Roxy Music Nightingale

Before the morning comes, will I hear your song

Come little nightingale, I won’t be here for long

When you’re up there flying, do you care

If there’s no one else around’

When your lover leaves you in the air

Do you waver, do you fall’

Now while the moon is high

Shall we, nightingale,

Duet all through the night

A pair of souls for sale

Stars cluster glistening

Captive till the dawn

Patiently listening

They’ve heard it all before

Should I stay here or should I go’

I couldn’t bear to be alone

Was it really love I saw’

Oh, now I’ll never know

What is this I hear’

I recognise that song

Sweet little nightingale I knew you’d come along

Soon when the morning comes.

We will both be gone

So sing pretty nightingale

Lead, I’ll follow on.

Roxy Music Mother Of Pearl

Turn the lights down

Way down low

Turn up the music

Hi as fi can go

All the gang’s here

Everyone you know

It’s a crazy scene

Hey there just look over your shoulder

Get the picture’

No no no no …….(Yes)

Walk a tightrope

Your life-sign-line

Such a bright hope

Right place, right time

What’s your number’

Never you mind

Take a powder

But hang on a minute what’s coming round the corner’

Have you a future’

No no no no …….(Yes)

Well I’ve been up all night again

Party-time wasting is too much fun

Then I step back thinking

Of life’s inner meaning

And my latest fling

It’s the same old story

All love and glory

It’s a pantomime

If you’re looking for love

In a looking glass world

It’s pretty hard to find

Oh mother of pearl

I wouldn’t trade you

For another girl

Divine intervention

Always my intention

So I take my time

I’ve been looking for something

I’ve always wanted

But was never mine

But now I’ve seen that something

Just out of reach – glowing –

Very Holy grail

Oh mother of pearl

Lustrous lady

Of a sacred world

Thus: even Zarathustra


Could believe in you

With every goddess a let down

Every idol a bring down

It gets you down

But the search for perfection

Your own predilection

Goes on and on and on and on

Canadian Club love

A place in the Country

Everyone’s ideal

But you are my favorita

And a place in your heart dear

Makes me feel more real

Oh mother of pearl

I wouldn’t change you

For the whole world

You’re highbrow, holy

With lots of soul

Melancholy shimmering

Serpentine sleekness

Was always my weakness

Like a simple tune

But no dilettante

Filigree fancy

Beats the plastic you

Career girl cover

Exposed and another

Slips right into-view

Oh looking for love

In a looking glass world

Is pretty hard for you

Few throwaway kisses

The boomerang misses

Spin round and round

Fall on featherbed quilted

Faced with silk

Softly stuffed eider down

Take refuge in pleasure

Just give me your future

We’ll forget your past

Oh mother of pearl

Submarine lover

In a shrinking world

Oh lonely dreamer

Your choker provokes

A picture cameo

Oh mother of pearl

So so semi-precious

In your detached world

Oh mother of pearl

I wouldn’t trade you

For another girl

Roxy Music Triptych

Here the soil is barren

Here – nothing grows

But crosses

They – know not what they do

You – your forgiveness

Falls as dew

Nailed upon a wooden frame

Twisted yet unbroken

Open mounted a silent choir

Understood, unspoken

Never was there heard a sound

Until the heavens opened

Now the tide is turning

To other-wordly yearning

Through the sun’s eclipse seems final

Surely he will rise again

Roxy Music All I Want Is You

Somebody told me

Just the other day

That you’re leaving me

We’re through

Well if you knew

How it hurt me so

Then you’d change your mind

I’m sure

Don’t want to hear

What’s going on

I don’t care

What’s new

Don’t want to know

About anything

‘Cause all I want

Is you

Going out with other girls

Was always such a bore

But since I fell in love with you

I need you more and more

Don’t want to know

About one-night-stands

Cut-price souvenirs

All I want is

The real thing

And a night that lasts

For years.

