Nesian Mystik If It’s Cool


Feels good, it’s been a long week / Payday, so good to see / Head to the mall, my headphones on, killing daylight to Raheem Devaughn / That’s when I happen to see, a soul sista stepping to me/ Kinda ghetto but I don’t mind, she got style so it’s all right / Break that ice, she know me / A Hip-hop girl, who listen to Jay Z / And she digs that neo soul from Philly / Not ashamed to accentuate/ Baby girl, feeling that chain running around your waist / And if I may be so forward, could I give you a call?


If it’s cool with you / You know it’s cool with me, girl you’re so fine / Girl your so fresh, your steez, so nice to me, ya know, ya know / If it’s cool with you / You know it’s cool with me, girl you’re so fine / Girl your so fresh, your steez, so nice to me, ya know, ya know


It’s just a simple game of hide and seek I hit the scene you got me dipping in and of crowds / Familiar with your perfume girl, I love the way you smell / The way you roll your so, addicted to those sounds / I roll over to know you, you do that mo, see your wind and electrify, your smile could kill a man / Her secret weapons in her eyes, she be everywhere I be / Somehow it comes to no surprise, I know she close to me I’m getting them butterflys / Time after time she tries to hurt me / Wasting my money like my time, then desert me / But it’s clear for me to see, you’re a women and it’s worth it / If we make it happen, Life living picture perfect / I take a look oh, no where did she go / She likes playing them games, It’s all part of the show / So now watch her brake it out, girl do it without a doubt / If you do for me baby, I’m a hold down.

[Repeat Chorus]


I seen you round my way on a regular basis / We’ve made eye contact on several occasions / Brushed each others shoulders a time or two / You passed me by like the summertime, Im diggin’ on you / Ya brown skin, brown eyes & them thick as thighs / The way you got your hair girl, Im diggin’ your style / Thought maybe we could make time and learn each other / Go from strangers to partners or just part-time lovers/ I dunno your situation, I dunno if you can / I seen you wit your ladies, aint never seen no man/ So I’m a play my hand on assumptions I got / Hopefully you and I can do you know what / No need to rush it, we can take our time / All I wanna know girl what is on your mind / I wanna see you beside me, nah mean? / If its cool wit you then its cool wit me, come on

[Repeat Chorus]


She wanna shop with JB, that’s my baby plus she keep me crush on that Gucci rush / She wanna act up whenever he aint around / When I’m in town like Brandy she just wanna be down/ Heartbreaker wit beautiful Brown skin true and she loves it when I call her boo / The type of girl who not afraid to share things and I don’t wanna stop till she’s wearing my ring, yeah you make me wanna sing

Holla if you want to, I want you, girl I want you

And I’m her man but she got to go / I’ll be right here at the end and she got to know / Yeah you know she loves J its true / Cause nobody can do what JB do

[Repeat Chorus]

Nesian Mystik Game Over


Playing it safe ain’t in my nature so I could never just ride the beat/ Coming with soul bringing that flow…yeah it’s got to be/ Counting the costs while making these moves like monopoly/ On the beat Dmon sends his apologises/ Call me Kamikaze Kasumi riding beside me….yes/ The kid is blessed with a full tank of consciousness/ A knack for rhythm slim division between that koo koo clock precision/ A head of competition while others only speak revision/


We’ve come too far to turn back,

Come so far you know that it’s game over,

Ain’t no extra credits here,

All you challengers beware, the warning said so if you dare,

Step up, get put down, you know how,

Just like em dog’s at the dog pound,

Try’na be top dog of my home town,


Yo it’s on now.


