Sturgill Simpson You Can Have The Crown

Well, I been spending all my money on weed n’ pills

Trying to write a song that’ll pay the bills

But it ain’t came yet so I guess I’ll have to rob a bank

I guess it could be worse it ain’t that bad

At least I ain’t sitting in old Baghdad

in the middle of the hot damn desert sitting in a tank

Every time the wife talks a baby gets mentioned

But I’m so broke I can’t pay attention

Lord how it tears me up to see her cry

So I been spending all my nights on the internet

looking for a clue but ain’t found one yet

just a bunch of Mopars, guitars, & other stuff I can’t buy

Well now Lord if you can hear me won’t you throw a damn dog a bone

Cause if the Devil shows up with a better deal this old soul’s going down

I sing ’em real pretty I sing ’em real sad

All the people in the crowd say he ain’t half bad

They call me King Turd up here on Shit Mountain but if you want it you can have the crown

Been sitting on my ass like a bump on a log

Watching Andy and ol’ Boss Hog

Guess I ought to get up and go find a job

Instead of sitting on the couch trying to find the next line

I’m sure there’s gotta be a better use of my time

Like figuring out which one of these banks I’m gonna go rob

Well the name of the game is hurry up and wait

but that ain’t putting no food on my plate

or gas in my car and I drive a Bronco

So Lord if I could just get me a record deal

I might not have to worry about my next meal

but I’ll still be trying to figure out what the hell rhymes with Bronco

Sturgill Simpson Living The Dream

Time and time again Lord I’ve been going through the motion

It’s a means to an end but the ends don’t seem to meet

Walking around living the dream anytime I take the notion

Til the truth comes bubbling up so bittersweet

Ain’t no point getting outta bed when you ain’t living the dream

Like making a big old pot of coffee when you ain’t got no cream

I don’t need to change my strings

Cause the dirt don’t hurt the way I sing

I don’t have to do a Goddamn thing except sit around and wait to die

Well I’ve been waiting on an angel waitress to come and take my order

Tell me all about the special today

Staring at a puddle of mud in my spoon couldn’t be much bolder

Hoping them circles on the paper don’t call back telling me to start today

That old man upstairs, He wears a crooked smile

Staring down on the chaos he created

He said son if you ain’t having fun just wait a little while

Momma’s gonna wash it all away

And she thinks mercy’s overrated

Sturgill Simpson Just Let Go

Woke up today and decided to kill my ego

It aint ever done me no good no how

Gonna break through and blast off to the Bardo

In them flowers of light far away from the here and now

Taking a 49 divine day vacation

From reality and all else in between

Gonna transmigrate to my destination

Far beyond time in an eternal dream

But am I dreaming or am I dying

Either way I don’t mind at all

It feels so good you just can’t help but crying

You have to let go so the soul can fall

Oh my God it’s so beautiful

Everything is a part of me

It’s so hard looking through all the lies made of wool

But if you close your eyes it becomes so easy to see

Sturgill Simpson Sea Stories

Basically it’s just like papaw says:

“Keep your mouth shut and you’ll be fine”

Just another enlisted egg

In the bowl for Uncle Sam’s beater

When you get to Dam Neck

Hear a voice in your head

Saying, “my life’s no longer mine”

Have you running with some SAG SOG

BMF sandeater

Sailing out on them high seas

Feels just like being born

That first port call in Thailand

Feels like a pollywog turning nineteen

They’ve got king cobras fighting in boxing rings

And all the angels play Connect Four

Seems like a sailor’s paradise

But turns out to be a bad dream

Now you hit the ground running in Tokyo

From Kawasaki to Ebisu

Yokosuka, Yokohama, and Shinjuku

Shibuya, Ropongi, and Harajuku

Aw, from Pusan and Ko Chang, Pattaya to Phuket

From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Seen damn near the whole damn world

From the inside of a bar

I’ve got sea stories

They’re all true

Might seem a little bit far-fetched

But why would I lie to you

Memories make forever stains

Still got salt running through my veins

I’ve got sea stories

And my shellback, too

Sometimes Sirens send a ship off course

Horizon gets so hazy

Maybe get high, play a little GoldenEye

On that old 64

And if you get sick and can’t manage the kick

And get yourself kicked out the navy

You’ll spend the next year trying to score

From a futon life raft on the floor

And the next fifteen trying to figure out

What the hell you did that for

But flying high beats dying for lies

In a politician’s war

Sturgill Simpson Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)

Hello, my son

Welcome to earth

You may not be my last

But you’ll always be my first

Wish I’d done this ten years ago

But how could I know

How could I know

That the answer was so easy

I’ve been told you measure a man

By how much he loves

When I hold you

I treasure each moment I spend

On earth, under heave above

Grandfather always said God’s a fisherman

And now I know the reason why

And if some times daddy has to go away

Please don’t think it means I don’t love you

Oh, how I wish I could be there everyday

Cause when I’m gone it makes me so sad and blue

And holding you is the greatest love I’ve ever known

When I get home it breaks my heart

Seeing how much you’ve grown all on your own

Hearing you cry makes me cry

It made me cry

Hearing me cry

A thousand miles away

Every cry

(greatest love I’ve ever known)

(ever known)

Sturgill Simpson The Storm

Please don’t think me a lazy man

Because I’ve been sitting around all day with the blues

I know how it looks but don’t misunderstand

It’s just that I can tell a storm’s about to brew

Cause there’s thunder inside my mind

There’s lightning behind these eyes

There’s a lull and the wind is dying down

Don’t let it fool you the storm ain’t done

Flood waters rolling in and my hearts gonna drown

Our love wilted like a flower that ain’t got enough sun

Well the thunder in my head might go away

And the river of pain will flow back to the sea

If you would only come back home to stay

It’d bring a stop to the rain and happiness to me

Well if you would just come back I’d be so grateful

And the storm would be over

The world wouldn’t seem so mean and hateful

And I’d lay you down on a bed of yellow clover

Sturgill Simpson Railroad Of Sin

Well they say you live & learn but it really seems more to me

Like all along I’ve been learning how to live

Well for years I been drifting like a boat lost out at sea

I’ve been out walking them ties on the railroad of sin

Looking back on my life now at some of the things I done

Makes me wanna hang my head in shame

I was a no good, no account, low down heartbreaker

On that railroad of sin I was a highballing train

I’m just a poor boy had to beg, steal, & borrow

Just a leaf blowing lonesome in the wind

I’m just a hitchhiker on that old highway of sorrow

Just a highballing train on that railroad of sin

Well you won’t feel it and you won’t hear it coming

Cause when she’s rolling slow it don’t make a sound

But I got that throttle to ten on the railroad of sin

I’m coming off of the rails and I can’t slow it down