Romeo Mama Said

[Hook x2: Romeo]

I’m gon do what mama said

But ya’ll ain’t gonna tell me how to live my life

I might be young but I got bread

I’m straight form the hood so I ain’t afraid

[Verse 1: Romeo]

Pops was a hustler even sold drugs

So it was only right that his son be a thug

Girls show me love and these niggas just mug

I’m the prince on the block

And I never sold drugs

H-O-O-D that’s were I rep

Gotta keep the g up

White tee I got prep

Most thugs don’t dance they just 1, 2 step

Pops danced with that stars

Yea he changed all that

Fear no man I’m the meaning of a beast

God’s Gift to this earth teach others like a priest

The game is looking tasty and I think its time to feast

Don’t rock adidas only P. Miller on the feet

Hard to sleep hearing bullets on the east

Hang with gorillas don’t blend wit the streets

Mama said never give up you can make it

God blessed you don’t let them haters take it

[Hook x2: Romeo]

[Verse 2: Romeo]

Mama said whatever don’t kill you will make you stronger baby

But that’s hard to believe when kids going crazy

A ghetto in the sky I think why to belive it

What about Santa what about Jesus

That’s how I felt when I lost little Fred

Crazy how all the good guys end up dead

These need to stop all the pictures in my head

Martin Luther in my dreams with a bullet in his head

Brought up by a solider

I can’t be scared

Got the whole hood behind me and the man upstairs

Life’s like a test you know your gon stress

People think they know you best

Let the pain off your chest

Do you, never follow the rest

I making millions never got in know mess

Hater said this, hater said that

Through the ups and the downs

I know my fam got my back

[Hook x2: Romeo]

Romeo I Need A Stallione

[Romeo: talking]

Ay Chip you a fool for this one man

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

I need a Stallione

I need a Stallione

I need a Country fide Chick who keep her hair done

(Now I’d don’t wanna have to walk up and dance all round

Then I leave you with that look like I ain’t wanna be down)

Now come closer

Come closer

If your looking real right I might approach yea

(Now I’d don’t wanna have to walk up and dance all round

Then I leave you with that look like I ain’t wanna be down)

[Verse 1: Romeo]

You got your hair done yup

And you nails too

I see your sister looking she can get it too

What you doing later

I’m something like a player

Whatever in them jeans

Rising like an elevator

White Tee, black fitted

Yea I’m real hood

Hips like Trina

Lips like Megan Good

Hey you a school girl

Well its cool to me

I think I’m sprung shorty come and meet the family

Just relax shorty this ain’t the after party

But we can take it to the crib if your getting naughty

I’m on the floor now

She grinding slow now

Forget first base I’m about to catch a touchdown

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 2: Gangsta]

I pull up, I pull up my blue Jeni

I’m liking a girl that shake the thang

Up in bokini

She was a boqueeny

I’m trying to holla at her

I mean it

Holy mama yea fine yea no

Wanna see yea back it up and jiggalate on the floor

Now hop up in the circle and bounce that thing

You can serve it, yo can flip it, jiggalate on the thing

You can tweark that thing

You can shake that thing

You a big fine woman then take that thing

Now wobble out

Now catch the cash

Now shake it fast

Bounce out

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 3: T-Bo]

Catch me in the club jiggilating to the beat

Red monkeys on I disagree

Painted apes on my feet

Trying to find me a chick wit a face like Christina

and butt like Buffy but a freak like Adiana

I think I seen her

Boy black you know what I’m into

I don’t need a dime

I’ll take a 9 with potential

Gutta boy and I’m so fresh

Stay riding on the stallione

Like the wild wild west

Yes, go on let me see yea work it quick

Girl I’m wit my click

I don’t care about the jerk you wit

Young Rome getting grown

So its on me

Another telephone to keep up with all these Stalliones

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 4: Blakk]

See Blakk on the track making history

Ex specially when Rome told Chip to make the beat

Its a Gutta music thing

I’m so nasty

Plus she look like a biscuit when you walk past me

Why don’t you try over here

Ma your to far off

I’m on a mission trying to get your drawers off

Lets just say she like me

When she see ridden big

She gonna love me in the morning

If she fall for this jig

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

Romeo Famous Girl

Girl you so famous,

Something like Kirstie Alley,

You can be my Wendy Williams,

My Petra, my Chelsea

Yo is that Jennifer Lawrence?

Seleda E Bank?

Alicia Keys? I swear to God I love her

I’m like “hey Miley, you know I miss you.

On your birthday, you were so cute.

Rihanna remember when I met you?

