Scotty Cain In Da Building

What up? Scotty Cain. Pablo

Imma make you run them bands up (run them bands up)

Imma make you run them bands up (run them bands up)

Ya’ll niggas broke



Bitch I’m in the building

Clutching fucking niggas bitches popping bottles on you pussies I’m the sickest

Bitch I’m in the building

Pull out them bands and get to flossing with them bitches ain’t no catching Scotty slipping Glock30 with the extension

Bitch I’m in the building

I’m VIP all drinks on me I’m popping tabs all at the bar you know I’m thugging

Bitch I’m in the building

Running up that check, getting off that sack, stacking up my racks, and straps when fuck niggas wanna jack

[Scotty Cain:]

I’m the sickest I got racks up on you bitches

Don’t need no body guards, got straps to you lil bitches

I fucked a nigga bitch I guess he tripping

I told his bitch to tell him I ain’t slipping bitch I’m hitting it

High Tec got me leaning all these hoes be screaming when they see me they act like I be thugging all on the TV

Sipping Ac with Byrd don’t fuck with MGP that shit make me sleepy I be trying to flight and get them bengies

Swerving lane to lane with the gleezy on me

True religions with the red extension on them

Pull out them bands when your bitch looking lonely

Go get a suite and fuck that ho until the morning



I don’t pay for pussy, I buy pints of lean

Smoking niggas rent money what the fuck you mean

All my bitches bout my straps you know how Pablo rock it

And my niggas selling cars like a car auction

26’s on my whips look like a Tonka toy

My OG made a million selling Ol’ Roy

Fucked your bitch after the club until the next day

If I want it I draw bands you niggas layaway

Ran em’ up I got them mad that I made a killing

Don’t pay for studio time I went and bought a building

Racks coming in, packs going out

Gutter Money, Road Runner, ain’t no fucking doubt


Scotty Cain NBA Smoke

Fuck a nigga two times and fuck what they be reppen’

You pussy cause’ you had a nigga ’round…

Fuck a nigga two times and fuck what they be reppen’

You pussy cause’ you had a nigga ’round just ‘for protection

You two faced it

Might be a rat, and you scary

A nigga kilt yo dog and you ain’t [?]

Aye hold up

[?] talkin’ reckless

When you ain’t have no money

Bitch I kept it real when all them niggas say you dumbing

You came riding ‘ery nigga dick just ‘fore the feature

I just bat a nigga ass to sleep

I can’t wait till I see you

Instagram pro?

You thankin’ it’s a joke?

You sayin’ you ‘on smoke

Bitch I’mma let it blow

Mask on, gloves tight

How tha’ fuck you gon’ know

Glock and tha’ .44

Since you wanna put on a show

Up with tha K and I spray

Up with tha K and you late

Mitch, my name must be gay

I’mma hit you with this bitch and leave you layin’ out the gate

Yeah, first 48

Nigga, you know I’on’t play

I’mma kill you broad day

I’mma slang the fuckin’ K

You know I’m comin’ with drums

I’m killin’ errybody, don’t leave a witness

You know I’m ’bout that

Show me where your house at

Bitch I’m comin’ clear the bidness

Lil bit ass nigga trippin’ I’m clutchin’ and stitchin’

Hit ’em in his back shut his nerves down now he ain’t got feelin’

I creep with the same cutta’

I put on that [?]

This bitch ain’t good enough?

I dig out that otha’ roid

I keep me a pocket knife, that cutta’ [?] as my otha’ squad

I catch a nigga, it’s on site

Bitch Imma send you to the undergod


I’m comin’ for her

I’m comin’ for him

I’m runnin’ from ’em

I’m gunnin’ for ’em

I’mma hit ’em up

I’mma bust [?]

Lil bitch ass nigga, you a fuckin’ munchkin

[?] I’m clutchin’ my weapon

Since someone wan’ test me

I’mma Gucci Mane stretchin’

I’mma give his ass a blessin’

All I need is .38, that Glock that be extra

Drop this song, wish you neva’ woulda’ did it

Hit you with this bitch so many times

You gon’ wish you wasn’t trippin

I got a cutter with yo’ name on it

Just fo’ the dissin’

Tell ’em send me 400 grand when you come up missin’

After you dead I’m fuckin that lil ratchet hoe you kissin’

Don’t let Dame catch you, he gon’ crash out

Kill you an’ cop out fo’ the time and leave yo ass thought

I’mma kill you, beat the shit

And still be back outchea with that same bullshit

Bitch I got a full clip



Scotty Cain Believe Me

I’mma survivor and I stack a lot of bands padna’

I get betta’ and betta’ in and out the can padna’

Fuckin’ all them hoes never meant a lot

[?] rounds, sippin drank, me and bird in the drop

All my niggas onehunnit plus they be quick to squeeze

Keep it onehunnit lie once I never believe

On Sherwood Forest with a half I’m bout to stop and z

Smoke somethin’, fuck my bitch, and afta’ that I gotta leave

Get back to the yo and drop some hits work on my new cd

Protected, don’t need no security, keep my .223

Niggas shot at me and missed, so I told ’em pray

He gon need God, when I shoot I’m goin’ for the face

I only fuck with silent niggas keep that popper with me

Big stacks, ain’t no dollas in it straight hunnits and fifties

Pull ’em out in front a nigga bitch now she wanna fuck with me

All because I rap, and I’m the hottest yungin’ in the city

I’mma dive behind my daughter and that’s on my daughter

Guns don’t kill people, people with daughters be cautious

I used to struggle out the mud stay clutchin tha’ .40

Now I’m up with double cups, bands and diamonds flossin’

