Sheek Louch All In Together

My gun heavy way, you was banned away

Soon as you catch a couple hoes, use a man of faith

Snitching, you know how many mother fuckers got the head blown down for snitching

Stress me, you ain’t convincing

And this to be the same club, you can’t [?]

And little be the same blood, you can’t [?]

Doctor bills don’t play, they spend it

[Chorus: x2]

All you’re giving now

Keep that thing making now bouncing about the club

Who want ladies is living now

Make it where this mother fucker, they don’t come back!

Make it where this mother fucker wear a big hat!

Scary niggas shoot with their eyes closed

Me I got killers, no blinking, just coke on their nostrils

If you ain’t with us, you consider this hostile

[?] I ain’t talking about cascos

Whatever you can bet it, where your gun is on, let it

I’ve been riding dirty way before [?] and said it

Chasing at the club, throwing cheers at ’em

Bitches just throwing benz at ’em

Shout in, jump off the stairs at ’em

[Chorus: x2]

All you’re giving now

Keep that thing making now bouncing about the club

Who want ladies is living now

Make it where this mother fucker, they don’t come back!

Make it where this mother fucker wear a big hat!

When it’s on nigga, I don’t care how you rock

I shoot it up till the property value drop

You used to play gun defence, now you’re fly

Morals, principles, should I ball you out?

Enough [?] better send the word to the monkeys

[?] like me in a third world country

Head guns, govern the issue, we still banging them

As soon as he sitting the passenger seat, strangulate them!

[Chorus: x2]

All you’re giving now

Keep that thing making now bouncing about the club

Who want ladies is living now

Make it where this mother fucker, they don’t come back!

Make it where this mother fucker wear a big hat!

Make it where this mother fucker don’t come back

Six feet deep where my gun’s at

This is [?] little dudes [?] cop

Come from the spot, with them niggas to get you [?]

Yeah, life’s a bitch, so I’m fucking up

Every day you never gave a fuck about a fuck boy anyway

[Chorus: x2]

All you’re giving now

Keep that thing making now bouncing about the club

Who want ladies is living now

Make it where this mother fucker, they don’t come back!

Make it where this mother fucker wear a big hat!

Sheek Louch Comin’ For Ya Head

[Intro: Sheek Louch (Ghostface Killah)]

I mean yeah, nigga, it’s feeding time

It’s getting warm outside, these niggas, like

Put they earrings in it, and pull they chains out and shit

(Put the bibs on these niggas!) Let’s go

[Sheek Louch]

Nah, you don’t roll enough, Louis duffel bag don’t hold enough

Drinking the brown liquor for both of us

Rose on table, Jesus head with the cable

Gun shots is fatal, my bars is prenatal

I kill little niggas, up close, peel little niggas

We the hottest out, still, little niggas

I’m better in my prime, spitting harder

Looking better than ya’ll little niggas, and I’ve done been here a dime

Your opinion didn’t matter since Big heard me rhyme

Little nigga and Puff, or caught a spot with a nine

Hand all sticky, my tires is all Mickey

She kissing on my neck, I’m too black for a hickey

I’m still down with Kobe, got a feeling he could make it

If Miami and Oklahoma don’t take it

Your face found up, like I won’t come there and break it

Jake the Snake and hatchet, can’t Crystal Lake it

[Ghostface Killah]

Most of my goons is bow-legged, bald head niggas

From Syracuse, four-fifths, gold plated

Doing lines off coffee tables in the Waldorf

Nose red, walk into to the bathroom, door off

My man said I went raw last night

Heard I slip up in the whore last night

Still saucy, I plead the fifth, six G’s

I sniffed if I sneeze, the left side of my nose might rip

Dark skin, hunchback killing machines

Who eat seal meat, dick stay up for a fucking week

Attending brutal rap battles in Zaire

I heard Toney Boom-Bye-Yay from the crowd, yeah

My man hate ice, luck smooth right there

Blood diamonds sitting real chunky in my right ear

Killas, skin your ass with no contracts

And little niggas got nowhere to hide but the projects

[Chorus: Sheek Louch]

I just woke up, I got money on my mind

Grab my nine from underneath the bed

I put my vest on, smoke something

Cock my gun back, make sure it’s filled up with lead

I’m coming for your head, I’m coming for your head

I’m coming for your head, yup, yup

I’m coming for your head, I’m coming for your head

I’m coming for your head, yeah

[Styles P]

