Onyx Gangsta

[Fredro Starr]

You my wife with no papers, my gangsta bitch

First time I got caught you tried to shank a bitch

You scared to get down, she a bust all rounds

Smoke a Newport, cut me half, bust me down

Catch me lookin at another chick she curse me out

Dead serious, but at times she act silly

Jump out the truck at the light to get the philly

Rolling it up, chasing down the ice cream truck

I waited half-an-hour for your hair to get braided

She leaving dirty messages on 3-way pagers

Told her how to roll, she low and spit razors

She hit triple six first time out in Vegas

Never got shook, when feds knocked down the door

She hid the coke, a scared chick would’ve flushed it all

And we can live it up, eat lots of shrimp

Or get grimey with a quarter bag of potato chips

[Chorus: Platinum Plus]

Cause she’s straight gangstaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa


Cause she’s straight gangstaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa



I need a down chick that wouldn’t mind loading my clips

And wouldn’t blow her mind if I showed her a brick

In and out of the grind with the focus of chips

Blowing one time with her controlling the whip

Wait up for me and make sure she doubled the flip

She a sophisticated thug bitch that move her hips

She catch you for her set up you when you move your shit

Or most of the time, she throw the cold shoulder to guys

Smoke in the ride, hoodie low over her eyes

She know she a dime, baby nine shot to her thighs

Gotta be live, help me count doe in the five

And when I’m gone for weeks, turn them OT moves

She don’t trip, she’s the gangsta she knows the rules

Giving me hell is not hard, it’s something to lose

God for bid I slip up and land in jail

My murder mami put the house up to make the bail


[Sticky Fingaz]

Behind a real nigga there’s a real bitch, she lied to me

See, my bitch walked right beside of me

I’ve been in situations and seen her ride for me

She licked my gun wounds, even did my time with me

Ain’t nothing she can’t have, I gave that girl ery’thing

Tatooed her name on fingers for wedding rings

Are you that chick, do you rep Sticky?

We split it down the middle, everything 40-60

Are you that chick for rich or poor?

The only one I eat out the only one I hit raw

Keep you, covered in ice til you start shivering

The Baby Phat Gucched up out with pink Timbalands

Me and her, we like Bonnie and Clyde

I hold the heat and the money, she drive the ride

She make other bitch’s mad cause she more bitch than they ever been

It’s beautiful and intelligent, talented, droppin heroin


[Outro: Platinum Plus]

She build with me, she kill for me

With blood, shed tears, you still with me

She real with me, smoke fry with me

Look the judge in the eye, straight lie for me

Count bills with me, you’ll kill for me

With the blood, shed tears, she still with me

Cause she build with me, she kill for me

Look the judge in the eye, straight lie for me

Onyx Getto Mentalitee

[Fredro Starr]

We roll a hundred niggas deep and not one of y’all got a gun

I bust one shot, you see a hundred niggas run

So sit on black gortex, before test, we all wore vests

I’m takin all bets, to see who will score next

I burn you like floor sex, you just a small threat

Wit a small set, so forfeit, I rhyme for more checks

Cuz whatever that it takes to make these papes, I’mma walk this

I’m worthless, I’m back to sellin cracks behind the trenches

I’ma hurt this when I work this, I’ll beat you fuckin senseless

Deep and other bitches got me swingin at the fences

I bring it down like gravity, wit the getto mentalitee

To rule the oddity, the official nasty on the strategy

[Greg Valentine]

The city never sleeps, so don’t sleep on us

I put niggas to rust, when my gun bust and plus

You get rushed, and when the press is on, you just been checked

You had plans on conquerin this, you need to switch up

Get up, nigga you should of got up

Obey my orders, cuz shit like that’ll leave you shot up

For real, it’s a deadman’s party, leave ya body at the door

A loss for lechery, my introduction to the century

And entity, is what I plan to be in the industry

Enemies in my vicinity, get assassinated like the Kennedy

My gats the foolproof remedy


It’s Sonsee, black and blue, the bad news off the pocket

Look like tacky, attack me, you get splashed

Official nasty backwards, sue, what the fuck is rule, you dumb ass

Trynna put shit on our name, you gonna get numb fast

Rap in the street, to do without ya

While I haul off and snatch four shit out ya

Look and see my image again when you start hemorrhaging

And damn, it’s cloggin up, the blood he didn’t smell

The masses, disastrous, plenty closed caskets

And asses, when I turn, we burn crews to ashes

Niggas take the simple, so get gassed up and smashed up

That’s my word, and come wit that bullshit and that’s ya ass

[Chorus x8]

