Soulja Slim Slim Pimpin’

[Soulja Slim]

Yep, I need a top boss bitch in my factory, ya heard me, my boss bitch

They say dat we was of tha same kind & ain’t lyin’

But at dat time I did shit to fuck ya like you was mine

Turn tha ghetto bitch boss & let her floss

It don’t make dollars it don’t make sense dat pussy cost

Break it off & when you get it brang it to me

Split it down tha middle, you get 2 I get 3

I wouldn’t call it pimpin’, they thank pimpin’ played out

Still tha same cept Soulja Slim shit layed out

Put cha on your feet to keep ya neat, nigga speak

Not only dat she make a nigga wanna eat

Nigga tweak for a big booty & a smile

Might hurt me later on but don’t hurt now

Sendin’ good pussy on this mission to fuck this faker

Figure maker, perpatraitor, a soulja hater

Thank he boss cause he fuckin’ my ghetto hoe

But I’m off in his baby momma & tha nigga never know

An I’m slick side doggin’ it at random

Met her at Bayou Classic, when Southern played Gramblin’

She was pushin’ yo Expedition, tell me if I’m wrong?

Tha bitch tinted, grill fitted, sittin’ on chrome

Followed me home in yo shit, tore tha pussy up

Bust a nut, left a soulja rag in tha truck

remember dat, dat was me, actually

I did it on G-P for tha dog nigga up in me

[Chorus x2: Soulja Slim]

All hoes get layed, boss bitches get paid

I see somethin’ in ya, we can blow up like tha world trade

Slang dat ass, make dat cash, brang it back to me

You be tha top boss bitch up in my factory

[Soulja Slim]

Now back to my hoe I lie to, said I die for,

My whole life I thank I cried enough

Still hype enough to keep my paper steady comin’

Heads up, where they at? I hear ’em drummin’

I’m hotter than tha gun dat killed Martin Luther King

That why tha fuck I can’t floss on Narizen

Dat light green sticky sticky got my vision blurry

Head buried underground, feel like I smoked a pound

Shake down, give it up, drop it like it’s hot

Me & tha Bossalinie close & open up shop

It’s understood dat you ain’t nothin’ but my boss bitch

Double cross me get cha head knocked off bitch

To tha river ya go buck naked wit out no clothes

Bullet lodged to ya dome, bust open asshole

Disrespect tha code get ya self fucked over

Got cha pysched all tha way out there behind Soulja

I played them hoes, I’m a cold blooded ass nigga

I done it to ya girl, look here don’t get mad nigga

I done dat bad nigga but fuck you know what’s happ’n

I lay ya down, I’m a dog here besides rappin’


Soulja Slim Ya Heard Me

[Slim talking]

