Redman Bak Inda Buildin

Yo Redman is the COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEST shit I done fuckin heard!

(Yeah, hahaha… this is Dr. Trevis, comin to y’all motherfuckers live)


Yo, I’m spittin my rhymes, we gonna get you

To bump the music to break your neck to

(Yo yo yo yo, ay ay ay) Yeah

(Y’all muh’fuckers ain’t ready)

Yo, when I spit my rhymes, we gonna get you

To bump the music to break your neck to

You want the hard shit, nigga let me connect you

It’s 1-800-YO-GILLA; feel me flow

I open doors for the newcomers

I show you how to rock the mic, pull yo’ pants up and do somethin

I lay my hats where my boots stompin

Whether Jersey or Australia with kangaroo jumpin

Yeah, I feel that hip-hop’s gone

My pen catch attitudes, it cry in a song

I laugh cause I’m a vet, and still get the guap as strong

as any nigga, I ain’t alarmed

Yes y’all, it’s the Doc, I’m back on my business

With jizz for, real niggaz and my bitches

I got my hands on my steerin wheel and stick shift

Drivin by nigga, pissin on yo’ picnic

[Chorus 2X: Redman]

One time for your motherfuckin mind {“Comin straight from the..”}

One time for your motherfuckin mind {“Comin straight from the..”}

One time for your motherfuckin mind

Gilla House, is back in the buildin


Yo, yo I’m back on my grizzly, set the bear trap

We don’t work for Nike but sure can (Air) a mac

My pen game tight in the hood like hair wraps

You a (40 Year Old Virgin), gettin hair waxed

Now, Reggie Noble ’07 internation-al

My girl got guns in her speghetti-strap gown

If you love hip-hop, where my people at now?

Relax now, got it mapped down, Gilla House

I jump in the crowd (ohhhhhhhhhh!)

Whenever I do it I do it loud, grown man style

Since I was a child butt-naked

I knew I would grow to be the one {?} on record

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

Ride nigga!

Redman Welcome 2 Da Bricks

Welcome to the Bricks

The city where the rats will whoop yo mothafuckin’ ass nigga

Yo during the day, motherfuckers work out here, just like anybody else, to make ends meet, you know?

Whether it’s fast food, or transportation. sneaker store, doing hair or straight up strippin’

We gotta get the cash, gotta get the mothafuckin’ dough

Brick City is an industrial city, a cold city, a heartless city

A lot of kids grow up here, man. Wanting to be somebody, you know?

George Clinton called us the chocolate city, 90% black and sugarfree

Lot of famous people from the Bricks baby, better do your homework and check it out you know?

I love the bricks yo, you ask me

On a nice day you can shine your car up, joyride through the hood, hit a cookout, pool party, whatever

Straight up gettin’ your swerve on, whether a bitch or a nigga

Daytime’s the shit out here in the Bricks boy, I love it

But when nighttime comes, the monkeys come out

[*monkey noises*]

Crackheads, hustlers, chickens, carjackers, thieves, hoes, all these motherfuckers come out when the lights go out

Don’t matter how large your crew is, don’t matter what city your stankin’ ass is representin’

Give a fuck how much money you got, nigga

You come to the bricks, you easy prey for a motherfucker to dig in them pockets

Yeah I see you motherfucker!

Yeah we all see you motherfucker!

Redman Creepin’

East Coast, West Coast..

All my country, funky, brother, motherfuckers

[Verse One]

To my, no good niggaz, and my, no good bitches

Sorry if I left somebody leavin out with stitches

Seems y’all too bold for ya britches

Enslaved your mind like cotton pickers for runnin wit some rotten niggaz

I get raw to the core with hardcore metaphors

Resevoir Dog style, truly yours

Yes, I be the slug up in your chest

Then you wonder why you can’t feel the full strength of ciggarettes

My nationality is, brutality

I got the gun up under your leather nigga so walk casually

You’d be surprised how much info you can get

For a bottle of crack to find yo’ punk ass and yo’ kinfolks

Plus, that crew you run with is butt

I was dusted one day when I made your man choke up

Rappers comin to New Jersey and be gettin fucked up

Talkin about where they from and shit when dem sons ain’t runnin shit

and go off a BIT if you do a show in da Bricks

You’d swear you was fly and how we bring so much turbulence

I keep your nervous level high nigga

You better kiss your son and daughter, tell em bye nigga

When we creep

[Verse Two]