Ralph Ellison, invisible man, vanishing

Come back like Arizona Ron, speaking Spanish

And you’re panicking, oughta stay still like a mannequin

Dark side like Darth, yeah, young Anakin

Skywalker, fly talker, rhyme even better though

Salute them niggas that died, those with a federal

Charge yo, Incarcerated Scarface, yard flow

Polo overalls, short set, son of Mars, though

Probably in the crib, getting high, watching Fargo

A lady cop and some hit men

A quarterback that coke like Big Ben

To a bunch of a dirty niggas like Pig Pen

No Charlie Brown, though, pump in the pound, though

Coming for your head, I run your ass out of town, yo

This is Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah

And the other Ghost, you can fuck around and get your mother poked


Bees wax all in the spinners, most of my killas is winners

Hiding in Stevie glasses in Venice

Blast first, drop the burner and burst

Burgundy blood, fell out the thug, he got trapped by a team curse

I’m more relentless, aiming to strap, from off the benches

Hit you from right field, intensely

Your money ain’t long, your money is gone

Your money mine now, homeboy, now run to your moms

Sorry gangstas get thrown in the hole

We chilling in the Trump Towers, onions and soul

Let’s roll, cuz when the clock hit, my niggas’ll bowl

It’s like dice, nigga, open the hole

Fisters on the get go, silk shirts, this is how the click roll

Strong hammers, doofy like Klitschko

And where your bitch go, surrounded by the rich, yo

Power mitts and bricks, yo, what


Sheek Louch Bust Shots

[Verse 1 – Inspectah Deck]

Pretty Tone, I got you, fingers

Morphine flow, lean on the brass gold

I can see your snake eyes without the crap roll

Bust the mack stroll, laughing at you assholes

Sticking thorns in my pride like the Black Crowes

Cracking your dome for breakfast, Deck spit

Lava, fresh like the produce section

Repping, there’s no use testing, you know who stepped in

It’s Deck bitch, for those who question

Like Serena on the swerve, I swing hard

Main event, bad broads with ring card

This shit here, niggas get the fiend nod

On the wreck, though, these cowards never seen yard

Head boss, you scavenge off what Deck toss

I don’t fall for petty talk I check the source

Flex force with army arms, I lets off

Bomb threat, blow both your stanky legs off


[ID]And make you bust shots in the air and scream yeah

[SL]Or, try and learned it from the mental shit, son

[ID]And make you bust shots in the air and scream yeah

[Method Man]Blaow, bang, cuz

[GK]Cuz I write, and blast and slash your whole level

[SL]Or, try and learned it from the mental shit, son

[ID]And make you bust shots in the air and scream yeah

[GK]Yeah, kid

[Verse 2 – Sheek Louch]

Pay attention, gun shots, fuck what you benching

Big chains on my neck, my wrist is Clinton

Presidential Rolex, coming out the projects

Seat back looking mean in a foreign object

Three for twenty in Japan, with American money

Get back home, get head from American bunnies

My Iron Fists, my platinum wrists

My cook up game is chemists, fuck my nemesis

Fly birds like Tyson do, had to switch

From the car to the cargo on board Jet Blue

Bodies drop from the Liquid Swords, been making hits for years

But I’m mad I ain’t got no awards

I’m a real OG tho’, swag like James Bond and ’em

My white tee is my tuxedo

Belts on the track, Sheek and Ghostface

Got the hood on smash, RZA leave it like that


[Verse 3 – Ghostface Killah]

We be jammin’, I grill on the track just like salmon

I don’t play no games, baccarat or backgammon

I’m Supreme Cliente’, rawer than sushi

And if your girl got my number, means I beat that pussy

Sword slayer, dick slinger, I got the stroll

Of an R&B singer, Wu-Tang ruckus bringer

36 different dialects, we call spot checks

My homeland security, is up in the projects

Shaolin, Stapleton, Bricks on Broad Street

That’s where niggas get chopped up like raw meat

Fuck that, started off rocking a stocking

Over my face, now my face is what gets it popping

Donnie had the wave voice, beeing blowed through the mic

The definition of TRU TV, fuck SPIKE

I’m the realest Akeed that ever wet these blocks

Too black for BET, too wild for Cops

Sheek Louch All Fed Up

[Sighing] Yo let me get a cigarette son

Yeah, fuck it, {?} it’s not that serious

Hey yo


She said she all fed up

And she talk about she lea-vin (aiyyo calm down)