Gimme a cigarette mane

Gimme a hump. An ol’ penitentary hump

Camou’d Down. Ya know I’m penitentary


I’m A real nigga you love to soulja hate, ya heard me

I beat the game and balled in ’98, ya heard me

You like the Benz, then fuck it, I navigate, ya heard me

You lay down the law, then I regulate, ya heard me

I spreaded the whole world with some soulja love, ya heard me

And I done negoticated with some thugs, ya heard me

I had to let ’em know bout who run shit, ya heard me

Was bout to be some ol’, pull out the gun shit, ya heard me

I tried to dump the game but I’m still affiliated with it, ya heard me

If you want it, I got it, come and get it, ya heard me

One thing for sure, I aint to be bullshitted, ya heard me

Labeled one of the Boss niggas in my city, ya heard me

Them hoes say I think I’m all that, ya heard me

I say “I aint that same ol’ nigga from way back”, ya heard me

I’m A Tank Dogg, now I’m a nationwide artist, ya heard me

So Boss Bitches be my only target, ya heard me

Got to get that ghetto pussy hea and there, ya heard me

Keep it in the game for the coming up millionaiares, ya heard me

She’s a boss bitch, she the boss bitch, i done had her, ya heard me

Pass that ba’dussy to Trenitty and let ’em stab her, ya heard me

When you finish don’t pass the bitch back to me, ya heard me

Cause I’m a toss that ho to the whole U.P.T., ya heard me

Keep me undercover, she workin wit somethin

you know how we do it ya heard me

These wannabe ballers pop bubble gum game and shit

so I can chew it ya heard me

These niggas know game gone recognize game, ya heard me

He like hearing himself talk

bout to fuck around and get his ass scorched ya heard me

Bruise blocks and my bitches fill em wit bullet wholes ya heard me

Catch ya gettin yo shine on and put that shit on froze, ya heard me

My army be on all ten toes, ya heard me

Be bout to draw down (BLAWW!!) when the wind blows, ya heard me

That’s how niggas I fuck wit be, ya heard me

In the process of ballin, aint a damn thing sweet, ya heard me

I’m A give the game the way it was gave to me, ya heard me

When I first jumped off the porch, way back in the ‘G, ya heard me

Remember moms use to serve em two for three, ya heard me

When Roy Lee busted open Willow Street, ya heard me

Now, I don’t fuck around with the fuck-around niggas

when they fuck around ya heard me

Drop it like it’s hotter

men done double crossed, and ducked around ya heard me

These niggas be asking too many muthafucking questions ya heard me

You a grown boy now, make your own suggestions, ya heard me

You A Hot Boy? No I’m not boy

I’m a convicted felon (No, I’m not), ya heard me

Three times loser elgible for the triple bailing, ya heard me

So fuck you, and how you feel ’bout my situation, ya heard me

The world revolves around nothing but soulja hating, ya heard me

My niggas be tweeking when they wanna hear some of this real shit, ya heard me

That camouflaged in the dark is making a nigga kill shit, ya heard me

Now tell me the fuck you know that i was coming, ya heard me

Or I’m from Uptown so I love stunting, ya heard me

You got me fucked up with my people though, ya heard me

No matter how we coming we creepin low, ya heard me

Ain’t nothing under a 4 4, ya heard me

Uptown niggas got artillery fa sho, ya heard me

I said I’m just running it to ya soulja to soulja, ya heard me

Fuck no a nigga ain’t made me change my name to Soulja, ya heard me

From Magnolia to Soulja Slim was a power move, ya heard me

I’m a real soulja, now I done paid my dues, ya heard me

I’m like a veteran, I sit back in a rocking chair, ya heard me

Put it out on paper with the smell of doulshia in the air, ya heard me

I said I’m a holler at ya’ll later in the game, ya heard me

Stay away from that dope playa, and stack yo change, ya heard me

I said I’m a holler at ya’ll later in the game, ya heard me

Stay away from that dope playa, and stack yo change, ya heard me

[Slim talking:]

(NA NA NA NA)To all the dope fiend type niggas

(Ride or die die die) Weed Smoke Niggas

(What you think about this) Just ride

Uncut (Uncut), No commercial (Right chea nigga)

No what I’m saying, no chorus (Spit game like that

nigga) We just done it like that. Ya Heard Me ?

(What Cha Think Nigga ?) Ya Understand ?

(Muthafuck how you feel nigga, This shits on the real

nigga)Betta respect the tank nigga !

(Wha Wha Wha Wha) (Now Wha wha wha) That nigga Ke’Noe

done this here, that nigga a fool for this bitch here

I like that shit. Just ride nigga.

Sis Co fa sho nigga. Cutthroat Committy for the throat niggas

And we want the fucking money bags, Ya Heard Me

Soulja Slim From What I Was Told


Whats that big baby?

You know whats sound dog

They gon’ like this here, ya heard me?

They go like, you know what I’m sayin’?