If you ever change your mind

I’ve a certain cure

An old refrain, it lingers on

L’amour, toujours l’amour…

Don’t want to learn

About etiquette

From glossy magazines

Why should I try

To talk correct

Like they do

In another scenes

Say no more

About imagery

You’re starting to confuse

Just make an offer

Of more romance

Of course I can’t refuse

All I want is you

Oo oo I’m all cracked up on you.

Roxy Music Would You Believe?

Would you believe in what I do

When the things that I make are all for you’

And in a while I’ll come to you

Showing showing why what I think will all come true

Well I’m sure I’ll love you all my life

And in the morning too

Everything you have is out of sight

But baby I can see through you

And in a while I’ll come to you

Showing showing why what I think will all come true

Would, would you believe in what I do

When the things that I make are all for you’

Roxy Music Ain’t That So

I’ve been around

So far it seems

Too bad the blues

Blew my schemes


Such sweet surprise

In southern heat

Or northern skies

Ain’t that so

Shadows cling

Where shutters close

Who can tell

Heaven knows

Why some can laugh

And some can sing

Stand in line

Or get on down and swing

Ain’t that so

Cross the street

who’s ringing bells’

Peeling walls

Of cheap hotels

Neon flare

A sudden chill

And there you lie

And time stands still

Ain’t that so

Roxy Music Virginia Plain

Make me a deal and make it straight

All signed and sealed, I’ll take it

To Robert E. Lee I’ll show it

I hope and pray he don’t blow it ’cause

We’ve been around a long time just try try try tryin’ to

Make the big time…

Take me on a roller coaster

Take me for an airplane ride

Take me for a six days wonder but don’t you

Don’t you throw my pride aside besides

What’s real and make believe

Baby Jane’s in Acapulco We are flyin’ down to Rio

Throw me a line I’m sinking fast

Clutching at straws can’t make it

Havana sound we’re trying hard edge the hipster jiving

Last picture shows down the drive-in

You’re so sheer you’re so chic

Teenage rebel of the week

Flavours of the mountain steamline

Midnight blue casino floors

Dance the cha-cha through till sunrise

Open up exclusive doors oh wow!

Just like flamingos look the same

So me and you, just we two got to search for something new

Far beyond the pale horizon

Some place near the desert strand

Where my Studebaker takes me

That’s where I’ll make my stand but wait

Can’t you see that Holzer mane’

What’s her name Virginia Plain

Roxy Music Re-Make / Re-Model

I tried but I could not find a way

Looking back all I did was look away

Next time is the best we all know

But if there is no next time where to go’

She’s the sweetest queen I’ve ever seen (CPL593H)

See here she comes, see what I mean’ (CPL593H)

I could talk talk talk, talk myself to death

But I believe I would only waste my breath

Ooh show me

Roxy Music Still Falls The Rain

Dear Hyde –

No more can I

Explain, I’ve tried

With words in vain

They pass you by

Like falling rain

From perfect skies

Still falls the rain


Hey brother don’t be square

Here it is not over there

I’m your man – I’ve got it made

You need my fire you need my shade

You’re here Hyde –

Once more inspire

This strangely tied

Uncertain frame

So torn inside

Still falls the rain

Two minds, one vein

Still falls the rain


Hey doctor don’t be scared

It’s you and me so where’s my share’

I’m the man just move aside

Call me mister call me Hyde

Hey lover don’t be shy

I’m a single minded guy

Better watch me – boy I’m rough

Half a man ain’t strong enough

Hey brother don’t be square

Here it is not over there

I’m your man – I’ve got it made

You feed my fire you need my shade

Roxy Music Trash

Are you customised or ready-made’

Heavy metal trick or treat’

Only seventeen

On the level trash is neat

Teenage fever oh you’ve got it bad

Caught the flavour want it all

Only seventeen

Bet you know the trash I mean

Row your features into magazines

Go to Plaza – where’s the trade’

Only seventeen

Slips are lower trash is in