I give respect to all my woolly niggaz with the Rolex

Shinin briquettes, flashin cash and dumpin Moets

Especially when my royalty check is late, I don’t hesitate

I scoop up Keith, and see who’s flashin at the Palladium,

hide your weed niggaz cause here I come

Lookin bummy for low profile, so loud MC’s overlook me

I slip the bartender some more

Just to tell me [how much cash and Dom P you pour]

Huh, I should start robbin rappers in the industry

If we ain’t clickin then I’m engineerin your injuries

Forty-eight tracks of automatics and facts

Lyrically splat-datted till your mentality blacks

And I don’t give a FUCK if you did thirty bids

Still I bring Ecstasy like I’m the rapper Jaleel

Blaow blaow blaow, lickin shots for your fuckin

mind, I got you niggaz duckin out like I’m one-time

Or five-oh, po-po, I drive hoes nutty

Like I be doin security at my live shows

Your A&R is a punk, he got you gassed

when I brutally smash any contender in my weight class

Aiyyo Twinz yo this nigga got jewels

(hold that nigga while I rob this fool)

When we creep

Redman Boodah Session

Yo that kinda leaky in that shit right there

Mmhmm, that shit look like the BOMB, huh

Oh yeah, let you take a puff of that shit and just blow the fuck up

Hahaha, nigga blow up, BOOM

That’s why your album like

Ahh, that shit you be doin

Where the fuck are you coming from?

Why the fuck are you always walking from that way?



You know, you know that’s the first time you ever seen

me walkin that way in like sixteen months

Man you crazy, I always see you walkin through that way

Man I be on a, I be creepin through the hood

Redman Da Da DaHHH

[Verse 1]

Yo, I gotta back ache, stomach ache, diahrea, vomiting

Cold feet, runny nose, head ache, insomnia

Cranky, moody, burpin’ while i’m cursin’

Baby chair tied in a suburban drinkin’ burban

I’m only 3, and gotta chip motorola

A hoochie babysitter with snitches by the stroller

Lyin, cryin, whinin’, teasin’

Suckin’ tities like I had years of breast feedin’

In the begining i was sinning

Kept my mama back and forth

To the hospital for the constant kickin’

Kept them ass whippin’, I’m gettin them all

Show off like Fodolo so fuck all y’all

Do you get your ass whipped with your mom’s bad luck

Like AHUH YEU YEU get hit by a truck

Playin’ catch a girl, fuck a girl

Throw her in a sandwich

Just a young boy doing grown man shit


I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

Like kickin’ your ass

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

Smokin’ weed

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

All day check it out

[Verse 2]

I’m only 13 puttin’ in work

Rockin’ chinese shoes with high top converse but first

We was all gas watchin’ game of def with Bruce

Walkin’ home from the movies [Red makes karate movie noises]

I thought about the sex often

I even kept a heartland for them white girls on magic garden

Light skin, chubby and shit

Ran my mama’s phone bill for callin’ Biggs Biggs Biggs

The old hands used to make them little niggaz fight

The lead patch was the shit if you snatch it right

And everybody knew the pattern of pac man

Rams was 15 and that then was happenin’

Niggaz used to get robbed at twin city

I was cuttin’ on SL’s glue with a penny

When EPMD dropped Its My Thing

I said damn i gotta get up in this rap game


I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

Like touchin’ your tities

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

I’m just a young boy doing grown man shit

Like Stealin’ my mama’s car

[Verse 3]

I used to tell my Sis i’m gonna make it bitch

So close to gettin’ on i could taste the shit

In a hot ass room cuttin’ smooth operator

In my last year at West Side High I barley made it

Flippin eightballs, going to Montclair State

I passed one class and still owe their ass cake

For quick cash, Doc hit up 13th ave

Sell white boys oregano dash then we laughed

That was the days now the times switched up

Son either walk them dogs, sunff it or get snuffed

Them ho’s got triflin’ but much thicker

My weed got better so easily i fucked shit up

I test y’all with my def squad cam

And I don’t stage show dive unless y’all amp

To all my fans, arivaderchi to ya

And any ho that didn’t blow Doc, I NEVER KNEW YA!


Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Like still sqeezin’ your titties

I’m just a grown man doing grown man shit

With a big ass car

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Rollin’ better credit

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Yo yo shit is crazy

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Like smackin’ your ass

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

Like shaving my beard

Now i’m a grown man doing grown mans shit

I got hair on my chest!

Redman Soopaman Lova IV

yo yo Yo Yo YO!

YO! Call me Soopaman Luva the rude bwoy

That nigga SWV loose they cool for

Ha ha ha, ha ha, ha hah!

Ah-hah AH-HAH ah-hah AH-HAH


Yo yo, I’m usually flyin through the motherfuckin air

but the utility belt on my underwear need repairs

So I be in back of the bus unwrappin a Dutch

Left court for child support, bitch attackin my bucks (WHY?)

They wanna fuck with certified private eye

Every week, check stubs to show the judge I got a job

Damn this; Soopaman used to stack them chips

Now I’m broke cause little kids riding Batman dick

I’m not a hater but the Caped Crusader blockin my dough

And I’ll let off before I push broom on HBO for Mr. Show

I’m critically acclaimed; but the press’ll fuck my name up

Police is lookin for me, call the mayor he’a hang up

Nowhere to run to and Brownstone even know it

So I pack the fo’-fifth, and the ice on your wrist, forfeit

No game; slappin all hoes who got the fame

Then I rob em with chickens who got phone bills in they mama name

(You’ve been framed!) Yeah yeah I know I gotta go out

So I’m shuttin the game down like 30 nuthin blowout

I rip the flow out, from the ceiling, if I spot cash peel it

Soopaman Luva gon’ switch to Soopaman Villain

[Dave Hollister]

Soopaman! Roll up a L for me

Know I got to pack the heat (sing that shit Dave)

Cause niggaz tryin to fuck with me

(Who am I?)

Soopaman! Flyin through the air high

Smokin on that bom-baa

I don’t give a fuck if I die

(Who am I?)


Yo yo, I’m back on deck, I never lost the pep in my step

Ride in the cab, drunk as hell, weed and Beck’s on my breath

I’m undercover so I’m dressed in turtleneck and the vest

Tec by the waist, yo cabbie make a left on the next

corner, get out and let the 30-30 cock the loogie

Tryin to set me up like Jim Kelly, MUY, MUY

Before I hit somebody they say, “We ain’t do it!”

I believe them these the same niggaz I grew up in the hood wit

Yo yo yo, what’s today’s date?

Shh, December 8th?

Man today my god damn day off

Yo I’m outta here

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah right papi

I’ll slap the shit out you

Redman Wuditlooklike



Wuditlooklike, to all you trick bitches

and you punk ass niggaz out there

I’m talkin to you live from WFDS

We’re From the DarkSide radio

It’s about two thousand degrees down this motherfucker

But the funk just don’t stop

As we take y’all fat roly-poly asses on another journey

To the darkside…

[Verse One:]

Wuditlooklike? When I wipe off my sweat

Verbally I’m Untouchable like Elliot Ness

To the best of my ability I rock any facility

And fuck the yellow cabs I smoke buddha out deliveries

I’m just as high as the fuckin friendly skies

When I’m, open, you can’t even see my chinky eyes

Cause the buddha I smoke, is no joke, when I’m loc’ed

Then I wet it, then you be like — that shit be soaked!!

I’m saggin my…. Karl Kani…

and Two Black Guys when I get busy like the L.I.

Well I, swing it back and forth like a leaf

Without traffic I flow like the B.Q.E.