Fuck ’em


From what I was told niggaz say I’m a hit No Limit like Pac,

Hit Death Row and make some mon’, now dance hoe

And blow, up like the world trade

And be protected by No Limit tanks, soldiers with K’s and hand grenades

Could you recall a soulja that used to be crawlin’

Now I’m ballin’, don’t plan on fallin’

For the world

Left the furl in the dope man, on the set

Cause I got plans bigger then the desire projects

I run with steel object toes, niggaz that smoke coke

And watch ’em in they back scopin’

Outta all soldier haters

Quick Draw McGraw niggaz see ya later

Cradle to the grave ya

Ya daddy made ya?

Let’s see if he can be ya savior

When I cave ya chest in with me murder weapon

They can’t find out Smith and Wesson

Only glocks and street machines with infer beams

You know what I mean

Fully automatic things light up the scene

And break ham like Carl Lewis

Nothin but gun smoke is all ya smell

Niggaz lying dead on bullets and shells

My people dwells to Uptown

Where the shit goes down

Shot callers and big ballers, mothers know

And do-do brown, Beats By The Pound, somethin’ you could smoke too

Flavors like [?] red, beans, rice, gumbo the stew

My little one said its all on you, and Choppers City

My [?] clique clanin’ posse

Ain’t no stoppin’, my committe

Shits bigger then me, Nino Black

And a can of Trinity, ya feelin’ me?


Incarceration had me real impatient

I was local until ya heard me on Down South Hustlers, it was nation

That told this shit is my creation

Is it real, yeah, cause niggaz wearin’ soldier rags and shit

Keepin’ it twreal

My reservation is to make some mills

And stay independent

Stay wearin’ girbauds and polos, and soldier Reebok tennis

Crushed out tank on my neck

Protect my chest like a vest

No more coke, no more dope, just alcohol and sess

Respect my rhyme because my mind is filled up with anger

Sound like I got a glock for it

With black [?] bullets in the chamber

Wait to be released and decease fake ass MC’s

Niggaz best freeze cause I squeeze gats and burn to the third degree

Make you wonder will you ever breathe again like Toni Braxton

Leave ya skull fraction, about more action than Jackson

So you better ask somebody that know me

If they real they gon’ tell ya whats real

If they fake they gon’ soldier hate

I can freestyle about it without makin’ no mistake, ask Trey

That’s my compadre, a nigga that I ride with, all day

Got it cocked

And in the trunk bumpin’ nothin’ but the Beats By The Pound funk

Pull that skunk out, the windows fogged up

And the system all the way pumped

Everything we drop be fire, don’t nothin’ be bunk


I was a weed fiend, dope fiend and coke fiend with low key

And I was on the cumma move,

When you and LV used to rock the club 49

Back in 93

Hoe was givin’ me love

Niggaz givin’ me daps and hugs

Soldiers respect soldiers, and soldiers respect thugs

Thugs gotta respect soldiers, if they don’t want they life to be over

Brought to a closin’

Ain’t nothin’ changed but the name

When ya say soldier

Mean magnolia

Ya got that?

And me keep me glock, for they cocked back

Hoes jock that, when a nigga be all the way real

Only thing they want is the dough, dick appeal

But I don’t fuck around no more

And only saw me like that you little clown ass hoe

If my flow was a gun, bitch you would run

When you hear my come, from the head

Every lyric is a bullet

Fuckin’ ya up with some of this shit I say

In 95 nigga left for me dead but I didn’t die

And some of the soldiers die

They only multiply

God left me alive, so I can blow up in the world

I thank the man every night for takin’ me off that furly girl

It gave me the opportunity to raise my son and my community

Cause now a days niggaz got guns and shit

Screamin’ out unity

Motherfuckin’ nigga bruisin’ me

That something I can’t go for

I done signed the contract

Shut the studio door

Soulja Slim Soulja 4 Life

[Soulja Slim]

Man I sure don’t need them dick suckers fuckin’ wit me right now brah

Man I’m muthafuckin’ high right now man, shhh, fuckin’ wit a nigga

[Chorus: x2]