So don’t go no where,

This time, Nesian gone make you clap your hands,

Gone keep your hands up in the air


I said the Game is over, I thought I told you that / we overloading epic flows over the dopest tracks / drop the hopeless act, yeah I seen you kind before / you, talkin’ that talk I heard a thousand times before / I said we still, running the game and / still got they hands up, running that game plan / still do it for the people in NZ & Japan / So you could say it aint over, It where the game stands


Deliver a classic like I was inking these rhymes with a quiver/ Drop more gems than holograms so counterfeits shiver/ We’ve been patiently waiting our time yonder in the wings/ Counting the number of weather weights claiming to be kings/ Watching swans turn to goose and ducks turn to geese/ Trying to raise the bread yet rookies ain’t even brought the yeast/ Never been a scholar but got schooled to the game/ Redeem the music for the maker so the patents is changed/



See im walking in silence,

Im walking but minus,

My thought’s that be byes,

To many men of biters so,

Don’t try to try it,

If you try this, then i might just,

Turn up the vibes the highest,

We’ve paid the highest prices,

No more to be repeated,

Whack performance completed,

Stages that we’ve competed,

Che’s highest score undefeated, Yes

Some imitate it never duplicate it of course,

The way we size it up is by the sound of the applause.


Is there really a need to repeat it cos I cant give em a reason / for Nesian to tease em, please em and leave em / but that’s just the way that it goes / so many they came and they said that / they’ll be in it right up to the end and after descending that was the end and aint never heard of or seen em again / aint no pretendin’, Nesian aint goin nowhere yo we here to stay / for years to come the streets will always remember the name / So many they knockin it, no stopping it / we continue on droppin hot for them, Nesian you know we get it, get it poppin, poppin..


Nesian Mystik Nesian 101


Yall know the time (Yall know the time)

Yall know the time….

Its time for Nesian 101!


Never on time

Your music’s on all day

You be growing them rude natty dreads

White on white sneaks

Baggy jeans

Got that green stone around your neck


I came from the 183

So I know a little bit about fresh bee

Yes we keep rep’n and rock’n that fresh steez

Jeans cut with socks and jandals

Aloha shirts be the formal dress standard

Spot the poly’s from a mile away

And you tell their coming when you hear this play


Follow the leader leader leader,

Follow the leader…. [x2]


You’re so fresh

And I wanna know if you’re down

Cause if you are then let your hair down baby

I want to know

Got two fried eggs

On that 1 dollar bread

Street fighter 2

Where my money’s spent

The brothers roll past

Speakers on full blast

Playing korero Maori e



What you know about F.O.Bs / Taro, Manioke & Lu Sipi / Ya’ll know what Im talking bout the Sunday Feeds / then 2 minute noodles & that fried Corned Beef / for the rest of the week, that’s all there is / go to school and scab off the rest of the kids / save that bus money home for that $1 chips / if you don’t walk it off it goes straight to the hips..


I never run my day by time,

I run my time by the change of sky,

I run my time like my appetite,

Coke and a pie’s what we call fine dine,



It’s the real McCoy making all that noise, More FOB than FALL OUT BOY….



1, Bounce on that 2 & 4, don’t clap on that 1 & 3.

2, You have your Cappuccino, we on that Cuppa Tea.

3, Be rude to turn it down, so take it if its free.

4, Just keep it FRESH, no matter where you be.


You’re so fresh

And I wanna know if you’re down

Cause if you are then let your hair down baby

I wanna know…..



Nesian Mystik Unity

There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

From the mic comes forth

The cause to counteract

There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

Armed with intention

Unified expression

Together we’re stepping forward

Collective in vision uplifting

Side by side allied not competition

Unity creates steps to propel

The mass who excel through walls keeping them down oh

So all my soldiers put your hands up

Who be the soul rebels coming with the cause

Fusing gaps bridging the journey

Tou rourou Taku rourou

Kia ora e te iwi

Galvanised marching forward

Community powerful

Invincible this entity pure strength exhumed through unity

So don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is going to be alright

My people let’s unite

The movements coming get on board or jump ship

We ain’t going no where if the force ain’t equipped

So here’s what we gone do, let our powers combine

Generate the voltron effect components intertwine

Barriers fall, similar to riot squads

Limitless exploration we roam, gather resource

Reaching above and beyond, given the chance we form

A greater alliance more capable to perform

Against the hate we decrease and disconnected energies

Disinfecting all threats of dislocating our peace

It don’t matter your complexion or even what section

As long as we’re moving in a positive direction


There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

From the mic comes forth

The cause to counteract

There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

Armed with intention

Unified expression

Together we’re stepping forward

The question remains ‘are you on board the bus?’