So pretty I went and got a tattoo.

Blake Lively you could be my wife, Boo.

Taylor Swift I kinda like you

Ha, Madonna baby you so crazy, sayin’ I’m your everything Jesus lately.

Miss Tyra I don’t want drama,

If you Michelle then I’m Obama

Just a little to young for Halle Berry

I just kissed a girl, named Katy Perry

Hey famous Girl, you know who you are

You have everything you need if you got with me

You shine so bright, you are my star

I love my famous girl, you know you are

I got my eyes close

I could feel it you’re with me

Bodyguard Whitney

Jamie Lynn I feel a little silly

When I had to ask, can you hook me up with Britney?

Megan Fox, I can transform ya

Girl I’m cold, give you pnuemonia

I fell in love with an Avatar,

Zoe, I’ll buy you the whole bar

Kim Kardashian, Khloe and Kourtney,

I need a Candace Parker to call my trophy,

A starter of my team, a femal Kobe,

Trickin’ if you got it

Everything on me

Where all the single ladies at?

You could be Beyonce, I’ll be Jay

I watch your movies everyday

I love the way you model, i love the you sing

Now say!

Hey famous Girl, you know who you are

You have everything you need if you got with me

You shine so bright, you are my star

I love my famous girl, you know you are

I say

Met her in high school way back in 99

Just a little slim dude playin’ ball

She went to school led the performin’ academy

for actors, singin, and whatever else that could be

She used to tell me she’s going to be famous

I said good, just remember what my name is

Don’t act funny when you get that money

Cuz best believe I’ma have a couple stacks Honey,

But I messed up, left her for a quick cut,

Unless you’re really confident that the Grammy’s getting pick up

I tried to get her to become my Fiance,

But she’s too busy partying with Beyonce

Out shopping with Rihanna and Keri

Same babysitter as Halle Berry

Couple dudes heard now she’s back at my [?]

[?] with my famous girl

Hey famous Girl, you know who you are

You have everything you need if you got with me

You shine so bright, you are my star

I love my famous girl, you know you are

Say famous Girl, you know who you are

You have everything you need if you got with me

If you got with me

If you got with me

Romeo Cock Blockin

[Intro: Romeo]

Know what we was gon do some we label man

We got the whole Guttar Music (Gs up) Gutta Prospects

We doin it real big you know

[Hook: Romeo]

Tell ya girlfrien go and hit the flo (flo)

You ain’t gotta hold her hand just go let her go (go

If ya momma gave it to ya then let that nigga know (know)

And lock a man cuffs, and drop it to the flo (ohhh)

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em stop

[Verse: Romeo]

I’m a boss so I watch em when pop lock and drop it (chea)

And I’m luvin that I’m rich, I’m just runnin out of pockets

And I’m some like a Rocky cause the fans keep watchin (ah-ha)

I’m the player on the team that got the bedroom knockin (get it)

Hit the beat go hard and ya girlfriend jockin (chea)

On the road with a star nigga stop cock blockin

Got a mansion on the wrist (bling) blue color terry hockey (chea)

Now you know the real reason why ya girlfriend jockin (yea)

[Verse: Juelz]

I told the nigga stop cock blockin fo they each stop pop poppin

Quick ass in the ring so they say I’m hot boy

Now I’m stickin at ya chick she takin a couple, biggle

Cause these yellow diamonds looks like I pissed on my writs (oh)

And you know I’m with the click, prospect up in the shit

With T. Mobile girls we flip em like Sidekick

So that ain’t the way to act, don’t do it nigga like that

Waitin in the middle blockin the tims like you Shaq (come on Shaq)

[Hook: Romeo]

[Verse: Silkk the Shocker]

Cock blockin me (me) just keep watchin me (me)

Snatchin at these hoes like some kicker in the factory

And nigga keep tappin me (me) it’s about to get jackin see

Plenty hoes in the building and you keep tappin me

Cause I don’t give a fuck about a bitch nigga trick (nigga)

Pop ya whole click (nigga) then you bout to split (nigga)

On the flo on the ground bustin with the fuckin pound

4 fifth in my lap nigga what you wanna clap

Nigga just tryna eat some shit up of the plate (the plate)

Play with you how you strugglin like you tryna lift some waist

Do it wrong nigga see the fuckin song get back (back)

Cock lockin nigga with the 4 fifth yak

[Verse: Young V]

Niggaz hatin on dude, they don’t know when to stop (oh)

So I told these lil niggaz they need to stop fuckin blockin (bitch)

I got already enough, hoes on my dick so get off it (man)