It’s hard to maintain this soulja life mentality

If it be a tradgedy, dem white folks come & hassle me

Gon’ slam me down & wrestle me, just to put on handcuffs

Then charge me wit resistance when they told me throw my hands up

[Soulja Slim]

Just cause I’m a black man, push a 2G Lac an

Mouth fulla golds an my neck & wrist frozen

They label me a drug lord supplyin’ the 3rd Ward

When I only push some Ghetto D wit Master P & my Tank Doggs

Money in the bank dawg, dem haters don’ like dat

Bitch this ain’t the slave days, us niggas gon’ fight back

You crackers can write dat all up in the magazines

Put me on a T-V screen & I’m gon’ say the same things

You can call me racist, black man in this white world

I’m sick seein’ sell out niggas married to these white girls

Knowin’ they the enemy, can’t never be no friend of me

I just get my dick sucked, nut in they mouth instantly

They ain’t nothin’ but freakshows, you feel dats what you need though

While you off at work or somethin’ she fucked one of yo people

Now you want to kill somethin’, pull of you an O.J.

If you ain’t got the dream team then you ain’t winnin’ yo case

I get all up in yo face & call you a straight house nigga

I know yo gon’ press charges on me,

Whip my pistol all up in yo mouth, nigga


[Soulja Slim]

Black man kill a black man, it’s cool they lovin dat

Black man kill a white man & the sentencin’ him to death

White man kill a black man then scream about selfdefense

Break it down to manslaughter wit all of the evidence

Ever since I been here, been nothin’ but sin here

I done backed up out the game just to persue my career

So I’m gon’ say this loud & clear, muthafuck the white man

Ku Klux Klan talk shit but they don’t want start shit

Niggas today ignorant, especially my little generation

Squeeze triggers wit no hesitation for any kind little of altercation

Rappin’ is my occupation but I’m still ride wit my pistol though

An drop the top on the low low so I an feel the wind blow

Pull up on side of white folks, smile show every gold I got

Smokin’ on some sticky sticky but yall like to call it pot

Young black man callin’ shots, middle finger to all the cops

Suck a nigga dick pullin’ ya glock out for a little traffic stop


It’s hard to maintain this soulja life mentality

If it be a tradgedy

[Soulja Slim]

Yall know what they gonna do ya understand, these niggas out chea

Talkin’ bout a nigga hatin’ on them, what the fuck you talkin’ bout a

Nigga hatin’ on you bitch ass nigga, you know who hatin’ on you

Tha D-A & the judge hatin’ on yo bitch ass nigga, the police’s & all

That type of shit nigga, fuck you talkin’ bout a nigga hatin’ on you

Behind a hoe, a real nigga a bat the piss outcha scary ass

Soulja Slim Pray For Your Baby

[Master P talking]

Check this out

When ain’t nothin’ else happenin’

And ain’t no more money

The only nigga gon’ be here for me, huh

Is the nigga that made me, my mama

Ya heard me?

[Soulja Slim]

I thank the Lord I got my mind right

My lifestyle was drastic

Tryin’ to avoid the casket

Don’t want my son to be a bastard

But y’all wouldn’t know

But I seen that a couple of times

The Lord talked to me

Told me put the foolishness behind

It’s not worth dying

Tryin’ to represent where ya come from

Or makin’ beef, because you feel like your that big G

I went the same way, but today, I’m on a higher level

I’m on a paper chase and runnin’ behind it like a rebel

I want it all

So me and my mama can ball

The only one that pushed me up, in my downfall

And my pop, been in pennitentaries

10 wasted years

My mama wasted tears

But she brought me up, by herself, without no help

Used to catch whippings with a leather belt

But that ain’t stop nothin’

I was a Soulja always into stuff

Elementary school I’m cuttin’

Gettin’ caught wrote on the B roll

Mama, come sign me out

I don’t like these phony people

Down here to come sign me out

Come bomb me out central lockup

I shoulda put the glock up

And the two quarters I rocked up

[Chorus: Master P]

