Soulja Slim Yeahh


Yeah, it’s a different year, you heard me

It’s a different year, uh

[Hook x2]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Nigga yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Nigga yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m that nigga, nigga fuck what you talking bout

[Soulja Slim]

You checking my status, ain’t you

I’m a Down South nigga, I’m a hell of a gangsta

I got em fucked up, they gon know how I do it

I’m always known, for making cut throat music

I don’t fuck around with him, he too dick in the booty

If I say the nigga name, then he’d prolly sue me

He hurting I’m rolling now, then keep it real

Making me or you, show me how

Stole the game, from the bitch nigga like that

There’s over one million ways, you could get jacked

Well I’m a street jack artist, I can respect that

That’s like me and you hitting a lick, you shoot me in my back

You fucking with the wrong nigga, I’m telling you

Shadow your motherfucking image, make it hell for you

You might feel I’m over due, well come and get me

I keep my heater on me, burn a nigga crispy, make him history

[Hook x2]

[Soulja Slim]

Second verse is worse than the first, your people

Need a corner rebirth, and order a box of white t-shirts

I’ma knock your ass off, I ain’t the last Don

I’m the last Dog, one in the manger was under the Nolia

Nigga never could take over Magnolia, Slim here to stay

Nigga know why I smash, anything that’s in my way

Hate I’m set tripping, you in ways round my way

If you once, you should know how I handle a AK

Respect me, live by the trigga die by it

Every nigga from New Orleans, keep a gat up on they side

Stay the fuck from round my Bentley, yeah I use to get high

Your bitch told me you say that, after I nutted in her eye

Big girls don’t cry, here’s a towel wipe your face

Let him know and know he a rat, and he got fucked up stay

Only thing you could do, is suck a nigga dick

Us Cut Throat niggas, keep another nigga bitch

[Hook x2]

[Soulja Slim]

You see, this shit ain’t nothing to me

If it wasn’t for this, I’d be still in the street

Fuck I’m talking bout, stuck in the street 24-7

Pulled up on the AVE., nigga sold me a Mack 11

That’s a throwback gat, gotta stamp that there

Give him dollas, and he can have that there

Make sho it ain’t broke, and nothing wrong with the pin

I walked on back, and let ten off in the wind

Dog this ain’t fully, he done filed it down

Soldier haters please, just hate me now

I’m Jump-Sly Slim, don’t jock my style

You wanna be like me, but you don’t know how

The first thang be original, cause if

You get your own style, nigga feel you mo’

And if you gotta be a man, on that river bro

Nigga know, I’m a motherfucking genero’

[Hook x2]

Soulja Slim Head Buster

[Soulja Slim/Big Ed]


We suggest that you niggas don’t fuck with us

The more niggas you bring the more heads we bust

[Soulja Slim]

It’s do or die on the streets that I roam, that I roam

That’s why I never leave my gun at home, gun at home [x2]

[Soulja Slim]

Shit, niggas not goin put the chest these days

Niggas catch it down bad and bust your motherfuckin head

Put it like that, should have had your gat but nigga you chose to slip

And the nigga chose to let all thirty two out this extra clip

Enter your dome, let loose gonna meet your momma home

I’ll let you slide one time cause she was full of that fucking rome

But you on guard, I don’t stun in front of these pussy poppers

I’m from uptown so you know I got to get you partner

I’ve been doin this and you just jump in the porshe and new jacks

And I got quick reacts and I bust em back and hit somethin

Fuck the stuntin, me and myself

might twirk a somethin and hurt somethin

Straight dome shot, leave you bald

might go on my face and fuck em all

Then walk off with an innocent look on my face

Soon as I get to the corner, pick up the pace

running like I’m running a race

Cause I aint bout no more murder charge catch me

Down here them people fools ya, lose you in a second

Get convicted in your life, now you trying to appeal

Should have gave them a dome shot, should have played them real

I suggest you don’t fuck with us

Suggest don’t fuck with us

I suggest

[Chorus x2]

[Big Ed]

We some hard ass niggas, Big Ed and Soulja Slim

Niggas bust at us, watch us end low and bust at them

Get out the way, kids getting hit and shit

Already split forty rounds and not even a half a clip

Bitches know me as the assassin, tip toe and squeezing and blasting

Camoflauge fatigue feared off in a black ski maskin

A No Limit soldier, nigga we ain’t scared to bring it

Nigga I’m tryin to leave the streets behind

and put in no wax and singing

And nigga keep my gat trown up like [?]