Cause the rims on my Coop look like they Crip Walkin (get it)

These niggaz go (go), hard on hoes

But the nigga thuggin on my shoulder like he don’t want me to go (oh)

So I told that lil nigga he need to stop cock blockin

Cause the dudes (dudes) have these niggaz pop lock and drop it

[Hook: Romeo]

[Verse: Ruga]

I call this girl over to the fuckin crib

She was a dime nigga she was the shit

But she had to bring her ugly ass money (uh) fuckin friend

I said girl what the fuck is you doin in here man

She say she had to come cause she didn’t wanna be alone

I said bitch take ya ugly ass home

I walked it out do, showed her where to go

Then I said stop cockin and cock blockin hoe

[Hook: Romeo]

[Outro: Romeo]

We take this from Compton

To the Calliopes

Tell ya homeboy to stop cock blockin nigga


Romeo Country N Gutta

[Chorus: x2]

Country n gutta mouth full of gold ice length chain chevorlet super spokes thats how im living and i love it

(thats how im living and i love it) everyday look i be thuggin (cause im thuggin) [x2]

[Verse 1:]

Country and throwed off get ya average lil star then swicth to a star but we aint scared to go to war (g’s side)

south side hustlers gold grillz and new whips and i keep green on me like my name lil flip god’s gift

dont play gotta hit below the waist dont need a bank account a couple mil in the safe (ay)

let me chill for a min hope you keep a py-py cause you gone need spinach got the whips alligator on the seats

gator boys thuggin couple dimes in the jeep h-o-o-b-s-t-r cookie monster in my blood just call me j-r

oooh give me a ball and imma put it through the hoop you shoot im gone shoot cross me i cross you raised on kool aid

and grits cornbread and cabbage im a beast on the streets and i get it from my daddy

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Lil Boosie]

I take a walk outside bandanna on my pocket (bad azz) he be wilding got them bad chicks hollin

shine up my grillz cock back my field big money and big stuntin boy

im bout that for real had 50 on my wrist way before i made a hit orange charger so retarded

but the yellow so sick i got ghetto love from ghetto thugs and ghetto guls yea we act a donky though ask my dawg romeo

from batton rouge where its country as hell everybody touchin known to cause hell in the hot summer

fresh clothes fresh bowls brush my teeth 2 times a day so i got them fresh golds im smilimg wildin at the clubs

im the truth on them beats the penetentiary they behind it cause im keepin it street im from the gutta

when we find one meal we feed each other so you cant knock my hustle (look)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

Crank up my chevy (chevy) high its just a ticket (oh boy) big block motor cant control it when im tippin

you can wear your platnium (platnium) and your gold grillz homie same clothes 3 days and them guls still on me (yea)

i roll wit romeo so they treat me like a king (king) respect it world wide batton rouge

do ya thing hit my round player tonight it going down (down) he say he got that good me

imma bring the brown down south is where im found (yea) we call it up town except them calls from my dawg

i cant wait til he touch down (down) gangsta thats my round (round) disrespect it we gone clown

got sum in the car thats gone chop a hundred round (round) boy you know im real i show love to all my people

a hundred round my neck try to touch it they gone beat ya (beat ya) country and im gutta they thought i wouldn’t make it no matter

what they say boy we kept jiggalatin

[Chorus x2]

Romeo I’m The Baddest


Nobody get money quite like I can

Couple shows couple million like the bank in my hand

Couple cars couple women boy you cant understand

How kid could be such a grown man

And Im a winner baby I cant lose

And the winner is platinum P. Miller shoes

In the summer is a CL5, Im so alive

Eyes wide open when them dos start to rise

Im on another level iced link chain

Im sprung like T-Pain

When they lookin at the puzzle mo press then Fort Knox

Either you wit it boy cause we wont stop

I got the whole streets backin me, whole club jumpin to it

Richie Rich Imma move it right before its Guttar Music

So hard to stand when Im comin trough yo hood

I keep em around like Im up to no good

[Hook: x2]

Im the baddest alive you can see my clothes

You can see my cars you can see my chain

Im the baddest alive how I get that dough

How I rock them shows how I do my thing

[Verse: girls]

Im the king of the thrown yo kid killin the game

Well I take off my shirt your girl screamin my name

They say (I love Richie Rich) I say I love em the same

Keep the love like a pimp you see the ice on my chain

They say Im doin my thang and I know Im doin my thang

All the way to the bank boy gettin the change

No stoppin me Im the hot combatable LeBron James of the game

First P. Miller to ride the street

Now who the baddest alive its no evident

No other then I keep the hood president

No one better then cold Im a veteran

Leavin tha game with the flu and no medicine

Been raised by the number one hustler

I’ve been gettin it every since my days as a youngster

So dont rep the clues just cause your confused

Look whose winning the rap game you gon lose


Romeo Dumb N Da Club

[Intro: Romeo]