Mom, I love you cause you made me

But pray for your baby cause this ghetto got me crazy


I remember Indo sticks and concrete bricks

Dope fiends fix, Deathrow cliques

That pops them shits

Takin’ hits

Had to make more grits

Than a homeless man, hungry man

Had to watch my mom twerk here body, for a ceilin’ fan

Pops incarcerated so I hated as a child

But as I grew, I got to knew him so I dug his style

Livin’ foul, the law was: get it how you live

Friend or foe, never forgive, crack that niggaz rib

By any means ness, get your cake support your fam

Don’t give a damn, robbin’ neighbors for some ham

Even spam was a good dish

See we was poor, when we were sick, moms made us well with a kiss

I’m through, my most respect is due, so I spits my gat

Cracks my back

Makin’ sure she gets the lack

So well deservin’

Pervin’ in some shit I bought her

That’s what she told us: remeber that blood is thicker than water


Soulja Slim You Ain’t Never Seen

[Master P]

Whoa! Whats soulja slim

[Soulja Slim]


Something you can’t run from

[Master P]

They ain’t never been threw this real shit

Its real out here

Magnolia, Calliope, Melphaen

[Chorus x2]

You ain’t never seen what I done seen

or been threw what I been threw, thats why I got a fuck up mental

and you ask why I don’t rap positive

I been a convicted violent felon threw the years with blood sweat and tears

[Soulja Slim]

Project living, dirt diving [?] thats how I came up

ever since I was a juve plotting on ways to be famous

you should be rap artist, be a born killer or dope dealer

I look up to all the hard hitters that use to slang on Six and Wheeler

back in the early 80’s [?] had shop on Wheeler street

mama send me to the store

sit on the porch watching hustlers that creep

saying to myself thats how I wanna be living my life in the fast lane

getting big time in the dope game

pushing herion getting coke caine

thats every young nigga dream that grew up in the bricks

young niggas kill for the cream, cut thoarts and totting clips

mama was a fiend she like to fiend for them rocks sucking dicks

never ever had a Pa he’s an Angolia convict

my role models is soldiers on the porch with the torch

ready to blast pop some in his ass and put it in the corps


[Soulja Slim]

Shit gets scary when all the lights go out in the projects

you know who might keep in yo door and leave on the floor with a slit neck

or you saw crack from a broke tek

only shot three times and got jam [Gunshots]

think I wished it happened goddamn!

I just seen bout five minutes ago

going up the steps asking me to blow

thinking its the hoe from Ali show

but she not dead doe

hoes play cut throat two on the De-Lo, don’t trust them

be careful how you fuck em

cause you hook yourself and start to love em

stay above them

don’t fall weak they got some niggas to die

for the cheeks, superfreaks

thats if a nigga M.O.B but anyway peep my real shit

in a situation like that the nigga people thinkin the hoe double cross em

and the killers ain’t doing shit to the fact

[?] and the dope dealers killing everything in the house

me myself I wonder why the hoe is still living why the killers ain’t take her out

I think it was a set up

that bitch need to be wet up

nigga gave her a dome shot and blowed that bitch up in her Beretta


[Chorus x2]

Soulja Slim Hustlin’ Is A Habit

I be thinking bout’ a whole lotta ways of getting paid

And got a lot of ways of getting mine, all the time

If you got it, then I want it, that shit don’t stop

Let me get that out ya’ nigga

Still we closing down shop

And taking hits at the same time, trying to maintain my ends

Fuck a benz, I’m trying to get a Land Rover

Riding down Magnolia, hit the horn at the real soldiers

Fuck the ones who wanna see me dead all over in Angola

Have ’em saying “Damn, that boy done came up, he done got famous”

And “I know you couldn’t test that nigga, cause he was on that dust”

