Protest The Hero Spoils

Endowed with the art of casting names upon its beings

The humans claimed dominion over every living fucking thing

Proud as purpose as they began to walk the earth as they arraigned

The common creatures caught within the corpus cursed, conscious human brain

Every word ever written will fall short of its intent

Even sung or spoke or screamed they will betray what they have meant

Language is the heart’s lament, a weak attempt to circumvent the

loneliness inherent in the search for permanence

All the future ghosts who scratch their names in wet cement

Demeaning meaning as they shout out at the emptiness

Abstractions are the stake between the anima and animus

Deflesh the word as scourge of human destiny

Behold the world in other people, life is clarity

Protest The Hero Fear And Loathing In Laramie

Compassion is shit. Soft-spoken words and a look of concern. The fire is lit. Emotion will never extinguish these flames that inaction has built. What makes it burn? A nation so straight that deviation’s a crime. When will we learn that sexuality is not a punishable offense? On a cold October night, a gentle soul was crucified and what remains of his blood still stains our idle hands that soft-spoken words won’t justify. Culprits are we. Let’s talk about rights. Let’s talk about sexual orientation. Let’s talk about you and an entire homophobic nation. Will you follow me down? Can we not separate ourselves from such hate? Let’s sever the head of the beast with the crown, let’s no longer participate. Will you follow me down? Why won’t anyone stand up?

Protest The Hero Yellow Teeth

Passing judgment with haste and laying to waste those who stand

before us and dishonour the faith. A dramatic opinion, but an opinion

the same. An attempt now to make right, not to enthrall or defame. An

opinion piece, one after another. Laid fat from feast, one after another.

A man is nothing more than what others claim he is, so speak clear and

ill of me and so it will be. The grating sound of my voice. The yellowing

of my teeth. Speak up. Speak clear. Speak ill of me. I found myself awake

last night. May the players take their place, repeat their lines exactly

to my public disgrace. The years exaggerate how horrible it was to be

stricken silent with no e xplanation for the cause. I can’t be the only one

losing sleep over things I should or shouldn’t have done. They are the

rope around the neck. They are the blade pressed to the wrist. It might

seem detrimental, but it’s meaningless. Left to my own devices, I am

strange. I’m a liar—entertained. I am no one to be reviled. I am no one to

be admired. Jumping rope at the end of the street, I am everyone, and

everyone is me.

Protest The Hero Tapestry

And what a fucking waste of a day

We just lay around and waste away

Because when that sun goes down it’s bottoms up

We try to reach the bottom of the endless cup

Everybody’s getting older, but no one’s growing up

As the weather’s getting colder, the room starts heating up

Cam’s hair just keeps falling out and Chris just keeps getting fatter

But from where I sit now, on this rickety stool

None of that shit really matters because

This is our Versailles

Palace on the swamp

Listen to me for a nominal fee you can have anything you want

What matters the most is the bad joke ghost

Circling your floating corpse at the end of the haunt

Never forming pleasantry

I’m so drunk I can’t feel a thing

Pledge your allegiance to the fucking swamp king

Drunk as hell

Dumb as all get out

So pucker up those pretty lips of yours and

Kiss my ass and shut your mouth

Sometimes a knife right through your heart is exactly what you need

Sometimes the things that your ashamed of make you who you’re supposed to be

Listen to me for a nominal fee you can have anything you want

We’ll remain here

We’ll remain here forever and always

What matters the most is the backdrop ghost

circling your floating corpse at the end of the haunt

We’ll remain here

We’ll remain here forever (always)

Like a million other soldiers on a thousand other battlefields we wait

Wait for the dawn

Like a million other soldiers yes we wait

This is our Versailles

Palace on the swamp

This is our Versailles