Hey shorty

You know a nigga tryna get a dance with you

It’s like that

Fuck it then I’m a go dumb then

[Hook 1: Romeo]

Erbody go dumb in the club

Erbody go dumb in the club

Erbody go dumb in the club

Erbody go dumb in the club

[Verse: Romeo]

I got sum on my waist that make me walk with a limp (walk it out)

Straight from the South so I’m chewing on the shrimp

West Coast ballin I’m straight from New Orleans

The only part of town where the boys sea walkin

Heard the bass so a nigga get hifey

The hate cause a nigga don’t like me (what)

Baby girl not like me

We can grind on the wall give a work out at night

You make a nigga get freaky

And I love your brain got a nigga going geeky (haha)

Make girl get hot and sale

Baby girl I won’t kiss and tell

[Hook 1: Romeo]

[Hook 2: Juelz]

Dance real stupid, hifey retared

Dance real stupid, hifey retared

Dance real stupid, hifey retared

Dance real stupid, hifey retared

[Hook 1: Romeo]

[Verse: Juelz]

On my way to the mothafuckin club

Niggas know I stay goin dumb

Like I’m on some mothafuckin drug

Yadadame, yadadame

Yadadame, Yadada say

Got my vans on but I’m not full of day

Got my vans on but I don’t like to skate

Got my vans on and I stay gettin paid

This goes out to E-40

Bend that fat mothafuckin booty

Like my mothafuckin nigga T-Pain

Everybody wear the fuckin stunna shades

Like my nigga fuckin Charles Wilstay (Charles)

I stay goin dumb out the brain

Hifey train, hifey train

Insane insane out the man brain

[Hook 1: Romeo]

[Hook 2: Juelz]

[Hook 1: Romeo]

[Verse: Romeo (Juelz)]

Now walk it out (let it rain) now walk it out (clear it out)

Now walk it out (let it rain) now walk it out (clear it out)

Now walk it out (let it rain) now walk it out (clear it out)

Now walk it out (let it rain) now walk it out (clear it out)

I make it rain all day I make it rain (walk it out)

I make it rain all day I make it rain (walk it out)

I make it rain all day I make it rain (walk it out)

I make it rain all day I make it rain (walk it out)

[Verse: Young V]

I’m about to make it rain about to make it snow

Bout to make it flood, you will need a boat

Bitch I’m shinin, just like the pack

See all these designers nigga get back

I got that scraper on them 23s

Throwin out gaberg like some Ds

Got my vans on but they look like Nikeys

I’m young, and a nigga get hifey

That’s why your girl said she like me

I’m like, alright

Come with me, for a night

I told the girl you need a thug in ya life

I thought I told ya, yadadame

From the bank steady, gettin that green

Should I say, that mothafuckin cream

Cash, bowls, everything around me

[Hook 1: Romeo]

[Hook 2: Juelz]

[Hook 1: Romeo]

Romeo Pops, I’m A Hustla

[Romeo: talking]

Yea uh-huh-uh

Hey pops

I had to do it to em man


[Pre-Hook x2:]

I’m a hustler never sold drugs

Kill is in my blood I was born to be a thug

[Verse 1: Romeo]

Mouth full of gold

Jewels un froze

I’m glow-glow-glowing

But my name aint dro

C-p-3, C-P-T

I got the whole hood yelling

They want me

P. Miller wheels

Iced out grills

The house on the lake cost at least six mill

Dude your too small

Better get some hills

You messing with the president

My soldiers kill

Kinda on my truths

So I never had to fight

But like your grandma said

Even nice thugs fight

Only hang with black sheep I’m the only one white

Why be wrong when I can be so right

I make it rain all day and all night

Kill the blind walk on water evey time.

I’m a hustla just asks pops

Sold mill on theses record I ain’t have to get shot

[Pre-Hook x2:]

I’m a hustler never sold drugs

Kill is in my blood I was born to be a thug

[Hook x4: Romeo]

I’ma hustler, pops I’m a hustler homie, yea

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Verse 2: Playa]

I’m on the grind making money

Fling it to then fens

Breaking down keys

On the triple beam

If you wanna get wit me

Then come with 23

I got that brown that white

Buy one get one free

Buying jewelery

VVS’s in my teeth

My family gotta eat

Thats why I’m constantly in the streets

I got that work for dirty

If you want it come and get it

Me and Rome getting paid

And we keep it safe wit

[Verse 3: Tank]

I’m a west coast hustler

West coast birta

Rep south Central

Front line soldier

Who can make the club bounce

Run them little girls out

Gutta chain shining

Whips just reclining

I’m always about dough

Hard on the oh

Dudes break dough I’m a young 64

Up and down the streets grinding

The po’s cant find em

Where your boy at?