Yeah I caught a joce, but that just was my wake up call

A year and 6, back in town with a lot of rounds

They said I’m tripping, I’ve got a gift that God gave me

I’ll be slipping, I’m crazy, I’m a hustler


Hustlin’ is a habit, we gots to get our paper

Straight mob niggas, touching 6 figures on these capers [x4]

I be an artist like Picasso, when it come to these jacks

Flood my nostrils with this powder, boy you surf to get wet

I need it all in one pop, cause boy my habit can’t wait

Get tough, kiss this M-11, and quality on like a safe

See, my trigger finger’s shaky, got a bad taste in my mouth

See my nose starting to run and that mean that time bout’ out

You know the ghetto’s trying to kill me

Thats why I’m giving it to you raw

Fuck what you heard about a nigga, and believe what you saw

Since life or death in these streets, and my seeds gotta eat

The lord gave law to the land

The strong survive by the weak

Don’t play no games, cause I’m tweaking, and you know whats next

Get ass-hole Luke out on the floor, oh yeah come up out that there Rolex

Thats on the G to the H to the O-S-T

Hustlin’ is a habit and there ain’t no cure for me

[hook x4]

FUCK PEACE, its a violent society

I’m lacking the currency, but shit I need the bread so I can eat

Cops stop it, they don’t purify the streets, nigga from Smack Meets

Cause I tell it how it be

Some dope fiends owe me, so they got they ass beat

Such a cold world, wicked ghetto tragedy (your telling me)

I got soldiers with forces and traits from Angola

Pelican fate, meal quick at your atrophy

Tell me why it has to be, cause I’m a G

So many fake ass hoes and foes

Thats how the world goes

Billy Block owed double kilos, she load the steel-o

We on the D-low

Don’t make me push it aside like Rico

We getting money in my Bubblelaud Benz

[?] and Magnolia Slim

Boy, why these suckers try to do me

Why they mad

Cause I’m influenced by niggas who make they own movies

While you acting moody, Crooked pass me the tooly

I’m a tuck ’em farther down till they do me

They be shining like African rubies

I’ma a real hustler nigga….


Soulja Slim Closing Down Shop

[Intro (Talking)]


Say Magic, Slim bro, nigga we gotta go ahead and close that little

Quarter shop we got on Broad, fuck them niggas watchin us bro we

Gotta lay low nigga fuck


[Soulja SLim:]

I’m closin’ down shop so clientel stops

Knockin at my door fuck no

I dont have no more dealys not bein sold

Cause its too hot plus I’m on parole x2

[Soulja SLim:]

It’s twelve in the noon, I’m just wakin’ up from a flight

Hicks been knockin’ at my door all goddamn night

And my ho she busted talkin’ about she tired of that

Deep and down tell her bout how much paper we be stackin’

Cause they run from that smack and that shit I got raw

Dont ya be a dog, this dealy might bust your heart

And the niggas that I get it from supplys the city

They got other niggas with it but they bags be shitty

Cause they tryin’ to put too much cut on the dope

To make a little ends but the only person scorin’ is they friends

They got twenty dollar bags they got ten

But now you going let your boy move all the ends

Now see my clients they know what the fuck they be buyin’

They be comin shop be closed and they still be runnin

Makin’ my shop high and they might come kick it in my spot

But I got my shit got cause I ain’t about doin no more time

You got on them bullet proof vests I got on mines

Bullets be flyin, flyin


[Soulja SLim:]

I’m closin’ down shop so clientel stops

Knockin at my door fuck no

I dont have no more dealys not bein sold

Cause its too hot plus I’m on parole


I’m closin’ down shop cause my clientels gettin too big

I got these laws on my balls and they sweatin’ my shit

Dope fiends knockin’ at my door, they got my spot too hot

These suckas runnin’ on my colors on my quarter shop

Two baby mommas, four kids three mack elevens

Three cars about thirteen boo boo’s

I’m just a ghetto superstar

On parole, convicted felon known for 187’s and 211’s

A young nigga down to do whatever

First and fifteenth checks fix blowin up my beeper

BooKoo pages new credit, my shit is cut up and ready

I’m on top never drop pushin keys that rock

But I gotta close shop cause my spots too hot


[Soulja SLim:]