We take pride in evry step like the million man march

when its time to

unite Im positive you will know send the message down the pipe and let other people know

we coming to sever humanities undying thrist

For destruction our conjunction will resemble cloudburst

I speak the spoken words dilated peoples rehearse

When worst comes to worst my tangata come first

I said friction buries our people, disjointed we gather dust

No vision to excel, Randomness is killing our thrust

Or should I say drive, Merging the gaps within our armour

Only together is power possessed as reflection of mana



There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

From the mic comes forth

The cause to counteract

There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

Armed with intention

Unified expression

Together we’re stepping forward

Gee was born on one of the 12 brothers

His birth name was given Simeon

For many of my years his life remained anonymous

Taurus the stubborn bull of May who led the way

Lead me astray but still I rise to face the day

Together everyone achieves more back to back shoulder to shoulder the ultimate force

United as one we stand together heads high

As we row this waka in time and stand unified

Together we stepping forth no one can hold us back

We like the fantastic fobs on a positive attack

On a quest to excel past the negativity

We gonna shine in unity

So go on (forever)

Let me see you hold on (together)

As 1 mind, body and soul

Head strong

Nesian be letting you know


There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

From the mic comes forth

The cause to counteract

There exists no force

That could ever hold us back

Armed with intention

Unified expression

Together we’re stepping forward

Nesian Mystik Fresh Boyz

[Oldwun (Intro):]

Yall know what it is, its that Freshboy Remix!!!

Junz, Sabre, A to the w a, Dmon, DJ Notiq, Tha Kid Oldwun,

and MC Scribe

[Scribe (Verse 1):]

Who got that hotness?!

Scribble man rock this,

prolific when I kick it Nesian Mystik yo I got this

I wrap better than Kostas, on time like clock is

even shave my hair like britney spears cause Im so toxic and

all eyes on me in the middle of a ring just like a circus

I spit verses perfect like whoop! there it is

Freshboyz got this locked like a depository box

the anthems about to drop, who else can spit it this hot huh?!

[Oldwun (Chorus):]

Who got that hotness?

Who got that hotness?

You? You tryna test me?

Who came to rock this?

Who came to rock this?

You? Well let me see!

[Oldwun (Verse 2):]

Don’t really matter what you do when you do your dance just keep it movin

don’t matter if ya hands in the air or ya down on the ground just keep it movin

don’t stop, get it, get it, if the beat breaks then catch up with it

if you caught up then lose control, ladies GO!

[Awa (Hook 1):]

The music makes me move so naturally, I cant help myself [x2]

[Junz & Sabre (Hook 2):]

Kinda like the funky chicken but move side to side

first hands to the left and bring em back to the right

kriss kross twice like your playing hopscotch

then slide it right back and do the rock from the top


[Oldwun (Verse 3):]

Wanna see everybody in the place get loose, whoop

pretty simple to do don’t get confused, there it is

if you think you got it, then let me know, cos we ain’t stopping till the ladies go

[Hook 1]

[Awa (Bridge):]

Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, they know that we got it going on yeah

Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, cant stop cause we got it going on yeah

[Hook 1]


[Hook 2 (x2)]

Nesian Mystik Dance Floor


Meet you at the dance floor

Baby lets pretend

You are my girl

I am your man


I know it’s not for real

But we can groove like

We were lovers underneath the moonlight

Just till the end of the song

Then we can go back to what we were doing before


When you hear this jam play its time for me and you / to meet in the middle of the floor for that rendezvous / nobody else matters in the spot but us / anybody got a problem move to the back of the bus / aint no fussin’, no hidden agenda’s, theres no frontin / when it comes to us, you know its pure lovin / if it just so happens to lead to somethin’ somethin’ / when it time to leave you aint telling your friends nothin’..



So speaking hypothetically,

your out feeling the scene,

got your hair down, on the floor dancing with me,

just a lil bit of time is all it takes,

to step to the edge and take that leap of faith,

So when ever you ready, it’s OK,

For 3minutes and 30seconds,

Come n sway my way,

get up and step out to the land of opportunity,

Nothing to worry about, Just you n me.