Said she won’t, be back

‘Til we get e-ven (what’chu mean get even)

Said she gon’ take, my kids

To her momma’s for the wee-kend (yeah aight)

I know she try to be there for me

It’s fucked up I got caught cheat-in

[Sheek Louch]

Aiyyo, I ain’t gon’ lie, I got weeded all drunk and I cheated

After the club, shorty gave me what I needed (yeah)

That freaky side in the back of a ride

In the back of the park, where we used to hide (oh)

First it was a fling cause I kept her in the wing

She knew I had a wife cause I kept her on my ring

But she ain’t even care, she just wanted to be down

And come around the lab when I lay a song down (right on mami)

And even when I seen her with my lady

She’ll walk by, I’ll walk by, no actin shady

No prank calls, no baby momma brawls (none of that)

Real grown lady like, up in the malls

This whole thing is like way too good

You almost never catch a shorty like that up in the hood (uh-uh)

So I kept it on the hush (yeah) brought me a bat line

And called shorty up when it was time to crush

[Chorus w/ slightly different ad libs]

[Sheek Louch]

Aiyyo – couple of Louis bags, the kind that J-Lo has

Could be just lookin at the picture, she don’t gotta ask

(You want that right there?)

I like to spend the cash, she like to throw that ass (turn around ma)

I remember when she first flew first class (calm down)

I let her push the whip in, until she started flippin

Axin me am I messin with some other chicken

I’m like “WHOA, baby NO NO NO”

This ain’t gon’ start (uh-uh) and please be smart

You know I got a girl, what’chu care what I do

She like “Fuck you Sheek, whatever, we through” (whatever)

Next day she drivin by, smilin and wavin hi

Right in front of my house, what this bitch wanna die?

[Chorus w/ slightly different ad libs]

[Sheek Louch]

Hey yo, yo, I never thought it would go down like this

This bitch got my baby momma suspicious

My door ringin while she doin the dishes

A dozen roses with a note sayin “kiss”

Wait ’til I see this witch

She got me on the couch like a muh’fuckin slouch, I’ma kill this bitch

I’m on AllNightParties dot com

Son lookin at like that’s not mom!

[Chorus w/ slightly different ad libs]

[Sheek Louch]

I never thought it would go down like this

Bitch got my baby momma suspicious

Sheek Louch 45 Minutes To Broadway

Oh, oh…

We gon’ do it like – oh, oh… [repeat 3X]

We gon’ do it like

[Sheek Louch]

Sheek usually white tee thuggin, blue steel huggin

See me with a chick, most likely be fuckin

Neighbors too nosy, chain all rosy

Fresh white Airs, one squirt of Dolce

Coupe all kitted, wrist all glitted

You would think I’m hot in how low I wear my fitted

Dutch already twisted, ‘gnac all poured

‘Bout to hit the hood and find me a nasty broad

I like ’em with some weight, at least around eight

They don’t gotta be a 10 long as they can bring a friend

C’mon, pile in, let your hair out

Reach into that little mini-bar and pull a beer out

Loose, there’s cranberry if you need it for the Grey Goose

By now I got my pants around my ankles

Ooh c’mere mama, let me thug you out

Let me whisper somethin to you that’ll bug you out


45 minutes to Broadway

I can be downtown, I’m only 5 minutes from the Boogie Down

45 minutes to Broadway

We can come back up to Y.O. where I blow your back up

45 minutes to Broadway

We can get drunk ma, and hang out right in the sports bar

45 minutes to Broadway

Or you can fly to New York bitch, the home of this D-Block playa

[Sheek Louch]

We like “Take it off!”

Do you mind if I take a picture of you and send it up North?

My homey in his cell and all he got is Black Tail

He need a Polaroid so he can let ’em know it’s real (ha ha)

And you ain’t gotta stay indoors

I got a house key for doin the choors (no doubt)

Chef in the mornin, mines scrambled baby, how you want yours?

(How you want your eggs?) I take ’em to the hood, send ’em to the store

Introduce ’em to my homies, Sheek so raw

It’s all fair game, I come back with four more

Don’t be scared ma – you heard a lot about D-Block, right?

Well you here ma, let’s go


[Sheek Louch]

I don’t wanna talk about it (nah)

You keep tellin me your house is crowded (so?)