Getto mentalitee

[J Mega]

I trash niggaz who can’t speak what I’m sayin

All City, Mega bomb, I ain’t playin

Just slayin emcees, and makin niggas freeze

And all of these lyrics for to squeeze

Niggas please don’t test me, just let me be

Wit my City, the Nasty, Official and keepin niggas whippy

To hit me, wit the Valentine, forties and bag the bad shorties

I got drafted, because the fuckin Armee called me

And it’s all out war, niggas fall out

For reasons that’s now unknown, check this shit

I got the illest, the realest, hard for kids to kill us

Until it’s, my turn to fall, I’ma bill this

Brick wall, to keep the crabs out of my sector

Inject the, and now correct the J Mega

[Panama P.I.]

The hell wit rules, I won’t leave a scratch to patch

This is war, way worth of a grudge match

Big P.I., low uphold a, a Universal soldier

Chump should of listened when I told ya

I’m ill, like fire moms you will, obtain

Flip bombs and peal, lyrics burn like acid rain

Holdin the gutter, buck wild, for offerin butter

I’mma thug, I used to love the drug rubber

Rugged and raw, pretty cuz I’m hardcore

All Mighty then Thor, always ain’t it for a faggot jaw

So hard rocks and fillin flocks, clear the block

My mic’s a glock, I keep plenty styles in stock

The way emcees react when I attack

Get me away from him, he’s a maniac

[Sticky Fingaz]

It’s pure you see, I bring fame

They call me Nigga So Much, startin to think it’s my name

Light skinned and a shame, cuz way back in the day

They rapped my grandmother’s mother’s, when they was in Spain

To help my grandfather, he be misbehaved

But my ancestors was brave, and most of them real

Stronghold brass, forty slain workin in the field

But a hundred years later, I learned about my roots

And how they traded in there white sheets, for badges and blue suits

So I’m takin recruits, and shut the fuck, it’s on right

And start a fight, a fight, a nigga and a white

And if a nigga don’t win, then we all jump in

[Chorus to fade]

Onyx O.N.Y.X. RMX

[Fredro Starr]

Turn it up

Turn it up

Turn it up

All real niggaz turn it up

Turn it up

Turn it up

Turn it up

All real bitches turn it up

Turn it up

Turn it up

All real niggaz turn it up

Turn it up

Turn it up

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo [gun shots]

Thug recognise thug

We all blood when we feel shots from a slug

You think the kid boutta ice thata cool off

Fuck ice you cant floss in the fucking warm

Summer nights son its time to put the Benz up

And copp the Hummer with the bullet proof rims what

To burn purple haze livin in the last dayz

They fly planes kinda low where my PJ’s

Where the money at? Bombs droppin from the sky

I’m tryin live it up and fuck as much before I die

To the death till my last breath, guns high

Thats when you ride for your projects

What you rep [gun shots]

Fuck that, O.N.Y.X.

Got niggas whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots (REMIX)

Yo, Yo O.N.Y.X.

Got niggas whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots (REMIX)

[Sticky Fingaz]

Is you ready for the D-Day

A thousand motha fuckas runnin on the freeway

Feel the heat nigga, shit abouta back lash

In the streets smokin dro through a gas mask

I had to trade in my roli and my cross piece

For automatics, ammo I [gun shots] need more heat

Terrorists, bomb threats in the night club

Drivin over mine fields on crome dubs

And through all the lootin and the stampedes

I be drinkin champagne through a cantine

So fuck it, till they nuke us get your ones up [gun shot]

Thats right thats the anthem get your guns up

Uhhhh huh

Its the O.N.Y.X.

We got you whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots (R-E-M-I-X)

Its the O.N.Y.X.

