousand pennies

Help me center

Look at that, look at that, look at that, get back

I get that respect like that gatlin bitch whats happen

I rip tracks and pop tables

I’m so popular they just got the rock I spread

Time I got a blunt what I said (Blade)

I gets pride cus I’m from round where the crocodiles play

(singing) ??? gonna be none that

I make em’ say

Aww give it to me don’t be that way

I’m tellin ya from cuttin ya tellin what the music

I’ve been doin this shit

I’m highly trained on how to use it

Start checkin somebody bout the prospective

Passes are selective maximum effectiveness

Brain celftic

Brown completic

It just don’t get no ???

I’ll perfect it

Yall niggas couldn’t pop a rubber band on my parade

Choppin and slicin with the edge of the blade

[Chorus:] The blade [x 24]

[clip from movie]

[Blade:] There are worse things out tonight than vampires

[Girl:] Like what?

[Blade:] Like me

[Verse 2]

I turn a sucka into supper

Got suffer

Mighta hada enough

Thats why I cus (come on fucker)

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

They can’t hide from the pain cus the noise don’t stop

They don’t stand a ghost of a chance but the try

One side of my mind tell me to get the other say let em’ ride

Even when a couple of hundred years gone by

They still gonna bite and I’m still gonna fly

Yes….five fingers around their necks

I’ll run through your back and come out your chest

You movin to fast you forgot to pace your self

Aww shit here it comes nigga brace your self

Oh my goodness

Don’t worry I’ma getcha no matter how I put it

Imitates, I’m limit, tall limit, tell it (Blade)

Let me finish hedgehog and answer fella

You would if you could but you dont get up off

And I’m the hand on tha hammer on the nail in the coffin

I’m marchin to a different drummer

At the head of the parade

I’m the edge of the blade

[Chorus x32]

Mystikal Settle The Score


What you about to hear gone FUCK you up

because this the first time you ever heard some shit like this nigga

I’m tellin you this shit so off the fucking hook bro

Ya’ll man look check this shit out

[{Humming in Background} + {“Waaaaaa” in Background}]

[Mystikal:] Mystikal and Juvenile Nigga

Say Juvey they don’t believe you did the beat bro

[Juvenile:] What you mean nigga, fuckin right I did this beat

[Mystikal:] I tried to tell them niggaz bro


I come with my own look, my own sound, my own style

Who the fuck you think drawed this crowd

It’s the ripper, the clean up hitter

You bitter intimidating young long dick nigga

Now suck it, now suck it, while you around here playa hating

Your woman around here screaming Fuck Me, Fuck Me

Tell me something, don’t I put down on my albums

Motherfucka nobody ever told you I was hard as a NFL Helmet

I write ’em, land ’em, plant ’em BAM Nigga can’t stand ’em

On top, on sight, heads up, bust ’em at random (What You Did?)

I got the vest out, put the braids back, put on the bandana (What Else You Did?)

Signed a brand new contract, shot the video in Atlanta

Don’t pull me, can’t hold me the beat don’t move me

You know smokin, drinkin whenever I kick it with Juvey

Back on my own, back on my zone

Feelin better, lookin better

Bout to go get it and bring it back home

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]

A nigga got, got but I won’t no more

Cause this time round I come to settle the score

Greedy niggas eat good, but not that long

They wind up with a stomach ache balled up in they home


You better cancel that shit, about you run this here

I ain’t seen you on the charts what you done this year

Y’all thought “Project English” was the last of this shit

When I was really only given y’all half of this shit

Fuckin right I made the beat, and I wrote this rap

But a Niggaz In the ghetto want to post the crack

Got two Niggaz posted watching a bus with macks

Just waiting on the police and Niggaz to jack

To people across the nation, thanks for being patient

Ya’ll been itching for some G-Shit Huh, I know you waiting

When you cop the cd, get some Herb and Ride

Turn the bitch up real loud so you can feel my Vibe

I got a long way to go, I’m just gettin started

I’m 26 years old and I’m still retarded

I ain’t talking about handicapped

I’m talking about the way I talk and Express my rap

You Feelin that



Anytime you say my name make sure it’s some good shit

Look I’m not your eldest rapper, I stay on some hood shit

Am I hatin on Cash Money, Now Stop Playin

I respect it How it came, Now I got Game (Bling)

