Roxy Music Pyjamarama

Couldn’t sleep a wink last night

Oh how I’d love to hold you tight

They say you have a secret life

Made sacrifice your key to paradise

Never mind, take the world by storm

Just boogaloo a rhapsody divine

Take a sweet girl just like you

How nice if only we could bill and coo

I may seem a fool to you for ev’rything I say or think or do

How could I apologise for all those lies

The world may keeps us far apart but up in heaven, angel

You can have my heart

Diamonds may be your best friend

But like laughter after tears

I’ll follow you to the end

Roxy Music Casanova

You – the hero

So many times

You’ve loved

And didn’t linger

Now my finger

Points at you

– Another loser

You – an island

On your own


In every detail


A precious jewel

Or just a fool


It’s in your mind

And blood

I watch it simmer

I see you’re courting

More despair

No hope’

Not a glimmer

Now you’re nothing

But second hand

In glove

With second rate now

Now you’re flirting

With heroin

– Or is it cocaine’

Casanova –

Is that your name

Or do you live there’

I know my place

Is here with you


But not together

Roxy Music Three And Nine

You might remember

How it used to be

3 and 9 could show you

Any fantasy

Parti-coloured pictures

Now and then 3D

No cheap nostalgia

Conjured up by me

Back to the old days

Close to home

Show me some new ways

I’ll carry on

Whether making out or played out

Three and nine make twelve

I’ve a dozen reasons

Lying on the shelf

B feature back rows

Filed away

No point pretending

Change is here to stay

3 and 9 to 45

Decimal romance

If you’ve warmed to centigrade

You stand a sporting chance

I’m not so special

You’re a misfit too

Why must they interfere

In everything we do’

Should we play safe now

Or go all the way’

Six and two threes now

More I cannot say

Roxy Music Grey Lagoons

Blue suns and grey lagoons

Silver starfish with honeymoons

All these and more to choose

If you

Satin teardrops on velvet lights

Morning sickness on Friday nights

Heaven knows what others I might bring

To you

Broken partings making strange goodbyes

Hopeless cases with fake alibis

Even hoping we’ll be there to share

With you

Blue suns and grey lagoons

Grey lagoons

Grey lagoons

Roxy Music Eight Miles High

Eight miles high

And when you touch down

You find you’re

Stranger than known

Signs in the street

That say where you’re going

Are somewhere

Just being their own

Nowhere is there

Warmth to be found

Just those afraid

Of losing their ground

Rain grey town

Known for its sound

In places

Small faces around

Round the squares

Huddled in storms

Some laughing

Some just shapeless forms

Sidewalk scenes

And black limousines

Some living

Some standing


Roxy Music Beauty Queen

Valerie please believe

It never could work out

The time to make plans

Has passed, faded away

Oooh the way you look

Makes my starry eyes shiver

Then I look away

Too much for one day

One thing we share

Is an ideal of beauty

Treasure so rare

That even devils might care

Your swimming-pool eyes

In sea breezes they flutter

The coconut tears

Heavy-lidded they shed

Swaying palms at your feet

You’re the pride of your street

While you worship the sun

Summer lover of fun

Gold number with neighbours

Who said that you’ll go far

Maybe someday be a star

A fast mover like you

And your dreams will all come true

All of my hope, and my inspiration

I drew from you

Our life’s pattern’s drawn in sand

But the winds could not erase

The memory of your face

Deep in the night

Plying very strange cargo

Our soul-ships pass by

Solo trips to the stars – in the sky

Gliding so far

That the eye cannot follow

Where do they go

We’ll never know

Roxy Music Both Ends Burning

Please don’t ever let me down

‘Cause you know I’m not so sure

Do I have the speed to carry on

Burn you out of my mind, I know

You’re a flame that never fades

Jungle red’s a deadly shade

Both ends burning, will the fires keep

Somewhere deep in my soul tonight

Both ends burning



Now my course is plain as day

Running bold across to play

Both ends burning with a strange desire

That feeds the fire in my soul tonight

I will dance the night away

Living only for today

Both ends burning while you’re counting sheep

Hell- who can sleep in this heat this night’

Tell me will I ever learn’

It’s too late, the rush is on

Both ends burning and I can’t control

The fires raging in my soul tonight

Oh will it never end’

Put your foot around the bend

Drive me crazy to an early grave

Tell me what is there to save tonight

Both ends burning



Keep on burning till the end, until the end

Keep on burning till the end, the very end

Roxy Music She Sells

Now you’re talking in headlines

Up to the minute and free

Stop press, hold the front page

Up as a mirror

Are you reading me’

Watch you walking in waltz time

A jigsaw puzzle in tune

Or are you faking a straight line

To suit yourself too soon

Rather nouveau than never

Contemporary ideal

Some natural kind of poet might slow it

But she sells more my speed

She sells country and modern

Ancient western song

Of oriental confusion

You so right, me so wrong

Now you’re fixing to fly me-

Auto-erotic, please,

On the break that you’re gliding.

Your lingerie’s a gift-wrap

Slip it to me

Nine till five

The daily grind

Made-up lies

Make up my mind

Same machine consuming you

Consuming you

Oh why

She sells

I need

Oh why love why

She sells

I need.

Roxy Music Sentimental Fool

Surely you cannot be leading me on’

Well if that’s so, however can I love again’

How could I believe again’

How can I hold on’

Sentimental fool

Knowing that fate is cruel,

You ought to forget it.

Yes, I know it’s true,

I’ve seen what love can do,

But I don’t regret it.

Oh, you silly thing-

Don’t you see what’s happening’

You’re better without it.

No, that’s not the case-

If you were in my place,

You never would doubt it.

Sentimental fool

Who broke the golden rule,

You couldn’t resist it.

Though it’s all in vain,

I’d do it all again

Just to relive a minute.

A woman in love

Can make you feel good-

You know what you’re living for.

She’ll give you so much

And keep you in touch

With all that’s worth living for.

Oh once she gets in

Through thick and through thin

She’ll show you what living’s for.

The rhythm of love

It must go on

Can’t stop.

The beat of your heart

Is like a drum

Will it stop’

Roxy Music Chance Meeting

I never thought I’d seen you again

Where have you been until now’

Well how are you’ how have you been’

It’s a long time since we last met

It seems like yesterday when I

First saw you in your red dress smile

How could I forget that day

I know that time spent well is so rare