We got you whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots (R-E-M-I-X)


Yeah, yo

Hot ones echo through the battlefield

Hollow points flyin by piercin through ya shield

Ya here the wall cry

Fuck it throw ya guns high

Now what you prayin for bitch we gonna all die

And while you gather up your armed troops

We pushin tanks throwin dank out the sunroof

Theres no hope killas chanted out they war charols

Cut throats snortin coke through a gun barrel

Ain’t no point tryna save no civilians

Got kids runnin up pullin out grenade pins

Blowing buildings up

Duck when ya hear the shots

Flame throwers 1M-1’s melt your whole block

Pressure building up

Know when to run high suicide bombers flying in the high rise

Raise shots above us

Fuck till we get paid

Or in the [?] we pray these the last dayz

Thats right its the O.N.Y.X.

Got niggas whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots thats right (R-E-M-I-X)

Thats right its the O.N.Y.X.

Got niggas whylin throwin guns in the projects

Got niggas in jail sharpening up they objects

Got niggas in clubs startin fuckin riots thats right (R-E-M-I-X)

Onyx Ghetto Starz

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

I’m a rapper turned rock star

Word up, what I wanna know

Yo, I’m a rapper turned rock star

What, what, what, what

I’m a rapper turned rock star

Yo, yo, yo

[Fredro Starr]

I’m a rapper turned rock star, in a hot car

What y’all? The black prop with the crowbar

No plates off the lot it costs a lot

You forced to watch hands take they hand off the glock

Money don’t stop long as I stay hot

Cook it up, chop it up, put it on the block

Bust a bullet on the chart till we hit the top

Nigga not too thick, the fold, I’m dipped in gold

You half a gram niggas, can never slam niggas

What part you don’t understand? I’m the man nigga

[Chorus x2: Mr. Cheeks]

Why not? Makin moves and gettin money with my team

We them ghetto starz, this here is far from a dream

Official Nas, here to get up in that ass

Word up, pour some liquor in my cup and pass


Yo, word up kid, there’s mad money in this

Grab the mic, handle your business

This here is for Official niggas only, no beginners

About my heavy metal, run the ghetto, where my sinners?

You feel me in my crazy world, I only deal with sinners

Hearin local reports from out the vocal laws up in the game

You violate nigga, I swear I tear you out the frame

Y’all niggas know the name, we represent the burrough Queens

With the same routines run with y’all gats to smithereens


Official Nas, and L-B fam

Bringin you the jam from the Queen-shy to get green-shy

Rob with us, shorty it’s all live, peep the vibe

As we keep you wired, so up the stakes, cut the cake

Regulate, we delegate and dead they take

That’s a rapper that it’s official, track for track

I back slap you, with my other platinum plaques

You whack rap hopefulls, have you noddin like the dope do

Any member of my crew’ll roze you

Number one spot, took that

Onyx show, book that

Got a bet, better know where to put that

[Chorus x2]


I smoke weed in cars that cost more than your house

I got a fly chick with gats, hold coke in her blouse

I’m talkin about a hundred g’s, show sold out

So you see that, you better shut your mouth

I used to scheme on niggas that had more than me

Now I’m that nigga and niggas scheme on me

I got a ghetto mentality

If a nigga front, I’m gattin ’em

I never had nothin, now my rolex is platinum

I be the same man, rich or poor

Wildin out at the club, time to hit the floor

Outside I got the infa, in the Ferrari cockpit

Fuck partyin with y’all, we already got shit

You rockless, nina you ain’t got no props

Let me see you at the awards this years, I blow your spot

Even at a rich event, you can still get shot

Fuck that, as of now Onyx back in the mack

We guaranteed to start fights everytime we rap

Yo, who got next? Who got first?

I’m God Son, the illest nigga on this earth, what?

[Chorus x4]

Onyx Stik ‘N’ Muve


Oh shit.. yo, y’knahmsayin?

That shit just shot duke in the face

(That nigga right there!)

Nigga gotta be dead..

Fuck that then, let’s rob that nigga man

Take that nigga watch and get the fuck out of here

(Fuck him!)

[Fredro Starr]

Aiyyo, young brothers out there

shouldn’t be stickin up people y’know?

[Sonee Seeza]

Give me the money, give me the money

Here comes Sonee the greaser

Sees the hostages; my conscience keeps tellin me I should just

Hit ’em high, hit ’em low, everywhere I go

There’s no coppers, to stop us, the pros, our motto

is stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve

[Fredro Starr]

8 o’clock in the mornin, time to wake up

Another brother gettin paid, and away, it’s a stick up

No time to even, take a bath

Strictly cash, tax free quick fast

Grab my Polo, jumped in the Timberland boots

I got Audi, time to get rowdy

Shiftee, low down gritty and grimy

I guess I gotta find my crimey

Sticky Fingaz, yo that’s Sticky Fingaz

Jetted to the ave. in a half of a second

He wasn’t at the spot, so the stop I was checkin

Met him on the way, tucked away was the weapon

Stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve

[Sticky Fingaz]

Single handed me and Mickey barely took a trip to Linden

Picked up some cheeba and some brew and yo what else?

