Prophet Jones I Know You Wanna


Ya’ll Ya’ll Ya’ll

What chu came to do, What chu came to do

Would you bounce baby

Wanna see you bounce baby

Wanna see you shake baby

[Verse 1]

Have you ever had a main nigga make you hotter

And hit the hot spot the way that i’ll do

I’ll give it to you just the way you like it

Say yeah, yeah, yeah

Anytime anyplace, you can have it your way

All you gotta do is just call me

Oh baby, like the way you freak your body


Tell me what you gonna do now? (now)

And all that on the phone (phone)

Now that we’re alone (alone)

It’s time to get it on (on)

Say yeah uh (yeah)

Know you wanna ball it, ball it with me

Stop frontin all the time (time)

I know what’s on your mind (mind)

And you wanna just like me (me)

So baby, baby please

Say yeah (yeah)

I know you wanna feel it, feel it, feel it

I know you wanna uh, uh (Iknow you wanna)

I know you wanna uh, uh do it

[Verse 2]

Got the key to the crib and the five

If you open up and let me come inside

All you gotta do is say ya don’t

Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Everyday, everynight

I give it to you everyway just right

We’ll be freaking till the sun gives light

If you with, with me say yeah (yeah)

[Repeat Chorus]


Where my peoples at

Where my ladies at

Where my fellas at

Where my ballas at

Where my playas at

Everybody let me hear you say whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Throw them blows up (throw them blows up)

Throw them blows up (throw them blows up)

Throw them blows up (throw them blows up)

Throw them blows up (throw them blows up)

Throw them blows up (throw them blows up)

Everybody let me hear you say whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

[Repeat Hook]

[Repeat Chorus]

Prophet Jones Lifetime

Thugs need Love Too!

[1st. verse – Goldie]

I been in love a time before

but it didn’t work out right

This love for you I can’t ignore

I try to run but I just can’t hide, naw-naw

[Verse#2 – P.Rowe]

Girl I put my trust you

I’m not afraid of what my boys might say

Cause I know that my love is real

All I’m asking for is


A Lifetime is all that I need

I’m ready to settle down

And give you all of me

{I’m talkin bout a Life Time}

A Lifetime is all that I need

Don’t ever take your love away

I’ll be here always.

[Verse #3 – Goldie]

I can’t believe I fill this way

I was always a player goin hard

So many girls so many games

I left a trail of broken hearts

[Verse #4 – P.Rowe]

But some how you came along

Came along and set my soul on fire

And ever since that day

My Life hasn’t been the same [Hollywood & P.Rowe]

[Chorus Again]

[Bridge after Chorus]

I never thought I’d fall so deep

The thought of your love

It makes me weak

You came and turned my life around [Goldie]

OOOh you broke me down [P.rowe]

Words can’t express the way I feel

Whatever you want just ask I will

Girl it’s our time I’ve made up my mind [Goldie]

[Chorus Again/Adlib!]

Prophet Jones All I Do

[Verse 1]

All that i do

Is think about lovin you

I’ve been wondering just where you been

And wondering what you say, oh

Cause I know that you gotta man

But I understand that he don’t love you

quite the way that I can

So baby let me show you

maybe get to know you

Cause truely I adore you

So let me get to know you

Say that you want me (want me)

Surrender your soul and body (and body)

Do whatever you need

Then I will be (I will be)

Right there for you cause baby all I do


Is think about sexin you (I think about it)

So tell me what to do (tell me what to do)

So I can get next to you

[Verse 2]

I’ve been lost for words

But it occurred

It came to me, today

Well, so right now I wont pretend

Just tell me when

Can I help you pick the day (yes i will)

Cause girl I want you

So bad I think I love you

And I barely even know you

But I want you girl here in my world

So take the chance and

Let me lead this dance

We can take it slow or

Just me and you, cause all I do

[Repeat Chorus 5x]