But I can pass niggaz straight out of first-class

Then leave em huffin and puffin like first day at Lemans class

PPP, got the glocks and techs

And Def Squad always got some fly shit on deck

[Chorus: x4]

I said wuditlooklike (wuditlooklike)

Wuditlooklike (wuditlooklike)

[Verse Two:]


The Funk Doctor Spock blow the watt through your box

I come hotter than Treach, you bet about callin the cops

Because (this type of funk you don’t hear on the regular)

Rock six seven eight nine ten (to eleven ta)

Knew my style got more powers than Cocoon

Zoom your focus, I drop the mic and leave it smokin

When I’m vexed, my concepts Wreck like Effect

Verbal communications blow to the next ep

I’m robbin your brains with antilogical, phenomical

Suicidal with lethal type funk spread your nodules

Straight up the weight up plus I max like a Beta

Boy I fuck your head up like a blunt that’s laced up

The boogie verbalist, vocalist

I get open with, puttin scannings on the fake soloist

My style reachin down like Ike, switch up like dykes and

You’ll be tellin your psychologist wuditlooklike


[Verse Three:]

Wuditlooklike suckers, punk motherfuckers

Bitches be actin funny, don’t wanna show me no love cuz

They think I’m crazy and like mentally sick

Ahhh, give em the dick then they quiver like fish, then I

Smoke a pound of herb a day, and yo

Some bitches say, I’m the Mack like Maceo

I don’t be that I just beez the funk disease

that leave MC’s, recognizing like Sam Sneed

The funkindominal, I bring drama to any rendezvous

Rock three-sixty-five, twenty-four, Monday through

That other shit, makes them other ship, flip

funk ridiculous, inconspicous with lyrics

A-uhhm, oh-seven-one-oh-three’s where I from

Been gettin dumb, every since Harlem World used to jump

And that’s for all them hardrock niggaz that’s comin in flocks

I bust off the glock for the hood and the block


Redman Oh My

Let’s go!


Make her say oh my every time I ride by

She like the way the jet black cadillac shine

(Ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

Yeah yo I hop out my ride I’m lookin fly

Come ride the pony but I’m nuttin like genuine

When benitime was is style I was bendin dimes

Now I’m tryna smoke with Obama at the pentagon

Baby it’s been a time and I don’t eat beef

I know ya’ll niggas smell pussy

But it ain’t me

Ya’ll should rate me 12 on the richter

Disapear like chappelle on his sista


Make her say oh my every time I ride by she like the way the jet black cadillac shine

(Ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

Make her say oh my every time I ride by she like the way the candy apple cadillac shine

(Ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

Haha yeah yo I hop out my benz

I got my cash on

I’m on that kutch like ashton have some

When I was young it was time for some action

Now I’m grown an primetime (what’s hapnun?)

Haha look atcha you on fire

Your toes got the sky hornier than Quagmire

28 on tha tire

Say hi to ya paper

Wave by to them haterz

See em later

Make em say! Oh My!


Make her say oh my every time I ride by she like the way the jet black cadillac shine

(Ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

Ha yeah I pull up to ya

Like what’s up with ya

You see the cadillac girl let’s cuddle up

I feel great

Baby dontchu life is like chess

Don’t make the wrong

Haha but if you do

Don’t worry bout it

Il be there like the jacksons

Don’t worry bout it

I told my hood

I was gonna do it

Now I’m around the world reppin new wark


Make her say oh my every time I ride by she like the way the jet black cadillac shine (ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

Make her say oh my every time I ride by she like the way the candy apple cadillac shine (ma-make her say) [x3] (oh my) [x3]

[Speaks: Redman]

Redman No Chance

[Chorus One x2: Redman, {Rock}]

Aiyyo there’s {there’s} no {no} chance in hell

{No chance in hell}

you gonna take what’s mine, you’re just too frail

Aiyyo there’s {there’s} no {no} chance in hell

{No chance in hell}

you gonna take what’s mine, you’re just too frail


Are you ready for war? Then bring it on

and I Kraftmatic like a stripper;

when it’s out you throw your cash at it

Hope I don’t rat-tat-it from the hash and grass addict

I spit and mad rap-it like I took a bad package

You pay tolls to the drummer, I EZ-Pass at it

But when it’s time I bad habit, let the Mac at it

You don’t want what we got in store

Keep your mother-in-law indoor when we walk outdoor

Dem four paws on my Benz what you shoppin for

You looked at your rims was like,

“What I cop them for?”