Screamin “NOTHING!”

Now we on the East train back and [?] said “SOMETHING!”

Oops, since I stooped, the 40-deuce get loose

Seen three other troopers and they tried to call a truce

One had a link, the other a goose

You know what we took, and you know what we left

But the third one played a punk he dissed his posse and stepped

With Sticky on the loose, there was nothin he could do

So I pulled out the old tape ducted twenty-two

But that was only petty skills, the Philly [?] Freddie

Stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve

[Fredro Starr]

Yeah, yeah; hand over the money

Don’t get like “Doc, what’s up Doc?”

This is Mugs Bunny and ain’t nuttin funny; ha, it’s a stick up

Sticky got sticky and tricky with the wallet

But this ain’t “El Segundo”

It’s just the four, bad, brothers from the ghetto

Stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve, stick ‘n’ muve

[Suave/Sonee Seeza]

We had an option after 12 in the city

Man we gonna roll with some [?] like Nitti

But first we got trips, because the man got geese

Yo mister I just got robbed; have you seen the police?

Nah, none over here – good, so run all your gear

Rolex watch, rings, the Gucci underwear

You might think I’m sorta out of order

but I’ll rob you for a quarter – say whitey’s youse a goner

Youse a goner wanna, call the pork, pig

Ya dig, police, peace!

Stick ‘n’ muve.. stick ‘n’ muve.. stick ‘n’ muve.. stick ‘n’ muve

[Fredro Starr]

Aiyyo, young brothers out here

shouldn’t be stickin up people y’know? (That’s a no no)

This is a story about Sticky Fingaz and [?] show

And there was a

Stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve

Stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve

Stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ muve stick ‘n’ moooove

Stick ‘n’ muve

Yeah yeah, hand over the money

(Yeah yeah – gimme the money, gimme the money)

Yeah yeah, hand over the money

(Yeah yeah – gimme the money, gimme the money)

Hit ’em high, hit ’em low

Gimme the money, gimme the money

Hit ’em high, hit ’em low

Gimme the money, gimme the money

Hit ’em high, hit ’em low

Gimme the money, gimme the money

Yeah yeah, hand over the money

Onyx Turndafucup


Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

Er’body, TurnDaFucUp

[Verse 1: Fredro Starr]

Yeah, if you want it, you can get it right here

You can get stuffed in the trunk in the rear

Niggas gettin dunked in the peer

Rollin’ thru the truck with a blunt in the ear

Think it until you make the dope, you’re not a hard roller

I can sip two beers, I can turn bipolar

Skeet so crazy, I’m flipped, I warped

That’s why no mortal fuck with the strip and trust

Everybody got stuck on that road to stardum

But the banks aren’t empty, shanks aren’t empty

My brain’s all safety, I’m locked to the beat

Neva fall off, even if I loose my feet

I work all day, so I sleep all night

Then wake up with the Bentley with the football lights

That’s how I took yo wife

Told “baby, we can kick it like in football high”


[Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz]

Sticky fingers, god in the underground

Girls like “oh my god” when I come around

You waskally wabbits, now I gotta gun ’em down

First you want a beat, now you givin’ me the runaround

I’ll take yo pot, you give me my respect

See if you pass this reality check

I’m half from Ret, but rest assured

When it come to ya’ll niggas, less is more

Yeah, I took the hustlers on

They said money don’t go, I’ll trade a mic and I don’t

Make something outta nothin’, that’s my upbringing

We don’t play god but we got the club swingin’

A pr-pr-pr-pr-product, don’t need no chainer

Don’t need no friends, don’t need no favors

I’ll wait so loud, I don’t need no neighbors

Shawty ain’t giving head? but that’s a no brainer


Onyx Shiftee

[Fredro Starr]

IIIIIII, got struck by lighting and the thunder!

Wildin in the shit from the tundra – The Winda[?]

Help me up, someone’s pullin me under!

A scorcher, flame on the brain, this is torture

Terrible, horrible, sick shit I brought ya!

Sacrifice the virgin, urban I’m splurgin

Split splice, I prefer to bring it like a surgeon right

Bombs I got shatter, bulletholes in the paper

Escape the, madness, ONYX, the baddest! (Yup)

Souls of a soldier in the streets of survival

If you [?] to find the blackness, here’s the gun to guide you!

Fumble up, crews crumble up, under pressure God!

It’s hard, fuck you broke your tooth playin’

Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimey

[Chorus: x4]

Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimey

[Sonne Seeza]

Come and just bust me, peel the real shit!

Drilled through ya ear drum, hell yeah, I’m fearsome!

My equilibrium, is touched with the U.S.G., sickness

Contaminated with slickness!

Filthy nasty grungy, tracks of the wretched

I gotta deflect it, crazy desperate, deception!

Yeahhh, son, keep ’em on the run!

If you wasn’t a two, then you musta been the one!

It’s not a big case, to erase, who makes it my fate

You just, waste your time and blood, so you better play ya space!

Cause if that’s some shit, gon’ get real stupid!

And, you and your man, can TROOP IT!


Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimey

Shiftee! Shiftee! Shiftee! Shiftee!


Aiy you you nasty ass! (What’s up big fella!)

Hey whatever, whatever shit, the dirty desert dweller!

Who said never, all in together!

(Now I’m a show you how the Afficial niggaz FUCK IT UP!)

[Chorus: x8]

Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimey

[Sticky Fingaz]

One day I’ma rule the fuckin world, just mark my word

I’ve got the filthiest shit, human ears ever heard!

And even if you wash my mouth out with soap

I’ll still be as disgusting and despicable!

Unpredictable, liable to flip my lid!

My moms dropped me on my head, when I was a kid!

Back then I lost all my marbles, today I lost my job

So in essence it’s armageddon, somebody’s bound to get robbed!

Watch out! This could be you I believe

Put a gun to your face, it’s better to give than recieve!

I’m more than meets the eye, energize, make your blood pressure rise

Mad Face ain’t no disguise!

[Chorus: x4]

Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grimey


Onyx Walk In New York

One time One time…thats it


this the Onyx shit know what I’m sayin

coming out the mother fucking crevices

coming out the fucking cracks like snakes boy

word to mother

All my niggas in Queens and ya dont stop

All my niggas in Brooklyn and ya dont stop

All my niggas in Uptown and ya dont stop

All my niggas in the boogiewoogie and ya wont stop

we gonna set this shit New York style

[Verse 1:]

We don’t throw gang signs in New York

We just be on some shit in New York

New York City, shiftee low down gritty

you punk niggaz yell pity and smell shitty

NYPD can suck my dick

this is the way we rip shit from the bricks

walking like a zombie smoking blunts in the lobby

I be rolling with my niggas behind me take em off

attention; fuck all that slippin and inchin

I’m rappin loot snatchin staying greasy the shit ain’t easy

I’m coming raw hide

seirous as a 45

the damn streets are eager to take more lives

fuck it, its my home-hate it or appreciate it

its the tour 8 million story orientated

designated and made for the real renegade

so I never been afraid to start car-they get paid


this is the way we walk in New York

this is the way we walk in New York

this is the way we walk in New York

this is the way we walk in New York

[Verse 2:]

I’ma stay on my job

cause thats my adventure

I was bred to be a big gainer

who cant contain a placenta

the USG witch

make me switch like a skitso

when red rummin gets so hot

but never blow back to the cold spot

if the heat got too much

I’ma slide down south

outta town bout-leave the home

or I’ll move shit down

on keyed lock

we rock (all nuthin)

and then NewYork niggaz was pulling your shit- your shit wasn’t right

we known to start shit up

from trends to riots to ruckus

and big enough to fuck up anybody that wanna attack us

and thats cause the fire burns are deep

most of us are peeps-ture New York niggaz play for keeps

(Wanna be a part of it-New York is always starting shit)

Fuck them

I’ma a nasty native (New Yorker)

the full of shit talker

the dark street walker

shining in time stalker

bringin it back to reality

this is for my niggaz in NYC

not since ’76

since the knicks won the championships

hasn’t been some more shit like this

so back up get up and ass up and my rap wax sound

my shots ring loud

and panic the crowd

(blow ’em up) get up-my sounds downtown

(hold ’em up) gimme everthing right no

Onyx Punkmotherfukaz

[Fredro Starr]

The pussy one, who is he?

He ain’t gettin busy, ah, I’m gettin pissy

I’m havin fill nigga, shout muthafuckas

Bringin 96 to freeze in December, fuck all of y’all

[Sticky Fingaz]

Punk ass niggas make me fuckin sick

And I can’t take it no more, gettin tired of this shit

If ya stupid ass muthafuckas don’t quit

I’m have a fit, and ya gonna flip


Hardcore galore is what I’m for

And breakin punks jaws, let me hear yea y’all (yea y’all)

I’m the kind, that’s swingin ya mind

Or play it, takin KO, and plus, wit verbal hay makers

Connections, whatever I’m flexin

Ain’t no question, punks, prepare for more stressin

Punkmotherfukaz, Punkmotherfuckaz

Onyx Shout




[Fredro Starr]

Balheadz and gunz BLOAW!

Do you wanna run say: “Aaah!” (Aaah!)

Wich way did he go? You don’t know

You move too slow, boy you BLOW

My style flows on you right here

Where my Queens niggaz? (RIGHT HERE!)

Is you out there? (YEAH!…YEAH!)


Just watch us walk this hit, and get ILL

We won’t gall, til we hear fifty bill

So grab a hoe, get a grib, it’s time to shake it up

Rappers and routines, that make bricks

[Sticky Fingaz]

And you couldn’t make me forget about, where I came frome

And even if I left…SNOW, I still be a hoodlum

Cuz good dayz come to those WHO TAKE ‘EM

And I’m fed up, if there was so much things outta ya

I gotta screeaam! (Aaah!) To let it all

It’s frustration and it’s filled up inside a me!


Come on and scream (AAH!)

And shout (OOH!), just let it all out (YEAH!)



These M.C.’s shoulda rehearse

They keep comin’ around like auto-reverse

But then I shift THE WORST!

We THE WORST, and then they heard

But first da cut– Then I bust they verse to quince[?] my fears

[Sticky Fingaz]

I’ve had mad money, but I spend it, now I’m broke

So I’m searching for somebody to put in a choke hold

And I can wet to wrap my bay hands around they neck

And SQUEEZE until I fuckin’ strangle ’em to death


Yo, you smell that?

[Fredro Starr]

Yeah, that’s me, I’m the shit

I’m in affect like Woodtex

A newer Tec from out da click

Because my rhyme again, pass me my Heineken

WHERE’S THE WEED I NEED? It is my vitamin, so light it Lincoln (HAH!)

Reach for the sky, you move too far, you won’t get by, you gotta jar

This style is a gimmick and you know that you can’t be, what we be



[Fredro Starr]

When I was born, I never thought that I could be like that

[?] up on their BACK, block’s sellin’ CRACK

Watch the BLACK cops, I PACK cock clocks and glock phat knots

Nigga in Dawn Paddy crimes, like I play nines

And odds to stay alive, survive and they gettin’ mine

Faultless for ghetto minds, and FUCK DA [?]

See you rather run the streets and fuck around with the crooks

THEY GOT bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and Deffer and better

This my better bottom of brother, word to mother!


Mo’ niggaz grab the mics, talkin’ ’bout they gonna set it

When all the rounds you’ll make is fake and synthesis

We just get it, wish your style is old and [?]

So burn up mo’ money, cuz you gets no credit

You want it? Here go

Nigga know that you own me, or me gon’ be on da street dealo

Bangin’ M.C.’s, SO KEEP IT LIVE! Up in here

I swear nothing left, we pose dead, your best record by–Most def, Most Def

[Sticky Fingaz]

Sticky Fingaz, I earn money for walkin’ in chains

Where I grew up, in Brooklyn New York, moved to Queens, and my teams

My pants is bustin’ out the scene, is what this gun in my teens

Without it I wouldn’t’ve lived this long

In my wildest dreams, that I’m a STAR!

All spotlights, police have me!



Afficial Nast keep it on, keep keep it on, and ya don’t stop

All City keep it on, keep keep it on, and ya don’t stop

Armee keep it on, keep keep it on, and ya don’t stop

Onyx keep it on, keep keep it on, and ya don’t stop