Fast forward three years and we’re still on the floor

But this time it’s for real you’re my girl

Matter fact lets be precise you’re my wife

And Mr DJ still holds it down tonight

But this be the special edition the encore track

Dedicated to you, got the Dance floor packed

Our eyes meet together in the centre of the room

In amongst the crowd but all I see is you


Let me break it on down,

Break it down like a slow jam,

Just take my hand, (just take my hand),

Cause right now I’m your man


Nesian Mystik Gone Did It

What’s it gone be, tonight?

What’s it gone be?

What’s it gone be, tonight?

What’s it gone be?

We drop flows in your area codes

We take it back to the school of old

It’s Nesian in your area code

S.A.B.R.E proceed to let them know


Use to rock the flat top with the multi coloured shades / Mustard jeans with the high top kicks laced / New edition pumping out the old decks / Queen St shuffle with the ghetto blaster in check / Beat street, take it to the floor cuz / Then it all morphed when Kris Kross arose up / Not before Hammer wore Aladdin pants / obody said they like Vanilla Ice but they danced / Watched Kid’n’Play imitating synchronised moves/ Michael wasn’t bad but bad meaning good / The kings of rock were Run D.M.C / And the grand master Flash took the message to the streets / L.L cool J was old school then / So what does that make him now? Still flowing with the trends / You know what time it is like Flava fla / Its old school still loving it like “Hip hop holiday”


Now you gone and did it

Get on up and don’t you stop for a minute

Don’t stop, don’t stop

Now you gone and did it

Get on up and don’t you stop for a minute

Don’t stop, don’t stop


Hey Mr.Telephone man/ Let me drop you a line/ Let me Rock It like Herby / Watch the place ignite / What you say? Nesian keep it hot / Cool it now? Slow it down? / Uh-uh don’t stop/ We keep it flowing, drop it like Purple Rain / times may change but the groove stays the same / So what’s it gone be? Regardless we keep it hype/ On your Sound machine, banging rhythms of the night / Cos this is Thriller, Nah, its just me/ O-L-D to the O-N-E / You thought we wouldn’t but You know we have and / We gone continue till the road ends like Boyz II Men / Step into our world, Walk this way / The beat goes on, put this track on the replay / Dukes of Hazard, we gone cut to the chase / If we aint got ya moving, then that the breaks /

[Repeat Chorus]


So as I hit the streets as I beat the feet a little reminder bit of labamba now you feel the heat / Im a make you feel the zap just like Rogers with his coloured suits rocking those high collars 3. 2. 1 PUMP no you cant touch poppers n lockers always throwing down ish / Thanks for the music, lost in emotion, Africa bumbata got you feeling the notion / Turning up the jams from the box with cassette tape breakin on the streets bystanders would imitate 6 of the many in this / Musical Youth to the dance floor now let me see you get loose –POISON- like Bel Biv Dvoe shake it on the floor like Turbo and O Zone / Hurt Nobody while doing the Wild Thing, Up Jump the Boogy coz your making me say

[Repeat Chorus]

What’s it gone be, tonight?

What’s it gone be?

What’s it gone be, tonight?

What’s it gone be?

Nesian Mystik Sun Goes Down

[Awa (Chorus):]

My baby

please don’t leave me now

kiss me till the sun goes down

Please don’t leave me now

kiss me till the sun goes down

goes down

goes down

Kiss me till the sun goes down

goes down

goes down

Kiss me till the sun goes down

[Sabre (Verse 1):]

Told the crew I’m out, off to the other side of town

info on a need to know, keep it on the low now

one more day, then I’m on my way

trying to make the most still seeing your face

don’t want think about it rather stay in denial

pretend it ain’t a fact at least for the meanwhile

but for the moment being we in our own world

make me feel like jay, so you must be my dream girl


[Junz (Verse 2):]

Yeah! Touchdown, destination abroad

vision of homebase way heavy on my thoughts

intiate distraction, match fashion, action,

Step on scene, G double E makes is happen

I think you’re hellava, hellava if it’s cool,

Holla at a brother for another rendevous,

I’m sending my love and I’m a seal it with a kiss,

I aint never had a love like this.