Cause I’ma Brick City native, spit nice like Jada’

Sheik style invades ya private property and lay ya

down for the count, so I’m round in the mouth

You say they town in the house, so I’m drownin em out

That’s like seein [?] Atlantic Ocean in a frantic motion

When I write my hand is open, other one is catipultin

onto white sheets we fight to the white meat

Spillin on your 325 icey, wifey

I ain’t sayin I’ll do it, I got [niggaz] that will

I go to the Benz dealer, test drive it and peal

{ERRRR!} I be leaked out like [?] pad of em

with ghetto chickens that can stash 30 bags of em

I’m at the club with Boot Camp ready to bag somethin

to take yo’ [shit] like yo’ punk-ass never had nuttin

[Chorus Two x2: Redman, {Rock}]

Aiyyo there’s {there’s} no {no} chance in hell

{No chance in hell}

you gonna take what’s mine, you’re just too frail

{You can’t beat me} you ain’t got no chance in hell

{You can’t see me} you ain’t got no chance in hell


Everytime, befo’ I catch you, and make you pay

Everyone here works for me, I have em break two legs

two arms, and – two of your ribs for mistakes you made

The [nigga] that you hate that hate’ll make you hate yo’ fate

Don’t ever utter-or-mutter a word soundin like a threat

You see that slew of bruisy dudes, guess who writes them checks?

ME, B-U, double-M, double-E, Jab

Bummee Jiddab, my soldiers play the back

Magnum Force Corporation – family bidness is what you facin

We like immigration – we send you back to where you came from

I display the, real meanin of danger with a rusty gemstar banger

or I have your baby momma flame ya

I got away with, [shit] that’ll get you life

But I only got one felony – I COULD STICK YOU TWICE

From Brick City to Brownsville do you [niggaz] think it’s on

like many a gambler’s bankroll, you’ll soon be gone

[Chorus Two]

[various samples and scratches]

[Chorus Two]


Aiyyo (aiyyo) aiyyo (aiyyo) there’s.

Redman Lemme Get 2


Uhh, chka-yeah

Chka-UHH, chka-yeah

Ladies and gentlemen


[Chorus 2X: Saukrates]

Have you ever been so proud in your life

You livin on your own cloud in the sky

Wanna take e’rybody wit’chu

Forget one, lemme get two


Yeah! Yo, hey

I love travellin and seein people

Showin the ignorant my color skin is equal

I like tryin different thai food and seafood

Makin my episode of life another sequel

I like flyin on Delta and Continental

First class, playin them elevator instrumentals

I’m in the window, got on my headphones

Listenin to Big Pun and Wyclef Jean

It’s like Exxon, I get gassed up

I shuffle ’round the board like Cassius

That’s us when the plane land, hey man

It ain’t hard cause I can do it like a caveman

Fix my Ray-Bans, I hit the hotel

Do my show, get my money, hit the hotel

Sittin at the hotel like “Oh well!”

I call shorty that I met today at Modell’s

Go girl, it’s like we in The Matrix

I’m in a new city, with suitcases

I’m overseas with bills with new faces

And if you’re not about that you need a facelift




Lemme get two, lemme get two [3X]

Lemme get two, bartender lemme get two


If it’s a high life you seekin then you say it

Cause how the hell you gonna win the game if you ain’t playin?

I’m in Monaco, swimmin in the deep end with 3 dimes, this ain’t dominos

Well maybe it was, I set ’em up to knock ’em down and go

The skeletons in the closet, I’m makin a new deposit

She was never so erotic ’til we got to the ex-o-tic

-tic, now I’m thinkin

that this time bomb is about to explode

Got me wishin that it was different than money, contradiction is funny

I just told y’all to play the game if y’all wan’ eat

The truth is it’s what you make it

That’s why I got my baby girl naked

Long before I bought them tickets to Turks and Caicos

We love each other, beyond under covers

That’s why I’m feelin so high like them Wright brothers

Fly, I hope it never take material

for you to get yo’ Applejax cereal, here we go



Lemme get two, lemme get two [3X]

Lemme get two, bartender lemme get two


I’m on vacation BEITCH!

And I’m flyin high