Flash them racks, I used to do, cause I ain’t have shit

Fuckin’ nigga’s hoe that’s talkin cause he got a bad bitch

My guards always up you gon’ get spanked tryin’ that crash shit

You in yo feelings bout a hoe

Yo hoe the one who gag dick

Everybody show me love cause I’m a real nigga

Don’t sugar coat it not a baller

That’s why they fucking with me

Any nigga play, no hesitate we handle business

Free my brother Chad and for my enemies may God be witchu

I don’t ever second guess a nigga cause it’s real

Dude pussy, but you gotta’ watch ’em tho’ ’cause pussies kill

I’on’t feel shit but God and that’s how I live

I ain’t join down for nothin’

No talkin’ you know the deal

I be gettin’ it cause I’m tryna’ get a ticket

My nigga locked up, he grindin’ when his hoe’s [?]

Nigga snitch, zip ’em up ‘eres nothin’ he can mention

Hoes gossip, nah I’m on my shit they tryna’ get me

Real life, shootin’ that nigga’s gon’ get you stripes

You the type to brag about the shit

That shit’ll get you life

Now you in that cell stressin’

Nigga in n out yo wife

You can’t trip about that shit ’cause you the one who rolled the dice

In my hood, a lot of soldiers fell

Most of the niggas gone, [?] them niggs neva’ tell

I came from that section, we grew up from usin’ scales

And the product we slangin’ brangin’ the junkies, clientale

Nigga takin’ hits, and think it’s all gravy

Until they people double back with somethin’ from the navy

Clip carry 80, and you ain’t even strapped

Up the clap, put yo’ head in yo’ lap you ain’t gon’ make it

Scotty Cain Throw Them Bitches

Nigga we throw them bitches [x2]



My team flash racks

We got these niggas mad

I see yo bitch I flex just cuz she got a lot of ass

Nigga go to trippin

Bitch don’t make me flash

CainMusik an’ 54 gon’ get on a nigga ass

We throw them bitches

Beat a nigga ass put him through the flo’

We throw them bitches

Fuck talking bitch Imma dive and break yo nose

We throw them bitches

He tryna’ run? Get a nice grip to his clothes

Beat his ass out the do’

Get in that zone and act some mo’

We throw them bitches



All I ever wanted was a stack that’s full of hundreds

Mine gone, even thoughts, got me feeling ‘hunned

Hurt my heart to see my brother Chad Cain wanted

Oh yeah, dude, Imma’ wack yo rattin’ ass for pointin’

Mobbin’ in the old school Monte Carlo

In all black, wack and never rat, we ain’t no Marlo

Chopper wack, I’ll up this bitch and knock off all yo car doors

My cousin Joseph from hittin’ licks, free bro Marco

Throw them bitches

My youngins throw them bitches

And beef? We throw bullets out the clips until they empty

I’m a menace, but bitch I’m still in it

Go get a nigga just for bringin’ me up in they mentions

Money? Bitch I get it, get a air bowl then flip it

Tryna jack? Bitch I got this Glock that got extensions

I don’t think you niggas really with this like I’m with this

Chopper really school a nigga, call it early dismiss




I got clutchin’ habbits, so I got bustin’ habbits

Maneuver throw the city and the realluns’ just for bustin at ya’

I told you don’t make me flash, don’t make me flash

See you done that bad, I gotta bust ya ass

Fuckin’ ’round with Harley Ken I got my rollin’ racks

Big stacks, I do numbers once I make it back

[?] hollin’ fuck ya, you know I’m gonna do you

You see me in this chair, can’t fight I gotta shoot ya

[Harley Ken:]

Money can’t be the fuckin’ dope charge

Know some rich naggas from cocain behind bars

Two big meats, my nigga Cut was the sickest

He showed me how to make a meal ticket in the kitchen

Whip it up, Whip it up, Whip it up I’m tryna get rich

Now I live the fuckin’ life of a superstar

Yeah, I’m flashy, every night I’m in a different car

I ain’t finna’ throw them bitches, finna kill ya boy



Get the business clear, Niggas pussy, I’m the only son

Catch him talkin this lil’ shit

Bat him in his front

I touched 20 bands

Then I went crazy, It’s me, I’m mark

Valet park the ‘vette at Nemus I am not a star, yeah

I be on yo bitch

I low-key yo bitch

She bought me some kicks

Then she got dismissed

I’m trainin’, I’m trainin’, I’m throwing like I’m Russel

Out his body, make him do Pilates on the muscle

What up?


A nigga know I keep a pocket full of C-Notes, Swisher fulla’ weed

A clip fulla’ hollows to make you busters bleed

In the club wit a big ass pistol like, “Who gon’ murder me?”

Put ya hands on me I bet I turn this to a murder scene

Glocks with beams, all us we be clutchin, Either that or choppas

All of them be ready to go bang at you and yo lil’ partners

Dreaded up like I’m a Rasta, but I’m out of Ghosttown

Play me, it’s gon’ go down, send orders if you up clown