Trigger finger itching like crabs

Got me strapped tighter then hoes legs wrapped around me when I stab

Nigga think got more deadly so I got more gats

Totin to edge two compacts, Big Ed be puttin it down like that!

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Serv-On]

It’s the S to the E to the R to the V

to the O to the N to the T to the R to

the U to the N to the I to the G to the K to the A

Can’t carry ya, drama marry ya

Step across this fuckin line my tank stroll motherfucker

I straight deal ya

Be like blasting, stepping like a fuckin hog

Soulja Slim ya know me, Big Ed get at me dog

I’m still asking the lord to bless me

these niggas persist to test me

After the night, only the gangsta hell gonna accept me

I’m ready to lay my claim niggas know the game

Ain’t shit changed, five hundred dollars

I’m soed up and I’m still creeping

Round the corner with my mask on

got my gloves on, ready to get my fucking blast on

So when you see me, nigga bow down to this fucking tank

You niggas wanna be like us but you niggas fucking can’t

So I’m tired of you motherfuckers

asking why I twist my hat and wear my colors

It’s all tank love, fuck the others

It’s real nigga (real)

Soulja Slim M.A.G.N.O.L.I.A.

[Soulja Slim talking]

The streets made me, you know they did, 6th Street, Magnolia Street, c’mon

M…A…G…N…O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay

[Chorus x2]

You niggaz claim to be a soulja, but you souljas ain’t no souljas

I told ya and I showed ya, I’m a soulja for life

Now what you hear is what you get, from a nigga like me

Uncut, raw shit, all I know is the streets

[Soulja Slim]

I got these niggaz wearing soulja reeboks and soulja rags

I had these niggaz off the porch in ’94, snortin’ powder bags

Magnolia Slim underground, Soulja Slim to the world

It’s all the same, don’t get it twisted, still uncut and explicit

Uptown’s where I’m listed, look me up in the 3rd Ward

You might find me on the Parkway between [?????] and [???????]

Smokin’ herb, by the curb, but I ain’t gone chill for too long though

‘Cause on that there block, them white folks be hot

Shoot up to wards Claybourne, make a left cut through Exon

Now I’m on Willow Street, the spot where the killers be

That’s where I layed my head for years, I’mma representa

And I ain’t talkin’ bout this rap shit, nigga respect it or I’ll send ya

[Chorus x2]

[Soulja Slim]

I’m soulja this, I’m soulja that, nigga what, I played the halls

Ran through the cut, 6 Co. fa’sho, The Circle, the killin’ field

Where the killers chill, on the real, that been my spot since I was lil’

I can’t tell these d’s to chill, since Shorty Mike got killed

Open wound still soaked, it’s gone heal

I run with trill niggaz, we don’t take no shit

If you got it, you better hide it, I still pull off robberies

Ain’t a damn thing gravy, ain’t a damn thing sweet

My beef they beef, they beef my beef

6 Co. nigga, 6 Co., Cut Throat nigga, screamin’ Cut Throat

[Chorus x2]

[Soulja Slim]

I’m screamin’ I’m a soulja ’cause I mean it nigga

From my black soulja reeboks to my beanie nigga

I soulja walk and talk crazy to these bitch niggaz

Its in my blood, what the fuck, I’mma blast that trigga

What you forgot, with the murder charge in ’96

Without no evidence, I ain’t even do the shit, not guilty

You niggaz should’ve been killed me

I done came up, me and my souljas bout to fuck the game up, be cool

M…A…G…N…O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay

[Chorus x2]

[Soulja Slim talking]

Cut Throat Comitty, the streets made me, the streets made me

motherfuckers better know

Soulja Slim What You Came Fo

[chorus x2]

You gone get what the fuck you came fo

I got that shit you wanna bust my brains fo

It could be this nigga, that, niggat this, nigga that

But you gone get what the fuck you came fo

[Soulja Slim]

Yeah I’m comin ’round ya’ll muthafuckin set, wit my gun in my hand

Not to kill ya, just to get it off my chest like a man

I use ta, fuck wit cha, now I gives a fuck about ya

Tryna jack a jacker?, bitch I’ll blow ya mama house up

You know how we do, them 3rd ward nigga

Don’t fuck wit Soulja Slim, I gotta grave yard nigga

They say ya’ll niggas gettin beside yourself

Ya playin wit cha life gone jeprodize ya’self

I’ma natural born, hustla hitta, go getta, 6 Co’ fa

sho nigga, whoa nigga, you aint sayin nothin

I’m sprayin somethin, I’m willin to die behind mine

My AK pump the party, that’s my Partners n Crime

If you only knew, what goes on in my mind

I see murder, and do murder, fuck it, I’m “Trapped in Crime”