I’m all about U.T.P. Family and Kids

And Takin Care of business it the way that we live

I don’t need a record deal just give me my props

How many muthafuckas you know keepin it hot


Believe it or not, keepin my spot locked

I got more season than the seafood out the gumbo pot

Now run your mouth and lose your slot (I’m Lowdown)

I make em feed for me like junk is fever one more rock(Tease Me)

Ain’t this some shit I’m famous and rich (Huh Bro)

I got bitches I ain’t even Fucked claiming my dick

If thats how it is, I guess we gone see

Is this all about that big truck and U.T.P

[Chorus and Ad Libs to fade]

Mystikal It Yearns

[Intro, some guy talking]

Old school niggas. (IT’S YEARN!)

True hip hop niggas. Ha, ha. (IT’S YEARN!)

This something y’all niggas can dance to.

[Verse 1]


I be a black muthafucka from the 12th ward

I want some bullshit niggas (?) hittin em hard

I hit em with more (?) I make em run

I made a lot of noise with the shit I done

I give y’all a chance to roll but y’all niggas can’t roll

Sit your ass down, let me show you how it go

I thought I showed you last time, when will you learn?

Watch what you ask for, nigga, IT’S YEARN!

[Verse 2]

The maniac brotha’s back with another dramatic track

Crossin my path struck you like you a black cat

Maniac, abused, used, and abused

Try your luck and bring a pack for the horseshoes

You got nothin to lose, it just might help you out a bit

Shit, I doubt it

You’re better off dead, goin head to head with a nigga like M-I-K-E

Your best bet’s to pack your shit

Calm your head, bleedin bitch

Sucka tragic you’ll never get none

You better leave cause you only get one

Chance to make a break for it

Uh huh, leave now or get the pow

Get the fuck out this area, I’ma have to bury ya

Mo thug, I draw blood

Whip that ass, leave ya face down in the mud

Militant, bitch I might be

But that’s a risk you take when you fuck with me

Headlocked, yo I dirt ya like a nacho

Shit you go, bigger than G.I.Joe

You ain’t know? I thought you knew

This time you can have it, it’s for you


[Verse 3]

Come on, come on

Well come away sucker fake MCs in the place

There’s only one Mystikal so make no mistake

Comin straight in your face, sucker MCs I hate

Rhymes bite you in your ass like a rattlesnake

Bout your screamin no way

Bitch you won’t escape

I’m like a boa ‘strictor I kill, I suffocate

Hittin harder than Hitler, no slidin, no livin, no jivin

Got more niggas runnin and hiding than Batman and Robin

Takin out adversaries with rhymes I wrote

The sucker (?) I’m the antidote

I the conductor of shive rhymes


Stretch like elastic, pure fantastic

Lift off and burnin MCs like amino acid

Nigga please don’t try to battle, it’s suicide

Those who have time watch me I do survive

This is only a suggestion, so ask no questions

Try and digest my rhymes bitch you get indigestion

Wrote this as a lesson so you will know

Comin hard muthafuckas this physical

Be pussy bitches in my fans I brought a dime and

Understand I’m comin strong nigga harder than He-Man

With these hands, nigga laying face down on the curb


[Verse 4]

Some murderer got the nerve to talk about me

Bitch I never heard of ya

That’s a shame, you got the blame cause you’re blind

You know my name, the M to the Y, S-T-I, the K-A-L

Rebel, ya smell, ya fell, ya tell, ya sell, hotter than hell

Soft as hell, I might as well SPELL!

I’m a big marine, M-I-K-E, you figure weaker then me

I speak uniquely, how in the fuck do you plan to beat me

Ruler of hip hop, left ya shell shocked

Scare the fuck out ya like Alfred Hitchcock

Don’t wanna be bothered (..?..)

I’m a rough motherfucker from the 12th ward

Never left nothin undone, breakin jaws for fun

Cocky as Paul Bunyan, have ya cryin like onion

Flyin low, a soldier born, ya chicken’s choked

Explosive, bitch I’m the one that wrote this

I scream like rebel with the sword and snake

Your boss come to battle, it’s not your week

I reverse my verse, I love to curse

You won’t be the first muthafucker in the back of a hearse

Stomp, pop, clap, havin the last laugh

Then, I step back and grin at your dumb ass

Watch me burn, can’t miss my turn

Like, do you want it?