What’chu wanna move in? I doubt it (uh-uh)

I’ll let you sleep over, use the robe and go get you an outfit

I like my freedom baby, I already got a baby

I lay my game down flat soon as I meet a lady

We can do it up, I don’t care if you married

Divorced with kids, I don’t give a fuck

[Chorus – 2X]

Oh, oh… we gon’ do it like – [repeat 2X]

Sheek Louch Been Robbed

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Sheek Louch]

Cocaine flow, cocaine dough

Where that money, where that paper, where that cocaine go?

Lay ’em down, face first, take the numbers out his cell

Get his connect to gag him, so the faggot don’t yell

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Sheek Louch]

What happened to that street shit you rap about?

Where that spot that you sell heron, and dope and all that crack about

Niggas stop fronting, you don’t own a glock

If I take it off your neck, you probably call the cop, it’s like

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Ghostface Killah]

Aiyo, I had to shove the fifth in his mouth

He tried to raise the price on me in the spring, in the midst of a drought

Told him papi, no need, just put the slabs in the bag

Then I told him shut the fuck up but his dog even said “arf! arf!”

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Ghostface Killah]

’88 Riker’s Isle, banging for phone time

One big nigga slid through, bulky with two shines

Winked at my goons, they leave quick, big man ran

To the bubble, leaking, repeating that help shit

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Sheek Louch]

We smack niggas up, shake ’em down as we see ’em

Take his jewelry and his podium

Sheek and Ghostface on our ’88 shit, get your chest hit

Box cutter, get your face split, they yelling like!

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

[Ghostface Killah]

Out of respect, I through the gun to his neck, he had singles and loose change

And yo, four bundles of wet

Told him, yo, kid, respect the juks, and there’s one thing

You shouldn’t yell around murderous crooks and that’s

“Help! I’m being robbed!” [x4]

Sheek Louch 2 Tears In A Bucket

Uhh, hahah, Ruff Ryders niggaz (all my niggaz)

(All aboard!) Blood in blood out

Funk Doc, Sheek Luc’, Meth-Tical (whattup niggaz?)

Yo, yo, aiyyo yo


Soon as I cop the nine, I pop the nine

When I take it out the box, I represent LOX

Now when I flow, you hit the rewind button

So I charge out more, want it all at the door

Fuck heat, Sheek walk around with an oven

Who you gonna kill with that little Foreman grill?

How its gon’ look when I come through your block?

Sheek, Funk Doc, Meth on top

Porsche, 300 horse fly by

Back open pumpin “How High?” (How High)

Yeah, can y’all see that (See that)

Bitch you can call me what you want, ‘cuz “I’ll Be Dat” (Be dat)

Get off my dick, I don’t care about no jewels

Long as the condo’s paid and the truck I choose

I’m tellin y’all niggas, if its not double R

I’ma spell my name out on the side of your car


Come and Ruff Ryde with us

If you wanna get high with us

If you wanna get down with us

Come on nooooowwwww

Come and Ruff Ryde with us

If you wanna get high with us

If you wanna get down with us

Come on nooooowwwww


I got a twin cam exhaust connected to the jaw

A five speed clutch on my paw when I write

I glow like the pegs in Lite-Brite

3000 volts of lightning when you fly the right kite

Me and Meth be Hennessy, two ice cubes

We can draw (choose your weapons) or do I choose?

When I choose the grip, one shot lose your hip

I hope your shoes fit for this move and pick

I avalanche your camp with, ten feet of snow

I’m cold blooded, my fam half-eskimo

My flows move like indo;

turn ten nickels to ten loads, outta ten sto’s

Ride the crash course, do the math on it

Swizz Beats you can ride Amtrak on it

But I’m on it, grillin with George Foreman

Ya peeps is at the Grammy Awards cornin

The ice, the fat wallet son, I want it

And the helicopter warmin before mornin

Def Jam nigga, Redman nigga

Got – “fuck ya momma” on my sweat band nigga

You tough guys’ll get smacked in the club

COme with the gun I bought from Mack in the club

Its P-P-P from Bricks to Brook-nam (C’mon)

(C’mon) Bring me some more ass to whoop on


[Method Man]

Look what the cat dragged in

Underground dweller from the cellar bring terror

Scoop of high yellow Cinderella, Meth forever

Never rush a rhyme, hook could never bust my nine

But if I have to, I have to, it’s all in the mind

I stay ahead of time while y’all fallin behind

Tryin to relight ya lime

It’s a crime when I drop bomb lines designed

to tick, tick, BOOM blow your mind

Yeah me, M-E-T, H, the O, the D

Can’t be done, like tryin to find a penny in the sea

Nigga run, for cover son go and get them guns

Y’all ain’t from here, don’t try to come around here gettin ones

Swizz Beat the track in the head, but I instead

pull my dart gun and bust sixteen until it’s dead

I’m the game, all of my dogs be off the chain

Yellin Wu.. Tang, Wu.. Tang


Sheek Louch Clickity Clank

Hit me nigga


Ayo were my beer at son?