I’m closin’ down shop so clientel stops

Knockin at my door fuck no

I dont have no more dealys not bein sold

Cause its too hot plus I’m on parole x2

(Magic laughs)

I’m closin down shop…


Bitches tryin to catch the wrong niggas, now tell the truth

You ain’t hear we came in strapped nigga, react nigga

Watch for me you dont wanna see me last, keep talkin’ trash

I’m gonna be the one behind the mask, blastin’ at your pussy ass

What, boy you disrespect my click you stupid bitch

I’m about to jump off in your shit

I rumble in the jungle with the fiercist peice alive

Climb the biggest mountain with the highest peaks it high

Spoon the biggest ocean with the biggets pocket fish

If I ever hear you speak these filthy words again

I told you muther fuckers I was comin (what)

I roll with tight muther fuckers, stop runnin’

(laugh, gun cock)

Dont move a fuckin’ muscle got no time for no wrestlin’

Got no time for no tustlin’

Shut it down

Soulja Slim Love Me Or Love Me Not

Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus x2]

Either you love me or love me not I’ma be me

I’m known for making promises that I can’t keep

And baby the streets made me

And I run ’em 24/7 365 daily

[Verse 1]

Look you knew what you was dealing with from day one

I’m not a lil boy, yeah I’m young with a lot of old vet ways

Its only been a few days and so you say

You love me in a married way, yeah okay

I’ve been several types of relationships

And I feel your true love don’t make no sense

Its all on me if I want this thang to work out

I know your goal is to try trap me that what you heard bout

I aint been home in a few days cause you be traveling

I let you get your mind right cause I aint with the kicking and scratching

I’m on parole, I can’t be riding for domestic violence so I stay my distance

When there two ways to beat the pussy up and I’m bout my business

If I gotta beatcha then I don’t need ya, let the next man do it

You done ran me away from you now, how you gone prove it

Being stupid, you done lost out

Now its next to the boss bitch with the boss mouth

You know what I’m talking bout


[Verse 2]

Son say he seen me distributing something

You know that boy dirty, he didn’t see me distributing nothing

So now its back doing jail time all over again

And josphine means bumping running working the pin

I only got 500 for me but I keep ten

But you my number one and you don’t suppose to know about them

Deep in your heart you know I’m a true player boy

But its cool I take that nigga I take my player charges

I don’t know why you making me promise to come home to you

Yeah I come to fuck but thats bout the only thang I can do

You noticed how I put the truth in front of the player

The world revolves round cane and thats why I take it there

God forgive me but I swear I think I’ll never change

And I’m still stuck on that old saying no pain no gain

What said me not to be explain decision ya understand

I’m a man, so I gots to keep the upper hand

You know what I’m saying


[Verse 3]

Yeah I got feelings but my first real old lady left with’em

A refuse to give’em back, so I’m rolling like that

What I really loved is gone now

Thats why I stay in another nigga house when he aint home now

Putting that brod down player please don’t feel played

She was uptown looking and got herself a true lover head

Your girl and all my hoes got my psyched up

Calling on caddy daddy just to get the right fuck

You best tighten up your game cause it hurting charlie

I pop a rodly feel my game tight than everybody

On the low you don’t even know I got her pop it two

And thats just one of the thangs I know you couldn’t make her do

It aint nothing for me to take over a strong mind

Even Eve couldn’t tell a bitch that love blind

I don’t be lying when you asked for something its no’s and yes’

She got my name on her thigh, her back, and her chest, like I’m depressed


Soulja Slim You Got It

[Chorus: x4]

If I really really want it

Then I’ma get it

Cause you got it

[Starts overlapping on the 2nd line of 1st said]