[Awa (Bridge):]

No tears

That’s what I keep saying in my head

Trying to hold it together

Scared I might lose you forever, and ever

[Oldwun (Verse 3):]

So understand me when I wanna kiss n caress

gotta move your body closer,

love me unlike the rest

it feels so right,

she be why me heart melt like ice

in de middle of de night,

make de naughtiness nice

so let me work it, work it,

while you twurk it, twurk it

got me mind overtime thinkin dirty, dirty

I know you feel the vibe when we together

ha’u ke ta ki’ alu ‘ eva eva

[Chorus out]

Nesian Mystik R.S.V.P


I can’t stand to see

You not leave with me

Sophisticated native

What’s it gonna be


If you would like

Someone to treat you right

Just invite me

Cause I don’t mind

If it’s only for one night

You excite me


Miss madam moselle can i compell you

to tell me the cell digits, even better

can i get a squiz at between where u hips at

word is barry bonds, thats how long i’ll hit that

sit back heres a drink, sip that

dont skull it and vomit on my louis vutton wallet

yeah its fake hey, im ballin on a budget

and u fallin for it like its warren buffet

i love it, how ya dress and shoes match

lets move to the back and remove all that

ya all that, cant u tell i feel ya

thats why im on the chase like lemon to tequilla

im a thriller, like mike pre white skin

a PYT, you remind of like when

Nesian and PNC on the track

you a hit baby girl, the greatest infact



In the words of 3000 “Sophisti-funk Aristocrat”

Man sharpen up your act

For such a lady comes along once in a blue moon

And when you do I’m over the moon

Don’t mean to sing blues talking all that Jazz

Straight up I like the fact you don’t need to brag

Or blow your own horn like pulling a louie

You know pulling my Arm strong

Isn’t scared to let the curls loose

Sweet coconut perfume with a smile that consumes the room

Infectious how I develop an interest in what ever your interest are

Refreshing to find such a down to earth star

Knows where she’s from & yet where we are

Proud to be that brown Nesian queen

Making me feel free to be me S to the A B



Baby girl gotta let u know,

You’re just so beautiful

Aint gotta be no video chick,

No you don’t

From head to toe baby girl, you a hit


Like destiny child but around the way girl,

The best I’ve seen in awhile her booty to her smile

Somehow, She got me breaking all the rules,

Got me pulling out all the stops to get close to you (Don’t understand),

She beats the rest she be the best aint no contest,

From her booty to her chest, So if you don’t mind tonight we’ll just ride tonight, She say’s fine and just smiles, I like it if your status aint hood she aint down, Others try to be her man, But she know I’m a around, Jeah!

Coz I’m in need of a souljah girl,

So won’t cha girl,

Be my 1 and only girl,

Is it just me or you feeling what you see,

Soon as I step on the scene,

Looking so fresh so clean,

Baby don’t mind me,

Mr J*U*N to the Z,

Coz you’re more than just a women to me


Nesian Mystik I Don’t Usually


See the mood is so good, and you looking so good, I was thinking we could take a cruise through the hood, We can take it slow or take it a little faster, Tell me what you know, let me tell you what I’m after, Take a little time to talk, Take a lil time to walk, Honest I never thought, That it would turn out like this, Yo dawg tell em how it is


Instant attraction

A lust so raw

Grab my attention

Via your pheromones


Like a rose bouquet


I’m loving your way

[Pre Hook:]

I know what’s going on

But I’ll act like I don’t know

Go on tell me your story

You know what’s going on

Lets go back to your home

Ok, we’ll just have a coffee


Then you say…

I don’t usually

Do this type of thing

But there’s something about you


It’s out of character

For me

Don’t think anything bad

Of me


Get to your crib

Put down your keys

Set the tone

Turn on some

Raphael saadiq (Detroit girl)

I sense your logic

Go with the flow

Our dialogue filled with

Sexual innuendos

It stimulates

The intensity

The chemistry’s incredible

Between you and me

You want me so bad

And I see

Darling, make your move

It’s all good with me




Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She asks if I’m ok

(Are you ok)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I say I’m all good baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Cause I’m going have you saying

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah