P. Diddy Lonely

[Kokane begins stutter-singing the word lonely]

[P. Diddy]

This goes out to my nigga B.I.G.

Listen to me playboy, check dis out

I go, on and on and on and

Won’t take her to the crib unless she’s bonin’

PD call her on the phone and

Promise I’ll leave her moanin’

Now she zonin’

Tellin’ me she’s all alone and

Love the dark chocolate tone and

Ahead of my time, I live what’s said in my rhymes

The cars and the chedda is mine

We ain’t, the type to sit back and lose focus

Spit that mack-a-docious

Most ferocious

Cash all in my holsters

Burn more bread than toasters

You must know this, the cats I’m with is the coldest

Hip-hop quota but quote this

Back on the track again, thats whats happenin’

Please believe it, we on top and won’t leave it

[Chorus: Kokane]

Sometimes I feel like I’m lonely

And sometimes I feel like I’m lonely


Uh, uh, yeah

Ey yo C-I-O-F-F-I-E

Q-U-double E-N-Z

Come on ma your riding with me

Leave the lame respect the game

When you hanging on my arm you expect the same

And, extasy when you sex the Kain

I, only link with the wealthiest

And only cop jewels if it drop celcius

Now, you can run but you can never hide

But, where you go when the temperature rise

It’s Bad Boy see death in ya eyes

Kain Cioffe the next on the rise

Damagin’ shit hot stamina split

You got screwball raps we the hammerin’ clique

Limo, the club, and the cameras’ll flip

Money, music women son we standin’ in it HA!


[Mark Curry]

Yo, yo, yo, yo

Don’t panic, don’t take this for granted

I did then still do and always ran it

A lot to gain when I say I’m off the chain

The shit I spit…burn flames

Who’s controllin’ this

I can make the bitches grin

Cuz I get money and run with the richest men

Knockin’ at ya door it’s Curry again

Been down since the jump off begin

You know who I am

Don’t get it all twisted up

Get the cash to my hands be all blistered up

We can pick it up, we can drop it low

Recognize what it is when I come through the door

Not partyin’ and pimpin’, I walk wit a limp

Once I took it to the top I ain’t fell off since

Stay high stay fly stay cool in the fan

Ain’t none of y’all seein’ ya man

Get a grip niggas



(On guard, defend yo’ self) It’s lonely at the top hey hey [repeated twice]

[Kokane fades out stutter-singing the word lonely]

P. Diddy Where’s Sean?

[P. Diddy]

Eh yo what’s up playboy

Yeah, now I’m out here in Milan

I need you to come get wit’ me aight?

Yeah, I got something I need you to do

Call up the rest of the crew

I’ll see you there

[Big Azz Ko]

Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan

Went to get the package, got there it was gone

Hold on say word you got to be joking

Don’t worry about it dun I’m on the next thing smoking

Hit Bristal up on the speed dial

Yo these funny talking cats tryin’ to do a nigga foul

It’s goin’ down nigga round up the team

Im’ll head over here just to map out the scene

Ship them things in route to climb walls

Infrared vision ear plugs and all

Digital surveillance linked with laptops

Express mail it to me can’t ??


I’m splurtin’ for certain Bris-pro working

Searchin’ dippin’ curvin’ breakin’ clean outta virgin

From servin’ here Rob certain I’m burnin’

On my way from Mt. Vernon

Swervin’ a stretch bourbon

Identity of this man I look persian

Hey yo we gotta get him

I wanna know where they came from

Or who sent them

First nigga to find them better bend’em

Cuz I just spoke to Polly Fontaine

Shit ain’t a game, and Sean feel the same

So y’all niggas betta get on point

[P. Diddy]

Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam

Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall

Well let’s see how Rob B-O handles this one

Bad boys watch ya backs

Watch ya backs bad boys

[Black Rob]

Yo, who the fuck is this pagin’ me at eight fourty six

I’m hoppin’ outta shorty whip

I’m by the tel, across exxon by the shell

Sense of urgency on the cell

We gon’ pick you up, when ya flight land

We in a tight jam

Me and Diddy fam sorta like his right hand

I touch down like two-thirty

If i was on you, your hoe’s and them cowards Im’ll do dirty

Still a commssion and we all equal

All lethal

Caught’em doin’ dirt to the wrong people

It’s the family affair, I’m here

With all of me Im’ll deal with this one accordingly

Got the locations sittin’ in the console pacin’

Get bagged murder be the case and

And I’m tired in jail

Even though through the riots I prevailed

Enjoyin’ my freedom, got two kids as long as I feed’em

I’m here for the fam thats there when I need’em

[Mark Curry]

Yo, uh uh uh, hello

It gotta be the same cats

I can tell by they strange acts

When they mumble to each other

Like Milan they run for cover

New cuz this bitch that I fucked with

One thought I loved her

Seas debate the storm pull him the the surface

That’s a purpose

One of these faces, make’em nervous

Catch’em when they out for hamburgers

Turn they whole lunch into a murder

In a way all the rounds gon’ be heard of

This shits big, the first thing to catch to where PD is

I’m on it, act like they want it

Im’ll bring the heat

Just let me know the place we plan to meet

And I’m in it sure as your heart beat


Yo I ain’t really tryin’ to duck no strays

So watch what the fuck you say

It’s ya mouth that started the shit

Now you actin’ all retarted and shit

Dog I came to play my part and that’s it

We had a fullproof plan, all we need was the fam

Ammunition, a van, two chicks and one extra man

Two lincoln LS Sedans

Fifteen hundred yards of saran

And after the scam, we be out in Amsterdam

Yo, call Sean in Milan

Call Sean tell Sean we gone

We’ll meet him in Hong Kong

With two chicks both they thongs on

Mabe Ling and Kim Long

Both of them dead wrong

Two rich bitches the feds on

[P. Diddy]

Yeah, well it seems like brother Loon is out in Hong Kong

He’s found his self in a sticky icky icky situation

But you know somethin’ I have faith in the bad boys

Bad boys bring it on home, bring it on home bad boys


Heh, I’m bout to do Santa Dimengo

On a horse named Bingo

A fugitive lookin’ for Puff switchin’ my lingo

Stayin’ at a hotel called the pink flamingo

Callin’ up MC from a cuatro cinco

The set up, tryin’ on my way to uniform

Room service bumpin’ Kain on the newest song

Holdin’ gats knowin’ everything I do is wrong

‘Till I hi-jack the sky flyin’ on a unicorn

Downstairs with a bag of money and two clips

Talkin’ to Loons chicks wit’ sombreros and toothpicks

Sayin’ they commit homicides for two bits

And fuck for dough like I give two shits

Wildfire call from Hong Kong

Hello (Loon: Yo Kain I just spotted Sean Jean)

Hold up, some information was missing

I just got the same page from Bris

He told me he saw Sean and two chicks followed by four whips

Somewhere in the Florida sticks

It’s a set up

Tell the crew to keep their heads high

I’m gonna flip if any one of my mens die

We’ve been fucked somebody told us a bent-lie/Bentley (what?)

Let’s get back to the spot in NY

Seven glocks P-S-P-O pops

Hit both the hot locks

Let’em read it that Diddy is on them hot blocks

So we sent two teams to rush both spots

Ha yeah!

Suited up ready to dumbs out

Thumbs out watch the motherfuckin’ door with our guns out

[P. Diddy]

Hey yo yo hold up stop the music man heh heh

Y’all niggas is crazy I was only joking man

I just wanted to see if my family was on point

P. Diddy Dance With Me / Peaches & Cream

[P. Diddy]

Bad Boy

Let’s dance [7x]

Yo, everybody report to the dance floor

Report to the dance floor

Bad Boy baby

112, Beanie Sigel

Here we go!

[Beanie Sigel]

God damn, guess who stepped up in the place?

The kid with two rubbers on his waist

Two steppin’ to the base

and I don’t usually step up in the place

I usually pull that lead out, ready to get a lead out

But damn, since I stepped up in the place

I’m try’na touch you, squeeze you, tell you what’s the case

Before I bust, you squeeze, outta telly and a case of Cris’

I’m tryin’ to take you to the telly, bust in ya ffffff

Tryin’ to lure me out on the dance floor

I’m tryin’ to get it twirly on the dance floor

Everything remains the same, might spit-talk to it

Then “Change The Game”, might Crip-Walk to it

But never Harlem shake it, Harlem make it, Harlem break it

Dawg, I ain’t hardly made this

You talkin’ to one of Roc’s finest

And do rewind this; it’s Bad Boy’s finest!

Yo, yo, yo, yo,

Bad Boy Motherfuckers

This is the remix (Won’t stop)

112 (Can’t Stop)

Def Jam, Bad Boy, yeah

This is the remix, Ludacris come on

[Ludacris (P. Diddy)]

Ludacris like ’em shaken not stirred (yeah) wakin up blurred (uh-huh)

Walk butt-naked (what) talk, speech slurred (that’s right)

Necks get squeezed and I can’t breathe (come on)

Stop then SWITCH; next, get me (that’s right)

Hon’, you kinda taste like lemon merangue (lemon merangue)

So nice I add spice with the cinnamon thang

Make ya pull your own hair out

Make ya body go flat, get the spares out

Well, smack lips, smack hips, make ’em backflip (that’s right)

Cake mix, fingerlickin-like tactics, tongue gymnastics

Good head make ya eyes ROLL BACK

’12 on the track so you can’t HOLD BACK

Hot bread and butter, peach and cream (come on)

I only reach for the peach if it’s peachy clean (that’s right)

I only reach for your spot and release the steam (come on)

A-town, we release the kings (yeah, this is the remix)

[Slim of 112 (P. Diddy):]

Let me tell you what I wanna do (yeah)

Let me show you that I’m feelin’ you (uh-huh)

Wanna sex, wanna ride with you (come on)

Wanna kiss, wanna put my lips all over you (I like this)

Can’t get enough of you (come on)

Always thinkin’ of you (yeah)

So sweet, so very wet, so good girl you make me sweat

[Hook – 112 (P. Diddy)]

Girl I’m talkin’ ’bout peaches and cream (say what)

I need it ’cause you know that I’m a fiend

Gettin’ freaky in my Bentley limousine

It’s even better when it’s with ice cream (uh huh)

Know what I mean?

Peaches and cream

I need it ’cause you that I’m fiend (uh huh)

Gettin’ freaky in my Bentley limousine

It’s even better when it’s with ice cream

Know what I mean?

Peaches and cream

[Q of 112 (P. Diddy)]

Never thought that I would be (yeah)

So addicted to you (come on)

On top, underneath, on the side of you

Better yet baby, inside of you (feel me?)

Love the way you juice flowin’ down (yeah)

And I can feel it all around (come on)

In the front, in the back of you (yeah)

Oooh I love the taste you, girl you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout


[Mike of 112 (P. Diddy):]

Don’t stop ’cause you know I can’t get enough (come on)

Wanna taste it in the mornin’ when I’m wakin’ up (come on)

Like peach cobbler in my stomach when I eat it up (come on)

Got your legs around my neck so I can’t get up

See, them boys 112, we from the A… A!!! (ATL)

And when it comes to eatin’ peaches shorty, we don’t play…. PLAY!!!

So all the ladies in the house if ya peach’s the shit

Put ya hands in the air, represent ya clit, get it?

[P. Diddy:]

This is the dance break

This the remix

Just want you to just…

Just, just, just bounce to this

Yeah, come on

Can I get a lick?

Come on, yeah, can I get a lick?

Yeah, yeah, come on


[P. Diddy:]

Bad Boy baby, Mario Winans

P. Diddy

Q, Mike, Slim, Daron – 112

This is the remix

P. Diddy So Complete

[Verse 1]

I remember what you said to me, when you said it to me last night

we was talkin’, and you reassured me everythings fine

When I woke up this morning to get some loving from you

I turned to one side, to my suprise, I wasn’t layin’ next to you (mmmm)

Why don’t you get closed to me, I thought it was supposed to be

Me and you, you and me, so complete (so complete)

While you handlin’ me this way, what was it?

you was talkin yesterday, yesterday, I could say,

I seemed to be so complete, so complete


Went away, you said nothing

you didn’t, no kiss, no lovin’

you didn’t, it’s a shame,

but it brings about the weak in me,

brings about the weak in me

you didn’t, spend a lifetime with me

you didn’t, share things I wan’na see

you didn’t, when ever your around me it’s so complete

[Verse 2]

So I waited, and I wanted, ’cause I knew you would come

Hours 1, hour 2, hour, 3 hours, not at all

If I’m dreaming, wake me up

‘Cause I just about had enough, I had enough

I can not see, how would you ever let this happen to me

I still belive, that it was supposed to be

Me and you, you and me, so complete

So complete, so complete

If you saying that you need to leave, then be a man about it

and step to me, step to me, tell me please

and without me it’s so complete, so complete

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

Won’t you tell me right now what you want from me (what you want from me)

‘Cause it’s been too long that you’ve held it in baby (held it in, oh)

Thought you where the one but, you just played me (you know you played me)

Now I feel that I’m so incomplete, yeah

[Repeat Chorus (with different variations)]

[Verse 4]

Please, give me the respone I need

I want you to complete me, oh baby

Please, give me all the lovin’ I need

Promise you will complete me, oh baby

Baby, what more can I say

‘Cause I want you to tell me

What it is you wanna do

‘Cause I want’a be with you

(be with you…)

P. Diddy Blast Off

[G. Dep]


Yeah, me and my man’s and them

We gon’ blast off

Bad Boy nigga, and we don’t stop

Come on to the top, blast off

Yeah, yo

Aiyyo, I take it up top for my peeps

Cracks in they Jeeps, don’t sleep till they 6 feet deep

No ‘lax’ in my tracks they potent

Fuck homicide, I’ma ride, keep smokin’

I keep smokin’ till the bullshit filter

Like cigarettes, Dep came through, killed ya

When I swerve hit nerves

Number 1 contenders, I put ’em on injured reserve

And everybody know what’s golden, matter of fact platinum,

?mores trap to mold in?

Once I explode and I, burn up the road and

Cruise around the globe, the cops thinkin’ it’s stolen

Understand, the world’s in my hand

G. Dep in this scam, no stunt

Bitch play the front

And I’ma show you how to lay back do a buck while you puff on a sac

Cause yo, I’m about to blast off –

Straight to the chase, cause everybody know what’s the case

Aiyyo, I’ma about to blast off

Straight to the point, aiyyo, yo, light another joint

Nigga, I’ma blast off

Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain’t gon stop yo

Nigga, I’ma blast off

Straight to the dome, you entered in the Bad Boy zone

[Mark Curry]

Yo, yo, uh

Who’s a nigga harder than me?

On the boats, make it known how the slaughterin’ be

Damn, Curry ain’t the shit? Put the name in your mouth

Got it different? You ain’t on what you talkin’ about

Bustin’ off in her mouth, catch me

I’m feelin’ for whoever test me, pity for whoever second guess me

Know how to ?manhand’? it’s real as it get

Feelin’ my shit, straight through the cealin’ with this

Bet your block love it, find me only with the grimy

Gutters of the street where my mind be

Play the game, get you a ‘zil’

Forever, put you until, it fit me to kill

Heat, got it with me still

Flip the game over, see me, we be, untouched

Out like your motherfuckin’ guns bust, BLAOW

Sure shot, hit again, spit it grim, anytime, anyplace

Bitch, I’m about to-

[G. Dep]

Blast off, yo I get it poppin’

When I rock, yo it’s non-stoppin’

Yo, I’m about to blast off

See me at the show, when I rock everybody know

Aiyyo, I’m about to blast off

Bottles gon’ pop, cause when I rock, everybody rock

Aiyyo, I’m about to blast off

Straight to the top, cause everybody know this is hot


Aiyyo son, I’m about to blast off, like an astronaut

Niggas don’t wanna see a nigga blast the glock

Niggas don’t wanna see a nigga flash the rocks

And pop up in the flashy drop – motherfuckers

Niggas know me, Loon’s a gunslinger

Fuck fightin’ a nigga, I’m usin’ one finger

Catch one of you rap cats in the ‘Humdinger’

Some niggas get shot, live and become singers

Expect to die, I’d rather sit in a chair, electrified

Than to stand here and testify

But, other than that though, we never get caught

We ?Joy Jefferson? walk, out of federal court

We gettin’ bread in New York, ain’t better the sport

So whatever you thought, you can use whatever support

But, I think it’s best you go ‘head and just walk

Or have the cops find traces of lead in your corpse

Yo, I’m about to-

[G. Dep]

Blast off-

Straight to the chase, cause everybody know what’s the case

Aiyyo, I’ma about to blast off

Straight to the point, aiyyo, yo, light another joint

Nigga, I’ma blast off

Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain’t gon stop yo

Nigga, I’ma blast off

Straight to the dome, you entered in the Bad Boy zone

P. Diddy Unfoolish

[Chorus: Ashanti and (Notorious B.I.G.)]

See, my days are cold without you (Here’s another one)

But I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you (And another one)

And though my heart can’t take no more

I can’t keep runnin’ back to you

See, my days are cold without you (Here’s another one)

But I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you (And another one)

And though my heart can’t take no more (Uh)

I can’t keep runnin’ back to you (Uh, uh, uh)

(Here’s another one, what)


I think about my strength to finally get up and leave

No more broken heart for me

No more tellin’ your lies to me (And another one)

I’m lookin’ like I got my head on right, so now I see

No more givin’ you everything

There’s no more takin’ my love from me



I’m glad to wake up every day without you on my brain (Uh)

No more where you’re laid up at night

No more havin’ to fuss and fight

I’m proud to say (And another one)

That I will never make (And another one) the same mistake

No more thinkin’ bout what you do

There’s no more me runnin’ back to you


[Notorious B.I.G.]

Some say the X, make the sex

Spec-tacular, make me lick you from ya neck

To yo back, then ya, shiverin’, tongue deliverin’

Chills up that spine, that ass is mine

Skip the wine and the candlelight, no Cristal tonight

If it’s alright with you, we fuckin’ (That’s cool)

Deja vu, the blunts sparked, finger fuckin’ in the park

Pissy off Bacardi Dark

Remember when I used to play between yo legs

You begged for me to stop because you know where it would head

Straight to yo mother’s bed

At the Mariott, we be lucky if we find a spot

Next to yo sister, damn I really missed the

Way she used to rub my back, when I hit that

Way she used to giggle when yo ass would wiggle

Now I know you used to suites at the Parker Meridian

Trips to the Carribean, but tonight, no ends


You must be used to me cryin’, cryin’

While you’re out bumpin’ and grindin’ (And another one)

But I’m leavin’ you tonight

See, my days are cold without you

But I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you

And though my heart can’t take no more

I can’t keep running back to you

You must be used to me cryin’, cryin’ (Uh, and another one)

While you’re out bumpin’ and grindin’

But I’m leavin’ you tonight (Uh, and another one)

P. Diddy The Last Song

[P. Diddy]

1, 2, 1, 2

yeh y’all can hear me

make the drumming sound yeh

lets ride yeh yeh

be clear we here lights out

eat here sleep here my house

rhyme wasting time wasting

feds want me caged in

hope they got patience

more you win they want you to lose

I don’t floss no more I drop jewels

Hope we might chill the heights real

Still we got fire that will melt your ice grill

Know the deal once we hit record

Hit the floor

New era this is war

Lord I’m the answer without a question

No evidence no possession

Stop stressing

Shit I got moves to make

Streets is dark but still I illuminate nigga

I could see the way

Till I see the end to me and BIG meet again yeh

[Mark Curry]

Curry going hit again

Dreams your living in

This what you coulda been

Every city foot scene gets scrilla with em

kid shortchange the dealer

the game be gorilla

ain’t nothing illa

aka 800 toll free aside

I rose to be a Bad Boy til’ I die

The official bonafide (fide)

Tested and tried (tried)

Get in like Canson

Work from the inside

When I ride eyes are wide

Ain’t that I lick when I walk

My some pimping to my stride

Some wit a emphis on my side

Cause I understand niggas out to get I

Living the life

Is no lie

Been a great thing to do

Nuttin I could think change the view

Althought it might seem strange to you

Its plain to me

I’m here with you

Lets give them what they came to see

[Big Azz Ko]

Yow yow aiiyo

We exceptional


Its best that you bester crew

Wit your flesh going bruise

Blood goin ooze and

However you choose your ass goin lose

This ain’t the blues

Don’t things that cruise

Go bring the news

Wit flows meaning cruel

From few options

To cruise hopping

Now fools plotting cause I chart topping

From bounce checks to being in effect (fect)

And it don’t stop till they reinterbect

Rhyme calisthetics

Bad Boy anesthetics

Will twist me like crippie

Amanda Chevitts

Back flips tactics

Be on measure

Hat tricks wit only dimes and better

Nigga just for that cheddar

O please I switch cheese to leather


Uh yeh uh yeh uh

Check it out yo

Y’all niggas say what y’all wanna say

Feel how y’all wanna feel

Who give a fuck dog kill who you wanna kill

Just keep it real when it come to me

Cuz all my niggas in the slums kinda hungary

On my right where my gun going be

Bitches ain’t getting a crumb from me

Member when niggas used to run from me

All of a sudden niggas names is buzzing

Nigga in the game got a little chain becuz

Heard the nigga signed a major budget

But I’m the nigga made you love

Now you wanna change the subject

I ain’t sweating that animosity

I’m deading that

Instead of rap imma smack you dead in your trap

I don’t give a fuck what I said on a track

Niggas know me better than that

Niggas I could neva be wack

My money way to ahead of you cats

I’m going strait to the top where the cheddar be at

Wassup wit that

Yeh bad boy nigga

Fuck y’all wanna do

[P. Diddy]

As y’all can see when have come to the end of our program

Very important that I let y’all know

That I truly appreciate and I’m thankful

For all your support

For everybody that’s been down from day one

I love you

We love you

P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family

We out

Aiiyo BIG we miss you


P. Diddy Child Of The Ghetto

Yo, yeah, yo

Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo

Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo

Uhh, uhh, G. Dep!

[G. Dep]

A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me

Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me

Rippin it runnin and gunnin and aimin for me

Yo.. (yeah, uhh, yeah)

I guess you niggaz told me right and exact

Shak, shak, right in his back

I might just crack while I’m writin this rap

From even, a tire that snap, I’m light in the sack

I tell you how I feel and that’s part of the deal

I’m like, Seagal with the steel but “Harder to Kill”

It’s real, big Beans up for lettin me know

Fifteen bet and you blow, better get dough

Won’t be a second we won’t; they lettin me go

Since pays wisen your ways, allow me to grow

Aiyyo (yo) swing yeah back to the scene

Seven-four-eight-oh, can’t recall in between

Whole state pulsate, we can wrinkle the town

Park jams dark shams niggaz breakin it down

Niggaz rock the heaters, my clique rocked Adidas

Didn’t know the blocks were where the spots would lead us

But hey..


A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me

Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me

Knew what it wasn’t, it wasn’t the game or the greed

Rippin it runnin and gunnin and aimin for me

A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me

Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me

Niggaz is gamin they ain’t who they claimin to be

Niggaz that know me they told me the game it could be – CRAZY

[G. Dep]

I take you back to the scene of the stunt

Scene of that rhyme and you can think what you want

And if you.. and if you tell me you can get it from here

Got boom got boom, put shit in the air (yeah yeah yeah)

Get us some gear to get us in here

Waited years to get a premier and did it from here

Harlem – citizen where the kid is in gear, guard him

Niggaz in here, who get it in here, we are them

Take you back to the 80’s around

Polo Grounds, Uptown, eight-eighty a pound

Niggaz hit the rooftop, y’all was roofin the rocks

Other niggaz shoe tops, only youth on the block

You dig me – movin in tops and movin these rocks

You get it – we movin them blocks to move in them drops

Skiddin – I guess the niggaz told me right and exact

When they said stop fightin and stack it – get the money nigga


[G. Dep]

Eighty-one I had fun, eight-two I was new

Eight-three I did me, eight-four I had grew

Eighty-five it got live, eight-six in the mix

Eighty-seven in the kicks, eighty-eight in the whips

Eighty-nine I had the grind, now I know it was flow

Ninety-one we got guns, ninety-two it was dough

Nine-three was the key, nine-four was sure

Nine-five took a dive, nine-six I was poor

Nine-seven did eleven now I’m made out the gate

Nine-nine spit rhymes two-thousand and straight..

Shit, I thought I’d give housing a break

Sit back, countin the cake, and lounge in estates, but yo

[Chorus – 2X to fade]

P. Diddy No More Drama

[P. Diddy]

Here we go again

Yeah, that’s right

Here we go again

Ha Ha, yeah

This is the remix

Back together again

Let’s go Mary


All the love we gave

The loving that we made

Then you went away (that’s right)

So I had to pray

See a brighter day

Cause silence let us pray

Now I’m moving on to get away from all this pain


I feel (I feel)

Better than I felt before (so much better)

Cause there’s no more drama knocking at my door

I feel

Better than I felt before

Cause there’s no more drama in my life no more

No More

No More

No More


This is the remix

I like this, come’on


It’s looking better now

A brand new love I found

I finially figured out

What love is all about

And now I’m on my way

And all I have to say

Is there’ll be no crying and I truely believe that



It’s time

To realize (people it’s time)

It’s up

To you and I

Love is what you make it

If you don’t give up the fight

All this really means

Assuring me

Believe in all you dream

[P. Diddy]

Eh yo Mary

I don’t think they ready for this one

Yo it’s the D I D again, D to the weezy

Been in the game twelve years it ain’t easy

Been in dem things got game that so breezy

Spendin’ them things with a chain that’s so freezy

Please believe me, TV need me

As far as the CD, pump that on GP

What’s the 411 hun, it’s PD

MJB collabo with BB

Period, no question no comma

Your hearing is no vest and no armour

Bring it to cats like Bush to Osama

Sippin on vu, make moves and no scama

Word to my mama

Can’t deal with the trama

That why a nigga stay in the Bahamas

Laying in pajamas

Two sexy mamas

Bodyguards, topguns, two extra lamas

I don’t want no drama

[Chorus: 2x]

No more, no more, no more

No more drama y’all

It’s so hard

But I got to say

No more,I said no more, no more

No more, no more, no more


This is the remix

Mary J Blige

No more drama

BadBoy bady

Diddy, Yellowman, Hitmen

P. Diddy Special Delivery

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]

Fuck the whole industry!!!!

You tried to get rid of me!!! Y’all must be kiddin me!!

Y’all must be kiddin me!!! Aiyyo fuck the whole industry!!!

Come on!!! Staten Island! Come on! Hold me down!!!

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]

Monster cut truck balley shit

Champagne spillin while we hittin every bump that my Denali hit

Outfit is four thousand and better

The rhinestones in my flintstones look crazy in my sweater

Pah, it’s not a big fairy tale that’s my M.O.

Fuck bitches on the reg’ with no problemo

Iceberg, rabbits, and the fox and more

Where I coped two more, brought four for RZA

Bad Boy thank you for this special delivery

Catch me by the pool in my Tony Starks slippers

Wonder Woman armed, Ghost is intelligent

Made 30 offa Def Jam I was killin ’em

Did cash on One-Sixteen I was feelin ’em

Them days kept a crisp cold dollar bill on ’em

I lived it out — special delivery

I spit it out — special delivery

I sniffed it out — special delivery

[Chorus: P. Diddy]

(I want that) Special delivery!!!

(I need that) This is the remix, special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) Come on, special delivery!!!

(Well give it to me) Bad Boy baby!!, special delivery!!!

(I want that) We won’t stop!!!, special delivery!!!

(I need that) Yeah! G. Dep! Child of the Ghetto!!!

(Can I have that?) As we proceed! AHHH!!

(Well give it to me)

[Verse 2: G. Dep]

Aiyyo! Aiyyo!

Signed, sealed, delivered in just the nick of time

Rare, I’m a give it to ’em my design is rhyme in the ghettoist form

Show power the child of the ghetto is born

Uh, feet first, preach give a speech I kick ya each verse

Groove let the shit just spit now it’s dirt

Death pressin ya and ya like a hustler on the first ya need work

Stand by the grand high exhaulted

At your door with a portrait of the raw shit

Picture that while I spit anthrax

On your cd, tape, and wax so stand back

You don’t really wanna jump the gun

In the airless flow with punctured lungs

Go ‘head and stand there and bump ya gums

If ya wan’t the problem we can hurry up and come bury ya

I’ma play the courier

[Chorus: P. Diddy]

special delivery!!!

(I want that) Yeah come on, special delivery!!!

(I need that) This is the remix, special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) Ha-ha ha-ha, special delivery!!!

(Well give it to me) Come on come on!!! Special delivery!!!

(I want that) Yeah yeah!!! Special delivery!!!

(I need that) What what!!! Special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) Ladies and gentlemen, Keith Murray, ahh!!

(Well give it to me)

[Verse 3: Keith Murray]

Yo! This for my niggaz dem special delivery

Bang ya head off to this, fuckin up your memory

I’ll shake your cradle and rock your boat

Buck 50 your face and then butter your throat

It don’t matter where you been or where you at

I’m here now and I’m bangin, kid you softer than the Queen of England

Phraseologist natural philosopher wordsmith

Authentical metaphorical lyricist

Sharp descriptive writer, kill a biter

Panty raider, party exciter

Yo Murray what the deal – how ya feel?

Yeah I’m gutter what I utter got you timid hesitatin like a stutter

Oxymoron, don’t be dumb

I school niggaz like the United Negro College Fund

I see you plottin schemin tryin to snake

And when you do I’m a give it to you special delivery

[Chorus: P. Diddy]

(I want that) Special delivery!!!

(I need that) This is the remix!!! Special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) Get wit me now come on special delivery!!!!

(Well give it to me) Bad Boy baby!!! Special delivery!!!

Ay yo hold up a second……this is the remix

so let’s bring back my man, Craig Mack

[Verse 4: Craig Mack]

Aiyyo you must wanna be in the Guinness Book of World Records

as the dumbest motherfucker alive

Figure you gon’ survive

You couldn’t move through my terrain, even in 4-wheel drive

And I’m your highness, finest

You hungry? Try this, buy this, livest

Uh huh, I take my rap style real serious

What you think it ain’t…that serious?

I bang clubs and streets it’s gettin hot

See Mack won’t stop until Mack’s on top

Young black america my CD drop

in two thousand and two, to change hip-hop

Most folks shake ya bones

I’m talkin cyclones and “Terrordomes” like Mel Gib-son’s

My heat will cook you bwoyy, whooped you bwoyy!

Mack came an shook you bwoyy, somma’bitches

[P. Diddy]


[Chorus & Outro: P. Diddy]

(I want that) Take that!!! Come on!!! Special delivery!!!

(I need that) Special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) This is the remix!!!! Special delivery!!!

(Well give it to me) G. Dep!!!! Special delivery!!!

(I want that) Come on now!!! Special delivery!!!

(I need that) Child of the ghetto!!! Special delivery!!!

(Can I have that?) 1-1-5, Harlem’s Finest!!! Special delivery!!!

(Well give it to me) Yeah, special delivery!!!

(I want that) Alumni baby! Special delivery!

(I need that) B-R, special delivery!

(Can I have that?) Ghostface, special delivery, Keith Murray!

(Well give it to me) Craig Mack, special delivery!

(I want that) I’m that boy they call Diddy, Bad Boy baby

(I need that) Yeah! Special delivery!

(Can I have that?) Special delivery

(Well give it to me) Special delivery…