Fuck it son, let’s go in

[Verse: Sheek Louch]

Ayo clickity clank, that piggy bank shit is garbage

I thought it’ll be harder than that

I thought G-Unit niggaz work harder than that

I mean most of the shit that I’m hearing is wack

Young Buck I ain’t gon’ lie, I like the dude

But its war and anyday I’ll eat ya food

Lloyd Banks took Fab whole style

Like you ain’t know

All you missing is his chipped tooth smile

And homie I ain’t never gon respond to you

I don’t care what you say or what the fuck you do

You don’t deserve no raps

Take your old ass home and take a nap

You garbage nigga (ha ha)

Yall not scary

Thought the hardest come from Yonkers

I know yall wasn’t talking bout Mary

You diesel fag stay in the car

And go G-G-G-G, all day in ya sports bra

I’m in the hood dick

Member the place you used to come to, when ya shit didn’t break

Before Emimen ever heard the shit you kick

When you can walk around without none of your click

I don’t care about your money dog

No hatin’ either

We can do this all day and I don’t need a breather

I want yall to shut us down

How that sound

My name too strong you clown

Guaranteed this the can of worms

You might wanna put the top back on

Before your ass get germs

Back then niggas wanted us to air yall out

I said ‘Nah I kinda like what them niggas about’

Before I knew about the rattin’

Before you locked up half of Manhattan

Irv and his boys

Before you ran around in them bulletproof toys

I thought you was a problem child

I see niggaz turn bitch when the shit get wild

Ayo 10 mil nigga or 20 mil sold

You bout to lose to niggas thats gold

I’ll explode on homey

I like being out but I’ll unload on homey

Lets keep this peace dog

Cause you and me both got them big old heats dog


Fuck outta here nigga

Ya shit garbage B

You don’t sound Southern motherfucker

That fake ass laugh and shit

You do that laugh so niggaz don’t see you cryin’

D-Block bitch

You fucked up now, you know yo done fucked up now

Sheek Louch whatcha gonna say bitch WOO! …. it’s nuttin

Ayo Game what up my nigga, you know what it is already

Henchman what up daddy

Whatever, whatever we right here man

Let’s go

Sheek Louch Cocaine Central

[Ghostface Killah]

Rain drops of water that turn into hard glaciers

Bob Barker microphones, I get paper

My block is cocaine central, eat your food

With ancient or new, crew utensils

Turbaned up like a royal prince from Medin’

With emerald green birthstones in my bling

Rolex goggles, some of my best side bitches

I ever had, I kept in a bottle

Sniff that girl, whiff that girl

Feel the rush from Cuban, no cut, that’s pearl

An oily base, extract from green leafs

Set out to dry, becomes white from the heat

Package stuck, to retails on the street

Yonkers all through Brownsville, ask Sheek

With my connect I may be the next Steve Jobs

My best cousy a nurse with college degrees, God

Triple black bags, and Champion cone hoods

Blending in with killas that visit the wrong hood

Pardon self, never the wrong hood

I’m safe, and I ain’t gotta knock on wood

[Chorus x2: Styles P]

Cocaine central, sniff city heater park

Fish scale mental, hustle, get the weed to spark

Niggas outside, all day, even after dark

Niggas hustle hard, like the Gods don’t believe in God

[Sheek Louch]

Coke in my blood, weed in my lungs

Barely staying up, bout to get some fried chicken from Wong’s

She laying there, ass all fat in the thongs

Hand me my gun, shades on, blocking the sun

Whip fresh out the dealer, think tonight gon’ be fun

Coke connect already calling, I told him I take ’em, but

We can do better when his prices start falling

Nowadays I feel it’s no need to be greedy

Cuz you can make the same money off of pills and weed

Shooters indeed, jail system taught him to read

Streets taught him how to kill, wolves taught him to feed

Just like everything you learn, you gon’ teach to your seed

Yo, but I don’t give a fuck, I clap off, try me, nigga

Keep that featherweight by me, nigga, yeah

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Sheek Louch]

Aiyo, Vel, call this nigga, man, what the fuck, B?