I want it

You got it

Let me get it out so nigga you drop it

I can’t stop it

There’s not stoppin me

The fuckin war keeps fuckin with my mind is shit

[Soulja Slim & Mia X]

So dig deep into the mind of that wild magnolia

It’s Jack Hoise once again

in the non-streaked floors

Puttin miles on this bitch from here to Texas

Check it

Down South Hittin Hustlers nigga, Respect it

Fuck takin your Lexus

I’ll burn that bitch up

Then go get couple of Gs from you

Then go bother the Truck

Nigga what the Fuck

This Shit be real

Like the front of my grill

Nuthin false fake niggas getting tossed like sam

Who fronted me with a couple of grams of that smack

Now whatdoya know I didn’t even have a quarter jack

Two weeks a nigga came back

I seen him ‘fore he seen me

Hunt him down with that infared beam See

I been made a plan

Dogs seen a many snappin

Duck in a long driveway with a rock when I’m ready to hold ’em for ransom

I’m gonna get mine, just like they’re gonna get theirs

I got grounds of shit

I want it

But u got it Bitch

[Chorus: x4]

If I really really want it

Then I’ma get it

Cause you got it

[Starts overlapping on the 2nd line of 1st said]

I want it

You got it

Let me get it out so nigga you drop it

I can’t stop it

There’s not stoppin me

The fuckin war keeps fuckin with my mind is shit

If you a rhymer you can catch me

On the six in a circle

Ain’t got [?] of a nigga that’ll be down and Fuckin twerkya

Hurt yo ass with these hot bullets that I call Black Townie

Or I might play that game rollin and make that 500 townies

If you got it, then I want it thats the name of my game

It ain’t lame

Ask Somebody and they’ll tell you the same

Fuck that checkin a nigga foundin blood

Then Nigga come check me

If u don’t get killed

You gonna get Stomped

You gonna respect me

I’m the jolly green giant with the weed resin in my mouth

Camoflauge down when I say green

With an assult rife machine

Still got the papers on that

Bought it for 10 Zacks

And smack

Got the Papers on my Mack


Better watch out

Our bullets ain’t got no name

And you might get yo wigs bitch

And the box and the soaps standin cause I don’t give a shit

So design between my eyebrows

So you know I’m Bout Drama

Cause I’ve been like that since i was younger

So you can go and ask momma (ask me)

Nuthin like Jeffery Domner

My bullets be eatin Human flesh

If you Got it

Then I want it

Now get this shit off my chest

[Chorus x4]

If I really really want it

Then I’ma get it

Cause you got it

(Starts overlapping on the 2nd line of 1st said)

I want it

You got it

Let me get it out so nigga you drop it

I can’t stop it

There’s not stoppin me

The fuckin war keeps fuckin with my mind is shit

[Mia X]

Who’s that all up in my Business

Tryin 2 get my riches

Jealous Bitches

Watch me cock this big dick

POW nobody now chow

Now u can play if you wanna

But I warn you if I wantcha nigga

Pick a pearl, Hallway hit ya

With the head a whole block

Ducking tight for artillery

Now where ya gon’ live

When you come across that ride

And she gon’ be that same old smiling way

[?] misbehavin waitin

For that nigga who think he gonna snatch that Momma

There ain’t no damn fucking way that he don’t want that drama

Now bring yo own click

And even bring the equip

And we gonna pile up on that ass like a slave ship

Cause I got it

And you want it

But I’m a ball-hog bitch so I’ma flaunt it

So run up on it

And get yo dome split

Cause I ain’t leavin much fakin for that chrome bitch

Cause ain’t nobody gonna take what I work for

What my pussy twerked for

Gimme high blunts Slim

Them niggas got a hell of a nerve

Wantin mine til I take yours

[Chorus x4]

I want it

You got it

Let me get it out so nigga you drop it

I can’t stop it

There’s not stoppin me

The fuckin war keeps fuckin with my mind is shit