It’s kinda hard for me, to walk a straight line

I’d rather give a nigga somethin ‘fore I let em take mine



I heard these niggas wanna murder me, bury me, carry me, back to the grave

Was first, bein in a hearse, or bein in a cell block packed wit the slaves

Get smacked in the face, tried to see my body stacked in the case

A lack of the trace, I don’t never get out tracked in a race

Cause I’m that nigga that learned to respect the game that my ho’s gave me

And aint no need of me livin for God cause I know heaven can’t take me

And the devil can’t make me, Not prison or them bullets can break me

I done went from leg wounds to the head wounds, what you been thru lately?

I tried to be down to earth but it’s like I’m slowly fallin off it

I’m by the bridge awaitin hell, but I’m ready to walk across it

Let-a-nigga-chalk-it, let it come and find the human target

Cause nigga I married the game and we left 4 blood stains at the Paupet

And I’m still lost to the world, but if you wants it come and get me

But I aint that nigga to be sittin around thinkin bout what you did me

This nigga done bent me, this bitch gone fell me all in his kidney

Bitch I’ma soulja for life and I’m too real for you to sell or rent me


[12 O’Klock]

Papa was a rollin stone, had a hat filled wit dice

Taught me “Son get yo own, give no ho your life”

Thru struggle, there’s progress, I’ma livin testimony

I went to Range Rovers and writin checks, when I

started out as a junkey, Fuck Love!

I don’t trust love, I don’t need love in this picture

Cause the one you choose to love, no doubt, will be the one to get cha

Actin off of impulse, is a weakness fools keep (damn fools)

Thinkin wit the index finger, gets many put to sleep

What goes around comes around, I don’t believe that friend

Cause if you let me get you now, I’m bound to strike again

How you live is how you die, that’s words of the good book

But I was born into this sin, So I guess I’ma die a crook

A man that stands for nothin, falls for anything, and

A man that stands for somethin, calls for many things

Me, I’m like Clint Eastwood, wanna Fist Full of Dollars

Fuck the bitches, fuck the fame, just give me the power

[chorus: until end]

Soulja Slim Straight 2 Da Dance Floor

[Soulja Slim]

This that shit here, yep (yep), the Cut Throat Comitty ya understand

We about to tell ya how we get down ya understand (ya understand)

[Chorus: Soulja Slim & Damien]

This dat shit dat they don’t get but they all been waitin’ for

Real niggas its cool you can grab a bitch & head str8 to the dance floor

An make her wobble dat thang nigga (wobble it, wobble it)

Make her back it up nigga (back it up, back it up)

Make her catch dat wall nigga (catch it, catch it)

Back it up & make it fall nigga (hey, hey)

[Soulja Slim]

It’s the C-O-M-I-T-T-Y

I be Cut Throat muthafucka til’ the day that I die

Tha Lac park outside if you want a ride

But I gotta get some skull once ya off inside

I’m the P-I-M-P of the 2G’s

Niggas don’t tempt me I’ll leave it empty

I’m from where the souljas be

Magnolia project off of Willow Street


If You can work dat thang baby

An you can back it up baby

Then you can ride in my truck baby

An let me off in them guts baby (hey, hey)

[Soulja Slim]

I’ma project dog wit the lease off

You niggas wanna know the game I’m gonna teach yall

I’m the nigga put the cut on the hot sauce

An got the bitches in the club wanna take it off, now drop dat (drop dat)



Real niggas in the back here’s whatcha do

Grab a bitch, grab a gat & raise the roof

An if a nigga soulja hatin’ on ya let ’em go

An if this hoe is kinda diggin’ on ya let her blow

Bust nuts like we bust gats

You niggas better watch ya dome fore’ we bust dat

Cut Thraot Comitty to the bone & we don’t play

Hundred round drum cocked makin’ headway, whodi

Bitch nigga get somewhere

Fore’ this thang go off & you get hit somewhere

Don’t check me check dat hoe, she chose

Fore’ she get yo chest pumped fulla bullet holes

We can do it civilized if it want be

Pop Dom P, ball til’ I fall, me

Swap a hoe nigga fuck a hoe, they can ride

It’s gon’ us til’ the pakin’ lot pimp outside, right


[12 O’Klock]

Look ma I find it hard to let you walk by

I know you sick of these lame niggas that talk fly

Probaly sayin’ I’m ghetto because I spark lye

Tryna take ya from the burbs to the darkside

You wanna ride we can slide in the Expedition

Play ya cards right & you can be the next to glisten

Before we bounce make sure to tell yuor ex to listen

When in the Marriott tryna find ya best postition

You got me lost the way ya back it up & wobble on it

Ma I’m willin’ to put up 5 & my bible on it

Catch in the game but it’ll change if I get up on it

Beat that thang up like me & you was boxing opponents

Gettin’ paid cause you in for a long night

Don’t be ashamed cause boo you put on a strong fight

But game is game & 12 O’ Klock don’t make no promises that he can’t keep

An ain’t a corner darker enough to were we can’t creep



Come on, back it up don’t stop, back it up & don’t hurt yaself [x4]

Soulja Slim N.L. Party

Uhhh, ha ha, y’all like that, huh

The party don’t stop yo, check it out

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

We got this motherfucking party on lockdown

We all family in this bitch so we put our glock down

A pound Magnolia in the calliop

Bout it, bout it, motherfuck it, the whole world knows

Now the party don’t stop ’cause we bout it

Don’t make me get my soldiers out the back and get rowdy

Where the niggas at, how you do dat there?

Motherfuckers uptown nigga we don’t care

‘Cause that we do shit, it just don’t stop

I gotta fresh ampolla and it’s sittin’ on drop

I can’t fly when I jump shot I’m bringin’ this clean

‘Cause my boy bringin’ noise like a truck full of fifteens

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

All I gotta do is squeeze the right

Squeeze when it’s right in the heat of the night

Told two niggas better defeat the world fo fish

(Fo fish)

The killas fo spot, fo block and fo clock

I move more hoes let’s go hot when I’m ready to pull shot, pull shots

I know when I breed ’em, hold down for sure

[Unverified] through the mack and New York

Full time, four W-D plus, shots, niggas get rushed out

Bust the guts out and no limit soldiers had enough shots

Cut throats to the fullest, keep a niggas hemp out

Toe to toe we make noise, action packed we slang boys

Trenitty flexing real shits

Cut throat committed hurry, hurry and we in this bitch

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

I’ll be the nigga that they call Feano

And I roll with a click called Gambinos

Knows in the shoulders who the fuck we be

Worldwide motherfuckers out that 1 2 3

Started off as a youngster kickin’ up dust

Until I slain motherfuckers who be ready to bust, give a fuck

Gotti be the title that I hold for sure

Pokin’ hoes after shows with my nigga Feano

Hit the scheme for your cream if you know what I mean

Triple beam when I’m in it fourteen

Niggas telling me to keep it at ease but they ain’t feeling me

Studio B’s if you pull ’em at ease, from New Orleans to [unverified]

Big Ed attacking, bred a no limit soldier

Gettin’ bad with me, I screw your head off your shoulders

I’m rollin’ with killers, thug niggas and convicts

But I love the way you lick your lips

The way you bounce that ass, baby, gets me kind of hot

Goin’ out with me, ten out of nine cherries pops


Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

P threw a party down in New Orleans

Hoes pop pussies, fuck, you know what that means

Jump in the cut roll a fat one up

Fire it up, better love ’cause a soldier don’t stut, yeah

I gotta pound of rocks so it’s on and poppin’

The party ain’t stoppin’ so don’t leave for cops

I drink toxic from the brow I’m been, G

Weed and Hennesy, that shit was meant for me

Yeah, yeah, niggas fall straight through the door

(Through the door)

Soldiers greet soldiers hollerin’ ’bout why?

(Why? Why?)

Why let ’em roam?

(Let ’em roam)

Type of niggas make history and yeah, what?

(Yeah, what?)

Really don’t give a fuck

This a no limit party, who got the blunts and the forties

Woah, motherfucker it’s me, the M A C


You know my steed when I enter

I’m lookin’ for a bitch ’bout cold as the winter

Is it cool to fuck? I’m tryin’ to do somethin’, run through somethin’

‘Cause the spin in the change about nothin’

You know my name, know what’s tap

You know I rap, I’m a motherfucking mack

Baby girl and it’s like that, it’s a no limit party

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

Ain’t no party like a no limit party

‘Cause a no limit party don’t stop

My nigga Snoop brought the weed, Slim brought the liquor

C brought the cash and I brought the stripper

Freak ho shake that ass while niggas tip her

Got a pocket full of rubbers so we all goin’ hit her

Bitch cleaner than Mr. Clean, a nigga decked out

Eyes hella red, Kane and Abel sessed out

Respect the tank, nigga stick my chest out

And this how we do it in the dirty south

Woah, please somebody tell me where the party at?

I’m tired of holding back, I wanna shine in my Cadillac

I’m here representing a soldier named Slim

See the tank on this neck, see the ice on this wrist

Picture this, I’m riding with Snoop Doggy Dogg

And so y’all don’t worry ’bout the corners, we smokin’ till the morning

Y’all just keep the bitches, now we on the way

Hold on man, I think Snoop got somethin’ to say

Think fast when you dunk, ’cause I won’t front

And when it’s time to dunk I won’t be no punk

I’ll just pick the heater up and bust a shot

I’m the last nigga up to rock the spot

I’m represent a nigga to the fullest cause

And if y’all wanna trip, we tear this club up

(Tear it up)

Huh bro, nigga, nigga what, I’m tryin’ to bust again

I’m likin’ likin’, I want some real pimp shit

Mo B.D. feel me niggas out the sess

Drink for drink and think to put in the fitty

Will he be that same nigga blowin’ doshia?

(Say what?)

Check this out, get the fuck out, party over

Soulja Slim Only Real Niggas

Soulja Slim

Only for the real, niggaz who I fuck with

Know what I’m sayin’?

REal niggaz gon’ feel this shit

Cause its only who I fuck with

Know what I’m sayin’?

Show by hands

Put ’em up in the air if you bout makin’ dollars

And you be bout this real shit

That be to hard to swallow

Come, follow?

Me to the land

The home of the soldiers

If not committed they will cut throat ya

Play brawl then go to

Soldier streets but don’t sleeps

And shots to knock ya off ya feet

Specialise in assassinatin’, all bustas who be soldier hatin’

My bodygaurd is the Lord

Mines in the back of my head

My dogg, a born killa

Treal nigga

Been runnin’ with me since I was small

Alot of y’all probably know him, then again ya probably don’t

Cause its sung to strugglin’ that be ridin’

With head biters in the trunk

Elliotts name was double crosser

He’ll double cross ya, when he woulda taught ya

Told me not to get my hand dirty

He’ll be my nigga tosser

Tellin’ me to do my rap thing

No Limit bring me out there

Just chill, and make my mills

With my skills and keep it real

[Chorus 1:]

That’s a, born killa

1- A treal nigga

2+3- Big time, dope dealer

A real nigga, that get it how I live on it

Fuck with born killas, dope dealers and real niggaz

Ill niggaz, and treal niggaz

That get it how the live nigga

Born killaz

Dope dealers

And treal niggaz

That get it how they live

The real niggaz, stay real

And the fakes stay fake

And you’s a busta type nigga

Then stay the fuck outta my face

Because I’m tryin’ to stay busta free

But y’all not hearin’ me

Its nuts or cuffs

Get it how you live, on these city streets

And every nigga roam,

Gotta be Bout It Bout It

Niggaz pourin’ syrup in the game

They not bein’ solid

And thats the busta type

Niggaz I can’t fuck with so I stay my distance

And run with real soldiers that love me

Only a handfull, duck and holler back

Real niggaz for sure got my back

All about the combat

All of the rest of ’em dead

Bread, ridin’ red

A big dope dealer I used to fuck with doin’ time in the vet

No need to say his name, my nigga used to slang them thangs

O-Z’s and kilos

Heard the smack mayne

He used to give me grams

Never wanted to give me weight

He knew my habit, had me out there, he was goin’ to get blazed

I respect that by me bein’ an addict

I was, here I had to snort about half a gram to get me a buzz

[Chorus 2]

I got sent to the old jail, where alot of niggaz don’t survive

I rolled on the till bout a quarter of five

Got up early in the mornin’

Four feet up old mill

Guess who till rep

My dogg Cheer Will

He gave me five scoops, cause I just rolled in

But I gave that shit away

Cause my head bone bent

A murder charge in three attempts

What the fuck you expectin’?

I’m facin’ life in prison, with a leathal injection

But these dick suckin’ DA’s

They refuse the charge

I rolled off B1, makin’ boo-koo noise

Screamin’ those bitches can’t hold a Soulja like me down

Then my pajamas, socks and T-shirts, with a tank from ? town

I ain’t stay out, cause thirty days

I come right back in this bitch

Probation violation, gotta do a year in six

I bet you dick suckers won’t see me

No mothafuckin’ more

I got big plans, ya understand?

By slangin’ lyrics like dope

To all my people locked down, y’all be home in a second

Just keep it real, and stay treal and make them bitches respect ya

[Chorus 3: till end]

Soulja Slim Street Life

[Silkk Talking]

Silkk, Slim, P

It’s like, we out the game

(What’s up Soulja Slim?)

Keep from callin’ us

It’s like we’re never gonna be

(Master P in there, boy)


Street life, is the only life we know

(That’s all I know) (Huh, nigga, what?)

Street life, gotta hustle for our dough

(I’m just tryin’ to get it ‘fore I go) (Huh, nigga, what?)

Street life, is the only life we know

(That’s all I know) (Huh, nigga, what?)

Street life, gotta get mine ‘fore I go

(I’m just tryin’ to get it ‘fore I go) (Huh, nigga, what?)

[Soulja Slim]

Always live the street life,

Never knew how to treat life

Knew once I get my shit right, it was gonna be right

I see life, and I’m livin’ up to my dreams

It was a hard struggle

But that was only just for a nigga to bubble

Some of my people made it, and some of my people didn’t

But I’m gonna ball for y’all, big baby

And ball actin’ crazy

And watch my back, for the shady nigga tryin’ to do me somethin’

I’m ballin’ cause my rhyme done threw me something

Hard labor, and hard times

After hard rhymes

Glad I ain’t got the glock no more

Takin’ what’s yours and call it mine

I called my moms’ today,

She asked me did I pray?

I told her, I got to, cause the streets I’m roamin’ on is one way



See the street life be shady

I wonder, if my parents knew before they made me?

That shit’s crazy

Will I survive this shit?


But see, I’ve been strugglin’ and hustlin’

Ever since my, grandmother was a baby

You think I’d be sayin’ to myself

How many more days you leave jail?

When I can be on the street with my peep nigga

Countin’ some mill

Hypnotized by fast thangs, fast cars and fast bitches

I’m tryin’ to have fast things, can you dig it?

(What’s up?)

Hopin’ outta 4 doors

(What you mean?)

Sittin’ low in low-low’s

Never fuck with, no I don’t know hoes

For sho’ hoes

Come from the South and no doubt I wear jibo’s and polo’s

Everything I ride is chrome and mo-mo’s

Cant’ trust a few, cause that’s a no no

You gotta watch your back, cause niggaz will jack

That’s why I stay strapped with 4-4’s

See, I’m tryin’ to have enough money to turn every project into a condo

Every nigga I don’t like, to wino’s

and every girl that alright, to fine hoes

And my next contract

Negotiate for 89 O’s

Now see, the street life be hard, but I still drop the top

And niggaz be lookin’ at me all mad, so I cock the glock

Street Life


[Master P]


These eyes, they see killas and fiends,

From the Calliope To Magnol, to the, meant for me

Nigga, times done changed

I mean its crazy

Dear mama, won’t you pray for your baby?

I’m tired of bein’ broke

So I’ma keep mines out here with this weed and coke

Young nigga, rollin’ with the ballers

Live my life for the day, cause there ain’t nothin’ promised for tommorow

But, I’ma ball till I fall

And represent No Limit till they put my name on the wall

To my niggaz in the penn, stay strong

And real niggaz, Uh!!

Ride till we make it home


Niggaz ride till they make it home nigga

Street Life nigga

Real street niggaz

Street Life

Mothafuckin’ street life

Got us caught up

Soulja Slim

Only life we know

Silkk The Shocker

Ya heard me?

Master P

This for all the real niggaz out there

From the North to the South, to the East, to the West

Calliope, Magnolia

To the mothafuckin’ world nigga

To the world

Real niggaz unite

Huh, nigga, what?

Ain’t no mothafuckin’ playa hatin’

We all about the mothafuckin’ green nigga

Paper chasin’

All that fake shit

We gon’ ride out like the Lone Ranger, and Tonto


Whats up Big Bob?

Big Swole

Jimmy, huh

Dj Daryl

Beats By The Pound nigga


Big Mo

All my mothafuckin’ No Limit Soldiers

Y’all don’t hear me nigga, whats happenin’?

For Life


Cut the mothafuckin’ lights out nigga

Ya heard me?


Soulja Slim Intro


What the fuck I was told 1998, 2001

On and on you know how I do it

It don’t stop it don’t stop

Look Look Look

[Soulja Slim]

Shit’s real I’ma tell you this off tops

All my niggas from the Six Code got Glocks

We killers dog, hold sixty dog

On the reala dog, put yo head on the permanent pillow dog

Spit shit raw shit wash shit you want that get that

Get back my dogs bout War, smoke niggas like Humps

Smoke niggas like Gar you don’t want to se us in that tinted car

Jumpin’ out that bitch screamin’ out Aw Aw

With K’s n shit The Streets Made Me bitch

So don’t ever try to play this shit

Like it’s cool I’m a fuckin’ fool on the low

Don’t ever check a real nigga check a hoe

I’m tellin’ ya they gone be smellin’ ya

Under the Magnolia I’m a Soldier


From what I was told again I’m a blow again

Fuck with these hoes again get exposed again

Mystikal Im’a try to duck and dodge the pin

Never goin’ back to the hole they threw me in

From what I was told

2001 you know The Streets Made Me

I got love for the streets

Soulja Slim Ghetto Ties


Say Magnolia, Gateway bro

It seems like they don’t want a young nigga to get rich

Like we ain’t supposed to leave the ghetto

I know we tied to the ghetto, but uhh life’s a bitch

You know, we was dealt some bad cards

But you know, we gotta deal with it

Lifes hard, so lets show em’ what we made of

My gateway to hell seems like its constantly open

The reaper is callin’, so I’m constantly smoking

C-Murder ain’t gonna die in vain

My ghetto ties got me living my life in pain

See the world knows, we gonna be thugs forever

You can take me out the ghetto, but you can’t make it better

See the status of your money done changed

But the status of your danger remains the same

I need to clear my head of these evil thoughts

And teach Magnolia and Gateway the shit I was taught

Take a ride with me nigga to eternity

And watch me live to see another century

Lifes a bitch, who do you trust

I put my fate in my Glock, cause I know its gonna bust

I used to think the hood was cool

But my ghetto ties keep me checking in my rearview


Who do you trust, my ghetto ties got me tripping, and lifes a bitch

They can’t stand to see a young nigga get rich

I was dealt some bad cards

Became a thug with no love cause life’s hard (Who do you trust)

[Soulja Slim:]

Lord you showed me, even dealt me these cards, I gots to play em’

My life is like a game, I’m up from a.m. to a.m

Why don’t I AK him if he don’t have none of my paper

Man if I let him live then he might take me for a faker

He might try to do a jack, and that might cost me my life

If you ever jack this real nigga, you’d besta kill me or pay the price

I ain’t nothing nice, behind the street machine tell me what you see

A tall nigga bout 6’4, last left the murder scene

Disguising in army green

With infer beams on something, kinda gun nigga

Fool one nigga didn’t run

My niggas went on and tore up his motherfucking ass with the bit fast

Like witness that, murder in the first degree

My ghetto ties fucking round’ with me, don’t do that


[Da Hound:]

How many times, a nigga seen a family nut up

And the momma was cut up, yeah I see now but later on I’m a be senile

But see how us niggas get caught up, quick to go in the water

Niggas steady vanishing away like saw dust

I’m feeling that ease, I’m full of them weeds and them fleas

Two 23’s, nike’s and reeboks let the window down and feel the breeze

My cousin D, my nigga joned in the backseat thuggin’ off the rome

And to the Z, thinking about the lives we gonna free

I tell him nigga please (nigga please)

Soon as we drove up, fucking door was bout’ to close up

I knocked on the door, nigga hold up, you didn’t see us roll up

I forced my way in, I put seven up to his thoughts

No time for thinking is what I’m thinking

Killed the bitch, wouldn’t finish shaking

I went to the kitchen, I’m flipping pans, pots, and spoons out

Heard four knocks, sounded like four shots, coming from the other room

It’s about that time now, for us hounds to get gone out

Got the dilli, quarter milli, went to the next room

Jhon Jones was in the zone

I saw my cousin Navier, eyes bucking out his head

Nigga bleeding from the mouth, he shaking, he’s on his way out

By this time, I took two hits from behind

My nigga John looked in my eyes and said nigga you ready to die

Damn, nigga why