I’m in the mow hard timing

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Verse 4: C-Los]

I’m gutta gutta

Thugging, hustling fo’ real

Like its ill

It’s still here first


I’m a hustler I don’t settle for a couple of mill

I want the whole enchilada

Like a couple of bill

I’m a hustler like my daddy, like my brother, like my momma

Number one and 9 to 5’s

And nigga real selling papa

Stay tacked for them jacks

And a tuck on the glock

Thats cause I stay on my grind like

I’m pumping a lot

[Verse 5:]

When it come to shapes and cubes

I get it by two

Break it up like fist fights

And push it all the way through

Let my chick set sail like my bro’s on a cruise

Gutta music got stacks

We’d ball on the screw

Order be cool

You don’t wanna star on the news

Grow weed in Louisiana animals

Like Autum Bensue

I’m a fool

Get money, get Cash

Let them haters hate

Now I’m on the blocking pumping bass

Like the 808

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

Romeo Rock My Fitted

[Hook x2: C-Los]

Rock my P. Millers comin ? in my fitted cap

Rock my P. Millers comin ? in my fitted cap

(Oh) in my fitted cap (whoa) in my fitted cap

All in the club pullin hoes in my fitted cap

[Verse: C-Los]

Im ducked in my fitted ride trucks wit the windows tinted

Guttar Boyz in it I dont think you dudes serious you’s a scrimmage

You see me step out wit P. Miller rims and all the tennis (uh-huh)

In a Saints on a fitted jeans blingin and its drippin

Oh, you boys playin I’ve been token you boys lame

And I hang around guerrillas its ziped I was thousand

Ah man I bank mines and if you yappin thats firin

I left em solder way yea the bullets them rap titan (oh)

I keep my rim low, even it can took it to the right

When I turn it to back that means C-Los is bout to fight

But I leanin to the left, cuz I sip that purple Sprite

So Imma, lay like its a Spooner come catchin Mobile Sike

Yea nigga like me, I got a plan to rival

Cuz I got a lot of platinum like placks on P walls

Oh Lord you know C-Los is ready, ducked in my fitted cap

Ride in my fitted cap, high in my fitted cap

[Hook x2: C-Los]

[Verse: Romeo]

Im some special you never seen in my fitted cap money green (okay)

? on the jersey get it cap dawg master teen (you know)

20s on Cutlets 26s on the limousines

Son of a hustler I had to sell nice cream (sell what)

3.8s when Im goin on a date (ah-ha)

5.8s duckin Lil’ Rome I dont want you in my face (yea)

And I feel some kinda beef I just turn it to the back

Wick it straight in the eyes then make it lean back (yea)

[Verse: Young V]

Hat to the side I might be young but Im a beats wit it (oh)

Freaky like a searcher starched up and lean and freeze in it (oh)

So I can ball in it (oh) hit them ball in it (oh)

Throw my soldier cap on them watchin 3 (?) in it (oh)

Im a rich boy I aint gotta steal shorty (oh)

Tell that lil rich no cops freakin chip shorty (oh)

I do some sacks homie (oh) crannies look like Shaq homie

Represent Guttar Music the hood got my back homie

[Hook x2: C-Los]

[Verse: Lil’ D]

Im ducked in my fitted posted up in the cut

I dont dance in my fitted I just throw my hood up

Tryna knuck if you buck we gon catch it to the gut

Cuz Im gone off that drank tryna find a chicken cup but

Lean wit it, rock wit it, yea I keep my glock wit

Beefin I pop wit it, possibly due drop gimme (oh)

24s when I roll and my pockets full of doe

In the club pullin hoes in my fitted cap

She wanna see my grill the Guttaboy of da South

I dont gotta spit game I spit diamonds in my mouth

Yea, Im state to state I know ya boys dont hate

So I keep some that’ll make ya click jigglelate

Yup, Im so T.R.U.

A red fitted but the diamonds in my chain so B.L.U.

And yall boys know what we do

We the proof that keep a lil 22 the Master rims on the Coupe boy boy

[Hook x2: C-Los]