We sitting here forever, yo, Lorne, give me my phone, fam

Fucking call him, myself, hello? Pretty Toney?

Wake the fuck up, man, we gotta leave, man

We going on this fucking European tour, what the fuck, we leaving or what

We sitting at the airport and shit, you left with them bitches last night

You ain’t that sick, nigga talking bout he got the flu and all that, come on, man

And that bitch got a big fucking head and shit, man, what the fuck, man

Aiyo, Ghost, look-look, check it out right

I need to know if we doing this shit or not, man

I’mma chill for like, another 40 minutes and then I’m going home, aight

And then, then, then, yo, yo, but give that bitch my number when you done, my nigga

Yo, but yo, hurry up, man, and don’t wear them fucking skinny jeans to this airport, God

It’s a No-Skinny-Jean Air zone, aight?

Sheek Louch 3-5-4 (Tarrentino)

[Sheek Louch]

A’yo four shots let off, black truck sped off

Big shit, tryna take a motherfuckin head off

A’yo hold up man, let me take y’all back to the begining

Let y’all know what happend that night, listen

I don’t even know these niggaz hangin in front

Usually we woulda been asked them what do they want

What they came here for, this is 354

What you tryna get some gas or some shit from the store

But nobody asked these motherfuckers what do they want

It was bitin, mad traffic, the first of the month

It was me, Chep, Bizzy and Hit

B.G. and Lickalone and yeah I think Earth was there and shit

And a few other niggaz in and out of the buildin

Tryin to catch every sell but not to children

Got a sixty of that yack in the store in the back

Chep about to go home and get more of his pack

Jake ain’t fuckin wit us, what’s the miracle

Niggaz moms ex heads now turn spiritual

Wanna preach to us talk about Christ

And how fuck sand, how he could bring the beach to us

That’s when I noticed niggaz still outside

Hoody on with some shades like they tryna hide

So I cocked the hammer then I walked to ’em

No beef, just a friendly little talk to ’em


[Sheek:] Here we go, yo whaddup money?

[Guy:] Yo whaddup

[S:] What y’all niggaz waitin for somebody or somethin?

[G:] Yeah, why?

[S:] Nah nah, I’m sayin y’all niggaz got on big hoodies and shit

Yaknahmean? It’s my block out here daddy

I don’t need blood on this shit and all that

[G:] It’s all love, it’s all good

[S:] Aight, just checkin dog

[Sheek Louch]

A’yo, turns out these niggaz is not from here

And they got blood on they hands while they drinkin a beer

They just robbed Dread and them niggaz spot

I told ’em they gotta get up out of here, they makin it hot

That’s when four shots let off, a black truck sped off

Big shit, tryna take a motherfuckin head off

Bombaclot, no man rob me spot, everybody here feelin me glock

They done put us in a mix now we gotta go to war with

Dread and them niggaz cause they think we wit these dicks

Shots goin everywhere, everybody clappin but them niggaz that was standin there

They fuckin disappeared

I cut one yardy underneath his fuckin beard

Still clappin, got everybody runnin scared

They ain’t backin down and we ain’t bitchin

Niggaz comin out the house with the hitchelin under the michelin

Throwin back a clip or two

You would think we went to war with Colin Powells crew

Police comin now but we don’t give a fuck

Rhas’ tryna grab all his niggaz in the truck

That’s what I get for lettin niggaz blend in

And they ain’t really wit us, niggaz really tryna get us

I keep my glock not givin a fuck

But the bullshit is we still gotta watch for that truck

[Sheek Louch]

Yaknahmean, y’all niggaz remember that night dog?

Only B.G. had his gun on him man, word up

Styles P had his gun on him

Besides that niggaz was fuckin naked man

Yall niggaz didn’t stop it man

Niggaz had the drop on us kid

If homeboy didn’t come thru, if he didn’t come thru

and silence those guns dog, we woulda been sick

Check it out though, I know them faggot ass niggaz kid

You know what the fuck I’m talkin about

Niggaz just bought them shits, that’s why we had all them hammers

Besides that man, word up man, no wing niggaz around us dog

If you ain’t a motherfuckin friend of mine or friend of ours, you gotta go

Niggaz is grimey man, it’s D-Block for real man

You think these niggaz don’t want what we got?

Fuck yeah they want it

That shit we be rappin about

All that shit we be fuckin drivin around, these niggaz is hungry man

I got somethin for that belly though